The Making Of Ridley By Jen Francis

Jen Francis

INT. ROOM. DAY Dean Winters (23) casually smart in a jumper rolled up at the sleeves and jeans. About to speak but glances down last second mumbling to himself. #1 DEAN WINTERS ....Right sorry, just double checking something for later... Okay hi I’m Dean Winters and I’m an actor. A mobile rings off screen, Dean leaves shot to answer. DEAN WINTERS [Off Screen] Hey, yeah no I can’t talk right now (Pause) No just some acting exercise Paul suggested (Pause) Okay I’ll call you later. Dean settles back in front of camera DEAN WINTERS Sorry about that. Great Dean, not only am I apologising to myself but I’m already referring to myself in the third person. (Coughs) As I was saying before. I’m an actor and I have my final callback for the role of "Ridley" in the self titled film. Dean looks at watch DEAN WINTERS And in fact I should really make a move if I want to get there on time. INT. ROOM. EVENING Dean looks pleased DEAN WINTERS Well it’s been a long day but the call back went well and you are officially looking at Ridley. I think they gave me the role because the other guy was a little to dramatic in the scene we were reading from, that and I probably had the most chemistry with the costar not that I’m complaining or anything. 2.

MS Vlog #2 ES Room

#4 CS Mouth

#7 CS Desk
Dean holds up a stack of papers then put it down with a thud What I am complaining about is the amount of background reading I need to do about this guy so until later. INT. ROOM. DAY Dean sat in pyjamas drinking a white coffee as he reads. DEAN WINTERS So I’ve been up reading about this character "Ridley" Jesus what a weirdo. Here listen to this; "He emanates an odd vibe that automatically puts people off. Friendless and alone he sinks within himself." There’s also all this other stuff; Favourite colour: Green, Coffee: Black, Hates: Fish, Loves: The sound of rain. THE SOUND OF RAIN?! Normally I try to establish some similarities with my characters but me and Ridley have nothing in common. If you ask me he’s nothing more than a troubled man who should have seeken professional help a long time ago. How does no one notice half the stuff he gets up to? INT. ROOM. EVENING Dean: Drunk and disheveled. DEAN WINTERS Went out for a few drinks after rehearsals today and the rest of the cast are pretty (Burps) especially my leading lady Laura. Noticing the odd picture Dean adjusts camera The next six weeks are going to be a lot of fun, as long as everyone remembers that I’m the star and the film would be nothing without me. I kidding... mostly.

#1 Cont.

#9 LS Dean #11 #13 CU Mouth OS Papers

#15a CA Vlog


INT. ROOM. EVENING DEAN WINTERS Laura is upstairs, we’re just going through our lines... Yup just going through our lines for the fourth time this week. I should go, those lines won’t erm.... read themselves. INT. ROOM. DAY DEAN WINTERS Soooo I almost got fired for apparently (Air Quoting) "Not taking the film seriously" which is such a joke. Although it probably didn’t help that the Director heard me say that if I had a better script I wouldn’t have to work twice as hard. The door bell rings. Dean raises an eyebrow, goes off camera to get door, comes back a short while later and continues. He counts off the traits on his fingers DEAN WINTERS Also I’m arrogant, cocky, self involved, chauvinistic and lazy. All because Laura found out I was having other rehearsals. Now I find out they’ve been going out for the past few nights without me. It’s like in page 3... Dean reaches out of shot to grab copy of script. DEAN WINTERS ...When...When Ridley gets left out and he doesn’t understand why Diana is spreading rumors about him. Okay granted the guys still an oddball but it’s like they never even really gave him a chance, they don’t know anything about him. Huh. What do you know I think I just found some common ground. Dean grabs a pen from out of shot and starts making notes on script. Reaches up and turns off camera without looking.

#1 Cont.

#17b CU Body Language

#18 ES Room

#20b CU Mouth


#1 Cont.
INT. ROOM. MORNING Dean surrounded by empty cups nursing black coffee DEAN WINTERS I haven’t slept, I’ve been going over this script and it’s genius. I’m a man who is using the arts as a means to embody people that I could only have been lucky to be born as. I’m a blank canvas ready to accept any brush stoke, any artist that allows me to escape myself. Brilliant. Dean looks at the time DEAN WINTERS I should probably get some sleep, only a few more rehearsals. INT. ROOM. DAY Dean stares into space, completely detached. A phone goes off in the background which he doesn’t register. INT. ROOM. EVENING Looking unlike himself in a green shirt and slightly jittery exterior. DEAN WINTERS Things have been going a lot better. Rehearsals are over and filming has finally started. I’ve decided that it’s best that I distance myself from the other cast members, especially after I heard Laura talking about me to anyone who would listen. Saying that I was just a creep who shouldn’t be allowed out of their house. She claimed she was talking about Ridley, as if that makes a difference. Bitch.

#21 MS Desk #22 CU Face/Mouth

#26b CU From Right #26a CU Various #26c CU From Left


INT. ROOM. MORNING DEAN WINTERS The distance thing is working great. We turn up to set change into our other clothes, we do our bit and avoid conversation and we go home. The director did catch us off guard and said something strange. Something along the lines of how he admires my passion and commitment to the role. I didn’t reply but heard him laugh as I walked off. INT. ROOM. EVENING Dean, head in hands crying. INT. ROOM. EVENING Dean looks tired and dirty DEAN WINTERS Filming comes to an end soon, just a scene or two left to round up. I think it’s probably for the best, we’re getting a bit sick of each other. I understand that what we...he did.. wasn’t our fault and that we just wanted to do our... his best, but we’re not looking forward to going back to a blank canvas. INT. ROOM. EVENING Dean sits in a tux DEAN WINTERS Tonight was the Ridley premiere, the cast and crew went out to celebrate but I couldn’t really get into it so left early. I got a lot of casting agents and directors come up to me congratulating me for my role asking me how I gave such a convincing performance. I told them it was all about understanding and accepting him....yourself....I mean the character. Anyway we’ve got all these business cards to sort through. Who knows where the next artist will take us. 6.

#1 Cont.

#27 CU Various m Left

#29 MS From Right

#32b//d CU from Right #32a CU Mouth #32c//e CU from Left

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