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JANUARY _ 1973

"B lllfi anfl. tra Irnilla-meka-hanTiff? atrn, arvlft

lea, e llle ka'u mau elele." Matale 2^:35

(Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my

words shall.not away.) Matthew 2^:35
KAAHXJMAW AND THE NW TBSTAIOTT - I832 In early Hawaii when,Christianity had taken hold tinder Queen Kaahumana's leader

ship, there was no printed Bible for the Hawaiian people. Just before she died, she i had completed a tour of her islands and > with every breath was prayer or.praise to G-cd for what He was doing for her people.
She had. seen them tarn to the Lord by the

thousands. Now as she. lay dying in her favorite vailoy of Manoa, Hiram Bingham,
one of the first missionaries, harried to
finish the New Tectamftnt in the Hawaiian


He put a copy, bound in red in gilt letters, in her

hands. She looked it thi*on^]i i'rom Mfifrtliew to Revelation and was- satisfied. HAWAII

had THB HRIM'-Bd Amnn oi'* ODJi

Today, 1^1-0

years later, the Bible is still the most iniporta.nt book in Hawaii.

We like to retain memories of "old Hawaii'' even our first impressions of 20

years ago when fields of waving cane and clean rows of pineapple doiuiiiy.hod "fclio Tnridnow they have-given way to houses and more houses.

We wonder about the economy of Havraii,

Pineapple and cane workers have come

Now many of th<=im face th

from many Pacific Isla.nds to work in the plantations.

real "Pau Hana" (work finished) and must look to Toui-Ibiu for jobs.
Molokai has already stopped pineapple production and. the little.-island of Laiiaiahas begun to lay off the workei'o oxcept for one day a week. For the time, being

they are on "unemployment".

Hotsls are boiug built in rural parts of the island and

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it looks like ToariSB.,will advance as H, 1 industry in HavalJ, Ve watch old land marks, old trees, and beautlfal.lands destroyed to provide homes for the ever ex panding population. Sunset Beach, a strip of land "between ocean and mountains, re
tains its charm and q.uiet beauty with its natural beaches - but construction is

busy in this area. A new Glomentary school is to open next September. We will lose a fev; students but I do not expect too significant a change. A big portion of our
students come from Hauula - 1^ miles av/ay.

Along with the change in living, come plans to change buildings to meet the

"new look".

The old steeplechurch buildings are being replaced by modern architec

Our little brown church at Sunset needs re

ture - not even Eawa iian stylized.

placing because it is wearing out.- helped by termites and strong salt breezes. We need a much larger meeting place - especially for school programs. Our 100 seats are not enough to take- care of our fajnilies. We have our weekly chnpnl programs in
2 sect3ons new. Wo have a building fund which is being fed in large amounts through

Mr. and Mrs. Still.

Wo look toward a now building for worship in the near future.


Kalihi Valley Church in Honolulu - the Virgilie Ibarra Family ha.s come from the Phillipin-'-jG to serve as missionaries in Hawaii, He has been at work among many

Philipine families and it is encouraging to hear of ^0 people in attendance again.

Austra lia;. . The church is made up of new Christians who are being tested and aro'
true and willing to w-ork. The loss, of. Mrs-, Pa,tsy Alameida, a young fa5thful member

Waialua Church - has lost its minister, Darryl Erause, who is returning to

there, who died of leukemia this Fall, has made the members determined to keep this little church going, G-len Powell, will preach there until a minister is found.
Maurice Saite is helping out, too.

Sunset Beach Church - Surfers come to church. Yes, if y.ou attended our ser vices oundsy, Wednesday or other week nights, you would see, meet, and love our

SurferaJ The ball started rolling this Suiamer and gathered speed this Fall, A few surfers (long hair, beards,-and clean) came to services, "Ainen" and "Praise the
were heard. We took them in,.,, fed thom, showed them our love and concern. Yes,

clothed them from the .Free .Store which the church operates through Mrs, Jo Roth
clothes are available and .FreeJ They brpiip;ht friends, These transients stick to --gether. They converted .them and now they are a vital pa.rt of the church, PRAIST3 TWP. LORDi! Patty, a girl away from home, brought many friends to chai'ch and on raan,v
Sundays has led them down the aislo to make their confession. brought her mother. After a weekend retreat for yuan^
newcomers to Sunset, were baptized at night.

