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Course Handout ( art-II! Date" 03#0$#2013
In addition to part I (General handout for all courses appended to the timetable) this portion gives

further details regarding the course. Course Nu%&er Course T't(e Instru)tor-'n-C*ar+e PHY F313 omputational ph!sics " Gaurav #ar

Te,t -oo. 1. $ first course in computational ph!sics% Paul &. #e'ries ( )avier *. Hasburn% + nd ed% )ones and ,artlett Re/eren)e -oo. 1. Pic- up an! other boo- on numerical anal!sis from librar! to gain greater depth on the math of numerical techni.ues. /umerical techni.ues using computers have led to po0erful methods to solve problems. It is difficult to find solutions to man! problems using anal!tical techni.ues. /umerical techni.ues come to our rescue to solve man! of these problems. 1uccess of these techni.ues is often limited onl! b! the speed of computers. $dvent of computers together 0ith numerical techni.ues have also led to discover! of phenomena that 0ould other0ise have never ta-en place. In this course% 0e 0ill • &earn numerical methods to find roots% to carr! out interpolation% to calculate integrals% to find solutions of ordinar! differential e.uations% and partial differential e.uations. • $ppl! these methods to solve ph!sics problems • 2rite computer codes to implement various methods. • arr! out e3periments 0ith codes for getting to the bottom of the ph!sics of a problems E0er1 2ee. t*ere 2'(( &e t2o (e)tures and t2o (a& sess'ons3

L!". Nos.
1 +45

Introduction 6oots of e.uations

Introduction to course *3haustive search% ,isection method% /e0ton76aphson% /e0ton7fo0ler% H!brid methods% 8ethod of false position% 1ecant method 8ethod due to &agrange ; /e0ton7 divided difference; Hermite interpolation ; ubic splines% Gaussian elimination% &< decomposition

#e'ries #e'ries



6unge7Cutta7Fehlberg method. finite elements and application to eigenvalue problems Finite difference in e. #iscretiAation error. $pproaches for coupled differential e. stabilit!.uations 1impons 3>= th rule% .uations in 17d and higher7dimensions 0ith #irichlet boundar! conditions.=719 Integration 197++ Brdinar! differential e. 19F 3EF 15>G>+E13 +5>1E>+E13 D7: lab tests during semester 1+>1+>13 losed boolosed booBpen boo- 5 omprehensive 3 hours 5EF losed boo- Chamber Consultation Hour: To be announced in lecture Notices: Notices will put up on Photon course server: http://photon. *uler methods. (i) $ic!ness (ii) out-of-station with prior intimation and hospitalization# IC %&' ()*) .uations 0ith /eumann boundar! conditions Weightage Date #e'ries #e'ries #e'ries Evaluation Scheme: No.oole?s rule. Finite difference e. 6omberg?s integration. +nd order differential e. /umerical approaches for improper integrals.uations. successive over rela3ation *igenvalues via finite difference. Finite difference schemes 4 )acobi scheme% Gauss71eidel scheme.bits-goa. 8ulti7 dimensional integration.e.$ Make-up Policy: leading to permission. Component Duration Nature of component 1 + 3 @est I @est II &ab tests DE min DE min @. po0er method. 6unge7Cutta methods.uations. a!e up will be given onl" to reall" genuine cases# i. @rapeAoid rule. Gaussian integration. Partial differential e.uations +34 +9 +D 7 3E *igenvectors and eigenvalues. 8onte7carlo integration Gaussian .