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Brave New World

by Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894-1963) Chapter One A SQUAT grey building o only !"ir!y- our s!ories#
$%er !"e &ain en!ran'e !"e (ords) *+,T-AL L$,.$, HAT*H+-/ A,. *$,.0T0$,0,1 *+,T-+) and) in a s"ield) !"e 2orldS!a!e3s &o!!o) *$44U,0T/) 0.+,T0T/) STA50L0T/# T"e enor&ous roo& on !"e ground loor a'ed !o(ards !"e nor!"# *old or all !"e su&&er beyond !"e 6anes) or all !"e !ro6i'al "ea! o !"e roo& i!sel ) a "ars" !"in lig"! glared !"roug" !"e (indo(s) "ungrily see7ing so&e dra6ed lay igure) so&e 6allid s"a6e o a'ade&i' goose- les") bu! inding only !"e glass and ni'7el and blea7ly s"ining 6or'elain o a labora!ory# 2in!riness res6onded !o (in!riness# T"e o%eralls o !"e (or7ers (ere ("i!e) !"eir "ands glo%ed (i!" a 6ale 'or6se-'oloured rubber# T"e lig"! (as ro8en) dead) a g"os!# $nly

ro& !"e yello( barrels o !"e &i'ros'o6es did i! borro( a 'er!ain ri'" and li%ing subs!an'e) lying along !"e 6olis"ed !ubes li7e bu!!er) s!rea7 a !er lus'ious s!rea7 in long re'ession do(n !"e (or7 !ables# 9And !"is)9 said !"e .ire'!or o6ening !"e door) 9is !"e :er!ili8ing -oo&#9 5en! o%er !"eir ins!ru&en!s) !"ree "undred :er!ili8ers (ere 6lunged) as !"e .ire'!or o Ha!'"eries and *ondi!ioning en!ered !"e roo&) in !"e s'ar'ely brea!"ing silen'e) !"e absen!-&inded) solilo;ui8ing "u& or ("is!le) o absorbed 'on'en!ra!ion# A !roo6 o ne(ly arri%ed s!uden!s) %ery young) 6in7 and 'allo() ollo(ed ner%ously) ra!"er ab<e'!ly) a! !"e .ire'!or3s "eels# +a'" o !"e& 'arried a no!eboo7) in ("i'") ("ene%er !"e grea! &an s6o7e) "e des6era!ely s'ribbled# S!raig"! ro& !"e "orse3s &ou!"# 0! (as a rare 6ri%ilege# T"e .# H# *# or *en!ral London al(ays &ade a 6oin! o 6ersonally 'ondu'!ing "is ne( s!uden!s round !"e %arious de6ar!&en!s# 9=us! !o gi%e you a general idea)9 "e (ould ex6lain !o !"e&# :or o 'ourse so&e sor! o general idea !"ey &us! "a%e) i !"ey (ere !o do !"eir (or7 in!elligen!ly>!"oug" as

li!!le o one) i !"ey (ere !o be good and "a66y &e&bers o so'ie!y) as 6ossible# :or 6ar!i'ulars) as e%ery one 7no(s) &a7e or %ir!ure and "a66iness? generali!ies are in!elle'!ually ne'essary e%ils# ,o! 6"iloso6"ers bu! re!sa(yers and s!a&6 'olle'!ors 'o&6ose !"e ba'7bone o so'ie!y# 9To-&orro()9 "e (ould add) s&iling a! !"e& (i!" a slig"!ly &ena'ing geniali!y) 9you3ll be se!!ling do(n !o serious (or7# /ou (on3! "a%e !i&e or generali!ies# 4ean("ile @9 4ean("ile) i! (as a 6ri%ilege# S!raig"! ro& !"e "orse3s &ou!" in!o !"e no!eboo7# T"e boys s'ribbled li7e &ad# Tall and ra!"er !"in bu! u6rig"!) !"e .ire'!or ad%an'ed in!o !"e roo&# He "ad a long '"in and big ra!"er 6ro&inen! !ee!") <us! 'o%ered) ("en "e (as no! !al7ing) by "is ull) loridly 'ur%ed li6s# $ld) youngA T"ir!yA :i !yA :i !y- i%eA 0! (as "ard !o say# And any"o( !"e ;ues!ion didn3! arise? in !"is year o s!abili!y) A# :# 63B) i! didn3! o''ur !o you !o as7 i!# 90 s"all begin a! !"e beginning)9 said !"e .#H#*# and !"e &ore 8ealous s!uden!s re'orded "is in!en!ion in !"eir no!eboo7sC Begin at the beginning # 9T"ese)9 "e (a%ed

"is "and) 9are !"e in'uba!ors#9 And o6ening an insula!ed door "e s"o(ed !"e& ex6lained) 9a! blood "ea!? ("ereas !"e &ale ga&e!es)9 and "ere "e o6ened ano!"er door) 9!"ey "a%e !o be 7e6! a! !"ir!y- i%e ins!ead o !"ir!y-se%en# :ull blood "ea! s!erili8es#9 -a&s (ra66ed in !"ere&ogene bege! no la&bs# S!ill leaning agains! !"e in'uba!ors "e ga%e !"e&) ("ile !"e 6en'ils s'urried illegibly a'ross !"e 6ages) a brie des'ri6!ion o !"e &odern er!ili8ing 6ro'ess? s6o7e irs!) o 'ourse) o i!s surgi'al in!rodu'!ion>9!"e o6era!ion undergone %olun!arily or !"e good o So'ie!y) no! !o &en!ion !"e a'! !"a! i! 'arries a bonus a&oun!ing !o six &on!"s3 salary9? 'on!inued (i!" so&e a''oun! o !"e !e'"ni;ue or 6reser%ing !"e ex'ised o%ary ali%e and a'!i%ely de%elo6ing? 6assed on !o a 'onsidera!ion o o6!i&u& !e&6era!ure) salini!y) %is'osi!y? re erred !o !"e li;uor in ("i'" !"e de!a'"ed and ri6ened eggs (ere 7e6!? and) leading "is '"arges !o !"e (or7 !ables) a'!ually s"o(ed !"e& "o( !"is li;uor (as dra(n o ro& !"e !es!-!ubes? "o( i! (as le! ou! dro6 by dro6 on!o !"e s6e'ially (ar&ed slides o !"e &i'ros'o6es? "o( !"e eggs ("i'" i! 'on!ained (ere ins6e'!ed or abnor&ali!ies)

'oun!ed and !rans erred !o a 6orous re'e6!a'le? "o( (and "e no( !oo7 !"e& !o (a!'" !"e o6era!ion) !"is re'e6!a'le (as i&&ersed in a (ar& bouillon 'on!aining ree-s(i&&ing s6er&a!o8oa>a! a &ini&u& 'on'en!ra!ion o one "undred !"ousand 6er 'ubi' 'en!i&e!re) "e insis!ed? and "o() a !er !en &inu!es) !"e 'on!ainer (as li !ed ou! o !"e li;uor and i!s 'on!en!s re-exa&ined? "o() i any o !"e eggs re&ained un er!ili8ed) i! (as again i&&ersed) and) i ne'essary) ye! again? "o( !"e er!ili8ed o%a (en! ba'7 !o !"e in'uba!ors? ("ere !"e Al6"as and 5e!as re&ained un!il de ini!ely bo!!led? ("ile !"e 1a&&as) .el!as and +6silons (ere broug"! ou! again) a !er only !"ir!y-six "ours) !o undergo 5o7ano%s7y3s Dro'ess# 95o7ano%s7y3s Dro'ess)9 re6ea!ed !"e .ire'!or) and !"e s!uden!s underlined !"e (ords in !"eir li!!le no!eboo7s# $ne egg) one e&bryo) one adul!-nor&ali!y# 5u! a bo7ano%s7i ied egg (ill bud) (ill 6roli era!e) (ill di%ide# :ro& eig"! !o nine!y-six buds) and e%ery bud (ill gro( in!o a 6er e'!ly or&ed e&bryo) and e%ery e&bryo in!o a ull-si8ed adul!# 4a7ing nine!y-six "u&an beings gro( ("ere only one gre(

be ore# Drogress# 9+ssen!ially)9 !"e .#H#*# 'on'luded) 9bo7ano%s7i i'a!ion 'onsis!s o a series o arres!s o de%elo6&en!# 2e '"e'7 !"e nor&al gro(!" and) 6aradoxi'ally enoug") !"e egg res6onds by budding#9 Responds by budding # T"e 6en'ils (ere busy# He 6oin!ed# $n a %ery slo(ly &o%ing band a ra'7ull o !es!-!ubes (as en!ering a large &e!al box) ano!"er) ra'7- ull (as e&erging# 4a'"inery ain!ly 6urred# 0! !oo7 eig"! &inu!es or !"e !ubes !o go !"roug") "e !old !"e&# +ig"! &inu!es o "ard E-rays being abou! as &u'" as an egg 'an s!and# A e( died? o !"e res!) !"e leas! sus'e6!ible di%ided in!o !(o? &os! 6u! ou! our buds? so&e eig"!? all (ere re!urned !o !"e in'uba!ors) ("ere !"e buds began !o de%elo6? !"en) a !er !(o days) (ere suddenly '"illed) '"illed and '"e'7ed# T(o) our) eig"!) !"e buds in !"eir !urn budded? and "a%ing budded (ere dosed al&os! !o dea!" (i!" al'o"ol? 'onse;uen!ly burgeoned again and "a%ing budded>bud ou! o bud ou! o bud>(ere !"erea !er> ur!"er arres! being generally a!al>le ! !o de%elo6 in 6ea'e# 5y ("i'" !i&e !"e original egg (as in a air (ay !o be'o&ing

any!"ing ro& eig"! !o nine!y-six e&bryos> a 6rodigious i&6ro%e&en!) you (ill agree) on na!ure# 0den!i'al !(ins>bu! no! in 6iddling !(os and !"rees as in !"e old %i%i6arous days) ("en an egg (ould so&e!i&es a''iden!ally di%ide? a'!ually by do8ens) by s'ores a! a !i&e# 9S'ores)9 !"e .ire'!or re6ea!ed and lung ou! "is ar&s) as !"oug" "e (ere dis!ribu!ing largesse# 9S'ores#9 5u! one o !"e s!uden!s (as ool enoug" !o as7 ("ere !"e ad%an!age lay# 94y good boyF9 T"e .ire'!or ("eeled s"ar6ly round on "i&# 9*an3! you seeA *an3! you seeA9 He raised a "and? "is ex6ression (as sole&n# 95o7ano%s7y3s Dro'ess is one o !"e &a<or ins!ru&en!s o so'ial s!abili!yF9 Major instruments of social stability # S!andard &en and (o&en? in uni or& ba!'"es# T"e ("ole o a s&all a'!ory s!a ed (i!" !"e 6rodu'!s o a single bo7ano%s7i ied egg# 9,ine!y-six iden!i'al !(ins (or7ing nine!y-six iden!i'al &a'"inesF9 T"e %oi'e (as al&os! !re&ulous (i!" en!"usias&# 9/ou really 7no( ("ere you are# :or !"e irs! !i&e in "is!ory#9 He ;uo!ed !"e 6lane!ary &o!!o#

9*o&&uni!y) 0den!i!y) S!abili!y#9 1rand (ords# 90 (e 'ould bo7ano%s7i y inde ini!ely !"e ("ole 6roble& (ould be sol%ed#9 Sol%ed by s!andard 1a&&as) un%arying .el!as) uni or& +6silons# 4illions o iden!i'al !(ins# T"e 6rin'i6le o &ass 6rodu'!ion a! las! a66lied !o biology# 95u!) alas)9 !"e .ire'!or s"oo7 "is "ead) 9(e bo7ano%s7i y inde ini!ely#9 can't

,ine!y-six see&ed !o be !"e li&i!? se%en!y-!(o a good a%erage# :ro& !"e sa&e o%ary and (i!" ga&e!es o !"e sa&e &ale !o &anu a'!ure as &any ba!'"es o iden!i'al !(ins as 6ossible>!"a! (as !"e bes! (sadly a se'ond bes!) !"a! !"ey 'ould do# And e%en !"a! (as di i'ul!# 9:or in na!ure i! !a7es !"ir!y years or !(o "undred eggs !o rea'" &a!uri!y# 5u! our business is !o s!abili8e !"e 6o6ula!ion a! !"is &o&en!) "ere and no(# .ribbling ou! !(ins o%er a ;uar!er o a 'en!ury>("a! (ould be !"e use o !"a!A9 $b%iously) no use a! all# 5u! Dodsna63s Te'"ni;ue "ad i&&ensely a''elera!ed !"e 6ro'ess o ri6ening# T"ey 'ould &a7e sure o a! leas! a "undred and i !y &a!ure


eggs (i!"in !(o years# :er!ili8e and bo7ano%s7i y>in o!"er (ords) &ul!i6ly by se%en!y-!(o>and you ge! an a%erage o nearly ele%en !"ousand bro!"ers and sis!ers in a "undred and i !y ba!'"es o iden!i'al !(ins) all (i!"in !(o years o !"e sa&e age# 9And in ex'e6!ional 'ases (e 'an &a7e one o%ary yield us o%er i !een !"ousand adul! indi%iduals#9 5e'7oning !o a air-"aired) ruddy young &an ("o "a66ened !o be 6assing a! !"e &o&en!# 94r# :os!er)9 "e 'alled# T"e ruddy young &an a66roa'"ed# 9*an you !ell us !"e re'ord or a single o%ary) 4r# :os!erA9 9Six!een !"ousand and !(el%e in !"is *en!re)9 4r# :os!er re6lied (i!"ou! "esi!a!ion# He s6o7e %ery ;ui'7ly) "ad a %i%a'ious blue eye) and !oo7 an e%iden! 6leasure in ;uo!ing igures# 9Six!een !"ousand and !(el%e? in one "undred and eig"!y-nine ba!'"es o iden!i'als# 5u! o 'ourse !"ey3%e done &u'" be!!er)9 "e ra!!led on) 9in so&e o !"e !ro6i'al *en!res# Singa6ore "as o !en 6rodu'ed o%er six!een !"ousand i%e "undred? and 4o&basa "as a'!ually !ou'"ed !"e se%en!een !"ousand &ar7# 5u! !"en !"ey "a%e un air ad%an!ages# /ou s"ould see !"e (ay a negro o%ary


res6onds !o 6i!ui!aryF 0!3s ;ui!e as!onis"ing) ("en you3re used !o (or7ing (i!" +uro6ean &a!erial# S!ill)9 "e added) (i!" a laug" (bu! !"e lig"! o 'o&ba! (as in "is eyes and !"e li ! o "is '"in (as '"allenging)) 9s!ill) (e &ean !o bea! !"e& i (e 'an# 03& (or7ing on a (onder ul .el!a-4inus o%ary a! !"is &o&en!# $nly <us! eig"!een &on!"s old# $%er !(el%e !"ousand se%en "undred '"ildren already) ei!"er de'an!ed or in e&bryo# And s!ill going s!rong# 2e3ll bea! !"e& ye!#9 9T"a!3s !"e s6iri! 0 li7eF9 'ried !"e .ire'!or) and 'la66ed 4r# :os!er on !"e s"ouder# 9*o&e along (i!" us) and gi%e !"ese boys !"e bene i! o your ex6er! 7no(ledge#9 4r# :os!er s&iled &odes!ly# 92i!" 6leasure#9 T"ey (en!# 0n !"e 5o!!ling -oo& all (as "ar&onious bus!le and ordered a'!i%i!y# :la6s o res" so(3s 6eri!oneu& ready 'u! !o !"e 6ro6er si8e 'a&e s"oo!ing u6 in li!!le li !s ro& !"e $rgan S!ore in !"e sub-base&en!# 2"i88 and !"en) 'li'7F !"e li !-"a!'"es "e( o6en? !"e bo!!le-liner "ad only !o rea'" ou! a "and) !a7e !"e la6) inser!) s&oo!"-do(n) and be ore !"e lined bo!!le "ad "ad !i&e !o !ra%el ou! o rea'" along


!"e endless band) ("i88) 'li'7F ano!"er la6 o 6eri!oneu& "ad s"o! u6 ro& !"e de6!"s) ready !o be sli66ed in!o ye! ano!"er bo!!le) !"e nex! o !"a! slo( in!er&inable 6ro'ession on !"e band# ,ex! !o !"e Liners s!ood !"e 4a!ri'ula!ors# T"e 6ro'ession ad%an'ed? one by one !"e eggs (ere !rans erred ro& !"eir !es!-!ubes !o !"e larger 'on!ainers? de !ly !"e 6eri!oneal lining (as sli!) !"e &orula dro66ed in!o 6la'e) !"e saline solu!ion 6oured in @ and already !"e bo!!le "ad 6assed) and i! (as !"e !urn o !"e labellers# Heredi!y) da!e o er!ili8a!ion) &e&bers"i6 o 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6>de!ails (ere !rans erred ro& !es!-!ube !o bo!!le# ,o longer anony&ous) bu! na&ed) iden!i ied) !"e 6ro'ession &ar'"ed slo(ly on? on !"roug" an o6ening in !"e (all) slo(ly on in!o !"e So'ial Dredes!ina!ion -oo&# 9+ig"!y-eig"! 'ubi' &e!res o 'ard-index)9 said 4r# :os!er (i!" relis") as !"ey en!ered# 9*on!aining all !"e rele%an! in or&a!ion)9 added !"e .ire'!or# 95roug"! u6 !o da!e e%ery &orning#9 9And 'o-ordina!ed e%ery a !ernoon#9


9$n !"e basis o ("i'" !"ey &a7e !"eir 'al'ula!ions#9 9So &any indi%iduals) o su'" and su'" ;uali!y)9 said 4r# :os!er#!ribu!ed in su'" and su'" ;uan!i!ies#9 9T"e o6!i&u& .e'an!ing -a!e a! any gi%en &o&en!#9 9Un oreseen (as!ages 6ro&6!ly &ade good#9 9Dro&6!ly)9 re6ea!ed 4r# :os!er# 90 you 7ne( !"e a&oun! o o%er!i&e 0 "ad !o 6u! in a !er !"e las! =a6anese ear!";ua7eF9 He laug"ed good"u&ouredly and s"oo7 "is "ead# 9T"e Dredes!ina!ors send in !"eir igures !o !"e :er!ili8ers#9 92"o gi%e !"e& !"e e&bryos !"ey as7 or#9 9And !"e bo!!les 'o&e in "ere !o be 6redes!ined in de!ail#9 9A !er ("i'" !"ey are sen! do(n !o !"e +&bryo S!ore#9 92"ere (e no( 6ro'eed oursel%es#9 And o6ening a door 4r# :os!er led !"e (ay do(n a s!air'ase in!o !"e base&en!# T"e !e&6era!ure (as s!ill !ro6i'al# T"ey des'ended


in!o a !"i'7ening !(ilig"!# T(o doors and a 6assage (i!" a double !urn insured !"e 'ellar agains! any 6ossible in il!ra!ion o !"e day# 9+&bryos are li7e 6"o!ogra6" il&)9 said 4r# :os!er (aggis"ly) as "e 6us"ed o6en !"e se'ond door# 9T"ey 'an only s!and red lig"!#9 And in e e'! !"e sul!ry dar7ness in!o ("i'" !"e s!uden!s no( ollo(ed "i& (as %isible and 'ri&son) li7e !"e dar7ness o 'losed eyes on a su&&er3s a !ernoon# T"e bulging lan7s o ro( on re'eding ro( and !ier abo%e !ier o bo!!les glin!ed (i!" innu&erable rubies) and a&ong !"e rubies &o%ed !"e di& red s6e'!res o &en and (o&en (i!" 6ur6le eyes and all !"e sy&6!o&s o lu6us# T"e "u& and ra!!le o &a'"inery ain!ly s!irred !"e air# 91i%e !"e& a e( igures) 4r# :os!er)9 said !"e .ire'!or) ("o (as !ired o !al7ing# 4r# :os!er (as only !oo "a66y !o gi%e !"e& a e( igures# T(o "undred and !(en!y &e!res long) !(o "undred (ide) !en "ig"# He 6oin!ed u6(ards# Li7e '"i'7ens drin7ing) !"e s!uden!s li !ed !"eir eyes !o(ards !"e dis!an! 'eiling#


T"ree !iers o ra'7sC ground loor le%el) irs! gallery) se'ond gallery# T"e s6idery s!eel-(or7 o gallery abo%e gallery aded a(ay in all dire'!ions in!o !"e dar7# ,ear !"e& !"ree red g"os!s (ere busily unloading de&i<o"ns ro& a &o%ing s!air'ase# T"e es'ala!or ro& !"e So'ial Dredes!ina!ion -oo&# +a'" bo!!le 'ould be 6la'ed on one o i !een ra'7s) ea'" ra'7) !"oug" you 'ouldn3! see i!) (as a 'on%eyor !ra%eling a! !"e ra!e o !"ir!y!"ree and a !"ird 'en!i&e!res an "our# T(o "undred and six!y-se%en days a! eig"! &e!res a day# T(o !"ousand one "undred and !"ir!y-six &e!res in all# $ne 'ir'ui! o !"e 'ellar a! ground le%el) one on !"e irs! gallery) "al on !"e se'ond) and on !"e !(o "undred and six!y-se%en!" &orning) daylig"! in !"e .e'an!ing -oo&# 0nde6enden! exis!en'e>so 'alled# 95u! in !"e in!er%al)9 4r# :os!er 'on'luded) 9(e3%e &anaged !o do a lo! !o !"e&# $") a %ery grea! deal#9 His laug" (as 7no(ing and !riu&6"an!# 9T"a!3s !"e s6iri! 0 li7e)9 said !"e .ire'!or on'e &ore# 9Le!3s (al7 around# /ou !ell


!"e& e%ery!"ing) 4r# :os!er#9 4r# :os!er duly !old !"e&# Told !"e& o !"e gro(ing e&bryo on i!s bed o 6eri!oneu&# 4ade !"e& !as!e !"e ri'" blood surroga!e on ("i'" i! ed# +x6lained ("y i! "ad !o be s!i&ula!ed (i!" 6la'en!in and !"yroxin# Told !"e& o !"e corpus luteum ex!ra'!# S"o(ed !"e& !"e <e!s !"roug" ("i'" a! e%ery !(el !" &e!re ro& 8ero !o BG4G i! (as au!o&a!i'ally in<e'!ed# S6o7e o !"ose gradually in'reasing doses o 6i!ui!ary ad&inis!ered during !"e inal nine!y-six &e!res o !"eir 'ourse# .es'ribed !"e ar!i i'ial &a!ernal 'ir'ula!ion ins!alled in e%ery bo!!le a! 4e!re 11B? s"o(ed !"e& !"e rese%oir o blood-surroga!e) !"e 'en!ri ugal 6u&6 !"a! 7e6! !"e li;uid &o%ing o%er !"e 6la'en!a and dro%e i! !"roug" !"e syn!"e!i' lung and (as!e 6rodu'! il!er# -e erred !o !"e e&bryo3s !roubleso&e !enden'y !o anH&ia) !o !"e &assi%e doses o "og3s s!o&a'" ex!ra'! and oe!al oal3s li%er (i!" ("i'") in 'onse;uen'e) i! "ad !o be su66lied# S"o(ed !"e& !"e si&6le &e'"anis& by &eans o ("i'") during !"e las! !(o &e!res ou! o e%ery eig"!) all !"e e&bryos (ere si&ul!aneously s"a7en in!o a&iliari!y (i!"


&o%e&en!# Hin!ed a! !"e gra%i!y o !"e so-'alled 9!rau&a o de'an!ing)9 and enu&era!ed !"e 6re'au!ions !a7en !o &ini&i8e) by a sui!able !raining o !"e bo!!led e&bryo) !"a! dangerous s"o'7# Told !"e& o !"e !es! or sex 'arried ou! in !"e neig"bor"ood o 4e!re BGG# +x6lained !"e sys!e& o labelling>a T or !"e &ales) a 'ir'le or !"e e&ales and or !"ose ("o (ere des!ined !o be'o&e ree&ar!ins a ;ues!ion &ar7) bla'7 on a ("i!e ground# 9:or o 'ourse)9 said 4r# :os!er) 9in !"e %as! &a<ori!y o 'ases) er!ili!y is &erely a nuisan'e# $ne er!ile o%ary in !(el%e "undred>!"a! (ould really be ;ui!e su i'ien! or our 6ur6oses# 5u! (e (an! !o "a%e a good '"oi'e# And o 'ourse one &us! al(ays "a%e an enor&ous &argin o sa e!y# So (e allo( as &any as !"ir!y 6er 'en! o !"e e&ale e&bryos !o de%elo6 nor&ally# T"e o!"ers ge! a dose o &ale sex-"or&one e%ery !(en!y- our &e!res or !"e res! o !"e 'ourse# -esul!C !"ey3re de'an!ed as ree&ar!ins>s!ru'!urally ;ui!e nor&al (ex'e6!)9 "e "ad !o ad&i!) 9!"a! !"ey do "a%e !"e slig"!es! !enden'y !o gro( beards)) bu! s!erile# 1uaran!eed s!erile# 2"i'" brings us a! las!)9 'on!inued 4r# :os!er) 9ou! o !"e real& o &ere sla%is" i&i!a!ion o


na!ure in!o !"e &u'" &ore in!eres!ing (orld o "u&an in%en!ion#9 He rubbed "is "ands# :or o 'ourse) !"ey didn3! 'on!en! !"e&sel%es (i!" &erely "a!'"ing ou! e&bryosC any 'o( 'ould do !"a!# 92e also 6redes!ine and 'ondi!ion# 2e de'an! our babies as so'iali8ed "u&an beings) as Al6"as or +6silons) as u!ure se(age (or7ers or u!ure @9 He (as going !o say 9 u!ure 2orld 'on!rollers)9 bu! 'orre'!ing "i&sel ) said 9 u!ure .ire'!ors o Ha!'"eries)9 ins!ead# T"e .#H#*# a'7no(ledged !"e 'o&6li&en! (i!" a s&ile# T"ey (ere 6assing 4e!re 3BG on -a'7 11# A young 5e!a-4inus &e'"ani' (as busy (i!" s're(-dri%er and s6anner on !"e bloodsurroga!e 6u&6 o a 6assing bo!!le# T"e "u& o !"e ele'!ri' &o!or dee6ened by ra'!ions o a !one as "e !urned !"e nu!s# .o(n) do(n @ A inal !(is!) a glan'e a! !"e re%olu!ion 'oun!er) and "e (as done# He &o%ed !(o 6a'es do(n !"e line and began !"e sa&e 6ro'ess on !"e nex! 6u&6# 9-edu'ing !"e nu&ber o re%olu!ions 6er &inu!e)9 4r# :os!er ex6lained# 9T"e surroga!e goes round slo(er? !"ere ore 6asses !"roug" !"e lung a! longer in!er%als?


!"ere ore gi%es !"e e&bryo less oxygen# ,o!"ing li7e oxygen-s"or!age or 7ee6ing an e&bryo belo( 6ar#9 Again "e rubbed "is "ands# 95u! ("y do you (an! !o 7ee6 !"e e&bryo belo( 6arA9 as7ed an ingenuous s!uden!# 9AssF9 said !"e .ire'!or) brea7ing a long silen'e# 9Hasn3! i! o''urred !o you !"a! an +6silon e&bryo &us! "a%e an +6silon en%iron&en! as (ell as an +6silon "eredi!yA9 0! e%iden!ly "adn3! o''urred !o "i&# He (as 'o%ered (i!" 'on usion# 9T"e lo(er !"e 'as!e)9 said 4r# :os!er) 9!"e s"or!er !"e oxygen#9 T"e irs! organ a e'!ed (as !"e brain# A !er !"a! !"e s7ele!on# A! se%en!y 6er 'en! o nor&al oxygen you go! d(ar s# A! less !"an se%en!y eyeless &ons!ers# 92"o are no use a! all)9 'on'luded 4r# :os!er# 2"ereas ("is %oi'e be'a&e 'on iden!ial and eager)) i !"ey 'ould dis'o%er a !e'"ni;ue or s"or!ening !"e 6eriod o &a!ura!ion ("a! a !riu&6") ("a! a bene a'!ion !o So'ie!yF 9*onsider !"e "orse#9 T"ey 'onsidered i!#


4a!ure a! six? !"e ele6"an! a! !en# 2"ile a! !"ir!een a &an is no! ye! sexually &a!ure? and is only ull-gro(n a! !(en!y# Hen'e) o 'ourse) !"a! rui! o delayed de%elo6&en!) !"e "u&an in!elligen'e# 95u! in +6silons)9 said 4r# :os!er %ery <us!ly) 9(e don3! need "u&an in!elligen'e#9 .idn3! need and didn3! ge! i!# 5u! !"oug" !"e +6silon &ind (as &a!ure a! !en) !"e +6silon body (as no! i! !o (or7 !ill eig"!een# Long years o su6er luous and (as!ed i&&a!uri!y# 0 !"e 6"ysi'al de%elo6&en! 'ould be s6eeded u6 !ill i! (as as ;ui'7) say) as a 'o(3s) ("a! an enor&ous sa%ing !o !"e *o&&uni!yF 9+nor&ousF9 &ur&ured !"e s!uden!s# 4r# :os!er3s en!"usias& (as in e'!ious# He be'a&e ra!"er !e'"ni'al? s6o7e o !"e abnor&al endo'rine 'o-ordina!ion ("i'" &ade &en gro( so slo(ly? 6os!ula!ed a ger&inal &u!a!ion !o a''oun! or i!# *ould !"e e e'!s o !"is ger&inal &u!a!ion be undoneA *ould !"e indi%idual +6silon e&bryo be &ade a re%er!) by a sui!able !e'"ni;ue) !o !"e nor&ali!y o dogs and 'o(sA T"a! (as !"e 6roble&# And i! (as all bu! sol%ed#


Dil7ing!on) a! 4o&basa) "ad 6rodu'ed indi%iduals ("o (ere sexually &a!ure a! our and ull-gro(n a! six and a "al # A s'ien!i i' !riu&6"# 5u! so'ially useless# Six-year-old &en and (o&en (ere !oo s!u6id !o do e%en +6silon (or7# And !"e 6ro'ess (as an all-or-no!"ing one? ei!"er you ailed !o &odi y a! all) or else you &odi ied !"e ("ole (ay# T"ey (ere s!ill !rying !o ind !"e ideal 'o&6ro&ise be!(een adul!s o !(en!y and adul!s o six# So ar (i!"ou! su''ess# 4r# :os!er sig"ed and s"oo7 "is "ead# T"eir (anderings !"roug" !"e 'ri&son !(ilig"! "ad broug"! !"e& !o !"e neig"bor"ood o 4e!re 1IG on -a'7 9# :ro& !"is 6oin! on(ards -a'7 9 (as en'losed and !"e bo!!le 6er or&ed !"e re&ainder o !"eir <ourney in a 7ind o !unnel) in!erru6!ed "ere and !"ere by o6enings !(o or !"ree &e!res (ide# 9Hea! 'ondi!ioning)9 said 4r# :os!er# Ho! !unnels al!erna!ed (i!" 'ool !unnels# *oolness (as (edded !o dis'o& or! in !"e or& o "ard E-rays# 5y !"e !i&e !"ey (ere de'an!ed !"e e&bryos "ad a "orror o 'old# T"ey (ere 6redes!ined !o e&igra!e !o !"e !ro6i's) !o be &iner and a'e!a!e sil7


s6inners and s!eel (or7ers# La!er on !"eir &inds (ould be &ade !o endorse !"e <udg&en! o !"eir bodies# 92e 'ondi!ion !"e& !o !"ri%e on "ea!)9 'on'luded 4r# :os!er# 9$ur 'olleagues u6s!airs (ill !ea'" !"e& !o lo%e i!#9 9And !"a!)9 6u! in !"e .ire'!or sen!en!iously) 9!"a! is !"e se're! o "a66iness and %ir!ue>li7ing ("a! you3%e go! !o do# All 'ondi!ioning ai&s a! !"a!C &a7ing 6eo6le li7e !"eir unes'a6able so'ial des!iny#9 0n a ga6 be!(een !(o !unnels) a nurse (as deli'a!ely 6robing (i!" a long ine syringe in!o !"e gela!inous 'on!en!s o a 6assing bo!!le# T"e s!uden!s and !"eir guides s!ood (a!'"ing "er or a e( &o&en!s in silen'e# 92ell) Lenina)9 said 4r# :os!er) ("en a! las! s"e (i!"dre( !"e syringe and s!raig"!ened "ersel u6# T"e girl !urned (i!" a s!ar!# $ne 'ould see !"a!) or all !"e lu6us and !"e 6ur6le eyes) s"e (as un'o&&only 6re!!y# 9HenryF9 Her s&ile las"ed redly a! "i&>a ro( o 'oral !ee!"# 9*"ar&ing) '"ar&ing)9 &ur&ured !"e .ire'!or and)


gi%ing "er !(o or !"ree li!!le 6a!s) re'ei%ed in ex'"ange a ra!"er de eren!ial s&ile or "i&sel # 92"a! are you gi%ing !"e&A9 as7ed 4r# :os!er) &a7ing "is !one %ery 6ro essional# 9$") !"e usual !y6"oid and slee6ing si'7ness#9 9Tro6i'al (or7ers s!ar! being ino'ula!ed a! 4e!re 1JG)9 4r# :os!er ex6lained !o !"e s!uden!s# 9T"e e&bryos s!ill "a%e gills# 2e i&&uni8e !"e is" agains! !"e u!ure &an3s diseases#9 T"en) !urning ba'7 !o Lenina) 9Ten !o i%e on !"e roo !"is a !ernoon)9 "e said) 9as usual#9 9*"ar&ing)9 said !"e ."e'!or on'e &ore) and) (i!" a inal 6a!) &o%ed a(ay a !er !"e o!"ers# $n -a'7 1G ro(s o nex! genera!ion3s '"e&i'al (or7ers (ere being !rained in !"e !olera!ion o lead) 'aus!i' soda) !ar) '"lorine# T"e irs! o a ba!'" o !(o "undred and i !y e&bryoni' ro'7e!-6lane engineers (as <us! 6assing !"e ele%en "undred &e!re &ar7 on -a'7 3# A s6e'ial &e'"anis& 7e6! !"eir 'on!ainers in 'ons!an! ro!a!ion# 9To i&6ro%e !"eir sense o balan'e)9 4r# :os!er ex6lained# 9.oing re6airs on !"e ou!side o a ro'7e! in &id-air is a !i'7lis" <ob# 2e sla'7en o


!"e 'ir'ula!ion ("en !"ey3re rig"! (ay u6) so !"a! !"ey3re "al s!ar%ed) and double !"e lo( o surroga!e ("en !"ey3re u6side do(n# T"ey learn !o asso'ia!e !o6sy!ur%ydo& (i!" (eli-being? in a'!) !"ey3re only !ruly "a66y ("en !"ey3re s!anding on !"eir "eads# 9And no()9 4r# :os!er (en! on) 903d li7e !o s"o( you so&e %ery in!eres!ing 'ondi!ioning or Al6"a Dlus 0n!elle'!uals# 2e "a%e a big ba!'" o !"e& on -a'7 J# :irs! 1allery le%el)9 "e 'alled !o !(o boys ("o "ad s!ar!ed !o go do(n !o !"e ground loor# 9T"ey3re round abou! 4e!re 9GG)9 "e ex6lained# 9/ou 'an3! really do any use ul in!elle'!ual 'ondi!ioning !ill !"e oe!uses "a%e los! !"eir !ails# :ollo( &e#9 5u! !"e .ire'!or "ad loo7ed a! "is (a!'"# 9Ten !o !"ree)9 "e said# 9,o !i&e or !"e in!elle'!ual e&bryos) 03& a raid# 2e &us! go u6 !o !"e ,urseries be ore !"e '"ildren "a%e inis"ed !"eir a !ernoon slee6#9 4r# :os!er (as disa66oin!ed# 9A! leas! one glan'e a! !"e .e'an!ing -oo&)9 "e 6leaded# 9Kery (ell !"en#9 T"e .ire'!or s&iled indulgen!ly# 9=us! one glan'e#9


Chapter Two 4 : -# $ST+- (as le ! in !"e .e'an!ing -oo&#

T"e .#H#*# and "is s!uden!s s!e66ed in!o !"e neares! li ! and (ere 'arried u6 !o !"e i !" loor# 0,:A,T ,U-S+-0+S# ,+$-DAKL$K0A, *$,.0T0$,0,1 -$$4S) announ'ed !"e no!i'e board# T"e .ire'!or o6ened a door# T"ey (ere in a large bare roo&) %ery brig"! and sunny? or !"e ("ole o !"e sou!"ern (all (as a single (indo(# Hal a do8en nurses) !rousered and <a'7e!ed in !"e regula!ion ("i!e %is'ose-linen uni or&) !"eir "air ase6!i'ally "idden under ("i!e 'a6s) (ere engaged in se!!ing ou! bo(ls o roses in a long ro( a'ross !"e loor# 5ig bo(ls) 6a'7ed !ig"! (i!" blosso&# T"ousands o 6e!als) ri6e-blo(n and sil7ily s&oo!") li7e !"e '"ee7s o innu&erable li!!le '"erubs) bu! o '"erubs) in !"a! brig"! lig"!) no! ex'lusi%ely 6in7 and Aryan) bu! also lu&inously *"inese) also 4exi'an) also a6o6le'!i' (i!" !oo &u'" blo(ing o 'eles!ial !ru&6e!s) also 6ale as dea!") 6ale (i!" !"e 6os!"u&ous ("i!eness o &arble# T"e nurses s!i ened !o a!!en!ion as !"e .#H#*# 'a&e


in# 9Se! ou! !"e boo7s)9 "e said 'ur!ly# 0n silen'e !"e nurses obeyed "is 'o&&and# 5e!(een !"e rose bo(ls !"e boo7s (ere duly se! ou!>a ro( o nursery ;uar!os o6ened in%i!ingly ea'" a! so&e gaily 'oloured i&age o beas! or is" or bird# 9,o( bring in !"e '"ildren#9 T"ey "urried ou! o !"e roo& and re!urned in a &inu!e or !(o) ea'" 6us"ing a 7ind o !all du&b-(ai!er laden) on all i!s our (ire-ne!!ed s"el%es) (i!" eig"!-&on!"-old babies) all exa'!ly ali7e (a 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6) i! (as e%iden!) and all (sin'e !"eir 'as!e (as .el!a) dressed in 7"a7i# 9Du! !"e& do(n on !"e loor#9 T"e in an!s (ere unloaded# 9,o( !urn !"e& so !"a! !"ey 'an see !"e lo(ers and boo7s#9 Turned) !"e babies a! on'e ell silen!) !"en began !o 'ra(l !o(ards !"ose 'lus!ers o slee7 'olours) !"ose s"a6es so gay and brillian! on !"e ("i!e 6ages# As !"ey a66roa'"ed) !"e sun 'a&e ou! o a &o&en!ary e'li6se be"ind a 'loud# T"e roses


la&ed u6 as !"oug" (i!" a sudden 6assion ro& (i!"in? a ne( and 6ro ound sigru i'an'e see&ed !o su use !"e s"ining 6ages o !"e boo7s# :ro& !"e ran7s o !"e 'ra(ling babies 'a&e li!!le s;ueals o ex'i!e&en!) gurgles and !(i!!erings o 6leasure# T"e .ire'!or rubbed "is "ands# 9+x'ellen!F9 "e said# 90! &ig"! al&os! "a%e been done on 6ur6ose#9 T"e s(i !es! 'ra(lers (ere already a! !"eir goal# S&all "ands rea'"ed ou! un'er!ainly) !ou'"ed) gras6ed) un6e!aling !"e !rans igured roses) 'ru&6ling !"e illu&ina!ed 6ages o !"e boo7s# T"e .ire'!or (ai!ed un!il all (ere "a66ily busy# T"en) 92a!'" 'are ully)9 "e said# And) li !ing "is "and) "e ga%e !"e signal# T"e Head ,urse) ("o (as s!anding by a s(i!'"board a! !"e o!"er end o !"e roo&) 6ressed do(n a li!!le le%er# T"ere (as a %iolen! ex6losion# S"riller and e%er s"riller) a siren s"rie7ed# Alar& bells &addeningly sounded# T"e '"ildren s!ar!ed) s'rea&ed? !"eir a'es (ere dis!or!ed (i!" !error#


9And no()9 !"e .ire'!or s"ou!ed ( or !"e noise (as dea ening)) 9no( (e 6ro'eed !o rub in !"e lesson (i!" a &ild ele'!ri' s"o'7#9 He (a%ed "is "and again) and !"e Head ,urse 6ressed a se'ond le%er# T"e s'rea&ing o !"e babies suddenly '"anged i!s !one# T"ere (as so&e!"ing des6era!e) al&os! insane) abou! !"e s"ar6 s6as&odi' yel6s !o ("i'" !"ey no( ga%e u!!eran'e# T"eir li!!le bodies !(i!'"ed and s!i ened? !"eir li&bs &o%ed <er7ily as i !o !"e !ug o unseen (ires# 92e 'an ele'!ri y !"a! ("ole s!ri6 o loor)9 ba(led !"e .ire'!or in ex6lana!ion# 95u! !"a!3s enoug")9 "e signalled !o !"e nurse# T"e ex6losions 'eased) !"e bells s!o66ed ringing) !"e s"rie7 o !"e siren died do(n ro& !one !o !one in!o silen'e# T"e s!i ly !(i!'"ing bodies relaxed) and ("a! "ad be'o&e !"e sob and yel6 o in an! &ania's broadened ou! on'e &ore in!o a nor&al "o(l o ordinary !error# 9$ er !"e& !"e lo(ers and !"e boo7s again#9 T"e nurses obeyed? bu! a! !"e a66roa'" o !"e roses) a! !"e &ere sig"! o !"ose gaily-'oloured i&ages o 6ussy and 'o'7-a-doodledoo and baa-baa bla'7 s"ee6)


!"e in an!s s"ran7 a(ay in "orror) !"e %olu&e o !"eir "o(ling suddenly in'reased# 9$bser%e)9 said !"e .ire'!or !riu&6"an!ly) 9obser%e#9 5oo7s and loud noises) io(ers and ele'!ri' s"o'7s> already in !"e in an! &ind !"ese 'ou6les (ere 'o&6ro&isingly lin7ed? and a !er !(o "undred re6e!i!ions o !"e sa&e or a si&ilar lesson (ould be (edded indissolubly# 2"a! &an "as <oined) na!ure is 6o(erless !o 6u! asunder# 9T"ey3ll gro( u6 (i!" ("a! !"e 6sy'"ologis!s used !o 'all an 3ins!in'!i%e3 "a!red o boo7s and lo(ers# -e lexes unal!erably 'ondi!ioned# T"ey3ll be sa e ro& boo7s and bo!any all !"eir li%es#9 T"e .ire'!or !urned !o "is nurses# 9Ta7e !"e& a(ay again#9 S!ill yelling) !"e 7"a7i babies (ere loaded on !o !"eir du&b-(ai!ers and ("eeled ou!) lea%ing be"ind !"e& !"e s&ell o sour &il7 and a &os! (el'o&e silen'e# $ne o !"e s!uden!s "eld u6 "is "and? and !"oug" "e 'ould see ;ui!e (ell ("y you 'ouldn3! "a%e lo(er-'as! 6eo6le (as!ing !"e *o&&uni!y3s !i&e o%er boo7s) and !"a! !"ere (as al(ays !"e ris7 o !"eir reading so&e!"ing ("i'" &ig"! undesirably


de'ondi!ion one o !"eir re lexes) ye! @ (ell) "e 'ouldn3! unders!and abou! !"e lo(ers# 2"y go !o !"e !rouble o &a7ing i! 6sy'"ologi'ally i&6ossible or .el!as !o li7e lo(ersA Da!ien!ly !"e .#H#*# ex6lained# 0 !"e '"ildren (ere &ade !o s'rea& a! !"e sig"! o a rose) !"a! (as on grounds o "ig" e'ono&i' 6oli'y# ,o! so %ery long ago (a 'en!ury or !"ereabou!s)) 1a&&as) .el!as) e%en +6silons) "ad been 'ondi!ioned !o li7e lo(ers> lo(ers in 6ar!i'ular and (ild na!ure in general# T"e idea (as !o &a7e !"e& (an! !o be going ou! in!o !"e 'oun!ry a! e%ery a%ailable o66or!uni!y) and so 'o&6el !"e& !o 'onsu&e !rans6or!# 9And didn3! !"ey 'onsu&e !rans6or!A9 as7ed !"e s!uden!# 9Qui!e a lo!)9 !"e .#H#*# re6lied# 95u! no!"ing else#9 Dri&roses and lands'a6es) "e 6oin!ed ou!) "a%e one gra%e de e'!C !"ey are gra!ui!ous# A lo%e o na!ure 7ee6s no a'!ories busy# 0! (as de'ided !o abolis" !"e lo%e o na!ure) a! any ra!e a&ong !"e lo(er 'lasses? !o abolis" !"e lo%e o na!ure) bu! not !"e !enden'y !o 'onsu&e !rans6or!# :or o 'ourse i! (as essen!ial !"a! !"ey s"ould 7ee6 on going !o !"e 'oun!ry) e%en !"oug"


!"ey "a!ed i!# T"e 6roble& (as !o ind an e'ono&i'ally sounder reason or 'onsu&ing !rans6or! !"an a &ere a e'!ion or 6ri&roses and lands'a6es# 0! (as duly ound# 92e 'ondi!ion !"e &asses !o "a!e !"e 'oun!ry)9 'on'luded !"e .ire'!or# 95u! si&ul!aneously (e 'ondi!ion !"e& !o lo%e all 'oun!ry s6or!s# A! !"e sa&e !i&e) (e see !o i! !"a! all 'oun!ry s6or!s s"all en!ail !"e use o elabora!e a66ara!us# So !"a! !"ey 'onsu&e &anu a'!ured ar!i'les as (ell as !rans6or!# Hen'e !"ose ele'!ri' s"o'7s#9 90 see)9 said !"e s!uden!) and (as silen!) los! in ad&ira!ion# T"ere (as a silen'e? !"en) 'learing "is !"roa!) 9$n'e u6on a !i&e)9 !"e .ire'!or began) 9("ile our :ord (as s!ill on ear!") !"ere (as a li!!le boy 'alled -euben -abino%i!'"# -euben (as !"e '"ild o Dolis"s6ea7ing 6aren!s#9 T"e .ire'!or in!erru6!ed "i&sel # 9/ou 7no( ("a! Dolis" is) 0 su66oseA9 9A dead language#9 9Li7e :ren'" and 1er&an)9 added ano!"er s!uden!)


o i'iously s"o(ing o "is learning# 9And 36aren!3A9 ;ues!ioned !"e .#H#*# T"ere (as an uneasy silen'e# Se%eral o !"e boys blus"ed# T"ey "ad no! ye! learned !o dra( !"e signi i'an! bu! o !en %ery ine dis!in'!ion be!(een s&u! and 6ure s'ien'e# $ne) a! las!) "ad !"e 'ourage !o raise a "and# 9Hu&an beings used !o be @9 "e "esi!a!ed? !"e blood rus"ed !o "is '"ee7s# 92ell) !"ey used !o be %i%i6arous#9 9Qui!e rig"!#9 T"e .ire'!or nodded a66ro%ingly# 9And ("en !"e babies (ere de'an!ed @9 935orn)39 'a&e !"e 'orre'!ion# 92ell) !"en !"ey (ere !"e 6aren!s>0 &ean) no! !"e babies) o 'ourse? !"e o!"er ones#9 T"e 6oor boy (as o%er("el&ed (i!" 'on usion# 90n brie )9 !"e .ire'!or su&&ed u6) 9!"e 6aren!s (ere !"e a!"er and !"e &o!"er#9 T"e s&u! !"a! (as really s'ien'e ell (i!" a 'ras" in!o !"e boys3 eye-a%oiding silen'e# 94o!"er)9 "e re6ea!ed loudly rubbing in !"e s'ien'e? and) leaning ba'7 in "is '"air) 9T"ese)9 "e said gra%ely) 9are un6leasan! a'!s? 0


7no( i!# 5u! !"en &os! "is!ori'al a'!s are un6leasan!#9 He re!urned !o Li!!le -euben>!o Li!!le -euben) in ("ose roo&) one e%ening) by an o%ersig"!) "is a!"er and &o!"er ('ras") 'ras"F) "a66ened !o lea%e !"e radio !urned on# (9:or you &us! re&e&ber !"a! in !"ose days o gross %i%i6arous re6rodu'!ion) '"ildren (ere al(ays broug"! u6 by !"eir 6aren!s and no! in S!a!e *ondi!ioning *en!res#9) 2"ile !"e '"ild (as aslee6) a broad'as! 6rogra&&e ro& London suddenly s!ar!ed !o 'o&e !"roug"? and !"e nex! &orning) !o !"e as!onis"&en! o "is 'ras" and 'ras" (!"e &ore daring o !"e boys %en!ured !o grin a! one ano!"er)) Li!!le -euben (o7e u6 re6ea!ing (ord or (ord a long le'!ure by !"a! 'urious old (ri!er (9one o !"e %ery e( ("ose (or7s "a%e been 6er&i!!ed !o 'o&e do(n !o us9)) 1eorge 5ernard S"a() ("o (as s6ea7ing) a''ording !o a (ell-au!"en!i'a!ed !radi!ion) abou! "is o(n genius# To Li!!le -euben3s (in7 and snigger) !"is le'!ure (as) o 'ourse) 6er e'!ly in'o&6re"ensible and) i&agining !"a! !"eir '"ild "ad suddenly gone &ad) !"ey sen!


or a do'!or# He) or!una!ely) unders!ood +nglis") re'ogni8ed !"e dis'ourse as !"a! ("i'" S"a( "ad broad'as!ed !"e 6re%ious e%ening) reali8ed !"e signi i'an'e o ("a! "ad "a66ened) and sen! a le!!er !o !"e &edi'al 6ress abou! i!# 9T"e 6rin'i6le o slee6-!ea'"ing) or "y6no6Hdia) "ad been dis'o%ered#9 T"e .#H#*# &ade an i&6ressi%e 6ause# T"e 6rin'i6le "ad been dis'o%ered? bu! &any) &any years (ere !o ela6se be ore !"a! 6rin'i6le (as use ully a66lied# 9T"e 'ase o Li!!le -euben o''urred only !(en!y!"ree years a !er $ur :ord3s irs! T-4odel (as 6u! on !"e &ar7e!#9 (Here !"e .ire'!or &ade a sign o !"e T on "is s!o&a'" and all !"e s!uden!s re%eren!ly ollo(ed sui!#) 9And ye! @9 :uriously !"e s!uden!s s'ribbled# 9 Hypnopdia, first used officially in A.F. !". #hy not before$ %&o reasons. 'a( ) 9 9T"ese early ex6eri&en!ers)9 !"e .#H#*# (as saying) 9(ere on !"e (rong !ra'7# T"ey !"oug"! !"a! "y6no6Hdia 'ould be &ade an ins!ru&en! o in!elle'!ual edu'a!ion @9 (A s&all boy aslee6 on "is rig"! side) !"e rig"! ar&


s!u'7 ou!) !"e rig"! "and "anging li&6 o%er !"e edge o !"e bed# T"roug" a round gra!ing in !"e side o a box a %oi'e s6ea7s so !ly# 9T"e ,ile is !"e longes! ri%er in A ri'a and !"e se'ond in leng!" o all !"e ri%ers o !"e globe# Al!"oug" alling s"or! o !"e leng!" o !"e 4ississi66i-4issouri) !"e ,ile is a! !"e "ead o all ri%ers as regards !"e leng!" o i!s basin) ("i'" ex!ends !"roug" 3J degrees o la!i!ude @9 A! brea7 as! !"e nex! &orning) 9To&&y)9 so&e one says) 9do you 7no( ("i'" is !"e longes! ri%er in A ri'aA9 A s"a7ing o !"e "ead# 95u! don3! you re&e&ber so&e!"ing !"a! beginsC T"e ,ile is !"e @9 9T"e - ,ile - is - !"e - longes! - ri%er - in - A ri'a and - !"e - se'ond - in - leng!" o - all - !"e - ri%ers - o - !"e - globe @9 T"e (ords 'o&e rus"ing ou!# 9Al!"oug" alling - s"or! - o @9 92ell no() ("i'" is !"e longes! ri%er in A ri'aA9 T"e eyes are blan7# 90 don3! 7no(#9 95u! !"e ,ile) To&&y#9 9T"e - ,ile - is - !"e - longes! - ri%er - in - A ri'a and - se'ond @9


9T"en ("i'" ri%er is !"e longes!) To&&yA9 To&&y burs! in!o !ears# 90 don3! 7no()9 "e "o(ls#) T"a! "o(l) !"e .ire'!or &ade i! 6lain) dis'ouraged !"e earlies! in%es iga!ors# T"e ex6eri&en!s (ere abandoned# ,o ur!"er a!!e&6! (as &ade !o !ea'" '"ildren !"e leng!" o !"e ,ile in !"eir slee6# Qui!e rig"!ly# /ou 'an3! learn a s'ien'e unless you 7no( ("a! i!3s all abou!# 92"ereas) i !"ey3d only s!ar!ed on moral edu'a!ion)9 said !"e .ire'!or) leading !"e (ay !o(ards !"e door# T"e s!uden!s ollo(ed "i&) des6era!ely s'ribbling as !"ey (al7ed and all !"e (ay u6 in !"e li !# 94oral edu'a!ion) ("i'" oug"! ne%er) in any 'ir'u&s!an'es) !o be ra!ional#9 9Silen'e) silen'e)9 ("is6ered a loud s6ea7er as !"ey s!e66ed ou! a! !"e our!een!" loor) and 9Silen'e) silen'e)9 !"e !ru&6e! &ou!"s inde a!igably re6ea!ed a! in!er%als do(n e%ery 'orridor# T"e s!uden!s and e%en !"e .ire'!or "i&sel rose au!o&a!i'ally !o !"e !i6s o !"eir !oes# T"ey (ere Al6"as) o 'ourse) bu! e%en Al6"as "a%e been (ell 'ondi!ioned# 9Silen'e) silen'e#9 All !"e air o !"e our!een!" loor (as sibilan! (i!" !"e 'a!egori'al i&6era!i%e#


:i !y yards o !i6!oeing broug"! !"e& !o a door ("i'" !"e .ire'!or 'au!iously o6ened# T"ey s!e66ed o%er !"e !"res"old in!o !"e !(ilig"! o a s"u!!ered dor&i!ory# +ig"!y 'o!s s!ood in a ro( agains! !"e (all# T"ere (as a sound o lig"! regular brea!"ing and a 'on!inuous &ur&ur) as o %ery ain! %oi'es re&o!ely ("is6ering# A nurse rose as !"ey en!ered and 'a&e !o a!!en!ion be ore !"e .ire'!or# 92"a!3s !"e lesson !"is a !ernoonA9 "e as7ed# 92e "ad +le&en!ary Sex or !"e irs! or!y &inu!es)9 s"e ans(ered# 95u! no( i!3s s(i!'"ed o%er !o +le&en!ary *lass *ons'iousness#9 T"e .ire'!or (al7ed slo(ly do(n !"e long line o 'o!s# -osy and relaxed (i!" slee6) eig"!y li!!le boys and girls lay se !ly "rea!"ing# T"ere (as a ("is6er under e%ery 6illo(# T"e .#H#*# "al!ed and) bending o%er one o !"e li!!le beds) lis!ened a!!en!i%ely# 9+le&en!ary *lass *ons'iousness) did you sayA Le!3s "a%e i! re6ea!ed a li!!le louder by !"e !ru&6e!#9 A! !"e end o !"e roo& a loud s6ea7er 6ro<e'!ed ro& !"e (all# T"e .ire'!or (al7ed


u6 !o i! and 6ressed a s(i!'"# 9@ all (ear green)9 said a so ! bu! %ery dis!in'! %oi'e) beginning in !"e &iddle o a sen!en'e) 9and .el!a *"ildren (ear 7"a7i# $" no) 0 don3! (an! !o 6lay (i!" .el!a '"ildren# And +6silons are s!ill (orse# T"ey3re !oo s!u6id !o be able !o read or (ri!e# 5esides !"ey (ear bla'7) ("i'" is su'" a beas!ly 'olour# 03& so glad 03& a 5e!a#9 T"ere (as a 6ause? !"en !"e %oi'e began again# 9Al6"a '"ildren (ear grey T"ey (or7 &u'" "arder !"an (e do) be'ause !"ey3re so rig"! ully 'le%er# 03& really a( uly glad 03& a 5e!a) be'ause 0 don3! (or7 so "ard# And !"en (e are &u'" be!!er !"an !"e 1a&&as and .el!as# 1a&&as are s!u6id# T"ey all (ear green) and .el!a '"ildren (ear 7"a7i# $" no) 0 don't (an! !o 6lay (i!" .el!a '"ildren# And +6silons are s!ill (orse# T"ey3re !oo s!u6id !o be able @9 T"e .ire'!or 6us"ed ba'7 !"e s(i!'"# T"e %oi'e (as silen!# $nly i!s !"in g"os! 'on!inued !o &u!!er ro& benea!" !"e eig"!y 6illo(s# 9T"ey3ll "a%e !"a! re6ea!ed or!y or i !y !i&es &ore be ore !"ey (a7e? !"en again on T"ursday) and again on Sa!urday# A "undred and !(en!y !i&es !"ree !i&es a


(ee7 or !"ir!y &on!"s# A !er ("i'" !"ey go on !o a &ore ad%an'ed lesson#9 -oses and ele'!ri' s"o'7s) !"e 7"a7i o .el!as and a ("i o asa L!ida>(edded indissolubly be ore !"e '"ild 'an s6ea7# 5u! (ordless 'ondi!ioning is 'rude and ("olesale? 'anno! bring "o&e !"e iner dis!in'!ions) 'anno! in'ul'a!e !"e &ore 'o&6lex 'ourses o be"a%iour# :or !"a! !"ere &us! be (ords) bu! (ords (i!"ou! reason# 0n brie ) "y6no6Hdia# 9T"e grea!es! &orali8ing and so'iali8ing or'e o all !i&e#9 T"e s!uden!s !oo7 i! do(n in !"eir li!!le boo7s# S!raig"! ro& !"e "orse3s &ou!"# $n'e &ore !"e .ire'!or !ou'"ed !"e s(i!'"# 9@ so rig"! ully 'le%er)9 !"e so !) insinua!ing) inde a!igable %oi'e (as saying) 903& really a( ully glad 03& a 5e!a) be'ause @9 ,o! so &u'" li7e dro6s o (a!er) !"oug" (a!er) i! is !rue) 'an (ear "oles in !"e "ardes! grani!e? ra!"er) dro6s o li;uid sealing-(ax) dro6s !"a! ad"ere) in'rus!) in'or6ora!e !"e&sel%es (i!" ("a! !"ey all on) !ill inally !"e ro'7 is all one s'arle! blob#


9Till a! las! !"e '"ild3s &ind is !"ese sugges!ions) and !"e su& o !"e sugges!ions is !"e '"ild3s &ind# And no! !"e '"ild3s &ind only# T"e adul!3s &ind !oo>all "is li e long# T"e &ind !"a! <udges and desires and de'ides> &ade u6 o !"ese sugges!ions# 5u! all !"ese sugges!ions are our sugges!ionsF9 T"e .ire'!or al&os! s"ou!ed in "is !riu&6"# 9Sugges!ions ro& !"e S!a!e#9 He banged !"e neares! !able# 90! !"ere ore ollo(s @9 A noise &ade "i& !urn round# 9$") :ordF9 "e said in ano!"er !one) 903%e gone and (o7en !"e '"ildren#9

Chapter Three $ UTS0.+) in !"e garden) i! (as 6lay!i&e# ,a7ed in

!"e (ar& =une suns"ine) six or se%en "undred li!!le boys and girls (ere running (i!" s"rill yells o%er !"e la(ns) or 6laying ball ga&es) or s;ua!!ing silen!ly in !(os and !"rees a&ong !"e lo(ering s"rubs# T"e roses (ere in bloo&) !(o nig"!ingales solilo;ui8ed in !"e bos7age) a 'u'7oo (as <us! going ou! o !une a&ong !"e li&e !rees# T"e air (as dro(sy (i!" !"e &ur&ur o bees and "eli'o6!ers# T"e .ire'!or and "is s!uden!s s!ood or a s"or! !i&e


