Abbreviations & Acronyms

Used in the Company Profiles

Unique Identification Code / Fiscal Code
(rom. Cod Unic de Identificare / Cod Fiscal)
Inc. No.
Registration Number in the Trade Register
(rom. Numărul de ordine din registrul comerţului)

Limited Liability Company
(rom. Societate cu Răspundere Limitată)
Autonomous Regime
(rom. Regie Autonomă)
Joint-Stock Company
(rom. Societate pe Acţiuni)
Commercial Company
(rom. Societate Comercială)
Joint-Stock Co-operative Company
(rom. Societate Cooperatistă pe Acţiuni)
Civilian Professional Law Firm
(rom. Societate Civilă Profesională de Avocaţi)
Handicraft Co-operative Company
(rom. Societate Cooperativă Meşteşugărească)

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

with private capital, who took over and relaunched a company with
tradition in the production of thermo-insulated materials, HITROM
factory, located on the industrial area of Vaslui City.
After the first three years, starting with 2009, in the expanded
polystyrene production, where we have been placed in the top ten
national competitors from the existing 60, we’ve opened a new
production line of fiberglass mes, designed for the plasters
reinforcement. Thus, we are the pioneer in Romania, concerning the
production of fiberglass mesh for thermo-system and plastering works .
Currently, we produce 18 million sqm / year of fibreglass mesh and until
mid-2014 we will have a total capacity of 28 million sqm / year. 15% of
the fiberglass mesh production we are exporting to West Europe and
we intend to reach to 30%. We can also to produce other fiberglass
technical fabrics.
The fiberglass mesh which we produce has technical approval and
corresponds to the established performance by SR EN 13496/2003,
using raw materials from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.
In addition to the product range of the expanded polystyrene, we have
developed a product line of plastic dowels, used for mechanical fixing of
thermo-system elements, with a capacity of 12 million pieces / year.
Only four years after the start of the production of thermal insulation for
homes, Bico Industries Company has over 100 employees and a
turnover of over 8 million euro, with a growth rate of 20 % in 2013
towards the same period last year .
We have the Integrated System Management according to ISO
Standards, we function on profit centers and we believe in the principles
of participatory and flexibility management to external and
organizational changes .
We have the material resources and a modular and wide logistics,
which is able to cope with the need to extend or to adapt to the market
The company’s mission and values that we share can be found on our


UIC: 19241603 Inc. No.: J /27/1388/2006

Str. Petru Movila nr. 31
610094 Piatra Neamt, NEAMT

Tel: +40.233.211400
Fax: +40.233.211500

Turnover (EUR): 7,500,000.00
No. of employees: 176
Main Line of Business by NACE

2223 Manufacture of builders’ ware of plastic

Contact Person(s):

Camelia FELDY, Assistant Manager
Catalin TIRLEA, Executive Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

S.C. CORAL IMPEX S.R.L. is a family-owned business that is
celebrating this year (2013) 20 years of activity in the field of pest
control. Since 1993, when the company was founded by Alexandru
Badea, Coral Impex has grown to be the largest Romanian-owned pest
management company with branch offices in many principal centers
across Romania such as: Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca, Bucuresti, Pitesti,
Brasov, Targu-Mures, Tulcea, Slatina, Alba-Iulia and Zalau.
The performance of our services within optimal conditions and following
the European quality standards determined our company to make
massive investments in the acquisition of modern technical resources
and in the thorough training of its employees, succeeding to satisfy
even the most delicate clients, such as: Philip Morris Romania, Coca-
Cola Romania, Inbev Romania, Procter&Gamble, Terapia Ranbaxy,
Ursus Breweries, Kaufland Romania SCS, Friesland Campina, Swiss
Caps, Avicola Crevedia, J ohnson Controls, KFC and many others. Our
service is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
right from the survey stage to implementation and execution by trained
pest management professionals (PMP’s). Considering the quality
standards, environmental protection, labour health and security, CORAL
IMPEX succeeded in obtaining and maintaining the authorization
certificate for ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and
also in obtaining and maintaining the First Class License awarded by
A.N.R.S.C. Since 2007, Coral Impex became an observer member
within British Pest Control Association, association that gathers the
major companies across Europe in the pest-control field.
This celebrating year, 2013, brought to Coral Impex a recognition award
from the Europe Business Assembly, which nominated the company
and its manager for the prestigious international awards in the quality
and management spheres. This is in recognition of an excellent
business reputation, effective management and constant growth and
qualified us to be part of the International award “Best Enterprise” and
The head of enterprise was presented with the title “Best Manager of
the Year” and a personal certificate. Our company’s vision of the future
is optimistic since it is always open to new challenges.
The greatest challenge foreseen by our company is to extend its
business abroad, and in fulfilling this vision, the international
acknowledgments and awards become a strong stimulant.

