Any Industry, Plenty of Uses
esFields has a flexible design that allows quick and easy configuration of your own forms for data collection, transmission and centralization, which makes it usable for almost all industries.

Any Form, Any Type of Information
Data entry is done through fully configurable forms. This provides the option to input and transfer any information in various formats and structured in different ways.

Any report in any format
esFields includes esReports - a special reporting application for fast and easy configuration and generation of personalized reports; esReports offers options to export the resulted reports in various formats: Excel, PDF, HTML. Wholesale and Retail Trade (Merchandising, Customer Surveys, etc.) Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities: advertising and market research, legal and accounting activities, scientific research and development, etc. Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply, Water Supply Transportation and Storage: Land transport, Water Transport, Air Transport, Warehousing and support activities, Postal and courier activities Financial and Insurance Activities Accommodation and Food Service Activities

Real-time Information Anytime and Anywhere
esFields ensures field data entry, data storage on mobile devices and data transfer to the central database server.

Construction Real Estate Administrative and Support Service Activities Public Administration and Defense; Compulsory Social Security Education Human Health and Social Work Activities Art, Entertainment and Recreation Other activities

online data download from the server and update of user input forms. photo images and so on. Online data reporting (WEB Reporting Tool) .APPLICATION STRUCTURE esFields application includes the following main components: esFields Smartphone Mobile Application installed on Smartphone for data input. SKUs. surveys. it is the data source provider for the reporting system Server Application pentru: Data transfer component (WEB Service) that gathers data from mobile devices Imports and process configuration data files containing: users. data storage. routes. esFields Reports Application for fast and easy configuration and generation of personalized reports: prices. forms. Also. online data transfer to the server. etc. customer satisfaction. competition. esFields Server The Database is responsible of storing and processing field data acquired through mobile devices. inventory.

transmitting and reporting of field data Reduced operating costs by decreasing the working time spent for the field activities Flexibility and increased efficiency by eliminating standard working materials Reduced time spent on extracting reporting data by the automatic features included in the reporting system Fast reaction to the market changes by the real time access to reports. recording. translation in other languages by request) .BENEFITS Increased productivity by automating collection. high speed data entry screen by using iPhone devices Stability and reliability Flexibility in building and publishing reports and statistics Fast interconnection with other existing systems in the company .the internal ERP for example Available in several languages (EN & RO available. statistics and in-depth analysis of field data collected Marketing campaigns improvement by fast access to the collected data Increased monitoring of field teams by using the GPS functionalities Increased working efficiency of the field team members through a better team organization. routes optimization and activities planning by using the maps provided by the mobile application Ability to retrieve and then analyze photographic images from the covered locations ADVANTAGES Permanent connectivity through 3G or Wireless networks GPS features included 2D and 3D bar code scanning features included Easy to use.

corp A. et. Iuliu Maniu .ro www. statistics and analysis in various formats such as Excel. Romania office@exesoftware. Bucharest.FEATURES Configurable forms for data input Ad-hoc data input validation on mobile devices Integrated functionalites for barcode scanning Signature recording of the interviewed persons by using a special pen Multimedia functionalities for recording. 3. PDF or HTML Secured access to the system functionalities and data +4021 311 75 81 Bd. video and audio files Configurable daily routes for each user User access to the map of his own daily routes GPS coordinates recording of current data input location Connection via 3G and Wi-Fi Fast procedure for synchronizing data between the mobile application and the central database server Flexibility in analyzing collected data through esReports application Configurable reports and statistics through esReports and esReports Web applications Export of reports. storage and transfer of photo.