This section introduces you to the hardware of the device.

Device Information

No. 1 2 3 4 5

Items Touch Screen Windows Flag Key Phone Settings Key Call Key End Key

Functions Display screen. Use stylus to select items on screen. Press to open Start menu options. Press to launch phone settings screen Press this key to make or answer a call. Press this key to end a call or to return toToday screen from any screen. Select an icon on screen, and then, press this key to activate the function of that icon.


Confirm Key

S1205│ 1

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8 9

The LED indicator indicates the status of your device by showing different colors. Red: Charging is LED Indicator activated. Green: Mobile network is detected. Blue: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS is activated. The source of music Receiver/Speaker and voice. Hold down this key for a Power Key few seconds to turn on/off your device.

10 Micro USB slot

Use USB connector to synchronize data with your desktop PC, and transmit data or charge the battery. It is also a handset plug. You can listen to music via headset.

11 Headset Plug

S1205│ 2

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The Camera on the back of the device supports 3-mega-pixel photo and high-quality manuals search engine .Manualslib. S1205│ 3 Downloaded from www. You can insert your Micro SD card here.12 Volume Key 13 Micro SD card slot 14 Camera Key 15 Camera Lens Slide this key upwards or downwards to adjust volume. Press this key to launch camera.

com manuals search engine . Remove the battery cover and the stylus.Manualslib. and then. Then you can find the reset button. ․Press:Use your stylus to hold down on a desired item until the pop-up menu appears. Press it to reset your phone. and then. Remove the battery cover. Items 16 Stylus Functions There are 2 ways to use your stylus: ․Tap:Tap a desired item by your stylus.No. 17 Battery Cover S1205│ 4 Downloaded from www. lift the stylus from the screen. install the battery and insert your SIM card into the carrier.

com manuals search engine . The phone will start charging automatically. you may change the backlight duration and brightness level. You may charge the battery in the following ways: 1. Open Battery Cover Push the battery cover upwards. remove it.Manualslib. Universal AC Adapter: Plug your AC adapter into a suitable main power socket. and plug the connector to the charging slot of your device. 2. Note: Using any battery pack or AC adapter (charger) not specified/endorsed by GSmart on this phone may be dangerous and may invalidate any warranty and approval given to the device. Tap Start > Settings > Power > Advanced tab. and then. The standby time and talk time will vary depending on the local network and individual usage. and S1205│ 5 Downloaded from www. Charging the Battery Please make sure that the battery is installed and fully charged when use your device for the first time. USB Cable: Connect your device and your PC with the USB cable supplied in your package. Power On/Off Press Power On/Off key on the top of the device to turn on/off the device. To reduce the power consumption of your device.Battery Your device comes with a removable and rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Unplug the charger from the power supply when it is not in use.

com manuals search engine . There are two slots for two SIM cards. Sleep Mode is a power saving mode designed to reserve the power of the battery. Press Power Key again to exit Sleep mode. SIM2 slot is on the underside. and then remove it. Push the battery cover upwards. Upper slot is for SIM1. The bar indicates the remaining power of the battery. ․Select your desired time period on “On battery power” or “On external power”.then. when no operation is done within a period of time. You may adjust time to activate Sleep Mode. 1. 2. 3. Insert the SIM card into the slot. S1205│ 6 Downloaded from www. After idling for a period of time. Sleep Mode 1.Manualslib. SIM Card Before inserting/removing a SIM card. the device enters Sleep Mode automatically. This function helps you save power. please make sure that the device is turned off and is not connected to any power supply. When your device is in Sleep Mode. 2. The device will enter Sleep Mode automatically. select the duration of the backlight. it will not respond to any operation or touches on screen and on the keypad. The backlight of the screen will turn off and the device will activate Sleep Mode. The metal contacts on the SIM please face down. 3. ․Tap Start > Settings > Power > Advanced tab. Find the carrier of the SIM card on the upper section of your phone. ․Tap OK to complete this setting. You may also manually enter Sleep mode by pressing Power Key. Battery Power Tap Start > Settings > Power > Battery tab.

