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ot IResearcb.


57 Regent Road,

September, 1910.

Dear Sir and


have much pleasure in handing you

a copy of Bro. Hughan's "Jacobite Lodge at Rome,
1735-7," just published by this
be glad

Lodge, and shall






post card.

to this


same time

I beg to

draw your



Lodge, which works on the same


as the famous

Quatuor Coronati















Annual Transactions
I shall be

in August.

pleased to hear from you



any further information you may

Yours fraternally,




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THE Jacobite Lodge AT ROME 1736 BY - 7 WILLIAM JAMES HUGHAN." No." 1910 I ^1. Torquay Printed by the for : "Torquay Directory Co. Wiih a complete Reproduction a7id of the Minute Book ' two Facsimiles. .' ) >' fv' . Leicester. 2429. the "Lodge of Research.


M.THIS is WORK fraternally dedicated to the Most Honourable THE MARQUESS OF D... Grand Master Mason OF Scotland. &c.. &c. Torquay... &c.LIBARDINE.S.O.O. igto. August i4.P. .W. M. M.V..

MEMORANDUM. 2429. therefore. .M. Sec. has kindly presented of "THE JACOBITE LODGE AT ROME. to be able to announce that Brother W. the eminent the Masonic copyright Historian. am very I pleased J. August i8th. P." No. from 1869 JOHN T. This right Lodge. all possesses the copy- of Bro. THORP. tinder own auspices. Hughan. - 1735 7. his Hughan's Masonic Works. and 2429." to the " Lodge of Research. Leicester. published to 1910. igio.

Chapter III. elected is On 27th Dec. Reproduction of the Minute Book of the Roman Lodge of Jacobites. —The Records 1735 —Prince Charles and 7. Addition to Page 17. The late Mr. 1735-7. Dumfries.CONTENTS Chapter I. 'verbatim et literatim. 53. Freemasonry. in addition . ''•late Grand Master " No. James Smith cites still earlier instances of the use of the term " in his History of 1736. as the Master then described electing Grand Master".—The "Roman Lodge" Minute Book. the Lodge "a Grand Master and Grand Warden" to the ordinary officers at that period. and its Chapter II.


The following excerpt from the minutes of the Scotland. for the purpose of being deposited among the archives of the Grand Lodge of Scotland that the Substitute Grand Master was authorised by Sir James Stirling to offer in his name this Book for the acceptance of the Grand Lodge Substitute . 1735-7. William Officer. Bart." 3"^ a* ^^^ same time placed in my hands a number of particulars concerning the members. . 1800. Esq. of date loth November.. igo6. Mr. which he had collected as a contribution towards the work. "The . Knowing as I did the erroneous views which were prevalent as to the publication the character of that Masonic afforded organization. OMETIME ago. tells its own tale: Grand Master stated that he had in his hand a Book containing the minutes of a Lodge of Free Masons. held at Rome in 1735.S. THE ROMAN LODGE AND ITS MINUTE BOOK. however. expressed an earnest desire for me to bring out a History of the "Jacobite Lodge at Rome. and in consequence the matter was dropped because of its painful associations. task it has occurred to me that it is high time the was acomplished . preparing material and seeking to discover in on the subject. Grand Master. David Reid. Whilst engaged facts any additional Recently. of Edinburgh. and therefore me much pleasure to promise my friend to carry out his wishes. the accompanying Historical Sketches being the result of such cogitation.C. of precise it information on the subject seemed to me very desirable.— Chapter n. the present Grand Secretary. under the auspices of Lord Winton that this Book had been presented to the Most Worshipful Sir James Stirling.. by John McGowan. duly certified Grand Lodge of by Mr. S. the decease of my esteemed collaborator occurred with tragic suddenness on the nth April.

The vellum cover is slightly larger. supplies what is lacking. and has a pointed flap.. according to the ordinary folding of the sheets. and it is much to be regretted that the then Grand Secretary successor to his father in — that important office — did not consult the actual minutes prior to writing the brief account for his well known volume. fully explained. it was unanimously agreed of the Grand Lodge be given to John McGowan.: 10 The Grand Lodge accordingly accept of this most valuable deposit.. . Lumisden] by Mr. Esq. who got it at Portions of the title are obliterated. the removal having been effected evidently prior to the existing pagination. but the interesting account Paris. the leaves being sewn together with strips of leather. with leather ties." In the " History of Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of Scotland" by William Alexander Laurie. as will be and on the cover it is stated that "this Parchment Book was delivered to me [Mr. The valuable and curious of quarto size. paged consecutively 1 to 42 by a later hand. Book is and now consists of twenty-one leaves (about gin. 2oth November. as there should have been twenty-two or some even number. dated at Edinburgh. Andrew Lumisden. apparently. an opinion confirmed by my discovery pf a small portion of the missing leaf between pages ten and eleven. and is herein reproduced in due course.). and desire the same may be kept among the other valuable records and papers belonging to them." "Right Worshipful Brother Lawrie moved. and to." (1859). and twine has also been used. One naturally wonders what was the object of such abstraction. and a foot note added " This is the Lodge over which Prince Charles Edward presided as Right Worshipful Master. 1799. for the handsome manner in which he had presented them with the above valuable and curious record. and the Substitute Grand Master was requested to offer thanks in the manner he thought that the thanks proper. for additional security. x 6^in. John McGowan. There is not the slightest justification for such a statement. Eighteen pages have been utilized by the various scribes. and I am surprised that it had not previously been detected. either as respects the original Records or any other documents." (pages I and 2) written by Mr. I could not understand there being only twenty-one leaves now. this gift is recorded at page 163.