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UIC: 4986244 Inc. No.: J /29/2811/1993

Str. Penes Curcanul nr. 8, Bl. 151 C, Sc. A, Ap. 10
100511 Ploiesti, PRAHOVA

Head quarters: Str. Podul Inalt, Nr. 6, Bl. 4C, Parter,
Ploiesti, Prahova
Tel: +40.244.517610
Fax: +40.244.517610

Turnover (EUR): 4,422,049.00
No. of employees: 169
Main Line of Business by NACE

8129 Other cleaning activities

Contact Person(s):

Alexandru BADEA, Managing Director
Ciprian BOGACIU, Commercial Director

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:


Established in 2003 by Aurelia Visinescu and her associate, Domeniile
Sahateni benefited from more than 5 million €uro investments in winery
and vineyards.
The production capacity is 1,000,000 bottles per year, due to the
complete ultramodern technology.
Processing machinery has crushing facilities of 1 000 to per season and
two separate production lines, complete automated controlled
fermentation for both white and red wines. The automated bottling line,
with 1500 btl (75cl) per hour capacity, allows bottling wines at the
origins. High performance equipments protects from bottled wine
oxidation by eliminating the air from the bottle before filling and injecting
inert gas before corking.
The underground cellar equipped with oak barrels and barriques
provides excellent ageing conditions to special wine batches.
The winery is located 7 km North East from Mizil, on national Road B1.
The vineyards are in the heart of Dealu Mare wine region, well known
for its high quality grapes and wine production, on the hills surrounding
the Carpathian Mountains, benefiting from different types of soil from
brownish to limestone clay.
The 70 ha of the company are located in Sahateni, Naeni and Fintesti
villages lying from the bottom of the hill were the whites and Pinot Noir
are growing up to the top where we cultivate the late ripening reds on
the South exposure.
The main vinified varieties are: Feteasca Neagra, Merlot, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Syrah – for the red wines and Feteasca
Alba, Feteasca Regala, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Pinot Grigio,
Chardonnay, Italian Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc for the white ones.
We are currently engaged in several partnerships with wine importers
all around Asia (China, Taiwan, J aponia, Korea), Europe (Poland,
Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Lithuania, Germany), USA, Canada,
Brazil and Israel.
The feedback received from them allowed us to take the initiative to
extend our partnerships even further.

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UIC: 15540688 Inc. No.: J /40/8667/2003

Bd Dacia nr. 53, et 2 , ap 3
010406 Bucuresti, SECTOR 1

Tel: +40.21.2110977
Fax: +40.21.2121009

Main Line of Business by NACE

1102 Manufacture of wine from grape

Contact Person(s):

Aurelia VISINESCU, General Manager
Doina HORVAT, Export Manager
Alexandru ACHIM, Sales Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

ELEGTROPUTERE SA is a company that built its first power
transformer and electric motor in the early 1950's and has since
maintained its position among the world's leading manufacturers.
We produce power transformers ranging from 5 to 440 MVA and up to
420 kV for a variety of applications, such as: generation, transmission,
interconnection transformers, network transformers, etc. Electroputerere
can also offer a full range of after sales services upon request.The
design of the transformers is developed by our internal Design
Engineering Department according to customer specifications and in
line with international standards such as lEG 60076 and ANSI G57. We
are also fully certified by ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OH SA 18001.The
production capacity of our Power transformer division is of 10.000 MVAI
year, which allows us to offer our partners a very good delivery time, in
accordance with their needs.
Electroputere is also specialized in the manufacturing of customer
designed motors and generators such as:low and medium voltage
asynchronous motors slipring or squirrel cage in the range 200 - 8000
KW, synchronous generators for hydroelectric power plants with powers
up to 5000 KVA, motors for hazardous locations, motors for variable
speed drives, submersible motors, low voltage asynchronous motors for
oil drilling rigs. With these products we can meet the demands of
applications such as: the cement industry, metallurgical industry, oil &
gas, water supply and irrigation, mining, energy production in thermal
and hydro power plants, railway and urban vehicles, chemical and
petrochemical industry, pulp and paper, testing equipment, etc. We also
do repairs and maintenance of motors and generators and can also
provide you with a full range of after sales services.
We strongly believe in partnering with OEMs, EPGs and distributors to
reach markets and end-users and would welcome the opportunity of
developping mutually beneficial business relationships.

