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part of the pieces

from the wake of dawn till sun down, I an serching,serching for the fragments the piece of me that is schaterd every where. I fellI am whole inside but I can't grasp the fulness or make it tangible,to the extent of reality. something keep telling me that all answer is inside yes I know but I cant tell or lay hold of it. as I keep on living time after time,event fade and coming my obsrvation became glaring,like a dawning day I started to discover,my efussion to life,nature and intangible. everyone of them seem to identify with something inside of me like a mirorr behind a clearing cloud. I began to realise hw connected am with existence both living and dead like a revolving dance of tandem. how I depend on them became shining. they way I influence them started appearing to me. I was made from the dust of the ground, my flesh survive by the fruits of the field to beast of the forest my senses always influenced by beuty of our inescapable suroundings everywhere they are also shaped by expirience and the glory of thier manifestation. my senses,thought,being shaped partly by words,sounds which I didnot know from existence initio. someone said everything we know we learned from someone else,as my view expanded began to see hw true it is. hw condensed I am of pieces of people; thier ideas,pettern,values,behaviours and many things. as I began to to lay a grasp on this, I learnd that nothing of me was realy mine rather they belong to everybeing, every pieces that makes life whole. because this awareness has dawned on me I began to seek peace with,myself,men,nature and every thing around me of which I owe gratitude knowing that every part of me belongs to them.

and if they where to ask for it ,I would vanish to intangible. I also found out they belong to me as I belong to them feeling I am part of the whole picture. should I then think of colour, race ,tribe, language,location or specie knowing that I am part of all and all being part of me we are all one system functioning as a whole: we belong to each other more than we can ever think of I am in you, you are in me meaning that we are in all we belong as one and to ONE-we are inseprable from the entire circle dead or alive,wining or loosing,loving or hating the whole ain't complete whiout your part. let us think more on the forces and things that bound us together and forget what we think is our diffrence; they are not realy diffrence, they are variety and diversity of our innate beuty when we look deep we find ourself in that diversity we have a common enemy and that enemy seeks to blind our sense and reason of oneness it talks about, religion,tradition,tribe, in a manner of peculiarity it tell us that some are better that the other it says that some are chosen and others are hopeless you hear it saying,"class","positon", to the afirmity of self we all know his languages and his decieit this is who we are to unite and fight. WE REMAIN ONE UNDIVIDED BEING FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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