2. and manuals search engine . Please always remember to pull down the SIM card latch for locking your SIM card safely. 6.Manualslib. and then. Lock the device: Tap Start > Lock to lock the device. The SIM card latch is on the upper-right corner of the device.4. and then. the S1205│ 7 Downloaded from www. The device will not respond to touches on screen nor react to any input on the keypad. Unlock the device: Slide Lock icon on the screen. you will hear “click”. If you don’t pull down the SIM card latch. when it is locked. the device won’t power on and battery cover can’t be pulled back. return the battery cover back onto the device. Push the battery cover back. Lock/Unlock 1. Return the battery back to the battery slot. 5.

Tap “Prompt if phone unused for”. all of your program data can be manuals search engine .Manualslib. The Portrait mode allows you to get a better view or a S1205│ 8 Downloaded from www. and programs. data. 7. This hint may be visible by others.device will be unlocked. On Hint tab. and type it again in Confirm field. you can change the unlock display. you must reset the device. On Display tab. 4. A strong password must have at least 7 characters that are a combination of uppercase and lower case letters. select how long your device must be turned off before the password is required for using the device. and punctuations. use a strong password to help protect network security. Note: The Lock/Unlock procedure is based on the lock display of Windows Default. 6. the system provides a hint for the password in case you forget your password. 1. ․If you have used ActiveSync to create a backup file. To enable this function. Select the type of password you would like to use: Strong alphanumeric or Simple PIN. ․If your device is configured to connect to network. 5. Tap OK to save the settings. Advanced Lock Settings You can create a personal password to lock your device. Enter the password. ․If you forget your password. Screen Orientation You can change the display of the screen. The reset function will erase all files. Tap Start > Settings > Lock 2. 3. numerals.

better operation of certain programs on your device. and the screen will be changed accordingly. Tap Start > Settings > System > Screen > General tab. Landscape (right-handed). Tap OK. Portrait S1205│ 9 Downloaded from www. while Landscape may be optimal for viewing longer text files. select your desired orientation: Portrait. or Landscape (left-handed). 2.Manualslib. manuals search engine . On General tab.

Manualslib. 3. Command Area Depending on different mode. Pop-up Window It allows you to access an item manuals search engine . Start Menu Tap “Start” to open Start Menu. this area contains shortcuts to certain programs and important information of today. Today Screen On Today screen. Status & Icon Area Display icons of notifications and the status of the system. Input Method and commands to create or edit a file.Landscape Display Information The main screen displays the following information: 1. You can tap the icons to get the details of the functions. To cancel this pop-up window. 4. 5. you can change the settings of Today screen. you can return to Today screen at any time. Tap Start > Settings > Today. 2. S1205│ 10 Downloaded from www. tap other areas of this screen. Tap Start > Today. this area contains different features such as menu options. Tap the selected item to perform an action.

S1205│ 11 Downloaded from manuals search engine .Manualslib.

Call forward. a Wi-Fi network is in range. f Call on o hold. Calls s Data call. Building connection to GPRS. SIM2 ha as strong signal. Wi-Fi is activated. You have h missed manuals search engine .Manualslib. This are You can n tap the icons to get t the details and the settings s. SIM1 ha as strong signal. The power p of the battery is i low. Wi-Fi network is connected. GPRS is s connected. Signal No conn nections GPRS is s in range. Statu us Type es Battery Icons Descriptions The power p of the battery is i full. Batte ery is charging. Voice e call is active.Status & Icon Area ea shows status and alerts of the system. S1205│ 12 Downloaded from www. Bluetoot th is activated. Please P recharge.

Ringer is s off. Roam ming. SIM2 2 no service. SIM1 phone off. Quick Menu M Setting can help you u adjust the frequent tly used settings. GPS is connected. Volume Message e You hav ve one or more new message(s). Trying g to connect GPS. You hav ve one or more instant message(s). Quick Menu Setting S1205│ 13 Downloaded from www. Phone manuals search engine . v Ringer is s on. You hav ve one or more new voice ma ail(s).SIM1 no service.Manualslib. SIM1 has no SIM card. SIM2 2 has no SIM card. m System volume. SIM2 2 phone off.