tried.W." illustrative of the A more detailed report appears in the No. 393-6). (The present Earl of Eglinton claims to be representative. and received sentence of death on the 19th March. the once magnificent Mansion 1840. L.: : II The precious Volume was retained by the Executor (Dr." by whom it was carefully preserved until he gave it to Mr. It is fairly well done. happily. 1737 last Minute of the 1900. by whom it was presented to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh (M." " History of the Lodge of Murray Lyon. I believe. Lumisden's memorandum. apparently in 1778. to London. 2nd Edition). Irvin was the only Brother of that Lodge then remaining at Rome. who was known by the name of Alexander Cunningham until the decease of his brother Sir William Dick. it wrote its original statutes in Latin. 1750) "Dr. and was served heir to the Earl of Wintoun in In consequence of his attainder. is given in full. D. That duty was duly discharged.. became forfeited to The earliest the Crown.. McGowan. 1716. in He was brought Lancashire. and was forced to surrender prisoner at Preston. was handed to account in print of this Lodge. which occupies The Author refers the first two pages of the original. Sir William. impeached. Irvin) of the Earl of Wintoun (who died in December. which had been written by the Grand Secretary (Mr. A condensed description was inserted in the "Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Scotland for 1898-9. and Mr." (A. i.) of Seton. but on Sir Alexander Dick's demise. On his decease " as she had heard her husband call me Brother. by Edinburgh (Mary's CJiapel) of 28th August. 1873 and Mr. to place in the archives of the Grand Lodge as its permanent home. to the Earl of Wintoun as follows " This nobleman had the misfortune to be engaged in the Rebellion of 1715." at the request of the Grand Master and other members of the committee. entrusted it to Mr. and a facsimile is given (Chapter xxxiii.) Mr. and other property of Lord Wintoun. Lumisden by the widow. his son. which. known to me. was done accordingly. to the Generals Carpenter and Willis. is to be found in the "Freemasons' Quarterly Review" for 1842 (pp. and who. Grand Master) in 1799. but he escaped from the Tower soon after and took refuge in foreign parts. McGowan to place in the hands of Sir Alexander Dick." Historical and Archaeological Collection in the Great Exhibition at G'lasgow in 1888. . Bart. Lyon) for a volume entitled " Scottish National Memorials.


. a fact much to be regretted. who were meetings prior because that Minute Twelve meetings are recorded. the Master at the first recorded assembly being John Cotton. at page 3. moreover. 1735-7. and also on the 4th of January in the year following. and the Register. noticed that the name over of the Master. There is no word of the election of either of these Masters. hHE Minutes of the Lodge are remarkable for their brevity. De Bandy de Vis. after due warning. making It is likely others were also held. 1735. FORBES.. No reference occurs to him later on. and as it is not likely a fine would be inflicted on an occasional visitor. THE MINUTES. and a reference made to another held 3rd April. with two others. were fined by the " Grand Master " for non-attendance. The total receptions. at the Lodge held on September i6th. or initiations. M. whose name occurs in the Minutes for 6th August. "William Howard. contains sixteen members.M. which heads the List of I Members. the probabilty is that the omission from the Register was an error. was written another which could not decipher . generally were very carelessly discharged. apparently. Cbapter flU. 1736. numbered fourteen I in all. The average attendance was about eight per Lodge." being at the head. 1736. as the clerical duties thirteen in all. thirteenth on such List. the only "Visiting Brother" recorded at any time as such being JO. "being contrary to the laws of Masonry. in the Register. Another member. and combine records with the autograph signatures of those attended as members or visitors. for electing the Earl of Wintoun as W. Le Wick. and. 1735. Master. 1735. but not mentioned was present on September 21st. is more suggestive of such than of an entirely new Lodge." This name is not in the Roll of Members. I consider there to the first entry of August i6th.

the object of Dr. of Edinburgh (1908). or trustees.S. and its other promoters. Wm. Valuable information is afforded as to this remarkable Lodge. who kindly favoured me pages neither (9 to II inclusive). though on the Register any of the recorded meetings." Rule 9 doubtless means that the Master and Wardens were to be owners... and its splendid List of Members. J. " a member of the family who ultimately succeeded to the Herries title ") who was fined once for non-attendance and Daniel Kilmaster. of most promptly with what he thought was the intention of the author. any appeal from the Master's decision being to "the whole Lodge. Edinburgh. and the Junior Warden was also to be the Secretary. Thomas Lisle. started in 1785. undated. were Richard Younger (J. being "to erect and maintain a Lodge whose working and records should be in the classical Latin tongue. on the Register).B. John Brown. with a translation in English "for the use of is the Free Masons of the Roman Lodge. 160. Sir Marmaduke Constable (of Eveningham. were not Dublin. Howard attend Other absentees. its interesting and picturesque records. James Irvin. . A." in charming " Historical Notes. The "Roman Eagle Lodge. when the election of an "English Secretary" led to the Latin language being wholly discarded. so that this is still another indication and discovered it is of an earlier existence of the Lodge.14 but Mr. The Rules occupy three easily recognised. nor did Mr. but as several of the letters W. the latter being a most unusual and unsuitable combination of two important offices. written in Latin." This unique arrangement was continued to 1794. had not only its By-Laws." by Mr.W. of 1735 (circa). making seven in all. the first Master. there any remark as to any superior or controlling authority. "its connection with the Medical profession. David Reid has succeeded where I failed. I consulted Dr. Dr. Murray. Sheldon." No. W. but also its Minutes. — — The By-Laws. nor in any of the Minutes." is Not a word said as to fees. Howard Anderson. Chetwode Crawley. the name not occurring in the oldest preserved Roll of Members. James Dashwood. of the Archives on behalf of the Lodge. Alfred A. LL. are in Latin.

though S. containing engravings of the principal castles and houses in the This work was undertaken at the request and expense of the Charles Slezer (who was a member of the Roman Lodge). a gentleman of very good family.15 First existing Minute. The Minutes of this meeting are most important. who was received that day. and Cha. " Robert Cotton. and a supporter of the Stuart family and the Jacobite cause. Seton Wintoun. with the eight others who were present. as an ordinary member only. Government.] John Slezer. the Earl of Wintoun must have been balloted for at an earlier meeting.). and then did not occupy the Warden's Chair. He is a non-juror. J. on the Roll at page 3. was senior Physician to the Chevalier George (James Archers from 1715.W. entitled The Theatrum Scotia. Slezer was a very regular attendant. not missing one meeting and was described either as the elder Warden or Deputy Master throughout. raised an action against the Government for the balance of the debt due by the Crown to his father. because they not only introduce a new Master (without any statement as to his election) with his Wardens—the Senior previously becoming the Junior Warden. a strong the author "CHARLES SLEZER Captain of Artillery.O. 1735.] that action payment of various sums of money. only attended the next Lodge. He and was a member of the Company of Royal died in 1759. not recorded in this Book. The description also "compleat Lodge" being held is of a peculiar to this entry." [W." who joined the Rebel at Preston along with his father. He was of a book of national interest. of those fully reported. OFFICER. Cha." The Master 1715 " Army is described in " Patten's History of the Rebellion of as " Mr. St. at the first Junior. (or Irvine) DR. August i6th." kingdom. both Protestants. Slezer taking the chi^ position— but mention is made of " G. or State of Scotland. JAMES IRVIN III." and signed his name accordingly. If the second ByLaw was observed. JAMES IRVIN. John Cotton of Cambridgeshire. along with his mother. His presence at the Lodge is noted but three times. the term subsequently employed being "true and perfect. . was the second son of of a friend Charles the Second.W. and recorded meeting. and obtained under [W.


