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Maqsood Hasni
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Prof. Mohammad Abdullah Qazi (PhD Isl. Stds., PhD lin uisti!s" Prin!ipal #o$t Colle e, %aha&al ’na ar (Pa'istan"

AAlphabet sounds Group 1 Group 1 is consists of one sound ‫ ا‬but it provides two sounds i.e. alif and alaf. It is first alphabet sound of the Urdu tongue. This sound is a common sound of world languages but in Japanese this sound is only used as a vawal. For example amisan !wife" #ivi a$ !prononciation %ha (& ) (‫ &ہ' &ھ‬and %a" a for al*af !not alif"

Uses as al*af$ %agha+ !paper"' %a%a ,little baby !-". /%a hill and hight !a for al*laf not alif" ‫ ا‬$ al*laf but not al*lif Farsi 4(5 .4‫ا‬3 .2‫ا‬3 .‫ا‬2 .1‫ ا‬.0‫ا‬ Urdu (6‫! ا‬abba" father

(6(6 !baba" an old man' father*s elder brother' father*s father)mother*s father)grand father 7‫! ا‬ab" now' at this time' presently (589 !gir:a" church (5(6 !ba:a" a musical instrument ;5(6 !ba:i" elder sister <=(6 !bapu" father (=8& !%irpa" mercsy good deed' to do better for some one > !as al?af not alif" @nglish about' alhabet' Aapan !pronounce al*laf not al*lif" Group 2 There are five sounds in this group$ 7 !b" bay)be B2(6 baresh' rain C(6 bagh' garden

D6 bal' power ;E20(6 bawarchi' coo% 2FG6 bundar' mon%ey # boo%' box' butcher' bro%er' butter

H !p" pay)pe ;I(= pani' water (‫ھ‬JG= pun%ha' fan) hand fan K23(= paadri' priest ‫ہ‬I‫ا‬08= parwana' moth L= M N !t" tay 2‫<ا‬OP talwaar' sword ;OQP titli' butterfly 8QRP titar' partridge pil?la pupy parrot' pony' pig' peacoc%' point

1<68P tarboo+' watermelon


tala' loc%

Tound N is not found in english but it is very common in the subcontinent languages)toungs. ( !t" tay)te ;=<) topi' cap 8)(U) tamatar' tomato ;*I<E chonti' ant (GV) ta%hna' an%le DU‫ &ٹھ‬%hatmal' pug T train' try' tree' out' net

W !s' c" say)se 8UX samar' fruit ;I(X sani' second 8X‫ ا‬assar'affect 8X<Y mowassar' persuasive Z[(\X sa]afat' culture ‫ہ‬X20 warsa' heritage

T ^ school' social' swelling' small' salt city' citron' circle' cycle' cinema Group 3 _ :eem (P<5 :outa' shoes +<5 :our' :oint + Is not available)found in @nglish' the relative sound more closed sound is r. ` is also in use for this sound.I‫<ا‬5 :awani' youth cG5 :ang' war A :ug' :aundice' :eep' :ac%et' :ar d chay FI(E chaand' moon .68E charbi' fats . >adu)aaru 0+a !peach" 7‫<ا‬5 :awab answer bG5 :anum' birth . ie.

2<E (&<E (‫<ہ‬E chour' theif chou%a' sixer chuha' rat This sound is not found in @nglish alphabet but is pronounced by compound sound Ch ^h e hay bJf hu%am' order Z&8f har%at' moment Z\R\f ha]i]at' fact K8g(f ha+ri' presence ‫ہ‬hf hissa' part' share ^hit' chec%' church'chest ien' husband' human' hand' holy j %hay k(l %haal' mole .S(l %hali' empty B<98l %hargosh'rabbit)here .

The same is also used for ‫' ھ‬ Zl23 o523 ‫ہ‬1‫ا‬023 ‫ہ‬pqr3 dara%ht' tree dar:an' twelve darwa+a' door daigcha' coo%er !coo%er is not proper enlish for daigcha. "ts subtitute and more !loses sound for writing in the roman Urdu is d. This pot is in common used in the Mun:ab" .B‫ا‬8l %harash' bruise ‫ہ‬8ml %hasrah' measles n(l %has' special This sound is not found in @nglish alphabet but is pronounced by compound sound Kh Group 4 ‫دال‬ ‫ د‬This sound is not found in english alphabet but often apperars in some english words i. "n fa!t th !ompound sound is pronoun!ed ‫ھ‬P #tha$% as an thought thin& through though thing et!.QI‫ا‬23 ‫ھ‬303 (r23 Dl‫ا‬3 daraanti' sic%le doudh' mil% darya' river da%hal' inter .e. this that et!.

S‫ڈا‬ (R&‫ڈا‬ 2‫ڈ‬ s‫ڈ‬RGY (‫ڈھ‬GY K‫ہڈ‬ dali' branch !tree" da%iya' postman dar' fear manda%' frog mandha' ram hadi' bone `reem' dog' different' door' dig' done Under' children' code `eed' dead' end' %id +aal !+" ‫ہ‬8Rlt .P‫ا‬t t(vI 2‫ا‬3 ‫ہ‬Yt ZI(‫ہ‬t ua%hira' stoc% uati' private)personal wafaa+' enforcement uima?daar' responsible uahanat' intellect .‫ ڈ‬daal .

ہڈ‬r2 ridh %i hadi' bac% bone yeader' river' regard' road' reverse' round' reaction' ready + !r)d" this sound is not found in @nglish alphabet + z.&‫ا‬ +<5 aaru)aadu' peach a%ran' cramp :our' :oint .‫ہ‬xr2t uaria' mode)source uoo' +eal' yecogni+e' si+e' do+en Free+' cree+ Group ( 2 ray !r" (G‫ہ‬2 cI2 z‫ا‬2 {2 rehna' to live rang' clour raan' thigh rag'vein K‫ڑھ &.

JR& 1 +ay !+" 2<r1 t‫ہ‬8r1 z<Qr1 z‫ا‬8v|1 8921 %halari' player)athlete %ai%ra' crab +aiwar' ornament +ira' cumin +aitoon' olive +afran' saffron +argar' goldsmith } !+a?ay Farsi" ‫~ہ‬Y ‫ہ‬3~Y z(9~Y mi:a)miya)mi+a maida)ma:da)ma+da mi:gaan)mi+gaan)maigaam !This sound came from Mersian into Urdu.K+L‫&ھ‬ ‫ا‬. It can not write easily" Group ) • seen !s" k‫<ا‬€ ‫ا‬2(€ ‫ہ‬3(€ z(U€a sawaal' ]uestion sara' whole)comlete sada' simple aasman' s%y .