Manualslib.11b/g CSD Y Modem dial-up Y S1205│ 14 Downloaded from www. RAM 128 MB 110.2”.) Up to 4 hours (It may vary depending on the availability Talk time of local networks and individual usage.1 mm 114. 536 WQVGA TFT LCD Type touch panel Resolution 240 x 400 pixels Band *GSM/GPRS/EDGE Band 850/900/1800/1900 Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.6 x 55 x 13.) Display Characteristics 3.5 System Professional Processor Memory Size Dimensions (L x W x T) Weight Battery Battery Capacity Standby time MT6516 at 416MHz ROM 256 MB.5 g (including Battery) Li-Poly pack 1300 mAh Up to 150 hours (It may vary depending on the availability of local networks and individual usage.1 Wi-Fi IEEE 802. 65.Specifications Items Specifications System Information Operating Microsoft Windows Mobile manuals search engine .

AAC. AAC. GIF. PNG. H. PNG. BMP 3.0 JPEG. WMV7/8/9. BMP Depends on available RAM MP3. manuals search engine .USB Image Format Max Size (per) Audio Format Max Size Video Format Max Size Phonebook Size Ringtone Type Polyphone Digital Camera Type Camera Video Micro USB 2. AMR 64 polyphonic MIDI file JPEG. AMR. MIDI Depends on available RAM 3GP.264 D1 Depends on available RAM Depends on available RAM MP3.0 mega pixels Y Recording Message Windows Live Y Messenger SMS Y MMS Y E-mail Y External Memory Type Micro SD Card Max Size Maximum to 16 GB Operating Temperature Temperature -10℃~45℃ S1205│ 15 Downloaded from www.Manualslib.

Smart Pack S1205│ 16 Downloaded from www. and select the interface you want. In interfaces. Weather 6. Time 5. Text 8. Lock/Unlock 4. Call History 9. tap Start > Settings > Personal > Smart manuals search engine . Status & Icon Area 2.Manualslib. Battery 3. Phone 7. Live Nature Main Screen 1.Introduction of Smart Pack On Today. hold down Confirm Key to switch the screens of the interfaces to Today.

Hold do own on one of four r icons located at th he bottom of the main screen to activate the quic ck manuals search engine . Icons Descrip ptions GPRS is s active EDGE is s active GPRS is s used EDGE is s used (Dy ynamic) Data is connecting c No GPR RS Service S1205│ 17 Downloaded from www. Yo ou can tap some icon ns to get the details of the func ctions.Manualslib. You Y can select the icons you want in that menu. Status & Icon I Area Display ico ons of notifications an nd the status of the system.

or Wi-F Fi is not t connected Wi-Fi is connecting (Dyna amic) Wi-Fi is connected Bluetoot th is active Getting data d via Bluetooth Bluetoot th headset is active.Gettin ng MSN Message Roam ming Active eSync is connected Active eSync is connecting (Dyna amic) eSync is failed Active No Wi-Fi W Service. Use the headset (The adapter is inserted. Headset H with microphone is inserted.) A2DP Headset is connecte manuals search engine .Manualslib. Vibrate is i active Mute Alarm is active S1205│ 18 Downloaded from www. and the microphone is not active.

GPS is active FM Radio R is active Recorder is active Stopw watch is active Misse ed call On th he line Unrea ad SMS/MMS Unrea ad E-mail Invalid SIM Card No SIM card SIM Car rd is locked No Phon ne Service No Phon ne Function Strong Signal S The pow wer of the battery is full Charging g 0%~100 0%. Slide the screen (left ( to right/right to left) to swit tch the screens: S1205│ 19 Downloaded from www. ~….com manuals search engine . 10%. Battery Tap the Ba attery icon to check the t current power of the battery y. Carry 10% per time.Manualslib. 100%. 0% %. 90%.

Time Tap beside the Time icon to adjust time. Slide to choose “Year. Minute. when it is locked. you can change the duration of the backlight. ˙On More tab. you can check the left power of the battery.˙On Battery tab. ˙On Forecast tab. you can get the information of weather about today and this week. ˙On Settings tab. and Date” for adjusting time. The power of the battery will vary depending on individual usage. Lock/Unlock 1. ˙ On Auto tab. you can select country/area and city. Month. Weather Tap beside the Weather icon to adjust the settings of weather. you can adjust alarms. S1205│ 20 Downloaded from manuals search engine . Tap the Alarm icon to adjust time and alarms: ˙On Time tab. Hour. You can also select Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The device will not respond to touches on screen nor react to any input on the keypad. Tap to update the information of weather. The information of weather can only shows the information of today and this week. ˙On Advanced tab. Lock the device: Tap the Unlock icon to lock the device. ˙On Alarms tab.Manualslib. you can adjust the advanced settings. you need to adjust time. you can adjust time. you can adjust more settings. Notes: Before you adjust the settings of weather.

