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Poetry on the Birkbeck Picket Line

Thursday 31st of October, 2013


"peeling back the skin of the sausage"

Let #r$ef Co%&ert to a%#er' b(u%t %ot the heart, e%ra#e $t!
) Malcolm in Macbeth, Act IV, Scene V

The fo((o*$%# +oe,s a%d te-ts *ere read out throu#h a ,e#a+ho%e u+o% a crate to a +$ ($%e outs$de /$r.bec. L$brary o% the after%oo% of Thursday the 31 st of October, 20130 They *ere read $% so($dar$ty *$th (ecturers a%d *or.ers str$.$%# a#a$%st +ay1cuts, the co%sta%t $,,$serat$o% of the$r *or.$%# ($&es, a%d the #e%era( +er&as$o% of the u%$&ers$ty by ,a%a#ers, co+s, ($bera(s, bureaucrats, a%d scabs0

From TITUS ANDR NI!US by "illiam Shake#$eare TAM RA% Ha&e %ot reaso%, th$%. you, to (oo. +a(e2 These t*o ha&e t$ced ,e h$ther to th$s +(ace, A barre% detested &a(e you see $t $s' The trees, thou#h su,,er, yet for(or% a%d (ea%, O&erco,e *$th ,oss a%d ba(efu( ,$st(etoe0 Here %e&er sh$%es the su%' here %oth$%# breeds, 3%(ess the %$#ht(y o*( or fata( ra&e%4 A%d *he% they sho*ed ,e th$s abhorr5d +$t, They to(d ,e, here, at dead t$,e of the %$#ht, A thousa%d 6e%ds, a thousa%d h$ss$%#, Te% thousa%d s*e(($%# toads, as ,a%y urch$%s, 7ou(d ,a.e such fearfu( a%d co%fus5d cr$es As a%y ,orta( body hear$%# $t Shou(d stra$#ht fa(( ,ad, or e(se d$e sudde%(y0 8o soo%er had they to(d th$s he(($sh ta(e /ut stra$#ht they to(d ,e they *ou(d b$%d ,e here 3%to the body of a d$s,a( ye* A%d (ea&e ,e to th$s ,$serab(e death0 A%d the% they ca((ed ,e fou( adu(teress, Lasc$&$ous 9oth, a%d a(( the b$tterest ter,s That e&er ear d$d hear to such effect' A%d had you %ot by *o%drous fortu%e co,e, Th$s &e%#ea%ce o% ,e had they e-ecuted0 Re&e%#e $t, as you (o&e your ,other:s ($fe, Or be ye %ot he%ceforth ca((ed ,y ch$(dre%0 Read by Hannah Proctor

&rom T'( LIF(


by "alter Ben)amin The +er&ers$o% of the creat$&e s+$r$t $%to the &ocat$o%a( s+$r$t, *h$ch *e see at *or. e&ery*here, has ta.e% +ossess$o% of the u%$&ers$t$es as a *ho(e a%d has $so(ated the, fro, the %o%of6c$a(, creat$&e ($fe of the ,$%d0 The ,a%dar$% co%te,+t for the act$&$t$es of $%de+e%de%t art$sts a%d scho(ars *ho are a($e% a%d ofte% host$(e to the state $s a +a$%fu( +roof of th$s0 O%e of the ,ost ce(ebrated 9er,a% u%$&ers$ty +rofessors referred $% a (ecture to those ;coffeehouse ($terat$ accord$%# to *ho, Chr$st$a%$ty $s 6%$shed0; The to%e a%d accuracy of th$s state,e%t ba(a%ce each other +erfect(y0 A%d $f a u%$&ers$ty or#a%$<ed $% th$s *ay $s host$(e to*ard acade,$c study, e&e% thou#h such study ca% +rete%d to ha&e c(a$,s to ;re(e&a%ce; to the $,,ed$ate co%cer%s of the state, ho* ,uch ,ore ster$(e *$(( $ts a++roach to the arts a%d Muses be2 /y d$rect$%# stude%ts to*ard the +rofess$o%s, $t ,ust %ecessar$(y fa$( to u%dersta%d d$rect creat$&$ty as a for, of co,,u%a( act$&$ty0 % rea($ty, the u%co,+rehe%d$%# host$($ty of the acade,y to*ard the ($fe that art re=u$res ca% be $%ter+reted as a re>ect$o% of e&ery for, of d$rect creat$&$ty that $s u%co%%ected *$th bureaucrat$c of6ce0 Th$s $s co%6r,ed, $% ter,s of $%%er co%sc$ous%ess, by the $,,atur$ty a%d schoo(boy$sh out(oo. of the stude%ts0 ?ro, the sta%d+o$%t of aesthet$c fee($%#, the ,ost str$.$%# a%d +a$%fu( as+ect of the u%$&ers$ty $s the ,echa%$ca( react$o% of the stude%ts as they ($ste% to a (ecture0 O%(y a #e%u$%e(y acade,$c a%d so+h$st$cated cu(ture of co%&ersat$o% cou(d co,+e%sate for th$s (e&e( of rece+t$&$ty0 A%d of course the se,$%ars are *or(ds a*ay fro, such a th$%#, s$%ce they too, ,a$%(y re(y o% the (ecture for,at, a%d $t , ($tt(e d$ffere%ce *hether the s+ea.ers are teachers or stude%ts0 The or#a%$<at$o% of the u%$&ers$ty has ceased to be #rou%ded $% the +roduct$&$ty of $ts stude%ts, as $ts fou%ders had e%&$sa#ed0 They thou#ht of stude%ts as teachers a%d (ear%ers at the sa,e t$,e' as teachers, because +roduct$&$ty $,+($es co,+(ete auto%o,y, *$th the$r ,$%ds 6-ed o% sc$e%ce $%stead of o% the$r $%structor:s +erso%a($ty0 /ut *here of6ce a%d +rofess$o% are the $deas that #o&er% stude%t ($fe, there ca% be %o true (ear%$%#0 There ca% %o (o%#er be a%y =uest$o% of a de&ot$o% to a for, of .%o*(ed#e that, $t $s feared, ,$#ht (ead the, astray fro, the +ath of bour#eo$s secur$ty0 There ca% be %e$ther de&ot$o% to (ear%$%# %or the ded$cat$o% of ($fe to a you%#er #e%erat$o%0 "et the &ocat$o% of teach$%# ) a(be$t $% for,s that are =u$te d$ffere%t fro, those curre%t