•a z(€a ass' hope aasan' easy Tub:ect' insert' school' style' paste B Theen !sh" This sound is not available in @nglish alphabet but it is pronunced with compound sound sh .

7‫ا‬8• K3(• 4(• ‚<• ƒU• sharaab' wine shadi' marriage happiness shaam' night shoo]' intrest shama' candle Thift' shirt' shrin%' short' sharing Group * n !sawad" s ‚FG„ …(h† ‡hGY ‫„<[ہ‬ kFG„ sandoo]' box)chest ]asae' butcher monsaf' :udge soufa' couch sandal' sandal?wood ˆ +awaad !+" ‡Rxg ‰ŠI +aeef old' an oldman naba+ pulse .

‫‹ہ‬R‫ہ‬ ‰Š† …(g2 Group + hai+a' cholera ]aba+' constipation ra+ae' couch Œ !toein)to?ay" t ƒS(• Z†(• z(•8€ z<|(• Ž 18• talay' fate ta]at' power sartan' cancer taoon' plague tara+' type Ž uoein) +o?ay + bS(• bR•| 8‫•(ہ‬ 4(•QI‫ا‬ Group . +alim' cruel a+eem' almighty +ahir' open' depict inta+aam' arrangement .

.a _08| bS(| bO| ‘OxP ‫ہ‬F‫(ہ‬xY aroo:' climax aalim' scholar ilm'%noweldge ta?ala]' relation moahida' deal C !ghein" gh ‫ہ‬2(Š’ 2(’ D“6 4L’ 208“Y Z68’ Group /0 ” !fey" f ˆ8[ far+' duty ghobara' ballon ghaar' cave baghal'armpit ghulam' slave maghroor' proud Ghurbat' poverty .#aein% aa.

O† ˆ8† 7(\| ‫ہ‬xO† fali:' paralysis fou:i' soldier fa]eer' begger foto' picture)snape ]aey' vomit ]alam' pen ]ulli' porter ]ar+' loan o]aab'eagle ]ala' xasle s ! aaf" % (Q& –’(& .&.5<[ 8R\[ <)<[ Group // ‚ !]aaf" ] ‫†ے‬ bO† .S %otta' dog %agha+' paper lar%i' girl .•S([ .

(&.S ‫ا‬8P<JE Z&86 s23‫ا‬ 7 (Q& Group /2 lar%a' boy cha%otra' citron bar%at' bless adra%' ginger %itaab' boo% { !gaaf" g (589 _89 489 .S —ar%i' girl gir:a' curch gar:' thander garm' hot gali' abuse gom' lost gana' song)singing .S(9 b9 (I(9 Group /3 k —aam" l .&.

41˜ 8’˜ FO5 k˜3 Group /4 4 !meem" m .g8Y eLY ˆ8Y —a+am' importent —agar' wea% :ild' s%in dalaal.’8Y .E<Y . #ro%er morghi' hen mochi' cobbler)boot?ma%er mar+i' will malah' sailor mar+' diease -amage' merit' machine' movment' room' dreem Group /( z !woon" w (qGI 2(I wanga' dressles waar !h" women .

2(I z(€a z(U€a ‫ے‬pRI 8&<I war !a" fire >asan' easy aasman' s%y wichay' below)under wo%ar' servent wever' news' change' presence' preference .woon Ghonna -™(= -(Y(mI(l -<€8€ -(RpR= ‘š| -<URS -‫›ا‬l -(I(5 pa?oon' foot %hansama !bawarchi"' butler)coo% sarsoon' mustard esh] paichaan' convolvulus limu' lemon %hi+aan' autumn :anaan' lover .

Group /) 0 !œao" œ' v ‚20 z10 DR&0 ‫ہ‬50 <Sa war]' page wa+an' weight wa%eel' lawyer wa:a' cause aalu' potato œas' wal%' now' œord' world' Group /* • !ham+a" wo word gets start in Urdu with this sound.e. •(R•‫ا‬ •(‹|‫ا‬ ™a ™(5 ™˜ ahsya' things a+a' parts)organ aao' come on Aao' go' get lost —ao bring . i.

P( E . K !choti yay" .‫ہ‬3 …˜(6 .žr‫ا‬FR= ‫(•ے‬5 Group /+ AaŸeŸpadaesh' place of birth ‫! ہ‬iay' hi -a]sura) gool hay' hi" h 2(&<‫(ہ‬€ .‫ھ‬P(‫ہ‬ Group /.G*E .I<‫ہ‬ .*R= ‫! ے‬bari yay" dahi' curt balae' cream chatni' suce chapati' loaf paiti' belt sahoo*%ar' ban%er hont' lip hathail'palm hathora' hammer hathi' elephant .OR‫ھ‬Q‫ہ‬ ‫ا‬+<Q‫ھ‬Q‫ہ‬ .

‫<ڑے‬mY ‫ے‬GRU& ‫ڑ&ے‬S ‫ے‬p6 ‫ے‬1<Y #Ÿ Group 20 masoray' gums %aminay' means lar%ay' boys bachay' children mo+ay' soc%s Maha ‘paran (bhari aawazain) ‫ھ‬6 bhay (&<‫ھ‬6 K2(J‫ھ‬6 (r.qG‫ھ‬6 ‫ =ھ‬phay k<‫=ھ‬ phool' flower bhu%a' hungry bha%ari' begger bhairiya' wolf bhindi tori' lady?finger bhangi' sweeper .‫ھ‬6 K‫ڈ‬G‫ھ‬6 .

S(‫ھ‬P .‫ا‬+<‫=ھ‬ .‫ھ‬P(‫ہ‬ .GJI<‫=ھ‬ ‫ھ‬P thay .mG‫=ھ‬ ˜‫ا‬0 K8R‫=ھ‬ .‫ھ‬P(€ ‫ا‬+<‫ھ‬Q‫ہ‬ ‫ھ‬P(‫ہ‬ (‫ھ‬P ‫ہ‬FI(Y (J‫ھ‬P ‫ٹھ‬ K+<‫ھ‬//) (‫<ٹھ‬qI‫ا‬ phora' boil phinsi' pimple phairi wala' haw%er)peddler phoun%ni' blowing pipe thali' plate hathi' elephant maithi' fenuŸgree% sathi' partner)¡nd behelf)friend hathora' hammer hath' hand tha' was tha%a?manda' tired thori)thodi' chin angutha' thumb .‫ھ‬QRY .

q‫ھ‬5 (GJ‫ھ‬5 ‫ھ‬E chay .GR‫ھ‬E K8&<‫ھ‬E thai%aidar' contractor the%' right paitha' gourd mitha' sweet :hula' cradle :haru' broom :hingar' cric%et :hola' bag :honpri' hut :hagra' dispute :hu%na' bow chalni' sieve cnaini' chisel cho%ri' girl .2‫ا‬FRJR‫ٹھ‬ ¢R‫ٹھ‬ (‫ٹھ‬R= (‫ٹھ‬RY ‫ھ‬5 :hay ˜<‫ھ‬5 0+(‫ھ‬5 8qGR‫ھ‬5 ˜<‫ھ‬5 K. I<‫ھ‬5 ‫ا‬.GO‫ھ‬E .

