Tiffany: Hello everyone.

Today, we are going to tell you the summary of a documentary ‘ the incredible human journey—Asia’. Rainbow: in the video, a medical doctor is trying to find out the origin and migration pattern of modern humans. She is Alice Roberts, who is also an anthropologist. Tiffany: She was questioned why Western and Asian people look so different and how they populate the world. Are we ,modern human, were the children of Africa, like what we used to be told? Alice is trying to give us the truth. Rainbow: So, she started her journey. In the first part of the video, she went to Siberia which the weather is extremely cold and it is nearly impossible to survive. Tiffany:Yes! Even the hi-tec clothing is not match the weather. How did those ancient African survive from the hostile weather in Siberia? Rainbow: well in fact, the history of Siberian can be traced back to a small group of people which left Africa 70 thousand years ago. According to the latest climate research, about 25 thousand years ago, there was an ice age peak. The climate was about -80 degree Celsius and thus change people’s journey through Asia. Tiffany: Therefore, the Siberian went to a warmer place where they could hunt and survive. That’s why they vanished from the frozen North of Siberia to the South. Thus, at the time around the ice age peak, the faces of East Asia people changed into a flatter face with small nose and almond-shaped eyes. So they could fit to the environment. Rainbow: And these made Chinese different from the western. Then, China believe they are descended from a different branch of human family tree than the rest of the world. So, in the second part of the video, Alice went to China to prove. Tiffany: Right .Before modern human, there were homo erectus. 1.8 million years ago, some homo erectus went to Asia while others stayed at Africa. Alice thinks those at Asia had died while those at Africa evolve into homo sapiens and to all of us. Rainbow: However, China disagrees . She thinks that the homo erectus in Asia did survive and evolve to the modern human. And they are Asian nowadays.

Tiffany: This is an alternative to the “Out of the Africa theory ”. Bamboo was used to be a sharp tool. . Tiffany: However. She interviewed the Chinese geneticist . Thank you. Rainbow: She went to the cave in Beijing where the largest and oldest collection of the skulls were found. In order to know the development and origin of modern human.Mr. Li. Profeesor Wu and Dr. joe. They show that the Chinese do descend from homo erectus. Mr Li showed the DNA studies which suggest a founding population in Africa and proves that Chinese really originated from Africa. Rainbow: All these try to convince us Chinese were evolved independently from everyone else from homo erectus. such as cutting food. Alice still not satisfy with the evidence. This is also what Alice believe in . Rainbow: And this is the end of the journey. Alice interviewed several scientists and experts in China. Tiffany: Then she travelled to central china to see the modern-looking stone tools and crude stone tools. at the very last part of the video. Archaeologist Dr. Joe says that the ancestors made use of the crude and basic stone tool to work bamboo.