=== Jigoshop === Contributors: Jigoshop Tags: ecommerce, wordpress ecommerce, store, shop, shopping, cart, checkout, wid gets, reports

, shipping, tax, paypal, jigowatt, shipping, inventory, stock, onli ne, sell, sales, weights, dimensions, configurable, variable, downloadable, exte rnal, affiliate, download, virtual, physical Donate link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&business=paypal@j igowatt.co.uk&item_name=Donation+for+Jigoshop Requires at least: 3.5 Tested up to: 3.6 -beta4 Stable tag: 1.7.3 A feature-packed eCommerce plugin built upon WordPress core functionality ensuri ng excellent performance and customizability. == Description == Jigoshop, a WordPress eCommerce plugin developed by professionals with years of experience delivering online shops for global brands. = SETUP IN MINUTES = Complete your shop in minutes with physical and downloadable products or even se rvices. Jigoshop provides you with the features necessary to set up an eCommerce web site lickety-split. With the option to create a multitude of product types and apply detailed attrib utes customers can easily refine your catalog, ensuring they find what they're l ooking for in just a couple of clicks. = PRODUCT TYPES = * * * * Downloadable or Virtual products Variable products (eg, offer `Size: S,M,L` for one product) Affiliate (External) products (ie, link your `Add to cart` button off-site) Grouped products

= DETAILED REPORTS = Inside the custom dashboard you get sortable sales graphs, incoming order / revi ew notifications as well as stats on your stores performance. = MANAGE STOCK = Manage your stock levels and customer orders easily. Jigoshop has been engineere d to make the boring parts of eCommerce, well, less boring! = EXTEND YOUR SHOP = Extend Jigoshop with Payment Gateways, Shipping Methods, and various other plugi ns: http://jigoshop.com/product-category/extensions/ Premium themes optimised for Jigoshop: http://jigoshop.com/product-category/themes = MORE INFO =

Built upon the WordPress core you get all the benefits of this global leading pl atform: free, easy to use, secure, highly customisable and with a great support community to hold your hand. Find out more on our official Jigoshop website: http://jigoshop.com == Installation == = Requirements = * * * * * WordPress 3.5 or greater PHP version 5.3 or greater MySQL version 5.0 or greater The mod_rewrite Apache module (for permalinks) Some payment gateways require fsockopen support (for IPN access)

= Installation = 1. Download the Jigoshop plugin file 2. Unzip the file into a folder to your computer 3. Upload the `/jigoshop/` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` folder on your site 4. Visit the plugins page in WordPress Admin to activate the Jigoshop plugin You can also navigate to the <a href="http://forum.jigoshop.com/kb/getting-start ed/installation">more in-depth installation or upgrade</a> guides. = Setting up Jigoshop = Take a look through our <a href="http://forum.jigoshop.com/kb/" title="Jigoshop usage guide">Jigoshop usage guides</a> to help you setup Jigoshop for the first time. == Frequently Asked Questions == = Will Jigoshop work with X theme? = Jigoshop will in theory work with any theme, but of course, certain parts may ne ed to be styled using CSS to make them match up. We've added default styling for Twenty Ten (the WordPress default theme) and we also offer <a href="http://jigo shop.com/product-category/themes/">premium themes optimised for Jigoshop</a>. If you need a theme built, or have a theme that needs styling, <a href="http://j igowatt.co.uk/contact/">give us a shout</a> and we may be able to assist. = Can I have Jigoshop in my language = Jigoshop comes with a .po file and is localisation ready in over 10 languages. You can also <a href="http://forum.jigoshop.com/kb/customize-jigoshop/languages" >create your own translations</a> for Jigoshop. = Which payment gateways do you have? = Take a look through <a href="http://forum.jigoshop.com/kb/jigoshop-settings/paym ent-gateways">our list of payment gateways</a>. There are some free ones that ar e included with Jigoshop, and even more are available <a href="http://jigoshop.c om/product-category/extensions/">on jigoshop.com</a>.