today ) $s a% $,+erat$&e for a%y authe%t$c (ear%$%#0 Such a ha<ardous se(f1ded$cat$o% to (ear%$%# a%d youth ,ust ,a%$fest $tse(f $% the stude%t as the ab$($ty to (o&e, a%d $t ,ust be the source of h$s creat$&$ty0 /ut by the sa,e to.e% he ,ust a(so fo((o* $% the footste+s of h$s e(ders' he ,ust ac=u$re h$s (ear%$%# fro, h$s teacher, *$thout fo((o*$%# h$, $% h$s +rofess$o%0 7$th a% easy co%sc$e%ce, he ca% ta.e h$s (ea&e of the co,,u%$ty that b$%ds h$, to other +roducers, s$%ce that co,,u%$ty der$&es $ts #e%era( for, e-c(us$&e(y fro, +h$(oso+hy0 He shou(d be a% act$&e +roducer, +h$(oso+her, a%d teacher a(( $% o%e, a%d a(( these th$%#s shou(d be +art of h$s dee+est a%d ,ost esse%t$a( %ature0 Th$s $s *hat de6%es h$s +rofess$o% a%d h$s ($fe0 The co,,u%$ty of creat$&e hu,a% be$%#s e(e&ates e&ery 6e(d of study to the u%$&ersa( throu#h the for, of +h$(oso+hy0 Such u%$&ersa($ty $s %ot ach$e&ed by co%fro%t$%# (a*yers *$th ($terary =uest$o%s, or doctors *$th (e#a( o%es @as &ar$ous stude%t #rou+s ha&e atte,+tedA0 t ca% be brou#ht about o%(y $f the co,,u%$ty e%sures that s+ec$a($<ed stud$es @*h$ch ca%%ot e-$st *$thout a +rofess$o% $% ,$%dA a%d a(( the act$&$t$es of the s+ec$a( d$sc$+($%es are 6r,(y subord$%ated to the co,,u%$ty of the u%$&ers$ty as such, s$%ce $t a(o%e $s the creator a%d #uard$a% of +h$(oso+hy as a for, of co,,u%$ty0 Th$s +h$(oso+hy, $% tur%, shou(d co%cer% $tse(f %ot *$th ($,$ted tech%$ca( +h$(oso+h$ca( ,atters but *$th the #reat ,eta+hys$ca( =uest$o%s of B(ato a%d S+$%o<a, the Ro,a%t$cs, a%d 8$et<sche0 Th$s, rather tha% co%ducted tours throu#h *e(fare $%st$tut$o%s, $s *hat *ou(d create the c(osest ($%.s bet*ee% ($fe a%d the +rofess$o%s, a(be$t a ($fe ,ore dee+(y co%ce$&ed0 Th$s $s *hat *ou(d +re&e%t the de#e%erat$o% of study $%to the hea+$%# u+ of $%for,at$o%0 The tas. of stude%ts $s to ra((y rou%d the u%$&ers$ty, *h$ch $tse(f *ou(d be $% a +os$t$o% to $,+art the syste,at$c state of .%o*(ed#e, to#ether *$th the caut$ous a%d +rec$se but dar$%# a++($cat$o%s of %e* ,ethodo(o#$es0 Stude%ts *ho co%ce$&ed the$r ro(e $% th$s *ay *ou(d #reat(y rese,b(e the a,or+hous *a&es of the +o+u(ace that surrou%d the +r$%ce:s +a(ace, *h$ch ser&es as the s+ace for a% u%ceas$%# s+$r$tua( re&o(ut$o% ) a +o$%t fro, *h$ch %e* =uest$o%s *ou(d be $%cubated, $% a ,ore a,b$t$ous, (ess c(ear, (ess +rec$se *ay, but +erha+s *$th #reater +rofu%d$ty tha% the trad$t$o%a( sc$e%t$6c =uest$o%s0 The creat$&$ty of stude%ts ,$#ht the% e%ab(e us to re#ard the, as the #reat tra%sfor,ers *hose tas. $s to se$<e u+o% %e* $deas, *h$ch s+r$%# u+ soo%er $% art a%d soc$ety tha% $% the u%$&ers$ty, a%d ,ou(d the, $%to sc$e%t$6c sha+e u%der the #u$da%ce of the$r +h$(oso+h$ca( a++roach0 Read by Esther Leslie

