ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (For both objective and conventional type papers) PAPER - I 1.

Materials and Components

Structure and properties of Electrical Engineering materials; Conductors, Semiconductors and Insulators, magnetic, Ferroelectric, ie!oelectric, Ceramic, "ptical and Super#conducting materials$ assive components and characteristics %esistors, Capacitors and Inductors; Ferrites, &uart! crystal Ceramic resonators, Electromagnetic an Electromechanical components$ . P!"si#al Ele#troni#s$ Ele#tron %e- &i#es and ICs

Electrons and holes in semiconductors, Carrier Statistics, 'echanism of current flo( in a semiconductor, )all effect; *unction theory; +ifferent types of diodes and their characteristics; ,i# polar *unction transistor; Field effect transistors; o(er s(itching devices li-e SC%s, C."s, po(er '"SFE.s; ,asics of ICs # bipolar, '"S and C'"S types; basic of "pto Electronics$ '. Si(nals and S"stems

Classification of signals and systems/ System modeling in terms of differential and difference e0uations; State variable representation; Fourier series; Fourier representation; Fourier series; Fourier transforms and their application to system analysis; 1aplace transforms and their application to system analysis; Convolution and superposition integrals and their applications; 2#transforms and their applications to the analysis and characteri!ations of discrete time systems; %andom signals and probability, Correlation functions; Spectral density; %esponse of linear system to random inputs$ ). Net*or+ t!eor"

3et(or- analysis techni0ues; 3et(or- theorems, transient response, steady state sinusoidal response; 3et(or- graphs and their applications in net# (or- analysis; .ellegen4s theorem$ .(o port net(or-s; 2, 5, h and trans# mission parameters$ Combination of t(o ports, analysis of common t(o ports$ 3et(or- functions/ parts of net# (or- functions, obtaining a net(or- function from a given part$ .ransmission criteria/ delay and rise time, Elmore4s and other definitions effect of cascading$ Elements of net(or- synthesis$

comparison. . 6ppro7imation of transient response from closed loop fre0uency response. Compensators.II 1.ransistor as a s(itching element. +igital comparator. Fre0uency response analysis$ Concepts of gain and phase margins/ Constant#' and Constant#3 3ichol4s Chart. %i(ital Ele#troni# Cir#. IC 1ogic gates and their characteristics. Elements of antenna theory$ -.on stability and sensitivity. + and .mentation . )alf adder. flip#flops. Analo( Ele#troni# Cir#. Control S"stems . humidity etc. application$ .asics of (ave guides and resonators.uned amplifiers$ "scillators$ %ectifiers and po(er supplies$ "p 6mp 11. Combinational logic Circuits. 6ppro7imation of transient response from Constant#3 3ichol4s Chart.its . .ransient and steady state response of control systems. Ele#troni# Meas. Full adder. other linear integrated circuits and applications$ ulse shaping circuits and (aveform generators$ . 'easurements of basic electrical 0uantities and parameters. .ransducers. 3'"S.amplifiers$ . application to (ave propagation in bounded and un# bounded media. EC1. 'a7(ell4s e0uations. +ifferent types of counters and registers 8aveform generators$ 6:+ and +:6 converters$ Semiconductor memories$ '.1.ransistor biasing and stabili!ation$ Small signal analysis$ o(er amplifiers$ Fre0uency response$ 8ide banding techni0ues$ Feedbac. simplification of .ransmission lines / basic theory. matching applications. Electronic measuring instruments and their principles of (or-ing/ analog and digital. Effect of feedbac.. 'ultiple7er +emultiple7er. pressure. standards and error analysis. %"' and their applications$ Flip flops$ %#S.its . Electronic measurements of non electrical 0uantities li-e temperature. IC logic families / +. basics of telemetry for industrial use$ PAPER . . Industrial controllers$ . '"S and C'"S gates and their comparison. +esign of Control Systems.. standing (aves.. 1aplace4s and iossons4s e0uations. *$9. .oundary value roblems and their solutions.1. characteristics. misconstrue lines.oolean functions.asic concepts. %oot locus techni0ues. 9arnaguh map and applications.rements and instr. Ele#troma(neti# T!eor" 6nalysis of electrostatic and magneto static fields.oolean algebra.

ropagation of signals oat )F. 'asers. 'icro(ave propagation$ 'icro(ave Communication Systems terrestrial and Satellite based$ -. Elements of a high level programming language 6S# C61:C. Mi#ro*a&e En(ineerin( 'icro(ave . Comm.ter En(ineerin( 3umber Systems$ +ata representation.ime division and fre0uency division multiple7ing. E0uali!ation. 'odulation and detection in analogue and digital systems. 'icro(ave 'easurements. fiber optic.ni#ation S"stems . <)F. 'emory organi!ation. 8aveguides and other 'icro# (ave Components and Circuits. rocessor design. Control unit design. lasers. &uanti!ation . Comp. Sampling and data reconstructions. 'isconstrue circuits. . 'icro(ave generation and amplifiers.ubes and solid state devices. I:o System "rgani!ation$ 'icroprocessors/ 6rchitecture and instruction set of 'icroprocessors >?>@ and >?>A. coding.asic information theory. =se of basic data structures. =)F and micro(ave fre0uency. rogramming. Fundamentals of computer architecture..). Satellite Communication$ . 6ssembly language rogramming$ 'icroprocessor . "ptical Communication / in free space . 'icro(ave 6ntennas.ased system design/ typical e7amples$ ersonal computers and their typical uses$ .