One wondi^vfMl day she and Mike, two

Moonlight Baptism] Bob G-roone became endeared to us by his sincerity and gen uine love for the Lord, I fed him a few times, we exchanged reading ma,terlalc. One moonlight night after church, wo went to a little cove called "3 Tables" and Bob was buried with.Christ, The moon gave its it shone brightly on Bob, Someone put a lei on him and ho voiced his inner joy, "I feel so good". Bob hoc rw turned to California where he is at work for the Lord, We Just don't lose our love
and concern for such people,
Maurice Saito since his return from military service has been a constant in-

/fluence for Christ in everything ho ha.s done. He has pr^^ached for our churches, / worked with the youth of .the island, .He still plans'on going tO'Biblo College next 1 year. His raother, -Clsra Saito, came to. the Lord and was baptized this s'niira'=r after
M 17 years of prayer. She rarely misses a worship cervice. .

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Emily a,T!Ld Eensandra two of our 6th grade g^rls br^came Christians this ?all. Oh, there ar^ many more v^ho are waiting wa5t5ng,

Hawaii has a yoar round camping program for youth and adults. Christmas camp is Just over, 5 new rod, white a.nd "blU'3 tents stood for h days in our grounds with 20 young teenagers receiving inspiration and strength to work and grow in the Lord.

Many am preparing to attend Sihlo Colleges soon.

treats throi^n in,

I was director of Junior Camp

this past Gummf=ir - it was the trad.itiona.l camp program with a lot of Hav/aiian

suinsbt beach chhtgtm school news

who serves for love v;ith very little remuneration.

Our SOth year started with 101 students, 7 full time teachers and 2 special reading teachers, 1 bus driver and janitor, and our dear secretary, Mrs, Amy Saiki

-ture-of re^es, s-izes- and styles - but-one th-ingl^ey have in common - a heart of

We were Full (our rooms and our hearts).

Help me in the search]

I have 1? in Srade 1 (again a mix-

^e 0 . n of stopping my life's work - but I woald like to find a replacement as


s^^^oetest, -luietest and easy to teach group I've had.

I don't

10 students have moved in December, leaving us with 92 students. Again, re

placements are needed in some grades. 2 of our largest families couldn't return we have ^'^^ays '-cause oflenient their financial had accumulated the years, been but spacedebt was which at a premium this ?all thEough and we couldn't
encourage those with large debts.

^ Aloha Spirit the gifts World Our children love shs.rej mention some need and they haveTo their ready. This year we to want them Just to look beyond to some mission in the world where they can share with letters, money, gifts, prayers. My cl^ss spved their money for Kulpahar Kids Home in India. Ve bought school there, wrapped them hs saving gifts and sentfor them. Another grade , y i. help:^ Homer, Alaska Christian Gchool and coupons a bus. Grede 2

gave food ^nd money to a family in Sunset who lost their home by fire.

--^art of-us. -One-day he subst i^utoT "in "Trades "7 and 8. ^E.3 was""^n SnbhahioHl
and had to return after Christmas,

+n of^en we ^V3 achildren professor from a famous Dr. university such as Princeton enroll his in our school. James Loder, Professor of Education, Princeton rhoological Scminnry J5vf.d h.-.m fur moul-hs^nd b-^came a
ended, the ocean across the road from us put on a mighty show. It was
Iloscn.-.c! nvo c.-unuoit
Some don't make it and are lost

wild, yet contained its energy and stayed within bounds. We felt its pw^er when
each thundering wave pounded, the shore and shook our hoor.os.
with lines, or helicopters with rescue baskets.

surfers and amateurs go in the ronPih waters, only to be broneiUt to shore by firemen

forever. There is violence, crime (social gambJing becomes legal this month) and much heartbreak. We are in the midst of helping 2 broken homes, yet we feel the
open doors of our church axe open to all and we are hert: ho uex-ve "for cnch time

as this".


On the last day of. the yeari G-len Powell encouraged ua to pray?
"Not. to drag ..with as the activities of the old year,
hut with-E^nticipation of what God can do with and , through us in 1973...