(a!'"ing a ga&e o *en!ri ugal 5u&ble-6u66y# T(en!y '"ildren (ere grou6ed in a 'ir'le round a '"ro&e s!eel !o(er# A ball !"ro(n u6 so as !o land on !"e 6la! or& a! !"e !o6 o !"e !o(er rolled do(n in!o !"e in!erior) ell on a ra6idly re%ol%ing dis7) (as "urled !"roug" one or o!"er o !"e nu&erous a6er!ures 6ier'ed in !"e 'ylindri'al 'asing) and "ad !o be 'aug"!# 9S!range)9 &used !"e .ire'!or) as !"ey !urned a(ay) 9s!range !o !"in7 !"a! e%en in $ur :ord3s day &os! ga&es (ere 6layed (i!"ou! &ore a66ara!us !"an a ball or !(o and a e( s!i'7s and 6er"a6s a bi! o ne!!ing# i&agine !"e olly o allo(ing 6eo6le !o 6lay elabora!e ga&es ("i'" do no!"ing ("a!e%er !o in'rease 'onsu&6!ion# 0!3s &adness# ,o(adays !"e *on!rollers (on3! a66ro%e o any ne( ga&e unless i! 'an be s"o(n !"a! i! re;uires a! leas! as &u'" a66ara!us as !"e &os! 'o&6li'a!ed o exis!ing ga&es#9 He in!erru6!ed "i&sel # 9T"a!3s a '"ar&ing li!!le grou6)9 "e said) 6oin!ing# 0n a li!!le grassy bay be!(een !all 'lu&6s o 4edi!erranean "ea!"er) !(o '"ildren) a li!!le boy o abou! se%en and a li!!le girl ("o &ig"! "a%e been a year older) (ere 6laying) %ery gra%ely and (i!" all !"e o'ussed


a!!en!ion o s'ien!is!s in!en! on a labour o dis'o%ery) a rudi&en!ary sexual ga&e# 9*"ar&ing) '"ar&ingF9 !"e .#H#*# re6ea!ed sen!i&en!ally# 9*"ar&ing)9 !"e boys 6oli!ely agreed# 5u! !"eir s&ile (as ra!"er 6a!roni8ing# T"ey "ad 6u! aside si&ilar '"ildis" a&use&en!s !oo re'en!ly !o be able !o (a!'" !"e& no( (i!"ou! a !ou'" o 'on!e&6!# *"ar&ingA bu! i! (as <us! a 6air o 7ids ooling abou!? !"a! (as all# =us! 7ids# 90 al(ays !"in7)9 !"e .ire'!or (as 'on!inuing in !"e sa&e ra!"er &audlin !one) ("en "e (as in!erru6!ed by a loud boo-"ooing# :ro& a neig"bouring s"rubbery e&erged a nurse) leading by !"e "and a s&all boy) ("o "o(led as "e (en!# An anxious-loo7ing li!!le girl !ro!!ed a! "er "eels# 92"a!3s !"e &a!!erA9 as7ed !"e .ire'!or# T"e nurse s"rugged "er s"oulders# 9,o!"ing &u'")9 s"e ans(ered# 90!3s <us! !"a! !"is li!!le boy see&s ra!"er relu'!an! !o <oin in !"e ordinary ero!i' 6lay# 03d no!i'ed i! on'e or !(i'e be ore# And no( again !o-day# He s!ar!ed yelling <us! no( @9 9Hones!ly)9 6u! in !"e anxious-loo7ing li!!le girl) 90


didn3! &ean !o "ur! "i& or any!"ing# Hones!ly#9 9$ 'ourse you didn3!) dear)9 said !"e nurse reassuringly# 9And so)9 s"e (en! on) !urning ba'7 !o !"e .ire'!or) 903& !a7ing "i& in !o see !"e Assis!an! Su6erin!enden! o Dsy'"ology# =us! !o see i any!"ing3s a! all abnor&al#9 9$ui!e rig"!)9 said !"e .ire'!or# 9Ta7e "i& in# /ou s!ay "ere) li!!le girl)9 "e added) as !"e nurse &o%ed a(ay (i!" "er s!ill "o(ling '"arge# 92"a!3s your na&eA9 9Dolly Tro!s7y#9 9And a %ery good na&e !oo)9 said !"e .ire'!or# 9-un a(ay no( and see i you 'an ind so&e o!"er li!!le boy !o 6lay (i!"#9 T"e '"ild s'a&6ered o in!o !"e bus"es and (as los! !o sig"!# 9+x;uisi!e li!!le 'rea!ureF9 said !"e .ire'!or) loo7ing a !er "er# T"en) !urning !o "is s!uden!s) 92"a! 03& going !o !ell you no()9 "e said) 9&ay sound in'redible# 5u! !"en) ("en you3re no! a''us!o&ed !o "is!ory) &os! a'!s abou! !"e 6as! do sound in'redible#9 He le! ou! !"e a&a8ing !ru!"# :or a %ery long 6eriod


be ore !"e !i&e o $ur :ord) and e%en or so&e genera!ions a !er(ards) ero!i' 6lay be!(een '"ildren "ad been regarded as abnor&al (!"ere (as a roar o laug"!er)? and no! only abnor&al) a'!ually i&&oral (noF)C and "ad !"ere ore been rigorously su66ressed# A loo7 o as!onis"ed in'reduli!y a66eared on !"e a'es o "is lis!eners# Door li!!le 7ids no! allo(ed !o a&use !"e&sel%esA T"ey 'ould no! belie%e i!# 9+%en adoles'en!s)9 !"e .#H#*# (as saying) 9e%en adoles'en!s li7e yoursel%es @9 9,o! 6ossibleF9 95arring a li!!le surre6!i!ious au!o-ero!is& and "o&osexuali!y>absolu!ely no!"ing#9 *+othing$* 90n &os! 'ases) !ill !"ey (ere o%er !(en!y years old#9 9T(en!y years oldA9 e'"oed !"e s!uden!s in a '"orus o loud disbelie # 9T(en!y)9 !"e .ire'!or re6ea!ed# 90 !old you !"a! you3d ind i! in'redible#9 95u! ("a! "a66enedA9 !"ey as7ed# 92"a! (ere !"e resul!sA9


9T"e resul!s (ere !errible#9 A dee6 resonan! %oi'e bro7e s!ar!lingly in!o !"e dialogue# T"ey loo7ed around# $n !"e ringe o !"e li!!le grou6 s!ood a s!ranger>a &an o &iddle "eig"!) bla'7-"aired) (i!" a "oo7ed nose) ull red li6s) eyes %ery 6ier'ing and dar7# 9Terrible)9 "e re6ea!ed# T"e .#H#*# "ad a! !"a! &o&en! sa! do(n on one o !"e s!eel and rubber ben'"es 'on%enien!ly s'a!!ered !"roug" !"e gardens? bu! a! !"e sig"! o !"e s!ranger) "e s6rang !o "is ee! and dar!ed or(ard) "is "and ou!s!re!'"ed) s&iling (i!" all "is !ee!") e usi%e# 9*on!rollerF 2"a! an unex6e'!ed 6leasureF 5oys) ("a! are you !"in7ing o A T"is is !"e *on!roller? !"is is "is ords"i6) 4us!a6"a 4ond#9 0n !"e our !"ousand roo&s o !"e *en!re !"e our !"ousand ele'!ri' 'lo'7s si&ul!aneously s!ru'7 our# .is'arna!e %oi'es 'alled ro& !"e !ru&6e! &ou!"s# 94ain .ay-s"i ! o du!y# Se'ond .ay-s"i ! !a7e o%er# 4ain .ay-s"i ! o @9 0n !"e li !) on !"eir (ay u6 !o !"e '"anging roo&s) Henry :os!er and !"e Assis!an! .ire'!or o Dredes!ina!ion ra!"er 6oin!edly !urned


!"eir ba'7s on 5ernard 4arx ro& !"e Dsy'"ology 5ureauC a%er!ed !"e&sel%es ro& !"a! unsa%oury re6u!a!ion# T"e ain! "u& and ra!!le o &a'"inery s!ill s!irred !"e 'ri&son air in !"e +&bryo S!ore# S"i !s &ig"! 'o&e and go) one lu6us-'oloured a'e gi%e 6la'e !o ano!"er? &a<es!i'ally and or e%er !"e 'on%eyors 're6! or(ard (i!" !"eir load o u!ure &en and (o&en# Lenina *ro(ne (al7ed bris7ly !o(ards !"e door# His ords"i6 4us!a6"a 4ondF T"e eyes o !"e salu!ing s!uden!s al&os! 6o66ed ou! o !"eir "eads# 4us!a6"a 4ondF T"e -esiden! *on!roller or 2es!ern +uro6eF $ne o !"e Ten 2orld *on!rollers# $ne o !"e Ten @ and "e sa! do(n on !"e ben'" (i!" !"e .#H#*#) "e (as going !o s!ay) !o s!ay) yes) and a'!ually !al7 !o !"e& @ s!raig"! ro& !"e "orse3s &ou!"# S!raig"! ro& !"e &ou!" o :ord "i&sel # T(o s"ri&6-bro(n '"ildren e&erged ro& a neig"bouring s"rubbery) s!ared a! !"e& or a &o&en! (i!" large) as!onis"ed eyes) !"en re!urned !o !"eir a&use&en!s a&ong !"e lea%es#


9/ou all re&e&ber)9 said !"e *on!roller) in "is s!rong dee6 %oi'e) 9you all re&e&ber) 0 su66ose) !"a! beau!i ul and ins6ired saying o $ur :ord3sC His!ory is bun7# His!ory)9 "e re6ea!ed slo(ly) 9is bun7#9 He (a%ed "is "and? and i! (as as !"oug") (i!" an in%isible ea!"er (is7) "e "ad brus"ed a(ay a li!!le dus!) and !"e dus! (as Hara66a) (as Ur o !"e *"aldees? so&e s6ider-(ebs) and !"ey (ere T"ebes and 5abylon and *nossos and 4y'enae# 2"is7# 2"is7>and ("ere (as $dysseus) ("ere (as =ob) ("ere (ere =u6i!er and 1o!a&a and =esusA 2"is7>and !"ose s6e'7s o an!i;ue dir! 'alled A!"ens and -o&e) =erusale& and !"e 4iddle Mingdo&>all (ere gone# 2"is7>!"e 6la'e ("ere 0!aly "ad been (as e&6!y# 2"is7) !"e 'a!"edrals? ("is7) ("is7) Ming Lear and !"e T"oug"!s o Das'al# 2"is7) Dassion? ("is7) -e;uie&? ("is7) Sy&6"ony? ("is7 @ 91oing !o !"e :eelies !"is e%ening) HenryA9 en;uired !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or# 90 "ear !"e ne( one a! !"e Al"a&bra is irs!-ra!e# T"ere3s a lo%e s'ene on a bears7in rug? !"ey say i!3s &ar%ellous# +%ery "air o !"e bear re6rodu'ed# T"e &os! a&a8ing !a'!ual e e'!s#9


9T"a!3s ("y you3re !aug"! no "is!ory)9 !"e *on!roller (as saying# 95u! no( !"e !i&e "as 'o&e @9 T"e .#H#*# loo7ed a! "i& ner%ously# T"ere (ere !"ose s!range ru&ours o old orbidden boo7s "idden in a sa e in !"e *on!roller3s s!udy# 5ibles) 6oe!ry>:ord 7ne( ("a!# 4us!a6"a 4ond in!er'e6!ed "is anxious glan'e and !"e 'orners o "is red li6s !(i!'"ed ironi'ally# 90!3s all rig"!) .ire'!or)9 "e said in a !one o ain! derision) 90 (on3! 'orru6! !"e&#9 T"e .#H#*# (as o%er("el&ed (i!" 'on usion# T"ose ("o eel !"e&sel%es des6ised do (ell !o loo7 des6ising# T"e s&ile on 5ernard 4arx3s a'e (as 'on!e&6!uous# +%ery "air on !"e bear indeedF 90 s"all &a7e a 6oin! o going)9 said Henry :os!er# 4us!a6"a 4ond leaned or(ard) s"oo7 a inger a! !"e&# 9=us! !ry !o reali8e i!)9 "e said) and "is %oi'e sen! a s!range !"rill ;ui%ering along !"eir dia6"rag&s# 9Try !o reali8e ("a! i! (as li7e !o "a%e a %i%i6arous &o!"er#9 T"a! s&u!!y (ord again# 5u! none o !"e& drea&ed)


!"is !i&e) o s&iling# 9Try !o i&agine ("a! 3li%ing (i!" one3s a&ily3 &ean!#9 T"ey !ried? bu! ob%iously (i!"ou! !"e s&alles! su''ess# 9And do you 7no( ("a! a 3"o&e3 (asA9 T"ey s"oo7 !"eir "eads# :ro& "er di& 'ri&son 'ellar Lenina *ro(ne s"o! u6 se%en!een s!ories) !urned !o !"e rig"! as s"e s!e66ed ou! o !"e li !) (al7ed do(n a long 'orridor and) o6ening !"e door &ar7ed 10-LS3 .-+SS0,1--$$4) 6lunged in!o a dea ening '"aos o ar&s and boso&s and under'lo!"ing# Torren!s o "o! (a!er (ere s6las"ing in!o or gurgling ou! o a "undred ba!"s# -u&bling and "issing) eig"!y %ibro-%a'uu& &assage &a'"ines (ere si&ul!aneously 7neading and su'7ing !"e ir& and sunburn! les" o eig"!y su6erb e&ale s6e'i&ens# +%ery one (as !al7ing a! !"e !o6 o "er %oi'e# A Syn!"e!i' 4usi' &a'"ine (as (arbling ou! a su6er-'orne! solo# 9Hullo) :anny)9 said Lenina !o !"e young (o&an ("o "ad !"e 6egs and lo'7er nex! !o "ers# :anny (or7ed in !"e 5o!!ling -oo&) and "er


surna&e (as also *ro(ne# 5u! as !"e !(o !"ousand &illion in"abi!an!s o !"e 6lan! "ad only !en !"ousand na&es be!(een !"e&) !"e 'oin'iden'e (as no! 6ar!i'ularly sur6rising# Lenina 6ulled a! "er 8i66ers-do(n(ards on !"e <a'7e!) do(n(ards (i!" a double-"anded ges!ure a! !"e !(o !"a! "eld !rousers) do(n(ards again !o loosen "er undergar&en!# S!ill (earing "er s"oes and s!o'7ings) s"e (al7ed o !o(ards !"e ba!"roo&s# Ho&e) "o&e>a e( s&all roo&s) s!i lingly o%erin"abi!ed by a &an) by a 6eriodi'ally !ee&ing (o&an) by a rabble o boys and girls o all ages# ,o air) no s6a'e? an unders!erili8ed 6rison? dar7ness) disease) and s&ells# (T"e *on!roller3s e%o'a!ion (as so %i%id !"a! one o !"e boys) &ore sensi!i%e !"an !"e res!) !urned 6ale a! !"e &ere des'ri6!ion and (as on !"e 6oin! o being si'7#) Lenina go! ou! o !"e ba!") !o(eled "ersel dry) !oo7 "old o a long lexible !ube 6lugged in!o !"e (all) 6resen!ed !"e no88le !o "er breas!) as !"oug" s"e &ean! !o


'o&&i! sui'ide) 6ressed do(n !"e !rigger# A blas! o (ar&ed air dus!ed "er (i!" !"e ines! !al'u& 6o(der# +ig"! di eren! s'en!s and eaude-*ologne (ere laid on in li!!le !a6s o%er !"e (as"-basin# S"e !urned on !"e !"ird ro& !"e le !) dabbed "ersel (i!" '"y6re and) 'arrying "er s"oes and s!o'7ings in "er "and) (en! ou! !o see i one o !"e %ibro-%a'uu& &a'"ines (ere ree# And "o&e (as as s;ualid 6sy'"i'ally as 6"ysi'ally# Dsy'"i'ally) i! (as a rabbi! "ole) a &idden) "o! (i!" !"e ri'!ions o !ig"!ly 6a'7ed li e) ree7ing (i!" e&o!ion# 2"a! su o'a!ing in!i&a'ies) ("a! dangerous) insane) obs'ene rela!ions"i6s be!(een !"e &e&bers o !"e a&ily grou6F 4ania'ally) !"e &o!"er brooded o%er "er '"ildren ( her '"ildren) @ brooded o%er !"e& li7e a 'a! o%er i!s 7i!!ens? bu! a 'a! !"a! 'ould !al7) a 'a! !"a! 'ould say) 94y baby) &y baby)9 o%er and o%er again# 94y baby) and o") o") a! &y breas!) !"e li!!le "ands) !"e "unger) and !"a! uns6ea7able agoni8ing 6leasureF Till a! las! &y baby slee6s) &y baby slee6s (i!" a bubble o ("i!e &il7 a! !"e 'orner o "is &ou!"# 4y li!!le baby slee6s @9 9/es)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond) nodding "is "ead) 9you &ay (ell s"udder#9


92"o are you going ou! (i!" !o-nig"!A9 Lenina as7ed) re!urning ro& !"e %ibro-%a' li7e a 6earl illu&ina!ed ro& (i!"in) 6in7ly glo(ing# 9,obody#9 Lenina raised "er eyebro(s in as!onis"&en!# 903%e been eeling ra!"er ou! o sor!s la!ely)9 :anny ex6lained# 9.r# 2ells ad%ised &e !o "a%e a Dregnan'y Subs!i!u!e#9 95u!) &y dear) you3re only nine!een# T"e irs! Dregnan'y Subs!i!u!e isn3! 'o&6ulsory !ill !(en!y-one#9 90 7no() dear# 5u! so&e 6eo6le are be!!er i !"ey begin earlier# .r# 2ells !old &e !"a! brune!!es (i!" (ide 6el%ises) li7e &e) oug"! !o "a%e !"eir irs! Dregnan'y Subs!i!u!e a! se%en!een# So 03& really !(o years la!e) no! !(o years early#9 S"e o6ened !"e door o "er lo'7er and 6oin!ed !o !"e ro( o boxes and labelled 6"ials on !"e u66er s"el # 9S/-UD $: *$-DUS LUT+U4)9 Lenina read !"e na&es aloud# 9$KA-0,) 1UA-A,T++. :-+SHC ,$T T$ 5+ US+. A:T+- AU1UST 1ST) A#:# 63B# 4A44A-/ 1LA,. +ET-A*TC T$ 5+ TAM+, TH-++ T04+S .A0L/) 5+:$-+ 4+ALS) 20TH A


L0TTL+ 2AT+-# DLA*+,T0,C J'' T$ 5+ 0,=+*T+. 0,T-AK+,ALL/ +K+-/ TH0-. .A/ @ Ug"F9 Lenina s"uddered# 9Ho( 0 loa!"e in!ra%enals) don3! youA9 9/es# 5u! ("en !"ey do one good @9 :anny (as a 6ar!i'ularly sensible girl# $ur :ord>or $ur :reud) as) or so&e ins'ru!able reason) "e '"ose !o 'all "i&sel ("ene%er "e s6o7e o 6sy'"ologi'al &a!!ers>$ur :reud "ad been !"e irs! !o re%eal !"e a66alling dangers o a&ily li e# T"e (orld (as ull o a!"ers>(as !"ere ore ull o &isery? ull o &o!"ers>!"ere ore o e%ery 7ind o 6er%ersion ro& sadis& !o '"as!i!y? ull o bro!"ers) sis!ers) un'les) aun!s> ull o &adness and sui'ide# 9And ye!) a&ong !"e sa%ages o Sa&oa) in 'er!ain islands o !"e 'oas! o ,e( 1uinea @9 T"e !ro6i'al suns"ine lay li7e (ar& "oney on !"e na7ed bodies o '"ildren !u&bling 6ro&is'uously a&ong !"e "ibis'us blosso&s# Ho&e (as in any one o !(en!y 6al&-!"a!'"ed "ouses# 0n !"e Trobriands 'on'e6!ion (as !"e (or7 o an'es!ral g"os!s? nobody "ad e%er "eard o a a!"er#


9+x!re&es)9 said !"e *on!roller) 9&ee!# :or !"e good reason !"a! !"ey (ere &ade !o &ee!#9 9.r# 2ells says !"a! a !"ree &on!"s3 Dregnan'y Subs!i!u!e no( (ill &a7e all !"e di eren'e !o &y "eal!" or !"e nex! !"ree or our years#9 92ell) 0 "o6e "e3s rig"!)9 said Lenina# 95u!) :anny) do you really &ean !o say !"a! or !"e nex! !"ree &oa!"s you3re no! su66osed !o @9 9$" no) dear# $nly or a (ee7 or !(o) !"a!3s all# 0 s"all s6end !"e e%ening a! !"e *lub 6laying 4usi'al 5ridge# 0 su66ose you3re going ou!A9 Lenina nodded# 92"o (i!"A9 9Henry :os!er#9 9AgainA9 :anny3s 7ind) ra!"er &oon-li7e a'e !oo7 on an in'ongruous ex6ression o 6ained and disa66ro%ing as!onis"&en!# 9.o you &ean !o !ell &e you3re still going ou! (i!" Henry :os!erA9 4o!"ers and a!"ers) bro!"ers and sis!ers# 5u! !"ere


(ere also "usbands) (i%es) lo%ers# T"ere (ere also &onoga&y and ro&an'e# 9T"oug" you 6robably don3! 7no( ("a! !"ose are)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond# T"ey s"oo7 !"eir "eads# :a&ily) &onoga&y) ro&an'e# +%ery("ere ex'lusi%eness) a narro( '"annelling o i&6ulse and energy# 95u! e%ery one belongs !o e%ery one else)9 "e 'on'luded) 'i!ing !"e "y6no6Hdi' 6ro%erb# T"e s!uden!s nodded) e&6"a!i'ally agreeing (i!" a s!a!e&en! ("i'" u6(ards o six!y-!(o !"ousand re6e!i!ions in !"e dar7 "ad &ade !"e& a''e6!) no! &erely as !rue) bu! as axio&a!i') sel -e%iden!) u!!erly indis6u!able# 95u! a !er all)9 Lenina (as 6ro!es!ing) 9i!3s only abou! our &on!"s no( sin'e 03%e been "a%ing Henry#9 9$nly our &on!"sF 0 li7e !"a!# And ("a!3s &ore)9 :anny (en! on) 6oin!ing an a''using inger) 9!"ere3s been nobody else ex'e6! Henry all !"a! !i&e# Has !"ereA9 Lenina blus"ed s'arle!? bu! "er eyes) !"e !one o "er


%oi'e re&ained de ian!# 9,o) !"ere "asn3! been any one else)9 s"e ans(ered al&os! !ru'uen!ly# 9And 0 <olly (ell don3! see ("y !"ere s"ould "a%e been#9 9$") s"e <olly (ell doesn3! see ("y !"ere s"ould "a%e been)9 :anny re6ea!ed) as !"oug" !o an in%isible lis!ener be"ind Lenina3s le ! s"oulder# T"en) (i!" a sudden '"ange o !one) 95u! seriously)9 s"e said) 90 really do !"in7 you oug"! !o be 'are ul# 0!3s su'" "orribly bad or& !o go on and on li7e !"is (i!" one &an# A! or!y) or !"ir!y- i%e) i! (ouldrl3! be so bad# 5u! a! your age) LeninaF ,o) i! really (on3! do# And you 7no( "o( s!rongly !"e .#H#*# ob<e'!s !o any!"ing in!ense or long-dra(n# :our &on!"s o Henry :os!er) (i!"ou! "a%ing ano!"er &an>("y) "e3d be urious i "e 7ne( @9 9T"in7 o (a!er under 6ressure in a 6i6e#9 T"ey !"oug"! o i!# 90 6ier'e i! on'e)9 said !"e *on!roller# 92"a! a <e!F9 He 6ier'ed i! !(en!y !i&es# T"ere (ere !(en!y 6iddling li!!le oun!ains# 94y baby# 4y baby @F9 94o!"erF9 T"e &adness is in e'!ious#


94y lo%e) &y one and only) 6re'ious) 6re'ious @9 4o!"er) &onoga&y) ro&an'e# Hig" s6ur!s !"e oun!ain? ier'e and oa&y !"e (ild <e!# T"e urge "as bu! a single ou!le!# 4y lo%e) &y baby# ,o (onder !"ese 6oor 6re-&oderns (ere &ad and (i'7ed and &iserable# T"eir (orld didn3! allo( !"e& !o !a7e !"ings easily) didn3! allo( !"e& !o be sane) %ir!uous) "a66y# 2"a! (i!" &o!"ers and lo%ers) ("a! (i!" !"e 6ro"ibi!ions !"ey (ere no! 'ondi!ioned !o obey) ("a! (i!" !"e !e&6!a!ions and !"e lonely re&orses) ("a! (i!" all !"e diseases and !"e endless isola!ing 6ain) ("a! (i!" !"e un'er!ain!ies and !"e 6o%er!y>!"ey (ere or'ed !o eel s!rongly# And eeling s!rongly (and s!rongly) ("a! (as &ore) in soli!ude) in "o6elessly indi%idual isola!ion)) "o( 'ould !"ey be s!ableA 9$ 'ourse !"ere3s no need !o gi%e "i& u6# Ha%e so&ebody else ro& !i&e !o !i&e) !"a!3s all# He "as o!"er girls) doesn3! "eA9 Lenina ad&i!!ed i!# 9$ 'ourse "e does# Trus! Henry :os!er !o be !"e 6er e'! gen!le&an>al(ays 'orre'!# And !"en !"ere3s !"e .ire'!or !o !"in7 o # /ou 7no( ("a! a s!i'7ler @9


,odding) 9He 6a!!ed &e on !"e be"ind !"is a !ernoon)9 said Lenina# 9T"ere) you seeF9 :anny (as !riu&6"an!# 9T"a! s"o(s ("a! he s!ands or# T"e s!ri'!es! 'on%en!ionali!y#9 9S!abili!y)9 said !"e *on!roller) 9s!abili!y# ,o 'i%ili8a!ion (i!"ou! so'ial s!abili!y# ,o so'ial s!abili!y (i!"ou! indi%idual s!abili!y#9 His %oi'e (as a !ru&6e!# Lis!ening !"ey el! larger) (ar&er# T"e &a'"ine !urns) !urns and &us! 7ee6 on !urning> or e%er# 0! is dea!" i i! s!ands s!ill# A !"ousand &illions s'rabbled !"e 'rus! o !"e ear!"# T"e ("eels began !o !urn# 0n a "undred and i !y years !"ere (ere !(o !"ousand &illions# S!o6 all !"e ("eels# 0n a "undred and i !y (ee7s !"ere are on'e &ore only a !"ousand &illions? a !"ousand !"ousand !"ousand &en and (o&en "a%e s!ar%ed !o dea!"# 2"eels &us! !urn s!eadily) bu! 'anno! !urn un!ended# T"ere &us! be &en !o !end !"e&) &en as s!eady as !"e ("eels u6on !"eir axles) sane &en) obedien! &en) s!able in 'on!en!&en!# *ryingC 4y baby) &y &o!"er) &y only) only lo%e


groaningC 4y sin) &y !errible 1od? s'rea&ing (i!" 6ain)&u!!ering (i!" e%er) be&oaning old age and 6o%er!y>"o( 'an !"ey !end !"e ("eelsA And i !"ey 'anno! !end !"e ("eels @ T"e 'or6ses o a !"ousand !"ousand !"ousand &en and (o&en (ould be "ard !o bury or burn# 9And a !er all)9 :anny3s !one (as 'oaxing) 9i!3s no! as !"oug" !"ere (ere any!"ing 6ain ul or disagreeable abou! "a%ing one or !(o &en besides Henry# And seeing !"a! you ought !o be a li!!le &ore 6ro&is'uous @9 9S!abili!y)9 insis!ed !"e *on!roller) 9s!abili!y# T"e 6ri&al and !"e ul!i&a!e need# S!abili!y# Hen'e all !"is#9 2i!" a (a%e o "is "and "e indi'a!ed !"e gardens) !"e "uge building o !"e *ondi!ioning *en!re) !"e na7ed '"ildren ur!i%e in !"e undergro(!" or running a'ross !"e la(ns# Lenina s"oo7 "er "ead# 9So&e"o()9 s"e &used) 90 "adn3! been eeling %ery 7een on 6ro&is'ui!y la!ely# T"ere are !i&es ("en one doesn3!# Ha%en3! you ound !"a! !oo) :annyA9 :anny nodded "er sy&6a!"y and unders!anding# 95u!


one3s go! !o &a7e !"e e or!)9 s"e said) sen!en!iously) 9one3s go! !o 6lay !"e ga&e# A !er all) e%ery one belongs !o e%ery one else#9 9/es) e%ery one belongs !o e%ery one else)9 Lenina re6ea!ed slo(ly and) sig"ing) (as silen! or a &o&en!? !"en) !a7ing :anny3s "and) ga%e i! a li!!le s;uee8e# 9/ou3re ;ui!e rig"!) :anny# As usual# 03ll &a7e !"e e or!#9 0&6ulse arres!ed s6ills o%er) and !"e lood is eeling) !"e lood is 6assion) !"e lood is e%en &adnessC i! de6ends on !"e or'e o !"e 'urren!) !"e "eig"! and s!reng!" o !"e barrier# T"e un'"e'7ed s!rea& lo(s s&oo!"ly do(n i!s a66oin!ed '"annels in!o a 'al& (ell-being# (T"e e&bryo is "ungry? day in) day ou!) !"e blood-surroga!e 6u&6 un'easingly !urns i!s eig"! "undred re%olu!ions a &inu!e# T"e de'an!ed in an! "o(ls? a! on'e a nurse a66ears (i!" a bo!!le o ex!ernal se're!ion# :eeling lur7s in !"a! in!er%al o !i&e be!(een desire and i!s 'onsu&&a!ion# S"or!en !"a! in!er%al) brea7 do(n all !"ose old unne'essary barriers# 9:or!una!e boysF9 said !"e *on!roller# 9,o 6ains "a%e been s6ared !o &a7e your li%es e&o!ionally easy>!o 6reser%e you) so ar as !"a!


is 6ossible) ro& "a%ing e&o!ions a! all#9 9:ord3s in "is li%%er)9 &ur&ured !"e .#H#*# 9All3s (ell (i!" !"e (orld#9 9Lenina *ro(neA9 said Henry :os!er) e'"oing !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or3s ;ues!ion as "e 8i66ed u6 "is !rousers# 9$") s"e3s a s6lendid girl# 2onder ully 6neu&a!i'# 03& sur6rised you "a%en3! "ad "er#9 90 'an3! !"in7 "o( i! is 0 "a%en3!)9 said !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or# 90 'er!ainly (ill# A! !"e irs! o66or!uni!y#9 :ro& "is 6la'e on !"e o66osi!e side o !"e '"angingroo& aisle) 5ernard 4arx o%er"eard ("a! !"ey (ere saying and !urned 6ale# 9And !o !ell !"e !ru!")9 said Lenina) 903& beginning !o ge! <us! a !iny bi! bored (i!" no!"ing bu! Henry e%ery day#9 S"e 6ulled on "er le ! s!o'7ing# 9.o you 7no( 5ernard 4arxA9 s"e as7ed in a !one ("ose ex'essi%e 'asualness (as e%iden!ly or'ed# :anny loo7ed s!ar!led# 9/ou don3! &ean !o say @A9 92"y no!A 5ernard3s an Al6"a Dlus# 5esides) "e as7ed &e !o go !o one o !"e Sa%age -eser%a!ions (i!" "i&# 03%e al(ays (an!ed !o


see a Sa%age -eser%a!ion#9 95u! "is re6u!a!ionA9 92"a! do 0 'are abou! "is re6u!a!ionA9 9T"ey say "e doesn3! li7e $bs!a'le 1ol #9 9T"ey say) !"ey say)9 &o'7ed Lenina# 9And !"en "e s6ends &os! o "is !i&e by "i&sel > alone#9 T"ere (as "orror in :anny3s %oi'e# 92ell) "e (on3! be alone ("en "e3s (i!" &e# And any"o() ("y are 6eo6le so beas!ly !o "i&A 0 !"in7 "e3s ra!"er s(ee!#9 S"e s&iled !o "ersel ? "o( absurdly s"y "e "ad beenF :rig"!ened al&os!>as !"oug" s"e (ere a 2orld *on!roUer and "e a 1a&&a-4inus &a'"ine &inder# 9*onsider your o(n li%es)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond# 9Has any o you e%er en'oun!ered an insur&oun!able obs!a'leA9 T"e ;ues!ion (as ans(ered by a nega!i%e silen'e# 9Has any o you been 'o&6elled !o li%e !"roug" a long !i&e-in!er%al be!(een !"e 'ons'iousness o a desire and i!s u il&en!A9 92ell)9 began one o !"e boys) and "esi!a!ed#


9S6ea7 u6)9 said !"e .#H#*# 9.on3! 7ee6 "is ords"i6 (ai!ing#9 90 on'e "ad !o (ai! nearly our (ee7s be ore a girl 0 (an!ed (oud le! &e "a%e "er#9 9And you el! a s!rong e&o!ion in 'onse;uen'eA9 9HorribleF9 9Horrible? 6re'isely)9 said !"e *on!roller# 9$ur an'es!ors (ere so s!u6id and s"or!-sig"!ed !"a! ("en !"e irs! re or&ers 'a&e along and o ered !o deli%er !"e& ro& !"ose "orrible e&o!ions) !"ey (oudn3! "a%e any!"ing !o do (i!" !"e&#9 9Tal7ing abou! "er as !"oug" s"e (ere a bi! o &ea!#9 5ernard ground "is !ee!"# 9Ha%e "er "ere) "a%e "er !"ere#9 Li7e &u!!on# .egrading "er !o so &u'" &u!!on# S"e said s"e3d !"in7 i! o%er) s"e said s"e3d gi%e &e an ans(er !"is (ee7# $") :ord) :ord) :ord#9 He (ould "a%e li7ed !o go u6 !o !"e& and "i! !"e& in !"e a'e>"ard) again and again# 9/es) 0 really do ad%ise you !o !ry "er)9 Henry :os!er (as saying# 9Ta7e +'!ogenesis# D i!8ner and Ma(agu'"i "ad go! !"e ("ole !e'"ni;ue (or7ed ou!# 5u! (ould !"e 1o%ern&en!s loo7 a! i!A ,o# T"ere


(as so&e!"ing 'alled *"ris!iani!y# 2o&en (ere or'ed !o go on being %i%i6arous#9 9He3s so uglyF9 said :anny# 95u! 0 ra!"er li7e "is loo7s#9 9And !"en so small #9 :anny &ade a gri&a'e? s&allness (as so "orribly and !y6i'ally lo(-'as!e# 90 !"in7 !"a!3s ra!"er s(ee!)9 said Lenina# 9$ne eels one (ould li7e !o 6e! "i&# /ou 7no(# Li7e a 'a!#9 :anny (as s"o'7ed# 9T"ey say so&ebody &ade a &is!a7e ("en "e (as s!ill in !"e bo!!le>!"oug"! "e (as a 1a&&a and 6u! al'o"ol in!o "is blood-surroga!e# T"a!3s ("y "e3s so s!un!ed#9 92"a! nonsenseF9 Lenina (as indignan!# 9Slee6 !ea'"ing (as a'!ually 6ro"ibi!ed in +ngland# T"ere (as so&e!"ing 'alled liberalis&# Darlia&en!) i you 7no( ("a! !"a! (as) 6assed a la( agains! i!# T"e re'ords sur%i%e# S6ee'"es abou! liber!y o !"e sub<e'!# Liber!y !o be ine i'ien! and &iserable# :reedo& !o be a round 6eg in a s;uare "ole#9


95u!) &y dear '"a6) you3re (el'o&e) 0 assure you# /ou3re (el'o&e#9 Henry :os!er 6a!!ed !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or on !"e s"oulder# 9+%ery one belongs !o e%ery one else) a !er all#9 $ne "undred re6e!i!ions !"ree nig"!s a (ee7 or our years) !"oug"! 5ernard 4arx) ("o (as a s6e'ialis! on "y6no6Hdia# Six!y-!(o !"ousand our "undred re6e!i!ions &a7e one !ru!"# 0dio!sF 9$r !"e *as!e Sys!e&# *ons!an!ly 6ro6osed) 'ons!an!ly re<e'!ed# T"ere (as so&e!"ing 'alled de&o'ra'y# As !"oug" &en (ere &ore !"an 6"ysi'o-'"e&i'ally e;ual#9 92ell) all 0 'an say is !"a! 03& going !o a''e6! "is in%i!a!ion#9 5ernard "a!ed !"e&) "a!ed !"e&# 5u! !"ey (ere !(o) !"ey (ere large) !"ey (ere s!rong# 9T"e ,ine /ears3 2ar began in A#:# 141#9 9,o! e%en i i! &ere !rue abou! !"e al'o"ol in "is blood-surroga!e#9


9D"osgene) '"loro6i'rin) e!"yl iodoa'e!a!e) di6"enyl'yanarsine) !ri'"lor&e!"yl) '"loro or&a!e) di'"lore!"yl sul6"ide# ,o! !o &en!ion "ydro'yani' a'id#9 92"i'" 0 si&6ly don3! belie%e)9 Lenina 'on'luded# 9T"e noise o our!een !"ousand aero6lanes ad%an'ing in o6en order# 5u! in !"e Mur urs!enda&& and !"e +ig"!" Arrondisse&en!) !"e ex6losion o !"e an!"rax bo&bs is "ardly louder !"an !"e 6o66ing o a 6a6er bag#9 95e'ause 0 do (an! !o see a Sa%age -eser%a!ion#9 *" * H (,$ ) NHg(*,$) O(ell) ("a!A An enor&ous "ole in !"e ground) a 6ile o
36BB3 B

&asonry) so&e bi!s o les" and &u'us) a oo!) (i!" !"e boo! s!ill on i!) lying !"roug" !"e air and landing) lo6) in !"e &iddle o !"e geraniu&s>!"e s'arle! ones? su'" a s6lendid s"o( !"a! su&&erF 9/ou3re "o6eless) Lenina) 0 gi%e you u6#9 9T"e -ussian !e'"ni;ue or in e'!ing (a!er su66lies (as 6ar!i'ularly ingenious#9 5a'7 !urned !o ba'7) :anny and Lenina 'on!inued !"eir '"anging in silen'e# 9T"e ,ine /ears3 2ar) !"e grea! +'ono&i' *olla6se# T"ere (as a '"oi'e be!(een 2orld *on!rol and des!ru'!ion# 5e!(een s!abili!y and @9 9:anny *ro(ne3s a ni'e girl !oo)9 said !"e Assis!an! Dredes!&a!or# 0n !"e nurseries) !"e +le&en!ary *lass *ons'iousness lesson (as o%er) !"e %oi'es (ere ada6!ing u!ure de&and !o u!ure indus!rial su66ly# 90 do lo%e lying)9 !"ey ("is6ered) 90 do lo%e lying) 0 do lo%e "a%ing ne( 'lo!"es) 0 do lo%e @9 9Liberalis&) o 'ourse) (as dead o an!"rax) bu! all !"e sa&e you 'ouldn3! do !"ings by or'e#9 9,o! nearly so 6neu&a!i' as Lenina# $") no! nearly#9 95u! old 'lo!"es are beas!ly)9 'on!inued !"e un!iring ("is6er# 92e al(ays !"ro( a(ay old 'lo!"es# +nding is be!!er !"an &ending) ending is be!!er !"as! &ending) ending is be!!er @9 91o%ern&en!3s an a air o si!!ing) no! "i!!ing# /ou rule (i!" !"e brains and !"e bu!!o'7s) ne%er (i!" !"e is!s# :or exa&6le) !"ere (as !"e 'ons'ri6!ion o 'onsu&6!ion#9


9T"ere) 03& ready)9 said Lenina) bu! :anny re&ained s6ee'"less and a%er!ed# 9Le!3s &a7e 6ea'e) :anny darling#9 9+%ery &an) (o&an and '"ild 'o&6elled !o 'onsu&e so &u'" a year# 0n !"e in!eres!s o indus!ry# T"e sole resul! @9 9+nding is be!!er !"an &ending# T"e &ore s!i!'"es) !"e less ri'"es? !"e &ore s!i!'"es @9 9$ne o !"ese days)9 said :anny) (i!" dis&al e&6"asis) 9you3ll ge! in!o !rouble#9 9*ons'ien!ious ob<e'!ion on an enor&ous s'ale# Any!"ing no! !o 'onsu&e# 5a'7 !o na!ure#9 90 do lo%e lying# 0 do lo%e lying#9 95a'7 !o 'ul!ure# /es) a'!ually !o 'ul!ure# /ou 'an3! 'onsu&e &u'" i you si! s!ill and read boo7s#9 9.o 0 loo7 all rig"!A9 Lenina as7ed# Her <a'7e! (as &ade o bo!!le green a'e!a!e 'lo!" (i!" green %is'ose ur? a! !"e 'u s and 'ollar# 9+ig"! "undred Si&6le Li ers (ere &o(ed do(n by &a'"ine guns a! 1olders 1reen#9 9+nding is be!!er !"an &ending) ending is be!!er !"an &ending#9 1reen 'orduroy s"or!s and ("i!e %is'ose-(oollen s!o'7ings !urned do(n belo( !"e 7nee# 9T"en 'a&e !"e a&ous 5ri!is" 4useu& 4assa're# T(o !"ousand 'ul!ure ans gassed (i!" di'"lore!"yl sul6"ide#9 A green-and-("i!e <o'7ey 'a6 s"aded Lenina3s eyes? "er s"oes (ere brig"! green and "ig"ly 6olis"ed# 90n !"e end)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9!"e *on!rollers reali8ed !"a! or'e (as no good# T"e slo(er bu! in ini!ely surer &e!"ods o e'!ogenesis) neo-Da%lo%ian 'ondi!ioning and "y6no6Hdia @9 And round "er (ais! s"e (ore a sil%er-&oun!ed green &oro''o-surroga!e 'ar!ridge bel!) bulging ( or Lenina (as no! a ree&ar!in) (i!" !"e regula!ion su66ly o 'on!ra'e6!i%es# 9T"e dis'o%eries o D i!8ner and Ma(agu'"i (ere a! las! &ade use o # An in!ensi%e 6ro6aganda agains! %i%i6arous re6rodu'!ion @9


9Der e'!F9 'ried :anny en!"usias!i'ally# S"e 'ould ne%er resis! Lenina3s '"ar& or long# 9And ("a! a 6er e'!ly s&eet 4al!"usian bel!F9 9A''o&6anied by a 'a&6aign agains! !"e Das!? by !"e 'losing o &useu&s) !"e blo(ing u6 o "is!ori'al &onu&en!s (lu'7ily &os! o !"e& "ad already been des!royed during !"e ,ine /ears3 2ar)? by !"e su66ression o all boo7s 6ublis"ed be ore A#:# 1J$#33 90 si&6ly &us! ge! one li7e i!)9 said :anny# 9T"ere (ere so&e !"ings 'alled !"e 6yra&ids) or exa&6le# 94y old bla'7-6a!en! bandolier @9 9And a &an 'alled S"a7es6eare# /ou3%e ne%er "eard o !"e& o 'ourse#9 90!3s an absolu!e disgra'e>!"a! bandolier o &ine#9 9Su'" are !"e ad%an!ages o a really s'ien!i i' edu'a!ion#9 9T"e &ore s!i!'"es !"e less ri'"es? !"e &ore s!i!'"es !"e less @9 9T"e in!rodu'!ion o $ur :ord3s irs! T-4odel @9 903%e "ad i! nearly !"ree &on!"s#9 9*"osen as !"e o6ening da!e o !"e ne( era#9 9+nding is be!!er !"an &ending? ending is be!!er @9 9T"ere (as a !"ing) as 03%e said be ore) 'alled *"ris!iani!y#9 9+nding is be!!er !"an &ending#9 9T"e e!"i's and 6"iloso6"y o under-'onsu&6!ion @9 90 lo%e ne( 'lo!"es) 0 lo%e ne( 'lo!"es) 0 lo%e @9 9So essen!ial ("en !"ere (as under-6rodu'!ion? bu! in an age o &a'"ines and !"e ixa!ion o ni!rogen>6osi!i%ely a 'ri&e agains! so'ie!y#9 9Henry :os!er ga%e i! &e#9


9All 'rosses "ad !"eir !o6s 'u! and be'a&e T3s# T"ere (as also a !"ing 'alled 1od#9 90!3s real &oro''o-surroga!e#9 92e "a%e !"e 2orld S!a!e no(# And :ord3s .ay 'elebra!ions) and *o&&uni!y Sings) and Solidari!y Ser%i'es#9 s loo7 glu&)9 said !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or) 6oin!ing a! 5ernard 4arx# 9Six years la!er i! (as being 6rodu'ed 'o&&er'ially# T"e 6er e'! drug#9 9Le!3s bai! "i&#9 9+u6"ori') nar'o!i') 6leasan!ly "allu'inan!#9 91lu&) 4arx) glu&#9 T"e 'la6 on !"e s"oulder &ade "i& s!ar!) loo7 u6# 0! (as !"a! bru!e Henry :os!er# 92"a! you need is a gra&&e o soma #9 9All !"e ad%an!ages o *"ris!iani!y and al'o"ol? none o !"eir de e'!s#9 9:ord) 0 s"ould li7e !o 7ill "i&F9 5u! all "e did (as !o say) 9,o) !"an7 you)9 and end o !"e 6ro ered !ube o !able!s# 9Ta7e a "oliday ro& reali!y ("ene%er you li7e) and 'o&e ba'7 (i!"ou! so &u'" as a "eada'"e or a &y!"ology#9 9Ta7e i!)9 insis!ed Henry :os!er) 9!a7e i!#9 9S!abili!y (as 6ra'!i'ally assured#9 9$ne 'ubi' 'en!i&e!re 'ures !en gloo&y sen!i&en!s)9 said !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or 'i!ing a 6ie'e o "o&ely "y6no6Hdi' (isdo&# 90! only re&ained !o 'on;uer old age#9 9.a&n you) da&n youF9 s"ou!ed 5ernard 4arx# 9Hoi!y-!oi!y#9 91onadal "or&ones) !rans usion o young blood) &agnesiu& sal!s @9 9And do re&e&ber !"a! a gra&&e is be!!er !"an a da&n#9 T"ey (en! ou!) laug"ing# 9All !"e 6"ysiologi'al s!ig&a!a o old age "a%e been abolis"ed# And along (i!" !"e&) o 'ourse @9 9.on3! orge! !o as7 "i& abou! !"a! 4al!"usian bel!)9 said :anny#


9Along (i!" !"e& all !"e old &an3s &en!al 6e'uliari!ies# *"ara'!ers re&ain 'ons!an! !"roug"ou! a ("ole li e!i&e#9 9@ !(o rounds o $bs!a'le 1ol !o ge! !"roug" be ore dar7# 0 &us! ly#9 92or7) 6lay>a! six!y our 6o(ers and !as!es are ("a! !"ey (ere a! se%en!een# $ld &en in !"e bad old days used !o renoun'e) re!ire) !a7e !o religion) s6end !"eir !i&e reading) !"in7ing> thin,ing- 9 90dio!s) s(ineF9 5ernard 4arx (as saying !o "i&sel ) as "e (al7ed do(n !"e 'orridor !o !"e li !# 9,o(>su'" is 6rogress>!"e old &en (or7) !"e old &en 'o6ula!e) !"e old &en "a%e no !i&e) no leisure ro& 6leasure) no! a &o&en! !o si! do(n and !"in7>or i e%er by so&e unlu'7y '"an'e su'" a 're%i'e o !i&e s"oud ya(n in !"e solid subs!an'e o !"eir dis!ra'!ions) !"ere is al(ays soma ) deli'ious soma ) "al a gra&&e or a "al -"oliday) a gra&&e or a (ee7-end) !(o gra&&es or a !ri6 !o !"e gorgeous +as!) !"ree or a dar7 e!erni!y on !"e &oon? re!urning ("en'e !"ey ind !"e&sel%es on !"e o!"er side o !"e 're%i'e) sa e on !"e solid ground o daily labour and dis!ra'!ion) s'a&6ering ro& eely !o eely) ro& girl !o 6neu&a!i' girl) ro& +le'!ro&agne!i' 1ol 'ourse !o @9 91o a(ay) li!!le girl)9 s"ou!ed !"e .#H#*# angrily# 91o a(ay) li!!le boyF *an3! you see !"a! "is ords"i63s busyA 1o and do your ero!i' 6lay so&e("ere else#9 9Su er li!!le '"ildren)9 said !"e *on!roller# Slo(ly) &a<es!i'ally) (i!" a ain! "u&&ing o &a'"inery) !"e *on%eyors &o%ed or(ard) !"ir!y-!"ree 'en!i&!ers an "our# 0n !"e red dar7ness glin!ed innu&erable rubies#

Chapter Four T H+ L0:T (as 'ro(ded (i!" &en ro& !"e Al6"a *"anging -oo&s) and Lenina3s en!ry
(ars gree!ed by &any riendly nods and s&iles# S"e (as a 6o6ular girl and) a! one !i&e or ano!"er) "ad s6en! a nig"! (i!" al&os! all o !"e&# T"ey (ere dear boys) s"e !"oug"!) as s"e re!urned !"eir salu!a!ions# *"ar&ing boysF S!ill) s"e did (is" !"a! 1eorge +d8el3s ears (eren3! ;ui!e so big (6er"a6s "e3d been gi%en <us! a s6o! !oo &u'" 6ara!"yroid a! 4e!re 3B8A)# And loo7ing a! 5eni!o Hoo%er) s"e 'ouldn3! "el6 re&e&bering !"a! "e (as really too "airy ("en "e !oo7 "is 'lo!"es o # Turning) (i!" eyes a li!!le saddened by !"e re'olle'!ion) o 5eni!o3s 'urly bla'7ness) s"e sa( in a 'orner !"e s&all !"in body) !"e &elan'"oly a'e o 5ernard 4arx# 95ernardF9 s"e s!e66ed u6 !o "i&# 90 (as loo7ing or you#9 Her %oi'e rang 'lear abo%e !"e "u& o !"e &oun!ing li !# T"e o!"ers loo7ed round 'uriously# 90 (an!ed !o


!al7 !o you abou! our ,e( 4exi'o 6lan#9 $u! o !"e !ail o "er eye s"e 'ould see 5eni!o Hoo%er ga6ing (i!" as!onis"&en!# T"e ga6e annoyed "er# 9Sur6rised 0 s"ouldn3! be begging !o go (i!" him againF9 s"e said !o "ersel # T"en aloud) and &ore (ar&ly !"an e%er) 903d si&6ly lo.e !o 'o&e (i!" you or a (ee7 in =uly)9 s"e (en! on# (Any"o() s"e (as 6ubli'ly 6ro%ing "er un ai!" ulness !o Henry# :anny oug"! !o be 6leased) e%en !"oug" i! (as 5ernard#) 9T"a! is)9 Lenina ga%e "i& "er &os! deli'iously signi i'an! s&ile) 9i you s!ill (an! !o "a%e &e#9 5ernard3s 6ale a'e lus"ed# 92"a! on ear!" orA9 s"e (ondered) as!onis"ed) bu! a! !"e sa&e !i&e !ou'"ed by !"is s!range !ribu!e !o "er 6o(er# 9Hadn3! (e be!!er !al7 abou! i! so&e("ere elseA9 "e s!a&&ered) loo7ing "orribly un'o& or!able# 9As !"oug" 03d been saying so&e!"ing s"o'7ing)9 !"oug"! Lenina# 9He 'ouldn3! loo7 &ore u6se! i 03d &ade a dir!y <o7e>as7ed "i& ("o "is &o!"er (as) or so&e!"ing li7e !"a!#9 90 &ean) (i!" all !"ese 6eo6le abou! @9 He (as '"o7ed (i!" 'on usion# Lenina3s laug" (as ran7 and ("olly un&ali'ious# 9Ho( unny you areF9 s"e said? and s"e ;ui!e genuinely did !"in7 "i& unny# 9/ou3ll gi%e &e a! leas! a (ee73s (arning) (on3! you)9 s"e (en! on in ano!"er !one# 90 su66ose (e !a7e !"e 5lue Da'i i' -o'7e!A .oes i! s!ar! ro& !"e *"aring-T To(erA $r is i! ro& Ha&6s!eadA9 5e ore 5ernard 'ould ans(er) !"e li ! 'a&e !o a s!ands!ill# 9-oo F9 'alled a 'rea7ing %oi'e# T"e li !&an (as a s&all si&ian 'rea!ure) dressed in !"e bla'7 !uni' o an +6silon-4inus Se&i-4oron# 9-oo F9 He lung o6en !"e ga!es# T"e (ar& glory o a !ernoon sunlig"! &ade "i& s!ar! and blin7 "is eyes# 9$") roo F9 "e re6ea!ed in a %oi'e o ra6!ure# He (as as !"oug" suddenly and <oy ully a(a7ened ro& a dar7 anni"ila!ing s!u6or# 9-oo F9 He s&iled u6 (i!" a 7ind o doggily ex6e'!an! adora!ion in!o !"e a'es o "is 6assengers# Tal7ing and laug"ing !oge!"er) !"ey s!e66ed ou! in!o !"e lig"!# T"e li !&an loo7ed a !er !"e&# 9-oo A9 "e said on'e &ore) ;ues!ioningly# T"en a bell rang) and ro& !"e 'eiling o !"e li ! a loud s6ea7er began) %ery so !ly and ye! %ery i&6eriously) !o issue i!s 'o&&ands# 91o do(n)9 i! said) 9go do(n# :loor +ig"!een# 1o do(n) go do(n# :loor +ig"!een# 1o do(n) go @9 T"e li !&an sla&&ed !"e ga!es) !ou'"ed a bu!!on and ins!an!ly dro66ed ba'7 in!o !"e droning !(ilig"! o !"e (ell) !"e !(ilig"! o "is o(n "abi!ual s!u6or# 0! (as (ar& and brig"! on !"e roo # T"e su&&er a !ernoon (as dro(sy (i!" !"e "u&


o 6assing "eli'o6!ers? and !"e dee6er drone o !"e ro'7e!-6lanes "as!ening) in%isible) !"roug" !"e brig"! s7y i%e or six &iles o%er"ead (as li7e a 'aress on !"e so ! air# 5ernard 4arx dre( a dee6 brea!"# He loo7ed u6 in!o !"e s7y and round !"e blue "ori8on and inally do(n in!o Lenina3s a'e# 90sn3! i! beau!i ulF9 His %oi'e !re&bled a li!!le# S"e s&iled a! "i& (i!" an ex6ression o !"e &os! sy&6a!"e!i' unders!anding# 9Si&6ly 6er e'! or $bs!a'le 1ol )9 s"e ans(ered ra6!urously# 9And no( 0 &us! ly) 5ernard# Henry ge!s 'ross i 0 7ee6 "i& (ai!ing# Le! &e 7no( in good !i&e abou! !"e da!e#9 And (a%ing "er "and s"e ran a(ay a'ross !"e (ide la! roo !o(ards !"e "angars# 5ernard s!ood (a!'"ing !"e re!rea!ing !(in7le o !"e ("i!e s!o'7ings) !"e sunburn! 7nees %i%a'iously bending and unbending again) again) and !"e so !er rolling o !"ose (ell- i!!ed 'orduroy s"or!s benea!" !"e bo!!le green <a'7e!# His a'e (ore an ex6ression o 6ain# 90 s"ould say s"e (as 6re!!y)9 said a loud and '"eery %oi'e <us! be"ind "i&# 5ernard s!ar!ed and loo7ed around# T"e '"ubby red a'e o 5eni!o Hoo%er (as bea&ing do(n a! "i&>bea&ing (i!" &ani es! 'ordiali!y# 5eni!o (as no!oriously good-na!ured# Deo6le said o "i& !"a! "e 'ould "a%e go! !"roug" li e (i!"ou! e%er !ou'"ing soma # T"e &ali'e and bad !e&6ers ro& ("i'" o!"er 6eo6le "ad !o !a7e "olidays ne%er a li'!ed "i&# -eali!y or 5eni!o (as al(ays sunny# 9Dneu&a!i' !oo# And "o(F9 T"en) in ano!"er !oneC 95u!) 0 say)9 "e (en! on) 9you do loo7 glu&F 2"a! you need is a gra&&e o soma #9 .i%ing in!o "is rig"!-"and !rouser-6o'7e!) 5eni!o 6rodu'ed a 6"ial# 9$ne 'ubi' 'en!i&e!re 'ures !en gloo&y @ 5u!) 0 sayF9 5ernard "ad suddenly !urned and rus"ed a(ay# 5eni!o s!ared a !er "i&# 92"a! 'an be !"e &a!!er (i!" !"e ello(A9 "e (ondered) and) s"a7ing "is "ead) de'ided !"a! !"e s!ory abou! !"e al'o"ol "a%ing been 6u! in!o !"e 6oor '"a63s blood-surroga!e &us! be !rue# 9Tou'"ed "is brain) 0 su66ose#9 He 6u! a(ay !"e soma bo!!le) and !a7ing ou! a 6a'7e! o sex-"or&one '"e(ing-gu&) s!u ed a 6lug in!o "is '"ee7 and (al7ed slo(ly a(ay !o(ards !"e "angars) ru&ina!ing# Henry :os!er "ad "ad "is &a'"ine ("eeled ou! o i!s lo'7-u6 and) ("en Lenina arri%ed) (as already sea!ed in !"e 'o'76i!) (ai!ing# 9:our &inu!es la!e)9 (as all "is 'o&&en!) as s"e 'li&bed in beside "i&# He s!ar!ed !"e engines and !"re( !"e "eli'o6!er s're(s in!o gear# T"e &a'"ine s"o! %er!i'ally in!o !"e air# Henry a''elera!ed? !"e "u&&ing o !"e 6ro6eller s"rilled ro& "orne! !o (as6) ro& (as6 !o &os;ui!o? !"e s6eedo&e!er s"o(ed !"a! !"ey (ere rising a! !"e bes! 6ar! o !(o 7ilo&e!res a &inu!e# London di&inis"ed benea!" !"e&# T"e "uge !able-!o66ed buildings (ere no &ore) in a e( se'onds) !"an a bed o geo&e!ri'al &us"roo&s s6rou!ing ro& !"e green o 6ar7 and garden# 0n !"e &ids! o !"e&) !"in-s!al7ed) a !aller) slenderer ungus) !"e *"aring-T To(er li !ed !o(ards !"e s7y a dis7 o s"ining 'on're!e#


Li7e !"e %ague !orsos o abulous a!"le!es) "uge les"y 'louds lolled on !"e blue air abo%e !"eir "eads# $u! o one o !"e& suddenly dro66ed a s&all s'arle! inse'!) bu88ing as i! ell# 9T"ere3s !"e -ed -o'7e!)9 said Henry) 9<us! 'o&e in ro& ,e( /or7#9 Loo7ing a! "is (a!'"# 9Se%en &inu!es be"ind !i&e)9 "e added) and s"oo7 "is "ead# 9T"ese A!lan!i' ser%i'es>!"ey3re really s'andalously un6un'!ual#9 He !oo7 "is oo! o !"e a''elera!or# T"e "u&&ing o !"e s're(s o%er"ead dro66ed an o'!a%e and a "al ) ba'7 !"roug" (as6 and "orne! !o bu&ble bee) !o 'o'7'"a er) !o s!ag-bee!le# T"e u6(ard rus" o !"e &a'"ine sla'7ened o ? a &o&en! la!er !"ey (ere "anging &o!ionless in !"e air# Henry 6us"ed a! a le%er? !"ere (as a 'li'7# Slo(ly a! irs!) !"en as!er and as!er) !ill i! (as a 'ir'ular &is! be ore !"eir eyes) !"e 6ro6eller in ron! o !"e& began !o re%ol%e# T"e (ind o a "ori8on!al s6eed ("is!led e%er &ore s"rilly in !"e s!ays# Henry 7e6! "is eye on !"e re%olu!ion-'oun!er? ("en !"e needle !ou'"ed !"e !(el%e "undred &ar7) "e !"re( !"e "eli'o6!er s're(s ou! o gear# T"e &a'"ine "ad enoug" or(ard &o&en!u& !o be able !o ly on i!s 6lanes# Lenina loo7ed do(n !"roug" !"e (indo( in !"e loor be!(een "er ee!# T"ey (ere lying o%er !"e six 7ilo&e!re 8one o 6ar7-land !"a! se6ara!ed *en!ral London ro& i!s irs! ring o sa!elli!e suburbs# T"e green (as &aggo!y (i!" ore-s"or!ened li e# :ores!s o *en!ri ugal 5u&ble-6u66y !o(ers glea&ed be!(een !"e !rees# ,ear S"e6"erd3s 5us" !(o !"ousand 5e!a-4inus &ixed doubles (ere 6laying -ie&ann-sur a'e !ennis# A double ro( o +s'ala!or :i%es *our!s lined !"e &ain road ro& ,o!!ing Hill !o 2illesden# 0n !"e +aling s!adiu& a .el!a gy&nas!i' dis6lay and 'o&&uni!y sing (as in 6rogress# 92"a! a "ideous 'olour 7"a7i is)9 re&ar7ed Lenina) %oi'ing !"e "y6no6Hdi' 6re<udi'es o "er 'as!e# T"e buildings o !"e Hounslo( :eely S!udio 'o%ered se%en and a "al "e'!ares# ,ear !"e& a bla'7 and 7"a7i ar&y o labourers (as busy re%i!ri ying !"e sur a'e o !"e 1rea! 2es! -oad# $ne o !"e "uge !ra%elling 'ru'ibles (as being !a66ed as !"ey le( o%er# T"e &ol!en s!one 6oured ou! in a s!rea& o da88ling in'andes'en'e a'ross !"e road) !"e asbes!os rollers 'a&e and (en!? a! !"e !ail o an insula!ed (a!ering 'ar! !"e s!ea& rose in ("i!e 'louds# A! 5ren! ord !"e Tele%ision *or6ora!ion3s a'!ory (as li7e a s&all !o(n# 9T"ey &us! be '"anging !"e s"i !)9 said Lenina# Li7e a6"ides and an!s) !"e lea -green 1a&&a girls) !"e bla'7 Se&i-4orons s(ar&ed round !"e en!ran'es) or s!ood in ;ueues !o !a7e !"eir 6la'es in !"e &onorail !ra&-'ars# 4ulberry-'oloured 5e!a-4inuses 'a&e and (en! a&ong !"e 'ro(d# T"e roo o !"e &ain building (as ali%e (i!" !"e alig"!ing and de6ar!ure o "eli'o6!ers# 94y (ord)9 said Lenina) 903& glad 03& no! a 1a&&a#9 Ten &inu!es la!er !"ey (ere a! S!o7e Doges and "ad s!ar!ed !"eir irs! round o $bs!a'le 1ol #