T'( S LUTI N Bertolt Brecht

FORWARD: Reading Bertolt Brecht's 'The Solution' on the Birkbeck picket line is perhaps an oblique wa to !ake so!e !ore i!portant points" The conte#t o$ his poe! is the %&'( strikes and subsequent repression o$ the workers' uprising in the )DR" A !o!ent o$ re$lection then on the oppression o$ so called liberator institutions" *n so!e sense perhaps we can use this to critique our own liberator institutions + this strike was against uni,ersit !anage!ent and the go,ern!ent- but o$ course !an o$ us stand against the uni,ersities the!sel,es" .ore i!portantl though are the trades unions- capitulator partners o$ capital !uch o$ the ti!e- but recentl the ',e pro,en the!sel,es inhospitable to !an gi,en the poisonous !isog n and se#is! present in that !o,e!ent" / by Wail Qasim

After the u+r$s$%# of the 1Cth Du%e The Secretary of the 7r$ters 3%$o% Had (eaEets d$str$buted $% the Sta($%a((ee Stat$%# that the +eo+(e Had forfe$ted the co%6de%ce of the #o&er%,e%t A%d cou(d *$% $t bac. o%(y /y redoub(ed efforts0 7ou(d $t %ot be eas$er % that case for the #o&er%,e%t To d$sso(&e the +eo+(e A%d e(ect a%other2

TAL(S FR M T'( SAUSA*( FA!T R+ Written by Bloomsbury Fightback, September 2012

As Mar- sat$r$ca((y de+$cts the +roduct$o% of

ca+$ta(, the

($&$%# bod$es of *or.ers, the$r ha%ds, bra$%, ,usc(e a%d s$%e*, are co%&erted $%to a #e(at$%ous ,ass of u%d$ffere%t$ated hu,a% (abour0 Such a% $%dustr$a( +rocess ca%%ot be re&ersed0 The 6%$shed co,,od$ty co%cea(s $ts or$#$%s $% co%crete hu,a% (abour0 So $t $s *$th our u%$&ers$t$es0 The ($bera( $dea( of the u%$&ers$ty as a

+ure co,,u%$ty of ,$%ds ) $%

the %a,e of *h$ch so ,a%y batt(es a#a$%st fees a%d cuts ha&e bee% fou#ht ) $s u(t$,ate(y a% $deo(o#$ca( $%stru,e%t0 ?or a(( $ts ca%t a#a$%st Fco,,od$6cat$o%G, $ts fu%ct$o% $s to +reser&e the ,ystery of the

educat$o%1co,,od$ty, to +re&e%t us

fro, +ee($%# bac. the sausa#e s.$% a%d $%=u$r$%# >ust *hose bra$%, ,usc(e a%d s$%e* $s ,ashed u+ $%s$de0 A#a$%st th$s *e say4 (oo. at the thousa%ds of

" R,(RS o% *hose


the day to day ru%%$%# of these $%st$tut$o%s

de+e%ds0 Dust (oo., for e-a,+(e, at ho* ,a%y c(asses are tau#ht by hour(y1+a$d staff o% casua( co%tracts, *hose u%+a$d ,ar.$%#

a%d +re+arat$o% (oad fre=ue%t(y +ushes the$r +ay be(o* ,$%$,u, *a#e' or tau#ht by +ost1#raduates for %o +ay at a((' or the fact that 3CLGs ,ed$a1sa&&y +ro,$se to +ay $ts *or.ers the Lo%do% L$&$%# 7a#e by 2013 has %ot o%(y %e&er bee% $,+(e,e%ted, but $%deed bee% fo((o*ed by a% esca(ated ca,+a$#% of

outsourc$%# $ts (o*est1+a$d staff

to +r$&ate

co%tractors' or that the outsourced Se%ate House c(ea%ers ) ,ost(y Lat$%1A,er$ca% *o,e% *ho s+ea. ($tt(e E%#($sh, *ho *or. se&era( >obs to su++ort the$r fa,$($es ) had the$r +ay $((e#a((y *$thhe(d by co%tractors /a(four /eatty' that $t *as o%(y throu#h the ,ost $%cred$b(e feats of or#a%$s$%# ) $%c(ud$%#

u%of6c$a( str$.e act$o%,

su++orted by stude%ts

a%d other act$&$sts ) that they *o% the$r +ay, a u%$o% reco#%$t$o% a#ree,e%t, a%d the L$&$%# 7a#eH f *e are to co%fro%t the rea($t$es of ($fe $% the sausa#e factory, th$s ,ust be our start$%# +o$%t0 /ut *hat %e-t2 7e((, the

PI*S, of course, are e&ery*here' e&ery sausa#e

factory %eeds +$#s0 /ut these are %o ord$%ary +$#s, a%d theyGre %ot be$%# tur%ed $%to sausa#es0 TheyGre here to brea. u+ our

+$c.et1($%es, to &$o(e%t(y arrest us *he% *e +rotest, a%d to

co%tro( us *$th tar#eted $,,$#rat$o% ra$ds0 TheyGre here to ,o%$tor our Soc$a( Ce%tres for s$#%s of ba%%er ,a.$%# a%d other Fterror$st act$&$tyG, to cou%t the .ef6yehs a%d the shado*s they sus+ect ,$#ht be a%arch$sts0 % other *ords, to be#$% $%creas$%#(y to do to us $% /(oo,sbury, *hat theyG&e a(*ays do%e to the +oor, the %o%1*h$te, a%d the +ote%t$a(( y

