Information on Dwadas Jyotirlingas (Taken from the Notes of Jyotish Guru J.

Sarat Chander) 1। Rameshwaram - Aries (Mesh) This Jyotirlinga was established by Lord Rama। It is he who causes the exaltation of Sun. Also represents the Agni Tattwa among the 5 tattwas. 2। Somnath - Taurus (Vrishabh) This Jyotirlinga was established by Lord Krishna. It is he who causes the exaltation of Moon. It will be interesting to note that Lord Krishna's lagna was Taurus, star was Rohini and Rasi (Moon sign) was also Taurus. 3। Nageshwara- Gemini (Mithun) This Jyotirlinga shows that exaltation of Rahu (the snake). 4। Omkareshwar- Cancer (Kark) This Jyotirlinga symbolizes Dakshinamoorthy and the very resplendent syllable 'Aum' (`) which is knowledge - knowledge of the self, and wisdom. These qualities are represented by Jupiter. It is he who causes the exaltation of Jupiter. Also represents the Jala Tattwa among the 5 tattwas. 5। Vaidyanatha- Leo (Simh) This Jyotirlinga symbolizes the moolatrikona sign of Surya. It also symbolizes the natural 5th house - the house of children, intellect, mantra siddhi, mind etc. 6। Mallikarjuna - Virgo (Kanya) It is he who causes Mercury's exaltation. It symbolizes Prithvi Tattwa which is one of the 5 elements. It also symbolizes strength from the Prithvi Tattwa (Solids). 7। Mahakaleshwara- Libra (Thula) It is he who causes the exaltation of Saturn who is said to represent Mahakala. A prayer at this Jyotirlinga is bound to bless one with health and life as Shiva in the form of Mahakala (the one who takes away the Rudra) is pacified. Saturn is the Dharmaraja of a chart and its deity is Yama who never fails in his duty (dharma). This Jyotirlinga also symbolizes the Vayu Tattwa - the Tamasik of the 5 tattwas. 8। Dhooshaneshwara- Scorpio (Vrishchik) This is the sign of dual lordship of Ketu and Mars. Ketu's lordship provides it the touch of uncertainty. This represents intermittent nature of working of this Rasi. A person influenced by Scorpio (Ketu) will be on and off the sphere of work very frequently. 9। Kasi Vishwanath- Sagittarius (Dhanu) Jupiter as the overlord of Moksha rules this house and Ketu, as the Mokshakaraka, exalts in this house. Hence, the Jyotirlinga of Kasi Vishwanath is known to send the atma towards Moksha/Mukti. It also represents the power of the Jyotirlinga to bring to fore even the lost or hidden things, as symbolized by the Matsya Avatar (Ketu being the planet) in which Lord Vishnu recovered the lost Vedas. This is the sign in which golden temples are built and we have only 3 golden

temples (Kasi Vishwanath, Tirupati Balaji and Har Mandir Sahib at Amritsar). 10। Bhimashankara- Capricorn (Makar) This Jyotirlinga symbolizes the exaltation of Mars (Mrityu) and prayers at the Jyotirlinga of Bhimashankara indicates overcoming of Mrityu. As Capricorn is the sign of Saturn where Mars (Mrityu) exalts, Mahamrityunjaya Japa done during the dasa periods of Saturn is very effective and useful to overcome death itself or deathly blows. 11। Kedarnath- Aquarius (Kumbh) The sign which is also owned by Rahu (poison). Rahu (as also Aquarius) symbolizes deep philosophy. Lord Shiva is believed to have given the Vedas, the highest philosophy, as ‘Kedarnath’. 12। Tryambakeswara- Pisces (Meen) This is the sign of exaltation of Venus, the planet with the power to give rebirth - the possessor of Sanjeevani Mantra (Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra)। This is the sign of cures to the physical body. This is also the sign of abode of Maha Vishnu in his Anantasayana.