Metis Arrested at Fort Belknap

November 24, 1878: Cypress Mountains, Patrice Breland writes: !e news !ere, alt!ou"! not very "ood, because t!e Bu##alos $bison% are very scarce in t!e nei"!bour!ood, t!ey are plenti#ul on t!e ot!er side o# t!e line alon" t!e Mil& 'iver, but t!ere is "reat inconvenience to "o and !unt in t!at direction because t!e (mericans de#end it, t!ey !ave made prisoners) (ntoine Brillant *dit Bryant, dit Brien+ t!e elder, Peter ,apierre, (le-ander Brillant, Pierre ,abruler *dit ,a#ournaise+, (mbroise C!artrant, *C!artrand+ C!arles .emonti"ny and /osep! (0ure, t!ey !ave all been made prisoners wit! t!eir #amilies) !ey were arrested at 1ort Bel&nap, t!ey !ave been released a#ter 7 or 8 days a#ter, wit!out bein" #ined provided t!ey don2t return and tell #ol&s t!at ot!er prisoners will be put in "aol #or two years and t!eir !orses and carts ta&en) 3 !ave learned t!at t!e eton $4iou-% "o !untin" on t!e ot!er side o# t!e line numberin" 566 men) !e eton are not numerous !ere) !ey are about 76 lod"es and t!e 4ante about 56 lod"es, and t!e remainder o# t!e eton wit! 4ittin" Bull are at t!e Mud!ouse on 8!ite 'iver $9ta!%, 3 !ave learned t!at t!ey are about 1,666 lod"es) 3 t!in& 3 will "o very soon to trade wit! t!ese people)))

Compiled by ,awrence Bar&well Coordinator o# Metis :erita"e and :istory 'esearc! ,ouis 'iel 3nstitute

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