$%surrect$o%ary, fro, Totte%ha, to 3(ster to A%ahe$,0

To those *ho +(ead for F*or.ers $% u%$for,G, ha&$%# %e&er fe(t a tru%cheo%, *e re+(y that these re,ar.ab(e


abatto$r1ha%ds are here to u+ho(d the s,ooth ru%%$%#

of the ,ach$%ery that tur%s hu,a% be$%#s $%to sausa#es, to batter us bac. $%to $ts +$+es a%d #r$%ders, a%d scra+e off the o&er1s+$((0 Th$s structura( ro(e $s Eat(y $%co,+at$b(e *$th More d$f6cu(t to u%ra&e( $s the Dust *hat $s the e%d resu(t of a(( th$s ,ash$%#1u+ of Eesh a%d rea($s$%# that they are the,se(&es u(t$,ate(y ,ade of +or.0 So ,uch $s ob&$ous0

PR DU!T $tse(f0

a($e%ated (abour,

bo%e2 A%d *hoGs eat$%# $t2 Much has bee% sa$d about the +o*er of fees to tra%sfor, stude%ts $%to co%su,ers, $#%ora%t debt1+u++ets, ,u%ch$%# o% the

Fstude%t e-+er$e%ceG0

A%d th$s Fe-+er$e%ceG $s sure(y a sausa#e of sorts, a ,e(a%#e of +re1,ast$cated ha(f1.%o*(ed#e, >ar#o%, a%d c(ub1%$#hts, e%cased $% a s,ooth, sy%thet$c s.$%0 A %eat(y individual

e-+er$e%ce, o%e ($%. +er +erso%, the sa,e for e&eryo%e' a +ro+a#a%d$st$c ($#ht1sho* des$#%ed a(*ays to da<<(e a%d %e&er, e&er, to $((u,$%ate0 The s+ectre of the

Or rather, th$s

co%su,er, thou#h, $s u(t$,ate(y a d$stract$o%0

+art$cu(ar +$ece of co%su,+t$o% $s o%(y a +re($,$%ary to the ,a$% e&e%t, the #reat s+e*$%# out of these tra%sferab(e1s.$((s1,ade1Eesh $%to the re=u$s$te %$ches of ca+$ta( +roduct$o% @the co%torted ($bera( +(ea for Fsoc$a( ,ob$($tyG de,a%d$%# ,ere(y the occas$o%a( u%e-+ected resu(t $% %$che1a((ocat$o%A0 Th$%.$%# cr$t$ca((y about >ust *hose $%terests are ser&ed by the creat$o% of #raduates #ets us further0

Let us %ot for#et, thou#h, that a #raduate $s %ot ($tera((y a co,,od$ty, %o ,atter ho* ,a%y t$,es she $s ordered to F$%&est $%G a%d Fse((G herse(f0 The sa,e ca%%ot be sa$d of that other core +roduct of the u%$&ers$ty ,ach$%e ) that re(e%t(ess(y b(ed fro, acade,$c *or.ers,

*h$ch $s

s$,u(ta%eous(y $%+ut for the e&er1e-+a%d$%# tech%o(o#$es of bour#eo$s +o*er0

Acade,$c research.

Curre%t(y *e

see the co%%ect$o%s *h$ch ha&e a(*ays e-$sted bet*ee%

a((ocat$o% of research fu%d$%# a%d the $%terests of co,,erce, #o&er%,e%t, a%d ,$($tary be$%# e(e&ated to the status of %atura( (a*s0 Th$s (o#$c ) the deta$(s of *hose deduct$&e sche,a certa$%(y deser&e our scrut$%y ) $s $%here%t $% the sub($,e farce of +h$(oso+hers scra,b($%# des+erate(y to +ro&e that the$r +roducts ha&e as ,uch

F$,+actG as %uc(ear *ea+o%ry0

sta%ds e-+osed a%d dr$++$%# $%

3CLGs I1C ,$(($o%

Secur$ty Sc$e%ce !octora(

SECReT (abs


Research Tra$%$%# Ce%treA, *h$ch, e,barrass$%# acro%y, as$de, do %ot a++ear to be ,a.$%# e,+ty +ro,$ses *he% they assure the +ros+ect$&e researcher that h$s e&ery Or*e(($a% *et drea, ca% be F$,+(e,e%ted $% the Jrea( *or(dKG, courtesy of &a(ued $%dustry +art%ers

9LS, Tha(es, /AE

As they sha,e(ess(y

Syste,s, SELEM 9a($(eoH

co%s+$re *$th

O(d Corru+t$o% to bu((do<e u%des$rab(es

out of East Lo%do%, ra<$%# ho,es to ,a.e *ay for ,ore of these e,$%e%t research fac$($t$es, the 3CL ,a%a#e,e%t, at (east, are u%der %o $((us$o%s about *hat Fco,,u%$tyG the$r $%st$tut$o% e-$sts to ser&e0

Ho*e&er, our cr$t$=ue ,ust #o further0 ?or %o* the ($bera( ste+s u+, re$%&$#orated, to the +od$u,0 He s+$es a% o++ortu%$ty for coo+t$o%0

efend academic freedom from political

The do#,a t $s

interference! "no#ledge for its o#n sake!