= Will tax settings work in my country? = Jigoshop has a flexible tax rule system which allows you to define tax rates per country - it should allow you to do what you want. = I need hosting! = You're in luck! We offer <a href="http://jigowatt.co.uk">optimised hosting packa ges</a> starting from 10 GBP per month. = I need help! = We have a <a href="http://forum.jigoshop.com" title="Jigoshop support forum">com munity forum</a> for getting help from other users. However, if you want priority, dedicated support from Jigoshop staff, we do offe r <a href="http://jigoshop.com/support/" title="Jigoshop Premium Support">premiu m support packages</a>. == Screenshots == 1. 2. 3. 4. Jigoshop admin dashboard Admin product edit page Jigoshop homepage on a premium theme Standard customer checkout screen

== Changelog == = 1.7.3 - 2013-06-26 = * Fix: Repair template loader that was duplicating Shop products = 1.7.2 - 2013-06-25 = * New: Allow Order variable product attribute editing to change variation in use on an Order * Tweak: FuturePay will redirect to the Checkout instead of the Cart for any err ors * Tweak: Improved UI on Admin Jigoshop Attributes by not showing all attribute t erms and taking a lot of space * Fix: Checkout will no longer 404 error when the Cart is empty * Fix: Product Search shortcode is again functional * Fix: Lightbox repairs for IE7 and IE8 * Fix: Setting for converting old pending orders to on-hold is now functional * Fix: Formatted Product variation and attribute labels check for available prod uct instead of erroring * Fix: Jigoshop dashboard monthly report now shows full month instead of last da y short * Fix: Variable products on sale with future dates will not show on sale until t hat date = 1.7.1 - 2013-06-10 = * Fix: FuturePay gateway is no longer enabled by default * Fix: FuturePay gateway has better error checking and display and thankyou page redirects * Fix: Product image galleries will now show properly in the lightbox with next/ prev navigation * Fix: Product reviews will now function with the new lightbox * Fix: Cart is always cleared for payment Gateways with successful orders that d irect to the thankyou page * Fix: Prevent non-products from being added to the Cart * Fix: Pending Orders still awaiting payment are no longer duplicated in the Adm in with different ID * Fix: Template loader will again load 'loop-shop.php' from theme's for multiple

shortcodes on a page * Fix: Paypal won't show a shipping line if there is no shipping cost * Fix: Allow custom text attributes for variations, display them in readable for m * Fix: Database upgrade script for this version will update all products with qu antities sold based on orders * Fix: Best Sellers widget will now correctly show top selling products based on quantity sold = * * t * 1.7 - 2013-06-04 = New: Add Setting for Default Payment gateway on the Checkout New: Add new FuturePay US gateway into the core. Buy now, pay later, no credi card. New: Remove Skrill gateway from the core. * Updated standalone version is available: http://jigoshop.com/product/j igoshop-skrill/ * Tweak: Re-factor Checkout display to increase conversions (affects form.php an d review_order.php in themes) * Tweak: Eliminate Checkout errors from themes loading old jQuery. Jigoshop forc es WordPress version to load. * Tweak: Replace product image lightbox implementation for W3C compliance * Tweak: Updated Checkout block-ui javascript for WordPress 3.6 jQuery complianc e * Tweak: Load most javascript files in the footer for better page load performan ce * Tweak: Settings sections css for better appearance of modules * Tweak: Add Georgian Lari to currencies * Fix: Variable Products now correctly show variations on sale * Fix: Variable products out of stock when saving product will be hidden from fr ont end if settings require it * Fix: Products on sale shortcode now shows variable products on sale * Translation: Updated Swedish translation courtesy of Peter Hjalmarsson * Translation: Updated .pot file for translators = 1.6.5 - 2013-04-25 = * Fix: Featured Product Widget Cache warning = 1.6.4 - 2013-04-22 = * Fix: My Account shortcode error will no longer require PHP 5.3 = 1.6.3 - 2013-04-17 = * Fix: Order notes no longer appear in WordPress dashboard, still show on Orders * Fix: Add to Cart button redirect now redirects correctly to the Setting for Pr oduct, Cart, or Checkout * Fix: Payable 'pending' orders are now 'cancelled' on the My Account page if an y products out of stock and backorders not allowed * Fix: Allow different WordPress table prefixes for sale short code * Fix: Allow the 'on_sale' template to be located within a theme * Fix: Shortcode for 'jigoshop_products' now uses the 'per_page' parameter from settings * Fix: Recent reviews widget no longer shows Anonymous as author on Home and Sho p pages * Fix: When sending shipping info to PayPal, allow Puerto Rico to process as a U S state = * * * * 1.6.2 - 2013-03-27 = Tweak: Updated Spanish translation courtesy of David Bravo Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki Fix: Attributes not listed for variations no longer appear on Variations Fix: Virtual products will no longer show incorrect file URL in emails