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UIC: 6312800 Inc. No.: J /16/12/1991

Calea Bucuresti, nr. 80
200440 Craiova, DOLJ

Tel: +40.251.437700; +40.744.646531
Fax: +40.251.437730; +40.251.437077

Turnover (EUR): 46,000,000.00
No. of employees: 1,015
Main Line of Business by NACE

2711 Manufacture of electric motors,
generators and transformers

Contact Person(s):

Andres LUNDGREN, Sales Director
Petru SABAILA, Business Development Manager
Bianca ROTARU, Sales Assistant

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

euroscript | Your global content partner

euroscript Group was born in Luxembourg 25 years ago and has
subsidiaries in over 18 countries all over Europe, North America, South
America and Asia (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic
and Slovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Latvia, Luxembourg,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and
the United States).
Working mainly for European Institutions, the Group became an
international content management solutions provider present in more
than 18 countries. Also important player on the language services
market, the Group has an international network of more than 5.000
translators, being ranked Top 10 LSP (Language Service Providers)
worldwide by Common Sense Advisory for the 8th consecutive year.
Founded in 2001, Certitude S.R.L. (Romanian LLC) joined euroscript
International group in 2006 and became euroscript – Certitude S.R.L.
Now part of an international group located in Luxembourg, S.C.
euroscript – Certitude S.R.L., known as euroscript Romania, represents
a dynamic provider for Language Services (translation & interpretation),
Content and Document Management (e.g. DTP) and System Integration
& Consulting services.
Around 250 trained professionals in our offices in Bucharest and Sibiu
are working together for our local & international customers to benefit of
the best solutions for their activities.
euroscript Romania's primary goal is to meet the needs of its customers
by providing high-quality services. Customer requirements represent the
main criterion taken into account at the moment of determining
production resources and processes and of identifying quality
requirements. Periodic client satisfaction surveys reflect euroscript
Romania's client-oriented policy and provide the basis for the values we
commit to: Transparency, Innovation and continuous improvement,
Discreetness, Quality and Diversity.
Our mission is to obtain excellence in business relationships, promoting
mutually advantageous relationships at all levels.
euroscript Romania's idea regarding quality management is to
constantly deliver high-quality and high-security solutions and services,
oriented towards improving the client satisfaction level.
The obligation we have taken upon ourselves is expressed by the
following certifications:
ISO 9001:2008 (issued by TUV Saarland e.V.) - Quality Management
ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management Systems
EN 15038:2006 - Translation Services
See continuation on next page.

Euroscript Romania is a tekom Romania member since 2012, tekom
being the Europe’s largest professional association for technical

The solutions we can provide are:


UIC: 13661055 Inc. No.: 13661055

Bd. Iuliu Maniu nr. 7, Cotroceni Business Center,
corp U, sc. 1, et. 4
061072 Bucuresti, SECTOR 6

Tel: +40.21.3156522
Fax: +40.21.3148919

Turnover (EUR): 3,240,000.00
No. of employees: 254
Main Line of Business by NACE

6311 Data processing, hosting and related

Contact Person(s):

Ana DUMITRACHE, Sales Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

euroscript Romania is a tekom Romania member since 2012,
tekom being the Europe’s largest professional association for
technical communication.

The solutions we can provide are:
Global Content Management (GCM)
After-Sales Product Information (ASPI)
Plant Engineering Information Management (PEIM)
Official publications and regulated documents (OPRD)

Please find more information on website:

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UIC: 13661055 Inc. No.: 13661055

Bd. Iuliu Maniu nr. 7, Cotroceni Business Center,
corp U, sc. 1, et. 4
061072 Bucuresti, SECTOR 6

Tel: +40.21.3156522; +40.728.007777
Fax: +40.21.3148919

Turnover (EUR): 3,240,000.00
No. of employees: 254
Main Line of Business by NACE

6311 Data processing, hosting and related

Contact Person(s):