K8Q‫ھ‬E .)<‫ھ‬E ‫ھ‬3 dhay ¢U‫ھ‬3 .6<‫ھ‬3 (&<‫ھ‬3 (RG‫ھ‬3 (9(‫ھ‬3 (9(‫ھ‬3 (‫ھ‬FG& ‫ڈھ‬ (GJ‫ڈھ‬ k<‫ڈھ‬ (I‫ڈ‬I<‫ڈھ‬ k(‫ڈھ‬ LR‫ڈھ‬ chatri' umbrella chouti' little dhama%' vibration dhobi' washerman dho%a' fraud dhanya coriander dhaga' thread dha%a' push %andha' shoulder dha%na' lid)cover dhoul' dram dhondna' to search dhaal' shiel dhila' lose .

‫ڑھ‬ ‫<ڑھے‬mY ‫&<ڑھ‬ K‫ڑھ &.mI(‫&ھ‬ (G‫&ھ‬2 ‫ا‬2(‫ڑھ‬JS 2<£‫&ھ‬ (=8‫&ھ‬ bar%ha' rain %hatmul' bug hana' food)eating %hansi' cough ra%hna' to %eep la%ar?hara' wood?cutter %ha:our' date %hurpa' hoe masuray' gums %orh' leprosy reh %i hadi' bac% bone barhti' increase %arhae' embreidery borha' grey) an old?man . ہڈ‬r2 .Q‫ڑھ‬6 …(‫&ڑھ‬ (‫<ڑھ‬6 ‫ &ھ‬%hay (‫&ھ‬86 DU*‫&ھ‬ (I(‫&ھ‬ .

i. >achŸcha yes' o%' good' well' fine' neat' clean' better haan' te% hai' behtar' %hoob' undha' saaf' barhya' sutra . (‫ھ‬E‫ 'ا‬shad has placed over ch for this reason ‫ھ‬E has two time !same sound' chay" sound.‫ھ‬9 ghay (Gm‫ھ‬9 •(‫ھ‬9 (G*‫ھ‬9 ‫ ا‬+<‫ھ‬9 ‫ا‬2(Rm‫ھ‬9 K +<‫ھ‬9 ^Ÿ ghosna' to enter ghas' gress ghotna' %nee ghora' horse ghasyara' grass cutter ghori' mare Alamti aawazain (symbolic sounds) Group ¡1 Thad This symbolic !shad" sound is used for geting two time same sound of a alphabet sound and is placed over the laphabet sound.e.

‫ہ‬E¥¤6 #achŸcha !m"' %id' child' .S D6 .‫ھ‬p6 shad has placed over ch for this reason ‫ھ‬E has two time !same' chay" sound.E ¤6 shad has placed over ch for this reason ‫ھ‬E has two time !same' chay" bachŸchi !fm" babay girl N1 ›| N›| in this word 1 has two time !same sound' +ay " sounds i+Ÿ+at' respect ‫ &ہ‬¢Y ‫ہ‬JY in this word s has two time !same %aaf " sounds -a%%a ' name of a mulim holy place situated at Taudi >rab . .O6 in this word k has two time !same laam " sounds bilŸli' cat ‫‘ †ہ‬€ ‫\ہ‬€ in this word ‚ has two time !same ¦aaf " sounds sa]Ÿ]a' waterman -ad a This sign is placed over the alphabet sound alif)alaf and it !mad" is used for geting double .p= sound.

4a .sound of alif)alaf !a".Y‫ا‬ ‫ے‬9a 7a Ha _a Group 22 uabar 7‫ا‬ 72 ¨& ¨€ ¨• b& `oo +abar alif +abar bay§ ab' presently' at this time' now ray +abar bay §rab %aaf +abar bay§ %ab' now seen +abar bay§ sab' all sheen +abar bay§ shab' night %aaf +abar meem§%am' less aam' mango ammi' mother aagay' post)forward aab' water aap' you aa:' today .

tay zair=ti. test .S(€ seen¥ +abar¥alif !sa%an" §sa —aam¥+air¥choti yay § li Tali' sister in law' sister of wife FQ6‫ا‬ alif¥+air¥bay§ ib¥tay¥+abar§ ta¥daal¥+abar¥alif !sa%in"§ da Ib¥ta¥da Ibtada' start' starting point' bignining' 1st ‫ھے‬pR= pay¥+air¥ choti yay !sa%an" § .O6 bil?li bay+zair §bi ¥laam§ bil' !shad over laam"¥—aam¥zair¥yay li§ #il¥li§ cat ‫امتحان‬ alif+zair+meem =im.= pi¥ chay ‫ھ‬E¥+air¥ bari yay !sa%an"§ ‫ھے‬E chay§ pichay Michay' bac%' bac% side' bac%ward ‫ے‬9a alif¥mada !‫> § "اا‬a'Gaaf¥+air¥bari yay !sa%an" gay)ge >a¥gay§aaga >agay)aage' fornt' post'fornt side' at the fornt' on the fornt .Tofatun' >rtun' —a+mun' iamaitun' uimnun' Unda+un' -a:borun' Ta]ribun' /momun' Forun' Ghalibun' hari +abar -aeni' >la' >dna ' `awa uair .hay+zabar=ha+noon han= im+ti+ha+n=imtihan examination.

ari +air #aeinhi' -ashabba baihi Jazam/Sakan This symble %eeps stationary to the alphabet sounds 7‫ا‬ bay" alif par +abar¥bay !+abar over alif¥ bay no symbolic sound over or under alif +abar bay§ab ab§means now' at this time (6‫ا‬ alif¥+abar¥bay§ ab !here bay is none moving sound" shad over #ay in this word' for this reason bay will provide double sound. /ne combine with first alif while the secound will attach with the last sound alif #ay +abar alif§ ba¥ #ay alif § ba >b¥ba § abba' father .