* Fix: Allow the Jigoshop plugin to be deleted via the WordPress Plugin Manager = 1.6.1 - 2013-03-18 = * New: Added option to Settings->Catalog & Pricing Tab to determine product butt on display and actions of the Shop page * Tweak: Updated .pot file for language translators * Tweak: Add a filter to single product pages for extensions and themes to add l arge image CSS classes * Fix: Edit Product->Attributes checkboxes for 'display on product page' now sav e correctly * Fix: Repair single-product-reviews template error message = 1.6 - 2013-03-05 = * New: VAT reduction -after- processing an Order for customers out of the Shop B ase Country and with a valid EU VAT Number for EU Countries * New: Authenticated customers can now log out and back in again on a different device and get their cart back * New: Added default attributes for variable products to be pre-selected on fron t end Product page * New: Added a Wordpress 'Shop Manager' role for Users * New: Support for WP-PageNavi plugin * Tweak: Added 2 options on Settings->General for displaying certain messages on the Checkout * Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki * Tweak: Updated Ukranian translations courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik * Tweak: Updated French translations courtesy of Laurent Dinclaux * Fix: products on sale shortcode now accurately displays simple products on sal e * Fix: internal product attributes and variations saving of custom text attribut es * Fix: Adding products to the Cart if not sufficient stock available * Fix: Variations now check for sufficient stock available * Fix: Reports date range selectors now work in all browsers * Fix: Order notes now appear on Orders in the Admin = 1.5.1 - 2013-02-01 = * Fix: 3rd party Shipping modules and Payment gateways will now display in setti ngs = * * * 1.5 - 2013-01-29 = New: General tab setting to display 'Return to Shop' button on the Cart page New: Products tab setting to adjust thumbnail images per row on Product pages New: Core additions for the new Jigoshop Multiple Currency extension * http://jigoshop.com/product/jigoshop-multiple-currencies/ * New: Limited theme support for twenty-twelve * New: Checkout zip and postal code validation for most countries enabled with s etting on General Tab * Tweak: Add existing currencies for most countries * Tweak: Checkout will not longer -require- the 'state' field on countries that don't have states * Tweak: Checkout now shows selected shipping destination the same as the Cart * Tweak: updated .pot file for language translators * Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki * Tweak: Updated Ukranian translations courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik * Tweak: Updated Japanese translations courtesy of @bigtom * Tweak: Updated Czech translations courtesy of Jaroslav Ondra * Tweak: Updated Russian translations courtesy of Алексей Важнов * Tweak: Checkout will display message asking customers to verify their state wh en required before ordering * Tweak: PayPal gateway will show one item for all items with 'Catalog prices in

clude tax' * This prevents tax rounding errors at PayPal with that setting * Fix: Small tax rounding error for 'Catalog prices include tax' on Cart and Che ckout * Fix: Totals for 'Catalog prices include tax' correct for states other than bas e with multiple cart items * Fix: Taxes after coupon had wrong tax calcs with non-taxable products * Fix: Cart widget displays correct subtotals for 'Catalog prices include tax' * Fix: Products no longer on sale if out of established date range * Fix: Product variations display correct price when on sale * Fix: Variable products no longer show the sale price as the cheapest price if out of established date range * Fix: Coupon usage counter now increments after each use of a coupon * Fix: Reports top earners now gives correct totals * Fix: Global Attribute type of 'select' no longer available to apply to a produ ct * Fix: Correct applied discount and totals for cart and product discounts larger than required for 0.00 total * Fix: Products in Cart won't process if stock is no longer available and Backor ders not allowed * Fix: New Order emails no longer sent out to customers when the setting to rese t pending orders to on-hold is used = 1.4.9 - 2012-12-13 = * New: Lithuanian translations courtesy of Jonas Gavelis * Tweak: Updated Ukranian translations courtesy of Anatolii Sakhnik * Tweak: Updated Brazilian translations courtesy of Raphael Suzuki * Tweak: Improved template loader for Child themes and Parent themes * Tweak: Remove Wordpress caching of shortcodes, improve compatibility with othe r caching plugins for Cart and Checkout * Tweak: PayPal basic will not display shipping address unless option in paypal gateway settings is enabled * Fix: Product Category pages no longer 404 error (not found) = 1.4.8 - 2012-12-03 = * Fix: Out of base state taxes are now correct with setting 'Catalog prices incl ude tax' * Fix: Fatal error on product backorder emails * Fix: Incorrect edit link on Admin product category thumbnails = 1.4.7 - 2012-11-28 = * Fix: Shipping and Payment gateway extensions will now appear in the Settings * Fix: Tax now shows at PayPal with pricing options that have commas for decimal separator * Fix: Coupons that exclude products or categories will now work for products th at are not excluded = 1.4.6 - 2012-11-27 = * Tweak: Provide setting on the Shipping tab to show Checkout shipping fields by default or not * Tweak: Updated .pot file for language translators * Fix: Cart discounts adjusting tax after discounts no longer apply tax to shipp ing if not required * Fix: Provide Cart and Checkout message if no shipping methods available or sel ected = 1.4.5 - 2012-11-20 = * Tweak: The setting 'Totals include tax' has been removed * Tweak: The setting 'Prices include tax' only works for the Shop and Product pa ges

