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Aloha au kou au puni, Mekou home e ke ^ust Ka E ka le sia Hoola mau, Me kou ko-ko huikala py. "I love thy church, 0 Lord, The house of thine abode,
The church our blessed Redeemer saved

Suusgj;.. Bgach
Christian School

Haleiwa, WaWaii.

'ith His own precious blood."


96712:, 1975


Dr.. Timothy Dwight who \^ote this beautiful hymn, took Obookiah, a Hawaiian boy, who ran ax^ay to cpme to America to live. He became the first

Hawaiian Christiafit and it was because of his yearning to take Christ to



his islands that prompted the first missionaries to come to Hawaii in 1820.

He \i7rote, "I lived with this pious and good family for some time.

what was said in prayer, but I doubt not this .good people were praying for
me ^ I ,.

was first..time I meet with praying family, morning and evening (Hawaiians call their family devotions "GHANA") It was-,difficult for me tq understand

has drawn,:this picture showing the children's love of the church.

Bible, the cross, and of Jesus.

Today, hundreds of people in Hawaii love "thy church" and worship in rev erence a^ Hawaii^ Christians have alway?. done. .Cheryl Hiram in Grade 1
3.r^ists show "their deep love of Jesus by drawing, pictures of. the

What a fiood year this has been! Our problems have been few and we are thanks5if-' graduate inlittle June-then on toour big high schools where ^they^miss the ffecuriryof our school family. One mother wrote,. "We wpt to express our appreciation to all the teachers for the help they have given our son. We know our son is in good hands and we''l:hank you for having
suQb a wonderful school." Ainother family who'^has moved'to the Mainland wrote us how much our school did to strengthen their faith in God. We receive letters from all over asking about our school and how to start a Christian school. Every\i7here we read of the fate of modern education and
a to return BACK TO THE BASICS.

1.7-school accepted Christ andin have been baptized into hJim.^ Amyour Saiki, ourmothers school have secretary, came forx^ard September, not
wanting to put off her decision any longer. Kachel Rosskopf, after much study, has given up her Friend's belief and came a C^istian only. Recently she told me how happy and contented she her husband, a Swiss, will see the WAY, too. In March, ir'aula Rice, mother of a little girl in my room, became a Christian. We press fo^^ard that the V70RD is powerful. We have seen our little children ^
lead their parents to the Lord.

aitec working here for almost 3 years, she believes in Christianity.

Her family is Buddhist, but

contest, movies, excursions to Honolulu to see the Capitol, the lolani t^alQce, the old Kawaihao church, Kite Day, short walks to the beach, slumber parties. Pants Day xvhen the girls may x^7ear pants to school, ukelele lessons

Thinking back on this good year, we remember chapel programs, spelling

depicted, in our 1975 Palpcu, edited by Eleanor Otake and Garv'Powell. God
has richly blessed our school.

or the Dth and 6th graders,-all of these activities and many more are

^o^ely plaque was placed on the wall by our


Tu Allandedication Powell (our minister's son who our was killed In ihere was a short service and we named library.

We are renting the house adjoining our property and using it for

Mrs. Jones from Portland, Ore. staying t^ith ils this winter.
buy the property when the owner will sell.

school as well as renting part of it.

We are blessed by having Mr. and

We hope to ^

The 1st graders received their new red Bibles in March.


carried them home.

Again V7e will learn how to read the Bible together for

How carefully they

devotions each morning. Keao, who neveir comes to churchy told me his dad read the Bible to hicjJ He was so proud to have his own Bible. This lit

tle group of children are as diverse atid as interesting as their first .

names: Makena, Kenji," Aukai, KeaOj and their last names:


Yoshikawa, Moeia

(Samoan) , Kanaiaupuni .^-(Hawaiian) * Lumoya (Filipino).

Our Island churches are enjoying fellowships, singspirations, adult retreats, and camps for our youtii. The new ministers at Pearl Harbor, Charles Beard,
and at Hauula, ^.111 Martin are truly blessings to His work.

I have been enjoying a car-ministtyby going up J^upukea mountain to pick up

several children for church on Sunday rriomings. One of my passengers is a

man- a retarded person, who loves to come to church.

In my last letter last Fall X wrote of the group of young adults who wor shipped with us for 2 years. They decided to have their own North Shore
Christian Fellowship and worship their own style. They left with very little ill feeling in our fellov/ship. We are working on a new building for worship which may be started in 2 years * We hope to keep it simple and
with Hawaiian decor.


Mrs. Brandenburgis living in Ha3nvard, Cal. no\^ awaiting her lOlst birthday. This marvelous saint continues to live close to the Lord, growing in know ledge even yet. I read somewhere^ "People live complaining of the shortness of life, yet live as if life on this earth will go on forever. Many do not know HOPE as the Anchor of their souls." Not so with Grandma BRandenb urg"

\le are thankful that MrSi Still ...._Mrs*_ .Poll, has blessed many places by
serving the Lord in many ways* Now she.ia..a companion to Mrs. Still who

must be in bed most of the time, j Mrs. Poll's daughter-in-law, V/ava, was

one of the first teachers in this..,school-in 1953-55.

For'Whom the Bells Toll

1974 took its toll among friends who have meant much to me through the
yearsT^^rsv ifeeneyand "Mrs. "Houston from the'^cbngregatioh iTrErlahger,~Ky7T ~ who were faithful unto death, Mr* Fugett, a Ky* farmer who invested his life in faithfulness to Christ, my last aunt, WilheminA Campbell from
Wisconsin, 2 former students who were killed in traffic accidents, 3 cour* *


Pinney, Mike Spiess, and Mae Mohlke who has been good to me as long

as I can remember, Mrs. Osbome* (Harold Hossom's motherTand others*

list gets longer every year.
that inumerable caravan SUMMER PLANS - -


"So live that V7hen thy summons comes to join

crgy, with my sister and in Lexingtbn andTTrlangerCincinnati, Indiana, and

Wisconsin ending up in Califomiet.

I expect to be on the Mainland ^all. 5ummer-"iTi''i3^6r,g;ia with my brother, in


Rosemont Garden %C.R,. Clem

I hope to see many of you.

My Lexington

May the blessings of a rich and full life of living close to our Master,
serving Him above all-be "yours.
Jessica Floyd



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