Wiring your 7M Supra engine

Wiring your Supra conversion is not quite as difficult as one may think. For the 7M conversion, you really only need all but a few wires to actually fire up your swap and hear it run. some simple wiring, and may even record a small workshop video, with start an engine on the garage floor.

!ere you will find great wiring information, on the 7M"#, 7M"$#, and soon to come, %&'"#, %&'"$#, and the (M"#. "reat thing all these motors, is that the wiring is have found out with very simliar.

So, if you are swapping in a Supra engine into a $oyota pickup, )*unner, or doing a $urbo conversion on your M+ , M+ you may choose, this is the place to come, and serve 2s of now, you , M+ , Supra, or a turbo hope this information will well. conversion on your -e.us "S/00, S1/00, or S/00, or, any other vehicle that

currently have only 7M"# and 7M"$# wiring, but will soon have will

others. 3ou will need some technical e.perience reading schematics, and knowing where your relays and connectors are on your pro4ect vehicle. supply some of that information for some models of $oyota pickups and )*unners, but with so many different models, and changes, you may have to do a little work yourself at finding the correct information for your vehicle. "ood luck, and please let me know if something is unclear, or confusising, and will try to clear it up.

7M Wiring $he 15 connector6yellow connector near ignigter7 $he 85 connector6-arge yellow connector near #197 $he M5 connector6Small yellow connector near #197 Wiring diagram$his is a large 8M: file. up the colors. could not convert it as it would mess

wire from the 15 connector. one of the relay coils can be activated by the starter.Wiring your 7M Supra engine $he 15 connector6yellow connector near igniter7 has % wires that you will use if you use the #F main relay in con4untion with the circuit opening relay. and if relay has power from the #F main relay6discussed earlier7. 8lack<=range > 6M>*#.actly the same as the turbo configuration. as have not seen any problems running it this way. required7 > constant power. 2gain. and use it to power your factory #F main.. $he #19 sends a ground signal to the 1=*. the #F Main is controled by the ignition switch. &ust tie this wire into your starter wire. use a 7.off the #197. 3ou don?t have to change this. unless you are picky and want to have it e. Wires that you may need from this connector. this will be the 8lack<=range wire at the 15 connector. $he other coil is activated by the Fuel 1ontrol. $he power that is sent to the 1=* then to the fuel pump comes from the #F Main *elay. $he 1=* has a dual coil for activation. f you do want to run it like the 7M"$#. $he output of the #F main should then supply the power to the 1ircuit =pening *elay. n $oyota non>turbo cars and trucks. or the #F Main *elay 8lack<3ellow > 682$$ on #19. the #19 conrols the #F Main6M>*#. $his is done by supplying power from the starter wire to the relay coil which has a constant ground.on #19. 3ou will need connect the M>*#. or F1 685 connector7 from the #19. then the 1=* will supply power to the fuel pump.( amp . $he location of the #F main will vary depending on the year of your vehicle. not required7 > 9sed as the activating power to F9S# #F Main *elay > n the Supra turbo and other $oyota $urbo vehicles. you will have to cut the relay coil power wire that goes into the #F main. $hat wire is a small guage black wire with blue stripe coming from the large yellow connector 6857 by the #19. $he 1ircuit =pening *elay61=*7 is what supplies power to the fuel pump. so the #F main must be activated before power can be supplied to the 1=*.

the only thing you really need to do on the 15 connector is hook the black<yellow wire to constant power.not good7. but you will need to find an alternate way to control the fuel pump. have run many swap without this without any problems or any changes in gas mileage. there is then a F:1*. 3ou can splice into that green wire and tie that into the green wire on your pro4ect vehicles 2FM connector. $he 7M"#6non>turbo7. you aren?t confused too much. 8oth the F:1* and 1=* are not needed to make this run properly.lain it better.the Fuel :ump 1ontrol *elay if you wish to use it.)free. not the #19. the 1=* is controled by the green wire going into the 2FM. is your fuel pump is always if your ignition is on6like if you get in a wreck. $his recieves power from the 1=* for both the contact switch. f you are running a non> turbo engine. 2t first 4ust had mine connected to the ignition switch. . so can try to e.com for questions about this that you don?t understand. hook the green wire up the the F1 from the #19. $hen for the fuel pump control. #>mail me at robert4Alinu. instead you will splice the green wire into the 7M engine harness near the 7M 2FM connector. :roblem with that. $he ground is controled by the F: 685 connector7 signal coming from the #19.. $his is 4ust a resister to change the voltage to the fuel pump. you pump will keep pumping fuel. hope after all this. if all that was confusing. does not have a F1 from the #19. $hat will take care of the pump problem... Summary n short. Fuel :ump 1ontrol *elay6F:1*7 > 6@ot *equired7> =nce power is able to pass through the 1=*. and the relay coil.

