Qn: Suppose you have conceived the idea of OTISLINE.

What would be your arguments to convince the management for investing in this project?

 

Quality service to customers as fast as possible: Commercial answering services do not have same interest as OTIS has to provide the service to customers as fast as possible. Delay in notification by local answering services about the customer callbacks, delays the service. Out of service elevators not only irritates the customers but also affects the perception of quality elevators. A centralized customer service system, 24 hours a day, will improve the quality of service as responsiveness of customer callback will be improved. Better Customer Data: OTISLINE reporting system will lead to better customer database (Information about customers and issues faced). Excess call back will help in identifying recurring problems, key problem areas in a model and specific component malfunction. Enhanced marketing of services: Telemarketing of services: OTISLINE facility can be used to target the potential customers whose contacts are not with OTIS. New Equipment Ordering: New orders from sales representative can be directly placed to plant, thereby shortening the lead time for manufacturing the elevators. Even it can improve the plant’s raw material inventory management. Increase in sales: Improved services and better marketing will result in increase in sales Cost Analysis: Implementing this system will double current information service budget. But, improved service will reduce the call back. And reducing callback for each installed elevator by one a year will save $5 million annually. Moreover, the improved customer service and better marketing will help in gaining the market share and improved sales will make this decision cost effective in long run.

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