2 0TH eyes or !"e &os! 6ar! do(n'as! and) i e%er !"ey lig"!ed on a ello( 'rea!ure)
a! on'e and ur!i%ely a%er!ed) 5ernard "as!ened a'ross !"e roo # He (as li7e a &an 6ursued) bu! 6ursued by ene&ies "e does no! (is" !o see) les! !"ey s"ould see& &ore "os!ile e%en !"an "e "ad su66osed) and "e "i&sel be &ade !o eel guil!ier and e%en &ore "el6lessly alone# 9T"a! "orrible 5eni!o Hoo%erF9 And ye! !"e &an "ad &ean! (ell enoug"# 2"i'" only &ade i!) in a (ay) &u'" (orse# T"ose ("o &ean! (ell be"a%ed in !"e sa&e (ay as !"ose ("o &ean! badly# +%en Lenina (as &a7ing "i& su er# He re&e&bered !"ose (ee7s o !i&id inde'ision) during ("i'" "e "ad loo7ed and longed and des6aired o e%er "a%ing !"e 'ourage !o as7 "er# .ared "e a'e !"e ris7 o being "u&ilia!ed by a 'on!e&6!uous re usalA 5u! i s"e (ere !o say yes) ("a! ra6!ureF 2ell) no( s"e "ad said i! and "e (as s!ill (re!'"ed>(re!'"ed !"a! s"e s"ould "a%e !"oug"! i! su'" a 6er e'! a !ernoon or $bs!a'le 1ol ) !"a! s"e s"ould "a%e !ro!!ed a(ay !o <oin Henry :os!er) !"a! s"e s"ould "a%e ound "i& unny or no! (an!ing !o !al7 o !"eir &os! 6ri%a!e a airs in 6ubli'# 2re!'"ed) in a (ord) be'ause s"e "ad be"a%ed as any "eal!"y and %ir!uous +nglis" girl oug"! !o be"a%e and no! in so&e o!"er) abnor&al) ex!raordinary (ay# He o6ened !"e door o "is lo'7-u6 and 'alled !o a lounging 'ou6le o .el!a-4inus a!!endan!s !o 'o&e and 6us" "is &a'"ine ou! on !o !"e roo # T"e "angars (ere s!a ed by a single 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6) and !"e &en (ere !(ins) iden!i'ally s&all) bla'7 and "ideous# 5ernard ga%e "is orders in !"e s"ar6) ra!"er arrogan! and e%en o ensi%e !one o one ("o does no! eel "i&sel !oo se'ure in "is su6eriori!y# To "a%e dealings (i!" &e&bers o !"e lo(er 'as!es (as al(ays) or 5ernard) a &os! dis!ressing ex6erien'e# :or ("a!e%er !"e 'ause (and !"e 'urren! gossi6 abou! !"e al'o"ol in "is blood-surroga!e &ay %ery li7ely> or a''iden!s (ill "a66en>"a%e been !rue) 5ernard3s 6"ysi;ue as "ardly be!!er !"an !"a! o !"e a%erage 1a&&a# He s!ood eig"! 'en!i&e!res s"or! o !"e s!andard Al6"a "eig"! and (as slender in 6ro6or!ion# *on!a'! (i!" &e&bers o "e lo(er 'as!es al(ays re&inded "i& 6ain ully o !"is 6"ysi'al inade;ua'y# 90 a& 0) and (is" 0 (asn3!9? "is sel -'ons'iousness (as a'u!e and s!ressing# +a'" !i&e "e ound "i&sel loo7ing on !"e le%el) ins!ead o do(n(ard) in!o a .el!a3s a'e) "e el! "u&ilia!ed# 2ould !"e 'rea!ure !rea! "i& (i!" !"e res6e'! due !o "is 'as!eA T"e ;ues!ion "aun!ed "i&# ,o! (i!"ou! reason# :or 1a&&as) .el!as and +6silons "ad been !o so&e ex!en! 'ondi!ioned !o asso'ia!e 'or6oreal &ass (i!" so'ial su6eriori!y# 0ndeed) a ain! "y6no6Hdi' 6re<udi'e in a%our o si8e (as uni%ersal# Hen'e !"e laug"!er o !"e (o&en !o ("o& "e &ade 6ro6osals) !"e 6ra'!i'al <o7ing o "is e;uals a&ong !"e &en# T"e &o'7ery &ade "i& eel an ou!sider? and eeling an ou!sider "e be"a%ed li7e one) ("i'" in'reased !"e 6re<udi'e agains! "i& and in!ensi ied !"e 'on!e&6! and "os!ili!y aroused by "is 6"ysi'al de e'!s# 2"i'" in !urn in'reased "is sense o being alien and alone# A '"roni' ear o being slig"!ed &ade "i& a%oid "is e;uals) &ade "i& s!and) ("ere "is in eriors (ere 'on'erned) sel -'ons'iously on "is digni!y# Ho( bi!!erly "e en%ied &en li7e Henry :os!er and 5eni!o Hoo%erF 4en ("o ne%er "ad !o s"ou! a! an +6silon !o ge! an order obeyed? &en ("o !oo7 !"eir 6osi!ion or gran!ed? &en ("o &o%ed !"roug" !"e 'as!e sys!e& as a is" !"roug" (a!er>so u!!erly a! "o&e as !o be una(are ei!"er o !"e&sel%es or o !"e bene i'en! and 'o& or!able ele&en! in ("i'"


!"ey "ad !"eir being# Sla'7ly) i! see&ed !o "i&) and (i!" relu'!an'e) !"e !(in a!!endan!s ("eeled "is 6lane ou! on !"e roo # 9Hurry u6F9 said 5ernard irri!ably# $ne o !"e& glan'ed a! "i&# 2as !"a! a 7ind o bes!ial derision !"a! "e de!e'!ed in !"ose blan7 grey eyesA 9Hurry u6F9 "e s"ou!ed &ore loudly) and !"ere (as an ugly ras6 in "is %oi'e# He 'li&bed in!o !"e 6lane and) a &inu!e la!er) (as lying sou!"(ards) !o(ards !"e ri%er# T"e %arious 5ureaux o Dro6aganda and !"e *ollege o +&o!ional +ngineering (ere "oused in a single six!y-s!ory building in :lee! S!ree!# 0n !"e base&en! and on !"e lo( loors (ere !"e 6resses and o i'es o !"e !"ree grea! Lodon ne(s6a6ers> %he Hourly Radio ) an u66er-'as!e s"ee!) !"e 6ale green /amma /a0ette ) and) on 7"a7i 6a6er and in (ords ex'lusi%ely o one syllable) %he 1elta Mirror # T"en 'a&e !"e 5ureaux o Dro6aganda by Tele%ision) by :eeling Di'!ure) and by Syn!"e!i' Koi'e and 4usi' res6e'!i%ely>!(en!y-!(o loors o !"e&# Abo%e (ere !"e sear'" labora!ories and !"e 6added roo&s in ("i'" Sound-Tra'7 2ri!ers and Syn!"e!i' *o&6osers did !"e deli'a!e (or7# T"e !o6 eig"!een loors (ere o''u6ied !"e *ollege o +&o!ional +ngineering# 5ernard landed on !"e roo o Dro6aganda House and s!e66ed ou!# 9-ing do(n !o 4r# Hel&"ol!8 2a!son)9 "e ordered !"e 1a&&a-Dlus 6or!er) 9and !ell "i& !"a! 4r# 5ernard 4arx is (ai!ing or "i& on !"e roo #9 He sa! do(n and li! a 'igare!!e# Hel&"ol!8 2a!son (as (ri!ing ("en !"e &essage 'a&e do(n# 9Tell "i& 03& 'o&ing a! on'e)9 "e said and "ung u6 !"e re'ei%er# T"en) !urning !o "is se're!ary) 903ll lea%e you !o 6u! &y !"ings a(ay)9 "e (en! on in !"e sa&e o i'ial and i&6ersonal !one? and) ignoring "er lus!rous s&ile) go! u6 and (al7ed bris7ly !o !"e door# He (as a 6o(er ully buil! &an) dee6-'"es!ed) broad-s"ouldered) &assi%e) and ye! ;ui'7 in "is &o%e&en!s) s6ringy and agile# T"e round s!rong 6illar o "is ne'7 su66or!ed a beau!i ully s"a6ed "ead# His "air (as dar7 and 'urly) "is ea!ures s!rongly &ar7ed# 0n a or'ible e&6"a!i' (ay) "e (as "andso&e and loo7ed) as "is se're!e!y (as ne%er !ired o re6ea!ing) e%ery 'en!i&e!re an Al6"a Dlus# 5y 6ro ession "e (as a le'!urer a! !"e *ollege o +&o!ional +ngineering (.e6ar!&en! o 2ri!ing) and !"e in!er%als o "is edu'a!ional a'!i%i!ies) a (or7ing +&o!ional +ngineer# He (ro!e regularly or %he Hourly Radio ) 'o&6osed eely s'enarios) and "ad !"e "a66ies! 7na'7 or slogans and "y6no6Hdi' r"y&es# 9Able)9 (as !"e %erdi'! o "is su6eriors# 9Der"a6s) (and !"ey (ould s"a7e !"eir "eads) (ould signi i'an!ly lo(er !"eir %oi'es) 9a li!!le too able#9 /es) a li!!le !oo able? !"ey (ere rig"!# A &en!al ex'ess "ad 6rodu'ed in Hel&"ol!8 2a!son e e'!s %ery si&ilar !o !"ose ("i'") in 5ernard 4arx) (ere !"e resul! o a 6"ysi'al de e'!# Too li!!le bone and bra(n "ad isola!ed 5ernard ro& "is ello( &en)


and !"e sense o !"is a6ar!ness) being) by all !"e 'urren! s!andards) a &en!al ex'ess) be'a&e in i!s !urn a 'ause o (ider se6ara!ion# T"a! ("i'" "ad &ade Hel&"ol!8 so un'o& or!ably a(are o being "i&sel and and all alone (as !oo &u'" abili!y# 2"a! !"e !(o &en s"ared (as !"e 7no(ledge !"a! !"ey (ere indi%iduals# 5u! ("ereas !"e 6"ysi'ally de e'!i%e 5ernard "ad su ered all "is li e ro& !"e 'ons'iousness o being se6ara!e) i! (as only ;ui!e re'en!ly !"a!) gro(n a(are o "is &en!al ex'ess) Hel&"ol!8 2a!son "ad also be'o&e a(are o "is di eren'e ro& !"e 6eo6le ("o surrounded "i&# T"is +s'ala!or-S;uas" '"a&6ion) !"is inde a!igable lo%er (i! (as said !"a! "e "ad "ad six "undred and or!y di eren! girls in under our years)) !"is ad&irable 'o&&i!!ee &an and bes! &ixer "ad reali8ed ;ui!e suddenly !"a! s6or!) (o&en) 'o&&unal a'!i%i!ies (ere only) so ar as "e (as 'on'erned) se'ond bes!s# -eally) and a! !"e bo!!o&) "e (as in!eres!ed in so&e!"ing else# 5u! in ("a!A 0n ("a!A T"a! (as !"e 6roble& ("i'" 5ernard "ad 'o&e !o dis'uss (i!" "i&>or ra!"er) sin'e i! (as al(ays Hel&"ol!8 ("o did all !"e !al7ing) !o lis!en !o "is riend dis'ussing) ye! on'e &ore# T"ree '"ar&ing girls ro& !"e 5ureau o Dro6aganda by Syn!"e!i' Koi'e (aylaid "i& as "e s!e66ed ou! o !"e li !# 9$") Hel&"ol!8) darling) do 'o&e and "a%e a 6i'ni' su66er (i!" us on +x&oor#9 T"ey 'lung round "i& i&6loringly# He s"oo7 "is "ead) "e 6us"ed "is (ay !"roug" !"e&# 9,o) no#9 92e3re no! in%i!ing any o!"er &an#9 5u! Hel&"ol!8 re&ained uns"a7en e%en by !"is delig"! ul 6ro&ise# 9,o)9 "e re6ea!ed) 903& busy#9 And "e "eld resolu!ely on "is 'ourse# T"e girls !railed a !er "i&# 0! (as no! !ill "e "ad a'!ually 'li&bed in!o 5ernard3s 6lane and sla&&ed !"e door !"a! !"ey ga%e u6 6ursui!# ,o! (i!"ou! re6roa'"es# 9T"ese (o&enF9 "e said) as !"e &a'"ine rose in!o !"e air# 9T"ese (o&enF9 And "e s"oo7 "is "ead) "e ro(ned# 9Too a( ul)9 5ernard "y6o'ri!i'ally agreed) (is"ing) as "e s6o7e !"e (ords) !"a! "e 'ould "a%e as &any girls as Hel&"ol!8 did) and (i!" as li!!le !rouble# He (as sei8ed (i!" a sudden urgen! need !o boas!# 903& !a7ing Lenina *ro(ne !o ,e( 4exi'o (i!" &e)9 "e said in a !one as 'asual as "e 'ould &a7e i!# 9Are youA9 said Hel&"ol!8) (i!" a !o!al absen'e o in!eres!# T"en a !er a li!!le 6ause) 9T"is las! (ee7 or !(o)9 "e (en! on) 903%e been 'u!!ing all &y 'o&&i!!ees and all &y girls# /ou 'an3! i&agine ("a! a "ullabaloo !"ey3%e been &a7ing abou! i! a! !"e *ollege# S!ill) i!3s been (or!" i!) 0 !"in7# T"e e e'!s @9 He "esi!a!ed# 92ell) !"ey3re odd) !"ey3re %ery odd#9 A 6"ysi'al s"or!'o&ing 'ould 6rodu'e a 7ind o &en!al ex'ess# T"e 6ro'ess) i! see&ed) (as re%ersible# 4en!al ex'ess 'ould 6rodu'e) or i!s o(n 6ur6oses) !"e %olun!ary blindness and dea ness o delibera!e soli!ude) !"e ar!i i'ial i&6o!en'e o as'e!i'is&# T"e res! o !"e s"or! lig"! (as a''o&6lis"ed in silen'e# 2"en !"ey "ad arri%ed and (ere 'o& or!ably s!re!'"ed ou! on !"e 6neu&a!i' so as in 5ernard3s roo&) Hel&"ol!8 began again#


S6ea7ing %ery slo(ly) you e%er eel)9 "e as7ed) 9as !"oug" you "ad so&e!"ing inside you !"a! (as only (ai!ing or you !o gi%e i! a '"an'e !o 'o&e ou!A So&e sor! o ex!ra 6o(er !"a! you aren3! using>you 7no() li7e all !"e (a!er !"a! goes do(n !"e alls ins!ead o !"roug" !"e !urbinesA9 He loo7ed a! 5ernard ;ues!ioningly# 9/ou &ean all !"e e&o!ions one &ig"! be eeling i !"ings (ere di eren!A9 Hel&"ol!8 s"oo7 "is "ead# 9,o! ;ui!e# 03& !"in7ing o a ;ueer eeling 0 so&e!i&es ge!) a eeling !"a! 03%e go! so&e!"ing i&6or!an! !o say and !"e 6o(er !o say i!>only 0 don3! 7no( ("a! i! is) and 0 'an3! &a7e any use o !"e 6o(er# 0 !"ere (as so&e di eren! (ay o (ri!ing @ $r else so&e!"ing else !o (ri!e abou! @9 He (as silen!? !"en) 9/ou see)9 "e (en! on a! las!) 903& 6re!!y good a! in%en!ing 6"rases>you 7no() !"e sor! o (ords !"a! suddenly &a7e you <u&6) al&os! as !"oug" you3d sa! on a 6in) !"ey see& so ne( and ex'i!ing e%en !"oug" !"ey3re abou! so&e!"ing "y6no6Hdi'ally ob%ious# 5u! !"a! doesn3! see& enoug"# 0!3s no! enoug" or !"e 6"rases !o be good? ("a! you &a7e (i!" !"e& oug"! !o be good !oo#9 95u! your !"ings are good) Hel&"ol!8#9 9$") as ar as !"ey go#9 Hel&"ol!8 s"rugged "is s"oulders# 95u! !"ey go su'" a li!!le (ay# T"ey aren3! i&6or!an! enoug") so&e"o(# 0 eel 0 'ould do so&e!"ing &u'" &ore i&6or!an!# /es) and &ore in!ense) &ore %iolen!# 5u! ("a!A 2"a! is !"ere &ore i&6or!an! !o sayA And "o( 'an one be %iolen! abou! !"e sor! o !"ings one3s ex6e'!ed !o (ri!e abou!A 2ords 'an be li7e E-rays) i you use !"e& 6ro6erly>!"ey3ll go !"roug" any!"ing# /ou read and you3re 6ier'ed# T"a!3s one o !"e !"ings 0 !ry !o !ea'" &y s!uden!s>"o( !o (ri!e 6ier'ingly# 5u! ("a! on ear!"3s !"e good o being 6ier'ed by an ar!i'le abou! a *o&&uni!y Sing) or !"e la!es! i&6ro%e&en! in s'en! organsA 5esides) 'an you &a7e (ords really 6ier'ing>you 7no() li7e !"e %ery "ardes! E-rays>("en you3re (ri!ing abou! !"a! sor! o !"ingA *an you say so&e!"ing abou! no!"ingA T"a!3s ("a! i! inally boils do(n !o# 0 !ry and 0 !ry @9 9Hus"F9 said 5ernard suddenly) and li !ed a (arning inger? !"ey lis!ened# 90 belie%e !"ere3s so&ebody a! !"e door)9 "e ("is6ered# Hel&"ol!8 go! u6) !i6!oed a'ross !"e roo&) and (i!" a s"ar6 ;ui'7 &o%e&en! lung !"e door (ide o6en# T"ere (as) o 'ourse) nobody !"ere# 903& sorry)9 said 5ernard) eelling and loo7ing un'o& or!ably oolis"# 90 su66ose 03%e go! !"ings on &y ner%es a bi!# 2"en 6eo6le are sus6i'ious (i!" you) you s!ar! being sus6i'ious (i!" !"e&#9 He 6assed "is "and a'ross "is eyes) "e sig"ed) "is %oi'e be'a&e 6lain!i%e# He (as <us!i ying "i&sel # 90 you 7ne( ("a! 03d "ad !o 6u! u6 (i!" re'en!ly)9 "e said al&os! !ear ully>and !"e u6rus" o "is sel -6i!y (as li7e a oun!ain suddenly released# 90 you only 7ne(F9 Hel&"ol!8 2a!son lis!ened (i!" a 'er!ain sense o dis'o& or!# 9Door li!!le 5ernardF9 "e said !o "i&sel # 5u! a! !"e sa&e !i&e "e el! ra!"er as"a&ed or "is riend# He (is"ed 5ernard (ould s"o( a li!!le &ore 6ride#

Chapter Five


5 / +01HT $3*L$*M !"e lig"! (as ailing# T"e loud s6ea7er in !"e !o(er o !"e S!o7e
Doges *lub House began) in a &ore !"an "u&an !enor) !o announ'e !"e 'losing o !"e 'ourses# Lenina and Henry abandoned !"eir ga&e and (al7ed ba'7 !o(ards !"e *lub# :ro& !"e grounds o !"e 0n!ernal and +x!ernal Se're!ion Trus! 'a&e !"e lo(ing o !"ose !"ousands o 'a!!le ("i'" 6ro%ided) (i!" !"eir "or&ones and !"eir &il7) !"e ra( &a!erials or !"e grea! a'!ory a! :arn"a& -oyal# An in'essan! bu88ing o "eli'o6!ers illed !"e !(ilig"!# +%ery !(o and a "al &inu!es a bell and !"e s'ree'" o ("is!les announ'ed !"e de6ar!ure o one o !"e lig"! &onorail !rains ("i'" 'arried !"e lo(er 'as!e gol ers ba'7 ro& !"eir se6ara!e 'ourse !o !"e &e!ro6olis# Lenina and Henry 'li&bed in!o !"eir &a'"ine and s!ar!ed o # A! eig"! "undred ee! Henry slo(ed do(n !"e "eli'o6!er s're(s) and !"ey "ung or a &inu!e or !(o 6oised abo%e !"e ading lands'a6e# T"e ores! o 5urn"a& 5ee'"es s!re!'"ed li7e a grea! 6ool o dar7ness !o(ards !"e brig"! s"ore o !"e (es!ern s7y# *ri&son a! !"e "ori8on) !"e las! o !"e sunse! aded) !"roug" orange) u6(ards in!o yello( and a 6ale (a!ery green# ,or!"(ards) beyond and abo%e !"e !rees) !"e 0n!ernal and +x!ernal Se're!ions a'!ory glared (i!" a ier'e ele'!ri' brillian'e ro& e%ery (indo( o i!s !(en!y s!ories# 5enea!" !"e& lay !"e buildings o !"e 1ol *lub>!"e "uge Lo(er *as!e barra'7s and) on !"e o!"er side o a di%iding (all) !"e s&aller "ouses reser%ed or Al6"a and 5e!a &e&bers# T"e a66roa'"es !o !"e &onorail s!a!ion (ere bla'7 (i!" !"e an!-li7e 6ullula!ion o lo(er-'as!e a'!i%i!y# :ro& under !"e glass %aul! a lig"!ed !rain s"o! ou! in!o !"e o6en# :ollo(ing i!s sou!"eas!erly 'ourse a'ross !"e dar7 6lain !"eir eyes (ere dra(n !o !"e &a<es!i' buildings o !"e Sloug" *re&a!oriu&# :or !"e sa e!y o nig"!- lying 6lanes) i!s our !all '"i&neys (ere lood-lig"!ed and !i66ed (i!" 'ri&son danger signals# 0! (as a land&ar7# 92"y do !"e s&o7e-s!a'7s "a%e !"ose !"ings li7e bal'onies around !"e&A9 en;uired Lenina# 9D"os6"orus re'o%ery)9 ex6lained Henry !elegra6"i'ally# 9$n !"eir (ay u6 !"e '"i&ney !"e gases go !"roug" our se6ara!e !rea!&en!s# D $ used !o go rig"! ou!

o 'ir'ula!ion e%ery !i&e !"ey 're&a!ed so&e one# ,o( !"ey re'o%er o%er nine!y-eig"! 6er 'en! o i!# 4ore !"an a 7ilo and a "al 6er adul! 'or6se# 2"i'" &a7es !"e bes! 6ar! o our "undred !ons o 6"os6"orus e%ery year ro& +ngland alone#9 Henry s6o7e (i!" a "a66y 6ride) re<oi'ing ("ole-"ear!edly in !"e a'"ie%e&en!) as !"oug" i! "ad been "is o(n# 9:ine !o !"in7 (e 'an go on being so'ially use ul e%en a !er (e3re dead# 4a7ing 6lan!s gro(#9 Lenina) &ean("ile) "ad !urned "er eyes a(ay and (as loo7ing 6er6endi'ularly do(n(ards a! !"e &onorail s!a!ion# 9:ine)9 s"e agreed# 95u! ;ueer !"a! Al6"as and 5e!as (on3! &a7e any &ore 6lan!s gro( !"an !"ose nas!y li!!le 1a&&as and .el!as and +6silons do(n !"ere#9 9All &en are 6"ysi'o-'"e&i'ally e;ual)9 said Henry sen!en!iously# 95esides) e%en +6silons 6er or& indis6ensable ser%i'es#9 9+%en an +6silon @9 Lenina suddenly re&e&bered an o''asion ("en) as a li!!le girl a! s'"ool) s"e "ad (o7en u6 in !"e &iddle o !"e nig"! and be'o&e a(are) or !"e


irs! !i&e) o !"e ("is6ering !"a! "ad "aun!ed all "er slee6s# S"e sa( again !"e bea& o &oonlig"!) !"e ro( o s&all ("i!e beds? "eard on'e &ore !"e so !) so ! %oi'e !"a! said (!"e (ords (ere !"ere) un orgo!!en) un orge!!able a !er so &any nig"!-long re6e!i!ions)C 9+%ery one (or7s or e%ery one else# 2e 'an3! do (i!"ou! any one# +%en +6silons are use ul# 2e 'ouldn3! do (i!"ou! +6silons# +%ery one (or7s or e%ery one else# 2e 'an3! do (i!"ou! any one @9 Lenina re&e&bered "er irs! s"o'7 o ear and sur6rise? "er s6e'ula!ions !"roug" "al a (a7e ul "our? and !"en) under !"e in luen'e o !"ose endless re6e!i!ions) !"e gradual soo!"ing o "er &ind) !"e soo!"ing) !"e s&oo!"ing) !"e s!eal!"y 'ree6ing o slee6# @ 90 su66ose +6silons don3! really &ind being +6silons)9 s"e said aloud# 9$ 'ourse !"ey don3!# Ho( 'an !"eyA T"ey don3! 7no( ("a! i!3s li7e being any!"ing else# 2e3d &ind) o 'ourse# 5u! !"en (e3%e been di eren!ly 'ondi!ioned# 5esides) (e s!ar! (i!" a di eren! "eredi!y#9 903& glad 03& no! an +6silon)9 said Lenina) (i!" 'on%i'!ion# 9And i you (ere an +6silon)9 said Henry) 9your 'ondi!ioning (ould "a%e &ade you no less !"an7 ul !"a! you (eren3! a 5e!a or an Al6"a#9 He 6u! "is or(ard 6ro6eller in!o gear and "eaded !"e &a'"ine !o(ards London# 5e"ind !"e&) in !"e (es!) !"e 'ri&son and orange (ere al&os! aded? a dar7 ban7 o 'loud "ad 're6! in!o !"e 8eni!"# As !"ey le( o%er !"e 're&a!oriu&) !"e 6lane s"o! u6(ards on !"e 'olu&n o "o! air rising ro& !"e '"i&neys) only !o all as suddenly ("en i! 6assed in!o !"e des'ending '"ill beyond# 92"a! a &ar%ellous s(i!'"ba'7F9 Lenina laug"ed delig"!edly# 5u! Henry3s !one (as al&os!) or a &o&en!) &elan'"oly# 9.o you 7no( ("a! !"a! s(i!'"ba'7 (asA9 "e said# 90! (as so&e "u&an being inally and de ini!ely disa66earing# 1oing u6 in a s;uir! o "o! gas# 0! (ould be 'urious !o 7no( ("o i! (as>a &an or a (o&an) an Al6"a or an +6silon# @9 He sig"ed# T"en) in a resolu!ely '"eer ul %oi'e) 9Any"o()9 "e 'on'luded) 9!"ere3s one !"ing (e 'an be 'er!ain o ? ("oe%er "e &ay "a%e been) "e (as "a66y ("en "e (as ali%e# +%erybody3s "a66y no(#9 9/es) e%erybody3s "a66y no()9 e'"oed Lenina# T"ey "ad "eard !"e (ords re6ea!ed a "undred and i !y !i&es e%ery nig"! or !(el%e years# Landing on !"e roo o Henry3s or!y-s!ory a6ar!&en! "ouse in 2es!&ins!er) !"ey (en! s!raig"! do(n !o !"e dining-"all# T"ere) in a loud and '"eer ul 'o&6any) !"ey a!e an ex'ellen! &eal# 2oma (as ser%ed (i!" !"e 'o ee# Lenina !oo7 !(o "al -gra&&e !able!s and Henry !"ree# A! !(en!y 6as! nine !"ey (al7ed a'ross !"e s!ree! !o !"e ne(ly o6ened 2es!&ins!er Abbey *abare!# 0! (as a nig"! al&os! (i!"ou! 'louds) &oonless and s!arry? bu! o !"is on !"e ("ole de6ressing a'! Lenina and Henry (ere or!una!ely una(are# T"e ele'!ri' s7y-signs e e'!i%ely s"u! o !"e ou!er dar7ness# 9*ALK0, ST$D+S A,. H0S S0ET++, S+E$DH$,0STS#9 :ro& !"e aPade o !"e ne( Abbey !"e gian! le!!ers in%i!ingly glared# 9L$,.$,3S :0,+ST S*+,T A,. *$L$U- $-1A,# ALL TH+ LAT+ST S/,TH+T0* 4US0*#9 T"ey en!ered# T"e air see&ed "o! and so&e"o( brea!"less (i!" !"e s'en! o


a&bergris and sandal(ood# $n !"e do&ed 'eiling o !"e "all) !"e 'olour organ "ad &o&en!arily 6ain!ed a !ro6i'al sunse!# T"e Six!een Sexo6"onis!s (ere 6laying an old a%ouri!eC 9T"ere ain3! no 5o!!le in all !"e (orld li7e !"a! dear li!!le 5o!!le o &ine#9 :our "undred 'ou6les (ere i%e-s!e66ing round !"e 6olis"ed loor# Lenina and Henry (ere soon !"e our "undred and irs!# T"e saxo6"ones (ailed li7e &elodious 'a!s under !"e &oon) &oaned in !"e al!o and !enor regis!ers as !"oug" !"e li!!le dea!" (ere u6on !"e&# -i'" (i!" a (eal!" o "ar&oni's) !"eir !re&ulous '"orus &oun!ed !o(ards a 'li&ax) louder and e%er louder>un!il a! las!) (i!" a (a%e o "is "and) !"e 'ondu'!or le! loose !"e inal s"a!!ering no!e o e!"er-&usi' and ble( !"e six!een &erely "u&an blo(ers 'lean ou! o exis!en'e# T"under in A la! &a<or# And !"en) in all bu! silen'e) in all bu! dar7ness) !"ere ollo(ed a gradual de!urges'en'e) a diminuendo sliding gradually) !"roug" ;uar!er !ones) do(n) do(n !o a ain!ly ("is6ered do&inan! '"ord !"a! lingered on (("ile !"e i%e- our r"y!"&s s!ill 6ulsed belo() '"arging !"e dar7ened se'onds (i!" an in!ense ex6e'!an'y# And a! las! ex6e'!an'y (as ul illed# T"ere (as a sudden ex6losi%e sunrise) and si&ul!aneously) !"e Six!een burs! in!o songC 95o!!le o &ine) i!3s you 03%e al(ays (an!edF 5o!!le o &ine) ("y (as 0 e%er de'an!edA S7ies are blue inside o you) T"e (ea!"er3s al(ays ine? :or T"ere ain3! no 5o!!le in all !"e (orld Li7e !"a! dear li!!le 5o!!le o &ine#9 :i%e-s!e66ing (i!" !"e o!"er our "undred round and round 2es!&ins!er Abbey) Lenina and Henry (ere ye! dan'ing in ano!"er (orld>!"e (ar&) !"e ri'"ly 'oloured) !"e in ini!ely riendly (orld o soma -"oliday# Ho( 7ind) "o( good-loo7ing) "o( delig"! ully a&using e%ery one (asF 95o!!le o &ine) i!3s you 03%e al(ays (an!ed @9 5u! Lenina and Henry "ad ("a! !"ey (an!ed @ T"ey (ere inside) "ere and no(-sa ely inside (i!" !"e ine (ea!"er) !"e 6erennially blue s7y# And ("en) ex"aus!ed) !"e Six!een "ad laid by !"eir saxo6"ones and !"e Syn!"e!i' 4usi' a66ara!us (as 6rodu'ing !"e %ery la!es! in slo( 4al!"usian 5lues) !"ey &ig"! "a%e been !(in e&bryos gen!ly ro'7ing !oge!"er on !"e (a%es o a bo!!led o'ean o blood-surroga!e# 91ood-nig"!) dear riends# 1ood-nig"!) dear riends#9 T"e loud s6ea7ers %eiled !"eir 'o&&ands in a genial and &usi'al 6oli!eness# 91ood-nig"!) dear riends @9 $bedien!ly) (i!" all !"e o!"ers) Lenina and Henry le ! !"e building# T"e de6ressing s!ars "ad !ra%elled ;ui!e so&e (ay a'ross !"e "ea%ens# 5u! !"oug" !"e se6ara!ing s'reen o !"e s7y-signs "ad no( !o a grea! ex!en! dissol%ed) !"e !(o young 6eo6le s!ill re!ained !"eir "a66y ignoran'e o !"e nig"!# S(allo(ing "al an "our be ore 'losing !i&e) !"a! se'ond dose o soma "ad raised a ;ui!e i&6ene!rable (all be!(een !"e a'!ual uni%erse and !"eir &inds# 5o!!led) !"ey 'rossed !"e s!ree!? bo!!led) !"ey !oo7 !"e li ! u6 !o Henry3s roo& on !"e !(en!y-eig"!" loor# And ye!) bo!!led as s"e (as) and in s6i!e o !"a! se'ond gra&&e o soma ) Lenina did no! orge! !o !a7e all !"e 'on!ra'e6!i%e 6re'au!ions 6res'ribed by !"e regula!ions# /ears o in!ensi%e "y6no6Hdia and) ro& !(el%e !o se%en!een) 4al!"usian drill !"ree !i&es a (ee7 "ad &ade !"e !a7ing o !"ese


6re'au!ions al&os! as au!o&a!i' and ine%i!able as blin7ing# 9$") and !"a! re&inds &e)9 s"e said) as s"e 'a&e ba'7 ro& !"e ba!"roo&) 9:anny *ro(ne (an!s !o 7no( ("ere you ound !"a! lo%ely green &oro''o-surroga!e 'ar!ridge bel! you ga%e &e#9 2

A LT+-,AT+ T"ursdays (ere 5ernard3s Solidari!y Ser%i'e days# A !er an early dinner
a! !"e A6"rodi!8eu& (!o ("i'" Helrn"ol!8 "ad re'en!ly been ele'!ed under -ule T(o) "e !oo7 lea%e o "is riend and) "ailing a !axi on !"e roo !old !"e &an !o ly !o !"e :ordson *o&&uni!y Singery# T"e &a'"ine rose a 'ou6le o "undred &e!res) !"en "eaded eas!(ards) and as i! !urned) !"ere be ore 5ernard3s eyes) gigan!i'ally beau!i ul) (as !"e Singery# :lood-lig"!ed) i!s !"ree "undred and !(en!y &e!res o ("i!e *arrara-surroga!e glea&ed (i!" a sno(y in'andes'en'e o%er Ludga!e Hill? a! ea'" o !"e our 'orners o i!s "eli'o6!er 6la! or& an i&&ense T s"one 'ri&son agains! !"e nig"!) and ro& !"e &ou!"s o !(en!y- our %as! golden !ru&6e!s ru&bled a sole&n syn!"e!i' &usi'# 9.a&n) 03& la!e)9 5ernard said !o "i&sel as "e irs! 'aug"! sig"! o 5ig Henry) !"e Singery 'lo'7# And sure enoug") as "e (as 6aying o "is 'ab) 5ig Henry sounded !"e "our# 9:ord)9 sang ou! an i&&ense bass %oi'e ro& all !"e golden !ru&6e!s# 9:ord) :ord) :ord @9 ,ine !i&es# 5ernard ran or !"e li !# T"e grea! audi!oriu& or :ord3s .ay 'elebra!ions and o!"er &assed *o&&uni!y Sings (as a! !"e bo!!o& o !"e building# Abo%e i!) a "undred !o ea'" loor) (ere !"e se%en !"ousand roo&s used by Solidari!y 1rou6s or !"eir or!nig"! ser%i'es# 5ernard dro66ed do(n !o loor !"ir!y-!"ree) "urried along !"e 'orridor) s!ood "esi!a!ing or a &o&en! ou!side -oo& 3B1G) !"en) "a%ing (ound "i&sel u6) o6ened !"e door and (al7ed in# T"an7 :ordF "e (as no! !"e las!# T"ree '"airs o !"e !(el%e arranged round !"e 'ir'ular !able (ere s!ill uno''u6ied# He sli66ed in!o !"e neares! o !"e& as in'ons6i'uously as "e 'ould and 6re6ared !o ro(n a! !"e ye! la!er 'o&ers ("ene%er !"ey s"ould arri%e# Turning !o(ards "i&) 92"a! (ere you 6laying !"is a !ernoonA9 !"e girl on "is le ! en;uired# 9$bs!a'le) or +le'!ro-&agne!i'A9 5ernard loo7ed a! "er (:ordF i! (as 4organa -o!"s'"ild) and blus"ingly "ad !o ad&i! !"a! "e "ad been 6laying nei!"er# 4organa s!ared a! "i& (i!" as!onis"&en!# T"ere (as an a(7(ard silen'e# T"en 6oin!edly s"e !urned a(ay and addressed "ersel !o !"e &ore s6or!ing &an on "er le !# 9A good beginning or a Solidari!y Ser%i'e)9 !"oug"! 5ernard &iserably) and oresa( or "i&sel ye! ano!"er ailure !o a'"ie%e a!one&en!# 0 only "e "ad gi%en "i&sel !i&e !o loo7 around ins!ead o s'u!!ling or !"e neares! '"airF He 'ould "a%e sa! be!(een :i i 5radlaug" and =oanna .iesel# 0ns!ead o ("i'" "e "ad gone and blindly


6lan!ed "i&sel nex! !o 4organa# Morgana- :ordF T"ose bla'7 eyebro(s o "ers>!"a! eyebro() ra!"er> or !"ey &e! abo%e !"e nose# :ordF And on "is rig"! (as *lara .e!erding# True) *lara3s eyebro(s didn3! &ee!# 5u! s"e (as really too 6neu&a!i'# 2"ereas :i i and =oanna (ere absolu!ely rig"!# Dlu&6) blonde) no! !oo large @ And i! (as !"a! grea! lou!) To& Ma(agu'"i) ("o no( !oo7 !"e sea! be!(een !"e&# T"e las! arri%al (as Saro<ini +ngels# 9/ou3re la!e)9 said !"e Dresiden! o !"e 1rou6 se%erely# 9.on3! le! i! "a66en again#9 Saro<ini a6ologi8ed and slid in!o "er 6la'e be!(een =i& 5o7ano%s7y and Herber! 5a7unin# T"e grou6 (as no( 'o&6le!e) !"e solidari!y 'ir'le 6er e'! and (i!"ou! la(# 4an) (o&an) &an) in a ring o endless al!erna!ion round !"e !able# T(el%e o !"e& ready !o be &ade one) (ai!ing !o 'o&e !oge!"er) !o be used) !o lose !"eir !(el%e se6ara!e iden!i!ies in a larger being# T"e Dresiden! s!ood u6) &ade !"e sign o !"e T and) s(i!'"ing on !"e syn!"e!i' &usi') le! loose !"e so ! inde a!igable bea!ing o dru&s and a '"oir o ins!ru&en!s>near-(ind and su6er-s!ring>!"a! 6langen!ly re6ea!ed and re6ea!ed !"e brie and unes'a6ably "aun!ing &elody o !"e irs! Solidari!y Hy&n# Again) again>and i! (as no! !"e ear !"a! "eard !"e 6ulsing r"y!"&) i! (as !"e &idri ? !"e (ail and 'lang o !"ose re'urring "ar&onies "aun!ed) no! !"e &ind) bu! !"e yearning bo(els o 'o&6assion# T"e Dresiden! &ade ano!"er sign o !"e T and sa! do(n# T"e ser%i'e "ad begun# T"e dedi'a!ed soma !able!s (ere 6la'ed in !"e 'en!re o !"e !able# T"e lo%ing 'u6 o s!ra(berry i'e-'rea& soma (as 6assed ro& "and !o "and and) (i!" !"e or&ula) 90 drin7 !o &y anni"ila!ion)9 !(el%e !i&es ;ua ed# T"en !o !"e a''o&6ani&en! o !"e syn!"e!i' or'"es!ra !"e :irs! Solidari!y Hy&n (as sung# 9:ord) (e are !(el%e? o") &a7e us one) Li7e dro6s (i!"in !"e So'ial -i%er) $") &a7e us no( !oge!"er run As s(i !ly as !"y s"ining :li%%er#9 T(el%e yearning s!an8as# And !"en !"e lo%ing 'u6 (as 6assed a se'ond !i&e# 90 drin7 !o !"e 1rea!er 5eing9 (as no( !"e or&ula# All dran7# Tirelessly !"e &usi' 6layed# T"e dru&s bea!# T"e 'rying and 'las"ing o !"e "ar&onies (ere an obsession in !"e &el!ed bo(els# T"e Se'ond Solidari!y Hy&n (as sung# 9*o&e) 1rea!er 5eing) So'ial :riend) Anni"ila!ing T(el%e-in-$neF 2e long !o die) or ("en (e end) $ur larger li e "as bu! begun#9 Again !(el%e s!an8as# 5y !"is !i&e !"e soma "ad begun !o (or7# +yes s"one) '"ee7s (ere lus"ed) !"e inner lig"! o uni%ersal bene%olen'e bro7e ou! on e%ery a'e in "a66y) riendly s&iles# +%en 5ernard el! "i&sel a li!!le &el!ed# 2"en 4organa -o!"s'"ild !urned and bea&ed a! "i&) "e did "is bes! !o bea& ba'7# 5u! !"e eyebro() !"a! bla'7 !(o-in-one>alas) i! (as s!ill !"ere? "e 'ouldn3! ignore i!) 'ouldn3!) "o(e%er "ard "e !ried# T"e &el!ing "adn3! gone ar enoug"# Der"a6s i "e "ad been si!!ing be!(een :i i and =oanna @ :or !"e !"ird !i&e !"e lo%ing 'u6 (en! round? 90


drin7 !o !"e i&&inen'e o His *o&ing)9 said 4organa -o!"s'"ild) ("ose !urn i! "a66ened !o be !o ini!ia!e !"e 'ir'ular ri!e# Her !one (as loud) exul!an!# S"e dran7 and 6assed !"e 'u6 !o 5ernard# 90 drin7 !o !"e i&&inen'e o His *o&ing)9 "e re6ea!ed) (i!" a sin'ere a!!e&6! !o eel !"a! !"e 'o&ing (as i&&inen!? bu! !"e eyebro( 'on!inued !o "aun! "i&) and !"e *o&ing) so ar as "e (as 'on'erned) (as "orribly re&o!e# He dran7 and "anded !"e 'u6 !o *lara .e!erding# 90!3ll be a ailure again)9 "e said !o "i&sel # 90 7no( i! (ill#9 5u! "e (en! on doing "is bes! !o bea&# T"e lo%ing 'u6 "ad &ade i!s 'ir'ui!# Li !ing "is "and) !"e Dresiden! ga%e a signal? !"e '"orus bro7e ou! in!o !"e !"ird Solidari!y Hy&n# 9:eel "o( !"e 1rea!er 5eing 'o&esF -e<oi'e and) in re<oi'ings) dieF 4el! in !"e &usi' o !"e dru&sF :or 0 a& you and you are 0#9 As %erse su''eeded %erse !"e %oi'es !"rilled (i!" an e%er in!enser ex'i!e&en!# T"e sense o !"e *o&ing3s i&&inen'e (as li7e an ele'!ri' !ension in !"e air# T"e Dresiden! s(i!'"ed o !"e &usi' and) (i!" !"e inal no!e o !"e inal s!an8a) !"ere (as absolu!e silen'e>!"e silen'e o s!re!'"ed ex6e'!an'y) ;ui%ering and 'ree6ing (i!" a gal%ani' li e# T"e Dresiden! rea'"ed ou! "is "and? and suddenly a Koi'e) a dee6 s!rong Koi'e) &ore &usi'al !"an any &erely "u&an %oi'e) ri'"er) (ar&er) &ore %ibran! (i!" lo%e and yearning and 'o&6assion) a (onder ul) &ys!erious) su6erna!ural Koi'e s6o7e ro& abo%e !"eir "eads# Kery slo(ly) 9$") :ord) :ord) :ord)9 i! said di&inis"ingly and on a des'ending s'ale# A sensa!ion o (ar&!" radia!ed !"rillingly ou! ro& !"e solar 6lexus !o e%ery ex!re&i!y o !"e bodies o !"ose ("o lis!ened? !ears 'a&e in!o !"eir eyes? !"eir "ear!s) !"eir bo(els see&ed !o &o%e (i!"in !"e&) as !"oug" (i!" an inde6enden! li e# 9:ordF9 !"ey (ere &el!ing) 9:ordF9 dissol%ed) dissol%ed# T"en) in ano!"er !one) suddenly) s!ar!lingly# 9Lis!enF9 !ru&6e!ed !"e %oi'e# 9Lis!enF9 T"ey lis!ened# A !er a 6ause) sun7 !o a ("is6er) bu! a ("is6er) so&e"o() &ore 6ene!ra!ing !"an !"e loudes! 'ry# 9T"e ee! o !"e 1rea!er 5eing)9 i! (en! on) and re6ea!ed !"e (ordsC 9T"e ee! o !"e 1rea!er 5eing#9 T"e ("is6er al&os! ex6ired# 9T"e ee! o !"e 1rea!er 5eing are on !"e s!airs#9 And on'e &ore !"ere (as silen'e? and !"e ex6e'!an'y) &o&en!arily relaxed) (as s!re!'"ed again) !au!er) !au!er) al&os! !o !"e !earing 6oin!# T"e ee! o !"e 1rea!er 5eing>o") !"ey "eard !"ern) !"ey "eard !"e&) 'o&ing so !lydo(n !"e s!airs) 'o&ing nearer and nearer do(n !"e in%isible s!airs# T"e ee! o !"e 1rea!er 5eing# And suddenly !"e !earing 6oin! (as rea'"ed# Her eyes s!aring) "er li6s 6ar!ed# 4organa -o!"s'"ild s6rang !o "er ee!# 90 "ear "i&)9 s"e 'ried# 90 "ear "i&#9 9He3s 'o&ing)9 s"ou!ed Saro<ini +ngels# 9/es) "e3s 'o&ing) 0 "ear "i&#9 :i i 5radlaug" and To& Ma(agu'"i rose si&ul!aneously !o !"eir ee!# 9$") o") o"F9 =oanna inar!i'ula!ely !es!i ied# 9He3s 'o&ingF9 yelled =i& 5o7ano%s7y# T"e Dresiden! leaned or(ard and) (i!" a !ou'") released a deliriu& o 'y&bals and


blo(n brass) a e%er o !o&-!o&&ing# 9$") "e3s 'o&ingF9 s'rea&ed *lara .e!erding# 9AieF9 and i! (as as !"oug" s"e (ere "a%ing "er !"roa! 'u!# :eeling !"a! i! (as !i&e or "i& !o do so&e!"ing) 5ernard also <u&6ed u6 and s"ou!edC 90 "ear "i&? He3s 'o&ing#9 5u! i! (asn3! !rue# He "eard no!"ing and) or "i&) nobody (as 'o&ing# ,obody>in s6i!e o !"e &usi') in s6i!e o !"e &oun!ing ex'i!e&en!# 5u! "e (a%ed "is ar&s) "e s"ou!ed (i!" !"e bes! o !"e&? and ("en !"e o!"ers began !o <ig and s!a&6 and s"u le) "e also <igged and s"u led# -ound !"ey (en!) a 'ir'ular 6ro'ession o dan'ers) ea'" (i!" "ands on !"e "i6s o !"e dan'er 6re'eding) round and round) s"ou!ing in unison) s!a&6ing !o !"e r"y!"& o !"e &usi' (i!" !"eir ee!) bea!ing i!) bea!ing i! ou! (i!" "ands on !"e bu!!o'7s in ron!? !(el%e 6airs o "ands bea!ing as one? as one) !(el%e bu!!o'7s slabbily resounding# T(el%e as one) !(el%e as one# 90 "ear Hi&) 0 "ear Hi& 'o&ing#9 T"e &usi' ;ui'7ened? as!er bea! !"e ee!) as!er) as!er ell !"e r"y!"&i' "ands# And all a! on'e a grea! syn!"e!i' bass boo&ed ou! !"e (ords ("i'" announ'ed !"e a66roa'"ing a!one&en! and inal 'onsu&&a!ion o solidari!y) !"e 'o&ing o !"e T(el%e-in-$ne) !"e in'arna!ion o !"e 1rea!er 5eing# 9$rgy-6orgy)9 i! sang) ("ile !"e !o&-!o&s 'on!inued !o bea! !"eir e%eris" !a!!ooC 9$rgy-6orgy) :ord and un) Miss !"e girls and &a7e !"e& $ne# 5oys a! Gne (i!" girls a! 6ea'e? $rgy-6orgy gi%es release#9 9$rgy-6orgy)9 !"e dan'ers 'aug"! u6 !"e li!urgi'al re rain) 9$rgy-6orgy) :ord and un) 7iss !"e girls @9 And as !"ey sang) !"e lig"!s began slo(ly !o ade>!o ade and a! !"e sa&e !i&e !o gro( (ar&er) ri'"er) redder) un!il a! las! !"ey (ere dan'ing in !"e 'ri&son !(ilig"! o an +&bryo S!ore# 9$rgy-6orgy @9 0n !"eir blood-'oloured and oe!al dar7ness !"e dan'ers 'on!inued or a ("ile !o 'ir'ula!e) !o bea! and bea! ou! !"e inde a!igable r"y!"&# 9$rgy-6orgy @9 T"en !"e 'ir'le (a%ered) bro7e) ell in 6ar!ial disin!egra!ion on !"e ring o 'ou'"es ("i'" surrounded>'ir'le en'losing 'ir'le>!"e !able and i!s 6lane!ary '"airs# 9$rgy-6orgy @9 Tenderly !"e dee6 Koi'e 'rooned and 'ooed? in !"e red !(ilig"! i! (as as !"oug" so&e enor&ous negro do%e (ere "o%ering bene%olen!ly o%er !"e no( 6rone or su6ine dan'ers# T"ey (ere s!anding on !"e roo ? 5ig Henry "ad <us! sung ele%en# T"e nig"! (as 'al& and (ar&# 92asn3! i! (onder ulA9 said :i i 5radlaug"# 92asn3! i! si&6ly (onder ulA9 S"e loo7ed a! 5ernard (i!" an ex6ression o ra6!ure) bu! o ra6!ure in ("i'" !"ere (as no !ra'e o agi!a!ion or ex'i!e&en!> or !o be ex'i!ed is s!ill !o be unsa!is ied# Hers (as !"e 'al& e's!asy o a'"ie%ed 'onsu&&a!ion) !"e 6ea'e) no! o &ere %a'an! sa!ie!y and no!"ingness) bu! o balan'ed li e) o energies a! res! and in e;uilibriu&# A ri'" and li%ing 6ea'e# :or !"e Solidari!y Ser%i'e "ad gi%en as (ell as !a7en) dra(n o only !o re6lenis"# S"e (as ull) s"e (as &ade 6er e'!) s"e (as s!ill &ore !"an &erely "ersel # 9.idn3! you !"in7 i! (as (onder ulA9 s"e insis!ed) loo7ing in!o 5ernard3s a'e (i!" !"ose su6erna!urally s"ining eyes#


9/es) 0 !"oug"! i! (as (onder ul)9 "e lied and loo7ed a(ay? !"e sig"! o "er !rans igured a'e (as a! on'e an a''usa!ion and an ironi'al re&inder o "is o(n se6ara!eness# He (as as &iserably isola!ed no( as "e "ad been ("en !"e ser%i'e began>&ore isola!ed by reason o "is unre6lenis"ed e&6!iness) "is dead sa!ie!y# Se6ara!e and una!oned) ("ile !"e o!"ers (ere being used in!o !"e 1rea!er 5eing? alone e%en in 4organa3s e&bra'e>&u'" &ore alone) indeed) &ore "o6elessly "i&sel !"an "e "ad e%er been in "is li e be ore# He "ad e&erged ro& !"a! 'ri&son !(ilig"! in!o !"e 'o&&on ele'!ri' glare (i!" a sel -'ons'iousness in!ensi ied !o !"e 6i!'" o agony# He (as u!!erly &iserable) and 6er"a6s ("er s"ining eyes a''used "i&)) 6er"a6s i! (as "is o(n aul!# 9Qui!e (onder ul)9 "e re6ea!ed? bu! !"e only !"ing "e 'ould !"in7 o (as 4organa3s eyebro(#

Chapter Six $ ..) $..) odd ) (as Lenina3s %erdi'! on 5ernard 4arx# So odd) indeed) !"a! in !"e
'ourse o !"e su''eeding (ee7s s"e "ad (ondered &ore !"an on'e ("e!"er s"e s"ouldn3! '"ange "er &ind abou! !"e ,e( 4exi'o "oliday) and go ins!ead !o !"e ,or!" Dole (i!" 5eni!o Hoo%er# T"e !rouble (as !"a! s"e 7ne( !"e ,or!" Dole) "ad been !"ere (i!" 1eorge +d8el only las! su&&er) and ("a! (as &ore) ound i! 6re!!y gri&# ,o!"ing !o do) and !"e "o!el !oo "o6elessly old- as"ioned>no !ele%ision laid on in !"e bedroo&s) no s'en! organ) only !"e &os! 6u!rid syn!"e!i' &usi') and no! &ore !"an !(en!y- i%e +s'ala!or-S;uas" *our!s or o%er !(o "undred gues!s# ,o) de'idedly s"e 'ouldn3! a'e !"e ,or!" Dole again# Added !o ("i'") s"e "ad only been !o A&eri'a on'e be ore# And e%en !"en) "o( inade;ua!elyF A '"ea6 (ee7-end in ,e( /or7>"ad i! been (i!" =ean-=a';ues Habibulla" or 5o7ano%s7y =onesA S"e 'ouldn3! re&e&ber# Any"o() i! (as o absolu!ely no i&6or!an'e# T"e 6ros6e'! o lying 2es! again) and or a ("ole (ee7) (as %ery in%i!ing# 4oreo%er) or a! leas! !"ree days o !"a! (ee7 !"ey (ould be in !"e Sa%age -eser%a!ion# ,o! &ore !"an "al a do8en 6eo6le in !"e ("ole *en!re "ad e%er been inside a Sa%age -eser%a!ion# As an Al6"a-Dlus 6sy'"ologis!) 5ernard (as one o !"e e( &en s"e 7ne( en!i!led !o a 6er&i!# :or Lenina) !"e o66or!uni!y (as uni;ue# And ye!) so uni;ue also (as 5ernard3s oddness !"a! s"e "ad "esi!a!ed !o !a7e i!) "ad a'!ually !"oug"! o ris7ing !"e Dole again (i!" unny old 5eni!o# A! leas! 5eni!o (as nor&al# 2"ereas 5ernard @ 9Al'o"ol in "is blood-surroga!e)9 (as :anny3s ex6lana!ion o e%ery e''en!ri'i!y# 5u! Henry) (i!" ("o&) one e%ening ("en !"ey (ere in bed !oge!"er) Lenina "ad ra!"er anxiously dis'ussed "er ne( lo%er) Henry "ad 'o&6ared 6oor 5ernard !o a r"ino'eros# 9/ou 'an3! !ea'" a r"ino'eros !ri'7s)9 "e "ad ex6lained in "is brie and %igorous s!yle# 9So&e &en are al&os! r"ino'eroses? !"ey don3! res6ond 6ro6erly !o 'ondi!ioning# Door .e%ilsF 5ernard3s one o !"e&# Lu'7ily or "i&) "e3s 6re!!y good a! "is <ob# $!"er(ise !"e .ire'!or (ould ne%er "a%e 7e6! "i&# Ho(e%er)9 "e added 'onsolingly) 90 !"in7 "e3s 6re!!y "ar&less#9 Dre!!y "ar&less) 6er"a6s? bu! also 6re!!y dis;uie!ing# T"a! &ania) !o s!ar! (i!") or doing !"ings in 6ri%a!e# 2"i'" &ean!) in 6ra'!i'e) no! doing any!"ing a! all# :or ("a! (as !"ere !"a! one could do in 6ri%a!e# (A6ar!) o 'ourse) ro& going !o bedC bu! one 'ouldn3! do !"a! all !"e !i&e#) /es) ("a! &as !"ereA Dre'ious li!!le# T"e irs! a !ernoon !"ey (en! ou! !oge!"er (as 6ar!i'ularly ine# Lenina "ad sugges!ed a s(i&


a! To;uay *oun!ry *lub ollo(ed by dinner a! !"e $x ord Union# 5u! 5ernard !"oug"! !"ere (ould be !oo &u'" o a 'ro(d# T"en ("a! abou! a round o +le'!ro-&agne!i' 1ol a! S!# Andre(3sA 5u! again) noC 5ernard 'onsidered !"a! +le'!ro-&agne!i' 1ol (as a (as!e o !i&e# 9T"en ("a!3s !i&e orA9 as7ed Lenina in so&e as!onis"&en!# A66aren!ly) or going (al7s in !"e La7e .is!ri'!? or !"a! (as ("a! "e no( 6ro6osed# Land on !"e !o6 o S7idda( and (al7 or a 'ou6le o "ours in !"e "ea!"er# 9Alone (i!" you) Lenina#9 95u!) 5ernard) (e s"all be alone all nig"!#9 5ernard blus"ed and loo7ed a(ay# 90 &ean!) alone or !al7ing)9 "e &u&bled# 9Tal7ingA 5u! ("a! abou!A9 2al7ing and !al7ing>!"a! see&ed a %ery odd (ay o s6ending an a !ernoon# 0n !"e end s"e 6ersuaded "i&) &u'" agains! "is (ill) !o ly o%er !o A&s!erda& !o see !"e Se&i-.e&i-:inals o !"e 2o&en3s Hea%y(eig"! 2res!ling *"a&6ions"i6# 90n a 'ro(d)9 "e gru&bled# 9As usual#9 He re&ained obs!ina!ely gloo&y !"e ("ole a !ernoon? (ouldn3! !al7 !o Lenina3s riends (o ("o& !"ey &e! do8ens in !"e i'e-'rea& soma bar be!(een !"e (res!ling bou!s)? and in s6i!e o "is &isery absolu!ely re used !o !a7e !"e "al -gra&&e ras6berry sundae ("i'" s"e 6ressed u6on "i&# 903d ra!"er be &ysel )9 "e said# 94ysel and nas!y# ,o! so&ebody else) "o(e%er <olly#9 9A gra&&e in !i&e sa%es nine)9 said Lenina) 6rodu'ing a brig"! !reasure o slee6-!aug"! (isdo&# 5ernard 6us"ed a(ay !"e 6ro ered glass i&6a!ien!ly# 9,o( don3! lose your !e&6er)9 s"e said# 9-e&e&ber one 'ubi' 'en!i&e!re 'ures !en gloo&y sen!i&en!s#9 9$") or :ord3s sa7e) be ;uie!F9 "e s"ou!ed# Lenina s"rugged "er s"oulders# 9A gra&&e is al(ays be!!er !"an a da&n)9 s"e 'on'luded (i!" digni!y) and dran7 !"e sundae "ersel # $n !"eir (ay ba'7 a'ross !"e *"annel) 5ernard insis!ed on s!o66ing "is 6ro6eller and "o%ering on "is "eli'o6!er s're(s (i!"in a "undred ee! o !"e (a%es# T"e (ea!"er "ad !a7en a '"ange or !"e (orse? a sou!"-(es!erly (ind "ad s6rung u6) !"e s7y (as 'loudy# 9Loo7)9 "e 'o&&anded# 95u! i!3s "orrible)9 said Lenina) s"r!n7ing ba'7 ro& !"e (indo(# S"e (as a66alled by !"e rus"ing e&6!iness o !"e nig"!) by !"e bla'7 oa&- le'7ed (a!er "ea%ing benea!" !"e&) by !"e 6ale a'e o !"e &oon) so "aggard and dis!ra'!ed a&ong !"e "as!ening 'louds# 9Le!3s !urn on !"e radio# Qui'7F9 S"e rea'"ed or !"e dialling 7nob on !"e das"-board and !urned i! a! rando&# 9@ s7ies are blue inside o you)9 sang six!een !re&oloing alse!!os) 9!"e (ea!"er3s al(ays @9


