Shadow writings

Chapter 4
A down to Earth read on how to help progress on your path of life, Encouragement and Self empowerment without the Fluff or hype but the concept of using the Real Magic, Your mind’s Power.

I have written several writings I have used on Enchanted Forest in the near 5 years I been on it. And occasionally I will release a Magazine in parts as I wrote them, then I found myself behind on doing that and figured was time. some I wrote specifically for the site will not be in here but the most important ones O will be.. I hope you enjoy and hope they help.. Much peace

Shadow of Enchanted Forest


Author Insight
Born in Oak park Illinois In which I stayed until about age of 3-4 then eventually moved to Southaven Mississippi where I grew up as a wild child it would seem. Growing up and moving allot due to circumstances via my parents. But will skip all that. I grew up in a rural neighborhood which was mostly quiet and well protected. But yet me and my friends still found ways to reek havoc lol. Not too bad no more than most teenagers. At age 5 I had a grandmother who had passed away and whom had known to have a vision that told her of an incident of one of her sons which did come true the next day. And I think in her passing something came over me, I think whatever gifts she had were passed on to me. I did not know any other in my Family that were to have any or known to. At the time it was like a veil was lifted suddenly I could see things clearly for what they were and did the whole time growing up although living life I was observing everything , all the communities I lived in all the schools I went to, people I was around anything and everything I observed. Then around 2009 I found myself in position to want to know more about these premonitions I was having so I went on the net looking around and saw images I liked for a site I was working with.. and when I clicked on that image I was introduced to a whole new world. A Ning Site with everything imaginable there.. as far as different ideas and presence good and bad.. had even had my first experience at being hit by a psych vamp which was new to me never heard of. But thanks to Breeze she knew what was going on and her and friends taught me about basic fundamentals as with shielding.. although I seem to have my own natural shield I was bad about letting it down when I didn’t need to. Was all new to me. And in this search for help I found myself observing others with concerns or issues and I was able to answer them and from that day forth I been doing this for near 7 years. 5 years on forest year and half elsewhere. And then the writing started whether they were read or not I was inspired to release and write about things that seem to be of concern in that time or the event in whole. And with helping Breeze run Enchanted forest I have ran into so many gifted and talented people who have come and gone but taught me allot in their presence that helped me progress to help others progress and been doing it since. Some would call it a Calling of sorts in which I feel were many called on at same time I was .. so many times have some told me they started about same time I did.. so something was definitely going on here. And to this day I continue doing just that at Enchanted Forest in Ning. Hopefully any advice or suggestion I had ever gave helped someone just that much further down their path..

Much peace Shadow

Be True to yourself
Is often due to things we hear or things we see others do, We tend to doubt ourselves. we are all built with our own instincts in ways of dealing with a matter or how we comprehend to a matter.. some we do not agree with and some attrack our interest but no matter what you see or hear..go with what you feel inside..your Gut instinct .is your intelectual mind speaking to you . even when in doubt your Intellectual mind will come up with the questions to ask on a matter that may concern you or interest you to further knowledge.. being that all of us cannot withhold all the information of various topics or reasoning or purposes. we draw from that in which seems to work for us and continue with what we do.. Never let anyone force their Ideals on you to persuade you to do things you wouldnt usually or your mind seems iffy about.. of course on the iffy part can partly be fear which should never fear ..fear in this is lack of confidence in yourself and lack of confidence in yourself is lack of trust of your higher spirit working through your inner thoughts.. which tends to be compared to thinking out of the box..which I am noticing is more having to think out of the box more lately ..things of the conformed way of what we have known for so long seems Bland or doesnt configure correctly in your mind.. when this whole time one doubts their intuition and stay with a conformed understanding become inhabited to ideas for long periods of time..but when your mind speaks up and you tend to listen..this will make things confusing..because our minds do not work in a conformed way of.. It never did.. we just took what was gave to us as normal and accepted it calling ourselves keeping it simple in that with daily life.. If more were to think out of the box and entrusted their inner power and thinking things could be allot better.. Trusting in your mind and intuition is trusting in the higher powers that gave you this power and gift to See things for what they are and to maintain and continue.. Allways be true to many think one way and say ..No cant be..but yes it can..I allways say if you think it its possible ..depending and via the energy you give to the thought ..

as many would give thought to fear above all above trusting in something positive..this whole time fear exist but positive outlook or possibilities does not..why is this? something is wrong in that..and some do it for the excitement of things or drama. I have often wondered would people be totally satisfied if there were no fear or drama.. and I am not sure in that..but would definilty help Life form progress on this Earth and it is not just for us but those generations to come.. Dont doubt yourself in what you may feel you know even if is questionable ..find out why..never losing site and feel of your instinct.. you never know it may help influence an outcome in life in the future for others..we each as one have the power to change the whole.. Trust in yourself and dont try to configure with the normal everyday understanding you grew up with..its a trap we all been in at times.. Much peace Shadow

Forgive yourself
Is many times we trial and error life and is how we learn..for some can be minimal or extreme but they feel they have to try out of curiosity and at times we find ourselves into a scenario quite different then what we wanted..sometimes these scenarios are above our comprehension and by the time we do figure it out we feel is too late and we have made a mistake and sometimes does involve how we acted toward others or treated another and even losing friends due to this.. I have seen so many go toward a direction I knew myself wasn’t good but yet they had to go find out for themselves and you cannot stop people from that kind of desire or do we have the right to stop them..we can suggest and show them both sides but are some not quite convinced and just have to see for themselves.. and after time rolls on and different things happen for better or worse .. in times of the worse when one sees they have taken a route that is not what they hoped and by then have lost friends or trust from others have to simply forgive yourself and not holding against yourself for making a mistake..too many I have seen feel this way and it hinders them around others as with what shame would do. and those who feel guilty for where they been but have seen a brighter side away from that experiment of curiosty there is nothing saying you cannot continue to be the true person you are..we all make mistakes correcting them arent so easy at times. but for those depending on the extent they went through to investigate a situation or way of dealing ..they must continue..some will understand some wont.. I have seen many take a path not highly suggested in my book..but is their choice not mine..I am limited to that as anyone else is.. but I have not changed in who I am so if this person comes back after going down that uncertain path and sees they have made that moment that person is the same person I knew before they experimented and most dont hold grudge in that as such due to someone else choice is may be sad or disappointing to some to see..but only by their own knowledge of knowing what comes out of it and dont want to see another go through the same.. is why many are so opted to say wo wait no you dont want to do that ..because they know and in most cases it works out the same for all.. are some who stay with that experiment and find it is their Life choice but will have new friends ..

Never hide from who you are as long as you try and try to be positive in anything you do and your efforts mean well then you have nothing to worry about. forgive yourself . we are not all perfect by no means..are those though who have been down that path and took a hard road and do know to help others see before entering..all we can do.. and dont hate yourself for a decision that may have went bad its all the same when we try to progress and what we have known doesnt seem to work or its gotten boring.. sometimes it just is ..but is allways possibility for positive change at any givin moment with how things are in your life at that time.. give it a chance dont be hasty and dont jump into something your unsure about without investigating and understanding why people suggest what they do either way.. Much Peace Shadow

Have you been visited by unknown?

Like a Wild dream. that sticks with us over and over you have reoccurring thoughts of this dream even when you least expect it. a memory flashback comes to do not know why. and at same time you try to understand what it means you are trying to make sense out of it..trying to figure if there is a message there.. for some it is a message and eventually we get it.. figure it out. some messages are to spread to others or messages just to ourselves for observation of events, time, place, people. Then before you know because phone rings or kid calls you or dinner time but a distraction soon forget this thought untill it randomly comes to mind or it confuses you so much you continue to try to figure out this dream and meaning. As there are many gifted and use to the idea of picking up messages to help others to give them a positive outlook we spread that message hoping it reaches to those that needed it. for when we get messages we know it is for our available reach or extention of our ability and resource to as many as we can.. But then something odd pops into your mind out of the normal configuration of your intuning and receiving messages and odd thing like aliens come to mind. you cannot forget that when we have gifts and do not work in the NORM paradigm we cannot go back to argueing with ourselves with rational thinking.. we got past that long ago

So when something comes to you as odd as this and we receive messages from our higher selves from our higher sources.. we tend to not recognize other factions of the universe and their purpose in all this workers, The messengers when need for various purposes.. I will tell you now.. if you think you can multi task with what you do could not imagine what you could do otherwise out of the Norm and to Earths limited resource for conducting such methods.. and when we think its hard work at times again is our Earthly rational thinking.. You would quite remarkably find hyper multi tasking to be quite easy when the resources are available back to these messengers. they are part of that multi task.. to help us along in our way or to help us with others.. is like having co workers on the great scheme of things. We were earth bound for the experience and knowledge and observation of feeling ,sensing, seeing what was going on in this plain. for the others cannot for various reasons along with earth's density and vibrations dont match.. I have a feeling there is many who have been visited and have been givin assistance..but yet do not recognize it. and with all the reports you see is always a negative event..which I dont take totally true. as long as you have your intent right ..your purpose you attrack those you need..and when you keep that right vibration or area of concentration does not allow negative things to interfere for you are greater then that in your purpose and cause.. I myself have had 3 incidents of sightings and have picks. were they here for me or another? I always say if you can see them. they can see you. because we are so limited to our resources we cannot comprehend possibilities of another’s ability and talents or use.. and really is best not to try when you do not have that access unless it is shown to you.. Many of us feel the ability to do what is possible considering limitations..when all recognize you give energy to something by the mass it changes so many thinking for themselves looking for recognition to be purely recognized in their attempt as if they want a reward.. I never expect that. confidence is a reward to me for all my attempts and intent.