* Tweak: The setting 'Apply Taxes After Coupon' now works correctly in all situa tions * Tweak: Coupons are no longer dependant on the setting 'Calculate Taxes', they will be applied regardless of tax calculations * Tweak: Coupon types 'product discounts' will never be more than the price of t he product * Tweak: Coupon types 'cart discounts' will now apply to the whole cart includin g shipping and taxes depending on settings * Tweak: PayPal gateway will now always display shipping address, the option is removed from this gateway's settings * Tweak: Shipping address fields on the Checkout will appear by default determin ed by Shipping tab setting 'Only ship to billing Address' * Tweak: Product variation popup selects on single product page - can change sel ection on earlier variations without 'Choose an Option' * Tweak: Variable product stock status if managed will not be displayed until th e customer selects a variation * Tweak: Updated .pot file for language translators * Tweak: Product thumbnails now respect WordPress gallery 'menu_order' sorting f or display * Tweak: Updated language files for Japan and Croatia * Tweak: Add Kenyan Shilling to currencies * Fix: Instance where dropdown categories wouldn't output any content * Fix: Shop tab page now saves when coming from menu Jigoshop->settings. * Fix: Translated Settings pages now work with languages with Cyrillic character s * Fix: 'Quick Edit' of product price reverts no-entry (not announced) to FREE, no longer happens. * Fix: Product variations will now show correct labels instead of slugs when sub mitted to PayPal * Fix: Skrill gateway now includes tax * Fix: Convert upper or mixed case coupon codes to lowercase so they can be appl ied on the Cart = * d * * 1.4.4 - 2012-10-22 = Tweak: Products with stock = 0 always show 'Out of Stock' when stock is manage

Fix: Variable products on sale again show the sale price instead of 0.00 Fix: With 'prices include tax' the correct price is now sent to PayPal without tax * There will now be a separate tax item sent to PayPal at all times that reflects the total Order tax * Fix: Logged in user with no country/state defined will now be set to default c ountry/state * Fix: Premium Shipping interfering with Free Shipping on cheapest method select ion * Fix: Flat Rate shipping uses the correct tax amount if required = 1.4.3 - 2012-10-17 = * Fix: Orders not being set to processing by gateways * Fix: Coupon include and exclude Categories now work with multiple Product Cate gories, not just the first one = 1.4.2 - 2012-10-15 = * Tweak: template content wrapping for theme twentytwelve * Tweak: Updated Croatian language files courtesy of Ivica Delic * Tweak: Added new WordPress roles and capabilities to Shop management for exten sions to use * Tweak: provide code filter for changing text of 'Demo Store' banner * Fix: Coupon Codes for front end Cart use are now lowercase only based on the C oupon Title. Multiple words are hyphenated.

* Fix: Coupon type Product % Discount no longer requires attached products, allo ws coupon categories to function * Fix: When javascript is disabled state selectors in checkout wouldn't replace text ones * Fix: Previous signed up customers state & country were still set to the base d efault state and country * Fix: Coupons using cart min and max totals are now checked when cart item quan tities are adjusted * Fix: Saving new or updated external products now properly handles stock status , out of stock no longer displayed = 1.4.1 - 2012-09-28 = * Fix: Adding variations to cart * Fix: Adding grouped products to cart = 1.4 - 2012-09-27 = * New: Additions to Core Shipping for new Premium Shipping extension available w ith release of Jigoshop 1.4 * Tweak: The DIBS payment gateway has been removed from the Jigoshop core. It i s updated with a number of enhancements and freely available as a separate plugi n here: https://github.com/bazooka/jigoshop-dibs * Tweak: Table Rates Shipping extension will require an update to be compatible with Jigoshop 1.4. Download from your account and install first. * Fix: Cart and Checkout out of base state tax calcs now work for 'catalog price s include tax' * Fix: Allow product sale prices to use percentages instead of numbers only * Fix: Checkout 'shipping address' showing HTML code on certain sites resolved * Fix: Add customization to PayPal gateway for extension Jigoshop Product Addons - additional costs per product now shown to PayPal * Fix: Tax classes are now saved with tax rules * Fix: Tax charged to customers outside of tax country * Fix: Tax calculations not working on configurations with totals including tax, catalogue includes tax = 1.3.3 - 2012-09-06 = * Tweak: improve variations out of stock display for backorders allowed * Fix: Ensure taxes are calculated for Shipping when Shipping includes tax on th e Cart and Checkout * Fix: Allow Settings for Shipping and Payment Gateways to save for languages ot her than English * Fix: repair 'update_checkout' javascript preventing 3rd party shipping extensi ons from bring back shipping rates * Fix: repair 'Reports' to show completed Sales only and New Customers in the gi ven time period. = 1.3.2 - 2012-08-29 = * Tweak: updated Spanish translations for v1.3 courtesy - Jorge Figueroa * Tweak: Allow variable products 'add to cart' when parent product is Search onl y * Fix: Danish translation now works thanks to @IvicaDelic * Fix: Order Tracking page now shows correct order status completion time * Fix: Bank Transfer gateway Account Holder value will now appear in emails * Fix: The word 'Array' no longer appears on products in emails * Fix: uninstalling Jigoshop will no longer produce a fatal error * Fix: Installing Jigoshop will notify if unable to create needed database table s * Fix: Allow Chrome to process floating point numbers on Product Sale Price and Weights with 'step = any' * Fix: Cart Totals display for Firefox