T"en a "i''oug" and silen'e# 5ernard "ad s(i!'"ed o !"e 'urren!# 90 (an! !o loo7 a! !"e sea in 6ea'e)9 "e said# 9$ne 'an3! e%en loo7 (i!" !"a! beas!ly noise going on#9 95u! i!3s lo%ely# And 0 don3! (an! !o loo7#9 95u! 0 do)9 "e insis!ed# 90! &a7es &e eel as !"oug" @9 "e "esi!a!ed) sear'"ing or (ords (i!" ("i'" !o ex6ress "i&sel ) 9as !"oug" 0 (ere &ore me ) i you see ("a! 0 &ean# 4ore on &y o(n) no! so 'o&6le!ely a 6ar! o so&e!"ing else# ,o! <us! a 'ell in !"e so'ial body# .oesn3! i! &a7e you eel li7e !"a!) LeninaA9 5u! Lenina (as 'rying# 90!3s "orrible) i!3s "orrible)9 s"e 7e6! re6ea!ing# 9And "o( 'an you !al7 li7e !"a! abou! no! (an!ing !o be a 6ar! o !"e so'ial bodyA A !er all) e%ery one (or7s or e%ery one else# 2e 'an3! do (i!"ou! any one# +%en +6silons @9 9/es) 0 7no()9 said 5ernard derisi%ely# 93+%en +6silons are use ul3F So a& 0# And 0 da&ned (ell (is" 0 (eren3!F9 Lenina (as s"o'7ed by "is blas6"e&y# 95ernardF9 S"e 6ro!es!ed in a %oi'e o a&a8ed dis!ress# 9Ho( 'an youA9 0n a di eren! 7ey) 9Ho( 'an 0A9 "e re6ea!ed &edi!a!i%ely# 9,o) !"e real 6roble& isC Ho( is i! !"a! 0 'an3!) or ra!"er>be'ause) a !er all) 0 7no( ;ui!e (ell ("y 0 'an3!>("a! (ould i! be li7e i 0 'ould) i 0 (ere ree>no! ensla%ed by &y 'ondi!ioning#9 95u!) 5ernard) you3re saying !"e &os! a( ul !"ings#9 9.on3! you (is" you (ere ree) LeninaA9 90 don3! 7no( ("a! you &ean# 0 a& ree# :ree !o "a%e !"e &os! (onder ul !i&e# +%erybody3s "a66y no(adays#9 He laug"ed) 9/es) 3+%erybody3s "a66y no(adays#3 2e begin gi%ing !"e '"ildren !"a! a! i%e# 5u! (ouldn3! you li7e !o be ree !o be "a66y in so&e o!"er (ay) LeninaA 0n your o(n (ay) or exa&6le? no! in e%erybody else3s (ay#9 90 don3! 7no( ("a! you &ean)9 s"e re6ea!ed# T"en) !urning !o "i&) 9$") do le!3s go ba'7) 5ernard)9 s"e besoug"!? 90 do so "a!e i! "ere#9 9.on3! you li7e being (i!" &eA9 95u! o 'ourse) 5ernard# 0!3s !"is "orrible 6la'e#9 90 !"oug"! (e3d be &ore @ &ore together "ere>(i!" no!"ing bu! !"e sea and &oon# 4ore !oge!"er !"an in !"a! 'ro(d) or e%en in &y roo&s# .on3! you unders!and !"a!A9 90 don3! unders!and any!"ing)9 s"e said (i!" de'ision) de!er&ined !o 6reser%e "er in'o&6re"ension in!a'!# 9,o!"ing# Leas! o all)9 s"e 'on!inued in ano!"er !one 9("y you don3! !a7e soma ("en you "a%e !"ese dread ul ideas o yours# /ou3d orge! all abou! !"e&# And ins!ead o eeling &iserable) you3d be <olly# 2o <olly)9 s"e re6ea!ed and s&iled) or all !"e 6u88led anxie!y in "er eyes) (i!" ("a! (as &ean! !o be an in%i!ing and %olu6!uous 'a<olery# He loo7ed a! "er in silen'e) "is a'e unres6onsi%e and %ery gra%e>loo7ed a! "er


in!en!ly# A !er a e( se'onds Lenina3s eyes lin'"ed a(ay? s"e u!!ered a ner%ous li!!le laug") !ried !o !"in7 o so&e!"ing !o say and 'ouldn3!# T"e silen'e 6rolonged i!sel # 2"en 5ernard s6o7e a! las!) i! (as in a s&all !ired %oi'e# 9All rig"! !"en)9 "e said) 9(e3ll go ba'7#9 And s!e66ing "ard on !"e a''elera!or) "e sen! !"e &a'"ine ro'7e!ing u6 in!o !"e s7y# A! our !"ousand "e s!ar!ed "is 6ro6eller# T"ey le( in silen'e or a &inu!e or !(o# T"en) suddenly) 5ernard began !o laug"# -a!"er oddly) Lenina !"oug"!) bu! s!ill) i! (as laug"!er# 9:eeling be!!erA9 s"e %en!ured !o as7# :or ans(er) "e li !ed one "and ro& !"e 'on!rols and) sli66ing "is ar& around "er) began !o ondle "er breas!s# 9T"an7 :ord)9 s"e said !o "ersel ) 9"e3s all rig"! again#9 Hal an "our la!er !"ey (ere ba'7 in "is roo&s# 5ernard s(allo(ed our !able!s o soma a! a gul6) !urned on !"e radio and !ele%ision and began !o undress# 92ell)9 Lenina en;uired) (i!" signi i'an! ar'"ness ("en !"ey &e! nex! a !ernoon on !"e roo ) 9did you !"in7 i! (as un yes!erdayA9 5ernard nodded# T"ey 'li&bed in!o !"e 6lane# A li!!le <ol!) and !"ey (ere o # 9+%ery one says 03& a( ully 6neu&a!i')9 said Lenina re le'!i%ely) 6a!!ing "er o(n legs# 9A( ully#9 5u! !"ere (as an ex6ression o 6ain in 5ernard3s eyes# 9Li7e &ea!)9 "e (as !"in7ing# S"e loo7ed u6 (i!" a 'er!ain anxie!y# 95u! you don3! !"in7 03& He s"oo7 "is "ead# Li7e so &u'" &ea!# 9/ou !"in7 03& all rig"!#9 Ano!"er nod# 90n e%ery (ayA9 9Der e'!)9 "e said aloud# And in(ardly# 9S"e !"in7s o "ersel !"a! (ay# S"e doesn3! &ind being &ea!#9 Lenina s&iled !riu&6"an!ly# 5u! "er sa!is a'!ion (as 6re&a!ure# 9All !"e sa&e)9 "e (en! on) a !er a li!!le 6ause) 90 s!ill ra!"er (is" i! "ad all ended di eren!ly#9 9.i eren!lyA9 2ere !"ere o!"er endingsA 90 didn3! (an! i! !o end (i!" our going !o bed)9 "e s6e'i ied# Lenina (as as!onis"ed# 9,o! a! on'e) no! !"e irs! day#9 95u! !"en ("a! @A9 He began !o !al7 a lo! o in'o&6re"ensible and dangerous nonsense# Lenina did "er bes! !o s!o6 !"e ears o "er &ind? bu! e%ery no( and !"en a 6"rase (ould insis! too 6lu&6) do youA9


on be'o&ing audible# 9@ !o !ry !"e e e'! o arres!ing &y i&6ulses)9 s"e "eard "i& say# T"e (ords see&ed !o !ou'" a s6ring in "er &ind# 9,e%er 6u! o !ill !o-&orro( !"e un you 'an "a%e !o-day)9 s"e said gra%ely# 9T(o "undred re6e!i!ions) !(i'e a (ee7 ro& our!een !o six!een and a "al )9 (as all "is 'o&&en!# T"e &ad bad !al7 ra&bled on# 90 (an! !o 7no( ("a! 6assion is)9 s"e "eard "i& saying# 90 (an! !o eel so&e!"ing s!rongly#9 92"en !"e indi%idual eels) !"e 'o&&uni!y reels)9 Lenina 6ronoun'ed# 92ell) ("y s"ouldn3! i! reel a bi!A9 95ernardF9 5u! 5ernard re&ained unabas"ed# 9Adul!s in!elle'!ually and during (or7ing "ours)9 "e (en! on# 90n an!s ("ere eeling and desire are 'on'erned#9 9$ur :ord lo%ed in an!s#9 0gnoring !"e in!erru6!ion# 90! suddenly s!ru'7 &e !"e o!"er day)9 'on!inued 5ernard) 9!"a! i! &ig"! be 6ossible !o be an adul! all !"e !i&e#9 90 don3! unders!and#9 Lenina3s !one (as ir&# 90 7no( you don3!# And !"a!3s ("y (e (en! !o bed !oge!"er yes!erday>li7e in an!s>ins!ead o being adul!s and (ai!ing#9 95u! i! (as un)9 Lenina insis!ed# 92asn3! i!A9 9$") !"e grea!es! un)9 "e ans(ered) bu! in a %oi'e so &ourn ul) (i!" an ex6ression so 6ro oundly &iserable) !"a! Lenina el! all "er !riu&6" suddenly e%a6ora!e# Der"a6s "e "ad ound "er !oo 6lu&6) a !er all# 90 !old you so)9 (as all !"a! :anny said) ("en Lenina 'a&e and &ade "er 'on iden'es# 90!3s !"e al'o"ol !"ey 6u! in "is surroga!e#9 9All !"e sa&e)9 Lenina insis!ed# 90 do li7e "i&# He "as su'" a( ully ni'e "ands# And !"e (ay "e &o%es "is s"oulders>!"a!3s %ery a!!ra'!i%e#9 S"e sig"ed# 95u! 0 (is" "e (eren3! so odd#9 2

H ALT0,1 or a &o&en! ou!side !"e door o !"e .ire'!or3s roo&) 5ernard dre( a
dee6 brea!" and s;uared "is s"oulders) bra'ing "i&sel !o &ee! !"e disli7e and disa66ro%al ("i'" "e (as 'er!ain o inding (i!"in# He 7no'7ed and en!ered# 9A 6er&i! or you !o ini!ial) .ire'!or)9 "e said as airily as 6ossible) and laid !"e 6a6er on !"e (ri!ing-!able# T"e .ire'!or glan'ed a! "i& sourly# 5u! !"e s!a&6 o !"e 2orld *on!roller3s $ i'e (as a! !"e "ead o !"e 6a6er and !"e signa!ure o 4us!a6"a 4ond) bold and bla'7) a'ross !"e bo!!o&# +%ery!"ing (as 6er e'!ly in order# T"e dire'!or "ad no '"oi'e# He 6en'illed "is ini!ials>!(o s&all 6ale le!!ers ab<e'! a! !"e ee! o 4us!a6"a 4ond>and


(as abou! !o re!urn !"e 6a6er (i!"ou! a (ord o 'o&&en! or genial :ord-s6eed) ("en "is eye (as 'aug"! by so&e!"ing (ri!!en in !"e body o !"e 6er&i!# 9:or !"e ,e( 4exi'an -eser%a!ionA9 "e said) and "is !one) !"e a'e "e li !ed !o 5ernard) ex6ressed a 7ind o agi!a!ed as!onis"&en!# Sur6rised by "is sur6rise) 5ernard nodded# T"ere (as a silen'e# T"e .ire'!or leaned ba'7 in "is '"air) ro(ning# 9Ho( long ago (as i!A9 "e said) s6ea7ing &ore !o "i&sel !"an !o 5ernard# 9T(en!y years) 0 su66ose# ,earer !(en!y- i%e# 0 &us! "a%e been your age @9 He sig"ed and s"oo7 "is "ead# 5ernard el! ex!re&ely un'o& or!able# A &an so 'on%en!ional) so s'ru6ulously 'orre'! as !"e .ire'!or>and !o 'o&&i! so gross a sole'is&F l! &ade "i& (an! !o "ide "is a'e) !o run ou! o !"e roo&# ,o! !"a! "e "i&sel sa( any!"ing in!rinsi'ally ob<e'!ionable in 6eo6le !al7ing abou! !"e re&o!e 6as!? !"a! (as one o !"ose "y6no6Hdi' 6re<udi'es "e "ad (so "e i&agined) 'o&6le!ely go! rid o # 2"a! &ade "i& eel s"y (as !"e 7no(ledge !"a! !"e .ire'!or disa66ro%ed>disa66ro%ed and ye! "ad been be!rayed in!o doing !"e orbidden !"ing# Under ("a! in(ard 'o&6ulsionA T"roug" "is dis'o& or! 5ernard eagerly lis!ened# 90 "ad !"e sa&e idea as you)9 !"e .ire'!or (as saying# 92an!ed !o "a%e a loo7 a! !"e sa%ages# 1o! a 6er&i! or ,e( 4exi'o and (en! !"ere or &y su&&er "oliday# 2i!" !"e girl 0 (as "a%ing a! !"e &o&en!# S"e (as a 5e!a-4inus) and 0 !"in79 ("e s"u! "is eyes)) 90 !"in7 s"e "ad yello( "air# Any"o( s"e (as 6neu&a!i') 6ar!i'ularly 6neu&a!i'? 0 re&e&ber !"a!# 2ell) (e (en! !"ere) and (e loo7ed a! !"e sa%ages) and (e rode abou! on "orses and all !"a!# And !"en>i! (as al&os! !"e las! day o &y lea%e>!"en @ (ell) s"e go! los!# 2e3d gone riding u6 one o !"ose re%ol!ing &oun!ains) and i! (as "orribly "o! and o66ressi%e) and a !er lun'" (e (en! !o slee6# $r a! leas! 0 did# S"e &us! "a%e gone or a (al7) alone# A! any ra!e) ("en 0 (o7e u6) s"e (asn3! !"ere# And !"e &os! rig"! ul !"unders!or& 03%e e%er seen (as <us! burs!ing on us# And i! 6oured and roared and las"ed? and !"e "orses bro7e loose and ran a(ay? and 0 ell do(n) !rying !o 'a!'" !"e&) and "ur! &y 7nee) so !"a! 0 'ould "ardly (al7# S!ill) 0 sear'"ed and 0 s"ou!ed and 0 sear'"ed# 5u! !"ere (as no sign o "er# T"en 0 !"oug"! s"e &us! "a%e gone ba'7 !o !"e res!-"ouse by "ersel # So 0 'ra(led do(n in!o !"e %alley by !"e (ay (e "ad 'o&e# 4y 7nee (as agoni8ingly 6ain ul) and 03d los! &y soma # 0! !oo7 &e "ours# 0 didn3! ge! ba'7 !o !"e res!-"ouse !ill a !er &idnig"!# And s"e (asn3! !"ere? s"e (asn3! !"ere)9 !"e .ire'!or re6ea!ed# T"ere (as a silen'e# 92ell)9 "e resu&ed a! las!) 9!"e nex! day !"ere (as a sear'"# 5u! (e 'ouldn3! ind "er# S"e &us! "a%e allen in!o a gully so&e("ere? or been ea!en by a &oun!ain lion# :ord 7no(s# Any"o( i! (as "orrible# 0! u6se! &e %ery &u'" a! !"e !i&e# 4ore !"an i! oug"! !o "a%e done) 0 dare say# 5e'ause) a !er all) i!3s !"e sor! o a''iden! !"a! &ig"! "a%e "a66ened !o any one? and) o 'ourse) !"e so'ial body 6ersis!s al!"oug" !"e 'o&6onen! 'ells &ay '"ange#9 5u! !"is slee6-!aug"! 'onsola!ion did no! see& !o be %ery e e'!i%e# S"a7ing "is "ead) 90 a'!ually drea& abou! i! so&e!i&es)9 !"e .ire'!or (en! on in a lo( %oi'e# 9.rea& o being (o7en u6 by !"a! 6eal o !"under and inding "er gone? drea& o sear'"ing and sear'"ing or "er under !"e !rees#9 He la6sed in!o !"e silen'e o re&inis'en'e# 9/ou &us! "a%e "ad a !errible s"o'7)9 said 5ernard) al&os! en%iously#


A! !"e sound o "is %oi'e !"e .ire'!or s!ar!ed in!o a guil!y reali8a!ion o ("ere "e (as? s"o! a glan'e a! 5ernard) and a%er!ing "is eyes) blus"ed dar7ly? loo7ed a! "i& again (i!" sudden sus6i'ion and) angrily on "is digni!y) 9.on3! i&agine)9 "e said) 9!"a! 03d "ad any inde'orous rela!ion (i!" !"e girl# ,o!"ing e&o!ional) no!"ing long-dra(n# 0! (as all 6er e'!ly "eal!"y and nor&al#9 He "anded 5ernard !"e 6er&i!# 90 really don3! 7no( ("y 0 bored you (i!" !"is !ri%ial ane'do!e#9 :urious (i!" "i&sel or "a%ing gi%en a(ay a dis'redi!able se're!) "e %en!ed "is rage on 5ernard# T"e loo7 in "is eyes (as no( ran7ly &alignan!# 9And 0 s"ould li7e !o !a7e !"is o66or!uni!y) 4r# 4arx)9 "e (en! on) 9o saying !"a! 03& no! a! all 6leased (i!" !"e re6or!s 0 re'ei%e o your be"a%iour ou!side (or7ing "ours# /ou &ay say !"a! !"is is no! &y business# 5u! i! is# 0 "a%e !"e good na&e o !"e *en!re !o !"in7 o # 4y (or7ers &us! be abo%e sus6i'ion) 6ar!i'ularly !"ose o !"e "ig"es! 'as!es# Al6"as are so 'ondi!ioned !"a! !"ey do no! ha.e !o be in an!ile in !"eir e&o!ional be"a%iour# 5u! !"a! is all !"e &ore reason or !"eir &a7ing a s6e'ial e or! !o 'on or&# l! is !"eir du!y !o be in an!ile) e%en agains! !"eir in'lina!ion# And so) 4r# 4arx) 0 gi%e you air (arning#9 T"e .ire'!or3s %oi'e %ibra!ed (i!" an indigna!ion !"a! "ad no( be'o&e ("olly rig"!eous and i&6ersonal>(as !"e ex6ression o !"e disa66ro%al o So'ie!y i!sel # 90 e%er 0 "ear again o any la6se ro& a 6ro6er s!andard o in an!ile de'oru&) 0 s"all as7 or your !rans eren'e !o a Sub-*en!re>6re erably !o 0'eland# 1ood &orning#9 And s(i%elling round in "is '"air) "e 6i'7ed u6 "is 6en and began !o (ri!e# 9T"a!3ll !ea'" "i&)9 "e said !o "i&sel # 5u! "e (as &is!a7en# :or 5ernard le ! !"e roo& (i!" a s(agger) exul!ing) as "e banged !"e door be"ind "i&) in !"e !"oug"! !"a! "e s!ood alone) e&ba!!led agains! !"e order o !"ings? ela!ed by !"e in!oxi'a!ing 'ons'iousness o "is indi%idual signi i'an'e and i&6or!an'e# +%en !"e !"oug"! o 6erse'u!ion le ! "i& undis&ayed) (as ra!"er !oni' !"an de6ressing# He el! s!rong enoug" !o &ee! and o%er'o&e a&i'!ion) s!rong enoug" !o a'e e%en 0'eland# And !"is 'on iden'e (as !"e grea!er or "is no! or a &o&en! really belie%ing !"a! "e (ould be 'alled u6on !o a'e any!"ing a! all# Deo6le si&6ly (eren3! !rans erred or !"ings li7e !"a!# 0'eland (as <us! a !"rea!# A &os! s!i&ula!ing and li e-gi%ing !"rea!# 2al7ing along !"e 'orridor) "e a'!ually ("is!led# Heroi' (as !"e a''oun! "e ga%e !"a! e%ening o "is in!er%ie( (i!" !"e .#H#*# 92"ereu6on)9 i! 'on'luded) 90 si&6ly !old "i& !o go !o !"e 5o!!o&less Das! and &ar'"ed ou! o !"e roo&# And !"a! (as !"a!#9 He loo7ed a! Hel&"ol!8 2a!son ex6e'!an!ly) a(ai!ing "is due re(ard o sy&6a!"y) en'ourage&en!) ad&ira!ion# 5u! no (ord 'a&e# Hel&"ol!8 sa! silen!) s!aring a! !"e loor# He li7ed 5ernard? "e (as gra!e ul !o "i& or being !"e only &an o "is a';uain!an'e (i!" ("o& "e 'ould !al7 abou! !"e sub<e'!s "e el! !o be i&6or!an!# ,e%er!"eless) !"ere (ere !"ings in 5ernard ("i'" "e "a!ed# T"is boas!ing) or exa&6le# And !"e ou!burs!s o an ab<e'! sel -6i!y (i!" ("i'" i! al!erna!ed# And "is de6lorable "abi! o being bold a !er !"e e%en!) and ull) in absen'e) o !"e &os! ex!raordinary 6resen'e o &ind# He "a!ed !"ese !"ings><us! be'ause "e li7ed 5ernard# T"e se'onds 6assed# Hel&"ol!8 'on!inued !o s!are a! !"e loor# And suddenly 5ernard blus"ed and !urned a(ay# 3


T H+ <ourney (as ;ui!e une%en! ul# T"e 5lue Da'i i' -o'7e! (as !(o and a "al
&inu!es early a! ,e( $rleans) los! our &inu!es in a !ornado o%er Texas) bu! le( in!o a a%ourable air 'urren! a! Longi!ude 9J 2es!) and (as able !o land a! San!a :Q less !"an or!y se'onds be"ind s'"edule !i&e# 9:or!y se'onds on a six and a "al "our lig"!# ,o! so bad)9 Lenina 'on'eded# T"ey sle6! !"a! nig"! a! San!a :Q# T"e "o!el (as ex'ellen!>in'o&6arably be!!er) or exa&6le) !"an !"a! "orrible Aurora 5ora Dala'e in ("i'" Lenina "ad su ered so &u'" !"e 6re%ious su&&er# Li;uid air) !ele%ision) %ibro-%a'uu& &assage) radio) boiling 'a eine solu!ion) "o! 'on!ra'e6!i%es) and eig"! di eren! 7inds o s'en! (ere laid on in e%ery bedroo&# T"e syn!"e!i' &usi' 6lan! (as (or7ing as !"ey en!ered !"e "all and le ! no!"ing !o be desired# A no!i'e in !"e li ! announ'ed !"a! !"ere (ere six!y +s'ala!or-S;uas"--a'7e! *our!s in !"e "o!el) and !"a! $bs!a'le and +le'!ro-&agne!i' 1ol 'ould bo!" be 6layed in !"e 6ar7# 95u! i! sounds si&6ly !oo lo%ely)9 'ried Lenina# 90 al&os! (is" (e 'ould s!ay "ere# Six!y +s'ala!or-S;uas" *our!s @9 9T"ere (on3! be any in !"e -eser%a!ion)9 5ernard (arned "er# 9And no s'en!) no !ele%ision) no "o! (a!er e%en# 0 you eel you 'an3! s!and i!) s!ay "ere !ill 0 'o&e ba'7#9 Lenina (as ;ui!e o ended# 9$ 'ourse 0 'an s!and i!# 0 only said i! (as lo%ely "ere be'ause @ (ell) be'ause 6rogress is lo%ely) isn3! i!A9 9:i%e "undred re6e!i!ions on'e a (ee7 ro& !"ir!een !o se%en!een)9 said 5ernard (earily) as !"oug" !o "i&sel # 92"a! did you sayA9 90 said !"a! 6rogress (as lo%ely# T"a!3s ("y you &us!n3! 'o&e !o !"e -eser%a!ion unless you really (an! !o#9 95u! 0 do (an! !o#9 9Kery (ell) !"en)9 said 5ernard? and i! (as al&os! a !"rea!# T"eir 6er&i! re;uired !"e signa!ure o !"e 2arden o !"e -eser%a!ion) a! ("ose o i'e nex! &orning !"ey duly 6resen!ed !"e&sel%es# An +6silon-Dlus negro 6or!er !oo7 in 5ernard3s 'ard) and !"ey (ere ad&i!!ed al&os! i&rnedia!ely# T"e 2arden (as a blond and bra'"y'e6"ali' Al6"a-4inus) s"or!) red) &oon- a'ed) and broad-s"ouldered) (i!" a loud boo&ing %oi'e) %ery (ell ada6!ed !o !"e u!!eran'e o "y6no6Hdi' (isdo&# He (as a &ine o irrele%an! in or&a!ion and unas7ed- or good ad%i'e# $n'e s!ar!ed) "e (en! on and on>boo&ingly# 9@ i%e "undred and six!y !"ousand s;uare 7ilo&e!res) di%ided in!o our dis!in'! Sub--eser%a!ions) ea'" surrounded by a "ig"-!ension (ire en'e#9 A! !"is &o&en!) and or no a66aren! reason) 5ernard suddenly re&e&bered !"a! "e "ad le ! !"e +au de *ologne !a6 in "is ba!"roo& (ide o6en and running#


9@ su66lied (i!" 'urren! ro& !"e 1rand *anyon "ydro-ele'!ri' s!a!ion#9 9*os! &e a or!une by !"e !i&e 0 ge! ba'7#9 2i!" "is &ind3s eye) 5ernard sa( !"e needle on !"e s'en! &e!er 'ree6ing round and round) an!li7e) inde a!igable# 9Qui'7ly !ele6"one !o Hel&"ol!8 2a!son#9 9@ u6(ards o i%e !"ousand 7ilo&e!res o en'ing a! six!y !"ousand %ol!s#9 9/ou don3! say so)9 said Lenina 6oli!ely) no! 7no(ing in !"e leas! ("a! !"e 2arden "ad said) bu! !a7ing "er 'ue ro& "is dra&a!i' 6ause# 2"en !"e 2arden s!ar!ed boo&ing) s"e "ad in'ons6i'uously s(allo(ed "al a gra&&e o soma ) (i!" !"e resul! !"a! s"e 'ould no( si!) serenely no! lis!ening) !"in7ing o no!"ing a! all) bu! (i!" "er large blue eyes ixed on !"e 2arden3s a'e in an ex6ression o ra6! a!!en!ion# 9To !ou'" !"e en'e is ins!an! dea!")9 6ronoun'ed !"e 2arden sole&nly# 9T"ere is no es'a6e ro& a Sa%age -eser%a!ion#9 T"e (ord 9es'a6e9 (as sugges!i%e# 9Der"a6s)9 said 5ernard) "al rising) 9(e oug"! !o !"in7 o going#9 T"e li!!le bla'7 needle (as s'urrying) an inse'!) nibbling !"roug" !i&e) ea!ing in!o "is &oney# 9,o es'a6e)9 re6ea!ed !"e 2arden) (a%ing "i& ba'7 in!o "is '"air? and as !"e 6er&i! (as no! ye! 'oun!ersigned 5ernard "ad no '"oi'e bu! !o obey# 9T"ose ("o are born in !"e -eser%a!ion>and re&e&ber) &y dear young lady)9 "e added) leering obs'enely a! Lenina) and s6ea7ing in an i&6ro6er ("is6er) 9re&e&ber !"a!) in !"e -eser%a!ion) '"ildren s!ill are born) yes) a'!ually born) re%ol!ing as !"a! &ay see& @9 (He "o6ed !"a! !"is re eren'e !o a s"a&e ul sub<e'! (ould &a7e Lenina blus"? bu! s"e only s&iled (i!" si&ula!ed in!elligen'e and said) 9/ou don3! say soF9 .isa66oin!ed) !"e 2arden began again# ) 9T"ose) 0 re6ea! ("o are born in !"e -eser%a!ion are des!ined !o die !"ere#9 .es!ined !o die @ A de'ili!re o +au de *ologne e%ery &inu!e# Six li!res an "our# 9Der"a6s)9 5ernard !ried again) 9(e oug"! @9 Leaning or(ard) !"e 2arden !a66ed !"e !able (i!" "is ore inger# 9/ou as7 &e "o( &any 6eo6le li%e in !"e -eser%a!ion# And 0 re6ly9>!riu&6"an!ly>90 re6ly !"a! (e do no! 7no(# 2e 'an only guess#9 9/ou don3! say so#9 94y dear young lady) 0 do say so#9 Six !i&es !(en!y- our>no) i! (ould be nearer six !i&es !"ir!y-six# 5ernard (as 6ale and !re&bling (i!" i&6a!ien'e# 5u! inexorably !"e boo&ing 'on!inued# 9@ abou! six!y !"ousand 0ndians and "al -breeds @ absolu!e sa%ages @ our ins6e'!ors o''asionally %isi! @ o!"er(ise) no 'o&&uni'a!ion ("a!e%er (i!" !"e 'i%ili8ed (orld @ s!ill 6reser%e !"eir re6ulsi%e "abi!s and 'us!o&s @ &arriage) i you 7no( ("a! !"a! is) &y dear young lady? a&ilies @ no 'ondi!ioning @ &ons!rous su6ers!i!ions @ *"ris!iani!y and !o!e&is& and an'es!or (ors"i6 @ ex!in'! languages) su'" as RuSi and S6anis" and A!"a6as'an @ 6u&as) 6or'u6ines and o!"er ero'ious ani&als @ in e'!ious diseases @ 6ries!s @ %eno&ous li8ards @9


9/ou don3! say soA9 T"ey go! a(ay a! las!# 5ernard das"ed !o !"e !ele6"one# Qui'7) ;ui'7? bu! i! !oo7 "i& nearly !"ree &inu!es !o ge! on !o Hel&"ol!8 2a!son# 92e &ig"! be a&ong !"e sa%ages already)9 "e 'o&6lained# 9.a&ned in'o&6e!en'eF9 9Ha%e a gra&&e)9 sugges!ed Lenina# He re used) 6re erring "is anger# And a! las!) !"an7 :ord) "e (as !"roug" and) yes) i! (as Hel&"ol!8? Hel&"ol!8) !o ("o& "e ex6lained ("a! "ad "a66ened) and ("o 6ro&ised !o go round a! on'e) a! on'e) and !urn o !"e !a6) yes) a! on'e) bu! !oo7 !"is o66or!uni!y !o !ell "i& ("a! !"e .#H#*# "ad said) in 6ubli') yes!erday e%ening @ 92"a!A He3s loo7ing ou! or so&e one !o !a7e &y 6la'eA9 5ernard3s %oi'e (as agoni8ed# 9So i!3s a'!ually de'idedA .id "e &en!ion 0'elandA /ou say "e didA :ordF 0'eland @9 He "ung u6 !"e re'ei%er and !urned ba'7 !o Lenina# His a'e (as 6ale) "is ex6ression u!!erly de<e'!ed# 92"a!3s !"e &a!!erA9 s"e as7ed# 9T"e &a!!erA9 He dro66ed "ea%ily in!o a '"air# 903& going !o be sen! !o 0'eland#9 $ !en in !"e 6as! "e "ad (ondered ("a! i! (ould be li7e !o be sub<e'!ed ( soma -less and (i!" no!"ing bu! "is o(n in(ard resour'es !o rely on) !o so&e grea! !rial) so&e 6ain) so&e 6erse'u!ion? "e "ad e%en longed or a li'!ion# As re'en!ly as a (ee7 ago) in !"e .ire'!or3s o i'e) "e "ad i&agined "i&sel 'ourageously resis!ing) s!oi'ally a''e6!ing su ering (i!"ou! a (ord# T"e .ire'!or3s !"rea!s "ad a'!ually ela!ed "i&) &ade "i& eel larger !"an li e# 5u! !"a!) as "e no( reali8ed) (as be'ause "e "ad no! !a7en !"e !"rea!s ;ui!e seriously) "e "ad no! belie%ed !"a!) ("en i! 'a&e !o !"e 6oin!) !"e .#H#*# (ould e%er do any!"ing# ,o( !"a! i! loo7ed as !"oug" !"e !"rea!s (ere really !o be ul illed) 5ernard (as a66alled# $ !"a! i&agined s!oi'is&) !"a! !"eore!i'al 'ourage) no! a !ra'e (as le !# He raged agains! "i&sel >("a! a oolF>agains! !"e .ire'!or>"o( un air no! !o gi%e "i& !"a! o!"er '"an'e) !"a! o!"er '"an'e ("i'") "e no( "ad no doub! a! all) "e "ad al(ays in!ended !o !a7e# And 0'eland) 0'eland @ Lenina s"oo7 "er "ead# 92as and (ill &a7e &e ill)9 s"e ;Uo!ed) 90 !a7e a gra&&e and only a&#9 0n !"e end s"e 6ersuaded "i& !o s(allo( our !able!s o soma # :i%e &inu!es la!er roo!s and rui!s (ere abolis"ed? !"e lo(er o !"e 6resen! rosily blosso&ed# A &essage ro& !"e 6or!er announ'ed !"a!) a! !"e 2arden3s orders) a -eser%a!ion 1uard "ad 'o&e round (i!" a 6lane and (as (ai!ing on !"e roo o !"e "o!el# T"ey (en! u6 a! on'e# An o'!oroon in 1a&&a-green uni or& salu!ed and 6ro'eeded !o re'i!e !"e &orning3s 6rogra&&e# A bird3s-eye %ie( o !en or a do8en o !"e 6rin'i6al 6ueblos) !"en a landing or lun'" in !"e %alley o 4al6ais# T"e res!-"ouse (as 'o& or!able !"ere) and u6 a! !"e 6ueblo !"e sa%ages (ould 6robably be 'elebra!ing !"eir su&&er es!i%al# 0! (ould be !"e bes! 6la'e !o s6end !"e nig"!# T"ey !oo7 !"eir sea!s in !"e 6lane and se! o # Ten &inu!es la!er !"ey (ere 'rossing


!"e ron!ier !"a! se6ara!ed 'i%ili8a!ion ro& sa%agery# U6"ill and do(n) a'ross !"e deser!s o sal! or sand) !"roug" ores!s) in!o !"e %iole! de6!" o 'anyons) o%er 'rag and 6ea7 and !able-!o66ed &esa) !"e en'e &ar'"ed on and on) irresis!ibly !"e s!raig"! line) !"e geo&e!ri'al sy&bol o !riu&6"an! "u&an 6ur6ose# And a! i!s oo!) "ere and !"ere) a &osai' o ("i!e bones) a s!ill unro!!ed 'ar'ase dar7 on !"e !a(ny ground &ar7ed !"e 6la'e ("ere deer or s!eer) 6u&a or 6or'u6ine or 'oyo!e) or !"e greedy !ur7ey bu88ards dra(n do(n by !"e ("i o 'arrion and ul&ina!ed as !"oug" by a 6oe!i' <us!i'e) "ad 'o&e !oo 'lose !o !"e des!roying (ires# 9T"ey ne%er learn)9 said !"e green-uni or&ed 6ilo!) 6oin!ing do(n a! !"e s7ele!ons on !"e ground belo( !"e&# 9And !"ey ne%er (ill learn)9 "e added and laug"ed) as !"oug" "e "ad so&e"o( s'ored a 6ersonal !riu&6" o%er !"e ele'!ro'u!ed ani&als# 5ernard also laug"ed? a !er !(o gra&&es o soma !"e <o7e see&ed) or so&e reason) good# Laug"ed and !"en) al&os! i&&edia!ely) dro66ed o !o slee6) and slee6ing (as 'arried o%er Taos and Tesu;ue? o%er ,a&be and Di'uris and Do<oa;ue) o%er Sia and *o'"i!i) o%er Laguna and A'o&a and !"e +n'"an!ed 4esa) o%er RuSi and *ibola and $<o *alien!e) and (o7e a! las! !o ind !"e &a'"ine s!anding on !"e ground) Lenina 'arrying !"e sui!-'ases in!o a s&all s;uare "ouse) and !"e 1a&&a-green o'!oroon !al7ing in'o&6re"ensibly (i!" a young 0ndian# 94al6ais)9 ex6lained !"e 6ilo!) as 5ernard s!e66ed ou!# 9T"is is !"e res!-"ouse# And !"ere3s a dan'e !"is a !ernoon a! !"e 6ueblo# He3ll !a7e you !"ere#9 He 6oin!ed !o !"e sullen young sa%age# 9:unny) 0 ex6e'!#9 He grinned# 9+%ery!"ing !"ey do is unny#9 And (i!" !"a! "e 'li&bed in!o !"e 6lane and s!ar!ed u6 !"e engines# 95a'7 !o-&orro(# And re&e&ber)9 "e added reassuringly !o Lenina) 9!"ey3re 6er e'!ly !a&e? sa%ages (on3! do you any "ar&# T"ey3%e go! enoug" ex6erien'e o gas bo&bs !o 7no( !"a! !"ey &us!n3! 6lay any !ri'7s#9 S!ill laug"ing) "e !"re( !"e "eli'o6!er s're(s in!o gear) a''elera!ed) and (as gone#

Chapter Seven T H+ 4+SA (as li7e a s"i6 be'al&ed in a s!rai! o lion-'oloured dus!# T"e '"annel
(ound be!(een 6re'i6i!ous ban7s) and slan!ing ro& one (all !o !"e o!"er a'ross !"e %alley ran a s!rea7 o green-!"e ri%er and i!s ields# $n !"e 6ro( o !"a! s!one s"i6 in !"e 'en!re o !"e s!rai!) and see&ingly a 6ar! o i!) a s"a6ed and geo&e!ri'al ou!'ro6 o !"e na7ed ro'7) s!ood !"e 6ueblo o 4al6ais# 5lo'7 abo%e blo'7) ea'" s!ory s&aller !"an !"e one belo() !"e !all "ouses rose li7e s!e66ed and a&6u!a!ed 6yra&ids in!o !"e blue s7y# A! !"eir ee! lay a s!raggle o lo( buildings) a 'riss-'ross o (alls? and on !"ree sides !"e 6re'i6i'es ell s"eer in!o !"e 6lain# A e( 'olu&ns o s&o7e &oun!ed 6er6endi'ularly in!o !"e (indless air and (ere los!# 9Queer)9 said Lenina# 9Kery ;ueer#9 0! (as "er ordinary (ord o 'onde&na!ion# 90 don3! li7e i!# And 0 don3! li7e !"a! &an#9 S"e 6oin!ed !o !"e 0ndian guide ("o "ad been a66oin!ed !o !a7e !"e& u6 !o !"e 6ueblo# Her eeling (as e%iden!ly re'i6ro'a!ed? !"e %ery ba'7 o !"e &an) as "e (al7ed along be ore !"e&) (as "os!ile) sullenly 'on!e&6!uous# 95esides)9 s"e lo(ered "er %oi'e) 9"e s&ells#9 5ernard did no! a!!e&6! !o deny i!# T"ey (al7ed on#


Suddenly i! (as as !"oug" !"e ("ole air "ad 'o&e ali%e and (ere 6ulsing) 6ulsing (i!" !"e inde a!igable &o%e&en! o blood# U6 !"ere) in 4al6ais) !"e dru&s (ere being bea!en# T"eir ee! ell in (i!" !"e r"y!"& o !"a! &ys!erious "ear!? !"ey ;ui'7ened !"eir 6a'e# T"eir 6a!" led !"e& !o !"e oo! o !"e 6re'i6i'e# T"e sides o !"e grea! &esa s"i6 !o(ered o%er !"e&) !"ree "undred ee! !o !"e gun(ale# 90 (is" (e 'ould "a%e broug"! !"e 6lane)9 said Lenina) loo7ing u6 resen! ully a! !"e blan7 i&6ending ro'7- a'e# 90 "a!e (al7ing# And you eel so s&all ("en you3re on !"e ground a! !"e bo!!o& o a "ill#9 T"ey (al7ed along or so&e (ay in !"e s"ado( o !"e &esa) rounded a 6ro<e'!ion) and !"ere) in a (a!er-(orn ra%ine) (as !"e (ay u6 !"e 'o&6anion ladder# T"ey 'li&bed# 0! (as a %ery s!ee6 6a!" !"a! 8ig8agged ro& side !o side o !"e gully# So&e!i&es !"e 6ulsing o !"e dru&s (as all bu! inaudible) a! o!"ers !"ey see&ed !o be bea!ing only <us! round !"e 'orner# 2"en !"ey (ere "al -(ay u6) an eagle le( 6as! so 'lose !o !"e& !"a! !"e (ind o "is (ings ble( '"ill on !"eir a'es# 0n a 're%i'e o !"e ro'7 lay a 6ile o bones# 0! (as all o66ressi%ely ;ueer) and !"e 0ndian s&el! s!ronger and s!ronger# T"ey e&erged a! las! ro& !"e ra%ine in!o !"e ull sunlig"!# T"e !o6 o !"e &esa (as a la! de'7 o s!one# 9Li7e !"e *"aring-T To(er)9 (as Lenina3s 'o&&en!# 5u! s"e (as no! allo(ed !o en<oy "er dis'o%ery o !"is reassuring rese&blan'e or long# A 6adding o so ! ee! &ade !"e& !urn round# ,a7ed ro& !"roa! !o na%el) !"eir dar7 bro(n bodies 6ain!ed (i!" ("i!e lines (9li7e as6"al! !ennis 'our!s)9 Lenina (as la!er !o ex6lain)) !"eir a'es in"u&an (i!" daubings o s'arle!) bla'7 and o'"re) !(o 0ndians 'a&e running along !"e 6a!"# T"eir bla'7 "air (as braided (i!" ox ur and red lannel# *loa7s o !ur7ey ea!"ers lu!!ered ro& !"eir s"oulders? "uge ea!"er diade&s ex6loded gaudily round !"eir "eads# 2i!" e%ery s!e6 !"ey !oo7 'a&e !"e 'lin7 and ra!!le o !"eir sil%er bra'ele!s) !"eir "ea%y ne'7la'es o bone and !ur;uoise beads# T"ey 'a&e on (i!"ou! a (ord) running ;uie!ly in !"eir deers7in &o''asins# $ne o !"e& (as "olding a ea!"er brus"? !"e o!"er 'arried) in ei!"er "and) ("a! loo7ed a! a dis!an'e li7e !"ree or our 6ie'es o !"i'7 ro6e# $ne o !"e ro6es (ri!"ed uneasily) and suddenly Lenina sa( !"a! !"ey (ere sna7es# T"e &en 'a&e nearer and nearer? !"eir dar7 eyes loo7ed a! "er) bu! (i!"ou! gi%ing any sign o re'ogni!ion) any s&alles! sign !"a! !"ey "ad seen "er or (ere a(are o "er exis!en'e# T"e (ri!"ing sna7e "ung li&6 again (i!" !"e res!# T"e &en 6assed# 90 don3! li7e i!)9 said Lenina# 90 don3! li7e i!#9 S"e li7ed e%en less ("a! a(ai!ed "er a! !"e en!ran'e !o !"e 6ueblo) ("ere !"eir guide "ad le ! !"e& ("ile "e (en! inside or ins!ru'!ions# T"e dir!) !o s!ar! (i!") !"e 6iles o rubbis") !"e dus!) !"e dogs) !"e lies# Her a'e (rin7led u6 in!o a gri&a'e o disgus!# S"e "eld "er "and7er'"ie !o "er nose# 95u! "o( 'an !"ey li%e li7e !"isA9 s"e bro7e ou! in a %oi'e o indignan! in'reduli!y# (0! (asn3! 6ossible#) 5ernard s"rugged "is s"oulders 6"iloso6"i'ally# 9Any"o()9 "e said) 9!"ey3%e been


doing i! or !"e las! i%e or six !"ousand years# So 0 su66ose !"ey &us! be used !o i! by no(#9 95u! 'leanliness is nex! !o ordliness)9 s"e insis!ed# 9/es) and 'i%ili8a!ion is s!erili8a!ion)9 5ernard (en! on) 'on'luding on a !one o irony !"e se'ond "y6no6Hdi' lesson in ele&en!ary "ygiene# 95u! !"ese 6eo6le "a%e ne%er "eard o $ur :ord) and !"ey aren3! 'i%ili8ed# So !"ere3s no 6oin! in @9 9$"F9 S"e gri66ed "is ar&# 9Loo7#9 An al&os! na7ed 0ndian (as %ery slo(ly 'li&bing do(n !"e ladder ro& !"e irs!- loor !erra'e o a neig"boring "ouse>rung a !er rung) (i!" !"e !re&ulous 'au!ion o ex!re&e old age# His a'e (as 6ro oundly (rin7led and bla'7) li7e a &as7 o obsidian# T"e !oo!"less &ou!" "ad allen in# A! !"e 'orners o !"e li6s) and on ea'" side o !"e '"in) a e( long bris!les glea&ed al&os! ("i!e agains! !"e dar7 s7in# T"e long unbraided "air "ung do(n in grey (is6s round "is a'e# His body (as ben! and e&a'ia!ed !o !"e bone) al&os! les"less# Kery slo(ly "e 'a&e do(n) 6ausing a! ea'" rung be ore "e %en!ured ano!"er s!e6# 92"a!3s !"e &a!!er (i!" "i&A9 ("is6ered Lenina# Her eyes (ere (ide (i!" "orror and a&a8e&en!# 9He3s old) !"a!3s all)9 5ernard ans(ered as 'arelessly as "e 'ould# He !oo (as s!ar!led? bu! "e &ade an e or! !o see& un&o%ed# 9$ldA9 s"e re6ea!ed# 95u! !"e .ire'!or3s old? lo!s o 6eo6le are old? !"ey3re no! li7e !"a!#9 9T"a!3s be'ause (e don3! allo( !"e& !o be li7e !"a!# 2e 6reser%e !"e& ro& diseases# 2e 7ee6 !"eir in!ernal se're!ions ar!i i'ially balan'ed a! a you!" ul e;uilibriu&# 2e don3! 6er&i! !"eir &agnesiu&-'al'iu& ra!io !o all belo( ("a! i! (as a! !"ir!y# 2e gi%e !"e& !rans usion o young blood# 2e 7ee6 !"eir &e!abolis& 6er&anen!ly s!i&ula!ed# So) o 'ourse) !"ey don3! loo7 li7e !"a!# Dar!ly)9 "e added) 9be'ause &os! o !"e& die long be ore !"ey rea'" !"is old 'rea!ure3s age# /ou!" al&os! uni&6aired !ill six!y) and !"en) 'ra'7F !"e end#9 5u! Lenina (as no! lis!ening# S"e (as (a!'"ing !"e old &an# Slo(ly) slo(ly "e 'a&e do(n# His ee! !ou'"ed !"e ground# He !urned# 0n !"eir dee6-sun7en orbi!s "is eyes (ere s!ill ex!raordinarily brig"!# T"ey loo7ed a! "er or a long &o&en! ex6ressionlessly) (i!"ou! sur6rise) as !"oug" s"e "ad no! been !"ere a! all# T"en slo(ly) (i!" ben! ba'7 !"e old &an "obbled 6as! !"e& and (as gone# 95u! i!3s !errible)9 Lenina ("is6ered# 90!3s a( ul# 2e oug"! no! !o "a%e 'o&e "ere#9 S"e el! in "er 6o'7e! or "er soma >only !o dis'o%er !"a!) by so&e un6re'eden!ed o%ersig"!) s"e "ad le ! !"e bo!!le do(n a! !"e res!-"ouse# 5ernard3s 6o'7e!s (ere also e&6!y# Lenina (as le ! !o a'e !"e "orrors o 4al6ais unaided# T"ey 'a&e 'ro(ding in on "er !"i'7 and as!# T"e s6e'!a'le o !(o young (o&en gi%ing breas! !o !"eir babies &ade "er blus" and !urn a(ay "er a'e# S"e "ad ne%er seen any!"ing so inde'en! in "er li e# And ("a! &ade i! (orse (as !"a!) ins!ead o !a'! ully ignoring i!) 5ernard


6ro'eeded !o &a7e o6en 'o&&en!s on !"is re%ol!ingly %i%i6arous s'ene# As"a&ed) no( !"a! !"e e e'!s o !"e soma "ad (orn o ) o !"e (ea7ness "e "ad dis6layed !"a! &orning in !"e "o!el) "e (en! ou! o "is (ay !o s"o( "i&sel s!rong and unor!"odox# 92"a! a (onder ully in!i&a!e rela!ions"i6)9 "e said) delibera!ely ou!rageous# 9And ("a! an in!ensi!y o eeling i! &us! genera!eF 0 o !en !"in7 one &ay "a%e &issed so&e!"ing in no! "a%ing "ad a &o!"er# And 6er"a6s you3%e &issed so&e!"ing in no! being a &o!"er) Lenina# 0&agine yoursel si!!ing !"ere (i!" a li!!le baby o your o(n# @9 95ernardF Ho( 'an youA9 T"e 6assage o an old (o&an (i!" o6"!"al&ia and a disease o !"e s7in dis!ra'!ed "er ro& "er indigna!ion# 9Le!3s go a(ay)9 s"e begged# 90 don3! li7e i!#9 5u! a! !"is &o&en! !"eir guide 'a&e ba'7 and) be'7oning !"e& !o ollo() led !"e (ay do(n !"e narro( s!ree! be!(een !"e "ouses# T"ey rounded a 'orner# A dead dog (as lying on a rubbis" "ea6? a (o&an (i!" a goi!re (as loo7ing or li'e in !"e "air o a s&all girl# T"eir guide "al!ed a! !"e oo! o a ladder) raised "is "and 6er6endi'ularly) !"en dar!ed i! "ori8on!ally or(ard# T"ey did ("a! "e &u!ely 'o&&anded>'li&bed !"e ladder and (al7ed !"roug" !"e door(ay) !o ("i'" i! ga%e a''ess) in!o a long narro( roo&) ra!"er dar7 and s&elling o s&o7e and 'oo7ed grease and long-(orn) long-un(as"ed 'lo!"es# A! !"e ur!"er end o !"e roo& (as ano!"er door(ay) !"roug" ("i'" 'a&e a s"a ! o surdig"! and !"e noise) %ery loud and 'lose) o !"e dru&s# T"ey s!e66ed a'ross !"e !"res"old and ound !"e&sel%es on a (ide !erra'e# 5elo( !"e&) s"u! in by !"e !all "ouses) (as !"e %illage s;uare) 'ro(ded (i!" 0ndians# 5rig"! blan7e!s) and ea!"ers in bla'7 "air) and !"e glin! o !ur;uoise) and dar7 s7ins s"ining (i!" "ea!# Lenina 6u! "er "and7er'"ie !o "er nose again# 0n !"e o6en s6a'e a! !"e 'en!re o !"e s;uare (ere !(o 'ir'ular 6la! or&s o &asonry and !ra&6led 'lay>!"e roo s) i! (as e%iden!) o underground '"a&bers? or in !"e 'en!re o ea'" 6la! or& (as an o6en "a!'"(ay) (i!" a ladder e&erging ro& !"e lo(er dar7ness# A sound o sub!erranean lu!e 6laying 'a&e u6 and (as al&os! los! in !"e s!eady re&orseless 6ersis!en'e o !"e dru&s# Lenina li7ed !"e dru&s# S"u!!ing "er eyes s"e abandoned "ersel !o !"eir so ! re6ea!ed !"under) allo(ed i! !o in%ade "er 'ons'iousness &ore and &ore 'o&6le!ely) !ill a! las! !"ere (as no!"ing le ! in !"e (orld bu! !"a! one dee6 6ulse o sound# 0! re&inded "er reassuringly o !"e syn!"e!i' noises &ade a! Solidari!y Ser%i'es and :ord3s .ay 'elebra!ions# 9$rgy-6orgy)9 s"e ("is6ered !o "ersel # T"ese dru&s bea! ou! <us! !"e sa&e r"y!"&s# T"ere (as a sudden s!ar!ling burs! o singing>"undreds o &ale %oi'es 'rying ou! ier'ely in "ars" &e!alli' unison# A e( long no!es and silen'e) !"e !"underous silen'e o !"e dru&s? !"en s"rill) in a neig"ing !reble) !"e (o&en3s ans(er# T"en again !"e dru&s? and on'e &ore !"e &en3s dee6 sa%age a ir&a!ion o !"eir &an"ood# Queer>yes# T"e 6la'e (as ;ueer) so (as !"e &usi') so (ere !"e 'lo!"es and !"e


goi!res and !"e s7in diseases and !"e old 6eo6le# 5u! !"e 6er or&an'e i!sel >!"ere see&ed !o be no!"ing s6e'ially ;ueer abou! !"a!# 90! re&inds &e o a lo(er-'as!e *o&&uni!y Sing)9 s"e !old 5ernard# 5u! a li!!le la!er i! (as re&inding "er a good deal less o !"a! inno'uous un'!ion# :or suddenly !"ere "ad s(ar&ed u6 ro& !"ose round '"a&bers un!erground a g"as!ly !roo6 o &ons!ers# Hideously &as7ed or 6ain!ed ou! o all se&blan'e o "u&ani!y) !"ey "ad !ra&6ed ou! a s!range li&6ing dan'e round !"e s;uare? round and again round) singing as !"ey (en!) round and round>ea'" !i&e a li!!le as!er? and !"e dru&s "ad '"anged and ;ui'7ened !"eir r"y!"&) so !"a! i! be'a&e li7e !"e 6ulsing o e%er in !"e ears? and !"e 'ro(d "ad begun !o sing (i!" !"e dan'ers) louder and louder? and irs! one (o&an "ad s"rie7ed) and !"en ano!"er and ano!"er) as !"oug" !"ey (ere being 7illed? and !"en suddenly !"e leader o !"e dan'ers bro7e ou! o !"e line) ran !o a big (ooden '"es! ("i'" (as s!anding a! one end o !"e s;uare) raised !"e lid and 6ulled ou! a 6air o bla'7 sna7es# A grea! yell (en! u6 ro& !"e 'ro(d) and all !"e o!"er dan'ers ran !o(ards "i& (i!" ou!-s!re!'"ed "ands# He !ossed !"e sna7es !o !"e irs!-'o&ers) !"en di66ed ba'7 in!o !"e '"es! or &ore# 4ore and &ore) bla'7 sna7es and bro(n and &o!!led-"e lung !"e& ou!# And !"en !"e dan'e began again on a di eren! r"y!"&# -ound and round !"ey (en! (i!" !"eir sna7es) sna7ily) (i!" a so ! undula!ing &o%e&en! a! !"e 7nees and "i6s# -ound and round# T"en !"e leader ga%e a signal) and one a !er ano!"er) all !"e sna7es (ere lung do(n in !"e &iddle o !"e s;uare? an old &an 'a&e u6 ro& underground and s6rin7led !"e& (i!" 'orn &eal) and ro& !"e o!"er "a!'"(ay 'a&e a (o&an and s6rin7led !"e& (i!" (a!er ro& a bla'7 <ar# T"en !"e old &an li !ed "is "and and) s!ar!ingly) !erri yingly) !"ere (as absolu!e silen'e# T"e dru&s s!o66ed bea!ing) li e see&ed !o "a%e 'o&e !o an end# T"e old &an 6oin!ed !o(ards !"e !(o "a!'"(ays !"a! ga%e en!ran'e !o !"e lo(er (orld# And slo(ly) raised by in%isible "ands ro& belo() !"ere e&erged ro& !"e one a 6ain!ed i&age o an eagle) ro& !"e o!"er !"a! o a &an) na7ed) and nailed !o a 'ross# T"ey "ung !"ere) see&ingly sel -sus!ained) as !"oug" (a!'"ing# T"e old &an 'la66ed "is "ands# ,a7ed bu! or a ("i!e 'o!!on bree'"-'lo!") a boy o abou! eig"!een s!e66ed ou! o !"e 'ro(d and s!ood be ore "i&) "is "ands 'rossed o%er "is '"es!) "is "ead bo(ed# T"e old &an &ade !"e sign o !"e 'ross o%er "i& and !urned a(ay# Slo(ly) !"e boy began !o (al7 round !"e (ri!"ing "ea6 o sna7es# He "ad 'o&6le!ed !"e irs! 'ir'ui! and (as "al -(ay !"roug" !"e se'ond ("en) ro& a&ong !"e dan'ers) a !all &an (earing !"e &as7 o a 'oyo!e and "olding in "is "and a ("i6 o 6lai!ed lea!"er) ad%an'ed !o(ards "i&# T"e boy &o%ed on as !"oug" una(are o !"e o!"er3s exis!en'e# T"e 'oyo!e-&an raised "is ("i6) !"ere (as a long &o&en! a ex6e'!an'y) !"en a s(i ! &o%e&en!) !"e ("is!le o !"e las" and i!s loud la!-sounding i&6a'! on !"e !es"# T"e boy3s body ;ui%ered? bu! "e &ade no sound) "e (al7ed on a! !"e sa&e slo() s!eady 6a'e# T"e 'oyo!e s!ru'7 again) again? and a! e%ery blo( a! irs! a gas6) and !"en a dee6 groan (en! u6 ro& !"e 'ro(d# T"e boy (al7ed# T(i'e) !"ri'e) our !i&es round "e (en!# T"e blood (as s!rea&ing# :i%e !i&es round) six !i&es round# Suddenly Lenina 'o%ered "er a'e s"is" "er "ands and began !o sob# 9$") s!o6 !"e&) s!o6 !"e&F9 s"e i&6lored# 5u! !"e ("i6 ell and ell inexorably# Se%en !i&es round# T"en all a! on'e !"e boy s!aggered and) s!ill (i!"ou! a sound) 6i!'"ed or(ard on !o "is a'e# 5ending o%er "i&) !"e old &an !ou'"ed "is ba'7 (i!" a long ("i!e ea!"er) "eld i! u6 or a &o&en!) 'ri&son) or !"e 6eo6le !o see !"en s"oo7 i! !"ri'e


o%er !"e sna7es# A e( dro6s ell) and suddenly !"e dru&s bro7e ou! again in!o a 6ani' o "urrying no!es? !"ere (as a grea! s"ou!# T"e dan'ers rus"ed or(ard) 6i'7ed u6 !"e sna7es and ran ou! o !"e s;uare# 4en) (o&en) '"ildren) all !"e 'ro(d ran a !er !"e&# A &inu!e la!er !"e s;uare (as e&6!y) only !"e boy re&ained) 6rone ("ere "e "ad allen) ;ui!e s!ill# T"ree old (o&en 'a&e ou! o one o !"e "ouses) and (i!" so&e di i'ul!y li !ed "i& and 'arried "i& in# T"e eagle and !"e &an on !"e 'ross 7e6! guard or a li!!le ("ile o%er !"e e&6!y 6ueblo? !"en) as !"oug" !"ey "ad seen enoug") san7 slo(ly do(n !"roug" !"eir "a!'"(ays) ou! o sig"!) in!o !"e ne!"er (orld# Lenina (as s!ill sobbing# 9Too a( ul)9 s"e 7e6! re6ea!ing) and all 5ernard3s 'onsola!ions (ere in %ain# 9Too a( ulF T"a! bloodF9 S"e s"uddered# 9$") 0 (is" 0 "ad &y soma #9 T"ere (as !"e sound o ee! in !"e inner roo&# Lenina did no! &o%e) bu! sa! (i!" "er a'e in "er "ands) unseeing) a6ar!# $nly 5ernard !urned round# T"e dress o !"e young &an ("o no( s!e66ed ou! on !o !"e !erra'e (as 0ndian? bu! "is 6lai!ed "air (as s!ra(-'oloured) "is eyes a 6ale blue) and "is s7in a ("i!e s7in) bron8ed# 9Hullo# 1ood-&orro()9 said !"e s!ranger) in aul!less bu! 6e'uliar +nglis"# 9/ou3re 'i%ili8ed) aren3! youA /ou 'o&e ro& !"e $!"er Dla'e) ou!side !"e -eser%a!ionA9 92"o on ear!" @ A9 5ernard began in as!onis"&en!# T"e young &an sig"ed and s"oo7 "is "ead# 9A &os! un"a66y gen!le&an#9 And) 6oin!ing !o !"e bloods!ains in !"e 'en!re o !"e s;uare) 9.o you see !"a! da&ned s6o!A9 "e as7ed in a %oi'e !"a! !re&bled (i!" e&o!ion# 9A gra&&e is be!!er !"an a da&n)9 said Lenina &e'"ani'ally ro& be"ind "er "ands# 90 (is" 0 "ad &y soma F9 9 3 oug"! !o "a%e been !"ere)9 !"e young &an (en! on# 92"y (ouldn3! !"ey le! &e be !"e sa'ri i'eA 03d "a%e gone round !en !i&es>!(el%e) i !een# Dalo("!i(a only go! as ar as se%en# T"ey 'ould "a%e "ad !(i'e as &u'" blood ro& &e# T"e &ul!i!udinous seas in'arnadine#9 He lung ou! "is ar&s in a la%is" ges!ure? !"en) des6airingly) le! !"e& all again# 95u! !"ey (ouldn3! le! &e# T"ey disli7ed &e or &y 'o&6lexion# 0!3s al(ays been li7e !"a!# Al(ays#9 Tears s!ood in !"e young &an3s eyes? "e (as as"a&ed and !urned a(ay# As!onis"&en! &ade Lenina orge! !"e de6ri%a!ion o soma # S"e un'o%ered "er a'e and) or !"e irs! !i&e) loo7ed a! !"e s!ranger# 9.o you &ean !o say !"a! you &anted !o be "i! (i!" !"a! ("i6A9 S!ill a%er!ed ro& "er) !"e young &an &ade a sign o a ir&a!ion# 9:or !"e sa7e o !"e 6ueblo>!o &a7e !"e rain 'o&e and !"e 'orn gro(# And !o 6lease Doo7ong and =esus# And !"en !o s"o( !"a! 0 'an bear 6ain (i!"ou! 'rying ou!# /es)9 and "is %oi'e suddenly !oo7 on a ne( resonan'e) "e !urned (i!" a 6roud s;uaring o !"e s"oulders) a 6roud) de ian! li !ing o !"e '"in 9!o s"o( !"a! 03& a &an @ $"F9 He ga%e a gas6 and (as silen!) ga6ing# He "ad seen) or !"e irs! !i&e in "is li e) !"e


a'e o a girl ("ose '"ee7s (ere no! !"e 'olour o '"o'ola!e or dogs7in) ("ose "air (as auburn and 6er&anen!ly (a%ed) and ("ose ex6ression (a&a8ing no%el!yF) (as one o bene%olen! in!eres!# Lenina (as s&iling a! "i&? su'" a ni'e-loo7ing boy) s"e (as !"in7ing) and a really beau!i ul body# T"e blood rus"ed u6 in!o !"e young &an3s a'e? "e dro66ed "is eyes) raised !"e& again or a &o&en! only !o ind "er s!ill s&iling a! "i&) and (as so &u'" o%er'o&e !"a! "e "ad !o !urn a(ay and 6re!end !o be loo7ing %ery "ard a! so&e!"ing on !"e o!"er side o !"e s;uare# 5ernard3s ;ues!ions &ade a di%ersion# 2"oA Ho(A 2"enA :ro& ("ereA Mee6ing "is eyes ixed on 5ernard3s a'e ( or so 6assiona!ely did "e long !o see Lenina s&iling !"a! "e si&6ly dared no! loo7 a! "er)) !"e young &an !ried !o ex6lain "i&sel # Linda and "e>Linda (as "is &o!"er (!"e (ord &ade Lenina loo7 un'o& or!able)>(ere s!rangers in !"e -eser%a!ion# Linda "ad 'o&e ro& !"e $!"er Dla'e long ago) be ore "e (as born) (i!" a &an ("o (as "is a!"er# (5ernard 6ri'7ed u6 "is ears#) S"e "ad gone (al7ing alone in !"ose &oun!ains o%er !"ere !o !"e ,or!") "ad allen do(n a s!ee6 6la'e and "ur! "er "ead# (91o on) go on)9 said 5ernard ex'i!edly#) So&e "un!ers ro& 4al6ais "ad ound "er and broug"! "er !o !"e 6ueblo# As or !"e &an ("o (as "is a!"er) Linda "ad ne%er seen "i& again# His na&e (as To&a7in# (/es) 9T"o&as9 (as !"e .#H#*#3s irs! na&e#) He &us! "a%e lo(n a(ay) ba'7 !o !"e $!"er Dla'e) a(ay (i!"ou! "er>a bad) un7ind) unna!ural &an# 9And so 0 (as born in 4al6ais)9 "e 'on'luded# 90n 4al6ais#9 And "e s"oo7 "is "ead# T"e s;ualor o !"a! li!!le "ouse on !"e ou!s7ir!s o !"e 6uebloF A s6a'e o dus! and rubbis" se6ara!ed i! ro& !"e %illage# T(o a&ine-s!ri'7en dogs (ere nosing obs'enely in !"e garbage a! i!s door# 0nside) ("en !"ey en!ered) !"e !(ilig"! s!an7 and (as loud (i!" lies# 9LindaF9 !"e young &an 'alled# :ro& !"e inner roo& a ra!"er "oarse e&ale %oi'e said) 9*o&ing#9 T"ey (ai!ed# 0n bo(ls on !"e loor (ere !"e re&ains o a &eal) 6er"a6s o se%eral &eals# T"e door o6ened# A %ery s!ou! blonde s;ua( s!e66ed a'ross !"e !"res"old and s!ood loo7ing a! !"e s!rangers s!aring in'redulously) "er &ou!" o6en# Lenina no!i'ed (i!" disgus! !"a! !(o o !"e ron! !ee!" (ere &issing# And !"e 'olour o !"e ones !"a! re&ained @ S"e s"uddered# 0! (as (orse !"an !"e old &an# So a!# And all !"e lines in "er a'e) !"e labbiness) !"e (rin7les# And !"e sagging '"ee7s) (i!" !"ose 6ur6lis" blo!'"es# And !"e red %eins on "er nose) !"e bloods"o! eyes# And !"a! ne'7>!"a! ne'7? and !"e blan7e! s"e (ore o%er "er "ead>ragged and il!"y# And under !"e bro(n sa'7-s"a6ed !uni' !"ose enor&ous breas!s) !"e bulge o !"e s!o&a'") !"e "i6s# $") &u'" (orse !"an !"e old &an) &u'" (orseF And suddenly !"e 'rea!ure burs! ou! in a !orren! o s6ee'") rus"ed a! "er (i!" ou!s!re!'"ed ar&s and>:ordF :ordF i! (as !oo re%ol!ing) in ano!"er &o&en! s"e3d be si'7>6ressed "er agains! !"e bulge) !"e boso&) and began !o 7iss "er# :ordF !o ,iss ) slobberingly) and s&el! !oo "orrible) ob%iously ne%er "ad a ba!") and si&6ly ree7ed o !"a! beas!ly s!u !"a! (as 6u! in!o .el!a and +6silon bo!!les (no) i! (asn3! !rue abou! 5ernard)) 6osi!i%ely s!an7 o al'o"ol# S"e bro7e a(ay as ;ui'7ly as s"e 'ould#