I did not sway off the topic of visitation ..I just had to remind or enstate what is..the possibilities we cannot deny. but the chance we are being visited and helped. if I was ever to meet one I know what my reaction would be or question..wouldnt be a surprise..but simple ask "So whats next" and continue my work to my offered ability as time goes on..reason I say that is although I knew since 5 years of age things were different and in the last 4 years have greatly achieved understanding and use of my gift. I feel them rapidly enhancing. Messages are coming to me more and more to blog on I just havent I been waiting on that right time when I need one more word and I am on it or that moment or second validation that its needed.. I dont just jump the gun at wrong time..certain things happen in sequence with many specially the gifted ones as it effects us with full moon or a retrograde.. and we realize is no dire immediate hurry but the message would be soon told.. that is why we are only givin bits and pieces at times, we think on it enough for the first part we got..that you can easily add the rest when it comes to you.. I feel and have for long time feel I have company always around me several matter of fact.but see I try to not reveal too much by law. aliens cannot interfere due to our freewill and request so we can have a solid assesment of life on earth ..but yet they have been givin reason to as with me and others..that had been violated long ago by another faction not around for our interest but as resource and minerals. so in that is found a violation that cannot be kept and correction is rightfully set by proper requirements to do so. some of us can except things out of the norm and see outside the box although not easy but helps when you can atleast give some leverage and allow our Higher sources utilize us for a greater purpose and resolve and with help of their messengers and co workers.. we are all co workers in this.. Never fear the thought of visitation ..again fear feeds the negative and will be what you attrack if do keep your self in check with your confidence and intent ..never give power to something to hurt your ability and intent to proceed and you will attrack the right help you need.. and try not to be impatient. things always seem to happen when you least expect as to the saying about watching a pot of boiling water..never boils lol have any questions is easier to ask me then me to give you a total run thru of Universal aspects and or how they come to me. just know my words come to me as I type the idea presented the rest comes after when I start :) Much peace Shadow

Typaelic writing?
For some time now I have encountered an issue as others do and is not because we are illiterate or cant spell or didnt have good school training.. maybe its to due with various types of keyboards or injuries to our hands of the past or current condition. but yet I find so many smart intelligent people falling to this English majors nightmare of typos. and yet have been found to be corrected by some and as we tell them we dont require any english majors..fore we have accepted simple typos that can clearly be made out apparently allot of us are not looking for spelling bee awards lol but then I noticed with my own errors the words are mispellled but simply read the same and a question came to me .. are we mixing in an ancient language coming through? for example "some" to me = soem" "Done" = doen" for awhile was believing my fingers tripping up one hand faster then the other or catching myself typing without looking which I will admit didnt know I could do that lol.. People want to spell right so they dont look like an idiot but is so many we run into that have this problem or scenario, maynot be a problem at all.. When you think about the english language we grew to learn and how to spell were more ancient languages with same meaning but spelt we are use to that modern conformed way of by who? I for awhile believe an ancient langauge is seeping through our intellectual minds as we are open to all that is with the energy and gifts we receive.. Is it so far fetched that an ancient language is trying to escape us while we write for those that call us in error according to conformed English? For me Gaelic being an ancient language not easily learned which I have tried.. have even tried French and spanish. but its been years and anything can be similar when it comes to sounds of a vowel or consonant. and our intellectual minds are automatically inherently picking up on our old selves or the signals from long ago in our minds.. So try to not to be too hasty to others and their typos. have had some said they wouldnt read a post if a word is mispelled ..and maybe thats a test within it self to show ones true intent to criticize and search for faults and mistakes or to really try to read a material to see what the message is..? This form I call mine is Typaelic (which matches my sometime cryptic ways of writing) aka typonese P.S I have said this in the past as with receiving messages some words may not sound right or pronunciation do not force it to be english ..simple because it may not and may not be a language we even know to date. take it as you hear it.. Much peace Shadow

Experiencing gift enhancement?
I have noticed as well as others in the last month or so some of our gifts seem to be either more clear ..more advanced and more frequent depending on what your gift(s) are. I myself have found more clarity with bringing about messages some that even amaze myself lol. and I know others are experiencing odd like acknowledgement of recently was the Mercury retro which has had some confused and off..but aside of that something else is going on.. and would suggest that maybe helpful to make sure you do your basic or routine rituals of clearing, cleansing and meditating depending again on what your methods are along with grounding . I have not watched TV in 4-5 years now and found it helped me with clarity due to lack of subliminal input from that. not asking to turn tv off but does help or to get away from it for couple hours for YOU time with nature to clear thoughts out.. There are events happening as with Earthquakes and Volcanoes and many are empathic to these things and are probably experiencing more of the feel of it all.. so remind yourself to shield when need. Just want to make note of this at this point after seeing a few not only them but myself going through what seems to be enhancement of our gifts something is truly happening and is great and easier or us to work with and help others and ourselves.. Much Peace Shadow

Beholding of Knowledge and expressing it
Many of us behold Knowledge brought forth to use through lifelong experiences or material along with it by our Elders of any path to pass on and regenerate for the future generations. We work hard for our way through Life and to do the best we can with what we have and what we know gathering more information as we walk down that road. and In time some will get too know quite a bit from all this the one thing to not do is become egotistical over it or make yourself to be some god. this is not what it's about gaining power for ourselves to benign another .. no it is in unity that we try to share to make all equal in understanding and without expectations it is nice to be Thanked and if your not ..your higher source will .some just dont know how to show gratitude due to environment they are exposed to. We present an Idea that all have knowledge of some kind to help another even if is just a simple one line words of wisdom.. it can mean alot..but dont abuse your knowledge to become power over others .that is very wrong. for one you are influencing people with less knowledge that gain yoru trust and will take your word for it if it sounds good to them..dont take advantage of that person because they accept you.. and uppity attitude has no place for that. intent is wrong thus anything giving the intent in it is wrong. you have to present yourself with a positive aspect to present it properly with positive intent ..the sureness of doing right by them not you.. I have many come here thinking they are gods of info and treat others less who were just as knowledgeable why? attention? recognition maybe a short come of some sort ..dono .. but we try to work with people and some things continue that hurt more then help and things have to be done. we may not like it but it has to be done to keep proper intent in place for all and all of site. I give much props to all here with all their knowledge many i have learned from in the past that has helped me guide others as they came even if is a step further down the path.. I may know a few things, sense things , but I dont put myself above others who try and do the same as I do. There is room for all and want more to express themselves and their knowledge freely if is to advance another through a progressive path. Thank you everyone for your time and true dedication in guiding and healing others Much peace Shadow

Trust in yourself
Many times I run into some who seem to know but are unsure if is a sign or message and yes some come in bits and pieces and may take time to understand what they mean.. Have found many research too find meaning although similar but the descript might have one or few things that do not confirm a solid feeling of a true answer to the one who seeks plus can either add confusion or doubt. allot of times this research can lead you to different avenues to help further in finding the answer..but in some cases if you find you have explored these side avenues off your main search point then is time to back out and start again.. or.. For many they do not realize that the info they receive only them have the clue to what it means no one with a sign for example or symbol..3 people can get symbol in their minds that look similar but each have a different meaning or purpose of use for each of the 3. allot of times when one is seeking a valid similar origin or story of what they had shown to them in just simple wont be there.. allot of information was lost through time and Time even for Earth goes back a long time.. Information we receive maybe that lost sign or symbol for us in our venture in our work here. so after a short search you dont see anything quite close or common to your understanding..never just except what you may read if it seems a bit doubtful. when something is right for you it will hit you solid like a rock.. with no doubts . others will even tell you their perception or what they see it to be..but the only person who would truly know would be you yourself..So take the time ..if need be in quiet place think about what you saw and then let what thoughts come to you about it appear.. write them down .. at times you may not get all the answers in one thought sitting or brain storm.. and is no hurry in trying to figure it out..the World is not put on just ones shoulder to have to fix or help or do what it is they do on their journey..for allot of us is work in helping process with Earth or Humanity and the animals on it but in various ways .. meaning someone more then likely is already on where your heading and your back up waiting to add your energy to that event of cause.. Always ask your Guides to help you if need ask them to show you what it is you need to see ..and in vision or dream in time it will come to you.

