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Rubber Rolls

I. Foundation
Aclinic Level: Error is less than 2mm. Concrete foundation, Marble flooring etc. are applicable. There are no cracks, sand, power, grease, oil, dust, mud or other debris on the ground. New concrete foundation needs to be maintained for about 30 days before starting installation. (About 60 days or more in winter )

II. Materials
Two-component Adhesive Rubber rolls water-base coating

III. Installation Procedures

1. Foundation Processing Clean off all the dusty and rubbish, wash off oils with 50% of Sulfuric Acid liquid (H2SO4) 2. Use adhesive and concrete grout to fill and level up any lacunose areas (seams). Waterproof layer processing (This step is extremely important) actual condition of the installation site), then spray them on the foundation (6m2/kg) Leave about 1 to 2 hours to let the adhesive dry. 3. Star Light series roll Installation Pre-installation: Outspread the rubber rolls on the ground. After 12 hours, measure them to fit the size of the ground. Mark installation orders and upsides on materials. Leave extra 5cm of rolls at the edges. Spreading Adhesive: Spread the glue on the ground (appr.1.5m2/kg). A. Use the notched trowel with teeth B. Note the quantity of using the glue; it can not be spread too thick. Pasting Rolls: Lay the Star Light series rolls on the ground and ensure the tight connection between two rolls. Put some fast dry glue (such as Glue 502) on the cross section of the rolls at each 10 cm position. Join the connection with low glutinosity transparent tapes (about 1-2cm)

Mix one-component adhesive with Butyl Acetate (3:7, this ratio can be adjusted according to the

(The tapes must be colorless and less glutinous)

A. The first roll must be installed very well (Important) B. Carefully following the seam of the preceding roll. Fastening Rolls: Use long wood bars (thickness 2-3 mm, width 4-5cm) and steel nails (2*25mm/30mm) to fasten the rolls by steel nails. Pressing Rolls: Press the rolls with heavy roller (50kg) to make sure the adhesive, rolls and the ground fully combine. Pressing takes about 3 ~ 4 hours. (Keep pressing in the initial 2.5 hours. Its the best period of time for rolls and adhesive combination). Tilting 45 degrees, use knife to eliminate the air entrapment when the roll is swelling Clearing up: After the adhesive get dried (about 8 hours), remove the wood bars and clean the rolls.

Installation Pictures:


Spreading Adhesive

Seam Processing 4. Water-base coating (1) Water-base coating (2) Dosage: 6-10 /kg (3)Advantages A: make the mats more bright and more beautiful B: maintain the mats more effectively C: clean the mats more easily


IV. Cleaning
Clean with wet cloth. Clean the mats with vacuum twice a week, depending on the usage frequency.