A blubbered and dis!or!ed a'e 'on ron!ed "er? !"e 'rea!ure (as 'rying# 9$") &y dear) &y dear#9 T"e !orren! o (ords lo(ed sobbingly# 90 you 7ne( "o( glad>a !er all !"ese yearsF A 'i%ili8ed a'e# /es) and 'i%ili8ed 'lo!"es# 5e'ause 0 !"oug"! 0 s"ould ne%er see a 6ie'e o real a'e!a!e sil7 again#9 S"e ingered !"e slee%e o Lenina3s s"ir!# T"e nails (ere bla'7# 9And !"ose adorable %is'ose %el%e!een s"or!sF .o you 7no() dear) 03%e s!ill go! &y old 'lo!"es) !"e ones 0 'a&e in) 6u! a(ay in a box# 03ll s"o( !"e& you a !er(ards# T"oug") o 'ourse) !"e a'e!a!e "as all gone in!o "oles# 5u! su'" a lo%ely ("i!e bandolier>!"oug" 0 &us! say your green &oro''o is e%en lo%elier# ,o! !"a! i! did me &u'" good) !"a! bandolier#9 Her !ears began !o lo( again# 90 su66ose =o"n !old you# 2"a! 0 "ad !o su er>and no! a gra&&e o soma !o be "ad# $nly a drin7 o mescal e%ery no( and !"en) ("en Do6Q used !o bring i!# Do6Q is a boy 0 used !o 7no(# 5u! i! &a7es you eel so bad a !er(ards# !"e mescal does) and you3re si'7 (i!" !"e peyotl ? besides i! al(ays &ade !"a! a( ul eeling o being as"a&ed &u'" (orse !"e nex! day# And 0 (as so as"a&ed# =us! !"in7 o i!C &e) a 5e!a>"a%ing a babyC 6u! yoursel in &y 6la'e#9 (T"e &ere sugges!ion &ade Lenina s"udder#) 9T"oug" i! (asn3! &y aul!) 0 s(ear? be'ause 0 s!ill don3! 7no( "o( i! "a66ened) seeing !"a! 0 did all !"e 4al!"usian .rill>you 7no() by nu&bers) $ne) !(o) !"ree) our) al(ays) 0 s(ear i!? bu! all !"e sa&e i! "a66ened) and o 'ourse !"ere (asn3! any!"ing li7e an Abor!ion *en!re "ere# 0s i! s!ill do(n in *"elsea) by !"e (ayA9 s"e as7ed# Lenina nodded# 9And s!ill loodlig"!ed on Tuesdays and :ridaysA9 Lenina nodded again# 9T"a! lo%ely 6in7 glass !o(erF9 Door Linda li !ed "er a'e and (i!" 'losed eyes e's!a!i'ally 'on!e&6la!ed !"e brig"! re&e&bered i&age# 9And !"e ri%er a! nig"!)9 s"e ("is6ered# 1rea! !ears oo8ed slo(ly ou! ro& be"ind "er !ig"!-s"u! eyelids# 9And lying ba'7 in !"e e%ening ro& S!o7e Doges# And !"en a "o! ba!" and %ibro-%a'uu& &assage @ 5u! !"ere#9 S"e dre( a dee6 brea!") s"oo7 "er "ead) o6ened "er eyes again) sni ed on'e or !(i'e) !"en ble( "er nose on "er ingers and (i6ed !"e& on !"e s7ir! o "er !uni'# 9$") 03& so sorry)9 s"e said in res6onse !o Lenina3s in%olun!ary gri&a'e o disgus!# 90 oug"!n3! !o "a%e done !"a!# 03& sorry# 5u! ("a! are you !o do ("en !"ere aren3! any "and7er'"ie sA 0 re&e&ber "o( i! used !o u6se! &e) all !"a! dir!) and no!"ing being ase6!i'# 0 "ad an a( ul 'u! on &y "ead ("en !"ey irs! broug"! &e "ere# /ou 'an3! i&agine ("a! !"ey used !o 6u! on i!# :il!") <us! il!"# 3*i%ili8a!ion is S!erili8a!ion)3 0 used !o say ! !"e&# And 3S!re6!o'o'7-1ee !o 5anbury-T) !o see a ine ba!"roo& and 2#*#3 as !"oug" !"ey (ere '"ildren# 5u! o 'ourse !"ey didn3! unders!and# Ho( s"ould !"eyA And in !"e end 0 su66ose 0 go! used !o i!# And any"o() "o( can you 7ee6 !"ings 'lean ("en !"ere isn3! "o! (a!er laid onA And loo7 a! !"ese 'lo!"es# T"is beas!ly (ool isn3! li7e a'e!a!e# 0! las!s and las!s# And you3re su66osed !o &end i! i i! ge!s !orn# 5u! 03& a 5e!a? 0 (or7ed in !"e :er!ili8ing -oo&? nobody e%er !aug"! &e !o do any!"ing li7e !"a!# 0! (asn3! &y business# 5esides) i! ne%er used !o be rig"! !o &end 'lo!"es# T"ro( !"e& a(ay ("en !"ey3%e go! "oles in !"e& and buy ne(# 3T"e &ore s!i'"es) !"e less ri'"es#3 0sn3! !"a! rig"!A 4ending3s an!i-so'ial# 5u! i!3s all di eren! "ere# 0!3s li7e li%ing (i!" luna!i's# +%ery!"ing !"ey do is &ad#9 S"e loo7ed round? sa( =o"n and 5ernard "ad le ! !"e& and (ere (al7ing u6 and do(n in !"e dus! and garbage ou!side !"e "ouse? bu!) none !"e less 'on iden!ially lo(ering "er %oi'e) and leaning) ("ile Lenina s!i ened and s"ran7) so 'lose !"a! !"e blo(n ree7 o e&bryo-6oison s!irred !"e "air on "er '"ee7# 9:or ins!an'e)9 s"e "oarsely ("is6ered) 9!a7e !"e (ay


!"ey "a%e one ano!"er "ere# 4ad) 0 !ell you) absolu!ely &ad# +%erybody belongs !o e%ery one else>don3! !"eyA don3! !"eyA9 s"e insis!ed) !ugging a! Lenina3s slee%e# Lenina nodded "er a%er!ed "ead) le! ou! !"e brea!" s"e "ad been "olding and &anaged !o dra( ano!"er one) rela!i%ely un!ain!ed# 92ell) "ere)9 !"e o!"er (en! on) 9nobody3s su66osed !o belong !o &ore !"an one 6erson# And i you "a%e 6eo6le in !"e ordinary (ay) !"e o!"ers !"in7 you3re (i'7ed and an!i-so'ial# T"ey "a!e and des6ise you# $n'e a lo! o (o&en 'a&e and &ade a s'ene be'ause !"eir &en 'a&e !o see &e# 2ell) ("y no!A And !"en !"ey rus"ed a! &e @ ,o) i! (as !oo a( ul# 0 'an3! !ell you abou! i!#9 Linda 'o%ered "er a'e (i!" "er "ands and s"uddered# 9T"ey3re so "a!e ul) !"e (o&en "ere# 4ad) &ad and 'ruel# And o 'ourse !"ey don3! 7no( any!"ing abou! 4al!"usian .rill) or bo!!les) or de'an!ing) or any!"ing o !"a! sor!# So !"ey3re "a%ing '"ildren all !"e !i&e>li7e dogs# 0!3s !oo re%ol!ing# And !o !"in7 !"a! 0 @ $") :ord) :ord) :ordF And ye! =o"n &as a grea! 'o& or! !o &e# 0 don3! 7no( ("a! 0 s"ould "a%e done (i!"ou! "i&# +%en !"oug" "e did ge! so u6se! ("ene%er a &an @ Qui!e as a !iny boy) e%en# $n'e (bu! !"a! (as ("en "e (as bigger) "e !ried !o 7ill 6oor 2ai"usi(a>or (as i! Do6QA><us! be'ause 0 used !o "a%e !"e& so&e!i&es# 5e'ause 0 ne%er 'ould &a7e "i& unders!and !"a! !"a! (as ("a! 'i%ili8ed 6eo6le oug"! !o do# 5eing &ad3s in e'!ious 0 belie%e# Any"o() =o"n see&s !o "a%e 'aug"! i! ro& !"e 0ndians# 5e'ause) o 'ourse) "e (as (i!" !"e& a lo!# +%en !"oug" !"ey al(ays (ere so beas!ly !o "i& and (ouldn3! le! "i& do all !"e !"ings !"e o!"er boys did# 2"i'" (as a good !"ing in a (ay) be'ause i! &ade i! easier or &e !o 'ondi!ion "i& a li!!le# T"oug" you3%e no idea "o( di i'ul! !"a! is# T"ere3s so &u'" one doesn3! 7no(? i! (asn3! &y business !o 7no(# 0 &ean) ("en a '"ild as7s you "o( a "eli'o6!er (or7s or ("o &ade !"e (orld>(ell) ("a! are you !o ans(er i you3re a 5e!a and "a%e al(ays (or7ed in !"e :er!ili8ing -oo&A 2"a! are you !o ans(erA9

Chapter Eight $ UTS0.+) in !"e dus! and a&ong !"e garbage (!"ere (ere our dogs no()) 5ernard
and =o"n (ere (al7ing slo(ly u6 and do(n# 9So "ard or &e !o reali8e)9 5ernard (as saying) 9!o re'ons!ru'!# As !"oug" (e (ere li%ing on di eren! 6lane!s) in di eren! 'en!uries# A &o!"er) and all !"is dir!) and gods) and old age) and disease @9 He s"oo7 "is "ead# 90!3s al&os! in'on'ei%able# 0 s"all ne%er unders!and) unless you ex6lain#9 9+x6lain ("a!A9 9T"is#9 He indi'a!ed !"e 6ueblo# 9T"a!#9 And i! (as !"e li!!le "ouse ou!side !"e %illage# 9+%ery!"ing# All your li e#9 95u! ("a! is !"ere !o sayA9 9:ro& !"e beginning# As ar ba'7 as you 'an re&e&ber#9 9As ar ba'7 as 0 'an re&e&ber#9 =o"n ro(ned# T"ere (as a long silen'e# 0! (as %ery "o!# T"ey "ad ea!en a lo! o !or!illas and s(ee! 'orn# Linda said) 9*o&e and lie do(n) 5aby#9 T"ey lay do(n !oge!"er in !"e big bed# 9Sing)9 and Linda sang# Sang 9S!re6!o'o'7-1ee !o 5anbury-T9 and 95ye 5aby 5an!ing) soon you3ll need de'an!ing#9 Her %oi'e go! ain!er and ain!er @


T"ere (as a loud noise) and "e (o7e (i!" a s!ar!# A &an (as saying so&e!"ing !o Linda) and Linda (as laug"ing# S"e "ad 6ulled !"e blan7e! u6 !o "er '"in) bu! !"e &an 6ulled i! do(n again# His "air (as li7e !(o bla'7 ro6es) and round "is ar& (as a lo%ely sil%er bra'ele! (i!" blue s!ones in i!# He li7ed !"e bra'ele!? bu! all !"e sa&e) "e (as rig"!ened? "e "id "is a'e agains! Linda3s body# Linda 6u! "er "and on "i& and "e el! sa er# 0n !"ose o!"er (ords "e did no! unders!and so (ell) s"e said !o !"e &an) 9,o! (i!" =o"n "ere#9 T"e &an loo7ed a! "i&) !"en again a! Linda) and said a e( (ords in a so ! %oi'e# Linda said) 9,o#9 5u! !"e &an ben! o%er !"e bed !o(ards "i& and "is a'e (as "uge) !errible? !"e bla'7 ro6es o "air !ou'"ed !"e blan7e!# 9,o)9 Linda said again) and "e el! "er "and s;uee8ing "i& &ore !ig"!ly# 9,o) noF9 5u! !"e &an !oo7 "old o one o "is ar&s) and i! "ur!# He s'rea&ed# T"e &an 6u! u6 "is o!"er "and and li !ed "i& u6# Linda (as s!ill "olding "i&) s!ill saying) 9,o) no#9 T"e &an said so&e!"ing s"or! and angry) and suddenly "er "ands (ere gone# 9Linda) Linda#9 He 7i'7ed and (riggled? bu! !"e &an 'arried "i& a'ross !o !"e door) o6ened i!) 6u! "i& do(n on !"e loor in !"e &iddle o !"e o!"er roo&) and (en! a(ay) s"u!!ing !"e door be"ind "irn# He go! u6) "e ran !o !"e door# S!anding on !i6!oe "e 'ould <us! rea'" !"e big (ooden la!'"# He li !ed i! and 6us"ed? bu! !"e door (ouldn3! o6en# 9Linda)9 "e s"ou!ed# S"e didn3! ans(er# He re&e&bered a "uge roo&) ra!"er dar7? and !"ere (ere big (ooden !"ings (i!" s!rings as!ened !o !"e&) and lo!s o (o&en s!anding round !"e&>&a7ing blan7e!s) Linda said# Linda !old "i& !o si! in !"e 'orner (i!" !"e o!"er '"ildren) ("ile s"e (en! and "el6ed !"e (o&en# He 6layed (i!" !"e li!!le boys or a long !i&e# Suddenly 6eo6le s!ar!ed !al7ing %ery loud) and !"ere (ere !"e (o&en 6us"ing Linda a(ay) and Linda (as 'rying# S"e (en! !o !"e door and "e ran a !er "er# He as7ed "er ("y !"ey (ere angry# 95e'ause 0 bro7e so&e!"ing)9 s"e said# And !"en s"e go! angry !oo# 9Ho( s"ould 0 7no( "o( !o do !"eir beas!ly (ea%ingA9 s"e said# 95eas!ly sa%ages#9 He as7ed "er ("a! sa%ages (ere# 2"en !"ey go! ba'7 !o !"eir "ouse) Do6Q (as (ai!ing a! !"e door) and "e 'a&e in (i!" !"e&# He "ad a big gourd ull o s!u !"a! loo7ed li7e (a!er? only i! (asn3! (a!er) bu! so&e!"ing (i!" a bad s&ell !"a! burn! your &ou!" and &ade you 'oug"# Linda dran7 so&e and Do6Q dran7 so&e) and !"en Linda laug"ed a lo! and !al7ed %ery loud? and !"en s"e and Do6Q (en! in!o !"e o!"er roo&# 2"en Do6Q (en! a(ay) "e (en! in!o !"e roo&# Linda (as in bed and so as! aslee6 !"a! "e 'ouldn3! (a7e "er# Do6Q used !o 'o&e o !en# He said !"e s!u in !"e gourd (as 'alled mescal ? bu! Linda said i! oug"! !o be 'alled soma ? only i! &ade you eel ill a !er(ards# He "a!ed Do6Q# He "a!ed !"e& all>all !"e &en ("o 'a&e !o see Linda# $ne a !ernoon) ("en "e "ad been 6laying (i!" !"e o!"er '"ildren>i! (as 'old) "e re&e&bered) and !"ere (as sno( on !"e &oun!ains>"e 'a&e ba'7 !o !"e "ouse and "eard angry %oi'es in !"e bedroo&# T"ey (ere (o&en3s %oi'es) and !"ey said (ords "e didn3! unders!and) bu! "e 7ne( !"ey (ere dread ul (ords# T"en suddenly) 'ras"F so&e!"ing (as u6se!? "e "eard 6eo6le &o%ing abou! ;ui'7ly) and !"ere (as ano!"er 'ras" and !"en a noise li7e "i!!ing a &ule) only no! so bony? !"en Linda s'rea&ed# 9$") don3!) don3!) don3!F9 s"e said# He ran in# T"ere (ere !"ree (o&en in dar7 blan7e!s# Linda (as on !"e bed# $ne o !"e (o&en (as "olding "er (ris!s# Ano!"er (as lying a'ross "er legs) so !"a! s"e 'ouldn3! 7i'7# T"e !"ird (as "i!!ing "er (i!" a ("i6# $n'e) !(i'e) !"ree !i&es? and ea'" !i&e Linda s'rea&ed# *rying) "e !ugged a! !"e ringe o !"e (o&an3s blan7e!# 9Dlease) 6lease#9 2i!" "er ree "and s"e "eld "i& a(ay# T"e ("i6


'a&e do(n again) and again Linda s'rea&ed# He 'aug"! "old o !"e (o&an3s enor&ous bro(n "and be!(een "is o(n and bi! i! (i!" all "is &ig"!# S"e 'ried ou!) (ren'"ed "er "and ree) and ga%e "i& su'" a 6us" !"a! "e ell do(n# 2"ile "e (as lying on !"e ground s"e "i! "i& !"ree !i&es (i!" !"e ("i6# 0! "ur! &ore !"an any!"ing "e "ad e%er el!>li7e ire# T"e ("i6 ("is!led again) ell# 5u! !"is !i&e i! (as Linda ("o s'rea&ed# 95u! ("y did !"ey (an! !o "ur! you) LindaA33 "e as7ed !"a! nig"!# He (as 'rying) be'ause !"e red &ar7s o !"e ("i6 on "is ba'7 s!ill "ur! so !erribly# 5u! "e (as also 'rying be'ause 6eo6le (ere so beas!ly and un air) and be'ause "e (as only a li!!le boy and 'ouldn3! do any!"ing agains! !"e&# Linda (as 'rying !oo# S"e (as gro(n u6) bu! s"e (asn3! big enoug" !o ig"! agains! !"ree o !"e&# 0! (asn3! air or "er ei!"er# 92"y did !"ey (an! !o "ur! you) LindaA9 90 don3! 7no(# Ho( s"ould 0 7no(A9 0! (as di i'ul! !o "ear ("a! s"e said) be'ause s"e (as lying on "er s!o&a'" and "er a'e (as in !"e 6illo(# 9T"ey say !"ose &en are their &en)9 s"e (en! on? and s"e did no! see& !o be !al7ing !o "i& a! all? s"e see&ed !o be !al7ing (i!" so&e one inside "ersel # A long !al7 ("i'" s"e didn3! unders!and? and in !"e end s"e s!ar!ed 'rying louder !"an e%er# 9$") don3! 'ry) Linda# .on3! 'ry#9 He 6ressed "i&sel agains! "er# He 6u! "is ar& round "er ne'7# Linda 'ried ou!# 9$") be 'are ul# 4y s"oulderF $"F9 and s"e 6us"ed "i& a(ay) "ard# His "ead banged agains! !"e (all# 9Li!!le idio!F9 s"e s"ou!ed? and !"en) suddenly) s"e began !o sla6 "i&# Sla6) sla6 @ 9Linda)9 "e 'ried ou!# 9$") &o!"er) don3!F9 903& no! your &o!"er# 0 (on3! be your &o!"er#9 95u!) Linda @ $"F9 S"e sla66ed "i& on !"e '"ee7# 9Turned in!o a sa%age)9 s"e s"ou!ed# 9Ha%ing young ones li7e an ani&al @ 0 i! "adn3! been or you) 0 &ig"! "a%e gone !o !"e 0ns6e'!or) 0 &ig"! "a%e go! a(ay# 5u! no! (i!" a baby# T"a! (ould "a%e been !oo s"a&e ul#9 He sa( !"a! s"e (as going !o "i! "i& again) and li !ed "is ar& !o guard "is a'e# 9$") don3!) Linda) 6lease don3!#9 9Li!!le beas!F9 S"e 6ulled do(n "is ar&? "is a'e (as un'o%ered# 9.on3!) Linda#9 He s"u! "is eyes) ex6e'!ing !"e blo(# 5u! s"e didn3! "i! "i&# A !er a li!!le !i&e) "e o6ened "is eyes again and sa( !"a! s"e (as loo7ing a! "i&# He !ried !o s&ile a! "er# Suddenly s"e 6u! "er ar&s round "i& and 7issed "i& again and again# So&e!i&es) or se%eral days) Linda didn3! ge! u6 a! all# S"e lay in bed and (as sad# $r else s"e dran7 !"e s!u !"a! Do6Q broug"! and laug"ed a grea! deal and (en! !o slee6# So&e!i&es s"e (as si'7# $ !en s"e orgo! !o (as" "i&) and !"ere (as no!"ing !o ea! ex'e6! 'old !or!illas# He re&e&bered !"e irs! !i&e s"e ound !"ose li!!le ani&als in "is "air) "o( s"e s'rea&ed and s'rea&ed#


T"e "a66ies! !i&es (ere ("en s"e !old "i& a"ou! !"e $!"er Dla'e# 9And you really 'an go lying) ("ene%er you li7eA9 92"ene%er you li7e#9 And s"e (ould !ell "i& abou! !"e lo%ely &usi' !"a! 'a&e ou! o a box) and all !"e ni'e ga&es you 'ould 6lay) and !"e deli'ious !"ings !o ea! and drin7) and !"e lig"! !"a! 'a&e ("en you 6ressed a li!!le !"ing in !"e (all) asd !"e 6i'!ures !"a! you 'ould "ear and eel and s&ell) as (ell as see) and ano!"er box or &a7ing ni'e s&ells) and !"e 6in7 and green and blue and sil%er "ouses as "ig" as &oun!ains) and e%erybody "a66y and no one e%er sad or angry) and e%ery one belonging !o e%ery one else) and !"e boxes ("ere you 'ould see and "ear ("a! (as "a66ening a! !"e o!"er side o !"e (orld) and babies in lo%ely 'lean bo!!les>e%ery!"ing so 'lean) and no nas!y s&ells) no dir! a! all>and 6eo6le ne%er lonely) bu! li%ing !oge!"er and being so <olly and "a66y) li7e !"e su&&er dan'es "ere in 4al6ais) bu! &u'" "a66ier) and !"e "a66iness being !"ere e%ery day) e%ery day# @ He lis!ened by !"e "our# And so&e!i&es) ("en "e and !"e o!"er '"ildren (ere !ired (i!" !oo &u'" 6laying) one o !"e old &en o !"e 6ueblo (ould !al7 !o !"e&) in !"ose o!"er (ords) o !"e grea! Trans or&er o !"e 2orld) and o !"e long ig"! be!(een -ig"! Hand and Le ! Hand) be!(een 2e! and .ry? o A(ona(ilona) ("o &ade a grea! og by !"in7ing in !"e nig"!) and !"en &ade !"e ("ole (orld ou! o !"e og? o +ar!" 4o!"er and S7y :a!"er? o A"aiyu!a and 4arsaile&a) !"e !(ins o 2ar and *"an'e? o =esus and Doo7ong? o 4ary and +!sana!le"i) !"e (o&an ("o &a7es "ersel young again? o !"e 5la'7 S!one a! Laguna and !"e 1rea! +agle and $ur Lady o A'o&a# S!range s!ories) all !"e &ore (onder ul !o "i& or being !old in !"e o!"er (ords and so no! ully unders!ood# Lying in bed) "e (ould !"in7 o Hea%en and London and $ur Lady o A'o&a and !"e ro(s and ro(s o babies in 'lean bo!!les and =esus lying u6 and Linda lying u6 and !"e grea! .ire'!or o 2orld Ha!'"eries and A(ona(ilona# Lo!s o &en 'a&e !o see Linda# T"e boys began !o 6oin! !"eir ingers a! "i&# 0n !"e s!range o!"er (ords !"ey said !"a! Linda (as bad? !"ey 'alled "er na&es "e did no! unders!and) bu! !"a! "e 7ne( (ere bad na&es# $ne day !"ey sang a song abou! "er) again and again# He !"re( s!ones a! !"e&# T"ey !"re( ba'7? a s"ar6 s!one 'u! "is '"ee7# T"e blood (oudn3! s!o6? "e (as 'o%ered (i!" blood# Linda !aug"! "i& !o read# 2i!" a 6ie'e o '"ar'oal s"e dre( 6i'!ures on !"e (all>an ani&al si!!ing do(n) a baby inside a bo!!le? !"en s"e (ro!e le!!ers# TH+ *AT 0S $, TH+ 4AT# TH+ T$T 0S 0, TH+ D$T# He learned ;ui'7ly and easily# 2"en "e 7ne( "o( !o read all !"e (ords s"e (ro!e on !"e (all) Linda o6ened "er big (ooden box and 6ulled ou! ro& under !"ose unny li!!le red !rousers s"e ne%er (ore a !"in li!!le boo7# He "ad o !en seen i! be ore# 92"en you3re bigger)9 s"e "ad said) 9you 'an read i!#9 2ell) no( "e (as big enoug"# He (as 6roud# 903& a raid you (on3! ind i! %ery ex'i!ing)9 s"e said# 95u! i!3s !"e only !"ing 0 "a%e#9 S"e sig"ed# 90 only you 'ould see !"e lo%ely reading &a'"ines (e used !o "a%e in LondonF9 He began reading# %he 4hemical and Bacteriological 4onditioning of the 5mbryo # 6ractical 3nstructions for Beta 5mbryo72tore #or,ers # 0! !oo7 "i& a ;uar!er o an "our !o read !"e !i!le alone# He !"re( !"e boo7 on !"e loor# 95eas!ly) beas!ly boo7F9 "e said) and began !o 'ry# T"e boys s!ill sang !"eir "orrible song abou! Linda# So&e!i&es) !oo) !"ey laug"ed


a! "i& or being so ragged# 2"en "e !ore "is 'lo!"es) Linda did no! 7no( "o( !o &end !"e&# 0n !"e $!"er Dla'e) s"e !old "i&) 6eo6le !"re( a(ay 'lo!"es (i!" "oles in !"e& and go! ne( ones# 9-ags) ragsF9 !"e boys used !o s"ou! a! "i&# 95u! 0 'an read)9 "e said !o "i&sel ) 9and !"ey 'an3!# T"ey don3! e%en 7no( ("a! reading is#9 0! (as airly easy) i "e !"oug"! "ard enoug" abou! !"e reading) !o 6re!end !"a! "e didn3! &ind ("en !"ey &ade un o "i&# He as7ed Linda !o gi%e "i& !"e boo7 again# T"e &ore !"e boys 6oin!ed and sang) !"e "arder "e read# Soon "e 'ould read all !"e (ords ;ui!e (ell# +%en !"e longes!# 5u! ("a! did !"ey &eanA He as7ed Linda? bu! e%en ("en s"e 'ould ans(er i! didn3! see& !o &a7e i! %ery 'lear) And generally s"e 'ouldn3! ans(er a! all# 92"a! are '"e&i'alsA9 "e (ould as7# 9$") s!u li7e &agnesiu& sal!s) and al'o"ol or 7ee6ing !"e .el!as and +6silons s&all and ba'7(ard) and 'al'iu& 'arbona!e or bones) and all !"a! sor! o !"ing#9 95u! "o( do you &a7e '"e&i'als) LindaA 2"ere do !"ey 'o&e ro&A9 92ell) 0 don3! 7no(# /ou ge! !"e& ou! o bo!!les# And ("en !"e bo!!les are e&6!y) you send u6 !o !"e *"e&i'al S!ore or &ore# 0!3s !"e *"e&i'al S!ore 6eo6le ("o &a7e !"e&) 0 su66ose# $r else !"ey send !o !"e a'!ory or !"e&# 0 don3! 7no(# 0 ne%er did any '"e&is!ry# 4y <ob (as al(ays (i!" !"e e&bryos# 0! (as !"e sa&e (i!" e%ery!"ing else "e as7ed abou!# Linda ne%er see&ed !o 7no(# T"e old &en o !"e 6ueblo "ad &u'" &ore de ini!e ans(ers# 9T"e seed o &en and all 'rea!ures) !"e seed o !"e sun and !"e seed o ear!" and !"e seed o !"e s7y>A(ona(ilona &ade !"e& all ou! o !"e :og o 0n'rease# ,o( !"e (orld "as our (o&bs? and "e laid !"e seeds in !"e lo(es! o !"e our (o&bs# And gradually !"e seeds began !o gro( @9 $ne day (=o"n 'al'ula!ed la!er !"a! i! &us! "a%e been soon a !er "is !(el !" bir!"day) "e 'a&e "o&e and ound a boo7 !"a! "e "ad ne%er seen be ore 0ying on !"e loor in !"e bedroo&# 0! (as a !"i'7 boo7 and loo7ed %ery old# T"e binding "ad been ea!en by &i'e? so&e o i!s 6ages (ere loose and 'ru&6led# He 6i'7ed i! u6) loo7ed a! !"e !i!le-6ageC !"e boo7 (as 'alled %he 4omplete #or,s of #illiam 2ha,espeare # Linda (as lying on !"e bed) si66ing !"a! "orrible s!in7ing mescal ou! o a 'u6# 9Do6Q broug"! i!)9 s"e said# Her %oi'e (as !"i'7 and "oarse li7e so&ebody else3s %oi'e# 90! (as lying in one o !"e '"es!s o !"e An!elo6e Mi%a# 0!3s su66osed !o "a%e been !"ere or "undreds o years# 0 ex6e'! i!3s !rue) be'ause 0 loo7ed a! i!) and i! see&ed !o be ull o nonsense# Un'i%ili8ed# S!ill) i!3ll be good enoug" or you !o 6ra'!i'e your reading on#9 S"e !oo7 a las! si6) se! !"e 'u6 do(n on !"e loor beside !"e bed) !urned o%er on "er side) "i''oug"ed on'e or !(i'e and (en! !o slee6# He o6ened !"e boo7 a! rando&# ,ay) bu! !o li%e 0n !"e ran7 s(ea! o an ensea&ed bed) S!e(3d in 'orru6!ion) "oneying and &a7ing lo%e


$%er !"e nas!y s!y @ T"e s!range (ords rolled !"roug" "is &ind? ru&bled) li7e !al7ing !"under? li7e !"e dru&s a! !"e su&&er dan'es) i !"e dru&s 'ould "a%e s6o7en? li7e !"e &en singing !"e *orn Song) beau!i ul) beau!i ul) so !"a! you 'ried? li7e old 4i!si&a saying &agi' o%er "is ea!"ers and "is 'ar%ed s!i'7s and "is bi!s o bone and s!one>7ia!"la !silu silo7(e silo7(e silo7(e# Miai silu silu) !si!"l>bu! be!!er !"an 4i!si&a3s &agi') be'ause i! &ean! &ore) be'ause i! !al7ed !o "i&) !al7ed (onder ully and only "al -unders!andably) a !errible beau!i ul &agi') abou! Linda? abou! Linda lying !"ere snoring) (i!" !"e e&6!y 'u6 on !"e loor beside !"e bed? abou! Linda and Do6Q) Linda and Do6Q# He "a!ed Do6Q &ore and &ore# A &an 'an s&ile and s&ile and be a %illain# -e&orseless) !rea'"erous) le'"erous) 7indless %illain# 2"a! did !"e (ords exa'!ly &eanA He only "al 7ne(# 5u! !"eir &agi' (as s!rong and (en! on ru&bling in "is "ead) and so&e"o( i! (as as !"oug" "e "ad ne%er really "a!ed Do6Q be ore? ne%er really "a!ed "i& be'ause "e "ad ne%er been able !o say "o( &u'" "e "a!ed "i&# 5u! no( "e "ad !"ese (ords) !"ese (ords li7e dru&s and singing and &agi'# T"ese (ords and !"e s!range) s!range s!ory ou! o ("i'" !"ey (ere !a7en ("e 'ouldn3! &a7e "ead or !ail o i!) bu! i! (as (onder ul) (onder ul all !"e sa&e)>!"ey ga%e "i& a reason or "a!ing Do6Q? and !"ey &ade "is "a!red &ore real? !"ey e%en &ade Do6Q "i&sel &ore real# $ne day) ("en "e 'a&e in ro& 6laying) !"e door o !"e inner roo& (as o6en) and "e sa( !"e& lying !oge!"er on !"e bed) aslee6>("i!e Linda and Do6Q al&os! bla'7 beside "er) (i!" one ar& under "er s"oulders and !"e o!"er dar7 "and on "er breas!) and one o !"e 6lai!s o "is long "air lying a'ross "er !"roa!) li7e a bla'7 sna7e !rying !o s!rangle "er# Do6Q3s gourd and a 'u6 (ere s!anding on !"e loor near !"e bed# Linda (as snoring# His "ear! see&ed !o "a%e disa66eared and le ! a "ole# He (as e&6!y# +&6!y) and 'old) and ra!"er si'7) and giddy# He leaned agains! !"e (all !o s!eady "i&sel # -e&orseless) !rea'"erous) le'"erous @ Li7e dru&s) li7e !"e &en singing or !"e 'orn) li7e &agi') !"e (ords re6ea!ed and re6ea!ed !"e&sel%es in "is "ead# :ro& being 'old "e (as suddenly "o!# His '"ee7s burn! (i!" !"e rus" o blood) !"e roo& s(a& and dar7ened be ore "is eyes# He ground "is !ee!"# 903ll 7ill "i&) 03ll 7ill "i&) 03ll 7ill "i&)9 "e 7e6! saying# And suddenly !"ere (ere &ore (ords# 2"en "e is drun7 aslee6) or in "is rage $r in !"e in'es!uous 6leasure o "is bed @ T"e &agi' (as on "is side) !"e &agi' ex6lained and ga%e orders# He s!e66ed ba'7 in !"e ou!er roo&# 92"en "e is drun7 aslee6 @9 T"e 7ni e or !"e &ea! (as lying on !"e loor near !"e ire6la'e# He 6i'7ed i! u6 and !i6!oed !o !"e door again# 92"en "e is drun7 aslee6) drun7 aslee6 @9 He ran a'ross !"e roo& and s!abbed>o") !"e bloodF>s!abbed again) as Do6Q "ea%ed ou! o "is slee6) li !ed "is "and !o s!ab on'e &ore) bu! ound "is (ris! 'aug"!) "eld and>o") o"F>!(is!ed# He 'ouldn3! &o%e) "e (as !ra66ed) and !"ere (ere Do6Q3s s&all bla'7 eyes) %ery 'lose) s!aring in!o "is o(n# He loo7ed a(ay# T"ere (ere !(o 'u!s on Do6Q3s le ! s"oulder# 9$") loo7 a! !"e bloodF9 Linda (as 'rying# 9Loo7 a! !"e bloodF9 S"e "ad ne%er been able !o bear !"e sig"! o blood# Do6Q li !ed "is o!"er "and>!o s!ri7e "i&) "e !"oug"!# He s!i ened !o


re'ei%e !"e blo(# 5u! !"e "and only !oo7 "i& under !"e '"in and !urned "is a'e) so !"a! "e "ad !o loo7 again in!o Do6Q3s eyes# :or a long !i&e) or "ours and "ours# And suddenly>"e 'ouldn3! "el6 i!>"e began !o 'ry# Do6Q burs! ou! laug"ing# 91o)9 "e said) in !"e o!"er 0ndian (ords# 91o) &y bra%e A"aiyu!a#9 He ran ou! in!o !"e o!"er roo& !o "ide "is !ears# 9/ou are i !een)9 said old 4i!si&a) in !"e 0ndian (ords# 9,o( 0 &ay !ea'" you !o (or7 !"e 'lay#9 S;ua!!ing by !"e ri%er) !"ey (or7ed !oge!"er# 9:irs! o all)9 said 4i!si&a) !a7ing a lu&6 o !"e (e!!ed 'lay be!(een "is "ands) 9(e &a7e a li!!le &oon#9 T"e old &an s;uee8ed !"e lu&6 in!o a dis7) !"en ben! u6 !"e edges) !"e &oon be'a&e a s"allo( 'u6# Slo(ly and uns7il ully "e i&i!a!ed !"e old &an3s deli'a!e ges!ures# 9A &oon) a 'u6) and no( a sna7e#9 4i!si&a rolled ou! ano!"er 6ie'e o 'lay in!o a long lexible 'ylinder) !roo6ed i! in!o a 'ir'le and 6ressed i! on !o !"e ri& o !"e 'u6# 9T"en ano!"er sna7e# And ano!"er# And ano!"er#9 -ound by round) 4i!si&a buil! u6 !"e sides o !"e 6o!? i! (as narro() i! bulged) i! narro(ed again !o(ards !"e ne'7# 4i!si&a s;uee8ed and 6a!!ed) s!ro7ed and s'ra6ed? and !"ere a! las! i! s!ood) in s"a6e !"e a&iliar (a!er 6o! o 4al6ais) bu! 'rea&y ("i!e ins!ead o bla'7) and s!ill so ! !o !"e !ou'"# T"e 'roo7ed 6arody o 4i!si&a3s) "is o(n s!ood beside i!# Loo7ing a! !"e !(o 6o!s) "e "ad !o laug"#


95u! !"e nex! one (ill be be!!er)9 "e said) and began !o &ois!en ano!"er 6ie'e o 'lay# To as"ion) !o gi%e or&) !o eel "is ingers gaining in s7ill and 6o(er>!"is ga%e "i& an ex!raordinary 6leasure# 9A) 5) *) Ki!a&in .)9 "e sang !o "i&sel as "e (or7ed# 9T"e a!3s in !"e li%er) !"e 'od3s in !"e sea#9 And 4i!si&a also sang>a song abou! 7illing a bear# T"ey (or7ed all day) and all day "e (as illed (i!" an in!ense) absorbing "a66iness# 9,ex! (in!er)9 said old 4i!si&a) 90 (ill !ea'" you !o &a7e !"e bo(#9 He s!ood or a long !i&e ou!side !"e "ouse) and a! las! !"e 'ere&onies (i!"in (ere inis"ed# T"e door o6ened? !"ey 'a&e ou!# Mo!"lu 'a&e irs!) "is rig"! "and ou!-s!re!'"ed and !ig"!ly 'losed) as !"oug" o%er so&e 6re'ious <e(el# Her 'len'"ed "and si&ilarly ou!s!re!'"ed) Mia7i&Q ollo(ed# T"ey (al7ed in silen'e) and in silen'e) be"ind !"e&) 'a&e !"e bro!"ers and sis!ers and 'ousins and all !"e !roo6 o old 6eo6le# T"ey (al7ed ou! o !"e 6ueblo) a'ross !"e &esa# A! !"e edge o !"e 'lid !"ey "al!ed) a'ing !"e early &orning sun# Mo!"lu o6ened "is "and# A 6in'" o 'orn &eal lay ("i!e on !"e 6al&? "e brea!"ed on i!) &ur&ured a e( (ords) !"en !"re( i!) a "and ul o ("i!e dus!) !o(ards !"e sun# Mia7i&Q did !"e sa&e# T"en M"a7i&Q3s a!"er s!e66ed or(ard) and "olding u6 a ea!"ered 6rayer s!i'7) &ade a long 6rayer) !"en !"re( !"e s!i'7 a !er !"e 'orn &eal# 90! is inis"ed)9 said old 4i!si&a in a loud %oi'e# 9T"ey are &arried#9 92ell)9 said Linda) as !"ey !urned a(ay) 9all 0 'an say is) i! does see& a lo! o uss !o &a7e abou! so li!!le# 0n 'i%ili8ed 'oun!ries) ("en a boy (an!s !o "a%e a girl) "e <us! @ 5u! ("ere are you going) =o"nA9 He 6aid no a!!en!ion !o "er 'alling) bu! ran on) a(ay) a(ay) any("ere !o be by "i&sel # 0! is inis"ed $ld 4i!si&a3s (ords re6ea!ed !"e&sel%es in "is &ind# :inis"ed) inis"ed @ 0n silen'e and ru& a long (ay o ) bu! %iolen!ly) des6era!ely) "o6elessly) "e "ad lo%ed Mia7i&Q# And no( i! (as inis"ed# He (as six!een# A! !"e ull &oon) in !"e An!elo6e Mi%a) se're!s (ould be !old) se're!s (ould be done and borne# T"ey (oud go do(n) boys) in!o !"e 7i%a and 'o&e ou! again) &en# T"e boys (ere all a raid and a! !"e sa&e !i&e i&6a!ien!# And a! las! i! (as !"e day# T"e sun (en! do(n) !"e &oon rose# He (en! (i!" !"e o!"ers# 4en (ere s!anding) dar7) a! !"e en!ran'e !o !"e 7i%a? !"e ladder (en! do(n in!o !"e red lig"!ed de6!"s# Already !"e leading boys "ad begun !o 'li&b do(n# Suddenly) one o !"e &en s!e66ed or(ard) 'aug"! "i& by !"e ar&) and 6ulled "i& ou! o !"e ran7s# He bro7e ree and dodged ba'7 in!o "is 6la'e a&ong !"e o!"ers# T"is !i&e !"e &an s!ru'7 "i&) 6ulled "is "air# 9,o! or you) ("i!e-"airF9 9,o! or !"e son o !"e s"e-dog)9 said one o !"e o!"er &en# T"e boys laug"ed# 91oF9 And as "e s!ill "o%ered on !"e ringes o !"e grou6) 91oF9 !"e &en s"ou!ed again# $ne o !"e& ben! do(n) !oo7 a s!one) !"re( i!# 91o) go) goF9 T"ere (as a s"o(er o s!ones# 5leeding) "e ran a(ay in!o !"e


dar7ness# :ro& !"e red-li! 7i%a 'a&e !"e noise o singing# T"e las! o !"e boys "ad 'li&bed do(n !"e ladder# He (as all alone# All alone) ou!side !"e 6ueblo) on !"e bare 6lain o !"e &esa# T"e ro'7 (as li7e blea'"ed bones in !"e &oonlig"!# .o(n in !"e %alley) !"e 'oyo!es (ere "o(ling a! !"e &oon# T"e bruises "ur! "i&) !"e 'u!s (ere s!ill bleeding? bu! i! (as no! or 6ain !"a! "e sobbed? i! (as be'ause "e (as all alone) be'ause "e "ad been dri%en ou!) alone) in!o !"is s7ele!on (orld o ro'7s and &oonlig"!# A! !"e edge o !"e 6re'i6i'e "e sa! do(n# T"e &oon (as be"ind "i&? "e loo7ed do(n in!o !"e bla'7 s"ado( o !"e &esa) in!o !"e bla'7 s"ado( o dea!"# He "ad only !o !a7e one s!e6) one li!!le <u&6# @ He "eld ou! "is rig"! "and in !"e &oonlig"!# :ro& !"e 'u! on "is (ris! !"e blood (as s!ill oo8ing# +%ery e( se'onds a dro6 ell) dar7) al&os! 'olourless in !"e dead lig"!# .ro6) dro6) dro6# To-&orro( and !o-&orro( and !o-&orro( @ He "ad dis'o%ered Tirne and .ea!" and 1od# 9Alone) al(ays alone)9 !"e young &an (as saying# T"e (ords a(o7e a 6lain!i%e e'"o in 5ernard3s &ind# Alone) alone @ 9So a& 0)9 "e said) on a gus" o 'on idingness# 9Terribly alone#9 9Are youA9 =o"n loo7ed sur6rised# 90 !"oug"! !"a! in !"e $!"er Dla'e @ 0 &ean) Linda al(ays said !"a! nobody (as e%er alone !"ere#9 5ernard blus"ed un'o& or!ably# 9/ou see)9 "e said) &u&bling and (i!" a%er!ed eyes) 903& ra!"er di eren! ro& &os! 6eo6le) 0 su66ose# 0 one "a66ens !o be de'an!ed di eren! @9 9/es) !"a!3s <us! i!#9 T"e young &an nodded# 90 one3s di eren!) one3s bound !o be lonely# T"ey3re beas!ly !o one# .o you 7no() !"ey s"u! &e ou! o absolu!ely e%ery!"ingA 2"en !"e o!"er boys (ere sen! ou! !o s6end !"e nig"! on !"e &oun!ains>you 7no() ("en you "a%e !o drea& ("i'" your sa'red ani&al is>!"ey (ouldn3! le! &e go (i!" !"e o!"ers? !"ey (ouldn3! !ell &e any o !"e se're!s# 0 did i! by &ysel ) !"oug")9 "e added# 9.idn3! ea! any!"ing or i%e days and !"en (en! ou! one nig"! alone in!o !"ose &oun!ains !"ere#9 He 6oin!ed# Da!roni8ingly) 5ernard s&iled# 9And did you drea& o any!"ingA9 "e as7ed# T"e o!"er nodded# 95u! 0 &us!n3! !ell you ("a!#9 He (as silen! or a li!!le? !"en) in a lo( %oi'e) 9$n'e)9 "e (en! on) 90 did so&e!"ing !"a! none o !"e o!"ers didC 0 s!ood agains! a ro'7 in !"e &iddle o !"e day) in su&&er) (i!" &y ar&s ou!) li7e =esus on !"e *ross#9 92"a! on ear!" orA9 90 (an!ed !o 7no( ("a! i! (as li7e being 'ru'i ied# Hanging !"ere in !"e sun @9 95u! ("yA9 92"yA 2ell @9 He "esi!a!ed# 95e'ause 0 el! 0 oug"! !o# 0 =esus 'ould s!and i!# And !"en) i one "as done so&e!"ing (rong @ 5esides) 0 (as un"a66y? !"a! (as ano!"er reason#9


90! see&s a unny (ay o 'uring your un"a66iness)9 said 5ernard# 5u! on se'ond !"oug"!s "e de'ided !"a! !"ere (as) a !er all) so&e sense in i!# 5e!!er !"an !a7ing soma @ 90 ain!ed a !er a !i&e)9 said !"e young &an# 9:ell do(n on &y a'e# .o you see !"e &ar7 ("ere 0 'u! &ysel A9 He li !ed !"e !"i'7 yello( "air ro& "is ore"ead# T"e s'ar s"o(ed) 6ale and 6u'7ered) on "is rig"! !e&6le# 5ernard loo7ed) and !"en ;ui'7ly) (i!" a li!!le s"udder) a%er!ed "is eyes# His 'ondi!ioning "ad &ade "i& no! so &u'" 6i!i ul as 6ro oundly s;uea&is"# T"e &ere sugges!ion o illness or (ounds (as !o "i& no! only "orri ying) bu! e%en re6ulsi%e and ra!"er disgus!ing# Li7e dir!) or de or&i!y) or old age# Has!ily "e '"anged !"e sub<e'!# 90 (onder i you3d li7e !o 'o&e ba'7 !o London (i!" usA9 "e as7ed) &a7ing !"e irs! &o%e in a 'a&6aign ("ose s!ra!egy "e "ad been se're!ly elabora!ing e%er sin'e) in !"e li!!le "ouse) "e "ad rea"8ed ("o !"e 9 a!"er9 o !"is young sa%age &us! be# 92ould you li7e !"a!A9 T"e young &an3s a'e li! u6# 9.o you really &ean i!A9 9$ 'ourse? i 0 'an ge! 6er&ission) !"a! is#9 9Linda !ooA9 92ell @9 He "esi!a!ed doub! ully# T"a! re%ol!ing 'rea!ureF ,o) i! (as i&6ossible# Unless) unless @ 0! suddenly o''urred !o 5ernard !"a! "er %ery re%ol!ingness &ig"! 6ro%e an enor&ous asse!# 95u! o 'ourseF9 "e 'ried) &a7ing u6 or "is irs! "esi!a!ions (i!" an ex'ess o noisy 'ordiali!y# T"e young &an dre( a dee6 brea!"# 9To !"in7 i! s"ould be 'o&ing !rue>("a! 03%e drea&! o all &y li e# .o you re&e&ber ("a! 4iranda saysA9 92"o3s 4irandaA9 5u! !"e young &an "ad e%iden!ly no! "eard !"e ;ues!ion# 9$ (onderF9 "e (as saying? and "is eyes s"one) "is a'e (as brig"!ly lus"ed# 9Ho( &any goodly 'rea!ures are !"ere "ereF Ho( beau!eous &an7ind isF9 T"e lus" suddenly dee6ened? "e (as !"in7ing o Lenina) o an angel in bo!!le-green %is'ose) lus!rous (i!" you!" and s7in ood) 6lu&6) bene%olen!ly s&iling# His %oi'e al!ered# 9$ bra%e ne( (orld)9 "e began) !"en-suddenly in!erru6!ed "i&sel ? !"e blood "ad le ! "is '"ee7s? "e (as as 6ale as 6a6er# 9Are you &arried !o "erA9 "e as7ed# 9A& 0 ("a!A9 94arried# /ou 7no(> or e%er# T"ey say 3 or e%er3 in !"e 0ndian (ords? i! 'an3! be bro7en#9 9:ord) noF9 5ernard 'ouldn3! "el6 laug"ing# =o"n also laug"ed) bu! or ano!"er reason>laug"ed or 6ure <oy# 9$ bra%e ne( (orld)9 "e re6ea!ed# 9$ bra%e ne( (orld !"a! "as su'" 6eo6le in i!#


Le!3s s!ar! a! on'e#9 9/ou "a%e a &os! 6e'uliar (ay o !al7ing so&e!i&es)9 said 5ernard) s!aring a! !"e young &an in 6er6lexed as!onis"&en!# 9And) any"o() "adn3! you be!!er (ai! !ill you a'!ually see !"e ne( (orldA9

Chapter Nine L +,0,A el! "ersel en!i!led) a !er !"is day o ;ueerness and "orror) !o a 'o&6le!e
and absolu!e "oliday# As soon as !"ey go! ba'7 !o !"e res!-"ouse) s"e s(allo(ed six "al -gra&&e !able!s o soma ) lay do(n on "er bed) and (i!"in !en &inu!es "ad e&bar7ed or lunar e!erni!y# 0! (ould be eig"!een "ours a! !"e leas! be ore s"e (as in !i&e again# 5ernard &ean("ile lay 6ensi%e and (ide-eyed in !"e dar7# 0! (as long a !er &idnig"! be ore "e ell aslee6# Long a !er &idnig"!? bu! "is inso&nia "ad no! been rui!less? "e "ad a 6lan# Dun'!ually) on !"e ollo(ing &orning) a! !en o3'lo'7) !"e green-uni or&ed o'!oroon s!e66ed ou! o "is "eli'o6!er# He&ard (as (ai!ing or "i& a&ong !"e aga%es# 94iss *ro(ne3s gone on soma -"oliday)9 "e ex6lained# 9*an "ardly be ba'7 be ore i%e# 2"i'" lea%es us se%en "ours#9 He 'ould ly !o San!a :Q) do all !"e business "e "ad !o do) and be in 4al6ais again long be ore s"e (o7e u6# 9S"e3ll be ;ui!e sa e "ere by "ersel A9 9Sa e as "eli'o6lers)9 !"e o'!oroon assured "i&# T"ey 'li&bed in!o !"e &a'"ine and s!ar!ed o a! on'e# A! !en !"ir!y- our !"ey landed on !"e roo o !"e San!a :Q Dos! $ iee? a! !en !"ir!y-se%en 5ernard "ad go! !"roug" !o !"e 2orld *on!roller3s $ i'e in 2"i!e"all? a! !en !"ir!y-se%en "e (as s6ea7ing !o "is ords"i63s our!" 6ersonal se're!ary? a! !en or!y- our "e (as re6ea!ing "is s!ory !o !"e irs! se're!ary) and a! !en or!y-se%en and a "al i! (as !"e dee6) resonan! %oi'e o 4us!a6"a 4ond "i&sel !"a! sounded in "is ears# 90 %en!ured !o !"in7)9 s!a&&ered 5ernard) 9!"a! your ords"i6 &ig"! ind !"e &a!!er o su i'ien! s'ien!i i' in!eres! @9 9/es) 0 do ind i! o su i'ien! s'ien!i i' in!eres!)9 said !"e dee6 %oi'e# 95ring !"ese !(o indi%iduals ba'7 !o London (i!" you#9 9/our ords"i6 is a(are !"a! 0 s"all need a s6e'ial 6er&i! @9 9T"e ne'essary orders)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9are being sen! !o !"e 2arden o !"e -eser%a!ion a! !"is &o&en!# /ou (ill 6ro'eed a! on'e !o !"e 2arden3s $ i'e# 1ood-&orning) 4r# 4arx#9 T"ere (as silen'e# 5ernard "ung u6 !"e re'ei%er and "urried u6 !o !"e roo # 92arden3s $ i'e)9 "e said !o !"e 1a&&a-green o'!oroon# A! !en i !y- our 5ernard (as s"a7ing "ands (i!" !"e 2arden#