!+abar over seen¥alif !no symbolic sound over or under alif".!ma]sora" !+abar over :eem ¥ hay !no symbolic sound over or under hay ma]sora" §:a dar¥:a§ dar:a' division' clacification ‫ا‬3(€ seen +abar alif .+abar over 3¥ ray !no symbolic sound over or under ray".§da sa¥da§ sada' simple Group 23 Paish ‫ا‬2<= pay¥paish¥wao§ pu¥yay¥+abar¥alif !sa%an" ra pu¥ra Mura' full' complete' remain no space !not less but as per demond)re]uired)re]uirement)need)prescribed)mentioned)decided" (‫اٹھ‬ alif¥paish§ ou¥thay¥+abar¥alif !sa%an" (‫ ٹھ‬tha ou¥tha /utha § ta%e up' got up .§dar Aeem +abar hay .‫ہ‬523 3 +abar ray .!+abar over ¥ 3 !no symbolic sound over or under alif".§sa 3 +abar alif .

—a%h tay :igar ‫اں‬12 34 Aab-e-rawaan folowing water Aa ba$ rawaan 5657 ‫د‬2‫د‬ ou ‫ ہ<ا‬0 7a `ardŸeŸshadeed' sever pain `ar day shadeed es aawa+ %ay liay doo laf+oon %ay darmiyan main wao aata hai. aabŸoŸhawa water and air Adghambilghona In writing ‫ہ‬ŠI3 donba but in spea%ing ‫ہ‬ŠY3 `omba .ZŠ©Y meem¥paish§ mo¥hay¥+abar¥bay§ ha¥bay¥+abar¥tay§bat mo¥hab¥bat§-ohab?bat' love' to li%e ‫ا‬86 bay ¥paish § bo¥ray ¥+abar ¥alif§ ra bo¥ra #o?ra' bad Ulta paish amaha]ahoo GroupŸ¡ª Azafat @s aawa+ %ay liay doo laf+oon %ay ma:moay %ay pehlay laf+ %ay nichay +air daal daitay hain :is %ay hawala say ay %i aawa+ baramad hoti hai. 8q5 ZVS —a%htŸeŸ:igar' part of liver but this compound is used for son.

7‫> ا‬lif +abar bay $ ab now ¨P Tay +abar bay$ tab then ‫ا‬0 œao +abar alif$ wa open (‫ &ھ‬%hay +abar alif $ %ha eat ‫ے‬3 daal +air yay $ day give <S laam +abar wao$ lo get) ta%e <P tay paish wao $ tu you o5 :eem +air noon $ :in :aint Df hay +abar laam$ hal solution 8I noon +bar ray $ war male Four sounds words These words are founded by three alphabet sounds and one symbolic sound. k(€ Teen +abar alif §sa¥laam !laam sa%an' not moving"$ saal k(5 :eem +abar alif § :a¥laam ! laam sa%an' not moving"$ :aal N‫ا‬2 ray +abar alif §ra¥tay !! tay sa%an' not moving" net year ¨€ Teen sabar bay$ sab all {2 yay +abar gaaf$ rag vaine s‫> ا‬lif +air %aaf $ e% one 8‫ھ‬9 Ghaaf +abar ray $ ghar home)house <€ seen +abar wao$ soo sleep c5 :eem +abar gaaf$ :ag world 8€ seen +abar ray$ sar head (I noon +abar alif$ na no)not «l %hay +abar toein)toay$ %hat letter' heand writing ¬& %aaf +abar bay ap cup ¨& aaf +abar bay$ %ab when ¨• Toein +air bay$ tib medical 03 `aal +abar wao $ doo give) two (€ seen +abar alif $ sa :ust li%e)as (5 :eem +abar alif $ :a go)place z3 daal +air noon $ din day)dawn k3 `aal +air laam$ dil heart 2‫ ڈ‬daal +abar ray $ dar fear j2 ray paish %hay ro%h side)face 72 ray +abar bay rab provider .In writing ‫ہ‬S(ŠI3 donbala but in spea%ing ‫ہ‬S(ŠY3 `ombala Three sounds words These words start with two alphabet sounds and one symbolic sound.

raat N(6 night)evening bay +abar alif §ba¥tay !tay sa%an' not moving" baat N‫ا‬t +aal +abar alif §+a¥tay !tay sa%an' not moving" +aat 2(Y meem +abar alif §ma¥!ray sa%an' not moving" -aar)sanp ˆ8Y meem +abar §ray¥ +awad)dawad !+awad)dawad sa%an' not moving" mar+ ˆ8† ]aaf +abar ray §]ar¥+awad)dawad ! +awad)dawad sa%an' not moving" ]ar+ (<‫ھ‬5 :hay +abar Ÿwao¥ tay !tay sa%an' not moving" :hout •(6 bay +abar alif §ba¥seen !seen sa%an' not moving" baas 2<E chay +abar wao §cho¥ray !ray sa%an' not moving" choor theif smell lie loan disease beat) sna%e caste saying .

‚8[ fay +abar ray §far¥]aaf !]aaf sa%an' not moving" far] •86 bay +abar ray §bar¥seen!seen sa%an' not moving" bars ‫ہ‬P(€ seen +abar alif Ÿsa ¥thay !thay s%an' not moving" sath ˆ8[ fay +abar ray Ÿfar¥+awad)dawad !+awad)dawad sa%an' not moving" far+ •(€ seen +abar alif Ÿsa¥seen !seen mo]oof' sa%an' not moving" sa?as 8UX say +abar sa¥meem +abar¥ray !seen mo]oof' sa%an' not moving" samar 8U& %aaf +abar §%a¥meem +abar ray !ray mo]oof' sa%an' not moving" %amar 1‫ا‬2 ray +abar alif §ra¥+ay !+ay mo]oof' sa%an' not moving" raa+ 1(6 secret bac% fruit wife?s mother)mother inlaw duty with' alongwith' along year difference .

S(€ severe bell wor% eagle .bay +abar alif §ba¥+ay !+ay mo]oof' sa%an' not moving" baa+ 2(& %aaf +abar alif §%a¥ray !ray mo]oof' sa%an' not moving" %aar •85 :eem +abar §ray ¥seen !seen mo]oof' sa%an not moving" :ars B([ fay +abar alif §fa¥sheen !sheen mo]oof' sa%an not moving" faash Si sounds words (6(6 bay +abar alif ba¥bay +abar alif ba$baba >n old man' father?s elder brother' grand father' mother*s father (r(P tay +abar alif ta¥yay +abar alif ya $taya father?s elder brother (&(& %aaf +abar alif %a ¥%aaf +abar alif %a$ %a%a babay !m) some times for fm" ˜(€ seen +abar alif sa¥laam +abar alif la$ sala wife?s brother .