With the gifts allot of us have all you need is to trust in your higher sources and guides and they will show you what you need to know too help you.. So it is between them and you. in that you don't need to seek validation .it is ok to research into things I have as well..but sometimes can confuse and take you further away so try it with yourself first and if feel like just taking a look around digging info do so is chances it does take you where you need to be just not all the time or every time.. Each of us are unique in our presence and gifts so the info is even more unique and only defined for use with you and no one else.. Trust in your intuition of thought ..if it seems to be of not so positive attribute shield from it and block it and send it away.. and make sure you have that good flow feeling about it..positive aspect never gives any doubt of its purpose so it easy for one to recognize. and never jump too conclusions that what you are shown is bad event vs whats happening in daily life..depending on your gift specialty.. of all my visions I have ever had wild or not and some have been..never have I once seen total destruction on this planet as many feed to have seen.. but many confuse the subliminal of ordinary life with these visions.. for example of dream of major tornadoes or fire ..can simple be you owe bills or something you saw on TV.. make sure you have extracted those thoughts of whats been going on in the NORM..before trying to figure out the vision.. not once I have had such a Vision about Earth and disasters..disasters do happen and some can sense them..but I do not see what many have I am not shown I don't feed the possibility of it happening otherwise.. I would also say many feed that idea due to their own discernment for whats happening in the world today..whatever you do keep sending those positive vibes to where ever needed no matter.. and trust in yourself and your higher Source and it will come to you in time when need. sometimes it can take months but that is ok..again are always others out there already and have been doing what we do.. The intent to try is what matters in all no matter what path you are recognized for your attempt no matter how long it takes you to see the clear vision of what is meant for you.. Much peace Shadow

What is your responsibility as a Guide or Healer ?
Many have found themselves in a situation where they either guide people or Heal or both. and it can be an overwhelming position as with any other gifts out there as with being Empath. I just want to remind people we are limited via ones freewill . no matter our position or who we are or who we represent we are limited by universal law on how far we can actually intervene or interfere in another's path. In this I follow a Thing called "Law of Allowance" which is good for those who know it and it reminds them we are not responsible for actions a person takes or how they utilize a method givin and should always be suggested not told as a have to.. We can suggest Ideas or methods to someone ..but is up to them how they utilize that method for themselves. and we do not keep on trying to enforce an idea on anyone to persuade into definite final answer by you as a Guide and healer. it is of their freewill and their path they have to recognize and utilize ways and means that seem to fit them..again we are all different in that.. and never let Ego get in the way..we do not require recognition or even is nice but is not what we are looking for.. we here to help and do what we do and hope one progresses by our help.. we are givin shiny badges when our job is done here. There are those who find themselves appearing to be of a presence of a high source or energy and feel they have to wear the boots of sorts of that idea of presence.. this is not are never asked or required to do more then you can handle or want to achieve at one time. even when we are capable ..we could go 24/7 I know I have..but you will hit a brick wall and your energy is no good to anyone when you hit brick walls from exhaustion..So balance yourself between you and your gift and never feel you have to fill the shoes of a great being or presence. we share our knowledge we acquire and our energy to help and the rest is on the individual how they proceed from there.. We are givin what we need when we need by our Guides and sources for a specific job at that time..

I can sit in chat and mess around joke and carry on. but if someone comes in needing help is like a switch went on and I can instantly give the best explanation I can or words come to me straight from a source to relay to the member..or know there is another member here that can further assist.. I never try to take on more then I know or should..I know my limits.. there are too many of us with these different gifts with different chances to use them.. and as I was told about my guides I do not work them enough ..10 guides that sit around please never forget to ask is why they are there me I am use to tackling things myself without hindering another ..but is why the guides are there and they love to work.. I know so many who come and feel they have to prove themselves or try to be equal to the presence they have givin themselves or source has givin them.. for me being a dragon is easy fits me well lol.. I dont try to fluff anybodies world.. I help see there is always possibility for change at any givin moment have seen it myself too many times so dont doubt it.. Do your best short of hurting yourself mentally and physically you are not the only one here or on this planet to hold the world on our shoulders.. your allowed to sit back have a break and work when you can or feel when it is in need..sometimes someone maybe in question..but if they think about it long enough they will come up with their own answers most of the time.. too much chaos in the thought process from daily events..that when they get a minute to clear their mind ..the sources and guides speak through them and intellectually comes to them eventually.. And anytime you need assistance never be afraid to not many I can ask with my craziness is a few but they help me allot and is very few occasions I do ask.. is what we do together to help all the whole and none are the sole savior for anyone or the whole plan..and or are not expected to be.. Much peace Happy guiding and healing and whatever else you may work with Shadow

Shine your Light whenever you can


Many of us have been givin the energy to share with others to help them progress on their path or in life.. We have been givin the Light to pass on to those who need ..and in that they to have this Light to matter how minimum if is thought of hope for feeling better if one is sick or ill. or to know they are having a hard time wishing them the best sharing this Light.. Many times are those that share their Light with one and hope they continue on a positive path or mission. and those that receive should in return help another. Many of us are not just here for ourselves ..but to progress on our path and help others on the way when we guide or suggest ways to help them along . and I would expect those others who receive to do the same for another.. We have been givin this light abundantly when need , Know it's there and share it. Know you have no doubts in the power of this Light and utilize it. For me is white Light and or Gold and light blue or Emerald green.. many may find a different color that works for different purposes with them but is effective either way. I have gave My energy for so long to help so many and hope they do progress many I will not know as they head up their path if one more step I have done what i could in that . I attempted to try or help. If not give them someone else who maybe can better.. I am not afraid to have options for them is what they need when can . and in this I know my intent is pure and I do not doubt that intent even if another problem occurs for someone it may take little more ..due to circumstances..even if is with themselves which it is most of the time. patience being one. Whenever you can share your light with another if not around you the whole World I at times send Gold and White Light around the globe. it may not stop wars but it helps calm energies in places or helps bring it to a minimum War or Disaster areas same with prayers Thought and attempt to put an effort to send means allot and has an effect .. and never doubt that energy.

Set aside personal gain and egos and self wants and desires when we work hard for others we will get yours in return it usually those that dont reach out that have hard time too busy understanding themselves and nothing else they become alone in this. and I see many have lost Faith and are left sitting on their own in the dark with problems and issues all around them.. I do not have My Crystal Palace for all I have done..but I feel mostly content and at ease.. knowing I have helped so many even if I was around no more I would know I gave it my best and have tried to help so many by just sharing that Light. words of some wisdom learned myself on my path that I been on in so many ways and places was to acknowledge and have away to answer or help another know whats in store and they have choices to make it easier.. It is upto them how they proceed .. but always keep the Light with you ..and never let another's bad day reflect on you or feed into an argument , dispute or just chaos of a situation.. Stay calm send smooth vibrations around or holographic light to help smooth things down. Share your Light , make use of that light and it will come back to you eventually and usually not when we demand it to never do that..I can go all into where demand is ego thing but wont.. anyway have a great weekend Much Peace Shadow

No matter.. All will be fine A Truth message
Is times when we seek Truth and answers to what is or what will be.. So many out there feeding different information for different purposes..most for their own.. allot for recognition..wanting to be recognized as the fortune teller who told all. If be it Fear , Apocalyptic , rarely Angel intervention. anything to attract or Acquire attention for recognition.. which mostly due to a lack of within them.. Then there are those who hide but occasionally speak up or say a few words of wisdom and encouragement. and allot of times is very simple and basic.. seems too simple to be true. but who set the level of acceptance to what is Truth? for centuries since beginning of human kind it has been done with all kinds of methods for various reasons.. and so when something is told to us so simple it doesnt seem right..its not complicated enough..doesnt sound all that nothing to seemingly write home about or to inform our following.. Thats when you realize who the true ones are..when you keep things simple and basic and with truth from within ..anything other is not for the prime directive of progression.. Who ever said it was to be complicated? .. It has to be complicated? for one to except it as Truth.. The real truth is ..all will be ok..sure will be a few disasters here n there been happening on Earth before Humans existed here.. by now we have learned how to protect ourselves better or know how to prevent being in a place we shouldn't be before time.. or knowing about a location your living in history ..or placement of certain hazards .. many know of these places but their choice.. which bring me to the next . people who are stuck in places due to lack of money or their country is in war civil or military.