9.elig"!ed) 4r# 4arx) delig"!ed#9 His boo& (as de eren!ial# 92e "a%e <us! re'ei%ed s6e'ial orders @9 90 7no()9 said 5ernard) in!erru6!ing "i&# 90 (as !al7ing !o "is ords"i6 on !"e 6"one a &o&en! ago#9 His bored !one i&6lied !"a! "e (as in !"e "abi! o !al7ing !o "is ords"i6 e%ery day o !"e (ee7# He dro66ed in!o a '"air# 90 you3ll 7indly !a7e all !"e ne'essary s!e6s as soon as 6ossible# As soon as 6ossible)9 "e e&6"a!i'ally re6ea!ed# He (as !"oroug"ly en<oying "i&sel # A! ele%en !"ree "e "ad all !"e ne'essary 6a6ers in "is 6o'7e!# 9So long)9 "e said 6a!roni8ingly !o !"e 2arden) ("o "ad a''o&6anied "i& as ar as !"e li ! ga!es# 9So long#9 He (al7ed a'ross !o !"e "o!el) "ad a ba!") a %ibro-%a' &assage) and an ele'!roly!i' s"a%e) lis!ened in !o !"e &orning3s ne(s) loo7ed in or "al an "our on !"e !ele%isor) a!e a leisured lun'"eon) and a! "al -6as! !(o le( ba'7 (i!" !"e o'!oroon !o 4al6ais# T"e young &an s!ood ou!side !"e res!-"ouse# 95ernard)9 "e 'alled# 95ernardF9 T"ere (as no ans(er# ,oiseless on "is deer7sin &o''asins) "e ran u6 !"e s!e6s and !ried !"e door# T"e door (as lo'7ed# T"ey (ere goneF 1oneF 0! (as !"e &os! !errible !"ing !"a! "ad e%er "a66ened !o "i&# S"e "ad as7ed "i& !o 'o&e and see !"e&) asd no( !"ey (ere gone# He sa! do(n on !"e s!e6s and 'ried# Hal an "our la!er i! o''urred !o "i& !o loo7 !"roug" !"e (indo(# T"e irs! !"ing "e sa( (as a green sui!-'ase) (i!" !"e ini!ials L#*# 6ain!ed on !"e lid# =oy lared u6 li7e ire (i!"in "i&# He 6i'7ed u6 a s!one# T"e s&as"ed glass !in7led on !"e loor# A &o&en! la!er "e (as inside !"e roo&# He o6ened !"e green sui!-'ase? and all a! on'e "e (as brea!"ing Lenina3s 6er u&e) illing "is lungs (i!" "er essen!ial being# His "ear! bea! (ildly? or a &o&en! "e (as al&os! ain!# T"en) bending o%er !"e 6re'ious box) "e !ou'"ed) "e li !ed in!o !"e lig"!) "e exa&ined# T"e 8i66ers on Lenina3s s6are 6air o %is'ose %el%e!een s"or!s (ere a! irs! a 6u88le) !"en sol%ed) a delig"!# Ri6) and !"en 8i6? 8i6) and !"en 8i6? "e (as en'"an!ed# Her green sli66ers (ere !"e &os! beau!i ul !"ings "e "ad e%er seen# He un olded a 6air o 8i66i'a&i7ni'7s) blus"ed) 6u! !"e& "as!ily a(ay again? bu! 7issed a 6er u&ed a'e!a!e "and7er'"ie and (ound a s'ar round "is ne'7# $6ening a box) "e s6il! a 'loud o s'en!ed 6o(der# His "ands (ere loury (i!" !"e s!u # He (i6ed !"e& on "is '"es!) on "is s"oulders) on "is bare ar&s# .eli'ious 6er u&eF He s"u! "is eyes? "e rubbed "is '"ee7 agains! "is o(n 6o(dered ar&# Tou'" o s&oo!" s7in agains! "is a'e) s'en! in "is nos!rils o &us7y dus!>"er real 6resen'e# 9Lenina)9 "e ("is6ered# 9LeninaF9 A noise &ade "i& s!ar!) &ade "i& guil!ily !urn# He 'ra&&ed u6 "is !"ie%eries in!o !"e sui!-'ase and s"u! !"e lid? !"en lis!ened again) loo7ed# ,o! a sign o li e) no! a sound# And ye! "e "ad 'er!ainly "eard so&e!"ing>so&e!"ing li7e a sig") so&e!"ing li7e !"e 'rea7 o a board# He !i6!oed !o !"e door and) 'au!iously o6ening i!) ound


"i&sel loo7ing on !o a broad landing# $n !"e o66osi!e side o !"e landing (as ano!"er door) a<ar# He s!e66ed ou!) 6us"ed) 6ee6ed# T"ere) on a lo( bed) !"e s"ee! lung ba'7) dressed in a 6air o 6in7 one-6ie'e 8i66y<a&as) lay Lenina) as! aslee6 and so beau!i ul in !"e &ids! o "er 'urls) so !ou'"ingly '"ildis" (i!" "er 6in7 !oes and "er gra%e slee6ing a'e) so !rus! ul in !"e "el6lessness o "er li&6 "ands and &el!ed li&bs) !"a! !"e !ears 'a&e !o "is eyes# 2i!" an in ini!y o ;ui!e unne'essary 6re'au!ions> or no!"ing s"or! o a 6is!ol s"o! 'ould "a%e 'alled Lenina ba'7 ro& "er soma -"oliday be ore !"e a66oin!ed !i&e>"e en!ered !"e roo&) "e 7nel! on !"e loor beside !"e bed# He ga8ed) "e 'las6ed "is "ands) "is li6s &o%ed# 9Her eyes)9 "e &ur&ured) 9Her eyes) "er "air) "er '"ee7) "er gai!) "er %oi'e? Handles! in !"y dis'ourse $F !"a! "er "and) 0n ("ose 'o&6arison all ("i!es are in7 2ri!ing !"eir o(n re6roa'"? !o ("ose so ! sei8ure T"e 'ygne!3s do(n is "ars" @9 A ly bu88ed round "er? "e (a%ed i! a(ay# 9:lies)9 "e re&e&bered) 9$n !"e ("i!e (onder o dear =ulie!3s "and) &ay sei8e And s!eal i&&or!al blessing ro& "er li6s) 2"o) e%en in 6ure and %es!al &odes!y) S!ill blus") as !"in7ing !"eir o(n 7isses sin#9 Kery slo(ly) (i!" !"e "esi!a!ing ges!ure o one ("o rea'"es or(ard !o s!ro7e a s"y and 6ossibly ra!"er dangerous bird) "e 6u! ou! "is "and# 0! "ung !"ere !re&bling) (i!"in an in'" o !"ose li&6 ingers) on !"e %erge o 'on!a'!# .id "e dareA .are !o 6ro ane (i!" "is un(or!"ies! "and !"a! @ ,o) "e didn3!# T"e bird (as !oo dangerous# His "and dro66ed ba'7# Ho( beau!i ul s"e (asF Ho( beau!i ulF T"en suddenly "e ound "i&sel re le'!ing !"a! "e "ad only !o !a7e "old o !"e 8i66er a! "er ne'7 and gi%e one long) s!rong 6ull @ He s"u! "is eyes) "e s"oo7 "is "ead (i!" !"e ges!ure o a dog s"a7ing i!s ears as i! e&erges ro& !"e (a!er# .e!es!able !"oug"!F He (as as"a&ed o "i&sel # Dure and %es!al &odes!y @ T"ere (as a "u&&ing in !"e air# Ano!"er ly !rying !o s!eal i&&or!al blessingsA A (as6A He loo7ed) sa( no!"ing# T"e "u&&ing gre( louder and louder) lo'ali8ed i!sel as being ou!side !"e s"u!!ered (indo(s# T"e 6laneF 0n a 6ani') "e s'ra&bled !o "is ee! and ran in!o !"e o!"er roo&) %aul!ed !"roug" !"e o6en (indo() and "urrying along !"e 6a!" be!(een !"e !all aga%es (as in !i&e !o re'ei%e 5ernard 4arx as "e 'li&bed ou! o !"e "eli'o6!er#

Chapter Ten T H+ HA,.S o all !"e our !"ousand ele'!ri' 'lo'7s in all !"e 5loo&sbury *en!re3s
our !"ousand roo&s &ar7ed !(en!y-se%en &inu!es 6as! !(o# 9T"is "i%e o indus!ry)9 as !"e .ire'!or (as ond o 'alling i!) (as in !"e ull bu88 o (or7# +%ery one (as busy) e%ery!"ing in ordered &o!ion# Under !"e &i'ros'o6es) !"eir long !ails uriously las"ing) s6er&a!o8oa (ere burro(ing "ead irs! in!o eggs? and) er!ili8ed) !"e eggs (ere ex6anding) di%iding) or i bo7ano%s7i ied) budding and brea7ing u6


in!o ("ole 6o6ula!ions o se6ara!e e&bryos# :ro& !"e So'ial Dredes!ina!ion -oo& !"e es'ala!ors (en! ru&bling do(n in!o !"e base&en!) and !"ere) in !"e 'ri&son dar7ness) s!e(ingly (ar& on !"eir 'us"ion o 6eri!oneu& and gorged (i!" blood-surroga!e and "or&ones) !"e oe!uses gre( and gre( or) 6oisoned) languis"ed in!o a s!un!ed +6silon"ood# 2i!" a ain! "u& and ra!!le !"e &o%ing ra'7s 'ra(led i&6er'e6!ibly !"roug" !"e (ee7s and !"e re'a6i!ula!ed aeons !o ("ere) in !"e .e'an!ing -oo&) !"e ne(ly-unbo!!led babes u!!ered !"eir irs! yell o "orror and a&a8e&en!# T"e dyna&os 6urred in !"e sub-base&en!) !"e li !s rus"ed u6 and do(n# $n all !"e ele%en loors o ,urseries i! (as eeding !i&e# :ro& eig"!een "undred bo!!les eig"!een "undred 'are ully labelled in an!s (ere si&ul!aneously su'7ing do(n !"eir 6in! o 6as!euri8ed ex!ernal se're!ion# Abo%e !"e&) in !en su''essi%e layers o dor&i!ory) !"e li!!le boys and girls ("o (ere s!ill young enoug" !o need an a !ernoon slee6 (ere as busy as e%ery one else) !"oug" !"ey did no! 7no( i!) lis!ening un'ons'iously !o "y6no6Hdi' lessons in "ygiene and so'iabili!y) in 'lass-'ons'iousness and !"e !oddler3s lo%e-li e# Abo%e !"ese again (ere !"e 6layroo&s ("ere) !"e (ea!"er "a%ing !urned !o rain) nine "undred older '"ildren (ere a&using !"e&sel%es (i!" bri'7s and 'lay &odelling) "un!-!"e-8i66er) and ero!i' 6lay# 5u88) bu88F !"e "i%e (as "u&&ing) busily) <oy ully# 5li!"e (as !"e singing o !"e young girls o%er !"eir !es!-!ubes) !"e Dredes!ina!ors ("is!led as !"ey (or7ed) and in !"e .e'an!ing -oo& ("a! glorious <o7es (ere 'ra'7ed abo%e !"e e&6!y bo!!lesF 5u! !"e .ire'!or3s a'e) as "e en!ered !"e :er!ili8ing -oo& (i!" Henry :os!er) (as gra%e) (ooden (i!" se%eri!y# 9A 6ubli' exa&6le)9 "e (as saying# 90n !"is roo&) be'ause i! 'on!ains &ore "ig"-'as!e (or7ers !"an any o!"er in !"e *en!re# 0 "a%e !old "i& !o &ee! &e "ere a! "al -6as! !(o#9 9He does "is (or7 %ery (ell)9 6u! in Henry) (i!" "y6o'ri!i'al generosi!y# 90 7no(# 5u! !"a!3s all !"e &ore reason or se%eri!y# His in!elle'!ual e&inen'e 'arries (i!" i! 'orres6onding &oral res6onsibili!ies# T"e grea!er a &an3s !alen!s) !"e grea!er "is 6o(er !o lead as!ray# 0! is be!!er !"a! one s"ould su er !"an !"a! &any s"ould be 'orru6!ed# *onsider !"e &a!!er dis6assiona!ely) 4r# :os!er) and you (ill see !"a! no o en'e is so "enious as unor!"odoxy o be"a%iour# 4urder 7ills only !"e indi%idual>and) a !er all) ("a! is an indi%idualA9 2i!" a s(ee6ing ges!ure "e indi'a!ed !"e ro(s o &i'ros'o6es) !"e !es!-!ubes) !"e in'uba!ors# 92e 'an &a7e a ne( one (i!" !"e grea!es! ease>as &any as (e li7e# Unor!"odoxy !"rea!ens &ore !"an !"e li e o a &ere indi%idual? i! s!ri7es a! So'ie!y i!se # /es) a! So'ie!y i!sel )9 "e re6ea!ed# 9A") bu! "ere "e 'o&es#9 5ernard "ad en!ered !"e roo& and (as ad%an'ing be!(een !"e ro(s o er!ili8ers !o(ards !"e&# A %eneer o <aun!y sel -'on iden'e !"inly 'on'ealed "is ner%ousness# T"e %oi'e in ("i'" "e said) 91ood-&orning) .ire'!or)9 (as absurdly !oo loud? !"a! in ("i'") 'orre'!ing "is rnis!a7e) "e said) 9/ou as7ed &e !o 'o&e and s6ea7 !o you "ere)9 ridi'ulously so !) a s;uea7#


9/es) 4r# 4arx)9 said !"e .ire'!or 6or!en!ously# 90 did as7 you !o 'o&e !o &e "ere# /ou re!urned ro& your "oliday las! nig"!) 0 unders!and#9 9/es)9 5ernard ans(ered# 9/es-s)9 re6ea!ed !"e .ire'!or) lingering) a ser6en!) on !"e 9s#9 T"en) suddenly raising "is %oi'e) 9Ladies and gen!le&en)9 "e !ru&6e!ed) 9ladies and gen!le&en#9 T"e singing o !"e girls o%er !"eir !es!-!ubes) !"e 6reo''u6ied ("is!ling o !"e 4i'ros'o6is!s) suddenly 'eased# T"ere (as a 6ro ound silen'e? e%ery one loo7ed round# 9Ladies and gen!le&en)9 !"e .ire'!or re6ea!ed on'e &ore) 9ex'use &e or !"us in!erru6!ing your labours# A 6ain ul du!y 'ons!rains &e# T"e se'uri!y and s!abili!y o So'ie!y are in danger# /es) in danger) ladies and gen!le&en# T"is &an)9 "e 6oin!ed a''usingly a! 5ernard) 9!"is &an ("o s!ands be ore you "ere) !"is Al6"a-Dlus !o ("o& so &u'" "as been gi%en) and ro& ("o&) in 'onse;uen'e) so &u'" &us! be ex6e'!ed) !"is 'olleague o yours>or s"ould 0 an!i'i6a!e and say !"is ex-'olleagueA>"as grossly be!rayed !"e !rus! i&6osed in "i&# 5y "is "ere!i'al %ie(s on s6or! and soma ) by !"e s'andalous unor!"odoxy o "is sex-li e) by "is re usal !o obey !"e !ea'"ings o $ur :ord and be"a%e ou! o o i'e "ours) 3e%en as a li!!le in an!)39 ("ere !"e .ire'!or &ade !"e sign o !"e T)) 9"e "as 6ro%ed "i&sel an ene&y o So'ie!y) a sub%er!er) ladies and gen!le&en) o all $rder and S!abili!y) a 'ons6ira!or agains! *i%ili8a!ion i!sel # :or !"is reason 0 6ro6ose !o dis&iss "i&) !o dis&iss "i& (i!" igno&iny ro& !"e 6os! "e "as "eld in !"is *en!re? 0 6ro6ose or!"(i!" !o a66ly or "is !rans eren'e !o a Sub'en!re o !"e lo(es! order and) !"a! "is 6unis"&en! &ay ser%e !"e bes! in!eres! o So'ie!y) as ar as 6ossible re&o%ed ro& any i&6or!an! *en!re o 6o6ula!ion# 0n 0'eland "e (ill "a%e s&all o66or!uni!y !o lead o!"ers as!ray by "is un ordly exa&6le#9 T"e .ire'!or 6aused? !"en) olding "is ar&s) "e !urned i&6ressi%ely !o 5ernard# 94arx)9 "e said) 9'an you s"o( any reason ("y 0 s"ould no! no( exe'u!e !"e <udg&en! 6assed u6on youA9 9/es) 0 'an)9 5ernard ans(ered in a %ery loud %oi'e# So&e("a! !a7en aba'7) bu! s!ill &a<es!i'ally) 9T"en s"o( i!)9 said !"e .ire'!or# 9*er!ainly# 5u! i!3s in !"e 6assage# $ne &o&en!#9 5ernard "urried !o !"e door and !"re( i! o6en# 9*o&e in)9 "e 'o&&anded) and !"e reason 'a&e in and s"o(ed i!sel # T"ere (as a gas6) a &ur&ur o as!onis"&en! and "orror? a young girl s'rea&ed? s!anding on a '"air !o ge! a be!!er %ie( so&e one u6se! !(o !es!-!ubes ull o s6er&a!o8oa# 5loa!ed) sagging) and a&ong !"ose ir& you!" ul bodies) !"ose undis!or!ed a'es) a s!range and !erri ying &ons!er o &iddle-agedness) Linda ad%an'ed in!o !"e roo&) 'o;ue!!is"ly s&iling "er bro7en and dis'oloured s&ile) and rolling as s"e (al7ed) (i!" ("a! (as &ean! !o be a %olu6!uous undula!ion) "er enor&ous "aun'"es# 5ernard (al7ed beside "er# 9T"ere "e is)9 "e said) 6oin!ing a! !"e .ire'!or# you !"in7 0 didn3! re'ogni8e "i&A9 Linda as7ed indignan!ly? !"en) !urning !o !"e .ire'!or) 9$ 'ourse 0 7ne( you? To&a7in) 0 s"ould "a%e 7no(n you any("ere)


a&ong a !"ousand# 5u! 6er"a6s you3%e orgo!!en &e# .on3! you re&e&berA .on3! you re&e&ber) To&a7inA /our Linda#9 S"e s!ood loo7ing a! "i&) "er "ead on one side) s!ill s&iling) bu! (i!" a s&ile !"a! be'a&e 6rogressi%ely) in a'e o !"e .ire'!or3s ex6ression o 6e!ri ied disgus!) less and less sel -'on iden!) !"a! (a%ered and inally (en! ou!# 9.on3! you re&e&ber) To&a7inA9 s"e re6ea!ed in a %oi'e !"a! !re&bled# Her eyes (ere anxious) agoni8ed# T"e blo!'"ed and sagging a'e !(is!ed gro!es;uely in!o !"e gri&a'e o ex!re&e grie # 9To&a7inF9 S"e "eld ou! "er ar&s# So&e one began !o !i!!er# 92"a!3s !"e &eaning)9 began !"e .ire'!or) 9o !"is &ons!rous @9 9To&a7inF9 S"e ran or(ard) "er blan7e! !railing be"ind "er) !"re( "er ar&s round "is ne'7) "id "er a'e on "is '"es!# A "o(l o laug"!er (en! u6 irre6ressibly# 9@ !"is &ons!rous 6ra'!i'al <o7e)9 !"e .ire'!or s"ou!ed# -ed in !"e a'e) "e !ried !o disengage "i&sel ro& "er e&bra'e# .es6era!ely s"e 'lung# 95u! 03& Linda) 03& Linda#93T"e laug"!er dro(ned "er %oi'e# 9/ou &ade &e "a%e a baby)9 s"e s'rea&ed abo%e !"e u6roar# T"ere (as a sudden and a66alling "us"? eyes loa!ed un'o& or!ably) no! 7no(ing ("ere !o loo7# T"e .ire'!or (en! suddenly 6ale) s!o66ed s!ruggling and s!ood) "is "ands on "er (ris!s) s!aring do(n a! "er) "orri ied# 9/es) a baby>and 0 (as i!s &o!"er#9 S"e lung !"e obs'eni!y li7e a '"allenge in!o !"e ou!raged silen'e? !"en) suddenly brea7ing a(ay ro& "i&) as"a&ed) as"a&ed) 'o%ered "er a'e (i!" "er "ands) sobbing# 90! (asn3! &y aul!) To&a7in# 5e'ause 0 al(ays did &y drill) didn3! 0A .idn3! 0A Al(ays @ 0 don3! 7no( "o( @ 0 you 7ne( "o( a( ul) To&a7in @ 5u! "e (as a 'o& or! !o &e) all !"e sa&e#9 Turning !o(ards !"e door) 9=o"nF9 s"e 'alled# 9=o"nF9 He 'a&e in a! on'e) 6aused or a &o&en! <us! inside !"e door) loo7ed round) !"en so ! on "is &o''asined ee! s!rode ;ui'7ly a'ross !"e roo&) ell on "is 7nees in ron! o !"e .ire'!or) and said in a 'lear %oi'eC 94y a!"erF9 T"e (ord ( or 9 a!"er9 (as no! so &u'" obs'ene as>(i!" i!s 'onno!a!ion o so&e!"ing a! one re&o%e ro& !"e loa!"so&eness and &oral obli;ui!y o '"ild-bearing>&erely gross) a s'a!ologi'al ra!"er !"an a 6ornogra6"i' i&6ro6rie!y)? !"e 'o&i'ally s&u!!y (ord relie%ed ("a! "ad be'o&e a ;ui!e in!olerable !ension# Laug"!er bro7e ou!) enor&ous) al&os! "ys!eri'al) 6eal a !er 6eal) as !"oug" i! (ould ne%er s!o6# 4y a!"er>and i! (as !"e .ire'!orF 4y father- $" :ord) o" :ordF T"a! (as really !oo good# T"e ("oo6ing and !"e roaring rene(ed !"e&sel%es) a'es see&ed on !"e 6oin! o disin!egra!ion) !ears (ere s!rea&ing# Six &ore !es!-!ubes o s6er&a!o8oa (ere u6se!# 4y fatherDale) (ild-eyed) !"e .ire'!or glared abou! "i& in an agony o be(ildered "u&ilia!ion# 4y father- T"e laug"!er) ("i'" "ad s"o(n signs o dying a(ay) bro7e ou! again &ore loudly !"an e%er# He 6u! "is "ands o%er "is ears and rus"ed ou! o !"e roo&#

Chapter Eleven


A :T+- !"e s'ene in !"e :er!ili8ing -oo&) all u66er-'as!e London (as (ild !o see !"is
deli'ious 'rea!ure ("o "ad allen on "is 7nees be ore !"e .ire'!or o Ha!'"eries and *ondi!ioning>or ra!"er !"e ex-.ire'!or) or !"e 6oor &an "ad resigned i&&edia!ely a !er(ards and ne%er se! oo! inside !"e *en!re again>"ad lo66ed do(n and 'alled "i& (!"e <o7e (as al&os! !oo good !o be !rueF) 9&y a!"er#9 Linda) on !"e 'on!rary) 'u! no i'e? nobody "ad !"e s&alles! desire !o see Linda# To say one (as a &o!"er>!"a! (as 6as! a <o7eC i! (as an obs'eni!y# 4oreo%er) s"e (asn3! a real sa%age) "ad been "a!'"ed ou! o a bo!!le and 'ondi!ioned li7e any one elseC so 'oudn3! "a%e really ;uain! ideas# :inally>and !"is (as by ar !"e s!ronges! reason or 6eo6le3s no! (an!ing !o see 6oor Linda>!"ere (as "er a66earan'e# :a!? "a%ing los! "er you!"? (i!" bad !ee!") and a blo!'"ed 'o&6lexion) and !"a! igure (:ordF)>you si&6ly 'ouldn3! loo7 a! "er (i!"ou! eeling si'7) yes) 6osi!i%ely si'7# So !"e bes! 6eo6le (ere ;ui!e de!er&ined not !o see Linda# And Linda) or "er 6ar!) "ad no desire !o see !"e&# T"e re!urn !o 'i%ili8a!ion (as or "er !"e re!urn !o soma ) (as !"e 6ossibili!y o lying in bed and !a7ing "oliday a !er "oliday) (i!"ou! e%er "a%ing !o 'o&e ba'7 !o a "eada'"e or a i! o %o&i!ing) (i!"ou! e%er being &ade !o eel as you al(ays el! a !er peyotl ) as !"oug" you3d done so&e!"ing so s"a&e ully an!i-so'ial !"a! you 'ould ne%er "old u6 your "ead again# 2oma 6layed none o !"ese un6leasan! !ri'7s# T"e "oliday i! ga%e (as 6er e'! and) i !"e &orning a !er (as disagreeable) i! (as so) no! in!rinsi'ally) bu! only by 'o&6arison (i!" !"e <oys o !"e "oliday# T"e re&edy (as !o &a7e !"e "oliday 'on!inuous# 1reedily s"e 'la&oured or e%er larger) e%er &ore re;uen! doses# .r# S"a( a! irs! de&urred? !"en le! "er "a%e ("a! s"e (an!ed# S"e !oo7 as &u'" as !(en!y gra&&es a day# 92"i'" (ill inis" "er o in a &on!" or !(o)9 !"e do'!or 'on ided !o 5ernard# 9$ne day !"e res6ira!ory 'en!re (ill be 6araly8ed# ,o &ore brea!"ing# :inis"ed# And a good !"ing !oo# 0 (e 'ould re<u%ena!e) o 'ourse i! (ould be di eren!# 5u! (e 'an3!#9 Sur6risingly) as e%ery one !"oug"! ( or on soma -"oliday Linda (as &os! 'on%enien!ly ou! o !"e (ay)) =o"n raised ob<e'!ions# 95u! aren3! you s"or!ening "er li e by gi%ing "er so &u'"A9 90n one sense) yes)9 .r# S"a( ad&i!!ed# 95u! in ano!"er (e3re a'!ually leng!"ening i!#9 T"e young &an s!ared) un'o&6re"ending# 9 2oma &ay &a7e you lose a e( years in !i&e)9 !"e do'!or (en! on# 95u! !"in7 o !"e enornous) i&&easurable dura!ions i! 'an gi%e you ou! o !i&e# +%ery soma -"oliday is a bi! o ("a! our an'es!ors used !o 'all e!erni!y#9 =o"n began !o unders!and# 9+!erni!y (as in our li6s and eyes)9 "e &ur&ured# 9+"A9 9,o!"ing#9 9$ 'ourse)9 .r# S"a( (en! on) 9you 'an3! allo( 6eo6le !o go 6o66ing o in!o e!erni!y i !"ey3%e go! any serious (or7 !o do# 5u! as s"e "asn3! go! any serious (or7 @9 9All !"e sa&e)9 =o"n 6ersis!ed) 90 don3! belie%e i!3s rig"!#9 T"e do'!or s"rugged "is s"oulders# 92ell) o 'ourse) i you 6re er !o "a%e "er s'rea&ing &ad all !"e !i&e @9


0n !"e end =o"n (as or'ed !o gi%e in# Linda go! "er soma # T"en'e or(ard s"e re&ained in "er li!!le roo& on !"e !"ir!y-se%en!" loor o 5ernard3s a6ar!&en! "ouse) in bed) (i!" !"e radio and !ele%ision al(ays on) and !"e 6a!'"ouli !a6 <us! dri66ing) and !"e soma !able!s (i!"in rea'" o "er "and>!"ere s"e re&ained? and ye! (asn3! !"ere a! all) (as all !"e !i&e a(ay) in ini!ely ar a(ay) on "oliday? on "oliday in so&e o!"er (orld) ("ere !"e &usi' o !"e radio (as a labyrin!" o sonorous 'olours) a sliding) 6al6i!a!ing labyrin!") !"a! led (by ("a! beau!i ully ine%i!able (indings) !o a brig"! 'en!re o absolu!e 'on%i'!ion? ("ere !"e dan'ing i&ages o !"e !ele%ision box (ere !"e 6er or&ers in so&e indes'ribably deli'ious all-singing eely? ("ere !"e dri66ing 6a!'"ouli (as &ore !"an s'en!>(as !"e sun) (as a &illion saxo6"ones) (as Do6Q &a7ing lo%e) only &u'" &ore so) in'o&6arably &ore) and (i!"ou! end# 9,o) (e 'an3! re<u%ena!e# 5u! 03& %ery glad)9 .r# S"a( "ad 'on'luded) 9!o "a%e "ad !"is o66or!uni!y !o see an exa&6le o senili!y in a "u&an being# T"an7 you so &u'" or 'alling &e in#9 He s"oo7 5ernard (ar&ly by !"e "and# 0! (as =o"n) !"en) !"ey (ere all a !er# And as i! (as only !"roug" 5ernard) "is a''redi!ed guardian) !"a! =o"n 'ould be seen) 5ernard no( ound "i&sel ) or !"e irs! !i&e in "is li e) !rea!ed no! &erely nor&ally) bu! as a 6erson o ou!s!anding i&6or!an'e# T"ere (as no &ore !al7 o !"e al'o"ol in "is blood-surroga!e) no gibes a! "is 6ersonal a66earan'e# Henry :os!er (en! ou! o "is (ay !o be riendly? 5eni!o Hoo%er &ade "i& a 6resen! o six 6a'7e!s o sex-"or&one '"e(ing-gu&? !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or 'a&e ou! and 'adged al&os! ab<e'!ly or an in%i!a!ion !o one o 5ernard3s e%ening 6ar!ies# As or !"e (o&en) 5ernard "ad only !o "in! a! !"e 6ossibili!y o an in%i!a!ion) and "e 'ould "a%e ("i'"e%er o !"e& "e li7ed# 95ernard3s as7ed &e !o &ee! !"e Sa%age nex! 2ednesday)9 :anny announ'ed !riu&6"an!ly# 903& so glad)9 said Lenina# 9And no( you &us! ad&i! !"a! you (ere (rong abou! 5ernard# .on3! you !"in7 "e3s really ra!"er s(ee!A9 :anny nodded# 9And 0 &us! say)9 s"e said) 90 (as ;ui!e agreeably sur6rised#9 T"e *"ie 5o!!ler) !"e .ire'!or o Dredes!ina!ion) !"ree .e6u!y Assis!an! :er!ili8er-1enerals) !"e Dro essor o :eelies in !"e *ollege o +&o!ional +ngineering) !"e .ean o !"e 2es!&ins!er *o&&uni!y Singery) !"e Su6er%isor o 5o7ano%s7i i'a!ion>!"e lis! o 5ernard3s no!abili!ies (as in!er&inable# 9And 0 "ad six girls las! (ee7)9 "e 'on ided !o Hel&"ol!8 2a!son# 9$ne on 4onday) !(o on Tuesday) !(o &ore on :riday) and one on Sa!urday# And i 03d "ad !"e !i&e or !"e in'lina!ion) !"ere (ere a! leas! a do8en &ore ("o (ere only !oo anxious @9 Hel&"ol!8 lis!ened !o "is boas!ings in a silen'e so gloo&ily disa66ro%ing !"a! 5ernard (as o ended# 9/ou3re en%ious)9 "e said# Hel&"ol!8 s"oo7 "is "ead# 903& ra!"er sad) !"a!3s all)9 "e ans(ered# 5ernard (en! o in a "u # ,e%er) "e !old "i&sel ) ne%er (ould "e s6ea7 !o


Hel&"ol!8 again# T"e days 6assed# Su''ess (en! i88ily !o 5ernard3s "ead) and in !"e 6ro'ess 'o&6le!ely re'on'iled "i& (as any good in!oxi'an! s"ould do) !o a (orld ("i'") u6 !ill !"en) "e "ad ound %ery unsa!is a'!ory# 0n so ar as i! re'ogni8ed "i& as i&6or!an!) !"e order o !"ings (as good# 5u!) re'on'iled by "is su''ess) "e ye! re used !o orego !"e 6ri%ilege o 'ri!i'i8ing !"is order# :or !"e a'! o 'ri!i'i8ing "eig"!ened "is sense o i&6or!an'e) &ade "i& eel larger# 4oreo%er) "e did genuinely belie%e !"a! !"ere (ere !"ings !o 'ri!i'i8e# (A! !"e sa&e !i&e) "e genuinely li7ed being a su''ess and "a%ing all !"e girls "e (an!ed#) 5e ore !"ose ("o no() or !"e sa7e o !"e Sa%age) 6aid !"eir 'our! !o "i&) 5ernard (ould 6arade a 'ar6ing unor!"odoxy# He (as 6oli!ely lis!ened !o# 5u! be"ind "is ba'7 6eo6le s"oo7 !"eir "eads# 9T"a! young &an (ill 'o&e !o a bad end)9 !"ey said) 6ro6"esying !"e &ore 'on iden!ly in !"a! !"ey !"e&sel%es (ould in due 'ourse 6ersonally see !o i! !"a! !"e end (as bad# 9He (on3! ind ano!"er Sa%age !o "el6 "i& ou! a se'ond !i&e)9 !"ey said# 4ean("ile) "o(e%er) !"ere (as !"e irs! Sa%age? !"ey (ere 6oli!e# And be'ause !"ey (ere 6oli!e) 5ernard el! 6osi!i%ely gigan!i'>gigan!i' and a! !"e sa&e !i&e lig"! (i!" ela!ion) lig"!er !"an air# 9Lig"!er !"an air)9 said 5ernard) 6oin!ing u6(ards# Li7e a 6earl in !"e s7y) "ig") "ig" abo%e !"e&) !"e 2ea!"er .e6ar!&en!3s 'a6!i%e balloon s"one rosily in !"e suns"ine# 9@ !"e said Sa%age)9 so ran 5ernard3s ins!ru'!ions) 9!o be s"o(n 'i%ili8ed li e in all i!s as6e'!s# @9 He (as being s"o(n a bird3s-eye %ie( o i! a! 6resen!) a bird3s-eye %ie( ro& !"e 6la! or& o !"e *"aring-T To(er# T"e S!a!ion 4as!er and !"e -esiden! 4e!eorologis! (ere a'!ing as guides# 5u! i! (as 5ernard ("o did &os! o !"e !al7ing# 0n!oxi'a!ed) "e (as be"a%ing as !"oug") a! !"e %ery leas!) "e (ere a %isi!ing 2orld *on!roller# Lig"!er !"an air# T"e 5o&bay 1reen -o'7e! dro66ed ou! o !"e s7y# T"e 6assengers alig"!ed# +ig"! iden!i'al .ra%idian !(ins in 7"a7i loo7ed ou! o !"e eig"! 6or!"oles o !"e 'abin>!"e s!e(ards# 9T(el%e "undred and i !y 7ilo&e!res an "our)9 said !"e S!a!ion 4as!er i&6ressi%ely# 92"a! do you !"in7 o !"a!) 4r# Sa%ageA9 =o"n !"oug"! i! %ery ni'e# 9S!ill)9 "e said) 9Ariel 'ould 6u! a girdle round !"e ear!" in or!y &inu!es#9 9T"e Sa%age)9 (ro!e 5ernard in "is re6or! !o 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9s"o(s sur6risingly li!!le as!onis"&en! a!) or a(e o ) 'i%ili8ed in%en!ions# T"is is 6ar!ly due) no doub!) !o !"e a'! !"a! "e "as "eard !"e& !al7ed abou! by !"e (o&an Linda) "is &T>#9 (4us!a6"a 4ond ro(ned# 9.oes !"e ool !"in7 03& !oo s;uea&is" !o see !"e (ord (ri!!en ou! a! ull leng!"A9) 9Dar!ly on "is in!eres! being o'ussed on ("a! "e 'alls 3!"e soul)3 ("i'" "e 6ersis!s in regarding as an en!i!y inde6enden! o !"e 6"ysi'al en%iron&en!) ("ereas) as 0 !ried


!o 6oin! ou! !o "i& @9 T"e *on!roiler s7i66ed !"e nex! sen!en'es and (as <us! abou! !o !urn !"e 6age in sear'" o so&e!"ing &ore in!eres!ingly 'on're!e) ("en "is eye (as 'aug"! by a series o ;ui!e ex!raordinary 6"rases# 9 @ !"oug" 0 &us! ad&i!)9 "e read) 9!"a! 0 agree (i!" !"e Sa%age in inding 'i%ili8ed in an!ili!y !oo easy or) as "e 6u!s i!) no! ex6ensi%e enoug"? and 0 (ould li7e !o !a7e !"is o66or!uni!y o dra(ing your ords"i63s a!!en!ion !o @9 4us!a6"a 4ond3s anger ga%e 6la'e al&os! a! on'e !o &ir!"# T"e idea o !"is 'rea!ure sole&nly le'!uring "i&> him -abou! !"e so'ial order (as really !oo gro!es;ue# T"e &an &us! "a%e gone &ad# 90 oug"! !o gi%e "i& a lesson)9 "e said !o "inisel ? !"en !"re( ba'7 "is "ead and "aug"ed aloud# :or !"e &o&en!) a! any ra!e) !"e lesson (ould no! be gi%en# 0! (as a s&all a'!ory o lig"!ing-se!s or "eli'o6!ers) a bran'" o !"e +le'!ri'al +;ui6&en! *or6ora!ion# T"ey (ere &e! on !"e roo i!sel ( or !"a! 'ir'ular le!!er o re'o&&enda!ion ro& !"e *on!roller (as &agi'al in i!s e e'!s) by !"e *"ie Te'"ni'ian and !"e Hu&an +le&en! 4anager# T"ey (al7ed do(ns!airs in!o !"e a'!ory# 9+a'" 6ro'ess)9 ex6lained !"e Hu&an +le&en! 4anager) 9is 'arried ou!) so ar as 6ossible) by a single 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6#9 And) in e e'!) eig"!y-!"ree al&os! noseless bla'7 bra'"y'e6"ali' .el!as (ere 'old-6ressing# T"e i !y-six our-s6indle '"u'7ing and !urning &a'"ines (ere being &ani6ula!ed by i !y-six a;uiline and ginger 1a&&as# $ne "undred and se%en "ea!-'ondi!ioned +6silon Senegalese (ere (or7ing in !"e oundry# T"ir!y-!"ree .el!a e&ales) long-"eaded) sandy) (i!" narro( 6el%ises) and all (i!"in BG &illi&e!res o 1 &e!re 69 'en!i&e!res !all) (ere 'u!!ing s're(s# 0n !"e asse&bling roo&) !"e dyna&os (ere being 6u! !oge!"er by !(o se!s o 1a&&a-Dlus d(ar s# T"e !(o lo( (or7-!ables a'ed one ano!"er? be!(een !"e& 'ra(led !"e 'on%eyor (i!" i!s load o se6ara!e 6ar!s? or!y-se%en blonde "eads (ere 'on ron!ed by or!y-se%en bro(n ones# :or!y-se%en snubs by or!y-se%en "oo7s? or!y-se%en re'eding by or!y-se%en 6rogna!"ous '"ins# T"e 'o&6le!ed &e'"anis&s (ere ins6e'!ed by eig"!een iden!i'al 'urly auburn girls in 1a&&a green) 6a'7ed in 'ra!es by !"ir!y- our s"or!-legged) le !-"anded &ale .el!a-4inuses) and loaded in!o !"e (ai!ing !ru'7s and lorries by six!y-!"ree blue-eyed) laxen and re'7led +6silon Se&i-4orons# 9$ bra%e ne( (orld @9 5y so&e &ali'e o "is &e&ory !"e Sa%age ound "i&sel re6ea!ing 4iranda3s (ords# 9$ bra%e ne( (orld !"a! "as su'" 6eo6le in i!#9 9And 0 assure you)9 !"e Hu&an +le&en! 4anager 'on'luded) as !"ey le ! !"e a'!ory) 9(e "ardly e%er "a%e any !rouble (i!" our (or7ers# 2e al(ays ind @9 5u! !"e Sa%age "ad suddenly bro7en a(ay ro& "is 'o&6anions and (as %iolen!ly re!'"ing) be"ind a 'lu&6 o laurels) as !"oug" !"e solid ear!" "ad been a "eli'o6!er in an air 6o'7e!# 9T"e Sa%age)9 (ro!e 5ernard) 9re uses !o !a7e soma ) and see&s &u'" dis!ressed


be'ause o !"e (o&an Linda) "is &T>) re&ains 6er&anen!ly on "oliday# 0! is (or!"y o no!e !"a!) in s6i!e o "is &T>3s senili!y and !"e ex!re&e re6ulsi%eness o "er a66earan'e) !"e Sa%age re;uen!ly goes !o see "er and a66ears !o be &u'" a!!a'"ed !o "er>an in!eres!ing exa&6le o !"e (ay in ("i'" early 'ondi!ioning 'an be &ade !o &odi y and e%en run 'oun!er !o na!ural i&6ulses (in !"is 'ase) !"e i&6ulse !o re'oil ro& an un6leasan! ob<e'!)#9 A! +!on !"ey alig"!ed on !"e roo o U66er S'"ool# $n !"e o66osi!e side o S'"ool /ard) !"e i !y-!(o s!ories o Lu6!on3s To(er glea&ed ("i!e in !"e suns"ine# *ollege on !"eir le ! and) on !"eir rig"!) !"e S'"ool *o&&uni!y Singery reared !"eir %enerable 6iles o erro-'on're!e and %i!a-glass# 0n !"e 'en!re o !"e ;uadrangle s!ood !"e ;uain! old '"ro&e-s!eel s!a!ue o $ur :ord# .r# 1a ney) !"e Dro%os!) and 4iss Mea!e) !"e Head 4is!ress) re'ei%ed !"e& as !"ey s!e66ed ou! o !"e 6lane# 9.o you "a%e &any !(ins "ereA9 !"e Sa%age as7ed ra!"er a66re"ensi%ely) as !"ey se! ou! on !"eir !our o ins6e'!ion# 9$") no)9 !"e Dro%os! ans(ered# 9+!on is reser%ed ex'lusi%ely or u66er-'as!e boys and girls# $ne egg) one adul!# 0! &a7es edu'a!ion &ore di i'ul! o 'ourse# 5u! as !"ey3ll be 'alled u6on !o !a7e res6onsibili!ies and deal (i!" unex6e'!ed e&ergen'ies) i! 'an3! be "el6ed#9 He sig"ed# 5ernard) &ean("ile) "ad !a7en a s!rong an'y !o 4iss Mea!e# 90 you3re ree any 4onday) 2ednesday) or :riday e%ening)9 "e (as saying# =er7ing "is !"u&b !o(ards !"e Sa%age) 9He3s 'urious) you 7no()9 5ernard added# 9Quain!#9 4iss Mea!e s&iled (and "er s&ile (as really '"ar&ing) "e !"oug"!)? said T"an7 you? (ould be delig"!ed !o 'o&e !o one o "is 6ar!ies# T"e Dro%os! o6ened a door# :i%e &inu!es in !"a! Al6"a .ouble Dlus 'lassroo& le ! =o"n a !ri le be(ildered# 92"a! is ele&en!ary rela!i%i!yA9 "e ("is6ered !o 5ernard# 5ernard !ried !o ex6lain) !"en !"oug"! be!!er o i! and sugges!ed !"a! !"ey s"ould go !o so&e o!"er 'lassroo&# :ro& be"ind a door in !"e 'orridor leading !o !"e 5e!a-4inus geogra6"y roo&) a ringing so6rano %oi'e 'alled) 9$ne) !(o) !"ree) our)9 and !"en) (i!" a (eary i&6a!ien'e) 9As you (ere#9 94al!"usian .rill)9 ex6lained !"e Head 4is!ress# 94os! o our girls are ree&ar!ins) o 'ourse# 03& a ree&ar!in &ysel #9 S"e s&iled a! 5ernard# 95u! (e "a%e abou! eig"! "undred uns!erili8ed ones ("o need 'ons!an! drilling#9 0n !"e 5e!a-4inus geogra6"y roo& =o"n learn! !"a! 9a sa%age reser%a!ion is a 6la'e ("i'") o(ing !o un a%ourable 'li&a!i' or geologi'al 'ondi!ions) or 6o%er!y o na!ural resour'es) "as no! been (or!" !"e ex6ense o 'i%ili8ing#9 A 'li'7? !"e roo& (as dar7ened? and suddenly) on !"e s'reen abo%e !"e 4as!er3s "ead) !"ere (ere !"e 6enitentes o A'o&a 6ros!ra!ing !"e&sel%es be ore $ur Lady) and (ailing as =o"n "ad "eard !"e& (ail) 'on essing !"eir sins be ore =esus on !"e *ross) be ore !"e eagle i&age o Doo7ong# T"e young +!onians airly s"ou!ed (i!" laug"!er# S!ill


(ailing) !"e 6enitentes rose !o !"eir ee!) s!ri66ed o !"eir u66er gar&en!s and) (i!" 7no!!ed ("i6s) began !o bea! !"e&sel%es) blo( a !er blo(# -edoubled) !"e laug"!ed dro(ned e%en !"e a&6li ied re'ord o !"eir groans# 95u! ("y do !"ey laug"A9 as7ed !"e Sa%age in a 6ained be(ilder&en!# 92"yA9 T"e Dro%os! !urned !o(ards "i& a s!ill broadly grinning a'e# 9 be'ause i!3s so ex!raordinarily unny#9 #hy$ 5u!

0n !"e 'ine&a!ogra6"i' !(ilig"!) 5ernard ris7ed a ges!ure ("i'") in !"e 6as!) e%en !o!al dar7ness (ould "ardly "a%e e&boldened "i& !o &a7e# S!rong in "is ne( i&6or!an'e) "e 6u! "is ar& around !"e Head 4is!ress3s (ais!# 0! yielded) (illo(ily# He (as <us! abou! !o sna!'" a 7iss or !(o and 6er"a6s a gen!le 6in'") ("en !"e s"u!!ers 'li'7ed o6en again# 9Der"a6s (e "ad be!!er go on)9 said 4iss Mea!e) and &o%ed !o(ards !"e door# 9And !"is)9 said !"e Dro%os! a &o&en! la!er) 9is Hy6no6Hdi' *on!rol -oo&#9 Hundreds o syn!"e!i' &usi' boxes) one or ea'" dor&i!ory) s!ood ranged in s"el%es round !"ree sides o !"e roo&? 6igeon-"oled on !"e our!" (ere !"e 6a6er sound-!ra'7 rolls on ("i'" !"e %arious "y6no6Hdi' lessons (ere 6rin!ed# 9/ou sli6 !"e roll in "ere)9 ex6lained 5ernard) ini!erru6!ing .r# 1a ney) 96ress do(n !"is s(i!'" @9 9,o) !"a! one)9 'orre'!ed !"e Dro%os!) annoyed# 9T"a! one) !"en# T"e roll un(inds# T"e seleniu& 'ells !rans or& !"e lig"! i&6ulses in!o sound (a%es) and @9 9And !"ere you are)9 .r# 1a ney 'on'luded# 9.o !"ey read S"a7es6eareA9 as7ed !"e Sa%age as !"ey (al7ed) on !"eir (ay !o !"e 5io-'"e&i'al Labora!ories) 6as! !"e S'"ool Library# 9*er!ainly no!)9 said !"e Head 4is!ress) blus"ing# 9$ur library)9 said .r# 1a ney) 9'on!ains only boo7s o re eren'e# 0 our young 6eo6le need dis!ra'!ion) !"ey 'an ge! i! a! !"e eelies# 2e don3! en'ourage !"e& !o indulge in any soli!ary a&use&en!s#9 :i%e bus-loads o boys and girls) singing or in a silen! e&bra'e&en!) rolled 6as! !"e& o%er !"e %i!ri ied "ig"(ay# 9=us! re!urned)9 ex6lained .r# 1a ney) ("ile 5ernard) ("is6ering) &ade an a66oin!&en! (i!" !"e Head 4is!ress or !"a! %ery e%ening) 9 ro& !"e Sloug" *re&a!oriu&# .ea!" 'ondi!ioning begins a! eig"!een &on!"s# +%ery !o! s6ends !(o &ornings a (ee7 in a Hos6i!al or !"e .ying# All !"e bes! !oys are 7e6! !"ere) and !"ey ge! '"o'ola!e 'rea& on dea!" days# T"ey learn !o !a7e dying as a &a!!er o 'ourse#9 9Li7e any o!"er 6"ysiologi'al 6ro'ess)9 6u! in !"e Head 4is!ress 6ro essionally# +ig"! o3'lo'7 a! !"e Sa%oy# 0! (as all arranged#


$n !"eir (ay ba'7 !o London !"ey s!o66ed a! !"e Tele%ision *or6ora!ion3s a'!ory a! 5ren! ord# 9.o you &ind (ai!ing "ere a &o&en! ("ile 0 go and !ele6"oneA9 as7ed 5ernard# T"e Sa%age (ai!ed and (a!'"ed# T"e 4ain .ay-S"i ! (as <us! going o du!y# *ro(ds o lo(er-'as!e (or7ers (ere ;ueued u6 in ron! o !"e &onorail s!a!ion-se%en or eig"! "undred 1a&&a) .el!a and +6silon &en and (o&en) (i!" no! &ore !"an a do8en a'es and s!a!ures be!(een !"e&# To ea'" o !"e&) (i!" "is or "er !i'7e!) !"e boo7ing 'ler7 6us"ed o%er a li!!le 'ardboard 6illbox# T"e long 'a!er6illar o &en and (o&en &o%ed slo(ly or(ard# 92"a!3s in !"ose9 (re&e&bering %he Merchant of 8enice ) 9!"ose 'as7e!sA9 !"e Sa%age en;uired ("en 5ernard "ad re<oined "i&# 9T"e day3s soma ra!ion)9 5ernard ans(ered ra!"er indis!in'!ly? or "e (as &as!i'a!ing a 6ie'e o 5eni!o Hoo%er3s '"e(ing-gu&# 9T"ey ge! i! a !er !"eir (or73s o%er# :our "al -gra&&e !able!s# Six on Sa!urdays#9 He !oo7 =o"n3s ar& a e'!iona!ely and !"ey (al7ed ba'7 !o(ards !"e "eli'o6!er# Lenina 'a&e singing in!o !"e *"anging -oo&# 9/ou see& %ery 6leased (i!" yoursel )9 said :anny# 90 am 6leased)9 s"e ans(ered# Ri6F 95ernard rang u6 "al an "our ago#9 Ri6) 8i6F S"e s!e66ed ou! o "er s"or!s# 9He "as an unex6e'!ed engage&en!#9 Ri6F 9As7ed &e i 03d !a7e !"e Sa%age !o !"e eelies !"is e%ening# 0 &us! ly#9 S"e "urried a(ay !o(ards !"e ba!"roo&# 9S"e3s a lu'7y girl)9 :anny said !o "ersel as s"e (a!'"ed Lenina go# T"ere (as no en%y in !"e 'o&&en!? good-na!ured :anny (as &erely s!a!ing a ae!# Lenina (as lu'7y? lu'7y in "a%ing s"ared (i!" 5ernard a generous 6or!ion o !"e Sa%age3s i&&ense 'elebri!y) lu'7y in re le'!ing ro& "er insigni i'an! 6erson !"e &o&en!3s su6re&ely as"ionable glory# Had no! !"e Se're!ary o !"e /oung 2o&en3s :ordian Asso'ia!ion as7ed "er !o gi%e a le'!ure abou! "er ex6erien'esA Had s"e no! been in%i!ed !o !"e Annual .inner o !"e A6"rodi!eu& *lubA Had s"e no! already a66eared in !"e :eely!one ,e(s>%isibly) audibly and !a'!ually a66eared !o 'oun!less &illions all o%er !"e 6lane!A Hardly less la!!ering "ad been !"e a!!en!ions 6aid "er by 'ons6i'uous indi%iduals# T"e -esiden! 2orld *on!roller3s Se'ond Se're!ary "ad as7ed "er !o dinner and brea7 as!# S"e "ad s6en! one (ee7-end (i!" !"e :ord *"ie -=us!i'e) and ano!"er (i!" !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er o *an!erbury# T"e Dresiden! o !"e 0n!ernal and +x!ernal Se're!ions *or6ora!ion (as 6er6e!ually on !"e 6"one) and s"e "ad been !o .eau%ille (i!" !"e .e6u!y-1o%ernor o !"e 5an7 o +uro6e# 90!3s (onder ul) o 'ourse# And ye! in a (ay)9 s"e "ad 'on essed !o :anny) 90 eel as !"oug" 0 (ere ge!!ing so&e!"ing on alse 6resen'es# 5e'ause) o 'ourse) !"e irs! !"ing !"ey all (an! !o 7no( is ("a! i!3s li7e !o &a7e lo%e !o a Sa%age# And 0 "a%e !o say 0 don3! 7no(#9 S"e s"oo7 "er "ead# 94os! o !"e &en don3! belie%e &e) o


'ourse# 5u! i!3s !rue# 0 (is" i! (eren3!)9 s"e added sadly and sig"ed# 9He3s !erribly good-loo7ing? don3! you !"in7 soA9 95u! doesn3! "e li7e youA9 as7ed :anny# 9So&e!i&es 0 !"in7 "e does and so&e!i&es 0 !"in7 "e doesn3!# He al(ays does "is bes! !o a%oid &e? goes ou! o !"e roo& ("en 0 'o&e in? (on3! !ou'" &e? (on3! e%en loo7 a! &e# 5u! so&e!i&es i 0 !urn round suddenly) 0 'a!'" "i& s!aring? and !"en>(ell) you 7no( "o( &en loo7 ("en !"ey li7e you#9 /es) :anny 7ne(# 90 'an3! &a7e i! ou!)9 said Lenina# S"e 'ouldn3! &a7e i! ou!? and no! only (as be(ildered? (as also ra!"er u6se!# 95e'ause) you see) :anny) 3 li7e "i&#9 Li7ed "i& &ore and &ore# 2ell) no( !"ere3d be a real '"an'e) s"e !"oug"!) as s"e s'en!ed "ersel a !er "er ba!"# .ab) dab) dab>a real '"an'e# Her "ig" s6iri!s o%er lo(ed in a song# 33Hug &e !ill you drug &e) "oney? Miss &e !ill 03& in a 'o&a? Hug &e) "oney) snuggly bunny? Lo%e3s as good as so&a .* T"e s'en! organ (as 6laying a delig"! ully re res"ing Herbal *a6ri''io>ri66ling ar6eggios o !"y&e and la%ender) o rose&ary) basil) &yr!le) !arragon? a series o daring &odula!ions !"roug" !"e s6i'e 7eys in!o a&bergris? and a slo( re!urn !"roug" sandal(ood) 'a&6"or) 'edar and ne(&o(n "ay ((i!" o''asional sub!le !ou'"es o dis'ord>a ("i o 7idney 6udding) !"e ain!es! sus6i'ion o 6ig3s dung) ba'7 !o !"e si&6le aro&a!i's (i!" ("i'" !"e 6ie'e began# T"e inal blas! o !"y&e died a(ay? !"ere (as a round o a66lause? !"e lig"!s (en! u6# 0n !"e syn!"e!i' &usi' &a'"ine !"e sound-!ra'7 roll began !o un(ind# 0! (as a !rio or "y6er-%iolin) su6er-'ello and oboe-surroga!e !"a! no( illed !"e air (i!" i!s agreeable languor# T"ir!y or or!y bars>and !"en) agains! !"is ins!ru&en!al ba'7ground) a &u'" &ore !"an "u&an %oi'e began !o (arble? no( !"roa!y) no( ro& !"e "ead) no( "ollo( as a lu!e) no( '"arged (i!" yearning "ar&oni's) i! e or!lessly 6assed ro& 1as6ard3s :ors!er3s lo( re'ord on !"e %ery ron!iers o &usi'al !one !o a !rilled ba!-no!e "ig" abo%e !"e "ig"es! * !o ("i'" (in 1IIG) a! !"e .u'al o6era o Dar&a) and !o !"e as!onis"&en! o 4o8ar!) Lu're8ia A<ugari) alone o all !"e singers in "is!ory) on'e 6ier'ingly ga%e u!!eran'e# Sun7 in !"eir 6neu&a!i' s!alls) Lenina and !"e Sa%age sni ed and lis!ened# 0! (as no( !"e !urn also or eyes and s7in# T"e "ouse lig"!s (en! do(n? iery le!!ers s!ood ou! solid and as !"oug" sel -su66or!ed in !"e dar7ness# TH-++ 2++MS 0, A H+L0*$DT+- # A, ALL-SUD+--S0,10,1) S/,TH+T0*-TALM1,1) *$L$U-+.) ST+-+$S*$D0* :++L/# 20TH S/,*H-$,0R+. S*+,T-$-1A, A**$4DA,04+,T#


9Ta7e "old o !"ose &e!al 7nobs on !"e ar&s o your '"air)9 ("is6ered Lenina# 9$!"er(ise you (on3! ge! any o !"e eely e e'!s#9 T"e Sa%age did as "e (as !old# T"ose iery le!!ers) &ean("ile) "ad disa66eared? !"ere (ere !en se'onds o 'o&6le!e dar7ness? !"en suddenly) da88ling and in'o&6arably &ore solid-loo7ing !"an !"ey (ould "a%e see&ed in a'!ual les" and blood) ar &ore real !"an reali!y) !"ere s!ood !"e s!ereos'o6i' i&ages) lo'7ed in one ano!"er3s ar&s) o a gigan!i' negro and a golden-"aired young bra'"y'e6"ali' 5e!a-Dlus e&ale# T"e Sa%age s!ar!ed# T"a! sensa!ion on "is li6sF He lii!ed a "and !o "is &ou!"? !"e !i!illa!ion 'eased? le! "is "and all ba'7 on !"e &e!al 7nob? i! began again# T"e s'en! organ) &ean("ile) brea!"ed 6ure &us7# +x6iringly) a sound-!ra'7 su6er-do%e 'ooed 9$o-oo"9? and %ibra!ing only !"ir!y-!(o !i&es a se'ond) a dee6er !"an A ri'an bass &ade ans(erC 9Aa-aa"#9 9$o"-a"F $o"-a"F9 !"e s!ereos'o6i' li6s 'a&e !oge!"er again) and on'e &ore !"e a'ial erogenous 8ones o !"e six !"ousand s6e'!a!ors in !"e Al"a&bra !ingled (i!" al&os! in!olerable gal%ani' 6leasure# 9$o" @9 T"e 6lo! o !"e il& (as ex!re&ely si&6le# A e( &inu!es a !er !"e irs! $o"s and Aa"s (a due! "a%ing been sung and a li!!le lo%e &ade on !"a! a&ous bears7in) e%ery "air o ("i'">!"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or (as 6er e'!ly rig"!>'ould be se6ara!ely and dis!in'!ly el!)) !"e negro "ad a "eli'o6!er a''iden!) ell on "is "ead# T"u&6F ("a!a !(inge !"roug" !"e ore"eadF A '"orus o o&'s and aie's (en! u6 ro& !"e audien'e# T"e 'on'ussion 7no'7ed all !"e negro3s 'ondi!ioni&g in!o a 'o'7ed "a!# He de%elo6ed or !"e 5e!a blonde an ex'lusi%e and &ania'al 6assion# S"e 6ro!es!ed# He 6ersis!ed# T"ere (ere s!ruggles) 6ursui!s) an assaul! on a ri%al) inally a sensa!ional 7idna66ing# T"e 5e!a blond (as ra%is"ed a(ay in!o !"e s7y and 7e6! !"ere) "o%ering) or !"ree (ee7s in a (ildly an!i-so'ial t9te7:7t9te (i!" !"e bla'7 &ad&an# :inally) a !er a ("ole series o ad%en!ures and &u'" aerial a'roba'y !"ree "andso&e young Al6"as su''eeded in res'uing "er# T"e negro (as 6a'7ed o !o an Adul! -e-'ondi!ioning *en!re and !"e il& ended "a66ily and de'orously) (i!" !"e 5e!a blonde be'o&ing !"e &is!ress o all "er !"ree res'uers# T"ey in!erru6!ed !"e&sel%es or a &o&en! !o sing a syn!"e!i' ;uar!e!) (i!" ull su6er-or'"es!ral a''o&6ani&en! and gardenias on !"e s'en! organ# T"en !"e bears7in &ade a inal a66earan'e and) a&id a blare o saxo6"ones) !"e las! s!ereos'o6i' 7iss aded in!o dar7ness) !"e las! ele'!ri' !i!illa!ion died on !"e li6s li7e a dying &o!" !"a! ;ui%ers) ;ui%ers) e%er &ore eebly) e%er &ore ain!ly) and a! las! is ;uie!) ;ui!e s!ill# 5u! or Lenina !"e &o!" did no! 'o&6le!ely die# +%en a !er !"e lig"!s "ad gone u6) ("ile !"ey (ere s"u ling slo(ly along (i!" !"e 'ro(d !o(ards !"e li !s) i!s g"os! s!ill lu!!ered agains! "er li6s) s!ill !ra'ed ine s"uddering roads o anxie!y and 6leasure a'ross "er s7in# Her '"ee7s (ere lus"ed# S"e 'aug"! "old o !"e Sa%age3s ar& and 6ressed i!) li&6) agains! "er side# He loo7ed do(n a! "er or a &o&en!) 6ale) 6ained) desiring) and as"a&ed o "is desire# He (as no! (or!"y) no! @ T"eir eyes or a &o&en! &e!# 2"a! !reasures "ers 6ro&isedF A ;ueen3s ranso& o !e&6era&en!# Has!ily "e loo7ed a(ay) disengaged "is i&6risoned ar&# He (as obs'urely !erri ied les! s"e s"ould 'ease !o be so&e!"ing "e 'ould eel "i&sel


un(or!"y o # 90 don3! !"in7 you oug"! !o see !"ings li7e !"a!)9 "e said) &a7ing "as!e !o !rans er ro& Lenina "ersel !o !"e surrounding 'ir'u&s!an'es !"e bla&e or any 6as! or 6ossible u!ure la6se ro& 6er e'!ion# 9T"ings li7e ("a!) =o"nA9 9Li7e !"is "orrible il&#9 9HorribleA9 Lenina (as genuinely as!onis"ed# 95u! 0 !"oug"! i! (as lo%ely#9 90! (as base)9 "e said indignan!ly) 9i! (as ignoble#9 S"e s"oo7 "er "ead# 90 don3! 7no( ("a! you &ean#9 2"y (as "e so ;ueerA 2"y did "e go ou! o "is (ay !o s6oil !"ingsA 0n !"e !axi'o6!er "e "ardly e%en loo7ed a! "er# 5ound by s!rong %o(s !"a! "ad ne%er been 6ronoun'ed) obedien! !o la(s !"a! "ad long sin'e 'eased !o run) "e sa! a%er!ed and in silen'e# So&e!i&es) as !"oug" a inger "ad 6lu'7ed a! so&e !au!) al&os! brea7ing s!ring) "is ("ole body (ould s"a7e (i!" a sudden ner%ous s!ar!# T"e !axi'o6!er landed on !"e roo o Lenina3s a6ar!&en! "ouse# 9A! las!)9 s"e !"oug"! exul!an!ly as s"e s!e66ed ou! o !"e 'ab# A! las!>e%en !"oug" "e had been so ;ueer <us! no(# S!anding under a la&6) s"e 6eered in!o "er "and &irror# A! las!# /es) "er nose (as a bi! s"iny# S"e s"oo7 !"e loose 6o(der ro& "er 6u # 2"ile "e (as 6aying o !"e !axi>!"ere (ould <us! be !i&e# S"e rubbed a! !"e s"ininess) !"in7ingC 9He3s !erribly good-loo7ing# ,o need or "i& !o be s"y li7e 5ernard# And ye! @ Any o!"er &an (ould "a%e done i! long ago# 2ell) no( a! las!#9 T"a! rag&en! o a a'e in !"e li!!le round &irror suddenly s&iled a! "er# 91ood-nig"!)9 said a s!rangled %oi'e be"ind "er# Lenina ("eeled round# He (as s!anding in !"e door(ay o !"e 'ab) "is eyes ixed) s!aring? "ad e%iden!ly been s!aring all !"is !i&e ("ile s"e (as 6o(dering "er nose) (ai!ing>bu! ("a! orA or "esi!a!ing) !rying !o &a7e u6 "is &ind) and all !"e !i&e !"in7ing) !"in7ing>s"e 'ould no! i&agine ("a! ex!raordinary !"oug"!s# 91ood-nig"!) Lenina)9 "e re6ea!ed) and &ade a s!range gri&a'ing a!!e&6! !o s&ile# 95u!) =o"n @ 0 !"oug"! you (ere @ 0 &ean) aren3! youA @9 He s"u! !"e door and ben! or(ard !o say so&e!"ing !o !"e dri%er# T"e 'ab s"o! u6 in!o !"e air# Loo7ing do(n !"roug" !"e (indo( in !"e ioor) !"e Sa%age 'ould see Lenina3s u6!urned a'e) 6ale in !"e bluis" lig"! o !"e la&6s# T"e &ou!" (as o6en) s"e (as 'alling# Her ores"or!ened igure rus"ed a(ay ro& "i&? !"e di&inis"ing s;uare o !"e roo see&ed !o be alling !"roug" !"e dar7ness# :i%e &inu!es la!er "e (as ba'7 in "is roo&# :ro& i!s "iding-6la'e "e !oo7 ou! "is &ouse-nibbled %olu&e) !urned (i!" religious 'are i!s s!ained and 'ru&bled 6ages) and began !o read ;thello # $!"ello) "e re&e&bered) (as li7e !"e "ero o %hree #ee,s in a Helicopter >a bla'7 &an# .rying "er eyes) Lenina (al7ed a'ross !"e roo !o !"e li !# $n "er (ay do(n !o !"e