S(l %hay +abar alif %ha¥ laam +air yay li$ %hali empty .S‫ڈا‬ daal +abar alif da¥ laam +air yay li$ dali !tree" branch ()<‫ھ‬E chay +abar wao cho¥tay +abar alif$ ta$ chota little ˜(& %aaf +abar alif %a¥laam +abar alif la$ %ala blac% LRI noon +air yay ni¥ laam +abar alif la$ nila blue .)<6 bay +abar wao bo¥tay +air yay ti$ boti .seen +abar alif sa¥laam +air yay li$ sali wife?s sister)sister inlaw .S(‫ھ‬P thay +abar alif tha¥ laam +air yay li$ thali plate .[(& %aaf +abar alif %a¥fay +air yay fi$ %afi enough' sufficent' to much .

)02 ray +abar wao ro¥tay +air yay ti$ roti bread .=(& %aaf +abar alif %a¥pay +air yay pi $%api note boo% .Y‫ا‬ alif +abar meem am¥meem +air yay mi$ ammi mother .5(6 bay +abar alif ba¥:eem +air yay :i$ ba:i elder sister (9(‫ھ‬3 dhay +abar alif dha¥gaaf +abar alif ga$ dhaga thread ()<Y meem +abar wao mo¥tay +abar alif ta$ mota fat !man' boy" ()<‫ھ‬5 :hay paish wao :ho¥tay +abar alif ta$ :hota lier 8-&‫ا‬ alif +abar %aaf a% ¥say +abar ray sar$ a%sar often .a piece of meat .

truthfull (r.8Q‫ہ‬6 bay +abar hay beh ¥tay +abar ray tar$ behtar in good condition)right)better)well)o% 8QU& %aaf +abar meem %am¥ tay +abar ray tar$ %amtar inferior' lowest 8•(• sheen +abar alif sha ¥tay +abar ray tar$ shatar clever K2(5 :eem +abar alif :a¥ray +air choti yay ri$ :ari continue K2(€ Teen +abar alif sa¥ray +air choti yay$ ri sari whole)complete (p€ seen +abar chay sach¥chay +abar alif cha § sach?cha whose on right.9 gaaf paish aray gur¥yay +abar alif ya§ gorya doll Se!en sounds word (R&‫ڈا‬ daal +abar alaf da' %aaf +air %i' yay +abar alif ya§ da%iya postman .

2‫ا‬1(6 bay +abar alif ba' +ay +abar alif +a' ray !mo]oof)sa%an) wot moving"§ ba+ar mar%et)place of different shops) where things can be sold or buy "ight sounds word ‫ہ‬FI8= pay +abar pa' ray +air noon rin' daal +abar hay ma]sura da§ parinda bird ‫ہ‬FI1(€ seen +abar alif sa' +ay +air noon +in' daal +abar hay ma]sura da§ sa+inda who %nows the art of music' who has s%ill in musical instruments' musician #ine sounds word ‫ہ‬1‫ا‬023 daal +abar ray dar' wao +abar alif wa' +ay +abar hay ma]sura§ darwa+a door 8qr2(& %aaf +abar alif %a' ray +air yay ri' gaaf +abar ray gar§ %arigar s%ill holder)s%illedŸman who has some s%ill in any field)wor%):ob 8qr1(6 bay +abar alif +ay +air yay gaaf +abar ray ba+igar :uggler ba +i gar .

‫ا‬8RY maira !my" ‫. K8RY -airi !my" -airi maan -y mother ‫ے‬8RY . -y name is >li. ہے۔‬O| 4(I ‫ا‬8RY -aira naam >li hai. ‫ھے‬£Y -u:hy !I" ‫ں ہےں۔‬R‫ہ‬I FGm= N‫ا‬3(| K2(‫ہ‬UP ‫ھے‬£Y -u:hay tumhari adaat pasand nahain hain. I am >li.$rdu %amair 0RY mein !I" -<‫. ہ‬O| 0RY -ein >li hoon. I am sic%. -<‫ ہ‬2(UR6 0RY -ein bimaar hoon. I dili%e your habits.

‫ے‬€ ' •‫ا‬ os say)ossay !his" ‫ں۔‬r3 )(Gr3 (Q6 ‫ے‬€‫ں۔ ا‬r3 )(Gr3 (Q6 <& •‫ا‬ os %o bata daina) dain.-airay !I" -airay paas doo ghar hain. . I have two houses. —et me %now. )—et him %now. b‫ہ‬ ium !we" ‫ں۔‬R‫ھ(… ہ‬6 ‫ے‬q€ b‫ہ‬ ium sagay bhai hain.) tell him. Inform me Ha ‫ھ‬£P ‫ھے‬£P ‫ا‬8RP ‫ہ‬0 aap) <P tu) bP) tum !you" tu:h !you" tu:hay !yours" taira !yours" woh !he)she" ‫(… ہے۔‬r ‫ا‬8RY ‫ہ‬0 œoh maira bhai hai. ie is my brother.) ossay bata daina)dain. Inform him. ‫ہ‬£Y mu:h !me" ‫ھے‬£Y mu:hay !me" ‫ں۔‬r8& ®L•‫ھے ا‬£Y -u:hy itla %arain.

œe are Ma%istani hain. ‫ں۔‬R‫. ‫ا‬2(U‫ہ‬ iamara)hamari !our" ‫ہے‬8‫ھ‬9‫ا‬2(U‫ہ ہ‬r ¯ah hamara ghar hai. ‫ہ‬RS‫<ا‬€ SA&A'()A (*uestion) -(‫&ہ‬ %ahaan where (R& %iya what -<R& %ayoon why ¨& %ab when e8• °& )‫ے‬mR& %aisay)%is tara how z<& %oun who (€ z<& oun?sa)se which ¨I(5 °& ”8• °& %is taraf):anib which side)way ‫ے‬€ ‫&ہ(ں‬ %ahaan say œhere to .) it is our home.) whats your name. This is our house. K2(U‫ہ‬ •‫ا‬ hamari !ours" os !he' his' him" 7(Q& .œe are real brothers. œhat is your name. ہ‬I(Qm&(= b‫ہ‬ ium Ma%istani hai. ‫ہ(ا‬UP tumhara !yours" ‫ ہے۔‬4(I(R&‫ا‬2(‫ہ‬UP Tumhara %iya naam hai.& •‫ا‬ iis boo% ‫ھ(۔‬Jr3<& •‫ےا‬I •‫ا‬ ie saw him.

