Navneet Singh Chauhan Email Id:- navneet !"#$%gmail &'m M'.ile: 7/$!!


Address:-B-227,NEW Mig Flats Mayur
(ihar )hase-!, Ne* +elhi-,,$$#-

To work in an organization which extracts the best out of me for its growth and provide me enough opportunities to succeed in life.

Name of institute/ School
Lovely Professional niversity!"alandhar! Pun#ab

Degree/Qualifica tions
B.Tech in Electronics and communication Engineering

University/ Board Lovely Professional niversity




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-enior -econdary -chool /ishwa Bharti Public .entral Board 1f .ertificate -chool!0oida! ttar Pradesh -econdary Education -econdary -chool Education /ishwa Bharti Public .entral Board 1f -chool!0oida! ttar Pradesh -econdary Education

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• 4orking as Trainee Engineer at Propress 5nstrumentation and -olutions Pvt. Ltd. !0oida 20th A:ril t' ,#th ;uly 2$,!

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• • • • • 4orking on niversal 6/7 -B Programmer at Propress 5nstrumentation and -olutions Pvt. Ltd 20th A:ril t' ,#th ;uly 2$,! ) months 5nternship at Precision Electronics Limited!0oida in 8esign 9Engineering 8epartment 1n pro#ect named 666*6utomatic 6ntenna 6lignment,:/:$ !rd 2uly 2$,, t' 2nd 2an 2$,2 ( weeks /ocational Training in Embedded -ystems at Build 7obots in .reating -cience*B75.-,! an incubative of 55T ;anpur in "une $%&% ,0 2une- ,/ 2uly 2$,$ ( weeks Training Program in Lovely Professional 8esigning 6nd =abrication niversity! Pun#ab Pro#ect ndertaken< P.B ,,th 2une 2$$# t' #th 2uly 2$$#

4orked on 4ireless Extender for 57 7emote .ontrols for four months as ma#or pro#ect in 2 th semester


+e&larati'n 5 hereby declare that the above furnished information is correct to best of my knowledge and belief. 8ate< Place< 0oida Navneet Singh Chauhan . Leadership and organizing abilities >1BBIES • • • • To play cricket and football To surf net and listen music To read novels To make friends and socialize )E7S1NA5 +E3AI5S 0ame =athers 0ame 8ate 1f Birth 8egree < 0avneet -ingh .B 8esign 6nd =abrication .• • • • • • 3''ls: 1:erating System >. P.hauhan < Crd 6ugust &@@% < B tech *Electronics and communication engineering. 4indows*@2?$%%%?AP?/ista?'.ircuit designing on bread board .urious to learn new things 8edicated and sincere Excellent interpersonal skills.hauhan < -umar pal -ingh .E and Eagle simulator Basic knowledge of /L-5 8esigning on Tanner tool E937AC477IC45A7 AC3I(I3IES • • • 4on medals in athletics at school level Participated in debates and essay writing 6warded the best group leader in scouts and guides during school )71FESSI1NA5 37AI3S AN+ 64A5I3IES • • • • • 6daptable and Buick learner .ircuit design on P-P5.1ffice*Excel?4ord?powerpoint.