!(en!y-se%en!" loor s"e 6ulled ou! "er soma bo!!le# $ne gra&&e) s"e de'ided) (ould no! be enoug"? "ers "ad been &ore !"an a one-gra&&e a li'!ion# 5u! i s"e !oo7 !(o gra&&es) s"e ran !"e ris7 o no! (a7ing u6 in !i&e !o-&orro( &orning# S"e 'o&6ro&ised and) in!o "er 'u66ed le ! 6al&) s"oo7 ou! !"ree "al -gra&&e !able!s#

Chapter Twelve 5 +-,A-. "ad !o s"ou! !"roug" !"e lo'7ed door? !"e Sa%age (ould no! o6en#
95u! e%erybody3s !"ere) (ai!ing or you#9 9Le! !"e& (ai!)9 'a&e ba'7 !"e &u led %oi'e !"roug" !"e door# 95u! you 7no( ;ui!e (ell) =o"n9 ("o( di i'ul! i! is !o sound 6ersuasi%e a! !"e !o6 o one3s %oi'eF) 90 as7ed !"e& on 6ur6ose !o &ee! you#9 9/ou oug"! !o "a%e as7ed me irs! ("e!"er 0 (an!ed !o &ee! them #9 95u! you al(ays 'a&e be ore) =o"n#9 9T"a!3s 6re'isely ("y 0 don3! (an! !o 'o&e again#9 9=us! !o 6lease &e)9 5ernard bello(ingly ("eedled# 92on3! you 'o&e !o 6lease &eA9 9,o#9 9.o you seriously &ean i!A9 9/es#9 .es6airingly) 95u! ("a! s"all 0 doA9 5ernard (ailed# 91o !o "ellF9 ba(led !"e exas6era!ed %oi'e ro& (i!"in# 95u! !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er o *an!erbury is !"ere !o-nig"!#9 5ernard (as al&os! in !ears# *Ai yaa t<,&a-* 0! (as only in RuSi !"a! !"e Sa%age 'ould ade;ua!ely ex6ress ("a! "e el! abou! !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er# *H<ni-* "e added as an a !er-!"oug"!? and !"en ((i!" ("a! derisi%e ero'i!yF)C *2ons =so tse7n<.* And "e s6a! on !"e ground) as Do6Q &ig"! "a%e done# 0n !"e end 5ernard "ad !o slin7 ba'7) di&inis"ed) !o "is roo&s and in or& !"e i&6a!ien! asse&bly !"a! !"e Sa%age (ould no! be a66earing !"a! e%ening# T"e ne(s (as re'ei%ed (i!" indigna!ion# T"e &en (ere urious a! "a%ing been !ri'7ed in!o be"a%ing 6oli!ely !o !"is insigni i'an! ello( (i!" !"e unsa%oury re6u!a!ion and !"e "ere!i'al o6inions# T"e "ig"er !"eir 6osi!ion in !"e "ierar'"y) !"e dee6er !"eir resen!&en!# 9To 6lay su'" a <o7e on &e)9 !"e Ar'"-Songs!er 7e6! re6ea!ing) 9on me- 9

As or !"e (o&en) !"ey indignan!ly el! !"a! !"ey "ad been "ad on alse 6re!en'es>"ad by a (re!'"ed li!!le &an ("o "ad "ad al'o"ol 6oured in!o "is bo!!le by &is!a7e>by a 'rea!ure (i!" a 1a&&a-4inus 6"ysi;ue# 0! (as an ou!rage) and !"ey said so) &ore and &ore loudly# T"e Head 4is!ress o +!on (as 6ar!i'ularly


s'a!"ing# Lenina alone said no!"ing# Dale) "er blue eyes 'louded (i!" an un(on!ed &elan'"oly) s"e sa! in a 'orner) 'u! o ro& !"ose ("o surrounded "er by an e&o!ion ("i'" !"ey did no! s"are# S"e "ad 'o&e !o !"e 6ar!y illed (i!" a s!range eeling o anxious exul!a!ion# 90n a e( &inu!es)9 s"e "ad said !o "ersel ) as s"e en!ered !"e roo&) 90 s"all be seeing "i&) !al7ing !o "i&) !elling "i&9 ( or s"e "ad 'o&e (i!" "er &ind &ade u6) 9!"a! 0 li7e "i&>&ore !"an anybody 03%e e%er 7no(n# And !"en 6er"a6s "e3ll say @9 2"a! (ould "e sayA T"e blood "ad rus"ed !o "er '"ee7s# 92"y (as "e so s!range !"e o!"er nig"!) a !er !"e eeliesA So ;ueer# And ye! 03& absolu!ely sure "e really does ra!"er li7e &e# 03& sure @9 0! (as a! !"is &o&en! !"a! 5ernard "ad &ade "is announ'e&en!? !"e Sa%age (asn3! 'o&ing !o !"e 6ar!y# Lenina suddenly el! all !"e sensa!ions nor&ally ex6erien'ed a! !"e beginning o a Kiolen! Dassion Surroga!e !rea!&en!>a sense o dread ul e&6!iness) a brea!"less a66re"ension) a nausea# Her "ear! see&ed !o s!o6 bea!ing# 9Der"a6s i!3s be'ause "e doesn3! li7e &e)9 s"e said !o "ersel # And a! on'e !"is 6ossibili!y be'a&e an es!ablis"ed 'er!ain!yC =o"n "ad re used !o 'o&e be'ause "e didn3! li7e "er# He didn3! li7e "er# @ 90! really is a bi! too !"i'7)9 !"e Head 4is!ress o +!on (as saying !o !"e .ire'!or o *re&a!oria and D"os6"orus -e'la&a!ion# 92"en 0 !"in7 !"a! 0 a'!ually @9 9/es)9 'a&e !"e %oi'e o :anny *ro(ne) 9i!3s absolu!ely !rue abou! !"e al'o"ol# So&e one 0 7no( 7ne( so&e one ("o (as (or7ing in !"e +&bryo S!ore a! !"e !i&e# S"e said !o &y riend) and &y riend said !o &e @9 9Too bad) !oo bad)9 said Henry :os!er) sy&6a!"i8ing (i!" !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er# 90! &ay in!eres! you !o 7no( !"a! our ex-.ire'!or (as on !"e 6oin! o !rans erring "i& !o 0'eland#9 Dier'ed by e%ery (ord !"a! (as s6o7en) !"e !ig"! balloon o 5ernard3s "a66y sel -'on iden'e (as lea7ing ro& a !"ousand (ounds# Dale) dis!raug"!) ab<e'! and agi!a!ed) "e &o%ed a&ong "is gues!s) s!a&&ering in'o"eren! a6ologies) assuring !"e& !"a! nex! !i&e !"e Sa%age (ould 'er!ainly be !"ere) begging !"e& !o si! do(n and !a7e a 'aro!ene sand(i'") a sli'e o %i!a&in A p>t= ) a glass o '"a&6agne-surroga!e# T"ey duly a!e) bu! ignored "i&? dran7 and (ere ei!"er rude !o "is a'e or !al7ed !o one ano!"er abou! "i&) loudly and o ensi%ely) as !"oug" "e "ad no! been !"ere# 9And no() &y riends)9 said !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er o *an!erbury) in !"a! beau!i ul ringing %oi'e (i!" ("i'" "e led !"e 6ro'eedings a! :ord3s .ay *elebra!ions) 9,o() &y riends) 0 !"in7 6er"a6s !"e !i&e "as 'o&e @9 He rose) 6u! do(n "is glass) brus"ed ro& "is 6ur6le %is'ose (ais!'oa! !"e 'ru&bs o a 'onsiderable 'olla!ion) and (al7ed !o(ards !"e door# 5ernard dar!ed or(ard !o in!er'e6! "i&#


94us! you really) Ar'"-Songs!erA @ 0!3s %ery early s!ill# 03d "o6ed you (ould @9 /es) ("a! "adn3! "e "o6ed) ("en Lenina 'on iden!ially !old "i& !"a! !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er (ould a''e6! an in%i!a!ion i i! (ere sen!# 9He3s really ra!"er s(ee!) you 7no(#9 And s"e "ad s"o(n 5ernard !"e li!!le golden 8i66er- as!ening in !"e or& o a T ("i'" !"e Ar'"-Songs!er "ad gi%en "er as a &e&en!o o !"e (ee7-end s"e "ad s6en! a! La&be!"# %o meet the Arch74ommunity72ongster of 4anterbury and Mr. 2a.age. 5ernard "ad 6ro'lai&ed "is !riu&6" on e%ery in%i!a!ion 'ard# 5u! !"e Sa%age "ad '"osen !"is e%ening o all e%enings !o lo'7 "i&sel u6 in "is roo&) !o s"ou! *H<ni-* and e%en (i! (as lu'7y !"a! 5ernard didn3! unders!and RuSi) *2ons =so tse7n<-* 2"a! s"ould "a%e been !"e 'ro(ning &o&en! o 5ernard3s ("ole 'areer "ad !urned ou! !o be !"e &o&en! o "is grea!es! "u&ilia!ion# 903d so &u'" "o6ed @9 "e s!a&&eringly re6ea!ed) loo7ing u6 a! !"e grea! digni!ary (i!" 6leading and dis!ra'!ed eyes# 94y young riend)9 said !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er in a !one o loud and sole&n se%eri!y? !"ere (as a general silen'e# 9Le! &e gi%e you a (ord o ad%i'e#9 He (agged "is inger a! 5ernard# 95e ore i!3s !oo la!e# A (ord o good ad%i'e#9 (His %oi'e be'a&e se6ul'"ral#) 94end your (ays) &y young riend) &end your (ays#9 He &ade !"e sign o !"e T o%er "i& and !urned a(ay# 9Lenina) &y dear)9 "e 'alled in ano!"er !one# 9*o&e (i!" &e#9 $bedien!ly) bu! uns&iling and (("olly insensible o !"e "onour done !o "er) (i!"ou! ela!ion) Lenina (al7ed a !er "i&) ou! o !"e roo&# T"e o!"er gues!s ollo(ed a! a res6e'! ul in!er%al# T"e las! o !"e& sla&&ed !"e door# 5ernard (as all alone# Dun'!ured) u!!erly de la!ed) "e dro66ed in!o a '"air and) 'o%ering "is a'e (i!" "is "ands) began !o (ee6# A e( &inu!es la!er) "o(e%er) "e !"oug"! be!!er o i! and !oo7 our !able!s o soma # U6s!airs in "is roo& !"e Sa%age (as reading Romeo and ?uliet # Lenina and !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er s!e66ed ou! on !o !"e roo o La&be!" Dala'e# 9Hurry u6) &y young riend>0 &ean) Lenina)9 'alled !"e Ar'"-Songs!er i&6a!ien!ly ro& !"e li ! ga!es# Lenina) ("o "ad lingered or a &o&en! !o loo7 a! !"e &oon) dro66ed "er eyes and 'a&e "urrying a'ross !"e roo !o re<oin "irn# 9A ,e( T"eory o 5iology9 (as !"e !i!le o !"e 6a6er ("i'" 4us!a6"a 4ond "ad <us! inis"ed reading# He sa! or so&e !i&e) &edi!a!i%ely ro(ning) !"en 6i'7ed u6 "is 6en and (ro!e a'ross !"e !i!le-6ageC 9T"e au!"or3s &a!"e&a!i'al !rea!&en! o !"e 'on'e6!ion o 6ur6ose is no%el and "ig"ly ingenious) bu! "ere!i'al and) so ar as !"e 6resen! so'ial order is 'on'erned) dangerous and 6o!en!ially sub%ersi%e# +ot to be published. 9 He underlined !"e (ords# 9T"e au!"or (ill be 7e6! under su6er%ision# His !rans eren'e !o !"e 4arine 5iologi'al S!a!ion o S!# Helena &ay be'o&e ne'essary#9 A 6i!y) "e !"oug"!) as "e signed "is na&e# 0! (as a &as!erly 6ie'e o (or7# 5u! on'e you began ad&i!!ing ex6lana!ions in !er&s o 6ur6ose>(ell) you didn3! 7no( ("a! !"e resul! &ig"! be# 0! (as !"e sor! o idea !"a! &ig"! easily de'ondi!ion !"e &ore


unse!!led &inds a&ong !"e "ig"er 'as!es>&a7e !"e& lose !"eir ai!" in "a66iness as !"e So%ereign 1ood and !a7e !o belie%ing) ins!ead) !"a! !"e goal (as so&e("ere beyond) so&e("ere ou!side !"e 6resen! "u&an s6"ere) !"a! !"e 6ur6ose o li e (as no! !"e &ain!enan'e o (ell-being) bu! so&e in!ensi i'a!ion and re ining o 'ons'iousness) so&e enlarge&en! o 7no(ledge# 2"i'" (as) !"e *on!roller re le'!ed) ;ui!e 6ossibly !rue# 5u! no!) in !"e 6resen! 'ir'u&s!an'e) ad&issible# He 6i'7ed u6 "is 6en again) and under !"e (ords *+ot to be published* dre( a se'ond line) !"i'7er and bla'7er !"an !"e irs!? !"en sig"ed) 92"a! un i! (ould be)9 "e !"oug"!) 9i one didn3! "a%e !o !"in7 abou! "a66inessF9 2i!" 'losed eyes) "is a'e s"ining (i!" ra6!ure) =o"n (as so !ly de'lai&ing !o %a'an'yC 9$"F s"e do!" !ea'" !"e !or'"es !o burn brig"!# 0! see&s s"e "angs u6on !"e '"ee7 o nig"!) Li7e a ri'" <e(el in an +!"io63s ear? 5eau!y !oo ri'" or use) or ear!" !oo dear @9 T"e golden T lay s"ining on Lenina3s boso&# S6or!i%ely) !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er 'aug"! "old o i!) s6or!i%ely "e 6uled) 6ulled# 90 !"in7)9 said Lenina suddenly) brea7ing a long silen'e) 903d be!!er !a7e a 'ou6le o gra&&es o soma #9 5ernard) by !"is !i&e) (as as! aslee6 and s&iling a! !"e 6ri%a!e 6aradise o "is drea&s# S&iling) s&iling# 5u! inexorably) e%ery !"ir!y se'onds) !"e &inu!e "and o !"e ele'!ri' 'lo'7 abo%e "is bed <u&6ed or(ard (i!" an al&os! i&6er'e6!ible 'li'7# *li'7) 'li'7) 'li'7) 'li'7 @ And i! (as &orning# 5ernard (as ba'7 a&ong !"e &iseries o s6a'e and !i&e# 0! (as in !"e lo(es! s6iri!s !"a! "e !axied a'ross !o "is (or7 a! !"e *ondi!ioning *en!re# T"e in!oxi'a!ion o su''ess "ad e%a6ora!ed? "e (as soberly "is old sel ? and by 'on!ras! (i!" !"e !e&6orary balloon o !"ese las! (ee7s) !"e old sel see&ed un6re'eden!edly "ea%ier !"an !"e surrounding a!&os6"ere# To !"is de la!ed 5ernard !"e Sa%age s"o(ed "i&sel unex6e'!edly sy&6a!"e!i'# 9/ou3re &ore li7e ("a! you (ere a! 4al6ais)9 "e said) ("en 5ernard "ad !old "i& "is 6lain!i%e s!ory# 9.o you re&e&ber ("en (e irs! !al7ed !oge!"erA $u!side !"e li!!le "ouse# /ou3re li7e ("a! you (ere !"en#9 95e'ause 03& un"a66y again? !"a!3s ("y#9 92ell) 03d ra!"er be un"a66y !"an "a%e !"e sor! o alse) lying "a66iness you (ere "a%ing "ere#9 90 li7e !"a!)9 said 5ernard bi!!erly# 92"en i!3s you ("o (ere !"e 'ause o i! all# -e using !o 'o&e !o &y 6ar!y and so !urning !"e& all agains! &eF9 He 7ne( !"a! ("a! "e (as saying (as absurd in i!s in<us!i'e? "e ad&i!!ed in(ardly) and a! las! e%en aloud) !"e !ru!" o all !"a! !"e Sa%age no( said abou! !"e (or!"lessness o riends ("o 'ould be !urned u6on so slig"! a 6ro%o'a!ion in!o 6erse'u!ing ene&ies# 5u! in s6i!e o !"is 7no(ledge and !"ese ad&issions) in s6i!e o !"e a'! !"a! "is riend3s su66or! and sy&6a!"y (ere no( "is only 'o& or!) 5ernard 'on!inued


6er%ersely !o nouris") along (i!" "is ;ui!e genuine a e'!ion) a se're! grie%an'e agains! !"e Sa%age) !o &edia!e a 'a&6aign o s&all re%enges !o be (rea7ed u6on "i&# ,ouris"ing a grie%an'e agains! !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er (as useless? !"ere (as no 6ossibili!y o being re%enged on !"e *"ie 5o!!ler or !"e Assis!an! Dredes!ina!or# As a %i'!i&) !"e Sa%age 6ossessed) or 5ernard) !"is enor&ous su6eriori!y o%er !"e o!"ersC !"a! "e (as a''essible# $ne o !"e 6rin'i6al un'!ions o a riend is !o su er (in a &ilder and sy&boli' or&) !"e 6unis"&en!s !"a! (e s"ould li7e) bu! are unable) !o in li'! u6on our ene&ies# 5ernard3s o!"er %i'!i&- riend (as Hel&"ol!8# 2"en) dis'o& i!ed) "e 'a&e and as7ed on'e &ore or !"e riends"i6 ("i'") in "is 6ros6eri!y) "e "ad no! !"oug"! i! (or!" "is ("ile !o 6reser%e# Hel&"ol!8 ga%e i!? and ga%e i! (i!"ou! a re6roa'") (i!"ou! a 'o&&en!) as !"oug" "e "ad orgo!!en !"a! !"ere "ad e%er been a ;uarrel# Tou'"ed) 5ernard el! "i&sel a! !"e sa&e !i&e "u&ilia!ed by !"is &agnani&i!y>a &agnani&i!y !"e &ore ex!raordinary and !"ere ore !"e &ore "u&ilia!ing in !"a! i! o(ed no!"ing !o soma and e%ery!"ing !o Hel&"ol!83s '"ara'!er# 0! (as !"e Hel&"ol!8 o daily li e ("o orgo! and orga%e) no! !"e Hel&"ol!8 o a "al -gra&&e "oliday# 5ernard (as duly gra!e ul (i! (as an enor&ous 'o& or! !o "a%e "is riend again) and also duly reseri! ul (i! (ould be 6leasure !o !a7e so&e re%enge on Hel&"ol!8 or "is generosi!y)# A! !"eir irs! &eeing a !er !"e es!range&en!) 5ernard 6oured ou! !"e !ale o "is &iseries and a''e6!ed 'onsola!ion# 0! (as no! !ill so&e days la!er !"a! "e learned) !o "is sur6rise and (i!" a !(inge o s"a&e) !"a! "e (as no! !"e only one ("o "ad been in !rouble# Hel&"ol!8 "ad also 'o&e in!o 'on li'! (i!" Au!"ori!y# 90! (as o%er so&e r"y&es)9 "e ex6lained# 90 (as gi%ing &y usual 'ourse o Ad%an'ed +&o!ional +ngineering or T"ird /ear S!uden!s# T(el%e le'!ures) o ("i'" !"e se%en!" is abou! r"y&es# 3$n !"e Use o -"y&es in 4oral Dro6aganda and Ad%er!ise&en!)3 !o be 6re'ise# 0 al(ays illus!ra!e &y le'!ure (i!" a lo! o !e'"ni'al exa&6les# T"is !i&e 0 !"oug"! 03d gi%e !"e& one 03d <us! (ri!!en &ysel # Dure &adness) o 'ourse? bu! 0 'ouldn3! resis! i!#9 He laug"ed# 90 (as 'urious !o see ("a! !"eir rea'!ions (ould be# 5esides)9 "e added &ore gra%ely) 90 (an!ed !o do a bi! o 6ro6aganda? 0 (as !rying !o engineer !"e& in!o eeling as 03d el! ("en 0 (ro!e !"e r"y&es# :ordF9 He laug"ed again# 92"a! an ou!'ry !"ere (asF T"e Drin'i6al "ad &e u6 and !"rea!ened !o "and &e !"e i&&edia!e sa'7# l3& a &ar7ed &an#9 95u! ("a! (ere your r"y&esA9 5ernard as7ed# 9T"ey (ere abou! being alone#9 5ernard3s eyebro(s (en! u6# 903ll re'i!e !"e& !o you) i you li7e#9 And Hel&"ol!8 beganC 9/es!erday3s 'o&&i!!ee) S!i'7s) bu! a bro7en dru&) 4idnig"! in !"e *i!y) :lu!es in a %a'uu&) S"u! li6s) slee6ing a'es) +%ery s!o66ed &a'"ine) T"e du&b and li!!ered 6la'es


2"ere 'ro(ds "a%e beenC @ All silen'es re<oi'e) 2ee6 (loudly or lo()) S6ea7>bu! (i!" !"e %oi'e $ ("o&) 0 do no! 7no(# Absen'e) say) o Susan3s) Absenee o +geria3s Ar&s and res6e'!i%e boso&s) Li6s and) a") 6os!eriors) Slo(ly or& a 6resen'e? 2"oseA and) 0 as7) o ("a! So absurd an essen'e) T"a! so&e!"ing) ("i'" is no!) ,e%er!"eless s"ould 6o6ula!e +&6!y nig"! &ore solidly T"an !"a! (i!" ("i'" (e 'o6ula!e) 2"y s"ould i! see& so s;ualidlyA 2ell) 0 ga%e !"e& !"a! as an exa&6le) and !"ey re6or!ed &e !o !"e Drin'i6al#9 903& no! sur6rised)9 said 5ernard# 90!3s la!ly agains! all !"eir slee6-!ea'"ing# -e&e&ber) !"ey3%e "ad a! leas! a ;uar!er o a &illion (arnings agains! soli!ude#9 90 7no(# 5u! 0 !"oug"! 03d li7e !o see ("a! !"e e e'! (ould be#9 92ell) you3%e seen no(#9 Hel&"ol!8 only laug"ed# 90 eel)9 "e said) a !er a silen'e) as !"oug" 0 (ere <us! beginning !o "a%e so&e!"ing !o (ri!e abou!# As !"oug" 0 (ere beginning !o be able !o use !"a! 6o(er 0 eel 03%e go! inside &e>!"a! ex!ra) la!en! 6o(er# So&e!"ing see&s !o be 'o&ing !o &e#9 0n s6i!e o all "is !roubles) "e see&ed) 5ernard !"oug"!) 6ro oundly "a66y# Hel&"ol!8 and !"e Sa%age !oo7 !o one ano!"er a! on'e# So 'ordially indeed !"a! 5ernard el! a s"ar6 6ang o <ealousy# 0n all !"ese (ee7s "e "ad ne%er 'o&e !o so 'lose an in!i&a'y (i!" !"e Sa%age as Hel&"ol!8 i&&edia!ely a'"ie%ed# 2a!'"ing !"e&) lis!ening !o !"eir !al7) "e ound "i&sel so&e!i&es resen! ully (is"ing !"a! "e "ad ne%er broug"! !"e& !oge!"er# He (as as"a&ed o "is <ealousy and al!erna!ely &ade e or!s o (ill and !oo7 soma !o 7ee6 "i&sel ro& eeling i!# 5u! !"e e or!s (ere no! %ery su''ess ul? and be!(een !"e soma -"olidays !"ere (ere) o ne'essi!y) in!er%als# T"e odius sen!i&en! 7e6! on re!urning# A! "is !"ird &ee!ing (i!" !"e Sa%age) Hel&"ol!8 re'i!ed "is r"y&es on Soli!ude# 92"a! do you !"in7 o !"e&A9 "e as7ed ("en "e "ad done# T"e Sa%age s"oo7 "is "ead# 9Lis!en !o !"is)9 (as "is ans(er? and unlo'7ing !"e dra(er in ("i'" "e 7e6! "is &ouse-ea!en boo7) "e o6ened and readC 9Le! !"e bird o loudes! lay $n !"e sole Arabian !ree) Herald sad and !ru&6e! be @9


Hel&"ol!8 lis!ened (i!" a gro(ing ex'i!e&en!# A! 9sole Arabian !ree9 "e s!ar!ed? a! 9!"ou s"rie7ing "arbinger9 "e s&iled (i!" sudden 6leasure? a! 9e%ery o(l o !yran! (ing9 !"e blood rus"ed u6 in!o "is '"ee7s? bu! a! 9de un'!i%e &usi'9 "e !urned 6ale and !re&bled (i!" an un6re'eden!ed e&o!ion# T"e Sa%age read onC 9Dro6er!y (as !"us a66all3d) T"a! !"e sel (as no! !"e sa&e? Single na!ure3s double na&e ,ei!"er !(o nor one (as 'all3d -eason in i!sel 'on ounded Sa( di%ision gro( !oge!"er @9 9$rgy-6orgyF9 said 5ernard) in!erru6!ing !"e reading (i!" a loud) un6leasan! laug"# 90!3s <us! a Solidari!y Ser%i'e "y&n#9 He (as re%enging "i&sel on "is !(o riends or li7ing one ano!"er &ore !"an !"ey li7ed "i&# 0n !"e 'ourse o !"eir nex! !(o or !"ree &ee!ings "e re;uen!ly re6ea!ed !"is li!!le a'! o %engean'e# 0! (as si&6le and) sin'e bo!" Hel&"ol!8 and !"e Sa%age (ere dread ully 6ained by !"e s"a!!ering and de ile&en! o a a%ouri!e 6oe!i' 'rys!al) ex!re&ely e e'!i%e# 0n !"e end) Hel&"ol!8 !"rea!ened !o 7i'7 "i& ou! o !"e roo& i "e dared !o in!erru6! again# And ye!) s!rangely enoug") !"e nex! in!erru6!ion) !"e &os! disgra'e ul o all) 'a&e ro& Hel&"ol!8 "i&sel # T"e Sa%age (as reading Romeo and ?uliet aloud>reading ( or all !"e !i&e "e (as seeing "i&sel as -o&eo and Lenina as =ulie!) (i!" an in!ense and ;ui%ering 6assion# Hel&"ol!8 "ad lis!ened !o !"e s'ene o !"e lo%ers3 irs! &ee!ing (i!" a 6u88led in!eres!# T"e s'ene in !"e or'"ard "ad delig"!ed "i& (i!" i!s 6oe!ry? bu! !"e sen!i&en!s ex6ressed "ad &ade "i& s&ile# 1e!!ing in!o su'" a s!a!e abou! "a%ing a girl>i! see&ed ra!"er ridi'ulous# 5u!) !a7en de!ail by %erbal de!ail) ("a! a su6erb 6ie'e o e&o!ional engineeringF 9T"a! old ello()9 "e said) 9"e &a7es our bes! 6ro6aganda !e'"ni'ians loo7 absolu!ely silly#9 T"e Sa%age s&iled !riu&6"an!ly and resu&ed "is reading# All (en! !olerably (ell un!il) in !"e las! s'ene o !"e !"ird a'!) *a6ule! and Lady *a6ule! began !o bully =ulie! !o &arry Daris# Hel&"ol!8 "ad been res!less !"roug"ou! !"e en!ire s'ene? bu! ("en) 6a!"e!i'ally &i&ed by !"e Sa%age) =ulie! 'ried ou!C 90s !"ere no 6i!y si!!ing in !"e 'louds) T"a! sees in!o !"e bo!!o& o &y grie A $ s(ee! &y &o!"er) 'as! &e no! a(ayC .elay !"is &arriage or a &on!") a (ee7? $r) i you do no!) &a7e !"e bridal bed 0n !"a! di& &onu&en! ("ere Tybal! lies @9 ("en =ulie! said !"is) Hel&"ol!8 bro7e ou! in an ex6losion o un'on!rollable gu a(ing# T"e &o!"er and a!"er (gro!es;ue obs'eni!y) or'ing !"e daug"!er !o "a%e so&e one s"e didn3! (an!F And !"e idio!i' girl no! saying !"a! s"e (as "a%ing so&e one else ("o& ( or !"e &o&en!) a! any ra!e) s"e 6re erredF 0n i!s s&u!!y absurdi!y !"e si!ua!ion (as irresis!ibly 'o&i'al# He "ad &anaged) (i!" a "eroi' e or!) !o "old do(n !"e &oun!ing 6ressure o "is "ilari!y? bu! 9s(ee! &o!"er9 (in !"e Sa%age3s


!re&ulous !one o anguis") and !"e re eren'e !o Tybal! lying dead) bu! e%iden!ly un're&a!ed and (as!ing "is 6"os6"orus on a di& &onu&en!) (ere !oo &u'" or "i&# He laug"ed and laug"ed !ill !"e !ears s!rea&ed do(n "is a'e>;uen'"lessly laug"ed ("ile) 6ale (i!" a sense o ou!rage) !"e Sa%age loo7ed a! "i& o%er !"e !o6 o "is boo7 and !"en) as !"e laug"!er s!ill 'on!inued) 'losed i! indignan!ly) go! u6 and) (i!" !"e ges!ure o one ("o re&o%es "is 6earl ro& be ore s(ine) lo'7ed i! a(ay in i!s dra(er# 9And ye!)9 said Hel&"ol!8 ("en) "a%ing re'o%ered brea!" enoug" !o a6ologi8e) "e "ad &olli ied !"e Sa%age in!o lis!ening !o "is ex6lana!ions) 90 7no( ;ui!e (ell !"a! one needs ridi'ulous) &ad si!ua!ions li7e !"a!? one 'an3! (ri!e really (ell abou! any!"ing else# 2"y (as !"a! old ello( su'" a &ar%ellous 6ro6aganda !e'"ni'ianA 5e'ause "e "ad so &any insane) ex'ru'ia!ing !"ings !o ge! ex'i!ed abou!# /ou3%e go! !o be "ur! and u6se!? o!"er(ise you 'an3! !"in7 o !"e really good) 6ene!ra!ing) E-rayis" 6"rases# 5u! a!"ers and &o!"ersF9 He s"oo7 "is "ead# 9/ou 'an3! ex6e'! &e !o 7ee6 a s!raig"! a'e abou! a!"ers and &o!"ers# And ("o3s going !o ge! ex'i!ed abou! a boy "a%ing a girl or no! "a%ing "erA9 (T"e Sa%age (in'ed? bu! Hel&"ol!8) ("o (as s!aring 6ensi%ely a! !"e loor) sa( no!"ing#) 9,o#9 "e 'on'luded) (i!" a sig") 9i! (on3! do# 2e need so&e o!"er 7ind o &adness and %iolen'e# 5u! ("a!A 2"a!A 2"ere 'an one ind i!A9 He (as silen!? !"en) s"a7ing "is "ead) 90 don3! 7no()9 "e said a! las!) 90 don3! 7no(#9

Chapter Thirteen H +,-/ :$ST+- loo&ed u6 !"roug" !"e !(ilig"! o !"e +&bryo S!ore#
9Li7e !o 'o&e !o a eely !"is e%eningA9 Lenina s"oo7 "er "ead (i!"ou! s6ea7ing# 91oing ou! (i!" so&e one elseA9 0! in!eres!ed "i& !o 7no( ("i'" o "is riends (as being "ad by ("i'" o!"er# 90s i! 5eni!oA9 "e ;ues!ioned# S"e s"oo7 "er "ead again# Henry de!e'!ed !"e (eariness in !"ose 6ur6le eyes) !"e 6allor benea!" !"a! gla8e o lu6us) !"e sadness a! !"e 'orners o !"e uns&iling 'ri&son &ou!"# 9/ou3re no! eeling ill) are youA9 "e as7ed) a !ri le anxiously) a raid !"a! s"e &ig"! be su ering ro& one o !"e e( re&aining in e'!ious diseases# /e! on'e &ore Lenina s"oo7 "er "ead# 9Any"o() you oug"! !o go and see !"e do'!or)9 said Henry# 9A do'!or a day 7ee6s !"e <i&-<a&s a(ay)9 "e added "ear!ily) dri%ing "o&e "is "y6no6Hdi' adage (i!" a 'la6 on !"e s"oulder# 9Der"a6s you need a Dregnan'y Subs!i!u!e)9 "e sugges!ed# 9$r else an ex!ra-s!rong K#D#S# !rea!&en!# So&e!i&es) you 7no() !"e s!andard 6assion surroga!e isn3! ;ui!e @9 9$") or :ord3s sa7e)9 said Lenina) brea7ing "er s!ubborn silen'e) 9s"u! u6F9 And s"e !urned ba'7 !o "er negle'!ed e&bryos# A K#D#S# !rea!&en! indeedF S"e (ould "a%e laug"ed) i s"e "adn3! been on !"e 6oin! o 'rying# As !"oug" s"e "adn3! go! enoug" K# D# o "er o(nF S"e sig"ed 6ro oundly


as s"e re illed "er syringe# 9=o"n)9 s"e &ur&ured !o "ersel ) 9=o"n @9 T"en 94y :ord)9 s"e (ondered) 9"a%e 0 gi%en !"is one i!s slee6ing si'7ness in<e'!ion) or "a%en3! 0A9 S"e si&6ly 'ouldn3! re&e&ber# 0n !"e end) s"e de'ided no! !o run !"e ris7 o le!!ing i! "a%e a se'ond dose) and &o%ed do(n !"e line !o !"e nex! bo!!le# T(en!y-!(o years) eig"! &on!"s) and our days ro& !"a! &o&en!) a 6ro&ising young Al6"a-4inus ad&inis!ra!or a! 4(an8a-4(an8a (as !o die o !ry6anoso&iasis>!"e irs! 'ase or o%er "al a 'en!ury# Sig"ing) Lenina (en! on (i!" "er (or7# An "our la!er) in !"e *"anging -oo&) :anny (as energe!i'ally 6ro!es!ing# 95u! i!3s absurd !o le! yoursel ge! in!o a s!a!e li7e !"is# Si&6ly absurd)9 s"e re6ea!ed# 9And ("a! abou!A A &an> one &an#9 95u! "e3s !"e one 0 (an!#9 9As !"oug" !"ere (eren3! &illions o o!"er &en in !"e (orld#9 95u! 0 don3! (an! !"e&#9 9Ho( 'an you 7no( !ill you3%e !riedA9 90 "a%e !ried#9 95u! "o( &anyA9 as7ed :anny) s"rugging "er s"oulders 'on!e&6!uously# 9$ne) !(oA9 9.o8ens# 5u!)9 s"a7ing "er "ead) 9i! (asn3! any good)9 s"e added# 92ell) you &us! 6erse%ere)9 said :anny sen!en!iously# 5u! i! (as ob%ious !"a! "er 'on iden'e in "er o(n 6res'ri6!ions "ad been s"a7en# 9,o!"ing 'an be a'"ie%ed (i!"ou! 6erse%eran'e#9 95u! &ean("ile @9 9.on3! !"in7 o "i&#9 90 'an3! "el6 i!#9 9Ta7e soma ) !"en#9 90 do#9 92ell) go on#9 95u! in !"e in!er%als 0 s!ill li7e "i&# 0 s"all al(ays li7e "i&#9 92ell) i !"a!3s !"e 'ase)9 said :anny) (i!" de'ision) 9("y don3! you <us! go and !a7e "i&# 2"e!"er "e (an!s i! or no#9 95u! i you 7ne( "o( !erribly @ueer "e (asF9 9All !"e &ore reason or !a7ing a ir& line#9 90!3s all %ery (ell !o say !"a!#9 9.on3! s!and any nonsense# A'!#9 :anny3s %oi'e (as a !ru&6e!? s"e &ig"! "a%e been a /#2#:#A# le'!urer gi%ing an e%ening !al7 !o adoles'en! 5e!a-4inuses# 9/es) a'!>a!


on'e# .o i! no(#9 903d be s'ared)9 said Lenina 92ell) you3%e only go! !o !a7e "al a gra&&e o soma irs!# And no( 03& going !o "a%e &y ba!"#9 S"e &ar'"ed o ) !railing "er !o(el# T"e bell rang) and !"e Sa%age) ("o (as i&6a!ien!ly "o6ing !"a! Hel&"ol!8 (ould 'o&e !"a! a !ernoon ( or "a%ing a! las! &ade u6 "is &ind !o !al7 !o Hel&"ol!8 abou! Lenina) "e 'ould no! bear !o 6os!6one "is 'on iden'es a &o&en! longer)) <u&6ed u6 and ran !o !"e door# 90 "ad a 6re&oni!ion i! (as you) Hel&"ol!8)9 "e s"ou!ed as "e o6ened# $n !"e !"res"old) in a ("i!e a'e!a!e-sa!in sailor sui!)and (i!" a round ("i!e 'a6 ra7is"ly !il!ed o%er "er le ! ear) s!ood Lenina# 9$"F9 said !"e Sa%age) as !"oug" so&e one "ad s!ru'7 "i& a "ea%y blo(# Hal a gra&&e "ad been enoug" !o &a7e Lenina orge! "er ears and "er e&barrass&en!s# 9Hullo) =o"n)9 s"e said) s&iling) and (al7ed 6as! "i& in!o !"e roo&# Au!o&a!i'ally "e 'losed !"e door and ollo(ed "er# Lenina sa! do(n# T"ere (as a long silen'e# 9/ou don3! see& %ery glad !o see &e) =o"n)9 s"e said a! las!# 9,o! gladA9 T"e Sa%age loo7ed a! "er re6roa'" ully? !"en suddenly ell on "is 7nees be ore "er and) !a7ing Lenina3s "and) re%eren!ly 7issed i!# 9,o! gladA $") i you only 7ne()9 "e ("is6ered and) %en!uring !o raise "is eyes !o "er a'e) 9Ad&ired Lenina)9 "e (en! on) 9indeed !"e !o6 o ad&ira!ion) (or!" ("a!3s deares! in !"e (orld#9 S"e s&iled a! "i& (i!" a lus'ious !enderness# 9$") you so 6er e'!9 (s"e (as leaning !o(ards "i& (i!" 6ar!ed li6s)) 9so 6er e'! and so 6eerless are 'rea!ed9 (nearer and nearer) 9o e%ery 'rea!ure3s bes!#9 S!ill nearer# T"e Sa%age suddenly s'ra&bled !o "is ee!# 9T"a!3s ("y)9 "e said s6ea7ing (i!" a%er!ed a'e) 90 (an!ed !o do so&e!"ing irs! @ 0 &ean) !o s"o( 0 (as (or!"y o you# ,o! !"a! 0 'ould e%er really be !"a!# 5u! a! any ra!e !o s"o( 0 (asn3! absolu!ely un -(or!"y# 0 (an!ed !o do something #9 92"y s"ould you !"in7 i! ne'essary @9 Lenina began) bu! le ! !"e sen!en'e un inis"ed# T"ere (as a no!e o irri!a!ion in "er %oi'e# 2"en one "as lean! or(ard) nearer and nearer) (i!" 6ar!ed li6s>only !o ind onesel ) ;ui!e suddenly) as a 'lu&sy oa s'ra&bles !o "is ee!) leaning !o(ards no!"ing a! all>(ell) !"ere is a reason) e%en (i!" "al a gra&&e o soma 'ir'ula!ing in one3s blood-s!rea&) a genuine reason or annoyan'e# 9A! 4al6ais)9 !"e Sa%age (as in'o"eren!ly &u&bling) 9you "ad !o bring "er !"e s7in o a &oun!ain lion>0 &ean) ("en you (an!ed !o &arry so&e one# $r else a (ol #9 9T"ere aren3! any lions in +ngland)9 Lenina al&os! sna66ed# 9And e%en i !"ere (ere)9 !"e Sa%age added) (i!" sudden 'on!e&6!uous resen!&en!) 96eo6le (ould 7ill !"e& ou! o "eli'o6!ers) 0 su66ose) (i!" 6oison gas or so&e!"ing# 0 (ouldn3! do that ) Lenina#9 He s;uared "is s"oulders) "e %en!ured !o


loo7 a! "er and (as &e! (i!" a s!are o annoyed in'o&6re"ension# *on used) 903ll do any!"ing)9 "e (en! on) &ore and &ore in'o"eren!ly# 9Any!"ing you !ell &e# T"ere be so&e s6or!s are 6ain ul>you 7no(# 5u! !"eir labour delig"! in !"e& se!s o # T"a!3s ("a! 0 eel# 0 &ean 03d s(ee6 !"e loor i you (an!ed#9 95u! (e3%e go! %a'uu& 'leaners "ere)9 said Lenina in be(ilder&en!# 90! isn3! ne'essary#9 9,o) o 'ourse i! isn3! necessary # 5u! so&e 7inds o baseness are nobly undergone# 03d li7e !o undergo so&e!"ing nobly# .on3! you seeA9 95u! i !"ere are %a'uu& 'leaners @9 9T"a!3s no! !"e 6oin!#9 9And +6silon Se&i-4orons !o (or7 !"e&)9 s"e (en! on) 9(ell) really) ("yA9 92"yA 5u! or you) or you# =us! !o s"o( !"a! 0 @9 9And ("a! on ear!" %a'uu& 'leaners "a%e go! !o do (i!" lions @9 9To s"o( "o( &u'" @9 9$r lions (i!" being glad !o see me @9 S"e (as ge!!ing &ore and &ore exas6era!ed# 9Ho( &u'" 0 lo%e you) Lenina)9 "e broug"! ou! al&os! des6era!ely# An e&ble& o !"e inner !ide o s!ar!led ela!ion) !"e blood rus"ed u6 in!o Lenina3s '"ee7s# 9.o you &ean i!) =o"nA9 95u! 0 "adn3! &ean! !o say so)9 'ried !"e Sa%age) 'las6ing "is "ands in a 7ind o agony# 9,o! un!il @ Lis!en) Lenina? in 4al6ais 6eo6le ge! &arried#9 91e! ("a!A9 T"e irri!a!ion "ad begun !o 'ree6 ba'7 in!o "er %oi'e# 2"a! (as "e !al7ing abou! no(A 9:or al(ays# T"ey &a7e a 6ro&ise !o li%e !oge!"er or al(ays#9 92"a! a "orrible ideaF9 Lenina (as genuinely s"o'7ed# 9$u!li%ing beau!y3s ou!(ard (i!" a &ind !"a! 'lo!" rene( s(i !er !"an blood de'ays#9 *#hat$* 90!3s li7e !"a! in S"a7es6eare !oo# 30 !"ou 'os! brea7 "er %irgin 7no! be ore all san'!i&onious 'ere&onies &ay (i!" ull and "oly ri!e @39 9:or :ord3s sa7e) =o"n) !al7 sense# 0 'an3! unders!and a (ord you say# :irs! i!3s %a'uu& 'leaners? !"en i!3s 7no!s# /ou3re dri%ing &e 'ra8y#9 S"e <u&6ed u6 and) as !"oug" a raid !"a! "e &ig"! run a(ay ro& "er 6"ysi'ally) as (ell as (i!" "is &ind) 'aug"! "i& by !"e (ris!# 9Ans(er &e !"is ;ues!ionC do you really li7e &e) or don3! youA9 T"ere (as a &o&en!3s silen'e? !"en) in a %ery lo( %oi'e) 90 lo%e you &ore !"an any!"ing in !"e (orld)9 "e said# 9T"en ("y on ear!" didn3! you say soA9 s"e 'ried) and so in!ense (as "er


exas6era!ion !"a! s"e dro%e "er s"ar6 nails in!o !"e s7in o "is (ris!# 90ns!ead o dri%elling a(ay abou! 7no!s and %a'uu& 'leaners and lions) and &a7ing &e &iserable or (ee7s and (ee7s#9 S"e released "is "and and lung i! angrily a(ay ro& "er# 90 0 didn3! li7e you so &u'")9 s"e said) 903d be urious (i!" you#9 And suddenly "er ar&s (ere round "is ne'7? "e el! "er li6s so ! agains! "is o(n# So deli'iously so !) so (ar& and ele'!ri' !"a! ine%i!ably "e ound "i&sel !"in7ing o !"e e&bra'es in %hree #ee,s in a Helicopter # $o"F oo"F !"e s!ereos'o6i' blonde and an"F !"e &ore !"an real bla'7-a&oor# Horror) "orror) "orror @ "e ired !o disengage "i&sel ? bu! Lenina !ig"!ened "er e&bra'e# 92"y didn3! you say soA9 s"e ("is6ered) dra(ing ba'7 "er a'e !o loo7 a! "i&# Her eyes (ere !enderly re6roa'" ul# 9T"e &ur7ies! den) !"e &os! o66or!une 6la'e9 (!"e %oi'e o 'ons'ien'e !"undered 6oe!i'ally)) 9!"e s!ronges! sugges!ion our (orser genius 'an) s"all ne%er &el! &ine "onour in!o lus!# ,e%er) ne%erF9 "e resol%ed# 9/ou silly boyF9 s"e (as saying# 90 (an!ed you so &u'"# And i you (an!ed &e !oo) ("y didn3! youA @9 95u!) Lenina @9 "e began 6ro!es!ing? and as s"e i&&edia!ely un!(ined "er ar&s) as s"e s!e66ed a(ay ro& "i&) "e !"oug"!) or a &o&en!) !"a! s"e "ad !a7en "is uns6o7en "in!# 5u! ("en s"e unbu'7led "er ("i!e 6a!en! 'ar!ridge bel! and "ung i! 'are ully o%er !"e ba'7 o a '"air) "e began !o sus6e'! !"a! "e "ad been &is!a7en# 9LeninaF9 "e re6ea!ed a66re"ensi%ely# S"e 6u! "er "and !o "er ne'7 and ga%e a long %er!i'al 6ull? "er ("i!e sailor3s blouse (as ri66ed !o !"e "e&? sus6i'ion 'ondensed in!o a !oo) !oo solid 'er!ain!y# 9Lenina) ("a! are you doingA9 Ri6) 8i6F Her ans(er (as (ordless# S"e s!e66ed ou! o "er bell-bo!!o&ed !rousers# Her 8i66i'a&i7ni'7s (ere a 6ale s"ell 6in7# T"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er3s golden T dangled a! "er breas!# 9:or !"ose &il7 6a6s !"a! !"roug" !"e (indo( bars bore a! &en3s eyes####9 T"e singing) !"undering) &agi'al (ords &ade "er see& doubly dangerous) doubly alluring# So !) so !) bu! "o( 6ier'ingF boring and drilling in!o reason) !unnelling !"roug" resolu!ion# 9T"e s!ronges! oa!"s are s!ra( !o !"e ire i3 !"e blood# 5e &ore abs!e&ious) or else @9 Ri6F T"e rounded 6in7ness ell a6ar! li7e a nea!ly di%ided a66le# A (riggle o !"e ar&s) a li !ing irs! o !"e rig"! oo!) !"en !"e le !C !"e 8i66i'a&i7ni'7s (ere lying li eless and as !"oug" de la!ed on !"e loor# S!ill (earing "er s"oes and so'7s) and "er ra7is"ly !il!ed round ("i!e 'a6) s"e ad%an'ed !o(ards "i&# 9.arling# .arlingF 0 only you3d said so be oreF9 S"e "eld ou! "er ar&s# 5u! ins!ead o also saying 9.arlingF9 and "olding ou! "is ar&s) !"e Sa%age re!rea!ed


in !error) la66ing "is "ands a! "er as !"oug" "e (ere !rying !o s'are a(ay so&e in!ruding and dangerous ani&al# :our ba'7(ards s!e6s) and "e (as broug"! !o bay agains! !"e (all# 9S(ee!F9 said Lenina and) laying "er "ands on "is s"oulders) 6ressed "ersel agains! "i&# 9Du! your ar&s round &e)9 s"e 'o&&anded# 9Hug &e !ill you drug &e) "oney#9 S"e !oo "ad 6oe!ry a! "er 'o&&and) 7ne( (ords !"a! sang and (ere s6ells and bea! dru&s# 9Miss &e9? s"e 'losed "er eyes) s"e le! "er %oi'e sin7 !o a slee6y &ur&ur) 9Miss &e !ill 03& in a 'o&a# Hug &e) "oney) snuggly @9 T"e Sa%age 'aug"! "er by !"e (ris!s) !ore "er "ands ro& "is s"oulders) !"rus! "er roug"ly a(ay a! ar&3s leng!"# 9$() you3re "ur!ing &e) you3re @ o"F9 S"e (as suddenly silen!# Terror "ad &ade "er orge! !"e 6ain# $6ening "er eyes) s"e "ad seen "is a'e>no) no! his a'e) a ero'ious s!ranger3s) 6ale) dis!or!ed) !(i!'"ing (i!" so&e insane) inex6li'able ury# Ag"as!) 95u! ("a! is i!) =o"nA9 s"e ("is6ered# He did no! ans(er) bu! only s!ared in!o "er a'e (i!" !"ose &ad eyes# T"e "ands !"a! "eld "er (ris!s (ere !re&bling# He brea!"ed dee6ly and irregularly# :ain! al&os! !o i&6er'e6!ibili!y) bu! a66alling) s"e suddenly "eard !"e gneding o "is !ee!"# 92"a! is i!A9 s"e al&os! s'rea&ed# And as !"oug" a(a7ened by "er 'ry "e 'aug"! "er by !"e s"oulders and s"oo7 "er# 92"oreF9 "e s"ou!ed 92"oreF 0&6uden! s!ru&6e!F9 9$") don3!) do-on3!)9 s"e 6ro!es!ed in a %oi'e &ade gro!es;uely !re&ulous by "is s"a7ing# 92"oreF9 9Dlea-ease#9 9.a&ned ("oreF9 9A gra-a&&e is be-e!!er @9 s"e began# T"e Sa%age 6us"ed "er a(ay (i!" su'" or'e !"a! s"e s!aggered and ell# 91o)9 "e s"ou!ed) s!anding o%er "er &ena'ingly) 9ge! ou! o &y sig"! or 03ll 7ill you#9 He 'len'"ed "is is!s# Lenina raised "er ar& !o 'o%er "er a'e# 9,o) 6lease don3!) =o"n @9 9Hurry u6# Qui'7F9 $ne ar& s!ill raised) and ollo(ing "is e%ery &o%e&en! (i!" a !erri ied eye) s"e s'ra&bled !o "er ee! and s!ill 'rou'"ing) s!ill 'o%ering "er "ead) &ade a das" or !"e ba!"roo&# T"e noise o !"a! 6rodigious sla6 by ("i'" "er de6ar!ure (as a''elera!ed (as li7e a 6is!ol s"o!# 9$(F9 Lenina bounded or(ard# Sa ely lo'7ed in!o !"e ba!"roo&) s"e "ad leisure !o !a7e s!o'7 o "er in<uries# S!anding (i!" "er ba'7 !o !"e &irror) s"e !(is!ed "er "ead# Loo7ing o%er "er le ! s"oulder s"e 'ould see !"e i&6rin! o an o6en "and s!anding ou! dis!in'! and


'ri&son on !"e 6early les"# 1ingerly s"e rubbed !"e (ounded s6o!# $u!side) in !"e o!"er roo&) !"e Sa%age (as s!riding u6 and do(n) &ar'"ing) &ar'"ing !o !"e dru&s and &usi' o &agi'al (ords# 9T"e (ren goes !o3! and !"e s&all gilded ly does le'"er in &y sig"!#9 4addeningly !"ey ru&bled in "is ears# 9T"e i!'"e( nor !"e soiled "orse goes !o3! (i!" a &ore rio!ous a66e!i!e# .o(n ro& !"e (ais! !"ey are *en!aurs) !"oug" (o&en all abo%e# 5u! !o !"e girdle do !"e gods in"eri!# 5enea!" is all !"e iend3s# T"ere3s "ell) !"ere3s dar7ness) !"ere is !"e sul6"urous 6i!) burning s'alding) s!en'") 'onsu&6!ion? ie) ie) ie) 6ain) 6ainF 1i%e &e an oun'e o 'i%e!) good a6o!"e'ary) !o s(ee!en &y i&agina!ion#9 9=o"nF9 %en!ured a s&all ingra!ia!ing %oi'e ro& !"e ba!"roo&# 9=o"nF9 9$ !"ou (eed) ("o are so lo%ely air and s&ell3s! so s(ee! !"a! !"e sense a'"es a! !"ee# 2as !"is &os! goodly boo7 &ade !o (ri!e 3("ore3 u6onA Hea%en s!o6s !"e nose a! i! @9 5u! "er 6er u&e s!ill "ung abou! "i&) "is <a'7e! (as ("i!e (i!" !"e 6o(der !"a! "ad s'en!ed "er %el%e!y body# 90&6uden! s!ru&6e!) i&6uden! s!ru&6e!) i&6uden! s!ru&6e!#9 T"e inexorable r"y!"& bea! i!sel ou!# 90&6uden! @9 9=o"n) do you !"in7 0 &ig"! "a%e &y 'lo!"esA9 He 6i'7ed u6 !"e bell-bo!!o&ed !rousers) !"e blouse) !"e 8i66i'a&i7ni'7s# 9$6enF9 "e ordered) 7i'7ing !"e door# 9,o) 0 (on3!#9 T"e %oi'e (as rig"!ened and de ian!# 92ell) "o( do you ex6e'! &e !o gi%e !"e& !o youA9 9Dus" !"e& !"roug" !"e %en!ila!or o%er !"e door#9 He did ("a! s"e sugges!ed and re!urned !o "is uneasy 6a'ing o !"e roo&# 90&6uden! s!ru&6e!) i&6uden! s!ru&6e!# T"e de%il Luxury (i!" "is a! ru&6 and 6o!a!o inger @9 9=o"n#9 He (ould no! ans(er# 9:a! ru&6 and 6o!a!o inger#9 9=o"n#9 92"a! is i!A9 "e as7ed gru ly# 90 (onder i you3d &ind gi%ing &e &y 4al!"usian bel!#9 Lenina sa!) lis!ening !o !"e oo!s!e6s in !"e o!"er roo&) (ondering) as s"e lis!ened) "o( long "e (as li7ely !o go !ra&6ing u6 and do(n li7e !"a!? ("e!"er s"e (ould "a%e !o (ai! un!il "e le ! !"e la!? or i i! (ould be sa e) a !er allo(ing "is &adness a reasonable !i&e !o subside) !o o6en !"e ba!"roo& door and &a7e a das" or i!# S"e (as in!erru6!ed in !"e &ids! o !"ese uneasy s6e'ula!ions by !"e sound o !"e !ele6"one bell ringing in !"e o!"er roo&# Abru6!ly !"e !ra&6ing 'eased# S"e "eard !"e %oi'e o !"e Sa%age 6arleying (i!" silen'e#


9Hullo#9 ##### 9/es#9 ##### 90 0 do no! usur6 &ysel ) 0 a&#9 ##### 9/es) didn3! you "ear &e say soA 4r# Sa%age s6ea7ing#9 ##### 92"a!A 2"o3s illA $ 'ourse i! in!eres!s &e#9 ##### 95u! is i! seriousA 0s s"e really badA 03ll go a! on'e @9 ##### 9,o! in "er roo&s any &oreA 2"ere "as s"e been !a7enA9 ##### 9$") &y 1odF 2"a!3s !"e addressA9 ##### 9T"ree Dar7 Lane>is !"a! i!A T"reeA T"an7s#9 Lenina "eard !"e 'li'7 o !"e re6la'ed re'ei%er) !"en "urrying s!e6s# A door sla&&ed# T"ere (as silen'e# 2as "e really goneA 2i!" an in ini!y o 6re'au!ions s"e o6ened !"e door a ;uar!er o an in'"? 6ee6ed !"roug" !"e 'ra'7? (as en'ouraged by !"e %ie( o e&6!iness? o6ened a li!!le ur!"er) and 6u! "er ("ole "ead ou!? inally !i6!oed in!o !"e roo&? s!ood or a e( se'onds (i!" s!rongly bea!ing "ear!) lis!ening) lis!ening? !"en dar!ed !o !"e ron! door) o6ened) sli66ed !"roug") sla&&ed) ran# 0! (as no! !ill s"e (as in !"e li ! and a'!ually dro66ing do(n !"e (ell !"a! s"e began !o eel "ersel se'ure#

Chapter Fourteen T H+ Dar7 Lane Hos6i!al or !"e .ying (as a six!y-s!ory !o(er o 6ri&rose !iles# As
!"e Sa%age s!e66ed ou! o "is !axi'o6!er a 'on%oy o gaily-'oloured aerial "earses rose ("irring ro& !"e roo and dar!ed a(ay a'ross !"e Dar7) (es!(ards) bound or !"e Sloug" *re&a!oriu&# A! !"e li ! ga!es !"e 6residing 6or!er ga%e "i& !"e in or&a!ion "e re;uired) and "e dro66ed do(n !o 2ard 81 (a 1allo6ing Senili!y (ard) !"e 6or!er ex6lained) on !"e se%en!een!" loor# 0! (as a large roo& brig"! (i!" suns"ine and yello( 6ain!) and 'on!aining !(en!y beds) all o''u6ied# Linda (as dying in 'o&6any>in 'o&6any and (i!" all !"e &odern 'on%enien'es# T"e air (as 'on!inuously ali%e (i!" gay syn!"e!i' &elodies# A! !"e oo!


