"Thanks to Robert Altchiler, I have learned much more than the basics of being a trial attorney and preparing

a case for trial. Robert is an expert on the "Art" of trial practice, from presentation to legal arguments and especially cross-examination of witnesses. He is creative with themes and techniques yet gives you the tools to implement them in your own way. I highly recommend Coaching at Courtside to both new and experienced attorneys."

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"I have had the opportunity to see Bob in action as an Attorney. When Bob walks into a room he is the most prepared and Knowledgeable person in the room. Bob is always confident and has a way about him that helps keep his Clients at ease under very stressful circumstances. I would highly recommend Bob to represent you in any legal matter." — Frank J. Cilento, President, Phoenix Wealth Management, was a consultant or contractor to Robert at ALTCHILER LLC "Robert and I were trial partners in the Brooklyn DA's Office. At that point, while he was just starting to come into his own, even a casual observer could see that Robert was headed for great things in the courtroom. He is a tireless, dogged advocate, who has developed a profound mastery of trial strategy and tactics. He is without peer in his understanding of human behavior, an invaluable asset in trial work." — Jeff Kern, Chief, Investigations Bureau, Kings County District Attorneys Office, worked directly with Robert at ALTCHILER LLC "Bob is the consummate trial lawyer. He will be the most prepared lawyer in the courtroom and the most effective on his feet." — Joseph Martini, Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP, was with another company when working with Robert at ALTCHILER LLC "I can with out a shadow of a doubt endorse Robert Altchiler as one of the best attorneys out there and as an exceptional trial advocacy professor! If you have ever worked with Bob, then you understand, and for those who have not yet... just give him a call... you will know within 5 minutes why he is the one you want on your side in business and in life!! I believe this comes from his genuine love for helping people both inside and outside the courtroom (or classroom). I have had the pleasure of working with Bob on various projects, one in helping coach his law students. During that process I was able to see first hand how he was able to take a classroom of students who were filled with fear of public speaking and give them the tools, skills, and confidence they needed to rise to the challenge and exceed their own expectations... as a result these students where not only prepared for the courtroom.. they were now more prepared for life! I have the utmost respect for Bob as a lawyer, professor and friend and recommend him without reservation!" — Darleen Santore, Founder / Lifestyle & Leadership Advisor & Coach / Occupational Therapist, The