* Fix: Shipping Tab in the Settings is now properly translated and shipping modu les will install for all languages = 1.3.1 - 2012-08-17 = * Tweak: updated German translations for v1.3 courtesy @deckerweb * Tweak: Minor translation string updates for translators * Fix: Translations for the Jigoshop Settings will now appear in the Admin * Fix: Floating point numbers can now be entered for Product weights and dimensi ons when Editing a product * Fix: A number of minor PHP warnings resolved = 1.3 - 2012-08-14 = * New: Redesigned settings pages using the WordPress Settings API * new settings types including checkboxes, radio buttons, range sliders * each settings tab saves independently of other tabs * searchable pop-up selects for longer option lists * Redesigned Jigoshop Options simplify extension, payment gateway, and s hipping method development * New: Coupon features * Removed from settings, now a WordPress custom post type with a submenu under Jigoshop Menu * Show coupon input field on checkout page * Allow coupons to be removed from cart * Free shipping option * Limit amount of times coupon can be used, & show a counter * Min & max order subtotal * Specify products to allow / deny * Specify product categories to allow / deny * Specify payment methods to allow * New: Reports * Show reports within a custom timeframe * List of most sales generated from products * List of most quantity sold from products * Total customers * Total orders * Total sales * New: Category images * Add an image to your product categories * New: Beta Tester updater * Enabling this checkbox in the settings will allow beta versions to app ear in the WP Plugin Manager * Allows Jigoshop Beta Testers to update directly to a beta version * New: Product on Sale shortcode * New: Force users to login before downloading a purchased product * New: Mark 1 month or older orders from 'pending' to 'on-hold' with an option i n the Settings to enable * New: Select multiple countries and states for tax rules * New: Support for WordPress' admin classic theme * New: Include dummy product .xml file for WordPress importer for testing and de monstration * Tweak: Add shipping method to emails * Tweak: Shop address is used for Shipping address for local_pickup in notificat ion emails * Tweak: Allow default tax classes to be translated * Tweak: UI Sortable helper on attributes now has no border radius * Tweak: Pages & CPT's now use menu_position. Fixes array key duplication * Tweak: Emails are now utf-8 compatible * Tweak: Subtotals and Shipping can now display either with or without tax on bo th the Cart and Checkout * Tweak: Cart widget now allows user defined text to display on the Go to Cart/C