humans have made the choice to support certain events they shouldn't ..or took the word from their gov or media what they say is truth and we must go destroy a country and its happens its documented..and even for those the military go after were supported by that very government..the Gold. and oil.. no matter how you try to slice it what it is and has been..and no one has learned all through out history.. or even bothered to research..just take the word of those they entrust above them who act as Earthly Gods.. But yet dont trust the words of a wise one who speaks to you.. See there are many out there who are here now at this point and period do just you through the crystal see through the smoke and mirrors.. to see the lies that veil over Truth.. Money is being spent on things it shouldn't be ..while many die of famine or ill supported wars..that kill civilians which is another agenda in exodus of people to acquire minerals.. So is allot of fear being placed to show opposition and if that doesn't work..Earthly changes to keep you in fear and HAARP. weather modification. Chemtrails ,, last but not least aside of failed 2012 asteroid is Pole shift.. Global warming as well.. It is documented Global warming stopped 20 years ago.. but yet still remains on every ones consciousness.. and recently a civil thing racist is trying to stir up..we know who is behind it and why.. But as Where we are now those who are aware and open to universal progression understand ..that if you trust in your higher source all will be fine if you progress with it..for some paths you teeter off your path will happen and continue..and you may wind up down a viney winding path into confusion of it all again in which many are trapped right now.. This is the paradigm of those leading you on but nothing happens so your left like now what or whats next ? Experience for many is good but is times when are those out their to help in that experience when you yourself have a purpose in guiding others.. to help in the confusion placed on us in this density.. there is not one or 2 is many and here for a reason to assist one another who so wants it or requires it when need..

Best thing we can do with all going on is know all be ok..but doesnt mean turn blind eye to whats happening in parts of the world as with kids in the streets eating cornbread off the ground..send them energy ..that help may appear with food.. or he finds his way to a better life.. don't just remorse for his sad life but give it energy.. don't be stinjy.. That's with anything going on in the world now..and don't fall for any stories..unless you have personal proof yourself.. are some dealing with karmetic lives.. and is only so much we can do to assist those in that journey.. still send energy it will help to its best ability in that persons journey.. showing they are worth the effort and attempt.. allot is ego testing.. Learn to think all will be ok no matter what.. allot is being took care of as I type and being dealt with.. many are noticing different changes and for the good..allot of GOV being recognized and exposed..Environment will be fine .. dont undermine Earth's ability to survive .. and no matter for us Humans here or elsewhere we continue to progress ..but while we are here we do everything we can to assist all we can..and not just for ourselves. Just today I saw video on pole shift all I said was .. "Pole shift is being took care of Thank you" all I had to say ..they take it or leave it depends on the energy they want to feed it..takes them to their next level or path for them.. because what I told them was true.. and was simple.. People are missing out on opportunities because it doesn't seem complicated enough..learn to simplify ..keep things basic and will soon see intrusive the false world really is around you..and is easier when to know to step back and just let something go.. anything else is drama fed ..attention seeking ..or gossip.. if that is your thing then fine..but makes truth very cloudy when you follow that path.. As workers who recognize they are here for just that help keep things positive no matter..awareness is fine and to recruit some to help in that give energy to where its really needed ..the rest will be dealt with I assure you.. we only get in the way and crowd it when we get involved in a situation we don't belong but just their for the amusement of.. have to break away from general Hospital and as the world turns..was a tv show .. allot through TV has givin us false pretenses and ideals .. subconsciously feeding our minds with stuff we don't need by what they put out..I've not watched TV in 5 years and as helped my clarity into things very much. allot of things being said by some that are not Earthly is good to listen occasionally.. no matter how basic it sounds.. Much peace Shadow

Ode to The old Horse Apple Tree

When I was in elementary school . was a little playground down in a valley area . back then still had Trees and weeds up on other side of the valley. Down in the middle where the teachers would sit and watch was a bench under this huge tree and would drop these humongous weird things.. Horse apples It was the only one in that area and by then was very huge must of been there 30-40 years before the school was built.. I am not even sure if is still there..the city came along and took all the trees down on other side of valley to build new homes.. taking what little country was left in that small area away.. and to this day i have not ever seen another Horse apple tree.. was strange was only this one and the school was fairly new then.. apparently they cleared out valley but that one tree. some of you may see them all the time.. but to me then was a odd tree and still is to this day due to its rarity in my area.. These things get as big or lil bigger then grapefruits almost size of small cantaloupes. when cut in half they look pine appleish..but is said to be poisonous to humans dono.. wouldnt want to be under one of these when they fell lolol

To know My Power
Is to know yourself, to know your limits of which is no more. to know the depths of Fear and to see the days of total happiness, to experience the all and the little. to have all to have nothing. to vacate yourself from outside interference that acclimates you to work like a machine, to work as fast as a machine. to see Joy and destruction, Death and Life, to have seen one spectrum to the other from Darkness to light, to capture a gift beknown but not spent, When you clear yourself of all the dogmas, paradigms, Desires and wants unselfish to others if only with hands full of sand to offer, Then one shall truly experience the meaning of a gift and sharing and making its intent pure, Mine is not of Fantasy but Truth.. it is not of a Love known to man but full dedication, caring and sacrificing, To have walked the valleys of death into the sunshine of a progressive future. When you realize evil is only a persuasion but not true to any good intent or cause its purpose is null and invalid giving yourself the power to come above to be the Warrior within to make your place and shine it on others and give them the same power and energy you behold. To trust in a higher progressive source and always give the ability for change at any givin moment provided by the energy givin. to whisper in silence or to speak out loud, but true to your words and meaning. it will not come out in normal, conformed form of language. Some may vary on their sensitivity ..which fore I am not at all times.. not a fault but strength, dedication to a cause. I understand most things .. to say all is arrogance , fighting the ego to be equal to not shine too bright too blind, to not be seen but hid in the shadows. Fore this is the only way sometimes with no regret or fault to anyone. 30 years absence containing a gift to know and not know untill the time was right. not relevant to time but by the waves of the universe I ride. Material does not make Wisdom true Knowledge makes Wisdom.. So many lifetimes , so many experiences..bound by common law. it is not easy. Changes are happening now ..some seem dire and extreme fear builds from that limiting you from your higher potential. let it go.. it is only hopeless if you say it is.. This is only a sample of what could be written..multi universal mind not easy to decipher sometimes ..but words flow like river even when I dont know the words right before.. If you knew you lived a 100 lifetimes or more if not thousands..would this one not be worth giving it your best and to not cling to things that should not be that is irrelevant to the over all cause. keep it basic and simple. and will bring less expectations of yourself and others. There will be some that just do not know what to do. but is ok there are those that do. dont feel regret or lost or inferior.. your time to shine will come when need if you are not sure when..It is a natural occurrence and considering the density we have been exposed to it is expected. keep Faith hope and positive approach. even in the bleakest of times never lose that chance for change.. Much peace Shadow

I have bigger legos then you and they are super magical blue
This is a scenario I see allot.. many find themselves defending who they are and what they know.. when it is not necessary. We each have a certain Niche or understanding or talent and is to help the whole.. being part of that whole is something to be happy about not sure if boast is good term but close to it.. when we help humanity on Earth and animals and life progress. many so wrapped up in the real Norm World..can barely escape ..but some of us can and help send that energy we have to help smooth things out for all..then they maybe then can come around more wherever to share their talents. "Confrontation proving" is not necessary.. no one has to prove they bigger and better is not what its about.. no one can take that from you and as long as your confident in your gift can not be takin away. Many have found themselves in position of defending themselves when they should is others who have doubted another to a degree it becomes conflict ..when is conflict of interest of belief to another as it is between Christians and Pagans.. which we all know how that song is played.. drama seekers or those lack of.. are the ones that are the catalyst for this kind of thing.. Just know yourself.. be confident and never be insulted by one who misunderstands..forbid I been mis understood many times..but keep moving.. if something don't sound right ..some things are just not meant for us all to understand and again we each are different with our own uses.. Much Peace Shadow

Experience - a little story
A man falls in a mud pit one day while out wondering in the wilderness. its very slippery and about as deep as twice his height, He claws and grabs at anything he can to climb out but is too muddy. he tries another corner, another root, still no luck. so he rests and looks around the mud hole and thinks but all he sees is wet mud no stones to step on even if he made foot holes would still be to slippery to climb and afraid to disturb too much may cause the hole to cave in. Then thoughts of helplessness comes through of never getting out , constantly looking up at cloudy skies, thinking and thinking with the best to his ability on how to get out, after all he is in middle of nowhere and will be dark soon, then what. He starts to call out "Is there anyone out there I am stuck in this hole cant get out" and knowing he is in middle of no where the chance of anyone hearing him is slim. eventually a man shows up and ask how he fell in..he says he was just wondering along and slipped ..wasnt paying attention just enjoying the view of nature. and the man above says yes this has happened to me not long ago in this very same hole. So the guy above through down a hand made ladder for him to climb out was wide enough for one foot per step but worked and he was freed.. when he got out he asked the other, how did he get out? the man said I took every root I found around me and started weaving them together and after so long was enough to get him out. he had tied a stone to one end throwing it up to a small tree stump and slowly pulled himself up to first step, was little short but once he got one foot in he was on his way out. and that is how he done it..