Ana DUMITRACHE, Sales Manager

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

The company manufactures two groups of products:
Products destinated to the automotive market
- Disc brake pads for equipping the brake system of the
passenger cars, trucks, traillers, buses and coaches, light commercial
- Drum brake linings for equipping the brake system of the trucks,
traillers, buses, trams and subway.
- Brake shoes and assembled clutch facings for passenger cars and
- Sealing gaskets: cylinder head gaskets, oil bath, water pumps, fuel
pumps and other engine gaskets for passenger cars and tractors.
Products destinated to the industrial maintenance:
- Brake linings for oil facilities, travelers and industrial equipment
- Flexible strips
- Sealing compressed sheets branded Marsit and Novafer
- Sealing gaskets for industrial equipment.
-The company has an integrated quality, environment and safety
system according to:
- ISO TS 16949 : 2009
- ISO 14001:2005
- ISO 18001 OH SAS: 2008
- ISO 9001:2008
Other certification:
- International homologation certifcates according to R 90 ECE ONU
- Physical and chemical tests laboratory and traffic safety laboratory
certified by Romanian Auto Register ( RAR-OCS) and Romanian
Railway Authority (AFER)
-Railway supplier authorization AF Nr.441/11.11.2009
- To find foreign companies ( vehicles manufacturer,importers and
distrobutors, forwarders, services) in order to export the products
FERMIT brand on the foreign markets
STAKE ( majority share package).

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UIC: 1170151 Inc. No.: J /10/298/1991

Aleea Industriei nr. 1
125300 Ramnicu-Sarat, BUZAU

Tel: +40.238.561465
Fax: +40.238.566495

Turnover (EUR): 3,988,582.00
No. of employees: 201
Main Line of Business by NACE

2932 Manufacture of other parts and
accessories for motor vehicles

Contact Person(s):

Traian PANDARU, General Manager
Maria ARION, Financial Manager
Iuliana BALAN, Marketing Manager

The National Business Information Center

Desired Cooperation:

Private investment with a large experience in the field of plastic
industry, LIVINGJ UMBO INDUSTRY SA produces and sells BIG BAGS
(polypropylene woven bags, jumbo bags, FIBCs, 1 loop bags, 2 loop
bags, 4 loop bags, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, big bag) with
250-2000 kilos loading capacities (SWL), in a variety of constructive
shapes and dimensions, such as: 1 loop, 2 or 4 loop big bags.
Our company provides big bags for the packaging, transportation
and storing of bulk materials: chemicals (granulated or powders),
ceramics, ferroalloys, construction materials, agricultural products
(seeds, grain, corn, beans, and cereals), food powders, minerals,
recyclable materials (PE, PP, PVC granules), wastage, etc.
Livingjumbo Industry SA also produces and sells:
PP yarn (for PP fabric, between 1100-4500 DEN);
PP thread (for sewing, 4500 DEN);
PP cord (width between 10-30 mm);
PP belt (width between 40-60 mm);
PP rope (diameter between 3-4 mm):
PP fabric (with weight between 95-220 g/m2), circular or plane
shape (sizes between 1000-4200 mm);
Our Integrated Quality (ISO 9001:2008) - Environment (ISO
14001:2005) - Food safety (ISO 22000:2005 - HACCP) Management
System recommends Livingjumbo Industry as your BEST SUPPLIER
for the packing of your bulk materials.
Our company’s range of products, suppliers and partners together
with years of experience will provide you: Highest quality; Cost effective;
Innovative and timely solutions to meet and even exceed expectations.

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UIC: 14419107 Inc. No.: J /10/44/2002

Str. Transilvaniei nr. 132
120012 Buzau, BUZAU

Tel: +40.338.101120
Fax: +40.338.101122

No. of employees: 436
Main Line of Business by NACE

2222 Manufacture of plastic packing goods

Contact Person(s):

Radu ANDREI, Director-General

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

R.A. RASIROM is committed in meeting the expectations and
requirements of it's customers by providing professional solutions and
responsive service quality. We are working continually to complement
our portfolio with new solutions
and improve the existing ones, knowing that the maximum satisfaction
of our customers and partners is a guarantee of success.
What can RASIROM do for your company?
System integration and protection management; Intrusion detection and
signaling; Access control systems for people and vehicles; CCTV;
Image processing; Counterterrorism control and anti interception;
Detection, signaling and automatic fire extinguishing; Dispatching signs;
Smart buildings - BMS; Conducting structured network; Privacy
structured networks; Data management and data audit; Electrical
installations; Consultancy; Evaluation and Certification containers for
keeping information classified as state secret.
Our customers:
Presidential Administration, Romanian Senate, Chamber of Deputies,
Romanian Government, General Government Secretariat, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finances,
Romanian Intelligence Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Guard and
Protection Service, Special Telecommunications Service, National
Agency of Integrity, Romanian Court of Accounts, National Bank of
Romania, National Company “Imprimeria Na?ional?”, National
Commitee for the Oversight of Nuclear Activities, National
Administration of Penitentiaries, General Directorate of Customs,
National Registry Office for Classified Information etc.

