Tea Party!

Tea parties can take many forms. They can be as formal or as casual as you like, can be in just about any setting from just around your dining room table to a garden party to a picnic tea party in the park. The main requirement is the inclusion of tea of course and that you have fun! The menu below would be good for a brunch or for a late afternoon tea and will serve approximately 8 guests including the hostess. ou can change out any of these recipes for your own favorites keeping in mind the desire for !finger foods!. Try to avoid anything extremely messy, crumbly or hard to handle. 3 Sweets Vanilla cream scones w/mock Devonshire cream Lemon zest shortbread cookies Brown butter brownie hearts Vanilla Cream Scones "akes #$ small scones #% ounces all purpose flour &about ' cups( # Tbsp baking powder ) Tbsp vanilla sugar #*' tsp salt ) Tbsp cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes +*) cup heavy cream # egg slightly beaten # tsp. vanilla # Tbsp. vanilla sugar for sprinkling on top ,irections.reheat oven to )%% degrees. .lace the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and butter in a food processor. .ulse in +/second intervals until everything resembles course meal. ou 012 do this with your hands, mixing until the mixture resembles course meal. Transfer everything to a large bowl. 0ombine the cream, egg and vanilla then add to the flour mixture, stirring by hand or folding with a spatula until it forms into a uniformed and slightly moistened dough. ,ivide the dough into quarters. 3n a floured surface, gently roll one section into a ball then flatten the ball into a disk approximately +*)4 in height. 5venly sprinkle sugar on top of each disk. 0ut each disk in quarters. 6ake on a ungreased or parchment paper lined cookie sheet for #7 minutes until the bottoms are golden brown. 8emove from the baking sheet and cool on a wire rack. 9erve with butter, jam, clotted cream or lemon curd. 5njoy! :;se this recipe to make 9trawberry 9hortcakes! Mock Devonshire (Clotted) Cream 3 Savories Mini quiches Chicken salad croissants Pimento cheese/cucumber tea sandwiches

cubed. . at room temperature . granulated sugar. 0lotted cream has 77/$% percent fat content and is so thick it does not need to be whipped.se right away or cover and refrigerate the cream until serving time. about +*)! thick on the parchment paper lined sheet pan. combine flour. 1dd butter and process just until the mixture resembles coarse meal. <t can be purchased in a jar in most well/stocked grocery stores but this !mock! version is a close approximation and usually more well received by !1merican! tastes.evonshire cream is a clotted cream produced commercially in . 0ornwall and 9omerset 5ngland. The milk is then cooled and the layer of cream is skimmed off. . 9prinkle the surface with the # Tbs. ) ounces mascarpone cheese &usually located in the deli area of the store( # cup heavy whipping cream # tsp pure vanilla extract ' tbsp granulated white sugar >est of lemon or lime &optional( . Aet cool completely before cutting and serving. in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 7 days. "akes about #$ cookies. 9tore in layers. Lemon Zest Short read <ngredients#% o= all/purpose flour #*+ cup plus # Tbs. "akes about # #*' cups. #*+ cup granulated sugar. <n a food processor.1uthentic . yellowish cream with a scalded or cooked flavor that is made by heating unpasteuri=ed milk until a thick layer of cream forms on its surface. &' sticks( unsalted butter. granulated sugar #*+ cup powdered sugar ' tsp. grated lemon =est &about # lemon( #*) tsp. lemon =est and salt and process briefly to blend.ierce the surface every ' inches with the fork and lightly score with a sharp knife or bench scraper into strips to make about #$ pieces. powdered sugar.evon. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool on the pan for #% minutes. rich. separated by waxed paper.irections.at the dough into a rectangle. 6ake the shortbread until lightly golden at the edges and the center is firm to the touch.reheat oven to +'7?@. Turn the dough out onto a floured work surface and knead together into a ball. Aine a cookie sheet or sheet pan with parchment paper. . )7 to 7% minutes. Then re/score the cookies while still warm. . <t is a thick. salt #$ Tbs.lace all the ingredients in a large bowl and beat until the mixture holds its shape and looks like softly whipped cream.

