soared past participle, past tense

of soar(Verb)
1. Fly or rise high in the air: "the bird soared into the air"; "her spirits soared". 2. Maintain height in the air without flapping wings or using engine power: "the gulls soared on the winds" mad den·ing·ly adv. mad·den·ing mdn!ng" ad#. 1. $ending to anger or irritate: a maddening delay at the airport. 2. $ending to drive insane. madden·ing·ly adv. broil 1 broil" v. broiled% broil·ing% broils 1. $o &oo' by dire&t radiant heat% as over a grill or under an ele&tri& element. 2. $o e(pose to great heat. v.intr. $o be e(posed to great heat. n. 1. $he a&t of broiling or the &ondition of being broiled. 2. Food% espe&ially meat% that is broiled. dwin·dle dwndl" v. dwin·dled% dwin·dling% dwin·dles v.intr. $o be&ome gradually less until little remains. $o &ause to dwindle. )ee )ynonyms at de&rease. ad·vo·&a·&y dv!'!s" n. $he a&t of pleading or arguing in favor of something% su&h as a &ause% idea% or poli&y; a&tive support. breth·ren brrn" n. * plural of brother. fi·na·gle f!ngl" v. fi·na·gled% fi·na·gling% fi·na·gles +nformal 1. $o obtain or a&hieve by indire&t% usually de&eitful methods: finagle a day off from wor'. 2. $o &heat; swindle: shady sto&'bro'ers who finagle their &lients out of fortunes. un·der·mine ndr!mn" tr.v. un·der·mined% un·der·min·ing% un·der·mines 1. $o wea'en by wearing away a base or foundation: ,ater has undermined the stone foundations. 2. $o wea'en% in#ure% or impair% often by degrees or imper&eptibly; sap: -ate hours &an undermine

1. an estrangement. $he brea'ing of waves or surf. 2. * violation or infra&tion% as of a law% a legal obligation% or a promise. 2. 3pen to 8uestion or doubt: sha'y eviden&e. 'i&' up a storm Fig. &. . /. wob·bli·er% wob·bli·est . $o dig a mine or tunnel beneath. brea&h br&h" n. $rembling or 8uivering. wob·bly wbl" intr. grand·stand grndstnd% grn!" n. $o put ashore on a deserted island or &oast and intentionally abandon. 1. 3h% what pain4 My arthritis is 'i&'ing up a storm. a. /. )omething un&overed. $o ma'e a hole or gap in. 0ow rhymes with &ow. to be&ome a nuisan&e. 9.est +ndies in the 16th and 17th &enturies. $he a&t or pro&ess of revealing or un&overing. * person who is marooned% as on an island. -a&'ing soundness or sturdiness% as of &onstru&tion: a sha'y table. ma·rooned% ma·roon·ing% ma·roons 1. 2. b. 2. tremulous: a sha'y voi&e. pre&arious: a sha'y allian&e. :. 2.v. + 'i&'ed up su&h a row that they told me to leave. 1ote the variations in the e(amples.avering in firmness: a sha'y belief. b. v. to misbehave and disturb someone". ma·roon 1 m!rn" tr. * fugitive 5la&' slave in the . often Maroon a. 1. brea' through. a revelation. * gap or rift% espe&ially in or as if in a solid stru&ture su&h as a di'e or fortifi&ation. * roofed stand for spe&tators at a stadium or ra&etra&'.s health. sha'·y sh'" ad#. $o brea' or violate an agreement% for e(ample". n. grand·stand·ed% grand·stand·ing% grand·stands $o perform ostentatiously so as to impress an audien&e. 1ot to be depended on. $o abandon or isolate with little hope of ready res&ue or es&ape: $he travelers were marooned by the bli22ard. sha'·i·er% sha'·i·est 1. * leap of a whale from the 2. dis·&lo·sure d!s'l2hr" n. * brea'ing up or disruption of friendly relations. *n opening% a tear% or a rupture." $he &ustomer 'i&'ed up su&h a fuss about the food that the manager &ame to apologi2e. brea&hed% brea&h·ing% brea&h·es v. 2. * des&endant of su&h a slave.v. a. 1. 1. /. 'i&' up a fuss and 'i&' up a row. b. $he spe&tators or audien&e at an event.

.$ending to wobble. unsteady.