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UIC: 7061781 Inc. No.: J /40/1011/1995

Str. Pinul Alb nr. 3
020219 Bucuresti, SECTOR 2

Tel: +40.21.2301243
Fax: +40.21.3112731

Turnover (EUR): 5,089,564.00
No. of employees: 103
Main Line of Business by NACE

4321 Electrical installation

Contact Person(s):

Robert BILA, Marketing Referent Specialist
Alexandra SCUTELNICU, Marketing Referent

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

ROMINVENT S.A., established in 1953, is one of the most prominent
agency engaged in the practice of industrial property laws in Romania,
providing its Romanian and foreign clients with counseling and
representation, in view of acquiring and defending the IP rights, also
before ROPTO, OEB, WIPO and OHIM authorities.
Moreover, ROMINVENT ensures the representation of its clients before
the courts of law, at all judicial levels, in legal proceedings specific in the
IP field.
ROMINVENT is a member of some international associations such as:


UIC: 4140325 Inc. No.: J /40/13380/1993

Str. Ermil Pangratti, nr. 35, et. 1
011882 Bucuresti, SECTOR 1

Tel: +40.21.2312515
Fax: +40.21.2312550

Turnover (EUR): 3,463,522.00
No. of employees: 40
Main Line of Business by NACE

7490 Other professional, scientific and
technical activities n.e.c.

Contact Person(s):

Ion MOCANU, Director-General
Stefan COCOS, Deputy Director-General

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Serapis Consulting offers to its clients the possibility to have the best
working environment, by means of creating an optimum and clean work
space. The performances we have obtained so far are closely related to
the philosophy of the company and to the team efforts.
According to our philosophy, the most important patrimony is the
CLIENT and this is why all our efforts strive to offer the most complex
services and the best quality on the market.
Our services: •Building Maintenance, •Cleaning Services, •Disinfection
Services, •Deratization Services, •Disinsection Services, •Green Space
Maintenance, •Industrial Equipment Cleaning, •Waste Management
OUR MISSION is to provide services that fully comply with our clients’
requests, at the same time preserving the environment and taking
special care of the health and safety regulations, by means of observing
the local and national valid legal provisions.
THE OBJ ECTIVES that we strive to achieve are:
• To operate an integrated management system complying with
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, that allows the issuance,
renewal and extension of the necessary certifications, including the
legal authorizations.
• To prevent complaints and accidents/incidents related to quality,
environment health and safety issues.
• To obtain positive feedback and the appreciation of our clients
related to the quality of our services and to their impact on the
environment, health and safety.
•To continuously improve the integrated management system
• To identify and eliminate/reduce/maintain at the lowest possible
level the pollution factors, accidents and illness risks.
OUR VALUES: •Open-mindness; •Devotion; •Competence


UIC: 11589204 Inc. No.: J /8/2057/2004

Str. Bujorului nr. 49 A
500381 Brasov, BRASOV

Tel: +40.372.777977
Fax: +40.244.515931

Turnover (EUR): 2,339,784.00
No. of employees: 252
Main Line of Business by NACE

8122 Other cleaning activities

Contact Person(s):

Elena Cristina MIHAI, Administrator

The National Business Information Center

Business Offer:

Star International Med was the first romanian company which produced
100% natural ayurvedic remedies and it was launched in 1999 in
The main activity of Star International Med is the production and
distribution of ayurvedic remedies, also import and export of these
remedies, which are considered dietary supplements made from herbal
extracts. We promote and practice the ancient indian medical system,
Ayurveda, using the modern technology for the extraction at cold of
plants. Our production line is according with international standards and
The dietary supplements we offer are all made from 100% natural
herbal extract, came in forms such as tablets, syrups, ointments.
Expanding our activity, we launched a line of natural cosmetics (herbal
skin care products like creams, gels, lotions, shampoos, oils, masks).

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UIC: 11470890 Inc. No.: J /40/1269/1999

Str. Dimitrie Bolintineanu, nr. 5
030167 Bucuresti, SECTOR 3

Tel: +40.21.3139481; +40.21.3038044;
Fax: +40.21.3139481

Turnover (EUR): 562,600.00
No. of employees: 20
Main Line of Business by NACE

2120 Manufacture of pharmaceutical

Contact Person(s):

Shawki SALMAN, General Manager
Elena SALMAN, Manager

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: (021) 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania – The National Chamber – is a nongovernmental,
independent, non-profit, public utility organization, with legal identity, intended to represent, support and
defend the general interests of the business community in Romania.
The National Chamber has the role to promote and pursue the development of industry, commerce, services
and agriculture, in line with market economy requirements.

