11, 2013 Expect delays, nighttime lane closures and periodic lane shifts for a 10 mile work zone to widen Interstate 20 from Interstate 77 ( 7!"7# past $pears %reek %hurch &oad ( '!"(# in &ichland %ounty" %ompletion is anticipated summer 201!" Expect minor delays, flagging operations and possi)le nighttime detours on *lpine &oad (under I+20# )etween ,araway -ri.e and /olo &oad in &ichland %ounty while ramp intersections are )eing impro.ed and I+20 )ridges are )eing widened 0 reconstructed" %ompletion is anticipated summer 201!" 1eginning $unday, 2o.em)er 10, the east)ound traffic on I+20 )etween I+77 and $pears %reek %hurch &oad will )e shifted )ack to the outside into its normal traffic pattern" 3nce this occurs, )oth lanes will ha.e full access to )oth the %lemson &oad and $pears %reek %hurch &oad exits" 1eginning approximately $unday, 2o.em)er 17, the west)ound traffic on I+20 )etween $pears %reek %hurch &oad and I+77 will )e shifted" 4his shift will split the west)ound motorists into two separate lanes of traffic )ordered )y concrete )arriers" ore details to follow" 4he 5arners ,erry &oad 1ridge (6$7'(077'# c%ords ,erry &oad (6$ (01# is closed in the west)ound direction" 8est)ound traffic is )eing detoured to the ramp to 6$ (01, where temporary traffic signals are in place to help motorists" 8ork is expected to )e completed )y the end of 2o.em)er 2017" Expect nighttime lane closures on I+2( from the I+77 interchange (mile marker 119# to $+(0%aw %aw &oad" (mile marker 17(# in )oth the east)ound and west)ound directions" 2ightly lane closures will continue through :uly 2019" Expect sporadic delays to complete the work on 6$+1 (5er.ais0 illwood04wo 2otch# from the %ongaree & to ; mile past 1eltline &oad" 4he anticipated completion date is 2o.em)er 2017" Expect possi)le lane closures on *ssem)ly $t" ($+!'# from /endleton $t" ($+17!# to 1lossom $t" (6$ 2107(# in &ichland %ounty for sidewalk and *-* ramp reconstruction, traffic signal installation, and milling and operations" /lease note< 23 =E,4 46&2 onto 5reene $t" from *ssem)ly $t" heading 2orth)ound or $outh)ound" *nticipated completion date is 2o." 70, 2017" Expect lane closures and flagging operations on >ope ,erry &oad in =exington )etween 6$+77' and idway &oad for a )ridge replacement 1! ile 1ranch %reek" %onstruction is expected to )e complete ay 201!" Expect delays and flagging operations along 4wo 2otch &oad ($+77# and 3ld 8ire &oad ($+12?1# for grading, drainage, and operations associated with the intersection impro.ement 0 relocation" *nticipated completion date will )e early 2o.em)er" Expect nighttime lane closures for resurfacing on I+2( in &ichland and =exington counties from mile markers 107+119"! in )oth the east)ound and west)ound directions" 2ightly lane closures are anticipated thru 2o." 22, 2017" Expect lane closures and flagging operations on 6$+77' in =exington )etween 5eorge $treet and 8est 1utler $treet for widening and intersection impro.ements" ,lagging operations and lane

closures will also impact 8est 1utler $treet, &eed *.enue, 3ld %hapin &oad, 6$+1, and /ark &oad in this .icinity" %onstruction is expected to )e complete *pril 201!" 1eginning 3ct" 21, 2017, -errick >ollow &oad )etween 1ack)one &oad and -errick /ark &oad will )e closed to through traffic for phase two (final# of the )ridge replacement >ollow %reek" 4he detour route will )e 1ack)one &oad, -og =eg &oad, &idge &oad and -errick /ark &oad" $igns will )e posted marking this route" 4he road is expected to re+open to through traffic -ec" (, 2017" 4his site is located approximately four miles northeast of 4own of 1ates)urg+ =ees.ille" Expect minor delays and flagging operations on 1road & &oad from 5reystone 1oule.ard to =ucious &oad in &ichland %ounty for the replacement of the )ridge the 1road &" 4his proAect will reBuire reducing traffic to one lane in each direction" 4he expected completion date for the proAect is the summer of 201!" Expect minor delays for road widening construction on /latt $prings &oad ($% (02# taking place )etween $+1(' and 3ld 3range)urg &oad" Expected completion date is 2o.em)er 2017"