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Lorenzo Walker Technical High School

3702 Estey Avenue · Naples, FL 34104

Main Office: (239) 377-0900 · FAX: (239) 377-1000
JEANETTE JOHNSON, Principal: (239) 377-0906
APRIL KIMBALL, Assistant Principal: (239) 377-3302
ABBY LAMBLEY, Program Counselor: (239) 377-3306


o 150 freshmen per year for a total of EXPERIENCES
600 students All programs offer career preparation, clinical
o Class sizes of 25 or fewer students rotations, on-the-job training, or internship
experiences (see courses in bold below). Our
 FOCUS students work with real clients in real
Our school is dedicated to integrating settings.
rigorous and relevant academic study with
cutting-edge technical training, for all  KEY DATES
students. o November – Begin Middle School Visits
o November – Application window opens
 GRADUATION GOALS o December – High School Open House
o Acceptance to a four-year university o January – Regular Application Deadline
o Articulation, Dual Enrollment, and/or o February – Notification of acceptance
Advanced Placement college credits status
earned **Check the website or call for specific
o Certification in Technical Area days and times!

Program Highlights: integrated curriculum, individual student laptops and state-of-the-art technology in all
classes, project-based learning, alternative assessment, digital portfolios, business and industry involvement

Every Student Follows This Schedule

9 GRADE 10th GRADE 11th GRADE 12th GRADE
- English I - English II - English III - English IV
- Algebra I* - Geometry* - Algebra II* - Precalculus*
- Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Genetics
- Geography - World History - American History - Government/Economics
- Spanish I* - Spanish II* - Technical Course I** - Technical Course V**
- Communications - Semantics & Logic/ - Technical Course II ** - Technical Course VI**
- Psychology I/Sociology Advanced Reading - Technical Course III** - Technical Course VII**
- Technology Studies I - HOPE/PE - Technical Course IV** - Technical Course VIII**
- Multi Media Technology

* or higher level course NOTE: Honors, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment courses available
** All technical courses will receive dual enrollment credit and weight.
Programs of Study: Lead to Career Choices Including:
Business Education Transportation & Industry doctors, dentists, nurses, medical assistants,
Computer Education Multimedia Design entrepreneurs, accountants, programmers, IT
Architecture and Engineering Culinary Arts specialists, architects and engineers,
Health Sciences Teacher Education teachers, cosmetologists, massage therapists,
Cosmetology industrial designers and technicians, graphic
artists, and chefs.

Challenge Your Mind, Pursue Your Passion