National Chamber – Role and activity

The National Chamber is the most important representative organization of t he Romanian business
environment and holds a key role in promoting the interests of the C hambers System, as well as of th e
Romanian business community.

The Romanian Chamber System
consists in:
ü The National Chamber which is
the representation vector of the
Chamber System;
ü The County Chambers of
Commerce and Industry and
Bucharest Municipality;
ü The Bilateral Chambers.
Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

Strong Representative Organization

The National Chamber collaborates with over 50 national public, central and l ocal institutions, being a
voice within:

ü Governmental committees and working groups;
ü Parliament, Government and Presidency
consultative organizations.

The National Chamber collaborates with over 170
organizations worldwide and is an active, rightful
member of the following international representative

ü ICC – The International Chamber of Commerce;
ü Eurochambers – The Association of European
Chambers of Commerce and Industry;
ü ABC – The Association of Balkans Chambers of
Commerce and Industry;
ü BSEC-BC – Black Sea Economic Cooperation
Business Council.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

The National Chamber – Unique National Services

Issuing Certificates of Origin

The Certificates of Origin are international trade documents certifying the country of origin of the shipped
goods, meaning the country in which they were actually produced.

The Certificates of Origin are important for the classification of goods according to the Customs Tariff of the
importing country and thus to determine / calculate the amount of owed duties.

Issuing ATA Carnets
ATA is an acronym combining the French and English phrases "Admission
Temporaire / Temporary Admission."
ATA Carnet is an international document, issued by t he 67 affiliated
countries, which allows the owner, to temporary (up to one year import
goods without payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including
value-added taxes. The Carnet eliminates the need to purchase temporary
import bonds, simplifies border crossing procedures, using a single
document and allowing the visitat ion of several countries during the same
ATA Carnet is a passport for the following goods commercial samples; exhibits for trade fairs, exhibitions,
shows, demonstrations and other special promotional events, professional equipment (artistic events, sports,

Endorsement certificates for international trade
The National Chamber may issue, upon request, necessary documents for international trade (invoices,
phytosanitary certificates, EUR 1 certificates, export certificates etc.). This service is particularly necessary
for international trade documents signed with partners from non-signatory states of the Hague Convention
in1961 on simplifying the over legalization of the documents that are to be used abroad.

Endorsement attesting Force Majeure circumstances
The Force Majeure event is an unpredictable and unavoidable circumstance, that effectively and without any
fault prevents the debtor, to execute its contractual obligation. The National Chamber is the organization
empowered by law to issue endorsement certificates attesting Force Majeure circumstances. The existence
of the case of force majeure exonerates of contractual responsibility the debtor/professionals.
Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

Signature certification

The National Chamber is the organization empowered by law to i ssue Signature Certifications for the
companies’ legal representatives, applied on its official documents.
ü can only certify the signatures issued by the legal representatives of
the applicant company;
ü can only certify the signatures on original documents;
ü certifies signature, not the content of documents;
ü cannot certify legal representatives whose mandate expired;
ü cannot certify for companies being radiated, in liquidation or in
administration ending with insolvency proceedings.

Operator of the Electronic Archive of Secured Transactions (AEGRM)

The National Chamber is authorized by the Ministry of Justice to operate the Electronic Archive of
Secured Transactions (AEGRM), having qualified and well trained staff with expertise in this field
Electronic Archive of Secured Transactions (AEGRM) is a computerized registry, organized into a single
database, through which one may legally advertise about the juridical liaisons that guarantee of civil and
commercial obligations.
In the archive one can sign with movable secured claims and other types of juridical documents such as
assignment of debt, conditional sales, leases, contracts, consignment etc..

The National Chamber offers the following services:
ü Registration of the security advices in the electronic
ü Specialized consultancy;
ü Search and copying services from the electronic
archive database;
ü Release upon request certified copies of entries in the
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The National Chamber – Chamber System and Business Community Services

Domestic and International Business Information
Through the National Business Information System of the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(, managed by the National Center for Business Information, from the Chamber
Representation Division, information provided by t he members of the Chamber System and partner
organizations and institutions of the National Chamber, is offered:
ü Romanian and foreign companies:
o Financial data;
o Supplies and demands of
§ products,
§ services,
§ cooperation,
§ investment projects,
o Tenders
ü National and international events:
o Fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, forums, conferences, seminars, workshops.