William Twisden,

Bart., of

"is supposed to have been the son of Sir Twysenden, Kent, and became Lieut.his



Regiment of Life Guards.


For the following meeting



His death occurred in registered, but never



"taken prisoner near Dunfermline,

1715, tried for

treason at Carlisle 1716; said to be Mr. Hay, son to Arbroth see CampeU's [W.O.] Mr. Lyon mentions Life of John, Duke of Argyle, pp. 187 and 273."
that this Colonel

and youngest son of the sixth Earl of Kinnoul, and took an active part in the Rising of 1715. Created Earl of Inverness by the Chevalier de St. George at Rome, and acted as Guardian to the Chevalier's two sons. Prince Charles Edward Stuart and Henry Duke of York. Died in 1740." (p. 350, History, 1900.)

Hay "was

JOHN STEWART, of Grantully. "In Mr. Edgar's letter to Mr. Murray, of Broughton, dated 27th April, 1741 (Memoirs, p. 362), John Stewart appears to be the one referred to in that epistle. He was bom in 1689, and engaged in the Rebellion of 1715 was also present as an Officer of Cavalry at the battle of Sheriffmuir, suffering both fine and imprisonment. Died 25th September, 1770." [\A^.O.] Mr. Lyon states that Mr. Stewart was brother to the Earl of Traquair, but Mr. Officer thought not.



succeeded to the family

and estates on the death of his father in 1704. He joined the Jacobite rising in 1715, and held a command in the rebel army, of a party of gentlemen who were drawn up in the churchyard of Preston, at the battle which took place there between the Highland and Royal Armies. He was taken prisoner, tried and condemned to death on 15th March, 1716, but found means to escape out of the Tower of London on 4th August following, and fled to France. He died unmarried at Rome, 19th December, 1749, aged upwards of 70 years." Lyon gives the date of his decease as December, 1756 (p. 353). [W.O.]

Lord Wintoun (or Winton) was most devoted to his Masonic duties, and was never absent once from any of the fully recorded meetings, his remarkable signature being always appended in evidence thereof. His first appearance as Master was on August 6th, 1736, and he held that office during the subsequent existence of the Lodge, retaining the Minute Book thereof, after it ceased to work, until his decease.


Second Meeting, September i6tk, 1735.

The record is noteworthy for the use of the title "Grand Master" being applied to the Master. A similar designation is to be found in the Minutes of the Lodge of Edinburgh, No. i, December 31st, 1731, the earliest of its kind traced in Scotland, and used only for that organizathe general title of Grand Master not being met with in that tion country until the formation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 30th November, 1736. The first time it is heard of in print was to describe the Chief or Head of the premier Grand Lodge of England, the example being quickly followed by the Grand Lodges of Ireland and at York The "true and perfect Lodge" then held during the same decade. consisted of seven members only. JO. STEWART occupied the Junior Warden's Chair then and several times since, and once was the acting WILL. MOSMAN was present at several of the meetings, and S.W. Mr. A. M. Mackay, Historian of Lodge once was " Deputy ^Va^den." St. David, Edinburgh, tells me of a visit paid thereto " by Br. Mosman, from the Scots Lodge in Rome," on February 13th, 1754; and that William Hay, of Crawford Town, Clerk to the Signet, affiliated to the Fines inflicted by the " Grand same Lodge, gth September, 1765. Master " on absentees appear to have been omitted subsequently.

Third Meeting, September






candidates "were received," and the name of DE BANDY placed with the members, though not on the Register as

and he was present once more.

MARK CARSE, of Cockpen, " the Lairds of which are made famous by a popular ballad written by the Baroness Nairne, the first verse of wnicn is Yjj^ jgjj.j ^, Cockpen, he's proud and he's great,
His mind



wi' things o' the State;

He wanted
But favour

a wife, his braw house to keep,

wooin was fashious

to seek.


joined the
trial "


Army and was

taken prisoner at the Battle of


Though removed

brought to


there, he was not simply attended the two following meetings,

London and confined

and the Count Soudavini only the one on 4th January,



Fourth Meeting,




{Winter), 1735.

Mr. Cotton was re-elected "Grand Master" during the remainder
of his stay in the


of the

held on

present, and also

six assemblies later,


20th August, 1737.




January, 1736.

At this assembly CHA. SLEZER was the Deputy Master, the number present being more than usual, and Capt. Thomas Archdeacon was received, having passed a favourable ballot at the previous meeting. His name is not met with again.

Sixth Meeting, February

18M, 1736.

The sparse

particulars afforded are written in French,

and evidentiy

the intention of the Scribe to complete the list of members who attended was not carried out, as, excepting " Jean Cotton, Maitre," only one



appended (De Pandy de


received and duly signed the Minutes.
at Chesi Dion, those previously being at

though three candidates were This time the meeting assembled Joseppies in the Corso.



19M March,






the Earl of Wintoun



the only record that refers to any ceremony other than the ordinary reception or initiation. The " Third Degree " is not a Master Mason.


in Scottish


to the

Lodge records before A.D. 1735. The Lodge had "Three Kings, Strada Paolina," "John Cotton, Master"

being in the chair.