heckout buttons * Tweak: Provide easier means of altering Jigoshop frontend styles * create 'jigoshop' folder in theme folder, create style.css, add styles to over-ride Jigoshop frontend.css * both Jigoshop frontend.css and new style.css can be used together, jus t change a few things, no .less required * Fix: Star Ratings width css calculation now works for Recent Reviews widget * Fix: Paypal gateway now sends shipping address info instead of billing when se tting enabled * Fix: When uninstalling, will now only delete Jigoshop created pages instead of pages specified in settings * Fix: Variable products now have proper titles, not "#xxx: Child Variaton" anym ore * Fix: Edit Address on My Account page now shows correct saved state * Fix: Local Pickup shipping always charges Shop Base Country and State tax * Fix: Backorder notification and other emails now show variation sku's * Fix: When products are on backorder, customers are now emailed notification if product is set for 'notify' * Fix: Coupons applied after taxes now works as expected * Fix: Manual Order creation Calculate Totals now works = 1.2.3 - 2012-05-28 = * New: Add filters for new Jigoshop Product Addons extension * New: Add CSS classes to product attributes on variations for the front end to allow special effects * New: Personalized products can have a character limit * Tweak: Each Product's variations can now be personalized * Tweak: Enable product categories widget showing 'current-cat' CSS class on sin gle products * Tweak: Set the Shop Redirect page on fresh install to the base Shop page * Fix: Internationalize comment/review dates * Fix: Incorrect order calculation when adding a new order * Fix: Guest bypassing registration when forced * Fix: Disable guest purchases when setting is enabled * Fix: Cross Sells & Up Sells extension - users can define number of cross sells to show via theme functions.php = 1.2.2 - 2012-04-10 = * New: Danish translations * Fix: When tax was included in catalogue price and the quantity of the product increased, the product price only reflected one of the items rather than the quantity selected. * Fix: Calculable shipping which caused errors on plugins such as UPS, etc. = 1.2.1 - 2012-04-09 = * Fix: Repairs tax applied to only one item on the Cart. = 1.2 - 2012-04-08 = * New: Permalink options: * Allow `%product_cat%` for permalinks * Prepend product urls with category * Prepend product urls with shop base page * Set your own product category / tag slugs * New: Personalized products - customers may add their own information to appear on purchased products * New: WordPress Bulk and Quick editing of both stock levels and prices on the A dmin Product List * New: Options to disable or enable WordPress image cropping on Shop images * New: Ability to show tax # and business address information on order emails * New: $0.01 charge on Paypal if configured and total is free

* New: Allow shipping to be taxed on compounding tax classes (all around shippin g tax enhancements) * New: Resend download links by clicking "Email Invoice" on an order * New: Shipping tax can be applied (if taxable) without applying taxes to produc ts * Tweak: Load css & js only when absolutely necessary, for both admin & frontend * Tweak: Emails for orders can now be completely customized * Email customizations can be made through a plugin * Tweak: Allow debugging to be turned on for calculable shipping services throug h wordpress debug * Tweak: Allow EU shop to tax other EU countries * Tweak: Automatically include 0% tax rate for customers outside of tax base * Tweak: Calculate tax based on billing address when item is not shippable or sh ipping is disabled * Tweak: Reduce total image assets size by 28kb * Fix: Prevent duplicate variations on one product * Fix: Disables this message when editing orders: "Are you sure you want to leav e this page?" * Fix: Creating new orders will automatically fill in the customer billing & shi pping details (on save) * Fix: Ability to restore orders which are trashed * Fix: Compound tax display. Tax displays after subtotal all of the time * Fix: Allow discounts to be applied before or after taxes * Fix: Multiple tax classes bug (tax class 1 applied to product 1, and tax class 2 applied to product 2) * If both products were added to the cart, only 1 tax class was applied and the other wasn't * Fix: Tax amounts disappearing on orders when changing the status of the order * Fix: Hiding and showing products on Shop upon stock reduction/increase with 'h ide out of stock products' setting * product variations are enabled or disabled when stock threshold is hit upon reduction/increase * Fix: Multiple tax classes applied to all-of selections on countries * Fix: Rounding error on taxes with price includes tax option * Fix: Sale prices on products will no longer be higher than regular price * Fix: Skrill gateway to allow variable products * Fix: Variable and grouped products now show both regular and sale price on the Shop = 1.1.1 - 2012-02-29 = * Adds new admin setting for different redirection options after adding to the c art * Adds support for more than 5 related products * Adds settings link to plugins admin page * Updates Norwegian translations * Updates Hungarian translations * Fixes install & upgrade support for multisite shops * Fixes price filter widget * Fixes symbol_code_space formatting in jigoshop_price - thanks @leewillis77 * Fixes twenty eleven for firefox users * Fixes single product attributes in firefox & internet explorer * Fixes variation attribute sort by slug * Fixes display of products below the stock threshhold * Fixes small bug with product has_attribute method * Fixes incorrect number formatting in PayPal * Fixes instance when adding an attribute without name & slug causes "Attribute already exists" error * Fixes incorrect title for attribute name * Fixes attribute column order * Fixes instance when adding a title-less attribute would fill in the slug