Promoting the Romanian Companies

The Electronic Catalogue “Pro Business Rumania”, issued yearly, presents
financial and commercial information on more than 50000 Romanian companies in
all areas (CD version, in Romanian and English).

The “National Top of Companies” Catalogue is issued yearly, both in print and CD,
with information on over 6000 companies ranked in the National Top of Companies.
The classification is made considering rigorous financial indicators, by field of
activity and enterprise size. It is the most well known ranking of companies achieved
by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

The monthly electronic newsletter InfoBulletin presents Romanian business
opportunities for the foreign companies, being distributed to more than 400 ke y
business support organizations from all over the world: centres of trade and
investments promotion, Romania's embassies abroad, foreign embassies at
Bucharest, Chambers of Commerce and professional associations abroad, thus
reaching thousands of companies that are related with them.
Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

Studies and position papers

The National Chamber participates through contributions of the Romanian Chamber System to studies,
position papers, brochures developed at European level through regional and international bodies of
which is a member: Eurochambres (Association of European Chambers of Commerce), ICC
(International Chamber of Commerce), BSEC - BC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business
Council), ABC (Association of Balkan Chambers).

European Projects

The National Chamber identifies the opportunities for participation within EU funde d projects, in
transnational consortia, relevant to the Chamber System in Romania.

Regarding the external relations, the National Chamber:

- Protects and promotes the economic interests of the Chamber System and of the business community
on external level in rel ation with the international economic organizations homologous and other
economic entities;
- Generate initiatives on international level to enhance external relations of the Romanian Chamber
- Represents the interests of the Romanian business environment in the relevant European and Euro-
Atlantic organizations and develop strategic partnerships with them;
- Initiates and negotiates agreements for international economic cooperation for the benefit of the
Chamber System and the business community in Romania;
- Monitoring the ongoing international cooperation and initiate the conclusion of new agreements in
consultation with members of the Romanian Chamber System.
Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

- Promotes investment opportunities for the Romanian business community and disseminates
Romanian investment projects thru the National Chambers of Commerce network with which has
cooperation agreements. Activities in this regard include:

ü Documenting, processing and dissemination of investment information:

o The investment framework of Romania (national, regional and local level) and of
foreign countries (economic and legal information, elements of investment
o Supply and demand of domestic and foreign investments (joint venture, technology
transfer and know-how, subcontracting, licensing, franchising, cooperation in
research and development);

ü Providing support services and organizing meetings of potential investment partners -
Romanian or foreign – through the County Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Organizing national and international events:

ü National Top of Companies annual Gala;
ü The annual reception in the honor of the CD accredited to
ü Forums, trade missions, fairs and exhibitions - at home and
ü Conferences, congresses, seminars, courses and workshops
in the halls and auditoriums of the Palace of the National
Chamber – providing complete packages of services:
technical support, catering, translation, secretarial, book
accommodations, special assistance.

Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

Own Media Products



The Official Bulletin (quarterly). A
three months retrospective of the entire
Chambers System. The Bulletin is edited
through a joint effort of all the Chamber
System members. It is free distributed to
the Presidency, Romanian and foreign
embassies, to the National Chamber


e-Info Business newsletter (weekly).
Contains up-to-date information about
the National Chamber’s, its members
and partners activity. The newsletter is
distributed to more than 3000
subscribers like private companies,
public administration and media.
Address: 2 Octavian Blvd., 3
District, 030982, Bucharest
Phone: 021 319 01 14-18, 21-23
Mobile: 0723 551 420, 421 / 0745 108 823/824

The Court of International Commercial Arbitration
Is a permanent arbitration institution having its own arbitral procedures rules: Regulations on the
Organization and Operation of the Court, respectively Regulations on the Court Board Organization.

ü Arbitration for the settlement of domestic and international
commercial or civil disputes, by either institutionalized arbitration
or ad hoc, its jurisdiction being based on the agreement concluded
by businesses in their contracts (the arbitration clause) or by a
subsequent act (compromise);

ü The Arbitral Verdict can be invested, at request, with executor formula, by the Court of

ü Procedures consultancy is provided free of charge by the specialists of the Arbitration Court at its
offices, by any type of correspondence (phone, post, fax, e-mail);

ü International co-operation with similar institutions and organizations from other countries, for the
purpose of establishing and developing collaboration. Participation in and organizing of international
conferences, meetings, forums and seminars;

ü Study and research of the in ternational arbitration legislation and o f the l aw applicable to the