of the //C $%ter&$e* ) that e&ery ar#u,e%t has @at ,ostA t*o s$des ) has #$&e% these s(o#a%s a reso%a%ce s$,+(y because of *hat they are not0 easy to for#et that the ($bera( &$s$o% they e,body ) the u%$&ers$ty as a +ure co,,u%$ty of +ract$sed ,$%ds' a% oas$s $% the desert of ca+$ta(, *h$ch ,ust ,ere(y be defended a#a$%st +o((ut$o% by fore$#% e(e,e%ts' a F+r$&ate s+hereG *h$ch $s s$,u(ta%eous(y a F+ub($c #oodG, *h$ch co$%c$de%ta((y Fboosts the eco%o,yG *h$(e tra%sce%d$%# $ts $,+erat$&es ) $s, $% a(( $ts be*$tch$%# $%cohere%ce, u(t$,ate(y a too( of the ,aster, a%d as such *$(( %e&er d$s,a%t(e h$s house0

Ma.e %o ,$sta.e, the ($bera( $s %ot o% our

s$de0 He de,a%ds that *e trust $% the +ure >ud#e,e%ts of the

$%te((ectua( e($te,
thou#h the ruth(ess(y

as thou#h th$s had o%(y $%c$de%ta(

co%%ect$o%s *$th a%y other e($te0 He cr$es F+eer re&$e*!G as

h$erarch$ca( structure of

acade,$a H$s

*as $% a%y ,ea%$%#fu( se%se co,+osed of F+eersG0

fu%da,e%ta( +re,$se $s that sheer force of fa%tasy ca% detach .%o*(ed#e fro, a++($cat$o%, d$st$( $ts $%tr$%s$c &a(ue out of $ts $%stru,e%ta( ro(e $% the ser&$ce of ca+$ta(0 A#a$%st th$s *e say4 *hat %eeds to be co%fro%ted $s the e-te%t to *h$ch th$s F.%o*(ed#eG $s already +o($t$ca(, a%d the ro(e of acade,$c =u$te








?ro, +h$(oso+hy to %euro+hys$o(o#y, h$story to +o($t$ca(

sc$e%ce to urba% stud$es, *e

%eed to co%fro%t the $deo(o#$ca( %ature

%ot o%(y of *hat $s ac.%o*(ed#ed as the ,a$%strea, $% a%y #$&e%


@the %a,e $s a+t for ,ore tha% o%e

reaso%A, but a(so the ,a>or$ty of *hat +roc(a$,s $tse(f cr$t$ca(0 A%d *hatGs ,ore, *e %eed to e-+ose the ,ach$%ery *h$ch #e%erates a%d e%forces th$s

co%&e%$e%t co%for,$ty0

Th$s ,ach$%ery $s o$(ed by $%st$tut$o%a( structures a%d the$r corres+o%d$%# +eda#o#$ca( ,ode(s, by sta%dard te-tboo.s a%d the e-a,s for *h$ch *e ,e,or$se the,, by $%st$tut$o%a( +o,+ a%d fra,ed de#ree cert$6cates, d$sc$+($%ary co%&e%t$o%s a%d %ot$o%s of F+rofess$o%a($s,G *h$ch e-c(ude a%yo%e *ho (oo.s ($.e troub(e' $ts o+erat$o%s are ,u(t$far$ous but are e&ery*here reEect$o%s of the ru(e of ca+$ta(0

We say that our most urgent task here$ no#$ is to



machinery. %t is to this end that #e offer our criti&ues$ although #e recognise their %ncompleteness$ their provisionality. 'or it is$ as ever$ only through

the acts$ the process$ of disruption$ that the true

Read by ". uff

nature of our ob(ect is revealed.

&rom T'( F UR - AS by William Blake And This the Song! sung at The Feast of Los & Enitharmon Ephraim calld out to Zion: Awake O rother !ountain Let us refuse the "low & Spade# the hea$% &oller & spiked 'arrow( )urn all these *orn fields( throw down all these fences Fattend on 'uman )lood & drunk with wine of life is )etter far Than all these la)ours of the har$est & the $intage( See the ri$er &ed with the )lood of !en( swells lustful round m% rock% knees !% clouds are not the clouds of $erdant fields & gro$es of fruit ut *louds of 'uman Souls( m% nostrils drink the li$es of !en The +illages Lament( the% faint outstretchd upon the plain ,ailing runs round the +alle%s from the !ill & from the arn ut most the polishd "alaces dark silent )ow with dread 'iding their )ooks & pictures( underneath the dens of Earth The *ities send to one another sa%ing !% sons are !ad ,ith wine of cruelt%( Let us plat a Scourge O Sister *it% *hildren are nourishd for the Slaughter- once the *hild was fed ,ith !ilk- )ut wherefore now are *hildren fed with )lood The 'orse is of more $alue than the !an( The T%ger fierce Laughs at the 'uman form( the Lion mocks & thirsts for )lood The% cr% O Spider spread th% we)! Enlarge th% )ones & fill.d ,ith marrow( sinews & flesh E/alt th%self attain a $oice *all to th% dark armd hosts# for all the sons of !en muster together To desolate their cities! !an shall )e no more! Awake O 'osts The )ow string sang upon the hills! Lu$ah & +ala ride Triumphant in the )lood% sk%( & the 'uman form is no more Read by anny Hay#ard

