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Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Builder Training Class

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of the Microsoft Dynamics GP table structure and the ability to build the reports yourself

CPE Credit A aila!le" 8 CPE Credits

De$loy SmartLists

 Create reports

ith a variety of methods and easily e!port them to E!cel


Creating Custom SmartLists

Create an unlimited number of searches and save them as favorites

Calculated #ields

 Gain an understanding +91-9052666559

We are pleased to offer the following training class: SmartList Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP. SmartList Builder takes the highly popular, easy-to-use SmartList tool in Microsoft Dynamics ! and dramatically increases its power and range so you can create your own custom SmartLists.

in SmartList without e$porting the data to %$cel first& "a#e you e#er wanted to add data to your reports that isn't a#aila(le in the out-of-the-(o$ reports& )r, summari*e data to your (usiness needs, including data from multiple companies all in one report& Do you want to learn how to put new reports together to simplify repeated analysis and sa#e you time, while minimi*ing consulting time& We'll re#eal how you can +uery more data in more ways with SmartList Builder, gi#ing you access to all the information you capture, and ena(ling you to create your own custom SmartLists. ,ome see how SmartList Builder and Microsoft )ffice %$cel -../ or -.0. work e#en (etter together.

Who should attend? %nd users who want to learn the (asic features and de#elop a working knowledge of SmartList Builder's functionality

SmartList Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP

1nstructor: 2lison "a#e you e#er wondered how to apply formulas to your data


Le#el: 2 working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics !, familiarity with (asic SmartList functionality, as well as an understanding of transaction flow in Microsoft Dynamics ! is recommended.

Microsoft dynamics gp training and certifications Magnific training +91-9052666559
SmartList Security 2genda:

 "earn ho user access to Smart"ist reports is controlled ithin Microsoft Dynamics GP

• • • •

,reating new SmartList )(3ects 4inding ta(le information ,ustomi*ing formats and drop-down lists in SmartList 4ield )ptions ,reating o-5os to easily open related ! windows right from SmartList

Address and Directions

 #ran$% &imerman ' Co( ""P )8*) Page Mill &oad
Palo +lto% C+ ,-.*-

• •

2dding 6estrictions or permanent filters to your reports ,reating ,alculated 4ields ,reating Summary SmartLists ,reating Multicompany SmartLists SmartList Security "ands on la( )#er#iew of additional Builders a#aila(le in Microsoft Dynamics ! -.0.


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Contact %nformation #or more information% please contact/
Magnific training ',)0 ,*1233311,

72genda su(3ect to change

5his class will (e taught using the latest #ersion of Microsoft Dynamics SmartList Builder is an add-on module.

! -.0.,

although clients on all #ersions are encouraged to attend. !lease note that +91-9052666559

,lick here to 6egister.

77,ancellation 6e+uirements: !ayment (y way of cash or check is due / days in ad#ance of the training class. 1f cancellation notice is recei#ed 8 days prior to the class, payment will (e fully refunded.

,lass si*e is limited. %arly registration is strongly recommended. 4or more information, please contact Be# Ma$well at (ma$well9frankrimer or :.;.8<8.;.</.

We look forward to helping you ma$imi*e your software in#estment.