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University 2rd Rank holder (M.Sc Physiscs). Winner of INDO-SWISS joint research program 2011-2012

1. Study on the enhancement of photovoltaic parameters with use of ionic electrolyte/Ruthenium dye in combination with pre-treatement of nanotube in dye sensitized solar cell, Mini P.A , Deepika B, Sherine A, Sindhu S, Prasanth R, S.V Nair and Subramanian K. R. V. 2. Solar cells with quantum dots linked to TiO2 as light harvesters. P. Lekha, K. G. Deepa, B. Deepika, P. A. Mini, K. R. V. Subramanian, R. Prasanth, Shanti Kumar V. Nair and S. Sindhu, ICMAT 2009, Singapore, 28th June-3rd July 2009. 3. Study of dye sensitized and quantum dot sensitized thin film TiO2 solar cells, Lekha P, Mini P.A, Deepika B, Deepa K.G, Prasanth .R, K.R.V. Subramanian, S. Sindhu, and S. V. Nair, 18th PVSEC, Kolkatta, 19-23rd Jan 2009.

1. Shanti V Nair, Subramanian K.R.V and Mini P. A. (Indian Patent 3273/CHE/2010). Combination device of a solar cell with electrical energy storage capacity and method for production of same. 2. Shanti V Nair, Subramanian K.R.V, Avinash Balakrishnan, Nandhini Ranganathan and Mini P.A. Super capacitor electrodes using activated carbon from graphite by ball milling (3456/CHE/2011).

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