&rom ! MMUNISM AND !'RISTIANISM by Bi#ho$ "illiam Mont.omery Bro/n

My God, Nature, is a triune divinitymatter being the Father, force the Son, and law the Spirit. Nature is the sum of the matter-force-law phenomena of which the universe is constituted. Man with his barbarism and civili ation is but one among such phenomena, on a level with the rest, as to his beginning and ending, and as to the dependence of his life and its fullness upon conformity to the matter-force law, without necessary or, indeed, possible reference to any divine-human system of laws as set forth by a catholic or protestant church or by an imperialistic or democratic state. !nless states and churches persuade, encourage and help man to more fully discover, more correctly interpret and more perfectly live the matter-force law they are worthless" and indeed worse, if in the long run and on the whole they hinder him" and undoubtedly they have done this in the case of the slave classa class which, ever since the rise of private property in the means of producing the necessities of life, has comprehended the vast ma#ority of the human race. $hether then man is barbarous or civili ed is really and truly, wholly and entirely a %uestion of the &nowledge of and conformity to the matter-force law, that is, of whether or not the articles of his religious creed and political code are so many ideal embodiments and practical interpretations of facts or realities as they are revealed by the doings of my god, Nature. 'here is no other creed, belief in the articles of which, and there is no other code, obedience to the articles of which, will advance man&ind, individually or collectively, so much as one step in the long, rugged and steep way towards the goal of a perfect

civili ationa civili ation which will secure to every man, woman and child the greatest of possible opportunities to ma&e the most of life that is within the range of possibilities. My god, Nature (the triune divinity, matter-force-motion) the doings of which god are so many words of the only gospel upon which the salvation of the world is to any degree dependent, is an impersonal, unconscious, non-moral being. For me, this god, Nature, rises into personality, consciousness and morality in myself, and in no other does nature do this for me, though what is true of me is of course e%ually so of every representative of man&ind. *esus (either as an historical or dramatic personage, and it does not matter which he was) said, +, and my Father (god) are one,+ and in saying this he gave e-pression in one form to the most revolutionary and salutary of all truths. 'he other form of the same truth as taught by .arwin and Mar- is/ man has all the potentialities of his own life within himself. 0very representative of the human race can and should say with *esus, +, and my Father, God, are one.+ Stop man1 where dost thou run2 3eav4n lies within thy heart, ,f thou see&4st God elsewhere Misled, in truth, thou art. 'his truth constitutes the most ennobling and inspiring part of man4s &nowledge, and it was naturally discovered by him, not supernaturally revealed to him. ,t is the foundation of socialism and the #usti5cation of optimism.
Read by )en Watson

0a&&ecti1e 2ialectic#% #econ2 treati#e3 by Nat Raha

0and a! not good at being i!!obile in 1aris * could dance like * used to dance but at $irst ! bod kept $alling o,er Anna Mendelssohn

Verity Spott

i. (solidarity poem to the occupation) alt.s cutting sweat from eras of our objection by degrees: economic quarry to refigure loud yet under general / conception, categorised interaction of knowledge-process mutating to product absolute / operates / interwoven to vacuous speech & newsmedia content where the latter sublimes the need of response; yet here, to overcome these exact atomisations & political lethargy endemic / protest formalised as a negation of action & cauterised possibility / critical of harmonic speech acts / the embankment / inverting historical emotive & response; demands maintenance of foresight : who cleans our congress? who works the serve of stimulants & embodied necessity? who is responsible for the basis in/or external? who is shaking hands in the name of a dynamism we retain the ability to halt? the various mediums of limbs to this cell / potential point of reverse / the economic imperative to make the process of education unmanageable / the seizure of productive space / where we

are recuperated / in temporal reverse, historical lineage disarming threat / where the 'factory / shut it down' phrase is a stand-in for this necessarily total action // to refuse simply symbolic value is to remain within the logic that subsumes us into the education market / bonfires & farthings / the spitting heat of smelted currency, it is 6 degrees centigrade / payments delayed / dissolves spring snow / the market spread divided by speed-circulate // or slogans on amazon / the barricade blocks the university opens the strictures / arrest in our thought / the demonstration must consume campus / to reorient futurity / history, smash the schism of participation & control : free speech as the mythic conditions encourage empowered belief, that only escalation may fulf il February March 2013 iii. tires afore curbed dreamscapes would write to us, but / of feet caress slender / were through the university, peddling the rolling hills, I like the daffodils by penny farthings symbolic obvious / placards strapped rucksakes, to redeploy nostalgia / corpsed political movements / STATE DRIVEN #ACAB / TERMINATE THE UNIVERSITY / circling squares, the diggers & cranes for new null architecture / paving the way to objective obsolescence as consume, dont think ; managerial moralise into selves as victims of fixed-capital-based protest, where the possibility of violence congeals with the responses to these acts / sucks the surplus off disobedience / defensive legal statutes / educational conditions to free marketeering / jam shut mechanism / willetts symbolic student poverty / personal debt spectre upon wind flare insurrectional bunting yellows & the critique that feeds it under which we could possibly dance, if not for the wears on our limbs & lungs & / not lying by trees the newsletter cover image records no incidents of dissent &/or private security harassment / investigating bunting for suspicious / flares frozen photographic 211 pages of hashtag, library sq / mobilised yellow as last indicator the / recent history / erased pave graffiti / slogans struggle to alter skidding shell of its flesh :: their negation of the negation//

our dismount peaceful constitutes the illegality that our kiss no longer historically represents , we potentially demo-form, microsize in claim / where what we may come to know feeds from the totality which in this organ respires / academic industrial complex (the latest in series) besides provisions / horsemeat-equivalent