pressing the foil firmly against pan sides and leaving '/inch overhang. . . beating vigorously to blend.!rown !"tter !rownie #earts "akes #$ small heart/shaped brownie cut/outs 8ecipe by 1lice "edrich 2onstick vegetable oil spray #% Tbsp &# #*) sticks( unsalted butter. heatproof bowl combine the sugar.3 23T step away from this! <t will go from browned to burned B58 quickly! 8emove butter from heat and immediately add to sugar mixture. 1dd eggs to hot mixture. 6eat vigorously $% strokes. Aet cool 7 minutes &mixture will still be hot(. lightly whisked #*+ cup plus # tbsp all purpose flour # cup walnut pieces . <n a large. Then.reheat to +'7?@. "elt the butter in medium saucepan over medium high heat. 0ontinue cooking until butter stops foaming and browned bits form at bottom of pan. : ou can use the scraps from cutting the brownies to make brownie truffles! Fust roll the warm scraps into walnut/si=ed balls and then roll in powdered sugar. cubed # #*) cups granulated sugar +*) cup natural unsweetened cocoa powder #*) tsp salt # tsp vanilla extract ' large eggs. it may still A33D wet on top. but do not over/bake or you wonEt be able to cut these into shapes! 0ool in the pan on a cooling rack for #%/#7 minutes. Transfer batter to prepared pan. Aine an 8x8x'/inch metal baking pan with foil. 6ake brownies until toothpick inserted into center comes out almost clean &with a few moist crumbs attached(. about '7 minutes. cocoa powder. vanilla and ' tsp water. add flour and stir until blended. 6ecause of the large portion of butter in this recipe. about 7 minutes. 9tir in nuts. 9tir to combine well. Chen mixture is thick and shiny. stirring often. 0an be made up to ' days ahead. 3nce fully cool. lift brownies from pan. store in an airtight container until ready to serve. salt."! . 0arefully pull the edges of the foil down and cut with a small heart/shaped cutter while still warm. 0oat foil with nonstick spray. using the foil overhang.

pepper and dill. 9erve on a bed of greens. nutmeg and salt. cream. 1dd about # teaspoon of feta cheese to each muffin cup. Chicken Pecan Salad ' cups pre/cooked chicken breasts without skin // cubed: #*' cup sour cream #*' cup mayonnaise ' stalks celery // diced ' cups seedless red grapes // sliced in half # cup pecan halves // toasted and roughly chopped ' tbsp fresh dill // chopped:: #*' tsp salt #*' tsp black pepper <n a large bowl. ::0an substitute dried dill if necessary. or as a sandwich on croissants with fresh fruit.se ' tsp dried in place of the ' tbsp fresh .reheat oven to )'7. 6ake for '7/+% minutes or until set. Grease mini/muffin tins. then fill with egg*spinach mixture about '*+ of the way to the top. 8efrigerate. 0an be made ahead and fro=en then reheated just before serving. garlic. @old in chicken. "ix together eggs. mix sour cream and mayonnaise until throughly blended. . 1dd salt. Conderfully refreshing! :0an use leftover rotisserie chicken or canned chicken &well rinsed( if preferred. for at least ' hours or overnight to blend flavors. drained and squee=ed dry( ' cloves garlic // minced #*) tsp nutmeg #*' tsp salt # cup crumbled feta cheese . covered. grapes and pecans. celery. "ix in spinach.Miniat"re Cr"stless S$inach %"iches 8 eggs #*) cup cream #% o= fro=en chopped spinach // &thawed.

sliced very thin "ix butter. "ixture will !harden! so allow to warm a bit at room temperature before trying to spread. 0ombine the Belveeta. mix ' tsp of this tea mix with 8 o= of hot water. "akes terrific pimento cheese sandwiches! C"c"m er(!"tter Tea Sandwiches ) tbsp salted butter. softened #*' tsp grated lemon =est # tbsp chopped fresh herbs &chive. . salt.&randma's Pimento Cheese S$read 8 o= 0racker 6arrel sharp cheddar cheese // grated 8 o= 0racker 6arrel 5xtra/sharp cheddar cheese // grated 8 o= Belveeta #*) tsp salt #*) tsp pepper ' tbsp sugar # cup mayonnaise 7 o= pimientos // diced The kind of cheese is especially important in this as it is what gives it that sharp taste that complements the sugar in the mixture. pepper. . @old in pimentos and grated cheeses. mix ' tsp mix with 8 o= hot water. To serve. 0an be served hot or iced. sugar and mayonnaise in a food processor until smooth. 8efrigerate for at least ) hours to allow flavors to meld. ::::::::::::::::::: The following makes a great !party favor! for your tea party. dill or thyme are nice( # 5nglish cucumber. To give as a favor. use a case of canning jars to package the tea mix and attach a tag with the following serving instruction!@or a wonderfully refreshing treat. =est and herbs together.rink right away or pour over ice and enjoy!! S"nshine Tea Mi) ' cups Tang &orange drink mix( # cup lemonade mix #*' cup instant tea #*' cup sugar # tsp cloves # tsp cinnamon "ix ingredients and store in an airtight jar. 9pread on bread and top with sliced cucumbers. Top with an additional slice of buttered bread. trim the crusts and cut into pieces.