com manuals search engine .2. press Confirm C Key on the main m screen. Slide th he volume to adjust it. or slid de the screen from th he downsid de to the upper side. Slide the screen s (left to right/rig ght to left) to select different fu unctions in Functions s Menu. the devic ce is unloc cked. and then. In order to o close the hidden Fu unctions Menu. S1205│ 21 Downloaded from www. re-press s Confirm Key.Manualslib. or slide the scre een from the upper si ide to the downside. Unloc ck the device: Slide a Lock icon on screen. Volume e Press Side S Key to launch Vo olume Menu. :Volume V on the line :Phone P Volume The hid dden Function Menu u In order r to launch the hidden Functions Menu.

Select a contact to make a call.Quick Contacts 1. manuals search engine . Swap/Delete Functions Menu S1205│ 22 Downloaded from www. Tap “Quick Contacts” to activate it. hold down on a contact to launch and .Manualslib. 2. In order to delete and edit contacts.

Weather. When you delete a function on the screen.Manualslib.In order to launch Swap/Delete Functions Menu. or click to delete the selected manuals search engine . Calendar. will be appeared The hidden Widget Menu In order to launch the hidden Widget Menu. World Clock. icon in Functions Menu. Notes. S1205│ 23 Downloaded from www. Drag the selected icon to swap it. slide the main screen from the downside to the upper side. Tap to close Widget Menu. The hidden Widget Menu provides widgets of MSN. and Advanced Calculator. hold down on an icon in that menu. Clock & Alarms.

In order to switch to the main screen. Phone In order to switch to Phone screen.Manualslib. S1205│ 24 Downloaded from manuals search engine .Chinese Painting Slide the main screen to the other screen. slide Phone screen from the left side to the right side. slide the main screen from the right side to the left side.

slide the main screen from the left side to the right side. In My Favorite.My Favorite In order to switch to My Favorite manuals search engine . hold down on an icon to launch the icons of “Delete” and “Swap”: S1205│ 25 Downloaded from www. In order to switch to the main screen. slide My Favorite screen from the right side to the left side.

com manuals search engine . or slide the screen from the downside to the upper side. In Swap screen. In order to close the hidden Functions Menu.” Tap icon in Swap screen. You can select Settings and Start in that menu. or slide the screen from the upper side to the downside.Tap to delete the icon you select but you can to swap the not delete “New Setting. the defaulted functions are listed in the first page and the functions which are added by you are listed in the second page. re-press Confirm Key on the main screen. press Confirm Key on the main screen.Manualslib. S1205│ 26 Downloaded from www. The hidden Functions Menu In order to launch the hidden Functions Menu.

Windows Media In order to switch to Windows Media screen. Tap this icon to show the map of the whole interface.Smart Zone You can slide the main screen to the other screen.Manualslib. Start In order to switch to Start screen. The direction of the arrow always indicates where the main screen is. slide the main S1205│ 27 Downloaded from www. slide the main screen from the upper-left corner to the lower-right manuals search engine . Tap this icon to move to the main screen. The black dot indicates where you are.

slide the main screen from the upper-right corner to the lower-left corner. If this document is modified. slide the main screen from the lower-right corner to the upper-left S1205│ 28 Downloaded from www. please download the latest version on GSmart official website. Taipei. slide the main screen from the lower-left corner to the upper-right corner. slide the main screen from the left side to the right side. Phone In order to switch to Phone screen. Photo Album In order to switch to Photo Album screen. Widget In order to switch to Widget screen. Beixin Road.gigabytecm. My Favorite In order to switch to My Favorite screen. 3. Taiwan +886-2-89132220 www. Internet Explorer To switch to the internet explorer.screen from the upper side to the manuals search engine . 231. Settings In order to switch to Settings screen. slide the main screen from the right side to the left side. Xindian.Manualslib. B2. Sec. 207. GIGA-BYTE COMMUNICATIONS INC. No. slide the main screen from the downside to the upper side.