brutality. tutorial.‖ Liberal Proximate: Attainment of internal. logic. we have merely a set of complicated jigs. provided we devote the right kind of effort to them. so that no man ever sees the work as a whole or "looks to the end of the work. love. both in their own affairs. . the chisel and the plane-. may be of a great service one day. Education as worldcraft. politicized literature. Should the occasion arise.‖ Faculty of the soul True Freedom Intellect Will Memory Theological Virtue Faith Love Hope Transcendental Property Truth: Peter: ―You are the Son of God‖ Goodness: ―Father forgive them‖ Beauty: Transfiguration of Jesus Vice of Modern Soul Modern “Freedom” Intellect Will Memory Doubt Apathy/self love. For the sole true end of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves. such as how one should best manage his own household. and in using which eye and hand receive no training. and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain. and understanding of causes of facts  Integrated curriculum: study of spirit (trivium: language as the symbols of spirit) and matter (quadrivium: mathematics and the application of mathematics to the extended. agenda-ridden history.‖ Mary: ―Fiat! Let it be done unto me according to Your word. a Latin prose or a geometry problem. Jesus: ―You shall know the truth.  Dependence on oneself after apprenticeship with teacher is over and tools of learning are mastered  Mix of Socratic. the Word. material goods to obtain power and pleasure. they can one day make us better able to give someone in affliction exactly the help required to save him. mediocrity .‖  Relativistic seminar (or authoritative lecture pretending to be relativistic!)  Losing all touch with human and divine reality Modern Person: ―What are you going to do with a liberal arts degree?‖ Protagoras the Sophist: ―I teach them good planning. randomness Resignation to despair. unconnected ―facts‖  Fragmented and compartmentalized curriculum  Dependence on teacher’s opinions and skills  Authoritative lecture mode of teaching only  Research narrowed to technocratic cultural needs and profits and power Humanities=sophistry and incoherence: evidenceeschewing social “sciences”. each of which will do but one task and no more. the hammer and the saw. spiritual goods to perfect the mind and soul. . Instead of them.  Ideological indoctrination-social engineering  ―Dumbing down. Remote: To know.Liberal versus Anti-Liberal Education We have lost the tools of learning--the axe and the wedge. materialist psychology.” etc. Integration: the liberal arts  Teaching of ―tools of learning‖—the trivium of grammar. MEANS The Spirit Francis Bacon: ―Knowledge is Power‖ McDonalds: You deserve a break today! Burger King: “Have it your way!‖ Lucifer: Non serviam!‖ Simone Weil: ―Paradoxical as it may seem. and the truth shall set you free. and serve God.that were so adaptable to all tasks. atheistic. at the supreme moment of his need. –Dorothy Sayers Anti-Liberal GOAL OR END Proximate: Increase external.‖ Science=specialization and fragmentation  Teaching of separate ―subjects‖ and memorization of disparate. even though they are done wrong. Remote: Adjustment to the status-quo—to remain in Plato’s cave—to increase one’s ―personal autonomy. sentimentalism Ugliness. material world)  All knowledge integrated in the Logos." . and lecture: Teaching students how to think and ask questions. anthropocentric “religious studies. Education as soulcraft. how one can best speak and act in the city-state. and in public affairs. . and rhetoric. and the cross is Wisdom. while guiding them to the truth so they can see it for themselves. ‖ St. banality. absurdity Cultural Pathology Relativism: Intolerant Tolerance Cynicism. Louis de Montfort: “Wisdom is the cross.

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