TA) (-elations) Tpring œinter (Y89 Garma N(€86 #arsaat Tummer yainy -‫›ا‬l hi+aan >utumn .SA+ Seasons) 2(‫ہ‬6 #ahar (Y8€ Tarma ‫ے‬Q•2 -"S.8 1(‫&ہ‬ %ahaan par œhere at ‫ھ‬P(€‫ &ے‬°& %is %ay sath œith whom (& e8•‫ &ے‬°& %is tara %a œhat %ind of (GQ& itna iow many ¨& %ab œhen !time in general" Z†0 °& %is wa]t œhat time !specific hour" z3 °& %is din œhat day !of the wee%" 4(I ‫<ں &ے‬I3 `Iw//w >¯ w>>!`ays" ‫ہ‬Qv‫ہ‬ iaftah !`irt" Taturday Tuseday Friday 2‫<ا‬P‫ا‬ >itwar !TunŸday" Tunday 8R= Meer !-oonŸday" -onday Thursday DqGY -angal !Fire" ‫ھ‬F6 #udh œednesday !œater" N‫ا‬8xU5 Aumiraat !Free" ‫ہ‬xU5 Aumah !Gold" 4(I ‫<ں &ے‬G‫ہ‬Y ->iIw//w >¯ w>>!wame of months" K2<G5 Dr8=‫ا‬ …˜<5 86<Q&‫ا‬ Auanuary >pril Auly /ctober K208[ ±Y Zm9‫ا‬ 8ŠY<I February -ay >ugust wovember d2(Y z<5 8ŠUQ€ 8ŠU€3 -arch Aune Teptember `ecember b€<Y +.

I(UY mamani mother?s brother wife (‫=ھ<=ھ‬ phupha father?s sister husband ‫ہ‬S(l %hala mother?s sister 8R‫=ھ<=ھ‬ phuphair father?s sister?s son)daughter 0RQU€ TI->T>Iw !`irections" ‚8šY mashri] 7<G5 :anoob Zš= )‫ھے‬pR= pusht)pichay cI2 -A#/ east south bac% •(€ sa?as mother in law !bride*s mother" ‫ا‬3‫ا‬3 dada father?s father grand father …(P tae father?s elder brother wife (pE chacha father?s younger brother .‫ھ<ٹ‬E choti #ehan ¯ounger sister <‫ہ‬6) K<R6 .& ‫ٹے‬R6 baitay %i bivi)baho daughter in law ˜(€ sala brother in law !bride*s brother" (I(I nana mother father grand father -<Y(Y mamoon mother?s brother .& ‫{)ے‬a aagay)%i :anib north towards .S(€ sali sister in law !bride*s sister" (r(P taya father?s elder brother .pE chachi father?s younger brother wife <S(l %halu mother?s sister husband 8RS(Y malair mother?s brother son)daughter 78“Y maghrib (‫ھ‬FR€ sidha ahead west straight k(U• shamal ¨I(5 .Y‫ا‬ ammi)maan husband elder mother K<R6 bivi ()<‫ھ‬E …(‫ھ‬6 chota bhai brother <6‫)ا‬H(6 father wife younger baapabbu 8m€ susar father in law !bride*s father" .FI0(l %hawand …(‫ھ‬6 ‫ڑا‬6 bari #ehan sister -(Y) .‫=ھ<=ھ‬ phuphi father?s sister 8R€(Y masair mother?s sister son)daughter 8RpE chachair father?syounger brother son)daughter …(‫ھ‬6 ‫ڑا‬6 bara bhai elder brother o‫ہ‬6 .

I (U€a >asmani s%y color K2FGU€ Tomondri sea green K›Y8† ]irma+i crimson .I(U€a >asmani a+ure .(Colors) j8€ Tura%h red LRI wila blue ›Š€ Tab+ green ‫ا‬2<‫ھ‬6 #hura brown (RP<Y).6(G| anabi maroon K2(GO9 golnari scarlet K8‫ہ‬G€ sonehri golden ‫(• )& ڑے‬ŠS libas dress and clothes .6L9 golabi pin% (R‫˜&ھ‬ a%hiya chocolate 4(I ‫ں &ے‬2<I(5 0A#&A-.O6 (Q& .švG6 banafshi violet DRI nial indigo FRv€ Tofaid white LR= Mila)+ard yellow .Y‫ا‬3(6 #adami)motiya oof white .)<qGS oRQ€a Toc%s Thawl Ma:ama K320 ¦uilt ˜(& ‫(ہ‬R€ ala)saiya blac% ±Y8€ Tarmae gray cI2 ‫ا‬8QqG€)(*S(Y -alta)sangtara rang /range color .I‫’<ا‬2‫ا‬ >rghawani purple (R‫ھ‬303 `oudhya mil%y .*R= Garment —oin cloth >astein 0R6‫ا‬85 bšr2 Trouser œardi paiti ‫ے‬UmP FG6<O9 Tleeve Tto%ing yaisham ‫ہ‬RS<P Uniform belt Tasmay Golu band ‫ے‬1<Y ‫ہ‬S(•03 Til% Toliya …(g2 s(•<= —aces -uffler -o+ay `oshala ‫ہ‬Y(5‫=(•ے‬ Towel ya+ae Moshaa% .# KA) #AA+ (Animals1 name) 2<I(5 ..

I<‫ہ‬ lips .I(šR= ongli baal dil naa% mehdha aan%hain hont paishani .>¯ iIT//w >¯ w>>!Marts of body" 8U& bac%)waist -™(= foot ‫ھ‬P(‫ہ‬ hand ‫ہے‬S<& hips (‫ھ‬FG& shoulder z(61 tongue 086‫ا‬ eyeball z389 ]amar pa*oon hath %ohlay %andha +oban abru garden 01(6 arm cI() leg 8€ head ‫ہ‬GY mouth FO5 s%in ZI‫ا‬3 tooth z(& ear k(6 ba+oo taang sar monh :ild dant a?an baal .OqI‫ا‬ finger k(6 hair k3 heart s(I nose ‫ہ‬FxY stomach 0R‫ھ‬JIa eyes .R‫ھ‬6 ba%ra goat 4(I ‫<ں &ے‬hf ‫ &ے‬bm5 AIT>.:anwar animal s‫ڈ‬RGY mainda% frog K8J6 ba%ri)ba%riaan cheep ²³6 bata%h duc% ‫ا‬+<‫ھ‬9 ghora horse (QRE chita tiger B<98l %hargosh rabbit 1(6 ba+ eagle .‫ھ‬P(‫ہ‬ hathi elephant .I0‫ا‬ onth camel billi cat ‫&<ا‬ %av?wa crow (’8Y murgha chic%en 2FG6 bandar mon%ey (‫<ہ‬E choha mouse' rat ¬I(€ sanp sna%e .ORJ ‫ھ‬E chap%ili li+ard z8‫ہ‬ harn deer ‫ھ‬pY8qY alligator -ager?mash ota dog ‫(ے‬9 ga?ay cow 2<€ suar pig ‫ہ‬FI8= prinda bird 8R• shair lion K8‫ہ‬O9 golehri s]uirrel .

