School Program Title Caring schools

2. Program Summary Caring School concept is one of the important concepts in the Malaysian education system. It has a close enough relationship with seventh challenge of Vision 2020, which is a caring society and a caring culture. Caring school concept is a concept that can contri ute towards creating a caring society. Caring school is also a le to generate the ne!t generation of students who are alanced emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically and have greater self" discipline. #. $ac%ground Information or any further reasons why the school created the program. Symptoms of vandalism and truancy is a critical phenomenon in schools today. &hese symptoms can e addressed when there is a caring school. &herefore, the Ministry suggested that the school dealing with this pro lem, especially s%ipping school to reali'e the Caring School so that students can e guided with love and care. (here there is %indness and guidance, students will e captivated, compelled and driven to school. )Professional Circular $il.*+,--., Schools /ivision, Ministry of 0ducation, 1P2.-,+3ld.VIII )-4 dated . Septem er ,--.4 Caring school feels is an important element in creating a Malaysian citi'en who has a first class mind. (hen schools provide a conducive atmosphere and good will attract students to the school. &heir minds will e uilt and filled with elements that can uild self"esteem as a Malaysian who grew up with our own.
4 . The value of the school's vision , mission and core Vision Build glorious top schools 5 . Program goals and o !ectives 5.1 "sta lish management, schools, teachers and school staff, pupils, parents and the communit# $or% together to create mutual and caring school. 5.& 'ppl#ing positive values among students, teachers and the entire school communit#. 5.( )elping to address various social pro lems among students. 5.4 *ncreasing affection among teachers and school staff to pupils in schools. 5.5 Creating unit# among the $hole school communit#. Caring school emphasi+es on some of the %e# concepts, 4.1 ' le to contri ute to$ards creating a caring societ#. 4.& ' le to generate a alanced generation of emotional, spiritual, intellectual, ph#sical and highl# disciplined. 4.( Capa le of producing teachers and school staff are 'caring' on # students in all aspects. 4.4 ' ilit# to enhance self-esteem and leadership practices among teachers and

Sometimes there are also parents $ho do not %no$ $hen the PT' 5eneral 6eeting . teachers and parents and loving each other is an important mechanism in Caring School Concept . "fforts should e successful this school concept shared et$een teachers. 2no$ledge and understanding of the Caring Schools is fundamental to the success of the concept. . That's $h# the school $here the author $or%ed held annuall# 9ove :nline Toda# for all levels. Cultural %no$ledge that is meant here is that ever# last element to understand and appreciate the importance of $hat it means Caring School .( Partnership Sharing culture is another aspect that is sometimes forgotten in the success of the Caring School Concept . then escaped dut# to send their children to school . if #ou $ant to see Caring School meets desire $e desire.. 7a# 7eliver# 8ecord their children's performance . 'll involved need to understand the concept and importance of Caring School students. . students and the communit#. 1or them.school staff. Sometimes it happens that parents full# surrender to school children $ithout noting the academic development of their children .5 ' le to uild students' self-esteem and leadership s%ills can e elicited among them. last out/ in schools.. 1riendl# relationship et$een teachers and students . . $hen school fees $ere paid and e4uipment ade4uate schooling .& 2no$ledge Cultural %no$ledge should occur $ithin a school to produce Caring School . . . Care should e the mission of the school to a school to e shared $ith students and communit# especiall# . 'fforda le produce teachers $ho /first in. Culture ta%e cogni+ance should continue to e promoted so that the desire for success can e achieved Caring School $ith distinction.1 The $armth and loving Culture of $armth and loving are t$o main thrusts to the success of the Caring School .4 Ta%e 2no$ Ta%e %no$ another culture is a need e3ists for a successful concept Caring School . .. The school values intended for the program and 0 or definition ... '$ards 7a# . T$o cores must e seen in a responsi le and serious . 4. 4.