The man was greatful for the help. so now they both are atop and talking and make their way back to town. now if someone else falls in that hole..does the man who just escaped watch and let him experience the hole and challenge of getting out.. or does he throw him a rope and get him out so he can continue on his path? I run into many who think this way.. think I am taking away experience of another.. but we are givin knowledge to help progress ..not just us but all. So many seek ancient knowledge . why? ancient knowledge was to help the mass.. so why do we help the few.. for someone to tell me it is their experience is an excuse to not do anything or help. If I know a familiar situation I will make my offer of suggestion . a short cut, is this why i learned or gained my own experience to help another ? or just myself? Many of us learned the hard way but that is ok we came above it.. we want to help the next so its not so hard on them with suggestions a different insight outlook. so they can progress even if it means faster then we did.. because if one is trying in progression they in turn can help others and even ourselves that helped them. with variety of gifts you never know , how things can turn out.. and the person your helping may be the very one who saves your life if not Millions in the future.. you never know Much Peace Shadow

Reach out
I know many like their silent alone time when here, or maybe some so use to a reclusive life in their real world they opt to feel that way on net. almost second nature considering. is many times I see members who are of the same path and been here for ages but when I mention one's name another may not even know them or heard ..although they have done post. I am not sure if is with the one or a barrier.. but is good to reach out sometimes if is to only leave a comment letting them know they not alone.. here on this site we intended on one big family. you didnt have to talk if you didnt want to or be seen your choice ..but here you dont have to hide or be leary of the next. with so many but so few that visit little at a time when they can break from the norm..sometimes they find themselves alone here , many do not chat and are just on site looking around, even some of the post dont even get replies to let person know theres a validation or has helped or sounds like a good idea or writing. Too many kindred people here and allot with walls up.. which is understandable in most cases but cant always keep them up. you see one around floating around on site visit them just say high this is not your neighbors who would yell out WITCH to the whole world.. no I have a few now that leave welcomes to new members and thats awesome..would also like to let others know that are here they are not forgotten those that are here are here to learn or share or to find like minds.. Is no reason why people cannot talk to one another or should be afraid to say hey to someone they dont know here.. people feel alone in their own environment at home with their path. I just dont want them to feel that way here.. Huggs and Much peace Shadow

When you find a moment
When your sitting around or outside and all is calm.. see yourself looking at Earth, Surround Earth with a White Aura , White light. let it slowly flow all around Earth, after its been around couple of times. Imagine a Bright white ball of light in space ..being fed from various sources, Planets, Galaxies and just Universal positive energy. as you continue to imagine this light flowing around Earth like water. notice any black film or spots and send it to this Bright ball of light in space. you are releasing negativity from Earth and sending it to Light. I do this often and sometimes with Gold and Light blue for calming energies We may not see a fast drastic change with whats going on Earth but every little bit helps and helps even Earth with its smooth transitions of Earth quakes, volcanos, floods. the over all energy of communities as well.. Remember this Universal energy is way stronger then anything mankind can make .. as far as anything that man has built to disrupt vibrations with frequencies. Universal energy is extremely more powerful, nothing can stop it from working, except those that dont utilize it. In time , slowly but surely with mass working as such it can make change. transfer this energy straight from the white ball of light to Earth and cleanse it back to the ball,

this way your not using your energy just channeling universal energy. Shield yourself if you feel more comfortable. Just let the light flow around Earth up to 10 times. even just a few helps. and if you need a little of this energy for yourself, help yourself, Thank you and much peace Shadow NOTE:: Correction above where I mention more directing..when you see the energy from ball to Earth and back your merely directing and it is not going thru you..unless you call some to you for your own use calling from the energy sphere not Earth... I tend to use loose terms to my understanding like command keywords.. but I dont want to confuse.. and when using Light Blue light..thats just for calming energies.. not for clearing or cleansing. Sometimes I do the White and gold clearing..then go back and flow it with light blue afterwards..

Trying to define yourself?
I know that many want to know who they are and what they are.. They know they are not comfortable or feel a relation of the Norm religious paradigm and for long time many just dont know what they believe and in this effect who they think they are. some feel they may be of a path that too many think is negative as with Pagan and Wiccan so they are leary to study and read to find more out about it. They just are not really sure but want to know and in this helps give them guidance in their life of understanding what they feel.. It is hard to get many here in first place to see for themselves due to peer pressure of criticism or being mocked. and this could lead into confidence and needing to stand up for yourself and make your place on this Earth no matter what another unfortunate many been mislead all their life and is hard for them to steer away.. speacially the very ones who criticize are not suppose to judge in first place. But for a new member who is unsure and feels lost.. First thing I can tell you. As long as your intent is good and you are trying to progress in life you have guardians watching over you.. you may not know who they are but they are.. and for some there are more then you know with you. doesnt take a title to be watched over or cared for by Guides or your higher source. I have known many to come and find they have Native aspect but also have pagan / Wiccan interest and sometimes that may confuse..but if you think of the basis and fundamentals in the beliefs of these paths you will find many coincide with each other.. Have to consider Pagan is a Celtic name European , Native American is American ..its just names givin due to different cultures. started out different but have much of the same principles many carried on pre dating anything we know as we find there were people here 15.000 years ago in America. and bring their ideas here long ago.. different name givin. Best thing to do is just look for info that attracts your attention and study it. you are not committed or pressured to be one or the other long as you try and read it will come to you.. some are natural Witches and dont even know it.. it is the basis of nature of human kind ..something you cant convince the comformed orthodox beliefs ..they seem to take priorty in being the prime religion..sounds ego ish to me.. and never be afraid to ask questions.. we do not believe in dumb questions.. and take your time. Much Peace Shadow

Ode to Candle light
I have thought many times about the old, cabins, candles, wood stoves and fireplaces. I would actually enjoy that. Only thing I would miss would be access to net which connects me to the world for my purpose. which would be only reason I would need it other then research. So many have gotten use to electricity and gimmicks and access. This Fall/ Autumn maybe we can work on using less electricity and use more candle Light. would help many financially and it cuts off the power companies leechy bills. Many do not realize how lucky we are these days when the bare minimum to survive would only be food, little warmth, a cot to sleep on and a Tent to sleep in. I think would be kool to live in an old cabin by candle light..just not so sure I prepared to do without net lol.. Phones I dont really use no way..or even watch tv and havent for 5 years. I lived an an actual Forest for about 5-6 years it was very peaceful and calm..I have noticed a big difference living back in suburbia ..I notice more the energy here then before since that place of solitude and quiet. Think mainly is the reason I feel more comfortable at night for work and am up then.. took on the vampire hours..the energy is much calmer then. and I dont think those that ever gotten away realize what they are missing or what they are surrounded by. with the intense energy. It is just nice remembering the amber glow of Candles or oil lamps even when we didnt live in that time . i can very well imagine. Much peace Shadow

Escaping the Vacuum of life
Every once in awhile you have to take a left turn from your normal routine, many have busy schedules and have it all writ out minute by minute and do this everyday.. not realizing they are turning themselves into robots. somehow or someway change a couple of your events of the day every other day. write down your main priorities that cant be avoided as with kids , breakfast , ready for school.. and when they come home..or appointments. shopping. cleaning. child sports, on n on have to say many have a hectic schedule and have crowded it with not so necessary event.. some feel they have to fill every moment of their schedule. adding in extra and eventually overwhelming themselves. Life has gotten to a point that we seem to be expected to keep up with hyper active schedule. and its doing allot of humans in from this they dont even realize they are cought up in it.. they think they are going with the flow of things.. but the flow many follow is not normal . We live in a commercialized society and competitive and have to feel compelled to keep up or we fall behind ..this is not true. Yes we want to do our best to our best ability but why over whelm yourself when it can be avoided ..who cares what another might say. If your not doing as much as they..they themselves dont realize they have fell in to that trap as well.. I call it conformed way of life. people are living like robots. and only you can minimize and put a stop to it.. or slow it down atleast.. you will get old fast if it continues.. It's not good on the body or the mind and will reflect on rest of family eventually.. more you do the more your kids will be expected to do as they get older and technology and commercialism ramps up.. I worked with a printing company one time stacking mags that came from a machine that was ran by turbines with mags coming thru machine at 60 miles an hour..8 to 12 hours straight.. and this was over 20 years ago.. its almost expected now and is no way humans were made for that.. didnt take me 11 months and I got out of that job.. I have had an issue with watching people and after doing research on transhumanism a year ago..I came to realize its happening now and many dont even realize it.. Transhumanism is where they try to incorporate half human half robot. that is the planned agenda by the corporate agenda for production and money making purposes .. just be mindful of that.. if you begin to feel smothered know you have to slow down .. some events can be avoided and some will just have to understand.. Much Peace Shadow