ü Co-operation with the other Arbitration Courts within the Chamber System for promoting
arbitration and in case law.
Electronic Catalogue “Pro Business Romania 2013”
Romanian and English version

· Database having 50000 Romanian companies in all fields (Top companies
ranked by the Chambers of Commerce in Romania; Members of the Chambers
of Commerce in Romania).
· Allows 14 single/multiple selecti on criteri a based on a powerful search
· Export of sel ected informati on i n vari ous formats (Microsoft Excel, Access),
HTML, Microsoft Word, TXT.
· Fairs & Exhi bitions Directory organised by the Romani an Chamber System
and Romexpo SA in 2013.
· List of the Forei gn Companies Representative Offi ces i n Romania.

Main selecti on criteria based on a powerful search engine are: company's name; legal form; county; town; line of
business-NACE code (Rev.2); turnover; gross profit; equity; number of employees; key words.
Main information on each company profile: company's name, VAT code, address, line of business, equity, number of
employees, turnover, gross profit and where available: phones, fax, e-mail, website, contact person.
Financial information is based on fiscal year 2012 balance sheet.

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3. By direct acquisition from the CCIR's head office.
How can you pay it?
· Via bank transfer in the bank account of CCIR no. RO79RZBR 0000 0600 0240 7966, opened with Raiffeisen Bank
Romania SMB; SWIFT: RZBRROBU; BANK CODE: 302411004; The Tax code of CCIR is RO 2842250. Please
send a copy of your bank order to fax: +4021-311.21.10. The CD-ROM will be delivered to you via Romanian Postal
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· In cash, at CCIR’s pay office, 4th floor, 3rd wing, 2 Octavian Goga Blvd., 3rd district, 030982 Bucharest, Romania.

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More information:
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania
The National Business Information Center
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Romania country profile

Romania, in southeast Europe, is mountainous in the north while the main
feature in the south is the vast Danube valley. The river forms a delta as it
approaches the Black Sea, which is a wildlife reserve for countless native and
migratory birds.
The Romanian parliament consists of two chambers, the Senat (Senate),
which has 140 members, and the Camera Deputaţilor (Chamber of Deputies),
which has 345 members. The members of both chambers are chosen in
elections held every four years.
Ethnically, the population is 90% Romanian and 7% Hungarian. The
Romanian language, like a number of others in southern Europe, is directly
descended from Latin, although Romania is separated from other Romance-
language countries by Slav speakers. Romania has considerable natural
resources – oil, natural gas, coal, iron, copper and bauxite. Metal-working,
petrochemicals and mechanical engineering are the main industries.
Romanian specialities include grilled meatballs, pork stew with garlic and
onions and doughnuts made with cream and cheese.
The spine-chilling tale of Dracula is based on the 15th century Romanian
Count Vlad Dracul whose son was famous in wartime for impaling captured
enemies. Well-known Romanians include the writer Eugene Ionesco, the
gymnast Nadia Comaneci and the composer George Enesco.
Official name: Romania
Area (km2): 237 500
Population: 21.79 million (J uly 2012 est.)
Capital: Bucharest
National holiday: 01 December
Currency: Romanian Leu
Date of joining European Union: 01 J anuary 2007
Head of state: Traian Basescu; since 2004, reelected in December 2009
Head of government: Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta, since 7 May 2012
GDP (billion €): 214.207 (2012 est.)
GDP per capita in PPS: € 10,005 (2012 est.)
Real growth rate of GDP: 0.9% (2012 est.)
Unemployment rate: 4.3% (2012 est.)
Public debt as % of GDP: 34.6% (2012 est.)
Source: Eurostat; The World Factbook
Romanian Economy Facts

Statistical publications issued by
TheNational Institute of Statistics
Official statistics in Romania is organized and
coordinated by the National Institute of Statistics,
specialized body of central general government, legal
entity, subordinated to the Government and
coordinated by the minister who coordinates the
Government General Secretary. For more information,
click on the links below:
Monthly Statistical Bulletin
Prices Statistical Bulletin

Financial info from
The National Bank of Romania
Monthly averages fromthe National Bank of

Inflation Targets
Inflation targets are formulated in terms of the annual
change in the consumer price index and are set as
midpoints within a target band of +/-1 percentage
Inflation target in 2012 was 3.0% ±1 percentage point
Inflation target starting 2013 will be 2.5% ±1
percentage point
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Inflation Report
The Inflation Report is the NBR's main communication
tool amid the current monetary policy strategy.
Published on a quarterly basis (starting August 2005)
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