/ falsif ied pleasure beverage from its hand of exchange driving the body of anonymised worker / secure previous / declined value-operative / nutrition supply crisis / when such sense could thrill further e.g. the crperie-conditional /

southern clarity sun draws cross heads of us in spring's pull / clear air to ears by care early / bestowed kind to shoulder lips weighing mutual in radicalism / of necessary body politic as key site of knowing both divergent & dissonant, occurs that joy / push in give off other may better when sensed / fought condition splits abstract the play of its tunes, act transitional happiness, cf. duffy looming conceptions / of control / concrete barricade, as our yellow starts to erase equity in the site they forbid assembly legal maintenance of imaginary slips, along w/ surplus of the cellular house its daily thought-corrupt to drone by beautiful implements & pans no peace : brace dynamic, the everyday orchestrated directly towards praxis, reclaiming the order of public autonomy / forcing leeches from intellect its exorcist smoke-signal / as profit-security & bootshine riotpigs numerous strip accounts fed from tuition exec power unwriting edu-capital / && I / in / desire / engulf ing embodied sensate as you / direct response cuts to core the violence of state apparatus servicing contemporary / mutant institution completely objectif ies units that move to materialise / the educational macroeconomic / gash across torso of my school / bloodlet official historical / unable to perceive e.g. the absolute failure of equality that you hector : that they blurt across consent / disclosure of the health in heads to threat educational access responded w/ their further ableist absolute failure of equal opps relative, severing the bodys ground, of health too divergent for the institution not to suffocate, /// including cut of & our lucid shade, driving the course of the qualitative out from us-object trying to hold desire & our drive to shut down the organ that feeds & grinds cognitives, in exchange figuring US as exchange where we are simultaneously elephantine blank. the beautiful of you, to challenge safe the us of this gives colour to curl & iris, curving accent tone the / becoming sourced further by red brick / & step

to keep aware of movement over ability / sight objective, draw soft arms about this flexed through performance yours to fierce overthrow immediacy the social relation that hold / && core of want qualitative, through knowledge our curve stomach drives hand my / / head shaped sweet your / we could know of action / such that identity cannot congeal around / embrace break simplicity of fact, as the poem tries to gird the abuse of the normal, its subjection out of living in the ease, formalising heart / flesh / consciousness inverse to need counter-epistemes they give hands to transform if valued / drive concrete / we aware / cannot lose sight of the critical affective particular in its / our historically specif ic not perceived by capital's drive unless caught to sell back to selves as image //

& the university, its country & financial compulsions ricochet on us that constitute, capital spinning / threading neoliberal / instrumental education as exchange subjugate / that the value of this claim is expressible in m farthings // to uphold privileging frame of imperial england / corpses rational built from the hands engaged to labours / multitude quality-reduced figures // the bonfire drawing back from the contradiction / exploit / drains energy from lips I long for you to give / shoulders weary w/ institutionalised ableism / engaged constructive to tarnish clear sheen of sold equality /// & the bless of / lost to talk & creativity toward necessities to dine / that we might give to kitchen collective / movement / that understands how its constitutional signif ier is problematic to those of its membership debilitated / or alliance varied / that could be drawn through structures // to swerve / reactivate history as attack / a carriage for the administration / smash our further freezing, must disrupt the concrete social capital drives / against consumption to claim power / objects us & the possibility of further thought.

Read by *at Raha

&rom T'( PR(LUD( 045673 by William Wordsworth

Great was my glee of spirit, great my joy In vengeance, and eternal justice, thus Made manifest. 'Come now, ye golden times', Said I, forth- reathing on those open sands ! hymn of triumph, 'as the morning comes "ut of the osom of the night, come ye.
Read by anny Hay#ard

A " R,(R R(ADS 'IST R+ by Bertolt Brecht 7ho bu$(t the se&e% #ates of Thebes2 The boo.s are 6((ed *$th %a,es of .$%#s0 7as $t the .$%#s *ho hau(ed the cra##y b(oc.s of sto%e2 A%d /aby(o%, so ,a%y t$,es destroyed0 7ho bu$(t the c$ty u+ each t$,e2 % *h$ch of L$,a:s houses, That c$ty #($tter$%# *$th #o(d, ($&ed those *ho bu$(t $t2 % the e&e%$%# *he% the Ch$%ese *a(( *as 6%$shed 7here d$d the ,aso%s #o2 ,+er$a( Ro,e s fu(( of arcs of tr$u,+h0 7ho reared the, u+2 O&er *ho, !$d the Caesars tr$u,+h2 /y<a%t$u, ($&es $% so%#0 7ere a(( her d*e(($%#s +a(aces2 A%d e&e% $% At(a%t$s of the (e#e%d The %$#ht the seas rushed $%, The dro*%$%# ,e% st$(( be((o*ed for the$r s(a&es0 "ou%# A(e-a%der co%=uered %d$a0 He a(o%e2 Caesar beat the 9au(s0 7as there %ot e&e% a coo. $% h$s ar,y2 Bh$(($+ of S+a$% *e+t as h$s Eeet *as su%. a%d destroyed0 7ere there %o other tears2 ?reder$c. the 9ree. tr$u,+hed $% the Se&e% "ears 7ar0 7ho tr$u,+hed *$th h$,2 Each +a#e a &$ctory At *hose e-+e%se the &$ctory ba((2 E&ery te% years a #reat ,a%, 7ho +a$d the +$+er2 So ,a%y +art$cu(ars0 So ,a%y =uest$o%s0