but he shewed Full details will be found in the Scots' Magazine for the white feather. August 6th. but. Edinburgh. only child of Sir James Dick. 1763.] of Prestonfield. born in 1703. Cunninghame forming the acquaintance of the Stuart Family. Dr.M. CUNNINGHAME. by Janet.P. Officer's notes. In 1736-7 he took a lengthened Continental tour.19 Eighth Meeting.R. the meeting of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge. Andrew Lumisden was his cousin. *' Mr. and was received as a Visiting Brother". because of his aspersions on the Scottish Nation. " was the son of Mr. in 1727. proposed that . in company with Mr. agth July. January Lord Wintoun with all is 2nd. and thus came a good deal in contact with Prince Charles Edward. James Dick's patent. William Hay being W^ardens.C. at 2. "was a son of Sir William described as " Great " received the due Cunninghame. "the R. D. near Edinburgh.O. Captain Forbes challenged Wilkes. Mr. Bro. At "a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. of Drumelzier. is not quite the same style as that appended to the Roll of Members of the R. Cunninghame's son. Allan Ramsay. Frazer. John Forbes came.G. Mr. of Archers. No. as visitor. He died in 1785. The J. in the County He joined the Royal Company of Archers at Edinburgh. but no particulars are given.. Dr. Cunninghame became a F. Charles Slezer and Mr. "having been elected as such on the 23rd of April of the same year" (about which nothing else is added). elder brother. Ninth Meeting.." and as such forms Alexander Cunningham and Allan Ramsay. the Right Honble. DR. Both Baronetcies merged in his daughter's issue succeeded to his title." [W. 1736.W.. and when in Rome they both joined the Roman Lodge. Master. Hay. of Peebles. His autograph. Bart.O.W." The former attended once and the latter twice afterwards.]. 1756. Comp. 1737." [W. and was elected for the seventh time President of that College. the Earl of Winton was announced as Master. chiefly in Italy. 1734. held at the Three Kings" aforesaid. of Caprington. According to Mr. Dr. or elsewhere of later dates. under the special provisions of Sir The paternal estates descended to an On the 29th November.

was the Marquis C. and in one of the examinations of Mr. and studied his profession under distinguished artists in London and Italy. yanuary 22. at "the Tower of London he states That one John Haliburton came to Inverness. and took an active part in connection with the In the Memoirs of the Chevalier de Johnstone. Edinburgh. about two days before the battle of Culloden. George. Clair. from France.O. and most intellectual men of the day. son of the Author of The Gentle Shepherd. whose name does not occur Eleventh Meeting. made by two Merchants in Dunkirk. which brought him immense employment. [formerly Dr. by whom his association with the Body was highly valued. he having requested Bro. at Dunkirk. and was admitted as an honorary member of the Company of Royal Archers. should be admitted a member. 1737. p. The &c. apparently. Both he and his son were ardent Jacobites. "was a Merchant at Edinburgh.O.'itjs believed that the portrait of William St. Mackenzie (before noted) states^ '." eminent Although exercising that vocation he was a man of good family. and wig maker. Bart. Halliburton." [W. 1737. Tenth Meeting. Brigadier of the French Army. ()th May. He died in 1785." [AV. to the Chevalier de St. of Priestfield. He became Portrait Painter to the King and Queen in 1767. of Broughton. Eraser to ask that favour. kenzie. who duly signed Mr. A. kindest. and he was accordingly admitted and paid the usual dues" (History of No. appears to have repaid an advance of £"3800.20 ham] Bro. ALLAN RAMSAY. 83. Three more receptions their of candidates are recorded. . "born was a son of the Scottish poet of that name.] names to the Minutes. The latter was a celebrated portrait painter. Sir Alexander Dick.rd. initiation of the only business transacted at this assembly.] Mr. De Vasse. 2 by Allan Mac. was painted by Allan Ramsay. by a Bill upon John Haliburton. of Rosslyn.) In the " Lives of the Lindsays " he is described as " one of the worthiest. of Edinburgh. Cunningfrom the Lodge at Rome. again." in 1713. Murray.. he Rebellion of 1745. one of the trio. 1888.

for though the R.O. having mett upon will be seen.M. soon regretted their decision. John the Evangelist. 1737. Master appointed Mr." in terms of the resolution of the Brethren as recorded." Evangelist's It The Lodge. Junior Warden pro tern. The members of this venerable body. an unenviable notoriety. .. subsequent to the Insurrection " in 1745. Kilwinning. Mr. Slezer and Jo. as some have declared. Cha. a cadet of the family of Murray. on the visit of the Right Hon. "John Murray. Esq.21 Twelfth Meeting. being in the chair as " Great Master. a member of this Lodge. 1738. 1737. 27th December of that year.. and not in Lodge No. this last recorded meeting. Lodge " Canongate Kilwinning.] 2." and supported by his two attentive Wardens. and being duly formed. of whom only three joined the Forces of Prince Charlie. Baronets of Stanhope. "his name was afterwards defaced." The was (4th) Earl of Kilmarnock first was an St. the Earl of Kilmarnock. and Other Grand Officers. John the Day. owned the estate of He visited the Stuart family at Rome several Broughton in that County. according to the usual custom. of Broughton. on December ist. Esq.W.. times prior to the Rebellion of 1745. in the County of Peebles. August 20th. 1735-7. was visited by quite a number of Brethren hailing from a dozen Lodges. as usual. Murray. enthusiastic craftsman. G. and on the celebration of St. Mackenzie thus quotes from the records (p. and considered to be the moving spirit of the Rising. including the one at Rome. as well as his signature to this minute. of Broughton. 1742. "JOHN MURRAY. was received due form " the Earl of Wintoun. Kilmarnock. Stewart. they unanimously admitted John Murray." [W. the latter simply affiliating him as a joining member. acting as Secretary to the Prince during the Campaign. and a founder and Master of John. of Broughton. by reference to the reproduction of the " Roman Lodge" Records. 2. Murray was initiated in that Lodge. that Mr. however. there being three other members present. At in all . "Expunged by unanimous consent of the whole Lodge. On the 6th December. 57) as to "the initiation of a gentleman who obtained No." the Anniversary of St. and of the facsimile of the Minutes of August 20th. was one of seven individuals who were primarily responsible for that outbreak.

