Zizek Enjoy your symptom 2-the differential feature which cannot be pinned to some positive quality is what Lacan

calls the unary trait le trait unaire: a point of symbolic identification to which clin s the real of the subject! " in the network of intersubjective relations# everyone of us is identified with# pinned down to a certain fantasy place in the other$s symbolic structure%!we can relate to other people only in so far as they fit a space in our fantasy structure -when a separation is achieved between the point of identification and the massive wei ht of our presence outside the symbolic%when we cease to act like placeholders of the ideal for the other$s aze---the letter arries at its destination when we are no lon er fillers of the others fantasy# when the other opens his eyes and realizes that the real letter is not the messa e we are supposed to carry but our bein itslf# the object that resists symbolization! &the real kernel of our bein is the letter'can we connect with littoral() also the letter always arrives can refer to becomin aware of the stain# of the unsymbolizable remainder that is always a part of every representation etc% *+ a letter always arrives at its destination can also refer to the symbolic# the bi other# which is always the receiver of any messa e as soon as the subject e,ternalizes it! **'also refers to contin ency%!the messa e is for whomever receives it# whomever happens to be -at the ri ht place at the ri ht time$ as if there was some secret destiny of fate behind the contin encies of life! -.ate in psychoanalysis always asserts itself throu h small contin ent encounters%the unconscious trauma repeats itself by means of some small contin ent bit of reality! /0 1ma inary letter arrives2misreco nition3 1 reco nize myself as the addressee# 1 see myself in it /ymbolic letter arrives2the concealed truths that emer e 1 the blind spots and flawys of the symbolic3 and also in the symbolic debt% 4eal letter arrives2what meetin one$s fate mans 5we all die6! 7hen we encounter ourseves# we encounter death'yet the lacanian real is death 89: life# and they do not e,ist in some symbolic opposition but instead a real anta onism! Lacan says life is alien to the symbolic# and the name for the stain of life within the symbolic is jouissance! ;hapter 2 <he act as an answer of the 4eal =2- as the early seminars point out# intersubjective reality# the symbolic is composed of utterances that by means of their very enunciation# make the subject what it asserts to be &this could be invocation and daily affirmations etc)! 43 like the symbolic suicide described here by Zizek, Crowley in the desert is a symbolic suicide….in the face of the thingness of the desert, human norms become pale and meaningless, ths the command to homosexual acts etcetc…

with the abyss of absolute freedom takes place only in the utmost intimacy of what some would call the mystic experience… "> the act as real trans ression of the symbolic limit does not put us in contact wth some presymbolic life substance or harmony# but rather back into the abyss of the real out if which symbolic reality emer ed! .hapter = why is every act a repetition .hapter " .god as all destructi!e fry and god as supreme bliss…after we pass through the zero point of the symbolic suicide what a moment ago was a whirlpool of rage sweeping away all determinate existence changes miraculously into supreme bliss. "nd the "ct in the #acanian sense is nothing but this withdrawl by means of which we renounce renunciation itself$ 44 such an encounter with the %eal is.hpater > . as soon as we renounce all symbolic ties.

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