Supreme Mathematics In the Name Power GodAllah 1.

Knowledge- Knowledge is the blackman who is the foundation of his family. Who is also symbolic to the sun in the universe, who provides light to the 9 born planets. knowledge is to know -the- ledge to keep from falling into the pit of ignorance. NOTE: knowledge and understanding are one in the same. Knowledge has no beginning or end. Knowledge is older than the sun, moon & star's. 2. Wisdom- Wisdom is your ways and actions based on what you know(ledge). Wisdom is wise words being spoken by manifesting the truth. Wisdom is the Black Woman who is the secondary factor of life and also symbolic to the moon in our universe and reflects the suns light. Wisdom is the bridge between knowledge and understanding. 3. Understanding- Understanding is to Cee things clear for what they really are and not what they present them selves to be, using the 3rd eye which is the minds eye. Understanding is the best part ,the Child….The Star in our universe 4. Culture or Freedom- Culture is our righteous way of life (Not a religion). The culture is I-God / I-Earth (I-Self Lord am Master). One must have culture in order to have freedom. 5. Power or Refinement - Power is your ability to manifest your understanding of life. Power is the light which is the key to unlock the truth, causing you to see reality through wisdom and understanding. Power is Force, because the truth forces you to make a decisions. Refinement is to clean ones self mentally and physically. 6. Equality- Equality is to deal with all things equally using Knowledge ,wisdom & understanding…Balance is equality, You must understand in order to be understood.

Born.A.The #9 is Complete. or thing…. Born is to be brought out of darkness (LIE) and brought into the Light(TRUTH)…. God. Knowledge Born is the cipher of the supreme mathematics and the bridge & means start over. Cipher. supreme meaning the most. Build or Destroy.7. The original man. the highest & being means "Existence". Born is to give birth mentally or physically to complete ones self.Cipher is a person . the best .cipher is your Sur-"round"ins.God which is A.H.L.Complete circle 360 degrees…. .The final stage of knowledge..Building your goods and destroying your evils. is the supreme being. blackman that shows and proves the highest form of intelligence. 9.L. 8.

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