of Abbotsford "The engagement was distasteful both members of the "mystic tie. who remained ploseted with her husband long after the Mr. in her interesting description of Edinburgh (A. Captain-General at present is His Grace The Records of the Company state. in 1742. 16 was chosen Master 27th December." No.] Upoh serious deliberation and weighty considerations all deleted Mr. and are still. Murray's name from the Records of the meetings of the Council which he attended.M. Whilst in the chair of No. and. Mr.O. at that date. in order to save the penalties attaching to the part he took in the Rebellion. 1743. Scott entered difficulty in obtaining possession. woman's wit found out a way. and thus became a subject of detestation by the Scottish people. Its the Duke " K. Kilmarnock. of Scotland in 1743. . were Jacobites. who was initiated in No. Kilwinning. ." to Mr. Owing to the connection of several prominent members of this Lodge with the Stuart Cause it was dormant for but soon tranquillity was restored.W. the great majority of whom. (See Mr. elite of the Scottish people. William Black's History of the Lodge. night after night. and sons of the a few years unfortunate Earl were appointed to the Chairs of the Master and Wardens. In 1733 Mr.W. W. Murray's Estate and property ultimately pardoned he experienced much He employed as his man of business Mr.G. Scott's curiosity had been aroused by the visits. father of Sir Walter Scott. also. and his client's visits to his house were clandestine and under the cloud of night. of a mysterious stranger. Bart. After the Battle of Culloden " he was apprehended near his own Estate." No. of " Mother Lodge. 22. Miss Rosaline Masson. and stood high in the Craft for so young a Mason. of the G. Its members have been throughout. the body guard of the King of Scotland becoming one of its Councillors and Brigadiers. very late.S. his Lordship joined the " Old Falkirk. 1904). of Buccleuch.G. Murray was elected J. He was executed for complicity in the Rising of 1745 Sir Archibald Primrose.L. John's Day.. for although took possession of Mr. . Black.22 warranted in 1734 becoming. and was re-elected to St. The origin of this Body is lost in antiquity.) . sharing the same fate. Murray became a member of the Royal Company of Archers.. — . became a witness for the Crown. One night. Scott preserved a stern reticence. states that Mrs. 16 during Lord Kilmarnock's Mastership. & C. o. Mrs." The Crown generally. Walter Scott. the R. 1740." it [W. the . Scott. but household had retired.

having published a most severe edict against Masonry. Lodge may have assembled preserved." The widowed saucer of this cup the business of room with two cups some refreshment. not accept the offered appointment of Private Secretary to the Prince. but — Lumisden was a descendant of an influential County family his father His grandfather became Bishop of Edinburgh (William) carried arms for the Stuarts in 1715. same source that "The officer of the Tyler]. but. otherwise I should no doubt have been received... . later . his friends obtaining for him a full pardon and went through all to Prance. James Irvin. when he was permitted to return to Edinburgh. for the situation. so could not pass at the Scottish Bar for which he had been destined. of Broughton. as learn from the We was soon released.e. Dr." [W. and punctilious He accuracy. prisoner to the Inquisition. Cunninghame did " Mr. Andrew Lumisden inside the cover of the MS.] a terror to others. and was 25 years of age when Prince Charles Edward Stuart raised his Father's standard in Scotland. he removed to Paris. the Rebellion. it is stated that "Pope Clement the XII. formed in 1739." Th^ of the last recorded meeting was held nearly a year before the issue in first Bull fulminated against Freemasonry. after many years of difficult service in that capacity. as I was a Brother of the Lodge of Edinburgh Dunfermline. assuming they would be glad Her husband neither drank his tea nor introduced his guest. throwing up the window sash." [No.23 of tea. and /Chief Secretary on the death of Mr. 41. Edgar. Andrew Lumisden. was sent. and.] written the Memorandum dated " Edinburgh. combined with singular discretion and unsullied honour. and there resided until 1773. urbane manners. who was a servant of Dr. took the empty cup. becoming Assistant Secretary to the Chevalier de St. flung it out. but suggested Mr. Andrew Lumisden had been educated for the Law. in Scotland. continuing to act in such capacity to the Prince on the decease of his Father. formed one of In Sir Walter Scott's most favoured treasures. Mr.O. 20th November. George. after having shewn his client out. when the late Earl of Wintoun was Master. In 1768. and declined to take the oath of allegiance to the King. even if no minutes are Lodge \i. being a man possessed of a cool head. "Neither lip of me or mine comes after Murray. his second cousin. and after the Battle of Culloden escaped on reaching Rome. the last Lodge held at Rome was on the 20th August. This happened about twelve years before I went to Rome. Edinburgh. saying. 1799. and consequently the the interim." by Mr. 1737.

Lord Scotland. 24 remission of his attainder in 1778. his chief literary work being Remarks on the Antiquities of Rome and its Environs. the qualification for a Master's Chair has Warden W^intoun. John McGowan. and companion of his youth. There is no mention of a Masters' Lodge in the Records. the " Roman Lodge " could not have been deemed to belong to the Free and Accepted Masons. the membership of Jacobites. if not composed who thus pleasantly spent a portion did in of their exile in working the same Ceremonies as the Fraternity There is no reason to suppose that the Lodge Scotland and elsewhere. number and having the Under the Grand Lodge of never prevailed. He died of apoplexy in his 82nd year at the house of Mr..] who had been the friend No Lodge. being for sufficient in necessary knowledge the purpose. He was a member of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies of Edinburgh. . and though the Earl of Wintoun took the degree of a Master Mason prior to becoming the Master.O. a Lodge in the City of who felt justified in assembling as Rome. it is not likely that even that Ceremony was obligatory at that period on the presiding officer of such a Lodge. that the founders were Scottish Brethren. and I take it the meetings were as much open for visitation by those who favoured the Hanoverian succession as for partisans of the unfortunate Stuart Family indeed. was ever used but for strictly Masonic purposes. unless such had been the case. in accordance with long usage. nor indeed of any Degree other than the First. Evidently exclusively. of the Lodge was mainly." [W. save the solitary reference to the promotion of the zealous Craftsman." but evidence has been discovered as to the origin of the " Roman it seems most probable. though doubtless desirable.

Mr.. This letter [dated 30th Sept. all such claims are of an apocryphal character some are most absurd. that in 1745 Prince Charles office Edward Stuart was elected to the high of Grand Master. which family. while others are directly opposed to the actual facts of the case. 1897). before 1843.T. I." "Edinburgh Advertiser" for December Robert Strange. his and Engraver.— — Cbapter imn. 1843. and from the numerous . 1745] is written by the Duke of Perth to the Lord Ogilvy. Rome. has most Templar incident. and is to be found in the Statutes of that Organization for Scotland (Edit. the eminent Sir of Memoirs and ist. the Dr. succeeded Lord Dundee in the Mastership [of the that on his demission the Duke of Athole assumed the Temple] administration of the affairs of the Order as its Regent and. but. K. Andrew Lumisden. "PRINCE CHARLIE" AND FREEMASONRY. at Princes Secretary to the Stuart As to this statement. J ANY ing statements have appeared from time to time respectPrince Charles Edward Stuart's connection with Freemasonry. Earl of Mar. in a solemn Chapter held in the Palace of Holyrood. . George its thoroughly tested the evidence in " the Emil W. He has written me on the subject as follows : Nowhere is Temple. documents being submitted to prove that he even held the highest possible rank in the Craft. Vol. : One of the earliest references to the Prince relates to the Order of the Temple. should be consulted. of Charlottenburg. so far as I have been able to discover. The following occurs in the Historical Notice appended thereto by Professor Aytoun : a letter in the archives of an old and distinguished Scottish has been repeatedly published. Begemann. we learn that John.. finally. " From . Private brother-in-law. eldest son of the Earl of Airlie. and has failed to find any favour. when the letter appeared in the Statutes of any trace of it to be found..

