Egyptian Communist Party

Speech of the Egyptian Communist Party at the International Symposium on the Current Situation and the Development Trend of World Socialism and Leftist Thoughts in Beijing !cto"er #$% &$'# --------------------------------------------------------------In the beginning, let me, on behalf of the Egyptian Communist Party and on my behalf, thank members of the Center of World Socialism Studies, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for the generous invitation and hospitality I !ould like to summari"e for you !hat is happening in Egypt since last #une $%, until no! &his second revolutionary !ave of #anuary '(, '%)) revolution and millions of Egyptians taking to public s*uares in cities and villages to overthro! the rule of +uslim ,rotherhood and their allies of reactionary religious trends- this revolutionary action has proved beyond doubt the popular and political condemnation for this terrorist political program and the role of the .nited States and European .nion governments supporting their leaders against the interests of the Egyptian people &hey supported the forces of counter-revolution, !hich stole the Egyptian revolution in #anuary '%)) and established a rule acting as agent to imperialism in order to achieve its plans for restructuring the +iddle East, !ith !hat !as kno!n as the /e! +iddle East and so undermine the foundations of Arab countries, dismantling their national armies and creating the socalled creative chaos as happened in 0ibya, 1emen, and currently their attempts in Syria &hese plans are against the interests of the Arab peoples seeking liberation from dependency and corruption by achieving comprehensive development !ith the huge potentials of petroleum and Arab political and economic integration that enables our people to face the plots of America and their prominent clients such as &urkey and 2atar, !ho spread lies and rumors about the revolutionary !ave and its leaders and are financing terrorist acts and subversive activities of forces of the back!ard religious rightists .nder these difficult circumstances !e passed and the onslaught launched by imperialists and their local agents !e did not see the distinguished clear stance from the international democratic forces, !hich !e e3pected to support forces of the Egyptian revolution for its second revolutionary !ave on #une $%, !hich !ill have revolutionary and democratic conse*uences to Egypt and the entire Arab region and even the +iddle East and on a global level4 We are still calling upon the democratic forces all over the !orld, to support and assist the Egyptian people to achieve their decisive victory and succeed in implementing the road map, !hich he put to achieve the ob5ectives of its revolution and building the modern democratic civil Egypt &he fascist religious rightist regime led by the +uslim ,rotherhood !ith a lot of reactionary religious forces !as a real threat to Egypt, the Arab region 6espite the success of our masses supported by our armed forces, !hich sided !ith them in a direct blo! to the religious regime and toppling their leaders from po!er, yet they are still, through their remains, practicing terrorism through bombings, killings, chaos and preventing the return of production to disrupt recovery of our economy to achieve the development !e are seeking We clearly notice the global imperialist po!ers insisting on supporting them and calling for their participation in political life for the ne3t phase, the dubious role played by international envoys like Catherine Ashton, #ohn +cCain and others 7ur party !ith the forces of the Egyptian revolution demands considering the +uslim ,rotherhood, Islamic 8roup and Islamic #ihad and the forces of the Salafist #ihadists as terrorist organi"ations to be prosecuted !orld!ide and submitted to trial for crimes against humanity, as reiterated by a verdict recently issued by the Egyptian 5udiciary

&he success of the popular classes of the forces of revolution in victory for the second time in less than three years over forces of right-!ing !ith its corrupt, religious and infiltrator faces !ill restore the balance lost to conflict in the region and puts the first step for the establishment of democratic popular regimes that achieve the demands of Arab peoples and the peoples of the entire +iddle East- finally toppling the plan of imperialism in dividing Arab countries into !eak mini-states, destroying their armies in order to make Israel en5oy and dominate the !hole region 1et, the plot fell and the positive effects began in Syria and are e3pected to accelerate during the ne3t phase- so that the people of Syria may achieve its ob5ectives through a political solution in order to establish a democratic state, preserve the unity of Syrian land and prevent any attempts against military intervention &his !ould also achieve more uncovering of 9amas and disclosing their plots to prevent Palestinian reconciliation, for !hich !e call, in order for the Palestinian people to achieve their hopes in building their independent state 6ear Comrades, We, in the Egyptian Communist Party are !orking !ithin the :evolutionary 6emocratic Alliance of Socialist ;orces, !hich is an active member of the /ational Salvation ;ront, !ith the national liberal forces and Egyptian revolutionary youth organi"ations such as &marrod <:ebel=, #une $% youth coordination, and /ational Salvation ;ront youth raising specific goals to complete the revolution ) Completing overthro!ing the right-!ing Islamic pro5ect in Egypt, eliminating all its institutions and providing leaders !ho incited terrorism and contaminated their hands !ith blood of Egyptians complete elimination of all hotbeds of terrorism in Sinai and the rest of the small outposts in some villages in Egypt Completing !riting the Constitution of Egypt revolution and referendum by the people to achieve the main demands of social 5ustice and empo!ering the forces of !orkers and peasants, getting them to reali"e their dreams and raise their socioeconomic standard eliminating suspicion of a religious state and preventing the establishment of a police or military state4 a state that leads its Arab region, and affect development of the +iddle East and its evacuation of nuclear !eapons and !eapons of mass destruction, and helping progress and prosperity of African countries and strongly contribute in achieving !orld peace ;ormation of a unified leadership of left-!ing parties and their organi"ations to run through the upcoming parliamentary elections and be able to achieve positive results representing the impact of the left on the Egyptian society and share !ith the national forces in providing a national efficient figure supported by most Egyptian people in the upcoming presidential election in the face of potential candidates of the counter-revolutionary forces



What happened early this month in people>s celebration of the anniversary of 7ctober )?@$ victory and terrorists attempt to steal the 5oy of the Egyptian people, by making many e3plosions and attacks on the state establishments, is the most evident proof on the e3tent of their political failure and their being far from any possibility of sharing in political success &he revolution has achieved many successes, yet it still faces ma5or serious challenges We have confidence in the support of all the forces of democracy and progress in the !hole !orld to strengthen our revolution, particularly in the International Communist Parties Eng +oata" Elhefna!y Politburo +ember Egyptian Communist Party