For some that dont know about Living Guides
I been accused in past for interrupting someones experience because I suggest things to help them progress.. We all experience things and in this we help others progress in their way down their path..It is up to them to take our suggestions or not .. but as Living Guides this what we there are other ways of learning which is reading material passed on for generations learned through out history .. and there is the pure knowledge of an experience of another and for some of us we are capable of just bringing out advice in our minds to help in a specific situation we are just gifted that way. for allot comes from our own experience but allot doesnt .. and many times I am told it makes sense to them.. never have I known someone tell me that sounds down right nutty ..may had to explain further for them..being I dont quite speak pure English..but they get it either way and some do utilize the means givin ..but they know is up to them they not forced and in this we as Living guides help those who want it or ask for it to progress.. They still have their experiences but if we help them progress just that much further they will continue their experience in a faster pace to learn more all this will be passed on.. If we did not offer our assistance one can be stuck in mud forever because they just cant get the grasp of ways on how to get out and is why some of us are here or feel compelled to do so we do.. and those that dont understand this concept will just have to understand this presence and as long as it is seen with positive intent why deny it.. why let one just be stuck in quick sand and not offer ..? this is what many of us will continue to do is what we do. for others to say we just denying one of experience is an excuse for themselves to not lend a hand simple as.. Thank you Shadow

Confidence puts you on top of your game
When you do all that you can and try hard thats the effort, there is no hurry as long as you try.. I know many come and are afraid they are letting down their God / Goddess or higher source for not being apt as another to knowledge or use of their dedication properly, Truth be known as long as you attempt and try to progress your not letting anyone down not even your higher ups.. and the more you learn and take hold of learning and control of yourself you build confidence , and in confidence is strength and freedom. never doubt yourself as long as you try.. those who doubt themselves usually dont feel adequette or met to the next is not that way we are all different anyway so dont compare yourself to another.. and then there are those who feel guilty because of what another told them..ask yourself is it True? how do you feel inside about it.. if you disagree.. then you know what your intent was.. fore what they may have took wrong or out of not understanding.. What I do to empower people is give them confidence in themselves.. once they trust in themselves they give themselves the power not giving it to anything else as with negative intent or thoughts or ideas.. you can give yourself power to over run them no matter.. This is the real magic of ourselves.. and once you realize that and you take hold of all you that is.. Freedom is then recognized and limits that been put on you by another have been takin away. same for those who are stuck living with friends or family.. they can say things to keep you knocked down for whatever their personal reason maybe.. but keep your confidence in yourself always.. be true to yourself and those around you.. never let anyone tell you what you are and who you are only you would know that but just keep a positive progressive forging forward no matter how you do it ..sometimes we have to do or say things we dont like to but to move obsticles out of the way you sometimes have to.. but can be done in nice way.. Be confident, be strong and you will recognize freedom and your own power to be.. Much peace Shadow

Never give up or lose site of the Light at end of tunnel
Many times we find ourselves working hard to try to make things better for all around us then things happen to us, Death in family or sickness ,bills, school, life partner issues. these things will happen.. but I can tell you from experience things can always happen at any givin moment at any givin time to help you progress to get out of that mud hole your stuck in.. You can just never give up hope in it. I have yet found anyone who hasnt had to deal with allot and somehow out of no where found Light at the end of the is there it is always is upto you to keep that light there.. cannot give up or consistantly think it will not get better.. it will not if you dont allow it.. and no one else can help you out of that mud hole, you have to grab the rope and climb one there.. as with those who give advice how to deal and cope in most situations, many of us have been there. and we somehow even without knowing how manage to escape that quicksand. always keep positive no matter always forge forward do not allow yourself to be held back by any one that tries. your situation may seem dire to you and say "no one understands" but we do.. You have to trust in your God / Goddess and your Higher sources are there to assist you even through hardest times.. you just have to get beyond aspects that hold you back. many find that hard due to absence or someone else making their life difficult by words of discouragement..dont listen to it.. most of time is them reflecting their discorse of their own life on you most cases it is this.. you cannot let it effect you. unlesss you are not confident in yourself you shouldnt let someone else tell you who you are.. confidence is key and if you cannot trust in yourself how can anyone else or your guides help you.. shouldnt be messin up if your not confident and usually is because many believe what they are told by others then what they know of themselves.. why? dono why they allow it but do. You have a right, a space here in this Universe that is yours only. so make the best of it even in hard times and stop making excuses why you cant because you can make things better. are those here on this site can help with advice including me.. take a few suggestions and work with it we would not tell you things if we didnt know.. we do not have a habit of just doing and saying things as experiment we do not play with peoples lives so dont play with your own with doubt.. things effect you because you let it.. if you took away everything negative someone else said about you.. should only be you the one who lived through life this far , eating sleeping and dealing with situations and be confident you did your best in what ever you attempted.only person take that confidence away is yourself.. and people out here will not hold your hand or hold you up to that light end of tunnel they can assist but is you who has to finish your journey no matter as long as you keep in positive progressive and hopes up.. and dont lose site of future possibilities it can manifest..Only You can make things happen for you dont let others get in your way.. be a warrior in life not a victim. I have seen too many like this in last year only to come back and all worked out somehow. Universe works in mysterious ways sometimes so dont cut it short of its abilities. Thank you Shadow

Empower yourself
Many times we find our selves on the search.. the search of knowledge and the knowing of all, anything and everything we can and for some just to know . Why me? why do I see and know so much , why do I feel so different in this World, Truth be known you recognize your gift..many have them if not all but too caught up in the chaotic life of the Norm. they can not recognize . but for those that do find themselves not long after in a calling of sorts.. the desire and want to help. and in this you seek answers , best way to find that knowledge is what comes to you intuitively, as with a keyword, look it up and in that will lead you to another direction with another keyword, the best way is to seek it yourself.. are those out there who are like Guides, living guides who may can assist you further with another suggestion or direction to help you further your research, and do not doubt yourself as much as possible , and do not let others speak for you in your next move fore only you would know what seems right for you or not .. that validates thoughts you may have.. Are those out there who want to be the one who says what you need or should do, this is wrong only you would know. so trust yourself more in your intuition, ask for help or guidance by those around you or higher source guides we have they are there to help us..just have to ask. and in this you are empowering yourself , it is not granted to you by another but givin to you by your make way of path with your guidance . no matter if one feels predestined or not which I dont in a sense, you will gain trust in yourself in what your doing , by your own duties of research and working hard in to progression of your Gift.. you will gain confidence in yourself. and in this the real magic can happen.. as you will find yourself dedicate to a true intent and in that Know you can achieve. will be some out there to cause doubt but their motives are obvious for another reason.. again only you know YOU.. Much peace Shadow

Trust yourself more Intelect, Intuition,
Many times we have thoughts but throw them to the side in a situation .,, with many of us having gifts to see or sense we maybe right in what we sense.. not by what we are told .. we are so use to a conformed way of growing up that we do not trust our own intelect in which the higher source / Creator has givin us within.. doesnt take a book to know or learn.. feel it inside trust in it .. your gut feeling many times will be right even if it doesnt seem normal to you.. because in reality the universe and all that is does not work with conformed ways.. never has.. Trust in yourself more and listen to yourself you never know many times we are givin the answers we seek from within by our higher conciousness , intuition, if you have doubts it may go away give you time to think more own it.. but many times you will find validation comes to you in one form or another, Too many times people say "I knew that but I didnt" because they trusted more in a conformed boxed belief then themselves which is fed information by higher being of existance.. Much Peace and huggs Shadow

Bring Peace to those around you
No matter what is happening in your life whenever you can make a person smile , try to make them feel important and apart of the world. too many think of themselves or the following of another with ill intent. Make whoever you run into smile if just for a minute.. can make world of change if the individual is having a bad day. Too many allow themselves to be caught up in their own and can get overwhelmed in time.. when you make someone smile it helps them and will help you in return. try it you will see. If we are just givin that minute gives us time to look away and are able to produce a positive occurance in a negative event ( bad day) or issues with others in a Walmart line.. you never know what they are going through or how bad. or why they are as they are. it maybe wrong for them in some cases to be as such.. but we are not the ones to judge.. leave it to the Higher sources to make those calls. we are not to condemn but help .. so if someone is sour dont return with sour. dont let ego get in the way just make them smile.. Shadow

Being Angry at someone while they have a good ol time
This happens to us all from time to time , even out shopping and someone jumps in front of you in the carlot or inside the store, as if they are there to specifically complicate things for you. their time line is on a random unique sequence as yours, they may feel same about you in trying to interfere in their route plan. so many out there think the world is out to ruin their day when it's not. Things or the Time and space doesnt arrange itself around your time line, so get over that first..