" " It is stated that the of Athole. . 1834).' 1845. 1845-6.H. p. 115 . C. do not favour the genuineness of the letter in question. The historical facts. in 1715. He raised the Rebellion in debt and not noted for his morality {ibidem). so it could have become Grand Master in 1689. and he was styled Duke of Athole by the Jacobites (see John Home's Chambers' Memoirs of History of the Rebellion. and died in 1732. 1745.' p. it is certain that ' as stated. 31 Thomson. (see /. .. dated 7th September. it is quite certain that no left Blair and went to I. p. p. 8). There are also three letters. then at Blair no Duke of Athole could have been in Edinburgh on September 24th. 188 and 219). W. I. and successor to the Lord killed in the Battle of Lord of Mar was predecessor of the Duke Dundee. But the latter was Killicrankie in 1689. p. 140 Thomson. 224. II.' 1875.. from Edinburgh (Chambers' Memoirs. Vol. 1745...' bites. who had no mind to be mixed up with H.. and the Lord of Mar was not I.) Prince as Marquis of TuUibardine. dated gth October. and when the Prince came near that Castle. 13a the Rebellion of 1745. following. p.' R. 132 and 327). Vol. He reached Blair Castle on 30th August. who 13-19 28). p. 220 Hassell. 'Narrative of Charles.26 authorities consulted Duke of Athole could have When the September. F. and it is quite beyond demitted as Regent. Vol. 1740-1747. Athole. Jesse's Pretenders. p. 105. p. two of Lord George Murray's. Expedition to Scotland.. James These three letters are addressed to the Jacobite Castle. 1876. (See Home. and of Prince came to Scotland the younger brother was Duke resided in the Castle of Blair. 162. p. 114. 2 and 9. from Edinburgh {Home. so it is . one of Frazer. E-wald!s Memoirs of the 'Memoirs of the JacoLife and Times of ' ' Prince Charles Stuart. 16 Jesse.' by James Maxwell. Hassell. Vol.. adopted the title of pp. the Duke. 105). p. 'Memorials of John Murfay.' pp. and the 29th September. Vol. Prince of Wales'. II. the South A.'s affairs. p. had been abroad from 1715 to that year. Leipsic. H. Vol. 114. I. Von Hassell on the His elder Brother attended the Pretender. and occupied the Castle of Blair. of age before 1696 {Thomson. Thomson's p.R. of Broughton. and fled from Scotland with the Pretender. from Perth {Chamber^. as ascertained from reliable sources. 75). p. of and The Marquis TuUibardine. the pretended Duke of Athole remained there until the middle of October (Thomson.. I. ' . pp. Vol. been present in Edinburgh on the 24th 1745. II. Bell's but while the Prince went on the day pp. . Mrs. Vol. was impossible that he besides which he was deeply Duke of Athole in 1745.' all possibility that a Duke of Athole could have all From these evidences. Duke of Athole. ' .

No. 2076. in his History of St. as assuredly no certainly one would thus acknowledge the hoUowness of his own claim." London (the Literary " blue ribbon" of the Fraternity) advises the students to "put no trust whatever We have it in in accounts connecting the Stuarts with Freemasonry.27 most unlikely that he could have succeeded the Country." M. there is a description of the Duke Lord Mar in a Foreign a letter of Murray's. partly because of his extreme fondness to speak of the English broad Scotch [Bell. for both Lodges. i88). pure inventions. from a certified copy supplied Jacobite to M. George W. years of age he never attained perfect knowledge language. and is dated " le jeudi 15^ jour du 2^ mois. the Young Pretender's own written and verbal statements that they are absolutely baseless. Lyon. sign6 Charles-Edouard Stuard de par le Roi. Speth. roi d'Angleterre. 1910. Besides.Hist.. which savours of the ridiculous. and stating that he was bred in . p. p..R. signe d' Arras" . of Broughton. Thory by M. Mary's Chapel Lodge. containing of Perth. Delecourt. 192) declares that tion of the Jacobite cause." In Thory's " Annales Origines magni Galliarum " (Paris 1812. lord de Berkley. so that the Duke of Perth is not at all likely France until nineteen to have written the letter in question in plain English. A. (p. "in no respect do these records show that the Lodge of Edinburgh has ever been used as a rendezvous for the promo- Mr.." Mr. Scottish when assemblies were held under the aegis of and a truce was observed the Craft. and he was not likely to proclaim such sovereignty whilst his Father was alive. F. i. Jouart gives the Prince's title as pretendant roi d'Angleterre. Secretaire. one of the Founders of the " Quatuor Coronati Lodge.D." The " Bulle d'institution du Chapitre primordial de Rose-Croix occurs in Appendix VIII.S." In "Notes and Queries" for 1866 occurs the statement that "the original warrant of the Derbyshire Lodge . 63) mention is made of a Rose Croix Chapter at Arras " constitue en 1745 par une chartre sign6e de la main de Charles Edouard Stuard. &c. The same author (who had special sources of information) also states "nor has any evidence from a Scottish source ever been produced of Prince Charles Edward being a Freemason." In fact the same may be affirmed of all the sides were represented in the membership. No. I'an de I'incarnation 5747.