* Removes unused variables from admin screen = 1.1 - 2012-02-13 = * New gateways: * Cash On Delivery [payment gateway] * Local Pickup [shipping method] * New languages: * Italian * Norwegian * Polish * Portuguese * Portuguese Brazilian * Turkish * New shortcode: * Products Search * New settings: * Show stock amounts [to show or hide stock left in a product on front-e nd] * Allow guest purchases * Show login form * Allow registration * Allow products to be sorted in wp-admin All Products page by: * Featured * Price * Visibility [a new column] * You can now fully uninstall Jigoshop * Updated uninstall.php to remove all database entries, pages & roles Ji goshop created on install * Fields now saved to wordpress user profiles on checkout when creating an accou nt: * First name * Last name * Add prefix `jigoshop_` to all Jigoshop setting pages * Bank transfer information now included with 'processing order' emails * Images tab on settings page now takes up less space * Reduced total Jigoshop file size by at least 1mb * Jigoshop.pot updated include latest strings and remove obsolete strings * Remove `bulk actions` on variable products that didn't have any variations * update admin order page to use pretty titles for payment & shipping * update Spain provinces (thank @dimitryz) * update readme.txt and readme.md files * fix order-status' not being allowed for translation * fix widgets: * featured product widget * top rated widget * recently viewed widget not showing products * on sale widget not displaying correct amount of products * fix variable products not showing a 'grouped' tab in order to set a 'sort orde r' * fix taxes not being calculated correctly if your Base Country/State is set to "All of xxx" * fix `price not announced` not being shown when `price` field is left empty * fix product edit `sale` and `regular` price fields so they don't allow currenc y symbols (and non numeric values) * fix pagination on shortcodes, now only displays if you tell it to by adding `p agination="yes"` to your shortcode * fix emails not sending from the address specified for Jigoshop emails * fix showing purchased variations in email * fix emails not showing pretty titles for payment and shipping methods * ie, won't show "via bank_transfer" or "via flat_rate" anymore

* instead, shows the Method Title you set in your settings page for thos methods fix out of stock products appearing randomly on upgrade fix empty selectbox on Norway and some other countries for checkout page fix session conflicts with other plugins by forcing Jigoshop to start sessions first before all other plugins * fix coupons not applying to variations * visit the variation to use the individual product ID for the coupon * fix coupons showing 'no products in cart' on valid coupons * fix some international users not being able to add shipping or tax rates (ital ian & french) * removed dash from cart on downloadables until a more solid solution can be fou nd * fix attributes slug when editing attribute names * fix for using the newer screen API on older WordPress' e * * * = 1.0 - 2012-02-01 = * New feature for Downloadable products: * External URL or Internal downloads, can specify http:// paths * New widgets: * Jigoshop Login * Recently Viewed products * Recently Reviewed products * Best Selling products * Top Rated products * New shortcodes: * Add to Cart Button * Add to Cart URL * New tax features: * Multiple tax classes per product (great for Canadians!) * Define the tax label your customers see on checkout * Show tax percentage for customers * Compound taxes option (taxes can stack on each other) * New dimension fields to products * Length / Width / Height * Rewrote shipping class * Now allows developers to easily create plugins such as FedEx, UPS, USP S, etc. * Filter products in wp-admin by: * product-category * produt type * Currencies * Updated all symbols * Added a new currencies * New languages: * Romanian (thanks Liviu!) * Croatian (thanks Ivica & Nives!) * Now multi-lingual capable with the WordPress WPML plugin * fixed cyrillic characters & accents in attribute / variation names * fixed fancybox overlay * fixed My Account page not showing Address 2 * fixed users creating a new account now only if WP registration is allowed * fixed several 404 Jigoshop internal href links * fixed default display of variations in admin * fixed variation display for downloadable products in 'my account' * fixed dimension frontend display for variations * fixes sale icon sliding by positioning to the left = RC2 (private release) = * added option for out of stock notification that sets products to hidden after

Order quantity processing * added support for backorders on variations * added product dimensions for length, width, and height * product thumbnails will now order themselves based on WordPress Gallery Order * products can now display a percentage saved for products on sale * changed datepicker to work with WordPress 3.3 * shipping is no longer always forced to the cheapest method * fix downloadable products, no longer charged shipping either singly or in a mi xed cart * internal restructuring and code cleanup for shipping * fixed several javascript errors preventing variations from working * fixed 404 errors on checkout review order * fixed successful paypal orders still marked as pending instead of processing * fixed order complete Emails * fixed add to cart and Select buttons on Shop page with incorrect URL's * fixed tax calculations for taxable and non taxable products (minor tax no long er applied to non taxable) * fixed coupon display in the Admin settings * fixed coupon errors if no coupons in the Admin * fix recent products shortcode * fix certain browser attribute display problems on single product pages * fix Grouped products not showing prices on Shop page * cart now always shows correct totals without having to click update totals but ton * enhancements to internal page determination functions for theme developers * updated German translations * a number of other small bug fixes * a number of security enhancements = - 2011-11-09 = * Fixed SVN error = * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * = * * * * * * * * * * - 2011-11-09 = Add new Product Category shortcode Hungarian Translation by Kristóf Gruber Hungarian, Croatian and Indian currencies Variations only show 'From' if prices actually vary Display applied coupons on Admin orders Improve installation and page creation, ignore trashed pages Repair Admin product list pagination Add program hooks to emails to allow output customisation Fixes for attributes and variations updated Spanish translations Added css classes to widget titles, prices for easier styling Repair and allow category and tag templates in themes Begin Tax rework, allow out of state tax and tax based on shipping address More internationalization for text translations numerous small bug fixes & code improvements - 2011-10-07 = Added date ranges for coupons Display coupons used on the Cart Now saves coupon data in order panel Added body classes to track order page Added Russian Translation Fixed downloadable files not found Fixed install duplicates Added labels to bank transfer gateway Attributes are no longer using the slug Minor GUI Tweaks