And as with those who seem to complicate simple things Like a simple store run.. you have others if past relationship or current partners or family who seem to complicate things.. You have to realize they maynot understand your "B line" you exist in. we each have our own ideas of life very different then those near us.. so you cant allow others to make you angry, just understand they dont understand and sometimes you try to explain but that isnt allways succesful. there are those out there that are on a path of making it rough for others , due to lack of in their own presence, which is wrong but people have habit of lashing out on others , and many times will not speak to those who have caused this displeasure or they dont listen and it continues.. and in this we feel violated and by mistake let our egos take control and get angry, How dare they do this to ME.. someone made you sire? queen? to be above to say what one should and shouldnt be able to do or say.. you have to realize again they cant help but to not know they dont live your life , your ideas, your thoughts, is no possible way for them to do so even if you told them , it will register to what they grew up and knew and learned or was taught.

I have got this way usually those just out to hate or a mission of causing unrest with those around them, but then I have to think about what is the possible reason they are like this and since I dont know them that well.. well I know it wasnt me and they have a control issue and need to get things worked out. so anytime someone at a store or any where allot like in public forums on net is always going to be some troll person hating .. They get their feed on watching you argue with them so they can take all their frustrations out on you because at this point they could care less who you are but they are able to release their self absorbed hatred for the original problem could be since child hood you never know. If it is friend, family or anyone that seems to have a bad day toward you..tell yourself you dont understand and just wish them a quick resolve and step away from any arguement what so ever. dont stand there and feed it with reason.. if you do .. make it in a calm voice i assure you .. you will be heard more in a calm tone then shouting or talking with anger..people in anger lose all sense of acknowledgement and comprehension sometimes and many times things important said are forgotten.. I will say i have seen someone angry and very mad raging and all i had to do was say "Have you try meditation" and boy do they blow up.. some dont like being calmed down what so ever so step away from it if possible.. and if your being hounded by parent , just know they trying their best the way they know how.. even if of another path criticizing yours ..they do not know better and mostly will not listen if you try to explain it to them.. just be confident in yourself and what your intentions are .. they cannot take that away from you.. just say sorry Love you but have to go.. even though they are your parents or close friend they can become like these I speak of earlier with a hidden underlying reason you may never understand..

some are only trying the only way they know how.. not knowing your way works for you although it doesnt for them.. thats the conformed way of thinking, they have to understand blue works for you , orange works for them and thats the way it is.. dont let people change you from your intuitive path, we were givin this gift for a reason and in the collective we all have a purpose that fit together like a puzzle.. allot of times after you get home from store angry over what someone did to you in parking lot jumping for space or cut in line .. they at home enjoying laughing and have a good ol time and done forgot about you.. so let it GO!!!

This will only bring peace back to you dont carry those peoples bad energies and vibes home.. anger never solves anything.. stop think take breathe and look to the next minute.. as long as your angry reflecting it your only bringing down all those around you and your own energies.. so many times I get flamed up but instantly remind myself something is up with this person and they cant help it awwww .. etc.. although they could with better control.. Let it Go and move on no matter.. they can never live your life but they can disrupt it if you let them.. no.. Huggs and Thanks Shadow

Job order - Earth :: For now you are stuck here might as well make the best of it
many everywhere are so trying to ill wish things to happen giving energy to things that are not so positive of an outcome due to they want to escape this reality some tired worn out from trying to make mends on Earth to spread peace and love to bring comfort and prayers where needed and is why some of us found ourselves in a position to do just that and we have. so dont cut your self short in not seeing instant resolve.. things do change.. cant wish it to once and give up on it as many have.. you have to continue this positive Signal of hope and on the idea of positive transition.. so many figure once is enough and expect automatic results. takes time with anything as it takes us.. power of the Universe is miraculous.. but due to intervention laws it is very tricky in manipulation to change and keep a balance .. so many give excuse to reason of allowance of so called Dark but we learn from that dark when we came here it started out as a dark cave as we found our way through it and into some light and in that we shared with others on the way to help them and suggest ways to make it easier for them.. but people confuse dark allowance for being rude or miskind to others and this is not what its about. Intent is what it boils down to and the power you give something to evolve or not.. when you fear you give those things that infear life and manifest it in your subconcious.. or you can manifest positive ideas that can present a positive change for all. Think part of problem is so many do not want to deal with this Earths density or what goes on here we want no part of it.. but then you find others who are less capable of understanding the differences so you find yourself guiding those in that then you have found suddenly a purpose for why you are here.. so if your willing to just stop that is one's choice to I know many that have givin up. and all they want is off Earth no matter what it takes even if is destruction or a hopeful ascention process to be removed from here via ships of some kind.. thing is ascention is enhancing which allot of us are if not all but allot of us recognize it.. see it.. and understand whats going on.. and should be happy about that progress.. even though is not instant change but is working.. Things to do is Try to keep peace no matter even around others who seem to have a bad day or reflect on you. shield and bounce it back

help those that ask for it, guide them best way you know how share your light thats within. step up and offer assistance of anything you can do to help in the whole. let ego go.. it is a defensive mechanism but many tend to let it control them.. patience, it takes patience .. expectations is a self preferance the universe does and cannot go by. let go of Fear . fear is repressive and digressive.. I say to myself I have the power of the Universe behind me.. nothing can hurt me.. and if I am takin out.. then my job was just purely done.. never give anyone else power over your own. get use to being here and expecting to be here for the long haul, some say we chose to be here some say we were asked to be here some say we volunteered so depends on what you feel.. allow yourself time way from the chaos of it all ground and refresh, re energize can get over whelmed and consumed by it all and hit brick wall fast if you dont.. while your here try to be productive in whatever way you feel you can or called to.. for many of us realize we are not just here for ourselves but to help others.. some are here for their own learning experience but not all.. some of us are very different in our plan here and why and how.. no matter who and what you follow or believe I speak of progressions and how to utilize it.. by letting go of some chains that are of Earthly nature , or brought on us as we grew up and acquired and learned which for allot was manipulation into a control or vanity mindset.. competition with another to be better by looks or what we have. and because you were done wrong by one doesnt mean are all the same..its not that way. so be fair to the rest .. keep your feet planted to Earth the instant change you so wish for maynot happen but still is time and a chance and is happening now.. enjoy your stay why you can and while your here.. and do your best, be confident in yourself and share what you know when possible.. trust your intuition on things if in doubt still give it time.. will come to you other wise or validate it self. and for those already feeling over whelmed in their work in this .. back off and take a break.. many others around to do the work in one's absence.. Enjoy your stay on Earth and make the best of it.. Much peace Shadow

Just because it feels odd or different doesnt mean its bad
About 3 weeks ago I wrote a post about new energy coming in and I knew not many read it.. but within the last couple of weeks some are starting to notice a sense of change.. even enhancements in their gifts as in more clarity easier to connect to their inner concious, this is all apart of that.. now lets not confuse with all the things we hear going on in the world from political to natural events. natural Earthly events happen..nothing to do with a certain set of bodies give it a name to .. with global warming .. How old is Earth and what has Earth been through. so dont fall for the modern hype of what the changes are or to be.. allot is fear mongering for many reasons as with corporate funding for uncertain agendas. so to fastly skip over that point.. is to say some will notice a change in the air.. aside of all the political issues.. and this is what I want you to recognize over all.. I said this many times to several who question upcoming events or first thought is a thing of doom.. no not once in any of my visions have I seen pending total disaster and I dont watch TV.. maybe that helped with some of the subliminals or wild action movie fed into the brain giving it subconcious / reality mix.. These energies are good energies coming in so give it that Thought .. Please dont automatically assume a feel of change is always for the bad .. many are conditioned to this.. occasionally good things massively do happen for the greater good.. I could throw rocks at those who consistently think always has to be something bad.. Use this new energy to help your area of .. take it in and spread it out around you no matter where you are.. think of a white bright glowing light and send it out.. doesnt matter is all you have to do.. it is not us having to work its the energy working and just needs a little guidance and the thought of the progressive positive the Earth and all on it need,, break the paradigm of oh gawd its doom.. that is so agrovating its drama ..feeding old drama.. and hype that been passed around over and over again.. so for once give a good thought to the new and allow your energy to progress along with your gifts in which to help assist in the modern dilemas that are going on and man made.