" 1903 (p. F. Anglia \A. in 1745. grand Maitre et protecteur des Loges Legitimes Ecossois.D. Chetwode Crawley in his admirable paper. of the original document. 1885). other Certificate is dated " 13th of the second month of the Year of Grace 1775. to repudiate any relations with Freemasonry." &c. Ars Qunttior Coronatorum (" Notes on Irish Freemasonry. d'irlande. as demonstrated by Dr. 1869). and " Ars Quatuor Coronati." Leicester.F. but they are not parallel cases. W.C. T.: 28 Freemasons. "le 27 Si"*' 1758. charters exist in which the Chevalier St. XV." That gives another view of the matter. edited by S. Vol. F. possesses two very curious and 1772 respectively. "By others it is affirmed (and with perhaps the greater share of reason) that the Prince was compelled. &c." June 12th.. en vertu des pouvoirs qui nous ont htk devolus par notre trfes cher frere et bon ami a jamais I'infortune Prince Charles Stuard Edouard. 324). just as the Duke of Wellington did. Rylands. J.R. by the altered circumstances of his cause.S. Legitime Roy d'angleterre. ." Pretender. but is discreetly silent as to the whereabouts Spurious (" Freemason. Maitre de Loge et elu Ecossois francois Trinitaire. a glaring proof of the forger's clumsiness.T. Chevalier Victorieux du Soleil. because of its ornate border and elaborate figures and seals. The senior document bears date. et d'ecosse.T. of Ancient April i8th. H. 1893-4. while at Derby. was signed Mr. Hist. G. by Charles Edward. remarks. Thorp. It may be his Initiation (and No.R." Vol. & T..N.. Certificates. 1902. F.").A. Robert Freke Gould.S. J. 1902. T.R.R. as there is quite abundant evidence of the Duke's reception. Charle-Stuard-Edouard. edited by Mr. VI. the junior parchment of the two being quite a gem." and is headed Mr. Thorp. * la loge des * See Transactions "Lodge of Research. of 1758 " Nous Charle Frangois de Beauchene. George actually styles himself (" Freemason. as Grand Master.. in his "Concise History of Freemasonry.M. et parfait Maitre Anglois." and declared to have been granted by " I'oteritfe D.L. whose head-quarters are at Longnor.. Mr. XV. urged that the Prince might have forgotten the fact of Grand Mastership)." John Sleigh vouches for this. The Fj Edimbourg] in favour of '• frere Candy * * * V6n6rable de vertus et des arts r6unis sous le titre de I'Elephant Blanc.

notes and papers presented to me. and to have fascimiles * made of two of the chief pages to be I am obliged to Mr. for additional photo-etched. But it is not my intention to prosecute the enquiry as to Prince Charles and the Craft any further at present. Dr. by the of its Records. L. W. both doubtful and misleading. Officer. Begemann's communication as to the Grand Mastership of the Temple by the "Pretender" has also been gratefully accepted and duly Scotland. W. that the Prince was neither a member nor ever the Master of the " Roman Lodge. warmest thanks Volume to the Grand Secretary of reproduced.. but the state- affecting the Prince are. Torquay. Court Photographers .29 The genuineness ments as are all of the Certificates is admitted. purpose having been achieved through proving conclusively. Dinham & Son. ' By Messrs. for the loan of the precious of Minutes. others of the kind. W. which had been prepared by his lamented Father. Officer. as possible material for my historical sketch.S." publication I my desire to express my which enabled me to carefully test the type-written copy sent me by the late Mr. emphatically.



^ .5/ fUg(4 '^^ ct^ ^^ /A*^tf^ ^Lf-f &^y^€J (f'aJ-^v^^^ . /i^/^^^/t/ac.^ epyy .

on which is written the following: — me by Mr. Prestonfield. I presume from in my hands. who to deposit it got it at Paris. Cuninghame 1736. John [?] This Parchment Book was delivered to McGowan. To be Deposited among the Archives of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. ROMAN LODGE FREE MASONS. 8th April. This Returned by Sir William Dick to Jo.] 33 \_Tkis Book is encased in a Vellum Cover. McGowan. 1787. . 1778. Dr.

34 .

as I was a Brother of the Lodge of Edinburgh — Dumfermline. wrote its original suppression in the hands of the Earl of Wintoun. who. Alexander Cuningham. and who. known by the name of Dr. Irvin. carefully preserved it. 1799.. 1737. Memorandum. after its till his death December. when it was given by his Lordship's in Executor to Dr." " After the death of Dr." it. I believe. before the death of his brother Sir William Dick." . " Pope Clement the edict against Masonry. Statutes in Latin. his to " This record of the Roman Lodge widow gave the record me. as she had heard her husband " I call me Brother. till I delivered at Paris. having published a most severe Lodge held at Rome was on the 20th August. as a terror to others. to John Macgowan. Irvin. to be by him given to my cousin. and belonged to the Roman Lodge. the last was sent. the only Brother of that Lodge then remaining at Rome. but was soon released. of Prestonfield.35 Edinburgh. otherwise I should no doubt have been received. This happened about twelve years before I went to Rome. Baronet. 20th November. when the Earl of Wintoun was Master. Sir Alexander Dick. The Officer of the Lodge. 1750. Esqr. James Irvin. XII." remained. prisoner to the Inquisition.. who was a servant of Dr.

to be." " Such by is the progress of this record.'Z^cLe^i^ . his son. which is attested ULi^dLx^&AV- i^u. who now puts it into the hands of the Right Honble.36 " After the death of Sir Alexander Dick. deposited among Archives of the Grand Lodge. by his Lordship. Sir James the Stirling. the late Sir William. and Grand Master of Scotland. Lord Provost of Edinburgh./w. returned it to Mr. Macgowan. Baronet.

37 CrcuvK^e^^ c/^Vivt-ft-^ ^e^HA^o-'x^ ^e^i^e^'L^ yO-ny . ^e^Xy .0^1/t.

1. Sacra Archiva Magistri g.38 [Blank pages 4 to 8 inclusive. 2. 12. 10. . 11. qui fuerit electus. In omni causa decernendS penes magistrum duo sufTragia sunto. & Guardiani custodiuoto. Magister post cenam non sine debitis libationibus. 5. Candidatus quisque a nocte. fratres jus esto convocandi et contumaces 7. Quisque donato. . Ne quis sine ostracismo admititor. 8. scilicet propinationibus Masonicis Lodgiam claudito. Magister Magistratus creato Lodgiae leges ferunto. esto. junior Lodgiae a legum tabulas electus binis facito. Staiuta ad Romanam liberorum muratorum Lodgiam demissa. 6. Peregrini rejiciuntor si linguam Anglicam non intellegunt. Guardianus Senior sufTragia Colligito secretis esto . Magistro in mulctandi. 4. ad proscimum Conventum Probationarius 3. frater vestimentis muratoriis (scilicet quatuor Chiro-thecis) totam fraternitatem .] 9. Fratres sub pcEna forsan nimis severt laborantes a magistro ad Lodgiam Appellanto. Mulctas pauperibus largiuntor.

The Master has unruly the power of calling a Lodge and fining & refractory Bre. A translation of the original Statutes brought the use down .. 4. No No persons to be admitted without balloting. The Master has two votes. 3. 6.. 2. 5. .: 39 10. for of the Freemasons of the Roman Lodge — 1. person to be admitted the same night as proposed.. All Officers shall be created by the Master and all Laws enacted by the Lodge. All foreigners to be excluded except they talk the language.

