One system – two methods Differences between English and Hungarian education system

In September 2006 Hungary changed its education system: it brought in the Bologna system. Now, in 2010 the system is still not perfect. Experts are working on to find the best way to develop it. However, maybe it would be enough if they just looked around and had a look on other countries’ method. The aim of this research paper is to make comparison between the systems of higher education of England and of Hungary – more precisely the method at the University of Pécs (Hungary) and at the University of Wolverhampton – based on my experiences and on an interview with a Hungarian girl, Edina, who has already been living in England for three years and she has specialized in the BA program of Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages and Linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton. The first aspect of the comparison is about the timetable and the lectures. I have usually 10-12 lectures/seminars per week. Some of them belong to my minor studies (History), some of them are English and American literature and culture lessons and some belong to the category of linguistics and applied linguistics. The disadvantage of this modus is that we do not learn about the given topic very carefully; we just touch upon the themes, then we have to move on in a hurry because we do not have enough time for everything. On the contrary, Edina has four (!) lessons per week. In my opinion it is much better because it is true that they learn fewer things but they learn them expertly. In the end of the semester they have to write end-term tests; they do not have exam period. While here in Pécs we have to take the exams, however, the dates of the exams are sometimes muddled: there are days when you

This is about the extra opportunities provided by the University of Wolverhampton. Here in Hungary you can study for free – if you have good grades.have two or three exams altogether. It is a really big difference between the two methods. Here in Pécs it is easier because the teachers have a mailbox next to their office where students can put their assignments in. they have to learn Swedish for one term because they have to accomplish the last semester in Sweden. The next point is personally my favourite one. we talked about the financial part of the studies. the school is going to pay for everything (plane tickets. There are some courses that are specifically for those who want to be teachers. there are always problems with them. Furthermore. In England they also have to write home assignments but they have to hand them in to a central office (it can be similar to the register’s office) not to the teacher. Therefore. you have to pay but the prices depend on the different universities. For example.). the Hungarian state pays for your studies – or if you not that good in learning. Edina also told me that there is one thing which was really strange for her. Edina also spoke about a really interesting thing in connection with becoming a teacher. If you accomplish them during the BA period you do not have to pay for them. So it means you can do it whenever you want (during or after the BA program) but you do not have to do the twoand-a-half or three year-long MA program as you have to do it here in Hungary. Finally. . The papers should be sent to the teachers from this office. In this aspect the old system was better since before an exam people had three days to prepare for it. Or they can also do their teaching practice during the BA period. etc. I think this is a great chance to try themselves as teachers and to practice the English language. accommodation. And students do not have to pay for the travelling. this summer they have the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka for one month where they also can practice teaching.

Usually people pay back it by instalments – but the instalments can be changed even by the month. in England there is another modus. So practically she will not even realize it since she will not have to pay back that much money – while in Hungary many young workers are against the problem of paying back the loan for years. I am thinking on the possibility to go and study there because it would also be better for my English – since the best way to acquire a language is to learn it in native environment. The essential point is here that university students can ask for student loan. Retrieved from the University of Wolverhampton: http://www. She said that she has to start it five years later and only if her salary reaches a particular rate. you also have to pay in this case. Contrarily.d. Source: University of Wolverhampton. But right after finishing the school you have to start to pay back the credit. you can participate in postal tuition – if I am right.).uk/ . It is a great help for the students and of course for their families during their studies. To conclude this short research I have to say that I find the English method much better and more effective than the Hungarian one.wlv.Furthermore. (n. Although she has to pay for her studies in Wolverhampton she does not have to start paying back the credit right after