Existing Situation
During rainy season

Main predator on the hill

View from western ridge

Natural watershed

Reducing run-off to downstream Final Disposal on the western of ridge

Different vegetation density in different season

Rare vegetation and dry bushes

Existing Situation
A large flock of visiting Australian Pelican beneath parched dry season hills , Aug 2006 Horse race

Bare hill during dry season, potential to cause land slide Sedimentation from hill after the end of rainy season

Great Knot (globally vulnerable, uncommon Palearctic shorebird migrant to Timor-Leste) (3 Nov 2006)

Pelican during rainy season

Lake high water level in rainy season

Existing Situation
Beach and sand bed

Dili coffee maker

Military barrack

Bird eye & Roadside View of Pope John Paul II Commemorative Memorial Landslide and sedimentation

canoing etc ECO FRIENDLY AREA Sustainable environment that care with the surrounding Site Threaten : Buildable area Land slide ICONIC AREA Modern and vernacular buiding around the lake Sport & leisure on Lake Tasi Tolu Forest Walk Flooting floor building structure system Iconic Building Proposed for Existing Treatment Landscape: Dredging lake sedimentation and use sediment mud for landscape grading. Reforestation by planting local trees and maintain bushes to grow to cover the hill.Proposed for Existing Treatment Site Potention/Strenghten : Aestethic for Land contour Biodivercity flora adn fauna Lake side Surrounding development environment RECREATION AREA Lake Tasi Tolu for fishing. Construct drainage system to direct rain water to water basin area in the lake and to avoid landslide. Deepened ground level of lake to maximize water volume. swiming. Physical Building: Remove and relocate slums settlements around the lake and hill side into a settlement controlled area. . Construct retaining wall on the north side of road to prevent coastal abration. Construct road/street access around lake for maintenance purpose and tourism.

Relocate squatter settlements around lake into controlled settlement area. Develop business services such as resort hotels restaurant in safe and strategic location. Protecting upstream zone from physical development and improve hilly area with reforestation and greenery. energy and treat waste based on international standard. biking lane in forest area. economic view and environmentally sound. forest trekking. etc. playgrounds. Cultural & Sport Zone Military Barrack .Proposed Activities Create leisure and amusement zones. Religion. Develop mixed-use area along north road side and limiting floor area ratio of physical development zone close to airport area in line with ICAO regulation. and economic opportunity by using urban green and green economic concept (environmental friendly development). jogging track. Planting tree types suitable for local climate and soil type. water sport. Develop sport facilities center. and localizing private car in the central parking zone. Connecting all locations with better mass transportation. Equipped locations with adequate water.

skate board. Bus terminal and car parking area. swimming.Religion. waste bin and collection. Paved jogging track connected to pedestrian. sand massage. Cultural & Sport Zone Sport & leisure on Lake Tasi Tolu . playing sand. Religion. Tourist shall access the area by bus stop in the terminal and walk to the beach. sunbathe. Road/Street: Main road 4 lanes pavement and pedestrian separated with palm trees and drainage. Facility: Public toilet. canteen & café car (movable). clinic. Cultural & Sport Zone BEACH AREA An interesting visiting beach for jogging.

Cultural & Sport Zone Recreation & Sport Zone Sport & leisure on Lake Tasi Tolu .Religion.

Forest walk Forest Walk Forest walk Flying pedestrian for : .Utility .Human circulation .

bridge .Lake side Plan Iconic building on the lake Flooting floor buiding structure system Fly over road Flooting floor building structure system Iconic building .

Lake side Plan – iconic building The church on the lake side Iconic Building Religion. Cultural & Sport Zone .

Restaurant & Recreations Zone Lake side Plan Golf field on the roof Fly over road .

Lake side Plan Hotel and town house Lake jetty Lake side Plan Town house with the contour .

gathering and outbond. Restaurant & Recreations Zone . skiing.Restaurant & Recreations Zone Developing Resort Hotel and Restaurant in the best view scene to the lake and beach. fishing. Uniting restaurant situation with water (floating restaurant) to create better air temperature. Using lake as recreation area for boating. etc Utilizing green open space around lake for sport.

Restaurant & Recreations Zone Recreations and Gathering Gathering/Outbond /Outbond .

Urban Forest Zone Forest Protection Zone .

Healing area on the site Healing area on the site .

Housing and Settlement Town House .

Town House Lake side Plan Comercial area on the lake side Fly over road .

Urban Utility Facility Master Plan for Tasi Tolu Lake Zone .

. • The surface of the lake coating by Geotextile/Geo membrant for watering on the dry season.Lake Embankment Plan & Retaining Wall Area Planned Street surrounding lake (8 m wide) Street side Retaining Wall Lake embankment Lake Sand Treatment • Lake Tasi Tolu is for water needed in the location. lansdcape . secondary needed for dweller and hydrant.

Sheetpiling EarthWork .

Lake Embankment .