S‫ڈ‬G= pindli calf ‫<ڑے‬mY masuray gums ‫ ھڑے‬R ‫=ھ‬ phaipray lungs ol(I na%houn nail .=<‫&ھ‬ s%ull ‫ے‬šR= paishay professions 2(&‫ا‬3‫ا‬ ada%aar actor K+L‫&ھ‬ %halari player)athlete .O‫ھ‬Q‫ہ‬ palm %ohni asaab ghotna sina hathaili 8q5 igar liver K‫ڑھ &.nec% 2(ml2 chee% (‫<ٹھ‬qI‫ا‬ thumb K‫ہڈ‬ bone ‫ہ‬GV‫ٹ‬ an%le z(Qm= breast ‫= <ٹے‬ eyelids ‫ے‬389 %idney . ا‬I028I‫ ا‬androni a+a internal organs K+<‫ھ‬//) thori chin D“6 baghal armpit .OmG‫ہ‬ collar bone <S(P palate K.OQ= .G‫&ہ‬ elbow 7(h|‫ا‬ muscle (G*‫ھ‬9 %nee ‫ہ‬GR€ chest .5<[ fou:i solidier (r3‫ا‬8l %haradiya turner -(Y(mI(l %han?sama coo%)butler K2(J‫ھ‬6 bha%ari beggar . ہڈ‬r2 rir %i hadi bac%bone ”(I naaf navel ‰ŠI naba+ pulse {2 rag vein ‫ہ‬FI•(UI namaenda agent …(ŠI(I naanbae ba%er B08[ –’(& %agha+ farosh stationer k˜3 dalaal bro%er ‫ا‬8R6 baira bearer B08[ ¨Q& %otab farosh boo% seller 2‫ا‬3‫ے‬RJ‫ٹھ‬ thai%ay?dar .E<Y mochi ru%hsaar anggotha hadi ta%hna pistan papotay gurday hansli talu %hopri hair ‫ہ‬8‫ہ‬E cehra face •(‹|‫.& ‫ھ‬JIa aan%h %i potli pupil z‫ا‬2 raan thigh forehead .qG‫ھ‬6 bhangi) %ha%?roob sweeper …(h† ]asae butcher 2(&<‫(ہ‬€ saho?%ar ban%er 2‫ا‬FRI(‫ھ‬P thanidar inchrage police sttion 89<[2 rafu?gar .Q•<5 :oshtashi astrologer 89‫ا‬3<€ sodagar trarder 708&(l .

AAT3A+-AA% +edical terms and name of some diseases 3238€ sar dard headach ž&323 dard ush !dawa" pain %iller ‫ا‬03 K‫ڈ‬G‫ٹھ‬ thaindi dawa cool medicine !iamaray haan yah term .xO† ]lae?gar porter 2<hY )1(€ cI2 rang?sa+ )mosawar painter contractor B08[‫ا‬03 dawa farosh druggist 2(G€ sonaar goldsmith 3(Q€‫ا‬ ustaad teacher (‫<˜ہ‬5 :olaha weaver ˜‫ا‬0 K8R‫=ھ‬ phairi wala haw%er DR&0 wa%eel lawyer)pleader K8QmY mistari mechanic B‫ا‬8P ¨R5 :aieb?tarash pic%Ÿpoc%et 2(‫ہ‬U& %amhaar potter K23(= padri priest darner ›r8qI2 rang?rai+ dyer eLY malah sailor K123 dar+i tailerŸmaster .cobbler)boot ma%er 1‫›ا‬6 ba+a+ draper z(m& %isan farmer z123 dar+an seamstress ‘RS(P‫ا‬ atalee] tutor ••(€ saes groom ‡hGY monsaf :udge 2(UxY mamar mason 85<9 )˜‫<ا‬9 gowala)go:ar mil%Ÿman 89 .S(Y mali gardner K2‫ا‬FY madari :uggler 203›Y ma+door labourer …‫ا‬3 dae midwife 1(6‫ہ<ا‬ hawa?ba+ pilot (R&‫ڈا‬ da%iya postman o&2<9 gor%an sexton .TA'A* "STA'A. =ڑ‬7(mf hisab %i patal %arnay wala auditor 1(€FO5 :ild?saa+ boo%?binder 2‫ا‬3 z(&3 do%an?dar shop %eeer ‫ا‬2(‫ڑہ‬JS la%ar?hara wood?cutter …‫<ا‬Of halwae confectioner B08[ K›Š€ sab+i?farosh green grocer ‫ا‬2(Rm‫ھ‬9 ghasyayara grass cutter N(fL³„‫‘ ا‬OxQY ‫ے‬€ DJr‫ڈ‬RY +"2(CA' SA) +.šGY monshi accountat ˜‫ا‬0 ‫ے‬I8& 4LRI nilaam %arnay wala auctioneer ˜‫ا‬0 ‫ے‬I8& k(P‫ &.

‫ھ‬QRY -aithi s‫ا‬2<l K. %hasusan hamlah ortoon %i dwa %ay liay boltay hain.< SA4%()AAT (5egetables) <Sa >alu potato #rin:al -int Tomato Mulse Mump%in yadish s23‫ا‬ >dra% Ginger —ady Gourd ^auliflower #ean ^arrot Meas .-AK (2iet) ." high blood pressure k(Q m‫ہ‬ haspatal hospital pregnancy asthma measles leprosy cramp bruise cholera smallpox vomit consstipation .z<l B389 FGO6 2(V6 bu%har fever medicine sic%ness gout plague indegestion bad cold)cold cancer piles swelling pneumonia boland gardashŸeŸ%hoon iu%ama %ay haan mustamal hai.‫ھ‬6<9 k<‫=ھ‬ Mhool gobhi 2FG\E ^ha%andar k‫ا‬3 `aal (R6<S —obiya ‫ا‬8R‫&ھ‬ hira 0F& adu 85(9 Ga:ar om‫ہ‬S —ehsun .U‹‫ہ‬F6 baad?ha+mi z.‫ھ‬6<9 FG6 #and gobhi ^abbage Tpinach /nion #eet root ^ucumber Garlic FenuŸgree% oqGR6 #aigun K‫ڈ‬G‫ھ‬6 #hindi finger ¢S(= Mala% (Gr3<= Modina (‫ٹھ‬R= Maitha 1(R= Mi?aa+ 8)(U) Tamatar .mG‫=ھ‬ phinsi 8R€‫<ا‬6 bawaseer ¢pRE chicha% žpR= paichash B1<€ so+ash ‫†ے‬ ]ay bl1 +a%hm (RI<UI namoniya ‰Š† ]ab+ 4(€8€ saraam 896:.mI(‫&ھ‬ %hansi 4(&1 +a%aam B‫ا‬8l %harash ‫ا‬+<‫=ھ‬ phora z(•8€ %ansar ‫‹ہ‬R‫ہ‬ hai+a .S<Y -oli 8*Y -atar .&‫ا‬ a%run ..Ul1 +a%hmi in:ury patient malairia paralysis aundice caugh boil pimple dysentery wound sunstro%e ‫ا‬03 dawa DUf hamal 2(UR6 bimar K2(UR6 bimari ‫ہ‬Y3 `ama (r8ROY -alairya (R‫ٹھ‬G9 ganthiya ‫ہ‬8ml %hasra •S([ fali: z<|(• ta?aon ‫&<ڑھ‬ %orh z(†8r yar]aan .

