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Oracle Service Bus 11g Training

Duration: 40hrs Pre-requisite: 1. Knowledge of Oracle Technology 2. Knowledge of Oracle Apps technical architecture Course Outline:
1 nstallation !etails" #rere$uisites !etails a%out what to download and fro& where for OSB 11g nstallation !iscussion on #rere$uisite '(uery '#ath 'S! 'S)T ntroduction to SOA" *e% Services and +ole of a Service Bus Typical #ro%le& Areas ,ow SOA ,elps Brea-ing SOA .isconceptions *hy Service Bus is needed ntroduction to OSB and OSB Architecture 0nderstand OSB 1 *e%logic 2onsole" 3clipse OSB Key Architecture 2oncepts Binding )ayer Transport )ayer #ro4y and Business Services OSB Key 2oncepts .essage 2onte4t .essage 5lows OSB .essage #atterns OSB !esign Ti&e 2o&ponents 2reating 5irst OSB Service 0nderstanding #ro4y and Business Services 0sing a Stage and a +e$uest +esponse #ipeline 0sing the Assign and +eplace 0sing the +outing action 0tilise the .essage 2onte4t #ractice 2reate your first OSB #ro4y and Business service. The OSB Service calls an e4ternal we%service to get Stoc- (uote infor&ation for the input passed trainings@speckconsulting.in Page 1 of 2




iscellaneous topics o )ogging and +eporting in OSB o Alerts o S)As o 2oncept of *or.S A# use case o 0sing 7ava 2allouts in OSB o 0nit Testing Service Bus +esources o 2ontinuous ntegration on OSB using =roovy" .udson" #ython etc..andling 1 Security Basic error handling techni$ues in OSB .B#3) and OSB integration #ractice OSB calling B#3) Services B#3) calling OSB #ro4y Services 2reate 'S)T transfor&ations and integrate with B#3) adapters 2reate '$uery e4pression to i&ple&ent assign&ent logic !yna&ic Transfor&ation 9 : < .essage validation can %e included in processes that have &essage transfor&ations OSB and SOA ntegration o 0se cases and concepts covering SOA.essage validation" 3rror .anagers o 7.Speck Institute of Learning 6 nteracting with !ata%ase using 72A Transport 34plain concepts on various transport options availa%le 34plain concepts on +outing so that we can call different Business services %ased on input payload #ractice !yna&ic +outing 2reate a 72A adapter in 7!eveloper &port the 72A files in OSB #ro8ect . o #rofiling Service Bus +esources for #erfor&ance o +eading )ists and +eferences trainings@speckconsulting.andlers .essage validation #ractice 34isting processes can %e leveraged to add security and 34ception .in Page 2 of 2 .