but is not neccesary. $he auto will usually use a 8lack<White wire. through the clutch switch. $his runs directly from the ignition switch. this will travel from the ignition switch. 2utomatics are a little more difficult. . n some vehicles such as the F(>older supra?s. that this wire goes through tho body harness. and powers your in4ectors. or B$!# 8 " 3#--=W 1=@@#1$=*. and run it to this connector. 2$<M$. 3ou will need to cut and splice the wires togother in order to complete the loop to feed power to the starter solenoid. $his also needs switched power. the starter wire run through the engine harness. and the manual will use a 8lack<8lue wire. $his could be tied into the -arge black<orage wire. this could have a white or blue stripe7 8lack<orange > -arge 50 or 5% guage black with a orange stripe > @eeds switched power. =n newer vehicles the starter will run through 2ccessory the engine harness. f this is the case. then through this connector. n a manual. 8lack<orange > Small 5C guage black with orange stripe. coil. splice into it. "reen > 6F1 on #197 > "reen wire > $his controls ground the 1ircuit =pening *elay yellow > 6F: on #197 > 3ellow wire > @=$ @##D#DE this is used to reduce the voltage Starter $his is the wire that goes to the starter solenoid. and have noticed older model pickups. through the starter relay. :ower on the fuel pump. and igniter. f you do have an auto wiring harness. near the #19B $here are ( wires you will use grom this connector 8-21+<W! $# > -arge 50 guage 8lack with a white stripe > Starter 6depending on year. t is located in the center part of the connector.Wiring your 7M Supra engine $he 85 connector. you will have to figure out where that is. to the tranny harness under the intake manifold.

and no longer supply power to the fuel pump. the #19 will cut the ground signal to this wire. fuel economy or peformance. power will then travel to the fuel pump. 2long with the starter. and is not needed $his yellow wire from the F: signal on the #19. $his allows your fuel pump only to turn on when the engine is running. *elay6"round7 =pening $he green wire coming from the F1 signal from the #19. which will turn off the 1ircuit =pening *elay. coil. 1ircuit don?t use the power from your radio. have run many swaps without this component. When the engine stops running. $he #19 will supply a ground to the Fuel :ump 1ontrol *elay. these are the two center wires in this connector. or Fuel :ump 1ontrol *elay. $his usually comes through the ignition. 2s long as there is power to this relay6which is discussed on the 15 connector7. and have not seen any impact on . and requires at least 5( amps. is used for a dual speed fuel pump setting.$his is a large black wire with an orange stripe. controls the ground on the 1ircuit =pening *elay. Fuel :ump 1ontrol *elay6"round7> $his is for the resister. 3ou have to have switched power to this wire in order to supply power to your in4ectors. $he relay and resistor is located on the passenger side strut tower. n other words. and igniter. which will then change the resistance on the power going to the fuel pump.

$his is a black wire. so if you get a water temp error on your codes. =n the 7M.'#> $he water temp wire. $he 7M uses the black wire. this is not where you want to look to solve your problem. Simple as that. -ight $he #ngine light requires a ground signal from the #19. $emp from stripe 1ombonation > #ngine Meter. 3ellow with black stripe. 3ou also may need to use your =il sending unit from your old motor. you can run your diagnostic codes. #19 needs to know the oil pressure. light "reen<"ray 7M"$# Water "reen black > $ach 6tach mod may be required7 1lick here for details for /. $hey are calibrated for the guage on your vehicle. or engine codes by connecting $# and #5 in your B1heck 1onnectorB near the igniter. $his comes from the oil pressure sending unit and will always be the same color. . have seen many different colors used. as am not really sure why the have found it to have no impact on the way the engine runs whether or not it is hooked up to the #19. this also feeds into the #19. yellow with black stripe is used for your guage only. n fact. your light will flash codes.Wiring your 7M Supra engine $he M5 connector or BSmall 3ellow 1onnectorB $here are ( wires you need from this connector 3ellow<8lack > yellow with a black stripe > oil pressure for guage and #19 3ellow<"reen > 3ellow with a green stripe > Water temp for guage :ink > :ink > Wire > speed with sensor gray mod. :ressure $he same is also true with the =il :ressure wire. 2ll toyota vehicles use this color wire for the temp guage. but on other vehicles. When you turn your ignition on. $his is not the temp sensor used for your #19. or a very large socket. so your swap =il vehicle will have the same color wire. With the engine light. your guage might not even work if it runs through the #19. $hese are pretty easy to change with a 5)mm open #ngine end wrench. 1heck your vehicles wiring diagram to figure out what what that is.

2 signal wire goes directly from the igniter to your tach guage. but the wire between the M5 connector and the Spedometer could be a range of colors.!ere Speed is a link for your Diagnostic 1odes Sensor $he Speed Sensor wire. $ach Mod . green with gray strip. 2nd again. comes from the Spedometer from your instrument cluster. $he wire between the M5 connector and the #19 is pink. have noted. that connecting this wire will help with stalling. here is a link for the /.'# tach mod. does @=$ come from the #19. 3ou can also test this signal from the "> terminal in the B1heck 1onnectorB near the igniter. $his is how the #19 knows how fast your are going. black wire. $achometer $he $ach wire. *efer to your vehicles electrical schematic to figure this out6#F =@-37. and it does @=$ go to the #19.