Zebra Mussels

First came to the United States on cargo ships from Western Asia. They were stuck in the bottom of the boat and eventually got dispersed in the United States waters. Zebra mussels are e tremely invasive because they reproduce !uickly"one adult mussel may release up to a million eggs each year# They are described as having dark shells with $%ebra like& stripes on the shells. Zebra mussels can travel easily by attaching themselves to boat hulls' anchors' or ropes when adults. These are dangerous to the ecosystems in (ichigan because they eat all of the plankton )tiny plants and animals* in lakes and rivers. Spreading can be decreased by having boaters clean their boats and be sure that their boats are staying in one lake or river.

Purple Loosestrife:
+t came to the United States from ,urope in the -.//0s by young doctor who thought that the plant had healing medicine. This plant is invasive because it can produce more than 1.2 million seeds in a year. 3urple loosestrife also grows e tremely fast and kills out other plants. 3urple loosestrife invades wetland areas' crowds other plants' reduces food and cover for animals and chokes up


waterways making it hard for water to flow. Spreading can decrease by having people pull out this flower and be sure to burn it so that the seeds don0t spread. We can also be sure not to plant the flower in new areas.

Rusty Crayfish
Was brought to (ichigan from surrounding states by boaters. (any fishermen have brought them from surrounding states such as 4entucky and 5hio in order to use them as bait for fishing. 6usty 7rayfish are invasive because they can reproduce !uickly and therefore invade a lake or pond !uickly. The 6usty 7rayfish is a gold metallic color and has two large claws and a long back tail for swimming. They eat many of the plants that help with lake and pond ecosystems. They make survival of many other animals and plants in lake and pond ecosystems hard because they steal all of the food. Some prevention we can take towards 6usty 7rayfish are being sure not to move them. We can make sure those fishermen are not transporting them from one area to another.

Asian Carp
Were first transported here from 7hina. They were transported as a means of more fish for fishing. Someone decided that they

would be good fish for fishing and had taken them from 7hina. They are harmful to the ecosystems such as 8ake (ichigan because they eat almost all of the plants that live in these ecosystems. They take over the food chains in these areas and eat all of the food so there is none left for other animals and plants. The Asian 7arp can be upwards of -// pounds in weight. (ost tend to be around 9/:;/ pounds. They have a large mouth and strong back fin allowing them to <ump powerfully out of the water. 3revention can be taken in order to stop these Asian 7arp from destroying our ecosystems. As fishermen fish' they can be sure not to move any of these fish to new regions or ecosystems.

Water Hyacinth
Found originally in the Ama%on =asin in South America. Was transported to the United States by a factory worker at a 7otton industry in the ->//s. ?e released the water hyacinth into his neighborhood and it eventually spread to the surrounding lakes and ponds. Water ?yacinth is very invasive because it can reproduce and have young adult plants within @:-. days. The plants are very sturdy and have deep roots allowing them to survive harsh weather. The plant tends to be 1/ cm long and about 2:-2 cm wide. +t has light blue violet flowers on it and long roots that attach

into a lake or ponds soil. These are invasive to an ecosystem because their roots kill off other plants and animals because they take all of the o ygen in the water. This leaves no o ygen for the other plants or animals. Their roots also grow e tremely deep that they choke out other plants.

Asian Long horned Beetles
5riginally from Western Asia' these beetles were transported on wood and dead tree logs to the United States. These beetles can withstand harsh environments and survive in many different ecosystems. They are typically about ; inches wide and about the si%e of a !uarter. They are characteri%ed by the deep yellow spots on their backs and legs. They also have large antennas for feeling where they are moving. These beetles are harmful to many ecosystems because they eat all of the trees eventually killing them off. They have strong pinchers in their mouth that allows them to burrow holes in the trees. They can burrow so many holes in one tree that it eventually kills the tree and therefore killing off a home for an animal such as an owl or s!uirrel. These beetles can be prevented by being sure that you do not transport cut down logs or wood. When you are cutting down trees for your fireplace be sure that you don0t buy the wood and only use the wood you personally cut down from your area. +f you move dead logs' the beetles tend to be

burrowed within them and move to the new ecosystems you transport the logs.