Read by +llie Evans

SNAPP(D S N*S by enni!er "ooke


t$,e +ass$o%Gs #(oo,y +ro#%os$s re&erse b(oc ste, bur%$%# s$#ht u%see% ruc.sac. a#a$% a#a$% ree(1ta+e for*ard bac. stuc. +ush body+arts a(( ,ea%$%# fu(( here %o $%%oce%t a,o%#st +(ace a++ort$o%ed beh$%d the b$%s *h$s+er bu$(d$%#s $%to Ea,es a%d a ,a% ca((ed Arcad$a a%d %a$( +o($sh so,eth$%# s(y o% a turd a 6%#er of ca+$ta( fud#e +a$%t %ot faeces c(o*%$sh bursts the ,a-$ ($%e +our o% *ater better o$( o% +(ast$c scree% *$+e Ne&eryo%eGs us$%# Ftu%#ste%G but heard o% the rad$o $tGs $%Ee-$b(e a%d %o #ood $% a r$otO %o #ood $% a u%sce%e *a(( ca+ac$tates $%to ,essa#e board ?($c.Gs r$#ht about the .ett(e a%d bad +oe,s a#$t+ro+ eye(ash cur(ers toe$%# the ($%e rou%d the (ac.$%# the a%#er1(au#h cash $% o% co%fus$o% e-+e%d >o$%ts $%&est $% your u%rest ta.$%# bac. the a#ora cross*$se the a%$,a(s $%to O-ford C$rcus s=uar$%# u+ to rou%ds of +(ast$c debt a%d do*% +ay,e%ts o% the traf6c $s(a%d *ear ru%%$%# shoes to Eee a%d bou%ce bac. u%ad&erted u%ad&$sed a%d you are ,y bad +ub($c$ty a%d (o&e you for a seco%d, 6erce *hat you +rotect$%#2 th$s $s, *e are tech%$ca((y u%beaut$fu(, *$th ,y a#e%cy u%,as.ed, ,y ,outhGs af6r,at$o% da%c$%#, so,eth$%# to sa$d for +rese%ce %ot >ust +h$(oso+h$ca((y thread$%# you $%to s+ace e,bod$ed, $%Eated t$#ht to ) %ot ho,e or ho,e$%#, beate% Eat out, bac. to the scree%0 Has the s+ectre a +e%$s2 Ca% they te(( ,y face

fro, yours2 (ater, stuc. s+$.$%# the rhy,e $% sartor$a( be%d$%# o&er Sa%ta%derGs Jtoo badK, sheGs fac$a((y horr$6Pc Ped Q the dust$%# *$thout feathers, the *r$t$%# o% the a(( $% *h$te *here they (a$d her out or h$, %o ,atter *he% *eGre fuc.ed by a hashta#, *$sh $t cou(d be ,ore (ess b(ue0

%ntended to be read by ,ennifer -ooke$ only to be hampered by a fog of .u

# !rom $%&&'%S by (llie %)ans

# W*+&,S -& &( .S, /0 *%+R&S by +rthur Rimbaud 7hatGs $t to us, ,y heart, but b(a%.ets of b(ood A%d of coa(6re, a thousa%d ,urders, e%d(ess Ho*(s of ra#e, a%d *a$(s of he((1+$ts d$sc(os$%# A(( order' a%d 8orth1*$%d +(ay$%# st$(( o% the debr$s' /ut &e%#ea%ce2 8e&er! A%d yet *e cra&e $t0 %dustr$a($sts, +r$%ces, se%ators4 d$e! Bo*er, >ust$ce, h$story4 .%ee(! 7eGre due, !ue b(ood0 /(ood, a%d #o(de% Ea,es0 A(( $% for *ar, for &e%#ea%ce, for terror My sou(! 7e *r$the $% $ts /$te4 O! +ass a*ay Re+ub($cs of th$s *or(d! E,+erors, Re#$,e%ts, co(o%$sts, +eo+(es0 E%ou#h a(ready0 7ho *$(( rouse these *h$r(*$%ds of fre%<$ed 6re f %ot us, a%d those *e ca(( our brothers2 tGs our tur%! 9$ddy fr$e%ds, our fu% be#$%s0 O Eoods of 6re, *eG(( %e&er *or. Euro+e, As$a, A,er$ca, &a%$sh0 Our ,arch Of &e%#ea%ce has occu+$ed e&eryth$%# C$t$es a%d the cou%trys$de! ) 7eG(( be *$+ed out! Ro(ca%oes eru+t a%d Ocea%s bo$(H Oh! My fr$e%ds! ) My heart, $tGs sure, they are brothers4 Shado*ed stra%#ers, $f *e *ere to (ea&e! So (etGs #o! LetGs #o! O ,$sfortu%e! G, tre,b($%# a%d th$s o(d earth o% ,e 7ho $s ,ore a%d ,ore yours ) the earth ,e(ts, tGs %oth$%#! a, here! a, here a(*ays! Read by Will Ro#e

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