the one thing humans and others forget about they are not above Universal energy and the power of .. is no way man can change it nor human so stop giving power to those who manifested their own for their own personal gain and propaganda to control .. wont happen and wont work.. they dont have total control now we are all not in some human camp .. be greatful for what we do have .. many would not know what it would like to do with very minimal and i have and can be done when need .... whatever changes are there to be..remember the future not just ourselves if we have to sacrifice a little time or moment to share great new energy .. New energies is coming in.. the energy so many waited on for so long and I wrote about this and many are starting to feel it..and because its odd to them doesnt mean make it bad by giving it that thought so stop that.. Spread it out spread as far as you like places of need with natural disasters, kids in harms way animals which need seeing to.. anything and everything..I been surrounding Earth with this energy going on 3 weeks actually assisting it.. the Forest has a huge Crystaline presence around it with bright white light glowing from within in helping this bring it to Earth and spread widely everywhere.. Thank you and hope you all can try to relax a little and be confident we can make the changes needed that has consumed this Earth for so long.. for many of us is why we are here to correct that or assist in that change.. .. Much Peace Shadow

As the leaves fall I remember
I Remember a time when was wondering through the hills, rivers streams and waterfalls and mossy top mountains. A man of great strength and patience stood with me looking at the wonderous beauty of it all. was not like something he got to do allot nor had I. Then we travel to another place. weather was nice mild air was fresh easy to breathe. it didnt matter to him where we went next, he enjoyed wherever we went, was no too far for him. stop get a sandwich or drink then continue on. but we were not alone were with his daughter and wife. for all who I dont think had had chance to get out much previously. and so this was a grand time for us all not knowing would be a rare moment in that moment. we had done these little travels on 2 different occasions.. go west and south on one venture, North and East on another just driving stopping at key areas of sight and beautiful nature and history. In those moments never crossed my mind as we stood there gazing at the wonder it would never be again. but enjoyed the moment as we could and as I am sure they all did it was well deserved to get out and escape and am glad I was apart of that and will never be forgotten. as I watched this man stand looking out over the hills with seemingly total content in the all of existance. no hesitation no regrets .. just a Yes sure we can do that from him and no hurries and no time limits. his moment was then is what he knew and existed with in the moment and am glad he had this chance to enjoy them as we ventured to many places was never a bother. so as the leaves fall I remember this man and allways will and I have found I learned a few things from him in my short visits.. by just watching him , observing in which noone else knew I was .. but when you find a example of seemingly perfect attitude toward life you tend to notice and pay attention and watch and learn from him or them or her.. although those trips will not happen with him again.. I am pleased I got be a part of those we went on.. I think it really meant allot to him and to get out again to spread wings and fly once again. so I think he was content in that and had a great time as we all did.. Anytime your with someone , family hubby, wife kids.. no matter the indifferences or not you may have. try to enjoy them no matter dont let pety things get in the way.. because you never know when those visits will stop forever or being in presence of.. and dont let yourself be left with a self hating regret for not being nicer when you can or for something you said.. after all most is forgotten in short time.for most .. cant say all.. I know resentment runs deep for some siblings.. do your best as a bearer of Light to shed love and care when needed .. There will allways be that thought that you wish you could had said more.. Much Peace Shadow

GateKeeper entries
1. Do they spread Love and peace or drama ? assessing who one is , is very simple by their sole intent, do they speak of positive nature ? do they treat others with positive attributes? helping with informing to help Humanity and Life on Earth, or do they complicate situations that arise and exploit it for their own personal gain ,ego, recognition. One who is about truth always speaks of truth. or are they careless and relentless in attacking others no matter. it is very simple to see ones intent. 2. So many judges on Earth, amazing. Moral compasses of all direction. No solidarity, No Peace, No Unity. not desired or Influenced at any cost to make it work. boosted by Ego and nothing more , self righteousness nothing less. Truth is only truth to the One and it's followers, no matter consequences of the whole. arrogance prelude to demise. Time will show all this to the Wise. 3. For some they pretend to Fear but this is not the case. it is "Anticipation" they romanticize. Wishing the worst so they can escape this Reality. They don't want to bother with helping change the digressive energy into progressive one, they would assume to run and ill wish destruction or become conformed to the controlling system. For only their own sake of being. 4. Why do they Fear? Afraid to lose materialistic possessions, being takin out of their own personal comfort zone? We all have had lifetime of hearing about wars, horror stories that now they accept anything to avoid the same in which leaves them careless for others soulless to themselves, just to be left alone. and leave future generations to be even more slaves then they are. Something to be proud of? written down as their life's achievement. In time they will die soulless or die a Warrior. 5. There are Powers and Energies out there that not even the most negative intents on Earth can compete with is a no win for them. some may have temporary control but will be short lived no matter what they do.. there is no way they can win . 6. People need to start setting an example for others in more of a positive manor for positive progression . being digressive gets no where. some want to continue living the old paradigm but yet moan about it.. Time for change is now. drop the egos and progress with with all . not subjecting to the negative agendas that instill Fear in so many minds for the purpose of keeping them held back. those who feed negative energy only assist in this digression of all.. Some know not what they do and cannot be reached. some do know what they project but do not care. it is what is seen , It is addressed as it's been observed in thine eyes by the Higher sources. Physical is temporary, soul is everlasting. Positive Progressive souls move on to Higher Plains. Digressive souls with negative and ill intent will circum to their own bringings of this plain and time. so shall it be .. East Gate entry.

Dont blame the Higher source(s)
Seen it too many times if something didnt go as planned it was Higher sources fault.. Higher source can be any of few titles, God, Goddess, Higher source, or assistance of council of 12. I bring this up due to so many followed for so long a promise to them a date givin that an event would happen and when it didnt they gave up on their path and beliefs that was wrong thing to do. as with 2012 allot of promises were made and hype was built around 2012 allot were playing with numbers zero'ing in a date then building up anticipation with followers .in which when it didnt happen guess who got the blame? the path and idea in whole. but mislead by many . so when ships and escape from this reality didnt happen well then they got mad and gave up. for one many dont understand the Universe is Infinite there are no clocks in space things change constantly and provided the energy givin can manifest a positive change and being the Universe is about progression and always moving forward so will all things. so this is wrong for any human to put date on a major event change for the whole or Universe. and the more one anticipates the longer their growth will take into a more desirable plain of being, due to their own requirements expectations in which the Universe does not bend to. once you learn the flow of the Universe and see with it and progress with it then one can understand and see and work with. The new energies everyone waited so long didnt come in 2012 but has been making it's way around lately as of last month, but since so many gave up they are not interested or lost belief in it all, thus what are they giving their energy to now ? back to the conformed way of being the Earthly 3d way of thinking and existing denying the Higher source and its possibilities to help us make the changes we so need. I for one as many others knew 2012 wasnt the time but yet people like me got condemnd for even saying such for long time. and now no apologize or re consideration, they dont even attempt to jump back on path and continue their work and I am not talking about fluffing people up for a false reality but giving them their own inner being of sight and existance out of the box thinking to help the whole and manifest positive changes, but as I look around,

not many of us left. not that take things straight for what they are and can be without hype and fluff.. there are those out there, but that to me is persuasion and manipulation which is a form of mind control to steer to lead one by a belief solely promised as it was for 2012. listen to your own inner self what does it tell you? like with secrets of the world. we could know them if we listen to our inner selves. is it too hard? no its not if you give it a chance, so many use to listening to others and taking their word as gold. to me nothing is writ in stone text or numbered and so far I been proven right. so why are people like me denied our truths is beyond me. but is not my concern over all each to their own with their on free will to do and think. how many attacked innocent people trying to tell them all this before 2012 how many have stepped up and said they were wrong but instead blame the higher sources. I myself will continue what I do even if is just few my work has always been with solid intent so I will get that foil badge when my time is up.. so no matter if I am one or one of many I will continue even with the sceptics, deniers, ego , envy, personal desire to be above others is not my concern. atleast I was true to my intent and didnt give up. Shadow

"Learning to Escape" short example chart
I have made an example slide on how you can occasionally escape to get your mind back in check with reality, not what is constantly imposed on us and we become consumed in it, smothering us to the point of feeling no hope helpless and with no control. I hope this example helps in the process of breaking free from the density of things here on Earth. anyone can do this and I have the feeling many feel they are doing wrong by this but that is the energy around allot of us now trying to keep hold of you. It is your right to break free from it. dont allow the chaotic energy keep hold, let it go. you have more of a right to posses all the Universal positive energies you can use and for those around you help break them free.. like robots stuck in a cycle but never get off the ride.. is ok to do so. And again this to me is not form of astral. you can do this awake and in quiet place and keep your presence of Earth. I have never felt un connected from Earth doing this because I have my purpose here. plus been doing it so long I can be anywhere at any moment , Moon, stars, mars. doesnt matter lol.. usually just hanging out looking at Earth studying, Observing. Much peace

Please take the time to Read all my other work they will help you progress as you make your way down your path, beginner or not , I have a different perception not spoken by many and is reason for this. I use my Enlightened intuition and foresight and My Guides that assist me to help better inform people of a better idea of presence and how to utilize their optimum talents and gifts for themselves , empowering them to rise above any challenge presented to them.. Thank you Shadow of Enchanted Forest.ning

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