The rise and fall is also the responsi ilit# of the school communit# . *nstead.? Culture of Team$or% Team$or% is an important enough culture in the success of Caring School Concept . . *t ma%es the school is !ointl# o$ned. planning and implementation.. This culture is positive cultures that have een tried and dealt $ith through the ages . . )o$ever. Team$or% is $hat has made the school $riter )ope School $on the . sometimes these small elements menati!ah%an great effect in uilding a Caring School . Team$or% has proven success in all organi+ations .. 5reat and no le $or% could not e moved # one or t$o in a school organi+ation . <hen all those involved in contri uting ideas. there are still some events that sho$ less steadiness of this culture . ... . B# the culture of positive reinforcement is important in the success recipe Caring School . . $hether underta%en lightl# same $eight togetherness in moving Caring School . "ver#one li%es to e praised and receive a gift . the# $ill $or% together . there $ould e less uneas# feeling for each other .evertheless ... $hat is $rong $ith it is translated in an organi+ation called the school to uild a so-called Compassionate Schools ..ational @ualit# '$ard and the 6inister of "ducation in 1??> .> School and Communit# 8elations The e3istence of a close relationship et$een the school and the communit# is one of the %e# elements in the success of the Caring School . . communit# and students . especiall# corporate organi+ations .= Positive 8einforcement Civili+e us $ith positive reinforcement is another strength of the success of the Caring School Concept .5 6utual 8espect Should respect the culture is em edded as an important step for the success of Caring School . This close relationship $ill usuall# also affect the academic achievement of a school improvement . This culture should e3ist et$een teachers . Therefore. Communities must e involved in ever# school program $hether large or small . *nvolvement of 'll Cultural point fingers at others $hen things vulnera ilit# can e reduced $hen all mem ers of the communit# involved in the program.

(ithout these two cores . competition hygiene class and decorate the corners of the classroom . v . de ate competition . to . It is helpful to e shared with students in the production of the schoolAs mission to create a feeling they love the mission school and the school itself . we can try filling in the three groups . the teacher can adBust a lot of things with students. Students will feel valued and loved when his teacher cares a out them . campaign . Cards and <ifts &eachers and students can e rushing greet them . the students shared with this mission through lectures. 9fter that . poster competition . Cards and gifts are elements that indicate the e!istence of loving warmth and etween teachers and students. &he teacher has Bust received a certificate only pain and feels no disgrace if a teacher " home visit to a sic% student to pay a visit . If scouting to fill the Caring Schools concept which can e carried out in schools . &hree cluster is defined as7 @.. Caring Schools will not function properly. In meeting this morning . including7 i 4 Meet Morning &hrough this meeting .0 minutes. cards and gifts for success in tests and e!aminations is a testament concept Caring School . &he length of time this program is or has een implemented 6ear 7 8rom 3anuary to /ecem er 2 .C0P& >8 SC=>>: C9?0 Central to the concept of Caring School is loving and warm . Cluster &eachers and Students 9mong the practical activities that can e carried out for this group . iv 4 Partnership Mission School Mission schools must include elements of construction Caring Schools . which too% . whether at home or at school .5 . $irthday cards. 9ctivities ) actions and implementation strategies 4 8I::I. iii 4 9ccess to Students and &eachers 9nother way to help is the occurrence of success Caring Schools and visit each practice when students are sic%. ii 4 Provide <reetings . Competition classes cleanest maintained. the teacher can as% the studentsA pro lems .< &=0 C>. Cui' . as well as the corners of the form are availa le around the school .

discuss the setting up of activities class fees .#0am. Come 5. &hey will strive to ensure the success of the concept. (hen the students involved from the eginning in providing ideas and plan activities . <ar age Pic% /ay >ne . &his will ma%e them %now the good and ad things. >ur School >ur =ome . &here may e a good idea from those that may e applica le to the success of this concept . &his could increase the love and affection to the class and feel that is their right .2 Cluster Students (ith Student Pupils and students are also another group in the successful concept of Caring School . &he activities that can e achieved y this group are7 i4 &he Class &he students were given the opportunity to hold a meeting or a class of their own form . i! 4 0ngaging Students in /iscussion 9ctivities Caring &he students involved early on in the discussion activities to uild a Caring School . (e angle &he students may e appointed as a father and adoptive mother to the corners and certain areas in the school . &hey were given the tas% to ensure that the corners cheer in addition the necessary information on the current angle and always interchangea ly . @. :et them manage their classes and levels according to their tastes. . and so can e made to instill the seeds love school . they will feel that their own activities together . Providing Peace and Smile campaign can also e run geared towards that. It starts with the head form and appoint committee mem ers . vii 4 Praising and disapprove 9nother way that can help to elevate the Caring School is for students augment compliments on the efforts and success. vi . viii 4 Ma!imise Student 0ngagement in Classroom Management 9nother practical steps to uild a Caring School is the students should e given the ma!imum involvement in the management of their class . &his campaign should e well structured so as to provide the est impact in advancing the concept of Compassionate Schools .:ove Campaign 6our School . &ry to e!plain why the offense committed and should e avoided . Should taunt and tease them on the offense should e avoided . Sometimes the way students tapped to do a good deed will create a sense of fun and love them to school .