’–ا‬JO‫ہ‬ ial%i ghi+a o‫ھ‬JY paneer ‫ڈے‬I‫ا‬ >nday 3L€ Talaad .& ZUR† ‫ہ‬28\Y -o]arrah ]imat %a %hana fixed price meal (I(‫ہ &ھ‬FrFGm= pasandidah %hana favorite food (’8Y -urgha ^hic%en -il% (’8Y -ashli Fish ‫(•ے‬E ^ha?ay Tea ‫ھ‬303 `oudh D‫=ھ‬ 6hal Fruit 4a >am mango raspberry coconut orange aloe citron guava cherry peach melon ‫ہ‬E<Sa >alucha plum lo]uat lemen banana #adaam dates :aman mulberry pineŸapple waterŸmelon (08l‫ا‬ >%hroot walnut berry apple grapes hobani fig lechi pear sweetŸpotato K8‫ھ‬6 •2 yasŸbhari ((&<S —o%aat 8R6 #aiar Dr2(I warial -<URS —imoon ¨R€ Taieb ‫ا‬8QqG€ Tangtara LR& aila 2<qI‫ا‬ >ngoor ‫ا‬2(V6<Sa >alu ba%hara 4‫ا‬3(6 almond .)02 yoti -(RO‫=ھ‬ Mhalyaan k0(E ^hawal ‫(•ے‬E ›Š€ Tab+ cha?ay ‫(•ے‬E ‫(ہ‬R€ Tiya cha?ay !omomi" blec% tea •2 yas .E20(6 #awarchi?%hana %itchen brea%fast cheese bread green tea œater s‫ا‬2<l hana)%hora% food meal eggs noodles Z•<9 Gosht beef light meal salad rice :uice salt ‫ہ‬Q•(I washtah (I(‫&ھ‬ hana ‫.I(6<l apricot ‫ہ‬8P<JE ^ha%otra 0r2<‫ھ‬£& ha:urain 8R£I‫ا‬ >n:eer 308Y‫ا‬ >mrood oY(5 Aaman .I(= Mani 7‫ا‬8• Tharaab wine ¢UI wama% d8Y .‫ہ‬I(l .pRS —echi ‫ہ‬I‫ا‬3 ‫•(ہ‬ Thadana N<Q‫•ہ‬ Thehtoot .S(& ali mirch blac% pipper ‫<ڈا‬€ Toda !pepsi' shi+an wagherah" -ashroob)sharbat s‫ا‬2<l .P( •(I washpati 0+a >aru •(GI‫ا‬ >nnanas KFG† 8J• Tha%ar%an:i ‫ہ‬1<68l harbo+a 1<68P Tarboo+ ‫©ے‬S(hY +masalay .

Y3a (ŠUS lanba aadmi ‫ہ‬F|0(p€ sacha wada •™(‫ا ہ‬2<9 gora house ‫ہ‬I(Y1‫ا‬2(€ sara +amana –’(& FRv€ Tofaid %agha+ .I(= (‫ٹھ‬RY -itha pani N2<| <Or8‫ھ‬9 gharailu orat •(ŠS j8€ Tura%h libas Z€03 or8Q‫ہ‬6 #ehtarein dost .OU5 .Y3a aadmi %a bacha K8&<) .S ¢r‫ا‬ ea% lar%a one boy my daughter tall man the whole world house wife .& N‫ا‬2 raat %i tari%i dar%ness of night K8J6 .Jr2(P .& K›r8qI‫ا‬ angrai+i %i %itab >n english boo% •L9 (& ‫ھ‬303 doudh %a glass !a" glass of mil% ‫ہ‬8³†(& bGŠ• shabnum %a ]atra a dew drop .S(& aili mirch ‫ہ‬Qm= Mista z‫ا‬8v|1 uafran .•vS03 2oo lafzi 7umla Two words sentence (&.I(=20‫ھ ا‬303 doudh aur pani mil% and water N<Y20‫.& •‫ا‬ os %i ba%ri his sheep z3 (& K3(• shadi %a din marriage day) the day of marriage ¨Q& .I(= pani day doo serve water)fetch) water)give water ‫ہ‬p6(& .*R6 K8RY mairi baiti z(U€aLRI nila aasman .spices d8Y j8€ Tur%h mirch chilli cumin ginger nutmeg pepper tamarind aniseŸaniseed cI<S —ong clove currant mustard onion pistachio turmeric cardamon (RG‫ھ‬3 `hanyan coriander garlic mint olive saffron vingar poppyseed ‫ہ‬8r1 uira žUš& ishmish om‫ہ‬S —ehsan s23‫ا‬ >dra% -<€8€ …‫ا‬2 yaeŸsarsoon (Gr3<= Modina D[•85 Aaefal 1(R= Miya+ z<Qr1 uaitoon d8Y .=<) ›Š€ sab+ topi . ا‬9FI1 +indgi aur mout life and death 03 ‫ے‬3 .&‫ے‬8p& achray %i to%ri (<I (& •3 `as %a note .•vS oRP Teen lafzi 7umla Three words sentence .O6 .S(& %a%i billi blac% cat blue s%y true promise white paper red dress (*R6‫ا‬8RY maira baita my son green topi white house sweat water bet friend .E˜‫ا‬ Ilachi B(Všl has%hash ‫ہ‬OU5 .OY‫ا‬ Imli KFO‫ہ‬ ialdi (&8€ Tir%a ‡I<€ Toonaf .

ŠI (& ‫ہ‬OS‫ا‬ >llah %a nabi profet of >llah <I(Y .& K›Š€ Tab+i %i do%an vegetablt?s shop K<R6 .man?s %id dustbin a note of ten rupes .& k(Š†‫ا‬ I]bal %i bivi wife of I]bal .Y‫ &. ا‬bO€‫ا‬ aslam %i ammi aslam?s mother c5 ‫ٹ<ٹ(ہ<ا‬ Tota howa :ug bro%en :ug .& (f2‫ا‬ irha %i billi)mano irha?s cat z(&3 .