His love.....Pray for the freshness of His Spirit and for a deepening of His ST>irit
in our lives

Tt is a whole new period of time in which we can shore His grace. His mercy,

G-od, in His goodness., has given us another year, T am rememhering the Saints who have "be^n called Home .in 1972 - Dorothy Sterling, Mabel ITichols, Nona Seigesmund, Mrs. Feck.and others whose lives touched mine-

With Heaven in view, May we all "Hana B" (To the Work)
Jessica Floyd

Mahalo Nui Loa for your gifts

of live this past year, your letters, your

Christmas cards, your prayers, your love


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Permit No. 814

Covingtonr Kentucky

JESSICA FLOro, missionary

Sunset Beach Christian School

Haleivva, Hawaii 967^2

59-57B Kam Hwy.

jS'iry/ / z'^


;j^When I was a little girl, I

happy privilege to u'alk
with Him here in Sunset

^'decided to walk daily witt\-^-^ the Lord. It has been my ^

by Dennis

Beach for 20 short years.

by Darlene

On April 13. during our school chapel,

were placed around my neck a big box was given to me

^irls, students at the Sunset Beach Christian School j'T^ancl teachers

in love and respect to show their love and Aloha for me.

92 boys and

Leis of plumeria


which contained their surprise gift- a savings account pass book. For a short time I thought it was a gift to the New Building Fundbut they had to explain it was for a trip to the Holy Lands.


^ ^by Kim a


1 don't remember when I came back do\m to earth but I sailed through the remaining days of school with a head full of plans, I have many to thank for their part in this"too good to be true" surprise-


a little girl in the 2nd grade who may have given a penny, a
than thanks, Ellie Otake, put her idea to work and ex-

boy in the 5th grade who denied himself some candy, "old friends" of mine in Hawaii and on the J-lainland who gave rather than take the trip themselves. The person who deserves more
panded and involved, many. All this was done behind my
Our tour host, Ellie deserves back and it was a complete surprise.


Kathy Cool, (New York Bible Institute) has made it possible

for Ellie to take the trip without cost.

this gift and I know that God had it all planned this way. Judie Peterson, 4th grade teacher, will be going too. Ruby Maggard will be in the group
along with some more from Kentucky. This is a Wholesale Tour-New York.

Frankfort, Germany) that evening. Then

in Kennedy Airport, New York, June 25th.

So our suitcases are packed and we leave Hawaii June 24th, arriving

We fly to Tel AviQ(stopping in


)D !>


by Gordon




As I walk these places of memories, I will remember you and wish that
you were walkiris: with us.

My brother and sister have been so happy for me,

trip..,,. Such l o v e . S o much love.

Campbell wrote, "That

will be a wonderful experience but best of all is the realization that there are people who love you enough to send you." Patty sent clothes for the

My little first graders were so excited because they know about Bethlehem,
the Sea of Galilee and other places where Jesus walked but the place they love the most is Calvary where He was crucified. They know He died for all of us. As they work sometimes I can hear them humming "The Old Rugged Gross" They love to draw the crosses and the path that Jesus walked up that hill. Oh, how they love Jesy^.-^

Co- /V(l^ j

by Doreen
y Meiling

^by Mich&Lle-

The end of the tour is July 9th arriving in New York late in the day.



hope to fly to WasJington, D.C. before going on to Kentucky for a few days.
Our next destination is Atlanta where my brother lives. He has rebuilt a 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger for me to bring back to Hawaii. We 3 teachers plan to drive across the southern part of the U.S. arriving in Santa Rosa, Cal.

Judie's home. We ought to be back art Sunset Beach by the 1st of Augustsoul inspired, body tired but full ox praise to God who "doeth all things

Sunset Beach Christian School News

20 years of service
118 -

-700 students

to become Christians

51 parents to be baptized into


graduates from the 8th grade

25 teachers

We begin our 21st year of school September 5th with an almost full ^by^Ell
enrollment. We had 111 t o t a l enrollment

last year.

"The Story of Sunset Beach," the history of our school has been beautifully written by Mrs. Jo Roth, who has put little stories together in a booklet form. They will be ready to give out this suiTimer - please write and we will send you one.