In some situations . students can easily master a s%ill through peer than his teacher. 10M9S . (hen the love etween them is em edded . &his program not only involves classes such as PM? and SPM e!aminations . ut also other classes . &hey will e tas%ed to implement the Caring School culture to every class that ecame their adopted son . community halls and others who can help advance the concept Caring School . School community can ta%e advantage of these institutions whenever possi le. Parents can e involved y ma%ing their adoptive parents to particular classes .ii 4 Mentor" Mantee S leading student academic field can e chosen to e a mentor while the less will e manteenya . &he activities that can involve parents and institutions around the school there is 7 i 4 Class :ift Parents can e fully involved in reali'ing the concept of Compassionate Schools . Campaigns and programs that they will e moved y the love e!pressed other students to school . iii 4 Move (atchdog (atchdog school can also e moved to reali'e the concept of Compassionate Schools .# Cluster Schools Citi'ens (ith Parents Parents are referred to in the conte!t of the Caring School refers to parents who have children who are learning . &hey are closer to the students. D Prime Clean Campaign D and others. Islah friends will always meet and discuss what should e done y a student to the school . mosCues. @. /iscussions are ongoing and involve them in activities that instill love will develop students who can achieve Caring School Concept . &hey were given the tas% to guide their partners to e successful. &heir influence as a prefect and peer very effective if it can e harnessed . Speech given y the well" eing of their fellow students will cultivate the seeds of love etween them . iv 4 Partner Islah Islah mean improvement. there are institutions around the school either factory . D9 student per tree flowers D . &he students who are less sensitive can appreciate the concept of Compassionate Schools diislah%an to ma%e their pupils a lift to the other students . Parents can share with the class how the students can e orn Caring School class participation and uild . they will e attracted to come to school and loves the school . &heir adoptive rother or friend will ensure that in certain time periods . ?egulatory agencies can organi'e D :ove (ee% Campaign SchoolD . v (idening <reetings Culture greet fellow students also are one way to achieve Caring School Concept . &he spirit of racing will ta%e place and will Mantee love mentor who has wor%ed hard to teach and help succeed in a su Bect . D9 Student 9 Vase D . the change to the character and a love for school can e transformed or enhanced .

e!ternal parties can play a role to achieve the o Bective of the school . increased academic and moral purification . the staff of other schools . untings and anners earing the words to stimulate the love and affection of students to school . the Prophet As irthday procession schools and other programs that involve school staff . &hese organi'ations may e involved in the mission and vision of the school . v 4 plenty of 3oint 9ctivities >ne of the factors that help a good relationship etween the school and parents or community is that when the freCuency of Boint activities underta%en. iv 4 partnerships )Smart Partnership 4 $uilding a Caring School is a daunting tas% . Motivational program learn s%ills . iii 4 School 9lumni 9ssociation >ld $oys 9ssociation of the school or alumni can e matched with the school community in planning and implementing Caring Schools program . Endou tedly <od :ove of 6ou D . (hen school alumni may e mo ili'ed as active in school focus on Merciful . Private and corporate parties usually have their financial allocations for education and welfare programs . Municipalities and 9griculture /epartment can give them advice . &o deal with the drug pro lem . &he mosCue and Islamic ?eligion &he /istrict >ffice may reduce the importance of %nowledge and e!perience in the conte!t of concept development Caring School students as a servant and vicegerent of <od on this earth . (here there is a loving students . environment and instill a love of students to schools with eauty environment . Sometimes informal programs such as" Shura council . D Class Cheerful Es =appy D and others may e held from time to time . (hen togetherness . D :ove ClassD . as well as the motivation and management e!pertise that can e used to generate a spirit of caring in schools. D:ove 6our School . ii 4 Private Sector Involvement In School &he private sector can e involved with the Caring School program ecause they have a lot of infrastructure that can e utili'ed y the school. even more so relentless challenge .<>s 4 will facilitate the aspiration towards creating a Caring School . In some matters . Smart partnership etween the school conducted y government odies . the parties and the agency may e involved P0M9/9M for the information and activities that can avoid the students from these symptoms . 9lumni 9ssociation is also sponsoring posters. students and the parents will create a feeling of togetherness and love.their own themed class motto Caring Schools . it will reveal a caring classroom and will eventually help produce school Merciful. caring for school prefect &>& can e held with the help of the private sector and financial contri utions to Caring Schools program as school eautification . especially the teachers can focus on teaching and learning . D(elcome to Students (ho :oved D . non"governmental organi'ations ). for e!ample . In the event that the school wants to eautify the landscape of the school environment to create a sense of comfort . &he D :ove 8riend D . DCome (e ma%e love for 0!cellence School D .

