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First name Shaikh Last name Sajid


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WORK EXPERIENCE Schneider Electric/Cimac
Period Country Functional Area Internal Job Title Description 01.06.2011 - 01.08.2013 Utd.Arab Emir. Project Management Assistant Project Manager Project Financial & Cost Management, Leading monthly project reviews with Finance team, Scheduling, Risk Preparing FEED, BOQ, Layouts, Selection of Equipment, Cabling works, Earthing, Lightning Protection. Ability to develop calculation, technical specifications & data sheets covering Load Calculations, Cable Sizing, Selection of Transformer & Generator Ratings, Selection of Starters (VFD, Soft Starters, Star Delta, DOL), Preparation of SLD’s, Preparation of Load Schedules, Breaker Sizing, Panel Design, Preparation Of Shop & As Built Drawings, Selection of DDC Panels, Generators, Transformers, HV and LV Switchboards, UPS, HV, LV Motors, Cables, Instruments, Fire & Gas Equipment, SIS, DCS, PLC’s etc. Installation, Design & Estimation of 220, 132, 33 & 11 KV Substations consists of Transformers, Cabling, MV Switchgear, Generators, Relay Panels, MV & LV Motors, MV & LV MCC’s, Low voltage Systems, BMS, SCADA, PLC, Visual Docking Guidance (Aircrafts Parking), Emergency Fuel Shut OFF (Aircrafts), Cathodic Protection, Heat Tracing, Vehicle Control, CCTV, Public Address, Access Control, Addressable Emergency Lighting, Lighting Control (EIB & DALI), SMATV, Intercom, Addressable Fire Alarm, Gas Detection & Suppression System. Power system studies through ETAP power system, Ecodial software.

Varlogic N Controllers. CGSet. Project Budgeting. Prepare the BOQ. Resource Planning. Project Monitoring. award recommendations. contracts and approvals are carried out effectively and efficiently in accordance with Company Policy and Procedures. Skills. TRIHAL Transformers.2010 . TESYS U Starter Controllers. Project Scheduling. ALTIVAR Drives 71&61.2011 Utd. SM6 . Contractual & Commercial understanding of tender. Busway. Planning.Blokset LV Panels. Evolis VCB’s. TESYS T Motor Management. MCSet. commercial evaluation. Preparation. Team size. Masterpact ACB’s & micro logic control. Arrange to get the quantity take-off from the drawings and guide Estimators & Asst Qs for take offs. Did Project Engineering. PRISMA Plus. discuss and ensure timely resolution of all relevant technical queries raised by the siteChecking the compliance of the received quotations in accordance with the enquiry sent to check for any deviations. Quality Control. SEPAM Protection Relays 20 40 80. checking design drawings and specifications to assess the scope of Project. ALTISTART Softstarters. Estimation & Familiar with Schneider Electric Products. MV Nexgulf. etc Making Cost comparison in case of multiple offers to select technically and commercially suitable proposals for the project Preparation of precise and competitive budget estimates with supporting back up documentation like valid quotations and worksheets. Design and Engineering Senior Estimation Engineer Preliminary review of Project contract documents. RMU’s. Reporting. Varplus2 Capacitors. Danway Period Country Functional Area Internal Job Title Description 01.05. Keeps a close watch on the proceedings through Supplier relationship. Techno-Commercial Offer for final submission to the Client. against the Site Instructions issued. Traveling. Review and Approval of technical documentation/drawings.WORK EXPERIENCE Project Management.Arab Emir.Switchgear.03. Review of Monthly Claims raised by Subcontractors against the actual progress at .01. Allocation to Project Tasks. Reviewing of New Prices quoted by Subcontractors for variation to the contract scope of work. Responsible for managing contracting strategies & tendering activities and ensure that bid packages. NS MCCB’s.

Lighting System. Telephone. Fahu. temperature switches.12. Develop negotiation strategies and lead negotiation sessions. Provide Cost expertise and Engineering technical advice to other members of staff. Load Calculations. Structured Cabling. Earthing System.2007 . that are technically correct and with an acceptable risk level. Takes a lead role in estimate reviews. Central Battery System. Emergency Lighting Panels. Erection and Commissioning of field instruments such as pressure gauges. R. Lighting Control System Testing.01. Ahu. Wiring Works. temperature transmitters. pressure transmitters. Low Current Systems.WORK EXPERIENCE site. Escalators. Shop/Coordination As built Drawings for Lighting. Preparation of Load schedule. Cable containment. Coordination with Dewa & Etisalat authorities to get approval of Load Schedule & Shop Drawings Lead a main role in Dewa Inspections for Shopping Mall Project Supervision of Electrical & Instrumentation Installations like. Fcu. BMS. . presentations. pressure switches. Cabling Works.2010 Utd. Lux Calculations Preparation of SLD’s. As-built drawings and O&M Manuals. Public Address. Prepare schedule & chart of Man hours by using MS Project & Excel.D. temperature gauges. Elv system. Pumps. Lightning Protection System Installation. Data. Thermocouple. Power.Arab Emir. SMATV. Transform market research data into clear outsourcing recommendations & sourcing plans Al Naboodah Engineering Period Country Functional Area Internal Job Title Description 01. Testing & Commissioning of BMS System used for all Mechanical and Electrical Equipment’s like Chillers. Fire Alarm. Providing supportive data and cost analysis. Fire Alarm system. flow and level transmitters and switches. Emergency Lighting. Intercom. Lifts.T. CCTV. Small Power System. Main Distribution Boards. Installation and Commissioning Project Engineer/Estimation Engineer Preparation of snag lists for handing over. Preparation of analytical estimates for Engineering works. Voltage Drop Calculations.03. Access control. Lighting Control Systems.

BMS. Data. Harmonic studies and Protection Relay Coordination. Language Skills Arabic English Beginner Fluent . Preparation of Load schedule. Conceptual / Basic Design / Front End Engineering and Detailed Engineering. Fire Alarm. Carrying out the shutdown interlock checking and also keeping the records of the same. Voltage Drop Calculations.WORK EXPERIENCE Preparation of data sheets and specification of various field instruments & equipments. Voltage Recovery Stability & effects due to Motor. load flow.2006 .12. Intercom. Navayuga Engineering Period Country Functional Area Internal Job Title Description 01. CCTV. Lux Calculations Preparation of SLD’s. Shop/Coordination As built Drawings for Lighting. Ground Gird System study. EDUCATION Education Type Education Level Education Type Education Level Bachelor's Degree (3-4 years) Degree Obtained Master's Degree (4-6 years) Degree Obtained COMPETENCIES 2. Access control. Transient Stability studies covering Motor Start.01. Telephone. Provides support to multi-discipline engineering team in Conceptual Studies. short circuit. Power. SMATV. Load Calculations.05. Thermal & Frequency recovery stability and effects due to Generators).2007 India Design and Engineering Junior Engineer Power Ssytems Power system studies through ETAP power system software i. preparation of SLD. Public Address. Emergency Lighting. Faulted & Non Fault Transients Covering (Rotor Angle Stability. Motor Modeling.e.

docx Attachment Type Application Letter CV/Resume Recommendation Letter From Tom-Schneider Electric.pdf Attachment Type Reference .pdf Attachment Type CV/Resume List Of Design & Estimated Projects.ATTACHMENTS Lead Engineer Electrical & Controls.pdf Attachment Type Covering Letter.