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A Game of Thrones League Information

Welcome to the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Regional Season!

This document is intended for tournament organizers (TOs) interested in applying to host an officially-sanctioned Regional Championship tournament during the 2010 season. This years season begins April 30th, 2010 and ends June 30th, 2010. An A Game of Thrones Regional Championship is a major event supported by Fantasy Flight Games. A regional championship can be held as a Melee (multiplayer) tournament OR as a Joust (headto-head) tournament OR as a combined event featuring both formats of play. If a combined event is run, the overall champion (player with the highest combined score from both the Melee and the Joust tournament) of the event is recognized as the Regional Champion from that area. The Regional Championships are an opportunity to generate excitement and enthusiasm for A Game of Thrones, to provide a competitive environment for fans of the game, and to help build your local A Game of Thrones community. In addition to the Regional Melee Championship and/or the Regional Joust Championship tournaments, Regional Championships may also feature side events like legacy tournaments, themed tournaments, and other original TO-sponsored events. The best Regional Championship weekends have the feel of an A Game of Thrones convention.

Who can participate in the Regional Championship tournaments?

Anyone can play in an A Game of Thrones Regional tournament. With the right mixture of skill, luck, and deck-building, anyone can win! Furthermore, any store owner or tournament organizer interested in running a Regional Championship tournament is encouraged to apply. To compete in a Regional Championship event, stay tuned to and check back on Monday, March 29, when we will announce the Regional Championship event nearest you!

Where are Regional Championship Events held?

Regional coverage will be as broad and comprehensive as possible, and any area can apply to run an A Game of Thrones Regional Championship event. Fantasy Flight Games will work with all quality applicants to bring an A Game of Thrones Regional Championship tournament to your area*. Specific dates and locations will be announced after all applications have been reviewed on Monday, March 29. * Determining the location of Regional events run outside of the US may be deferred to FFGs foreign partner in that territory.

When are Regional Championship events scheduled?

Applications to host an A Game of Thrones Regional Championship event are due on Monday, March 22. Locations and event organizers will be chosen and contacted by Monday, March 29. Regional Championship events should be run between the dates of April 30 and June 30. Prospective applicants are encouraged to plan their event for a weekend, as this makes it easiest for players to travel and attend.

certificate to be redeemed at Gen Con Indy 2010 (August 5th-8th, 2010), for reimbursement of his/ her Gen Con badge through product available at the Fantasy Flight Games booth in the exhibition hall (Receipt for Gen Con badge required). All participants will also have their name and tournament rank (and picture, if desired), posted on an online Hall of Heroes page on the Fantasy Flight Games website. Instructions for the submission of player information will be included with the Regionals kit.

Why would I want to run or compete in a Regional Championship event?

Running a Regional Championship event is a great way to become the center of A Game of Thrones activity in your area, expand your player base, and showcase the game. Players will want to attend a Regional Championship event in the quest to become an A Game of Thrones Regional Champion, which is also the first step towards becoming the A Game of Thrones World Champion! Regional Champions will be awarded a first round bye at the Gen Con Indy 2010 World Championships. In addition to the leg up on the field at Worlds and the prestige that comes with being a Regional Champion, players also compete for an assortment of Regional-exclusive championship prizes and trophies, including: A large Regional Championship 2010 banner to be displayed at the venue A playmat for the winner of the tournament An exclusive Regional Champion trophy 4 Large 24x36 uncut card sheets from a recent expansion print run 4 Large glossy art prints 16 sets of Regional Championship-exclusive Power tokens for the first 16 registered players 4 cloisonne pins that will serve as invitations to an exclusive invitational tournament at the FFG Event Center in Roseville, MN, Fall 2010. (Details forthcoming) A set of updated tournament rules, FAQ/errata, and decklist forms. In addition, the Regional Champion will receive a

How do I apply to host an event?

To apply to host a Regional Championship event, fill out the attached form and submit it to Fantasy Flight Games by Monday, March 22. Prospective event organizers: please note that that the cost of the Regionals prize kit is $200 (plus shipping if international), which includes tournament prizes, promotional material, and official support necessary to make your event an official Regional Championship. The cost can be redeemed by charging a small entry fee to each participant in your Regional Championship tournament. For more information, contact us at By submitting your application to host a Regional Championship tournament, you are committing to paying for the Regional Championship tournament kit (and any international shipping costs) if your location is chosen to host the event.

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