The Master & Wardens are keepers of the Archives. The Lodge The elder shall not be closed till 11. 12. whole Lodge. ] The Master to close the Lodge after Supper not without proper libations — ^to wit — Masonic Toasts. g. 10. 7- Any Brother that thinks himself aggrieved to the may appeal from the Master 8.40 11. Warden shall gather the votes of the Lodge. [The following note " is in pencil." . and the younger to have the office of Secretary. after Supper. Every Brother on hood with two his admission shall present the Brother- pair of gloves. of much later date . All fines to be employed in charitable uses.

41 [12th page is blank.'i)^ (DM. '^uesdaif. in the Gorso.^. ^Ve^uf-'dAJC ^o-u^yi^ who was received that dag . where were present: W. Jo-' .] 13.c^ (DM. X. a^t^dLe^'K. 1735 —was held a compleat Lodge at eJoseppe's.nocun^ ^o. <zAugust 16.

eJ8. T^hat for it being to contrary to the laws of dUlasonry a member been absent himself after due warning. it has thought proper by the §rand and the Lodc/e. to fine 911. Supper. in ^. a true and perfect att which were present CluCtZ'. y/^ o^&unccL-n^ 3T. their share of the . Nonstable. was held Lodge. Sept.: 42 14. Sir Wflar. JPitsmorise. On the Friday. in (Forso. Le Wick. ^/Raster. 1 6th. at elosep.

2ith. e^^t- e^vu i<x^ni^e^iu cZ-t^K-t-K^ 1 0'^VK^a^'yo kJc^ lo^CL'VL'JLu' KJe^ L/uii^ 0~Uy1^ . a true and perfect Lodge at which were receiv'd with all due form Wdr.: 43 15. att which assisted fU K:^0-<. On eJoseppe. W^ednesday. Qarse and the Qount Soudavini. in Septr. was held at the Qorso.

Cotton for our Srand faster till such time as he parts from this place. having afterwards balloted to receive receive dTlr.. it was agreed to him the frst Lodge. (x/evt-cti B'*!^ &'H^ OOdt. eAi SruseppeB. ^te^icye^t. St. we unanimously re-elected dTlr.. oArchdeacon.] 17. J(. e/ohn's ®ay. "^A^cUl. Xo-^L'yyL'Cui^ IcuM^'txt'C'e-' ^o-»t- .44 [Page 16 is blank. and.

JK-ing l/ort'^! of Royal Strange : of Staples' s service.L^yutu' aJ/ioAute^'L' rVvtt- .^A'^io'iL-'ypucuti^.45 [Page 18 is blank. On Wednesday true the l^th oJanuary was held a in and perfect Lodge at eJo%eppies all the in the Corso. ^e. JS)1&^:^&^. at which assisted l^Xo-. Qapt.' . Jit) e^iuuXki^ rV a^'ucLie^fx^ ^O-iA^I^ ^fc'fl^C'O-^^.] 19. which was received with due form "Thomas in the oArchdeacon.

be Qonte de be I^idame de 0assi. Qavalerie au service de (Broysman. dans la forme selon. Suedois. Qapitaine au regiment de K^assi a la (Quelle -p^S'C^M^ y^o-iVo-i^^. et dans laauelle furent re^us ceremonies necessaires dans Qronstadt. Qolonel de du Roy de JPrance. ^ITr. o^yp^utA^e^ .46 20. dfRr. be 28 de vrais e Fevrier fut tenu che^ ^ion une jboge de parfait ^Kassons. Wdr. ont assiste.les notre ordre.

The K9 Wdarch. 22. ^TTasons' 1136— Was held at the '^hree true Strada Paolina. Winton. Ld. at which were present OdM. Jdings. in which was a ^/Raster ^/Kason. was held a & perfect received : Lodge of Free ^ITasons. Xcf •fl'tC'^t- .47 [Page 21 blank.

STTf Gharles Slez'er ^TTf William Bag were wardens. »( o-b^nucL/K. held at the three JKings. Right Jfion^^^ on the y 6th of oAugust. oAtt a meeting of a Lodge of free and accepted Wflasons. in Strada paolina. where dTTaster. proper healths were til drunk. 1736. 9K^ oJohn JPorbes came and was received as a visiting the ^Brother. the Sari of U^inton was on the having been elected as such 23^ of and oApril of the same year. the * » and » his Lordship adjourn * d the Lodge day of * * -o-A^6^e^iL^ (DM.' .48 23.

was held a and perfect Lodge. at which were present OOM. the second of oJanuary at true the Strada Paolina. in which were received with all the due forms ^Alexander Quningham and oAllan Ramsay.] 25. On U^ednesday Three JfCings.: 49 [Page 24 is blank. X^ X-C/fft't-'K^^^C^^^t'S' .

D. 1(137. Xc 'CL-t JUAi^^yi'OA^O.'WL'^ ^ft^t-OL-t- tS. Mrigadier of at the French oArmy. a.-dLe^H^^ Odilt. was held a true and perfect the Lodqe in which was received in all the due forms 9Ilarquis ®e H^asse. ^. Strada Paolina. which were n cu1. present : and Qollonelle of 'dragoons.^^e^ . a.] 27. at Three Jxings.50 [Page 26 is blank. (9n the Wednesday the 23rd of oJanuarij.

in which dTairn. ilSl. was held at the ^hree oKings. W[lr.] 29. Clerk. a true and perfect STlr.51 [Page 28 is blank. Jialiburton. Strada Paolina. Lodge. were receiv'd in all due forms Wflr. at which were cu dj^te^'t-- i^O-'ly . &n Thursday the 9th of dfRay.

in which was receiv'd due form oJohn dTlurray.] 31. "^X^e^ct^ Ji\jCiAu'C'i e^'u .52 [Page 30 is blank. a in all : true and perfect lodge. The 20th of ^August. Strada at the three Paolina. 1737. Ss(^^ at which were present 'V- ^e^'Co-i^ rV CyUt'O-'U/yL'. was held eKings.






\-vn.>'s \. ^ v^^'^'^>^^.^ .'^^ — '"Iri HH iaiB i mHW tlllll ll i I i tilll' i l<MW ll i lll t l''iJ |tj| ||-'' R^^fx ^^###BOT_TEXT###gt; \- ^«! v..^W—y.„.^\ ]t v^ a^'!^\a..^-^j^-'?^.'?^ .l-^w..'j^ .'*'.

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