* Other fixes (https://github.com/jigoshop/jigoshop/issues?milestone=7&state=clo sed) = 0.9.9 - 2011-09-20 = * Configurable Products * Global image sizes can now be declared from the panel. * Rows & Columns can now be set in the admin * Added Bank transfers gateway * Added Dutch translation * Added Swedish translation * Added German translation by deckerweb * Revamped order items panel * Settings strip slashes * Improved French translations * Added SSL auto detection for assets * New DIBS gateway for nordic countries * Support for direct checkout * Fixes twenty/10/11 support * Fixed permalink double save when changing the base page * Moved update/remove from cart code so totals are updated and shipping is updat ed * Fixed 'needs shipping' for downloadable products * Grouped products can contain downloadable, simple, or virtual products * Changed mail from/to for store * Download limiter fix * Made my account downloads respect order status * Filter for ship to billing defaults * Improvements to shipping class for table rate shipping * Optimized scripts.js (no longer a php file) * Changes to allow new product types to be added by plugins * Twenty Eleven fixes * Front page shop support * virtual add to cart * Shop page can show content * SKU display options * Fixes for default permalinks * Better ajax handling * Better shortcode handling with cache * Filters added to email contents * Various other minor bug fixes (https://github.com/jigoshop/jigoshop/issues?mil estone=6&state=closed) = 0.9.8 - 2011-07-01 = * Major changes to template code in an attempt to make it more flexible and easi er to theme from the plugin * Form code changes making things more semantic * Tweaked category order code * Changed 'download remaining' database field into a varchar * localisation issues * ui.css cut down * Fixed edit address and change password nonce fields * Hook for add to cart redirect * Fixes to sale dates logic * New product preview shortcodes * option to hide hidden products in recent products widget * Breadcrumbs add shop base if chosen as a base * Tweaked gateway/shipping loading code to work with plugins * Demo store banner added * postcode accepts hyphens

= - 2011-06-22 = * Download permissions bug with emails * Lets you save download limit as blank = - 2011-06-22 = * Fixed discount code logic * Changed/improved nonces * Tax amounts take base tax rate into consideration - should fix tax rates for o ther countries * Localisation fixes * Added JIGOSHOP_TEMPLATE_URL constant for moving the template folder within you r theme (for better theme compatibility) * Option in settings to turn off css * Taxonomy ordering script to allow sorting of product categories using drag and drop * Excluded shop order comments from front end widget * per-page limit fix * Added body classes based on page * Unlimited download fix * Lost password link on my-account login * weight calc fix * Fixes inconsistent page slugs (- instead of _) * init changes * options for foreign currencies * Added german localization by AlistarMclean * Removed IE6 stuff from fancybox to speed it up * Added option to send shipping info to paypal = - 2011-06-14 = * * * * * * * * * * * * POT file added global option filtering Country name localisation 'Shop' page created on install Page select boxes in admin Options for different permalinks (with a base url) Security fixes One click featuring of products Options to configure page IDs Better support for child themes Better support for plugin folder names Localization of scripts

= - 2011-06-13 = * GITHUB setup for Jigoshop Project = - 2011-06-13 = * * * * * * Default SSL option changed Empty drop-ins folder fix Fixed localisation issues Option to disallow having a different shipping address to the billing address Fixed category dropdown widget Fallback for HTML5 placeholders

= - 2011-06-01 =

* Tweaked how files are included to prevent an error = 0.9.6 - 2011-04-10 = * Public Beta Release == Upgrade Notice == = 1.1 New payment and shipping gateways, widgets fixed, new shortcode, uninstaller add ed, and plenty of other bug fixes!