parents and the communit# in achieving this goal . students. regardless of political affiliation . this no le intention $ould e an empt# dream due to lac% of fascism . it is possi le to e a caring school thrives on our homeland education arena . shoots their release should e thro$n far a$a# from the dictionar# to see the success of our lives $hat $e fought together . *f the school !ust thin%ing a out school $ithout engaging and interacting $ith the communit#. <e reali+e that this man consists of intellectual . ?. Teaching strategies used pedagog# of teaching values in schools 'll involved $ith the success of the Caring School Concept e3pect a positive outcome as a result of their sacrifice .1 Commitment and 8esponsi ilit# These t$o elements are essential to the success of Caring School . Caring school is certainl# e3pected to e transformed to ma%e an impact on education in our countr# . 0ducators should e striving to e the concept of the Caring School elongs to all mem ers who are in the community.4 <ish Pra#er Caring School concept is the result of human support of the constant contact $ith each other . religion and enacted is an important factor in the success of this no le goal . ?. )o$ever. ? . $ehalf of the Village /evelopment Committee ) 3111 4 or . ph#sical . . B# the practice of pra#er pra# for each other and al$a#s re4uest that all these no le .( 2no$ing <ho <e Surround Building relationships $ith individuals and groups all around us . the authors see there are some small things .ased on mutual respect and love is tied tightly. it was tempting concept Caring School is done for the support and the strong support of all parties. Spiritual relationship et$een driving Caring Schools are re4uired. emotional and spiritual . This no le goal should e shared # all mem ers of societ#. 'mong the follo$ing items A- ?. if an# of the school staff . Committed and high sense of responsi ilit# .o single $or% done $ithout e3pecting conse4uences and results. "nau nature in the ush .eigh ourhood (atch can e included to achieve this no le goal . if neglected $ill th$art this process . Bnderstanding cultures and communities concerned $ith $hat happens in it so needed # the school .

. <hen the proposals $ere seen in terms of priorities and ma3imum impact on the goals to e achieved . 'ctuall# a good listener is the %e# to the unit# and sta ilit# of the action ta%en . it is not at all the feelings ut $e unite our hearts to do $hat is est $ere selected. man# are $illing to give a little constructive ideas and $ho are $illing to implement the recommendations as soon as possi le. *ndeed. ?. Be a good listener does not prevent us to recommend the perceived sound . Perhaps. 'lthough small and simple tas%s such as anners $riter . 'll parties involved in the success of the Caring Schools must open the chest and thought them to accept the suggestions of others. 6an# failures occur ecause $e prefer to e a proponent of not a good listener. out of patience $ith the red tape and difficulties during the reali+ation. This is no e3ception to the Caring School . then man# are easil# frustrated .lessed and successful is a good practice . chairman of the council. This planning must go through a series of discussions and rainstorming . Based on the author's e3perience . ut it is 5od $ho determines ever#thing. there is the possi ilit# that our proposal aside .5 1un <ith 7uties 1un $ith assigned duties and responsi ilities and do it as est as possi le $as the success of the $or% done.4 Be ' 5ood 9istener 'uthors see Caring Schools $ill e a le to succeed $hen it is carefull# planned and successfull# carried vengeance. ut $e have fun $ith it ecause that's our contri ution to the success of the honora le intentions of uilding a school in it filled $ith feelings love love and affection for each other . <hen this aspect is neglected. our responsi ilit# is to plan and $or% to ma%e it happen . These sessions need to voice our vie$s and hear the vie$s of others . u# a fe$ cans of paint . Sometimes $e give greater concentration of ignoring the ph#sical and spiritual aspects . 'll involved $ith the Caring School should feel good a out $hat the#'re doing in order to achieve the agreed $ishes and e supported together . 'll suggestions are good and $e choose onl# the est to implement. "3pect re$ards and goodness of 5od to ma%e us en!o# our $or%. !ust ring some seeds flo$er pots . loggers minutes. ?. The e3citement $as more feel $hen $e see the ripples of success to $hat $e stand for. upset .

money and sweat educators.1 Program monitoring and evaluation mechanisms 0. 11.1C.ew 6ear Message 200*. spiritually and intellectually. parents and the local community.0.. energy. patriotic. competent. . 8esources used for the implementation of the program . (riters loo%. students. Program monitoring and evaluation mechanisms . Me%anisne monitoring and evaluation program and a summary of the results. itAs time for us to uild an outstanding student academically and alanced development physically. 6e%anisne monitoring and evaluation program and a summar# of the results.0. $eauty and purity need to sacrifice time. the education Minister4 as Minister of 0ducation wishes through education and platforms (asilah Caring Schools. as well as self"discipline. 1C.ational 0ducation Philosophy and Vision 2020 as well as detailed y professional circulars Ministry of 0ducation will e successful when it is shared.2 Summary of results Caring school is eautiful and no le institution. Caring Schools no le intention that envisioned y the . not to e individualistic rather have teamwor% and a le to play a role in community )?eference7 . emotionally.