Answer the following questions in 20 to 25 words each
1.Give the meaning of the word 'Imperialism' and write the definition. 2.What is Economic Imperialism? 3.In Which regions of Asia, Europe nations imposed their imperialism? 4.Why did Britain pay attention to Indian Politics? 5.Why was Japan called a recluse (outside) nation? 6.The discovery of interior part of Africa did not take place, why? 7.During the second half of 19th century which courageous Europeantravelers came to the light? 8.Why did the conflict among England and Germany increase? 9.Explain the term 'aggressive nationalism?

10.Why did the European countries start to increase weapons and ammunitions? 11.Write the foreign policy of Bismarck? 12.How was the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party established in the year1898? 13.What was the effect of St. Petersburg's revolt? 14.Why did democratic experiment fail in Russia? 15.What were the objectives of the League of Nations? 16.Why did League of Nations Fail? 17.Why was their dissatisfaction was created in Europe after the First World War? 18.Describe the Weimer Republic? 19.Why did the military dictatorship (autocracy) rise in Japan? 20.What are the objectives of the UNO? 21.Describe the functions of General Assembly? 22.What are the tasks of the Security Council? 23.Give information about the International Court? 24.Write about the nature of modern imperialism?

25.With the contact of Europeans what kind of ideology was introduced to Indians? 26.What kind of improvement was made by British for their administrative purpose? 27.Write the revolutionary activity of India during its freedom struggle? 28.Why the Europeans concentrated their attention to Africa? 29.In western imperialism what effect took place in industry and profession ofAfricans? 30.Write about the movement of release of Negros? 31.What is meant by cold War? (Important) 32.Give information about Russian Communism? 33.Explain the arm race due to cold war? 34.What is Science? 35.What is Technology? 36.What are the Kinds of computer? 37. Write about the characteristics of Computer (important)? 38.Explain the meaning of globalization?

39.Due to globalization which fields are going through change?

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