Jose Bible College

San Jose will be richer by having 3 of our most dedicated young men as Freshmen this year. David Otake (Ellie's brother) and Russell Saito grad uated from Kahuku High School this June and have already gone to Calif.
Maurice Saito, an ex-serviceman, who has been used of God in a might way is entering, too. These 3 nien graduated from our Christian School and have been faithful workers in our churches. They have all won their mothers to
Christ. Sunset Beach Church of Christ

We have been called a "Lighthouse along the shore" and truly this year our beam of light has brought many into Him. Our young adultssurfers, students, servicomsn-some have been involved in dope- a lively group, have felt th^
warmth here and have made this their church



Glen Powell's true ministry is one of caring for all and sharing
It has been contagious! Some Sundays our little

the love of Christ,

brown church is full of happy worshippers^

We have started a building

fund for a much needed place to meet for school use as well as church.

Don Roth, who is on furlough this summer, said, "I hope the termites

will keep on holding hands"

get back next fall,

to keep the building together until he could

A Real* Hav/aiian Wedding

Lehua Lo and Bob Prasser were married in Hawaiian attire in a Hawaiian

setting in the church, June9th.

Nei Au"

I played Hawaiian songs on the^organ.

Gary Powell and Ellie Otake sang the Hawaiian Wedding Song, "Kei Kali
A luau with Hawaiian food was served to hundreds of friends.

This was held in a tent on old Hawaiian grounds near Waimea Falls.

Lehua grew up in our school and church and in a Christian home. Mr. and Mrs. Lo adopted her when she was born. They are the most faithful faimly-

always in church and at work for the Lord.

Lehua met Bob (Army) at the

Christian Camp last~summer - wherer he-became-a Christian.

100 years minus 1

Mrs. Caroline Brandenburg, one of God's greatest and strongest soldiers reached, her 99th birthday on May 2^th in Atascadero (Calif) Christian
Home. Our students mado "Grandma Brandenburg'* a big "Bible"with their favorite verses written in English, or Hawaiian or Tongan and with
their illustrations-hand draw^-is We made a tape of songs, prayers,

scripture- just for her.


V/g think she will reach 100 next year.

Aloha Oe to the Krafts.

Charlie.iRufie, and Job Kraft have endeared themselves to all of us here at Sunset. Job was in our school for 3 years, coming from the

Phillipines to the strange new land of America. I am so glad that^they found an apartment right across from the school. They started coming to

King Is Coming,) her heart was stirred to obedience. She accepted Christ and was immersed into Him. Along with her came Job. Charlie is a^
Christian. Another prayer has been answered. How long suffering is our God! They moved to Salinas, Cal. in June and have already found a good
church to worship in.

church gradually got involved with activities. Rufie had never been baptized into Christ. This Spring after attending the Revival Fires Crusade in Honolulu, (Cecil Todd preached a most convincing message on The

Eva Chang, a beautiful young girl who has just graduated from the 8th grade gave a lovely testimony of gratitude for the years she spent here
at Sunset, She called them the best best years of her
She thanked us life because here she found Christ.

for patience with her as she developed, for love which she saw here in many ways. To me, it was a most beautiful "bouquet" given by a student. May she and all of our graduates continue the faithfulness
that -vhey found hero.

Blessings Continue

As 'we look toward the nountains we see light misty veils of rain drifting
down on all. It is as soft as the trade winds. The rain reminds me of

God's "blessings drifting down on all- Oh, how He blesses us at Sunset. Our praises to Him seem so inadequate in comparison to His goodness to us.
But our love for Him grows each day. It's a beautiful life!

May God's blessings fall on you as you press closer toward Him in this short life on earch. Each day brings us nearer Home. At this writing, our Mr. Still is very weak and in the hospital.
Perhaps very soon God will call him Home. He has served in the front

of the battle line for 80 years and if anyone on earth ever deserves
all the rewards given in Heaven, Mr. Still does. Mrs. Still has been

ill again and in the hospital. Another staunch soldier.

My love to each of you,

Jessica Floyd

59-579 Kam Hwy. Haleiwa, Hawaii