o e%ery bed) 'on ron!ing i!s &oribund o''u6an!) (as a !ele%ision box# Tele%ision (as le ! on) a running !a6) ro& &orning !ill nig"!# +%ery ;uar!er o an "our !"e 6re%ailing 6er u&e o !"e roo& (as au!o&a!i'ally '"anged# 92e !ry)9 ex6lained !"e nurse) ("o "ad !a7en '"arge o !"e Sa%age a! !"e door) 9(e !ry !o 'rea!e a !"oroug"ly 6leasan! a!&os6"ere "ere>so&e!"ing be!(een a irs!-'lass "o!el and a eely-6ala'e) i you !a7e &y &eaning#9 92"ere is s"eA9 as7ed !"e Sa%age) ignoring !"ese 6oli!e ex6lana!ions# T"e nurse (as o ended# 9/ou are in a "urry)9 s"e said# 90s !"ere any "o6eA9 "e as7ed# 9/ou &ean) o "er no! dyingA9 (He nodded#) 9,o) o 'ourse !"ere isn3!# 2"en so&ebody3s sen! "ere) !"ere3s no @9 S!ar!led by !"e ex6ression o dis!ress on "is 6ale a'e) s"e suddenly bro7e o # 92"y) ("a!e%er is !"e &a!!erA9 s"e as7ed# S"e (as no! a''us!o&ed !o !"is 7ind o !"ing in %isi!ors# (,o! !"a! !"ere (ere &any %isi!ors any"o(C or any reason ("y !"ere s"ould be &any %isi!ors#) 9/ou3re no! eeling ill) are youA9 He s"oo7 "is "ead# 9S"e3s &y &o!"er)9 "e said in a s'ar'ely audible %oi'e# T"e nurse glan'ed a! "i& (i!" s!ar!led) "orri ied eyes? !"en ;ui'7ly loo7ed a(ay# :ro& !"roa! !o !e&6le s"e (as all one "o! blus"# 9Ta7e &e !o "er)9 said !"e Sa%age) &a7ing an e or! !o s6ea7 in an ordinary !one# S!ill blus"ing) s"e led !"e (ay do(n !"e (ard# :a'es s!ill res" and un(i!"ered ( or senili!y gallo6ed so "ard !"a! i! "ad no !i&e !o age !"e '"ee7s>only !"e "ear! and brain) !urned as !"ey 6assed# T"eir 6rogress (as ollo(ed by !"e blan7) in'urious eyes o se'ond in an'y# T"e Sa%age s"uddered as "e loo7ed# Linda (as lying in !"e las! o !"e long ro( o beds) nex! !o !"e (all# Dro66ed u6 on 6illo(s) s"e (as (a!'"ing !"e Se&i- inals o !"e Sou!" A&eri'an -ie&ann-Sur a'e Tennis *"a&6ions"i6) ("i'" (ere being 6layed in silen! and di&inis"ed re6rodu'!ion on !"e s'reen o !"e !ele%ision box a! !"e oo! o !"e bed# Hi!"er and !"i!"er a'ross !"eir s;uare o illu&in!ed glass !"e li!!le igures noiselessly dar!ed) li7e is" in an a;uariu&>!"e silen! bu! agi!a!ed in"abi!an!s o ano!"er (orld# Linda loo7ed on) %aguely and un'o&6re"endingly s&iling# Her 6ale) bloa!ed a'e (ore an ex6ression o i&be'ile "a66iness# +%ery no( and !"en "er eyelids 'losed) and or a e( se'onds s"e see&ed !o be do8ing# T"en (i!" a li!!le s!ar! s"e (ould (a7e u6 again>(a7e u6 !o !"e a;uariu& an!i's o !"e Tennis *"a&6ions) !o !"e Su6er-Kox-2urli!8eriana rendering o 9Hug &e !ill you drug &e) "oney)9 !o !"e (ar& draug"! o %erbena !"a! 'a&e blo(ing !"roug" !"e %en!ila!or abo%e "er "ead>(ould (a7e !o !"ese !"ings) or ra!"er !o a drea& o ("i'" !"ese !"ings) !rans or&ed and e&bellis"ed by !"e soma in "er blood) (ere !"e &ar%ellous 'ons!i!uen!s) and s&ile on'e &ore "er bro7en and dis'oloured s&ile o in an!ile 'on!en!&en!# 92ell) 0 &us! go)9 said !"e nurse# 903%e go! &y ba!'" o '"ildren 'o&ing# 5esides) !"ere3s ,u&ber 3#9 S"e 6oin!ed u6 !"e (ard# 94ig"! go o any &inu!e no(# 2ell)


&a7e yoursel 'o& or!able#9 S"e (al7ed bris7ly a(ay# T"e Sa%age sa! do(n beside !"e bed# 9Linda)9 "e ("is6ered) !a7ing "er "and# A! !"e sound o "er na&e) s"e !urned# Her %ague eyes brig"!ened (i!" re'ogni!ion# S"e s;uee8ed "is "and) s"e s&iled) "er li6s &o%ed? !"en ;ui!e suddenly "er "ead ell or(ard# S"e (as aslee6# He sa! (a!'"ing "er>see7ing !"roug" !"e !ired les") see7ing and inding !"a! young) brig"! a'e ("i'" "ad s!oo6ed o%er "is '"ild"ood in 4al6ais) re&e&bering (and "e 'losed "is eyes) "er %oi'e) "er &o%e&en!s) all !"e e%en!s o !"eir li e !oge!"er# 9S!re6!o'o'7-1ee !o 5anbury T @9 Ho( beau!i ul "er singing "ad beenF And !"ose '"ildis" r"y&es) "o( &agi'ally s!range and &ys!eriousF A) 5) *) %i!a&in .C T"e a!3s in !"e li%er) !"e 'od3s in !"e sea# He el! !"e "o! !ears (elling u6 be"ind "is eyelids as "e re'alled !"e (ords and Linda3s %oi'e as s"e re6ea!ed !"e&# And !"en !"e reading lessonsC T"e !o! is in !"e 6o!) !"e 'a! is on !"e &a!? and !"e +le&en!ary 0ns!ru'!ions or 5e!a 2or7ers in !"e +&bryo S!ore# And long e%enings by !"e ire or) in su&&er!i&e) on !"e roo o !"e li!!le "ouse) ("en s"e !old "i& !"ose s!ories abou! !"e $!"er Dla'e) ou!side !"e -eser%a!ionC !"a! beau!i ul) beau!i ul $!"er Dla'e) ("ose &e&ory) as o a "ea%en) a 6aradise o goodness and lo%eliness) "e s!ill 7e6! ("ole and in!a'!) unde iled by 'on!a'! (i!" !"e reali!y o !"is real London) !"ese a'!ual 'i%ili8ed &en and (o&en# A sudden noise o s"rill %oi'es &ade "i& o6en "is eyes and) a !er "as!ily brus"ing a(ay !"e !ears) loo7 round# 2"a! see&ed an in!er&inable s!rea& o iden!i'al eig"!-year-old &ale !(ins (as 6ouring in!o !"e roo&# T(in a !er !(in) !(in a !er !(in) !"ey 'a&e>a nig"!&are# T"eir a'es) !"eir re6ea!ed a'e> or !"ere (as only one be!(een !"e lo! o !"e&>6uggis"ly s!ared) all nos!rils and 6ale goggling eyes# T"eir uni or& (as 7"a7i# All !"eir &ou!"s "ung o6en# S;uealing and '"a!!ering !"ey en!ered# 0n a &o&en!) i! see&ed) !"e (ard (as &aggo!y (i!" !"e&# T"ey s(ar&ed be!(een !"e beds) 'la&bered o%er) 'ra(led under) 6ee6ed in!o !"e !ele%ision boxes) &ade a'es a! !"e 6a!ien!s# Linda as!onis"ed and ra!"er alar&ed !"e&# A grou6 s!ood 'lus!ered a! !"e oo! o "er bed) s!aring (i!" !"e rig"!ened and s!u6id 'uriosi!y o ani&als suddenly 'on ron!ed by !"e un7no(n# 9$") loo7) loo7F9 T"ey s6o7e in lo() s'ared %oi'es# 92"a!e%er is !"e &a!!er (i!" "erA 2"y is s"e so a!A9 T"ey "ad ne%er seen a a'e li7e "ers be ore>"ad ne%er seen a a'e !"a! (as no! you!" ul and !au!-s7inned) a body !"a! "ad 'eased !o be sli& and u6rig"!# All !"ese &oribund sexagenarians "ad !"e a66earan'e o '"ildis" girls# A! or!y- our) Linda see&ed) by 'on!ras!) a &ons!er o la''id and dis!or!ed senili!y# 90sn3! s"e a( ulA9 'a&e !"e ("is6ered 'o&&en!s# 9Loo7 a! "er !ee!"F9 Suddenly ro& under !"e bed a 6ug- a'ed !(in 6o66ed u6 be!(een =o"n3s '"air and !"e (all) and began 6eering in!o Linda3s slee6ing a'e#


90 say @9 "e began? bu! !"e sen!en'e ended 6re&a!urely in a s;ueal# T"e Sa%age "ad sei8ed "i& by !"e 'ollar) li !ed "i& 'lear o%er !"e '"air and) (i!" a s&ar! box on !"e ears) sen! "i& "o(ling a(ay# His yells broug"! !"e Head ,urse "urrying !o !"e res'ue# 92"a! "a%e you been doing !o "i&A9 s"e de&anded ier'ely# 90 (on3! "a%e you s!ri7ing !"e '"ildren#9 92ell !"en) 7ee6 !"e& a(ay ro& !"is bed#9 T"e Sa%age3s %oi'e (as !re&bling (i!" indiga!ion# 92"a! are !"ese il!"y li!!le bra!s doing "ere a! allA 0!3s disgra'e ulF9 9.isgra'e ulA 5u! ("a! do you &eanA T"ey3re being dea!"-'ondi!ioned# And 0 !ell you)9 s"e (arned "i& !ru'ulen!ly) 9i 0 "a%e any &ore o your in!er eren'e (i!" !"eir 'ondi!ioning) 03ll send or !"e 6or!ers and "a%e you !"ro(n ou!#9 T"e Sa%age rose !o "is ee! and !oo7 a 'ou6le o s!e6s !o(ards "er# His &o%e&en!s and !"e ex6ression on "is a'e (ere so &ena'ing !"a! !"e nurse ell ba'7 in !error# 2i!" a grea! e or! "e '"e'7ed "i&sel and) (i!"ou! s6ea7ing) !urned a(ay and sa! do(n again by !"e bed# -eassured) bu! (i!" a digni!y !"a! (as a !ri le s"rill and un'er!ain) 903%e (arned you)9 said !"e nurse) 903%e (arned you)9 said !"e nurse) 9so &ind#9 S!ill) s"e led !"e !oo in;uisi!i%e !(ins a(ay and &ade !"e& <oin in !"e ga&e o "un!-!"e-8i66er) ("i'" "ad been organi8ed by one o "er 'olleagues a! !"e o!"er end o !"e roo&# 9-un along no( and "a%e your 'u6 o 'a eine solu!ion) dear)9 s"e said !o !"e o!"er nurse# T"e exer'ise o au!"ori!y res!ored "er 'on iden'e) &ade "er eel be!!er# 9,o( '"ildrenF9 s"e 'alled# Linda "ad s!irred uneasily) "ad o6ened "er eyes or a &o&en!) loo7ed %aguely around) and !"en on'e &ore dro66ed o !o slee6# Si!!ing beside "er) !"e Sa%age !ried "ard !o re'a6!ure "is &ood o a e( &inu!es be ore# 9A) 5) *) %i!a&in .)9 "e re6ea!ed !o "i&sel ) as !"oug" !"e (ords (ere a s6ell !"a! (ould res!ore !"e dead 6as! !o li e# 5u! !"e s6ell (as ine e'!i%e# $bs!ina!ely !"e beau!i ul &e&ories re used !o rise? !"ere (as only a "a!e ul resurre'!ion o <ealousies and uglinesses and &iseries# Do6Q (i!" !"e blood !ri'7ling do(n ro& "is 'u! s"oulder? and Linda "ideously aslee6) and !"e lies bu88ing round !"e s6il! &es'al on !"e loor beside !"e bed? and !"e boys 'alling !"ose na&es as s"e 6assed# @ A") no) noF He s"u! "is eyes) "e s"oo7 "is "ead in s!renuous denial o !"ese &e&ories# 9A) 5) *) %i!a&in . @9 He !ried !o !"in7 o !"ose !i&es ("en "e sa! on "er 7nees and s"e 6u! "er ar&s abou! "i& and sang) o%er and o%er again) ro'7ing "i&) ro'7ing "i& !o slee6# 9A) 5) *) %i!a&in .) %i!a&in .) %i!a&in . @9 T"e Su6er-Kox-2urli!8eriana "ad risen !o a sobbing 'res'endo? and suddenly !"e %erbena ga%e 6la'e) in !"e s'en!-'ir'ula!ing sys!e&) !o an in!ense 6a!'"ouli# Linda s!irred) (o7e u6) s!ared or a e( se'onds be(ilderly a! !"e Se&i- inalis!s) !"en) li !ing "er a'e) sni ed on'e or !(i'e a! !"e ne(ly 6er u&ed air and suddenly s&iled>a s&ile o '"ildis" e'!asy# 9Do6QF9 s"e &ur&ured) and 'losed "er eyes# 9$") 0 do so li7e i!) 0 do @9 S"e sig"ed and le! "ersel sin7 ba'7 in!o !"e 6illo(s#


95u!) LindaF9 T"e Sa%age s6o7e i&6loringly) 9.on3! you 7no( &eA9 He "ad !ried so "ard) "ad done "is %ery bes!? ("y (oudn3! s"e allo( "i& !o orge!A He s;uee8ed "er li&6 "and al&os! (i!" %iolen'e) as !"oug" "e (ould or'e "er !o 'o&e ba'7 ro& !"is drea& o ignoble 6leasures) ro& !"ese base and "a!e ul &e&ories>ba'7 in!o !"e 6resen!) ba'7 in!o reali!yC !"e a66alling 6resen!) !"e a( ul reali!y>bu! subli&e) bu! signi i'an!) bu! des6era!ely i&6or!an! 6re'isely be'ause o !"e i&&ien'e o !"a! ("i'" &ade !"e& so ear ul# 9.on3! you 7no( &e) LindaA9 He el! !"e ain! ans(ering 6ressure o "er "and# T"e !ears s!ar!ed in!o "is eyes# He ben! o%er "er and 7issed "er# Her li6s &o%ed# 9Do6QF9 s"e ("is6ered again) and i! (as as !"oug" "e "ad "ad a 6ail ul o ordure !"ro(n in "is a'e# Anger suddenly boiled u6 in "i&# 5al7ed or !"e se'ond !i&e) !"e 6assion o "is grie "ad ound ano!"er ou!le!) (as !rans or&ed in!o a 6assion o agoni8ed rage# 95u! 03& =o"nF9 "e s"ou!ed# 903& =o"nF9 And in "is urious &isery "e a'!ually 'aug"! "er by !"e s"ouder and s"oo7 "er# Linda3s eyes lu!!ered o6en? s"e sa( "i&) 7ne( "i&>9=o"nF9>bu! si!ua!ed !"e real a'e) !"e real and %iolen! "ands) in an i&aginary (orld>a&ong !"e in(ard and 6ri%a!e e;ui%alen!s o 6a!'"ouli and !"e Su6er-2urli!8er) a&ong !"e !rans igured &e&ories and !"e s!rangely !rans6osed sensa!ions !"a! 'ons!i!u!ed !"e uni%erse o "er drea&# S"e 7ne( "i& or =o"n) "er son) bu! an'ied "i& an in!ruder in!o !"a! 6aradisal 4al6ais ("ere s"e "ad been s6ending "er soma -"oliday (i!" Do6Q# He (as angry be'ause s"e li7ed Do6Q) "e (as s"a7ing "er be'ause Do6Q (as !"ere in !"e bed>as !"oug" !"ere (ere so&e!"ing (rong) as !"oug" all 'i%ili8ed 6eo6le didn3! do !"e sa&e# 9+%ery one belongs !o e%ery @9 Her %oi'e suddenly died in!o an al&os! inaudible brea!"less 'roa7ing# Her &ou!" ell o6enC s"e &ade a des6era!e e or! !o ill "er lungs (i!" air# 5u! i! (as as !"oug" s"e "ad orgo!!en "o( !o brea!"e# S"e !ried !o 'ry ou!>bu! no sound 'a&e? only !"e !error o "er s!aring eyes re%ealed ("a! s"e (as su ering# Her "ands (en! !o "er !"roa!) !"en 'la(ed a! !"e air>!"e air s"e 'oud no longer brea!"e) !"e air !"a!) or "er) "ad 'eased !o exis!# T"e Sa%age (as on "is ee!) ben! o%er "er# 92"a! is i!) LindaA 2"a! is i!A9 His %oi'e (as i&6loring? i! (as as !"oug" "e (ere begging !o be reassured# T"e loo7 s"e ga%e "i& (as '"arged (i!" an uns6ea7able !error>(i!" !error and) i! see&ed !o "i&) re6roa'"# S"e !ried !o raise "ersel in bed) bu! ell ba'7 on !o !"e 6illo(s# Her a'e (as "orribly dis!or!ed) "er li6s blue# T"e Sa%age !urned and ran u6 !"e (ard# 9Qui'7) ;ui'7F9 "e s"ou!ed# 9Qui'7F9 S!anding in !"e 'en!re o a ring o 8i66er-"un!ing !(ins) !"e Head ,urse loo7ed round# T"e irs! &o&en!3s as!onis"&en! ga%e 6la'e al&os! ins!an!ly !o disa66ro%al# 9.on3! s"ou!F T"in7 o !"e li!!le ones)9 s"e said) ro(ning# 9/ou &ig"! de'ondi!ion @ 5u! ("a! are you doingA9 He "ad bro7en !"roug" !"e ring# 95e 'are ulF9 A '"ild (as


yelling# 9Qui'7) ;ui'7F9 He 'aug"! "er by !"e slee%e) dragged "er a !er "i&# 9Qui'7F So&e!"ing3s "a66ened# 03%e 7illed "er#9 5y !"e !i&e !"ey (ere ba'7 a! !"e end o !"e (ard Linda (as dead# T"e Sa%age s!ood or a &o&en! in ro8en silen'e) !"en ell on "is 7nees beside !"e bed and) 'o%ering "is a'e (i!" "is "ands) sobbed un'on!rollably# T"e nurse s!ood irresolu!e) loo7ing no( a! !"e 7neeling igure by !"e bed (!"e s'andalous ex"ibi!ionF) and no( (6oor '"ildrenF) a! !"e !(ins ("o "ad s!o66ed !"eir "un!ing o !"e 8i66er and (ere s!aring ro& !"e o!"er end o !"e (ard) s!aring (i!" all !"eir eyes and nos!rils a! !"e s"o'7ing s'ene !"a! (as being ena'!ed round 5ed BG# S"ould s"e s6ea7 !o "i&A !ry !o bring "i& ba'7 !o a sense o de'en'yA re&ind "i& o ("ere "e (asA o ("a! a!al &is'"ie "e &ig"! do !o !"ese 6oor inno'en!sA Undoing all !"eir ("oleso&e dea!"-'ondi!ioning (i!" !"is disgus!ing ou!'ry>as !"oug" dea!" (ere so&e!"ing !errible) as !"oug" any one &a!!ered as &u'" as all !"a!F 0! &ig"! gi%e !"e& !"e &os! disas!rous ideas abou! !"e sub<e'!) &ig"! u6se! !"e& in!o rea'!ing in !"e en!irely (rong) !"e u!!erly an!i-so'ial (ay# S"e s!e66ed or(ard) s"e !ou'"ed "i& on !"e s"oulder# 9*an3! you be"a%eA9 s"e said in a lo() angry %oi'e# 5u!) loo7ing around) s"e sa( !"a! "al a do8en !(ins (ere already on !"eir ee! and ad%an'ing do(n !"e (ard# T"e 'ir'le (as dis!in!egra!ing# 0n ano!"er &o&en! @ ,o) !"e ris7 (as !oo grea!? !"e ("ole 1rou6 &ig"! be 6u! ba'7 six or se%en &on!"s in i!s 'ondi!ioning# S"e "urried ba'7 !o(ards "er &ena'ed '"arges# 9,o() ("o (an!s a '"o'ola!e Q'lairA9 s"e as7ed in a loud) '"eer ul !one# 94eF9 yelled !"e en!ire 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6 in '"orus# 5ed BG (as 'o&6le!ely orgo!!en# 9$") 1od) 1od) 1od @9 !"e Sa%age 7e6! re6ea!ing !o "i&sel # 0n !"e '"aos o grie and re&orse !"a! illed "is &ind i! (as !"e one ar!i'ula!e (ord# 91odF9 "e ("is6ered i! aloud# 91od @9 92"a!e%er is "e sayingA9 said a %oi'e) %ery near) dis!in'! and s"rill !"roug" !"e (arblings o !"e Su6er-2urli!8er# T"e Sa%age %iolen!ly s!ar!ed and) un'o%ering "is a'e) loo7ed round# :i%e 7"a7i !(ins) ea'" (i!" !"e s!u&6 o a long Q'lair in "is rig"! "and) and !"eir iden!i'al a'es %ariously s&eared (i!" li;uid '"o'ola!e) (ere s!anding in a ro() 6uggily goggling a! "i&# T"ey &e! "is eyes and si&ul!aneously grinned# $ne o !"e& 6oin!ed (i!" "is Q'lair bu!!# 90s s"e deadA9 "e as7ed# T"e Sa%age s!ared a! !"e& or a &o&en! in silen'e# T"en in silen'e "e rose !o "is ee!) in silen'e slo(ly (al7ed !o(ards !"e door# 90s s"e deadA9 re6ea!ed !"e in;uisi!i%e !(in !ro!!ing a! "is side#


T"e Sa%age loo7ed do(n a! "i& and s!ill (i!"ou! s6ea7ing 6us"ed "i& a(ay# T"e !(in ell on !"e loor and a! on'e began !o "o(l# T"e Sa%age did no! e%en loo7 round#

Chapter Fifteen T H+ &enial s!a o !"e Dar7 Lane Hos6i!al or !"e .ying 'onsis!ed o one "undred
and six!y-!(o .el!as di%ided in!o !(o 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6s o eig"!y- our red "eaded e&ale and se%en!y-eig"! dar7 doly'"o'e6"ali' &ale !(ins) res6e'!i%ely# A! six) ("en !"eir (or7ing day (as o%er) !"e !(o 1rou6s asse&bled in !"e %es!ibule o !"e Hos6i!al and (ere ser%ed by !"e .e6u!y Sub-5ursar (i!" !"eir soma ra!ion# :ro& !"e li ! !"e Sa%age s!e66ed ou! in!o !"e &ids! o !"e&# 5u! "is &ind (as else("ere>(i!" dea!") (i!" "is grie ) and "is re&orse? &e'"ani'aly) (i!"ou! 'ons'iousness o ("a! "e (as doing) "e began !o s"oulder "is (ay !"roug" !"e 'ro(d# 92"o are you 6us"ingA 2"ere do you !"in7 you3re goingA9 Hig") lo() ro& a &ul!i!ude o se6ara!e !"roa!s) only !(o %oi'es s;uea7ed or gro(led# -e6ea!ed inde ini!ely) as !"oug" by a !rain o &irrors) !(o a'es) one a "airless and re'7led &oon "aloed in orange) !"e o!"er a !"in) bea7ed bird-&as7) s!ubbly (i!" !(o days3 beard) !urned angrily !o(ards "i&# T"eir (ords and) in "is ribs) !"e s"ar6 nudging o elbo(s) bro7e !"roug" "is una(areness# He (o7e on'e &ore !o ex!ernal reali!y) loo7ed round "i&) 7ne( ("a! "e sa(>7ne( i!) (i!" a sin7ing sense o "orror and disgus!) or !"e re'urren! deliriu& o "is days and nig"!s) !"e nig"!&are o s(ar&ing indis!inguis"able sa&eness# T(ins) !(ins# @ Li7e &aggo!s !"ey "ad s(ar&ed de ilingly o%er !"e &ys!ery o Linda3s dea!"# 4aggo!s again) bu! larger) ull gro(n) !"ey no( 'ra(led a'ross "is grie and "is re6en!an'e# He "al!ed and) (i!" be(ildered and "orri ied eyes) s!ared round "i& a! !"e 7"a7i &ob) in !"e &ids! o ("i'") o%er!o66ing i! by a ull "ead) "e s!ood# 9Ho( &any goodly 'rea!ures are !"ere "ereF9 T"e singing (ords &o'7ed "i& derisi%ely# 9Ho( beau!eous &an7ind isF $ bra%e ne( (orld @9 9 2oma dis!ribu!ionF9 s"ou!ed a loud %oi'e# 90n good order) 6lease# Hurry u6 !"ere#9 A door "ad been o6ened) a !able and '"air 'arried in!o !"e %es!ibule# T"e %oi'e (as !"a! o a <aun!y young Al6"a) ("o "ad en!ered 'arrying a bla'7 iron 'as"-box# A &ur&ur o sa!is a'!ion (en! u6 ro& !"e ex6e'!an! !(ins# T"ey orgo! all abou! !"e Sa%age# T"eir a!!en!ion (as no( o'used on !"e bla'7 'as"-box) ("i'" !"e young &an "ad 6la'ed on !"e !able) and (as no( in 6ro'ess o unlo'7ing# T"e lid (as li !ed# 9$o-o"F9 said all !"e "undred and six!y-!(o si&ul!aneously) as !"oug" !"ey (ere loo7ing a! ire(or7s# T"e young &an !oo7 ou! a "and ul o !iny 6ill-boxes# 9,o()9 "e said 6ere&6!orily) 9s!e6 or(ard) 6lease# $ne a! a !i&e) and no s"o%ing#9 $ne a! a !i&e) (i!" no s"o%ing) !"e !(ins s!e66ed or(ard# :irs! !(o &ales) !"en a e&ale) !"en ano!"er &ale) !"en !"ree e&ales) !"en @


T"e Sa%age s!ood loo7ing on# 9$ bra%e ne( (orld) $ bra%e ne( (orld @9 0n "is &ind !"e singing (ords see&ed !o '"ange !"eir !one# T"ey "ad &o'7ed "i& !"roug" "is &isery and re&orse) &o'7ed "i& (i!" "o( "ideous a no!e o 'yni'al derisionF :iendis"ly laug"ing) !"ey "ad insis!ed on !"e lo( s;ualor) !"e nauseous ugliness o !"e nig"!&are# ,o() suddenly) !"ey !ru&6e!ed a 'all !o ar&s# 9$ bra%e ne( (orldF9 4iranda (as 6ro'lai&ing !"e 6ossibili!y o lo%eliness) !"e 6ossibili!y o !rans or&ing e%en !"e nig"!&are in!o so&e!"ing ine and noble# 9$ bra%e ne( (orldF9 0! (as a '"allenge) a 'o&&and# 9,o s"o%ing !"ere no(F9 s"ou!ed !"e .e6u!y Sub-5ursar in a ury# He sla&&ed do(n "e lid o "is 'as"-box# 90 s"all s!o6 !"e dis!ribu!ion unless 0 "a%e good be"a%iour#9 T"e .el!as &u!!ered) <os!led one ano!"er a li!!le) and !"en (ere s!ill# T"e !"rea! "ad been e e'!i%e# .e6ri%a!ion o soma >a66alling !"oug"!F 9T"a!3s be!!er)9 said !"e young &an) and reo6ened "is 'as"-box# Linda "ad been a sla%e) Linda "ad died? o!"ers s"ould li%e in reedo&) and !"e (orld be &ade beau!i ul# A re6ara!ion) a du!y# And suddenly i! (as lu&inously 'lear !o !"e Sa%age ("a! "e &us! do? i! (as as !"oug" a s"u!!er "ad been o6ened) a 'ur!ain dra(n ba'7# 9,o()9 said !"e .e6u!y Sub-5ursar# Ano!"er 7"a7i e&ale s!e66ed or(ard# 9S!o6F9 'alled !"e Sa%age in a loud and ringing %oi'e# 9S!o6F9 He 6us"ed "is (ay !o !"e !able? !"e .el!as s!ared a! "i& (i!" as!onis"&en!# 9:ordF9 said !"e .e6u!y Sub-5ursar) belo( "is brea!"# 90!3s !"e Sa%age#9 He el! s'ared# 9Lis!en) 0 beg o you)9 'ried !"e Sa%age earnes!ly# 9Lend &e your ears @9 He "ad ne%er s6o7en in 6ubli' be ore) and ound i! %ery di i'ul! !o ex6ress ("a! "e (an!ed !o say# 9.on3! !a7e !"a! "orrible s!u # 0!3s 6oison) i!3s 6oison#9 90 say) 4r# Sa%age)9 said !"e .e6u!y Sub-5ursar) s&iling 6ro6i!ia!ingly# 92ould you &ind le!!ing &e @9 9Doison !o soul as (ell as body#9 9/es) bu! le! &e ge! on (i!" &y dis!ribu!ion) (on3! youA T"ere3s a good ello(#9 2i!" !"e 'au!ious !enderness o one ("o s!ro7es a no!oriously %i'ious ani&al) "e 6a!!ed !"e Sa%age3s ar&# 9=us! le! &e @9 9,e%erF9 'ried !"e Sa%age# 95u! loo7 "ere) old &an @9 9T"ro( i! all a(ay) !"a! "orrible 6oison#9 T"e (ords 9T"ro( i! all a(ay9 6ier'ed !"roug" !"e en olding layers o in'o&6re"ension !o !"e ;ui'7 o !"e .el!a3s 'ons'iousness# An angry &ur&ur (en! u6 ro& !"e 'ro(d#


90 'o&e !o bring you reedo&)9 said !"e Sa%age) !urning ba'7 !o(ards !"e !(ins# 90 'o&e @9 T"e .e6u!y Sub-5ursar "eard no &ore? "e "ad sli66ed ou! o !"e %es!ibule and (as loo7ing u6 a nu&ber in !"e !ele6"one boo7# 9,o! in "is o(n roo&s)9 5ernard su&&ed u6# 9,o! in &ine) no! in yours# ,o! a! !"e A6"rodi!au&? no! a! !"e *en!re or !"e *ollege# 2"ere 'an "e "a%e go! !oA9 Hel&"ol!8 s"rugged "is s"oulders# T"ey "ad 'o&e ba'7 ro& !"eir (or7 ex6e'!ing !o ind !"e Sa%age (ai!ing or !"e& a! one or o!"er o !"e usual &ee!ing-6la'es) and !"ere (as no sign o !"e ello(# 2"i'" (as annoying) as !"ey "ad &ean! !o ni6 a'ross !o 5iarri!8 in Hel&"ol!83s our-sea!er s6or!i'o6!er# T"ey3d be la!e or dinner i "e didn3! 'o&e soon# 92e3ll gi%e "i& i%e &ore &inu!es)9 said Hel&"ol!8# 90 "e doesn3! !urn u6 by !"en) (e3ll @9 T"e ringing o !"e !ele6"one bell in!erru6!ed "i&# He 6i'7ed u6 !"e re'ei%er# 9Hullo# S6ea7ing#9 T"en) a !er a long in!er%al o lis!ening) 9:ord in :li%%erF9 "e s(ore# 903ll 'o&e a! on'e#9 92"a! is i!A9 5ernard as7ed# 9A ello( 0 7no( a! !"e Dar7 Lane Hos6i!al)9 said Hel&"ol!8# 9T"e Sa%age is !"ere# See&s !o "a%e gone &ad# Any"o() i!3s urgen!# 2ill you 'o&e (i!" &eA9 Toge!"er !"ey "urried along !"e 'orridor !o !"e li !s# 95u! do you li7e being sla%esA9 !"e Sa%age (as saying as !"ey en!ered !"e Hos6i!al# His a'e (as lus"ed) "is eyes brig"! (i!" ardour and indigna!ion# 9.o you li7e being babiesA /es) babies# 4e(ling and 6u7ing)9 "e added) exas6era!ed by !"eir bes!ial s!u6idi!y in!o !"ro(ing insul!s a! !"ose "e "ad 'o&e !o sa%e# T"e insul!s boun'ed o !"eir 'ara6a'e o !"i'7 s!u6idi!y? !"ey s!ared a! "i& (i!" a blan7 ex6ression o dull and sullen resen!&en! in !"eir eyes# 9/es) 6u7ingF9 "e airly s"ou!ed# 1rie and re&orse) 'o&6assion and du!y>all (ere orgo!!en no( and) as i! (ere) absorbed in!o an in!ense o%er6o(ering "a!red o !"ese less !"an "u&an &ons!ers# 9.on3! you (an! !o be ree and &enA .on3! you e%en unders!and ("a! &an"ood and reedo& areA9 -age (as &a7ing "i& luen!? !"e (ords 'a&e easily) in a rus"# 9.on3! youA9 "e re6ea!ed) bu! go! no ans(er !o "is ;ues!ion# 9Kery (ell !"en)9 "e (en! on gri&ly# 903ll !ea'" you? 03ll ma,e you be ree ("e!"er you (an! !o or no!#9 And 6us"ing o6en a (indo( !"a! loo7ed on !o !"e inner 'our! o !"e Hos6i!al) "e began !o !"ro( !"e li!!le 6ill-boxes o soma !able!s in "and uls ou! in!o !"e area# :or a &o&en! !"e 7"a7i &ob (as silen!) 6e!ri ied) a! !"e s6e'!a'le o !"is (an!on sa'rilege) (i!" a&a8e&en! and "orror# 9He3s &ad)9 ("is6ered 5ernard) s!aring (i!" (ide o6en eyes# 9T"ey3ll 7ill "i&# T"ey3ll @9 A grea! s"ou! suddenly (en! u6 ro& !"e &ob? a (a%e o &o%e&en! dro%e i! &ena'ingly !o(ards !"e Sa%age# 9:ord "el6 "i&F9 said 5ernard) and a%er!ed "is eyes#


9:ord "el6s !"ose ("o "el6 !"e&sel%es#9 And (i!" a laug") a'!ually a laug" o exul!a!ion) Hel&"ol!8 2a!son 6us"ed "is (ay !"roug" !"e 'ro(d# 9:ree) reeF9 !"e Sa%age s"ou!ed) and (i!" one "and 'on!inued !o !"ro( !"e soma in!o !"e area ("ile) (i!" !"e o!"er) "e 6un'"ed !"e indis!inguis"able a'es o "is assailan!s# 9:reeF9 And suddenly !"ere (as Hel&"ol!8 a! "is side>91ood old Hel&"ol!8F9>also 6un'"ing>94en a! las!F9>and in !"e in!er%al also !"ro(ing !"e 6oison ou! by "and uls !"roug" !"e o6en (indo(# 9/es) &enF &enF9 and !"ere (as no &ore 6oison le !# He 6i'7ed u6 !"e 'as"-box and s"o(ed !"e& i!s bla'7 e&6!iness# 9/ou3re reeF9 Ho(ling) !"e .el!as '"arged (i!" a redoubled ury# Hesi!an! on !"e ringes o !"e ba!!le# 9T"ey3re done or)9 said 5ernard and) urged by a sudden i&6ulse) ran or(ard !o "el6 !"e&? !"en !"oug"! be!!er o i! and "al!ed? !"en) as"a&ed) s!e66ed or(ard again? !"en again !"oug"! be!!er o i!) and (as s!anding in an agony o "u&ilia!ed inde'ision>!"in7ing !"a! they &ig"! be 7illed i "e didn3! "el6 !"e&) and !"a! he &ig"! be 7illed i "e did>("en (:ord be 6raisedF)) goggle-eyed and s(ine-snou!ed in !"eir gas-&as7s) in ran !"e 6oli'e# 5ernard das"ed !o &ee! !"e&# He (a%ed "is ar&s? and i! (as a'!ion) "e (as doing so&e!"ing# He s"ou!ed 9Hel6F9 se%eral !i&es) &ore and &ore loudly so as !o gi%e "i&sel !"e illusion o "el6ing# 9Hel6F Help- H+LDF9 T"e 6oli'e&en 6us"ed "i& ou! o !"e (ay and go! on (i!" !"eir (or7# T"ree &en (i!" s6raying &a'"ines bu'7led !o !"eir s"oulders 6u&6ed !"i'7 'louds o soma %a6our in!o !"e air# T(o &ore (ere busy round !"e 6or!able Syn!"e!i' 4usi' 5ox# *arrying (a!er 6is!ols '"arged (i!" a 6o(er ul anHs!"e!i') our o!"ers "ad 6us"ed !"eir (ay in!o !"e 'ro(d and (ere &e!"odi'ally laying ou!) s;uir! by s;uir!) !"e &ore ero'ious o !"e ig"!ers# 9Qui'7) ;ui'7F9 yelled 5ernard# 9T"ey3ll be 7illed i you don3! "urry# T"ey3ll @ $"F9 Annoyed by "is '"a!!er) one o !"e 6oli'e&en "ad gi%en "i& a s"o! ro& "is (a!er 6is!ol# 5ernard s!ood or a se'ond or !(o (a&bling uns!eadily on legs !"a! see&ed !o "a%e los! !"eir bones) !"eir !endons) !"eir &us'les) !o "a%e be'o&e &ere s!i'7s o <elly) and a! las! no! e%en <elly-(a!erC "e !u&bled in a "ea6 on !"e loor# Suddenly) ro& ou! o !"e Syn!"e!i' 4usi' 5ox a Koi'e began !o s6ea7# T"e Koi'e o -eason) !"e Koi'e o 1ood :eeling# T"e sound-!ra'7 roll (as un(inding i!sel in Syn!"e!i' An!i--io! S6ee'" ,u&ber T(o (4ediu& S!reng!")# S!raig"! ro& !"e de6!"s o a non-exis!en! "ear!) 94y riends) &y riendsF9 said !"e Koi'e so 6a!"e!i'ally) (i!" a no!e o su'" in ini!ely !ender re6roa'" !"a!) be"ind !"eir gas &as7s) e%en !"e 6oli'e&en3s eyes (ere &o&en!arily di&&ed (i!" !ears) 9("a! is !"e &eaning o !"isA 2"y aren3! you all being "a66y and good !oge!"erA Ha66y and good)9 !"e Koi'e re6ea!ed# 9A! 6ea'e) a! 6ea'e#9 0! !re&bled) san7 in!o a ("is6er and &o&en!arily ex6ired# 9$") 0 do (an! you !o be "a66y)9 i! began) (i!" a yearning earnes!ness# 90 do so (an! you !o be goodF Dlease) 6lease be good and @9 T(o &inu!es la!er !"e Koi'e and !"e soma %a6our "ad 6rodu'ed !"eir e e'!# 0n !ears) !"e .el!as (ere 7issing and "ugging one ano!"er>"al a do8en !(ins a! a !i&e in a 'o&6re"ensi%e e&bra'e# +%en Hel&"ol!8 and !"e Sa%age (ere al&os!


'rying# A res" su66ly o 6ill-boxes (as broug"! in ro& !"e 5ursary? a ne( dis!ribu!ion (as "as!ily &ade and) !o !"e sound o !"e Koi'e3s ri'uy a e'!iona!e) bari!one %aledi'!ions) !"e !(ins dis6ersed) blubbering as !"oug" !"eir "ear!s (ould brea7# 91ood-bye) &y deares!) deares! riends) :ord 7ee6 youF 1ood-bye) &y deares!) deares! riends) :ord 7ee6 you# 1ood-bye &y deares!) deares! @9 2"en !"e las! o !"e .el!as "ad gone !"e 6oli'e&an s(i!'"ed o !"e 'urren!# T"e angeli' Koi'e ell silen!# 92ill you 'o&e ;uie!lyA9 as7ed !"e Sergean!) 9or &us! (e anHs!"e!i8eA9 He 6oin!ed "is (a!er 6is!ol &ena'ingly# 9$") (e3ll 'o&e ;uie!ly)9 !"e Sa%age ans(ered) dabbing al!erna!ely a 'u! li6) a s'ra!'"ed ne'7) and a bi!!en le ! "and# S!ill 7ee6ing "is "and7er'"ie !o "is bleeding nose Hel&"ol!8 nodded in 'on ir&a!ion# A(a7e and "a%ing re'o%ered !"e use o "is legs) 5ernard "ad '"osen !"is &o&en! !o &o%e as in'ons6i'uously as "e 'ould !o(ards !"e door# 9Hi) you !"ere)9 'alled !"e Sergean!) and a s(ine-&as7ed 6oli'e&an "urried a'ross !"e roo& and laid a "and on !"e young &an3s s"oulder# 5ernard !urned (i!" an ex6ression o indignan! inno'en'e# +s'a6ingA He "adn3! drea&ed o su'" a !"ing# 9T"oug" ("a! on ear!" you (an! &e or)9 "e said !o !"e Sergean!) 90 really 'an3! i&agine#9 9/ou3re a riend o !"e 6risoner3s) aren3! youA9 92ell @9 said 5ernard) and "esi!a!ed# ,o) "e really 'ouldn3! deny i!# 92"y s"ouldn3! 0 beA9 "e as7ed# 9*o&e on !"en)9 said !"e Sergean!) and led !"e (ay !o(ards !"e door and !"e (ai!ing 6oli'e 'ar#

Chapter Sixteen T H+ -$$4 in!o ("i'" !"e !"ree (ere us"ered (as !"e *on!roller3s s!udy#
9His ords"i6 (ill be do(n in a &o&en!#9 T"e 1a&&a bu!ler le ! !"e& !o !"e&sel%es# Hel&"ol!8 laug"ed aloud# 90!3s &ore li7e a 'a eine-solu!ion 6ar!y !"an a !rial)9 "e said) and le! "i&sel all in!o !"e &os! luxurious o !"e 6neu&a!i' ar&-'"airs# 9*"eer u6) 5ernard)9 "e added) 'a!'"ing sig"! o "is riend3s green un"a66y a'e# 5u! 5ernard (ould no! be '"eered? (i!"ou! ans(ering) (i!"ou! e%en loo7ing a! Hel&"ol!8) "e (en! and sa! do(n on !"e &os! un'o& or!able '"air in !"e roo&) 'are ully '"osen in !"e obs'ure "o6e o so&e"o( de6re'a!ing !"e (ra!" o !"e "ig"er 6o(ers# T"e Sa%age &ean("ile (andered res!lessly round !"e roo&) 6eering (i!" a %ague su6er i'ial in;uisi!i%eness a! !"e boo7s in !"e s"el%es) a! !"e sound-!ra'7 rolls and reading &a'"ine bobbins in !"eir nu&bered 6igeon-"oles# $n !"e !able under !"e (indo( lay a &assi%e %olu&e bound in li&6 bla'7 lea!"er-surroga!e) and s!a&6ed


(i!" large golden T3s# He 6i'7ed i! u6 and o6ened i!# 4/ L0:+ A,. 2$-M) 5/ $U:$-.# T"e boo7 "ad been 6ublis"ed a! .e!roi! by !"e So'ie!y or !"e Dro6aga!ion o :ordian Mno(ledge# 0dly "e !urned !"e 6ages) read a sen!en'e "ere) a 6aragra6" !"ere) and "ad <us! 'o&e !o !"e 'on'lusion !"a! !"e boo7 didn3! in!eres! "i&) ("en !"e door o6ened) and !"e -esiden! 2orld *on!roller or 2es!ern +uro6e (al7ed bris7ly in!o !"e roo&# 4us!a6"a 4ond s"oo7 "ands (i!" all !"ree o !"e&? bu! i! (as !o !"e Sa%age !"a! "e addressed "i&sel # 9So you don3! &u'" li7e 'i%ili8a!ion) 4r# Sa%age)9 "e said# T"e Sa%age loo7ed a! "i&# He "ad been 6re6ared !o lie) !o blus!er) !o re&ain sullenly unres6onsi%e? bu!) reassured by !"e good-"u&oured in!elligen'e o !"e *on!roller3s a'e) "e de'ided !o !ell !"e !ru!") s!raig"! or(ardly# 9,o#9 He s"oo7 "is "ead# 5ernard s!ar!ed and loo7ed "orri ied# 2"a! (ould !"e *on!roller !"in7A To be labelled as !"e riend o a &an ("o said !"a! "e didn3! li7e 'i%ili8a!ion>said i! o6enly and) o all 6eo6le) !o !"e *on!roller>i! (as !errible# 95u!) =o"n)9 "e began# A loo7 ro& 4us!a6"a 4ond redu'ed "i& !o an ab<e'! silen'e# 9$ 'ourse)9 !"e Sa%age (en! on !o ad&i!) 9!"ere are so&e %ery ni'e !"ings# All !"a! &usi' in !"e air) or ins!an'e @9 9So&e!i&es a !"ousand !(angling ins!ru&en!s (ill "u& abou! &y ears and so&e!i&es %oi'es#9 T"e Sa%age3s a'e li! u6 (i!" a sudden 6leasure# 9Ha%e you read i! !ooA9 "e as7ed# 90 !"oug"! nobody 7ne( abou! !"a! boo7 "ere) in +ngland#9 9Al&os! nobody# 03& one o !"e %ery e(# 0!3s 6ro"ibi!ed) you see# 5u! as 0 &a7e !"e la(s "ere) 0 'an also brea7 !"e&# 2i!" i&6uni!y) 4r# 4arx)9 "e added) !urning !o 5ernard# 92"i'" 03& a raid you can't do#9 5ernard san7 in!o a ye! &ore "o6eless &isery# 95u! ("y is i! 6ro"ibi!edA9 as7ed !"e Sa%age# 0n !"e ex'i!e&en! o &ee!ing a &an ("o "ad read S"a7es6eare "e "ad &o&en!arily orgo!!en e%ery!"ing else# T"e *on!roller s"rugged "is s"oulders# 95e'ause i!3s old? !"a!3s !"e '"ie reason# 2e "a%en3! any use or old !"ings "ere#9 9+%en ("en !"ey3re beau!i ulA9 9Dar!i'ularly ("en !"ey3re beau!i ul# 5eau!y3s a!!ra'!i%e) and (e don3! (an! 6eo6le !o be a!!ra'!ed by old !"ings# 2e (an! !"e& !o li7e !"e ne( ones#9 95u! !"e ne( ones are so s!u6id and "orrible# T"ose 6lays) ("ere !"ere3s no!"ing bu! "eli'o6!ers lying abou! and you feel !"e 6eo6le 7issing#9 He &ade a gri&a'e# 91oa!s and &on7eysF9 $nly in $!"ello3s (ord 'ould "e ind an ade;ua!e %e"i'le or "is 'on!e&6! and "a!red# 9,i'e !a&e ani&als) any"o()9 !"e *on!roller &ur&ured 6aren!"e!i'ally# 92"y don3! you le! !"e& see ;thello ins!eadA9


903%e !old you? i!3s old# 5esides) !"ey 'ouldn3! unders!and i!#9 /es) !"a! (as !rue# He re&e&bered "o( Hel&"ol!8 "ad laug"ed a! Romeo and ?uliet # 92ell !"en)9 "e said) a !er a 6ause) 9so&e!"ing ne( !"a!3s li7e ;thello ) and !"a! !"ey 'ould unders!and#9 9T"a!3s ("a! (e3%e all been (an!ing !o (ri!e)9 said Hel&"ol!8) brea7ing a long silen'e# 9And i!3s ("a! you ne%er (ill (ri!e)9 said !"e *on!roller# 95e'ause) i i! (ere really li7e ;thello nobody 'ould unders!and i!) "o(e%er ne( i! &ig"! be# And i (ere ne() i! 'ouldn3! 6ossibly be li7e ;thello #9 92"y no!A9 9/es) ("y no!A9 Hel&"ol!8 re6ea!ed# He !oo (as orge!!ing !"e un6leasan! reali!ies o !"e si!ua!ion# 1reen (i!" anxie!y and a66re"ension) only 5ernard re&e&bered !"e&? !"e o!"ers ignored "i&# 92"y no!A9 95e'ause our (orld is no! !"e sa&e as $!"ello3s (orld# /ou 'an3! &a7e li%%ers (i!"ou! s!eel>and you 'an3! &a7e !ragedies (i!"ou! so'ial ins!abili!y# T"e (orld3s s!able no(# Deo6le are "a66y? !"ey ge! ("a! !"ey (an!) and !"ey ne%er (an! ("a! !"ey 'an3! ge!# T"ey3re (ell o ? !"ey3re sa e? !"ey3re ne%er ill? !"ey3re no! a raid o dea!"? !"ey3re bliss ully ignoran! o 6assion and old age? !"ey3re 6lagued (i!" no &o!"ers or a!"ers? !"ey3%e go! no (i%es) or '"ildren) or lo%ers !o eel s!rongly abou!? !"ey3re so 'ondi!ioned !"a! !"ey 6ra'!i'ally 'an3! "el6 be"a%ing as !"ey oug"! !o be"a%e# And i any!"ing s"ould go (rong) !"ere3s soma # 2"i'" you go and '"u'7 ou! o !"e (indo( in !"e na&e o liber!y) 4r# Sa%age# Aiberty- 9 He laug"ed# 9+x6e'!ing .el!as !o 7no( ("a! liber!y isF And no( ex6e'!ing !"e& !o unders!and ;thello- 4y good boyF9 T"e Sa%age (as silen! or a li!!le# 9All !"e sa&e)9 "e insis!ed obs!ina!ely) 9 good) ;thello's be!!er !"an !"ose eelies#9 ;thello's

9$ 'ourse i! is)9 !"e *on!roller agreed# 95u! !"a!3s !"e 6ri'e (e "a%e !o 6ay or s!abili!y# /ou3%e go! !o '"oose be!(een "a66iness and ("a! 6eo6le used !o 'all "ig" ar!# 2e3%e sa'ri i'ed !"e "ig" ar!# 2e "a%e !"e eelies and !"e s'en! organ ins!ead#9 95u! !"ey don3! &ean any!"ing#9 9T"ey &ean !"e&sel%es? !"ey &ean a lo! o agreeable sensa!ions !o !"e audien'e#9 95u! !"ey3re @ !"ey3re !old by an idio!#9 T"e *on!roller laug"ed# 9/ou3re no! being %ery 6oli!e !o your riend) 4r# 2a!son# $ne o our &os! dis!inguis"ed +&o!ional +ngineers @9 95u! "e3s rig"!)9 said Hel&"ol!8 gloo&ily# 95e'ause i! is idio!i'# 2ri!ing ("en !"ere3s no!"ing !o say @9 9Dre'isely# 5u! !"a! re;uire !"e &os! enor&ous ingenui!y# /ou3re &a7ing ii%%ers ou! o !"e absolu!e &ini&u& o s!eel>(or7s o ar! ou! o 6ra'!i'ally no!"ing bu! 6ure sensa!ion#9 T"e Sa%age s"oo7 "is "ead# 90! all see&s !o &e ;ui!e "orrible#9


9$ 'ourse i! does# A'!ual "a66iness al(ays loo7s 6re!!y s;ualid in 'o&6arison (i!" !"e o%er-'o&6ensa!ions or &isery# And) o 'ourse) s!abili!y isn3! nearly so s6e'!a'ular as ins!abili!y# And being 'on!en!ed "as none o !"e gla&our o a good ig"! agains! &is or!une) none o !"e 6i'!ures;ueness o a s!ruggle (i!" !e&6!a!ion) or a a!al o%er!"ro( by 6assion or doub!# Ha66iness is ne%er grand#9 90 su66ose no!)9 said !"e Sa%age a !er a silen'e# 95u! need i! be ;ui!e so bad as !"ose !(insA9 He 6assed "is "and o%er "is eyes as !"oug" "e (ere !rying !o (i6e a(ay !"e re&e&bered i&age o !"ose long ro(s o iden!i'al &idge!s a! !"e asse&bling !ables) !"ose ;ueued-u6 !(in-"erds a! !"e en!ran'e !o !"e 5ren! ord &onorail s!a!ion) !"ose "u&an &aggo!s s(ar&ing round Linda3s bed o dea!") !"e endlessly re6ea!ed a'e o "is assailan!s# He loo7ed a! "is bandaged le ! "and and s"uddered# 9HorribleF9 95u! "o( use ulF 0 see you don3! li7e our 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6s? bu!) 0 assure you) !"ey3re !"e ounda!ion on ("i'" e%ery!"ing else is buil!# T"ey3re !"e gyros'o6e !"a! s!abili8es !"e ro'7e! 6lane o s!a!e on i!s uns(er%ing 'ourse#9 T"e dee6 %oi'e !"rillingly %ibra!ed? !"e ges!i'ula!ing "and i&6lied all s6a'e and !"e onrus" o !"e irresis!ible &a'"ine# 4us!a6"a 4ond3s ora!ory (as al&os! u6 !o syn!"e!i' s!andards# 90 (as (ondering)9 said !"e Sa%age) 9("y you "ad !"e& a! all>seeing !"a! you 'an ge! ("a!e%er you (an! ou! o !"ose bo!!les# 2"y don3! you &a7e e%erybody an Al6"a .ouble Dlus ("ile you3re abou! i!A9 4us!a6"a 4ond laug"ed# 95e'ause (e "a%e no (is" !o "a%e our !"roa!s 'u!)9 "e ans(ered# 92e belie%e in "a66iness and s!abili!y# A so'ie!y o Al6"as 'ouldn3! ail !o be uns!able and &iserable# 0&agine a a'!ory s!a ed by Al6"as>!"a! is !o say by se6ara!e and unrela!ed indi%iduals o good "eredi!y and 'ondi!ioned so as !o be 'a6able ((i!"in li&i!s) o &a7ing a ree '"oi'e and assu&ing res6onsibili!ies# 0&agine i!F9 "e re6ea!ed# T"e Sa%age !ried !o i&agine i!) no! %ery su''ess ully# 90!3s an absurdi!y# An Al6"a-de'an!ed) Al6"a-'ondi!ioned &an (ould go &ad i "e "ad !o do +6silon Se&i-4oron (or7>go &ad) or s!ar! s&as"ing !"ings u6# Al6"as 'an be 'o&6le!ely so'iali8ed>bu! only on 'ondi!ion !"a! you &a7e !"e& do Al6"a (or7# $nly an +6silon 'an be ex6e'!ed !o &a7e +6silon sa'ri i'es) or !"e good reason !"a! or "i& !"ey aren3! sa'ri i'es? !"ey3re !"e line o leas! resis!an'e# His 'ondi!ioning "as laid do(n rails along ("i'" "e3s go! !o run# He 'an3! "el6 "i&sel ? "e3s oredoo&ed# +%en a !er de'an!ing) "e3s s!ill inside a bo!!le>an in%isible bo!!le o in an!ile and e&bryoni' ixa!ions# +a'" one o us) o 'ourse)9 !"e *on!roller &edi!a!i%ely 'on!inued) 9goes !"roug" li e inside a bo!!le# 5u! i (e "a66en !o be Al6"as) our bo!!les are) rela!i%ely s6ea7ing) enor&ous# 2e s"ould su er a'u!ely i (e (ere 'on ined in a narro(er s6a'e# /ou 'anno! 6our u66er-'as!e '"a&6agne-surroga!e in!o lo(er-'as!e bo!!les# 0!3s ob%ious !"eore!i'ally# 5u! i! "as also been 6ro%ed in a'!ual 6ra'!i'e# T"e resul! o !"e *y6rus ex6eri&en! (as 'on%in'ing#9 92"a! (as !"a!A9 as7ed !"e Sa%age# 4us!a6"a 4ond s&iled# 92ell) you 'an 'all i! an ex6eri&en! in rebo!!ling i you li7e#


0! began in A#:# 4I3# T"e *on!rollers "ad !"e island o *y6rus 'leared o all i!s exis!ing in"abi!an!s and re-'oloni8ed (i!" a s6e'ially 6re6ared ba!'" o !(en!y-!(o !"ousand Al6"as# All agri'ul!ural and indus!rial e;ui6&en! (as "anded o%er !o !"e& and !"ey (ere le ! !o &anage !"eir o(n a airs# T"e resul! exa'!ly ul illed all !"e !"eore!i'al 6redio!ions# T"e land (asn3! 6ro6erly (or7ed? !"ere (ere s!ri7es in all !"e a'!ories? !"e la(s (ere se! a! naug"!) orders disobeyed? all !"e 6eo6le de!ailed or a s6ell o lo(-grade (or7 (ere 6er6e!ually in!riguing or "ig"-grade <obs) and all !"e 6eo6le (i!" "ig"-grade <obs (ere 'oun!er-in!riguing a! all 'os!s !o s!ay ("ere !"ey (ere# 2i!"in six years !"ey (ere "a%ing a irs!-'lass 'i%il (ar# 2"en nine!een ou! o !"e !(en!y-!(o !"ousand "ad been 7illed) !"e sur%i%ors unani&ously 6e!i!ioned !"e 2orld *on!rollers !o resu&e !"e go%ern&en! o !"e island# 2"i'" !"ey did# And !"a! (as !"e end o !"e only so'ie!y o Al6"as !"a! !"e (orld "as e%er seen#9 T"e Sa%age sig"ed) 6ro oundly# 9T"e o6!i&u& 6o6ula!ion)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9is &odelled on !"e i'eberg>eig"!-nin!"s belo( !"e (a!er line) one-nin!" abo%e#9 9And !"ey3re "a66y belo( !"e (a!er lineA9 9Ha66ier !"an abo%e i!# Ha66ier !"an your riend "ere) or exa&6le#9 He 6oin!ed# 90n s6i!e o !"a! a( ul (or7A9 9A( ulA %hey don3! ind i! so# $n !"e 'on!rary) !"ey li7e i!# 0!3s lig"!) i!3s '"ildis"ly si&6le# ,o s!rain on !"e &ind or !"e &us'les# Se%en and a "al "ours o &ild) unex"aus!ing labour) and !"en !"e soma ra!ion and ga&es and unres!ri'!ed 'o6ula!ion and !"e eelies# 2"a! &ore 'an !"ey as7 orA True)9 "e added) 9!"ey &ig"! as7 or s"or!er "ours# And o 'ourse (e 'ould gi%e !"e& s"or!er "ours# Te'"ni'ally) i! (ould be 6er e'!ly si&6le !o redu'e all lo(er-'as!e (or7ing "ours !o !"ree or our a day# 5u! (ould !"ey be any !"e "a66ier or !"a!A ,o) !"ey (ouldn3!# T"e ex6eri&en! (as !ried) &ore !"an a 'en!ury and a "al ago# T"e ("ole o 0reland (as 6u! on !o !"e our-"our day# 2"a! (as !"e resul!A Unres! and a large in'rease in !"e 'onsu&6!ion o soma ? !"a! (as all# T"ose !"ree and a "al "ours o ex!ra leisure (ere so ar ro& being a sour'e o "a66iness) !"a! 6eo6le el! 'ons!rained !o !a7e a "oliday ro& !"e&# T"e 0n%en!ions $ i'e is s!u ed (i!" 6lans or labour-sa%ing 6ro'esses# T"ousands o !"e&#9 4us!a6"a 4ond &ade a la%is" ges!ure# 9And ("y don3! (e 6u! !"e& in!o exe'u!ionA :or !"e sa7e o !"e labourers? i! (ould be s"eer 'ruel!y !o a li'! !"e& (i!" ex'essi%e leisure# 0!3s !"e sa&e (i!" agri'ul!ure# 2e 'ould syn!"esi8e e%ery &orsel o ood) i (e (an!ed !o# 5u! (e don3!# 2e 6re er !o 7ee6 a !"ird o !"e 6o6ula!ion on !"e land# :or !"eir o(n sa7es>be'ause i! !a7es longer !o ge! ood ou! o !"e land !"an ou! o a a'!ory# 5esides) (e "a%e our s!abili!y !o !"in7 o # 2e don3! (an! !o '"ange# +%ery '"ange is a &ena'e !o s!abili!y# T"a!3s ano!"er reason ("y (e3re so '"ary o a66lying ne( in%en!ions# +%ery dis'o%ery in 6ure s'ien'e is 6o!en!ially sub%ersi%e? e%en s'ien'e &us! so&e!i&es be !rea!ed as a 6ossible ene&y# /es) e%en s'ien'e#9 S'ien'eA T"e Sa%age ro(ned# He 7ne( !"e (ord# 5u! ("a! i! exa'!ly signi ied "e 'ould no! say# S"a7es6eare and !"e old &en o !"e 6ueblo "ad ne%er &en!ioned s'ien'e) and ro& Linda "e "ad only ga!"ered !"e %agues! "in!sC s'ien'e (as so&e!"ing you &ade "eli'o6!ers (i!") so&e !"ing !"a! 'aused you !o laug" a! !"e


*orn .an'es) so&e!"ing !"a! 6re%en!ed you ro& being (rin7led and losing your !ee!"# He &ade a des6era!e e or! !o !a7e !"e *on!roller3s &eaning# 9/es)9 4us!a6"a 4ond (as saying) 9!"a!3s ano!"er i!e& in !"e 'os! o s!abili!y# 0! isn3! only ar! !"a!3s in'o&6a!ible (i!" "a66iness? i!3s also s'ien'e# S'ien'e is dangerous? (e "a%e !o 7ee6 i! &os! 'are ully '"ained and &u88led#9 92"a!A9 said Hel&"ol!8) in as!onis"&en!# 95u! (e3re al(ays saying !"a! s'ien'e is e%ery!"ing# 0!3s a "y6no6Hdi' 6la!i!ude#9 9T"ree !i&es a (ee7 be!(een !"ir!een and se%en!een)9 6u! in 5e&ard# 9And all !"e s'ien'e 6ro6aganda (e do a! !"e *ollege @9 9/es? bu! ("a! sor! o s'ien'eA9 as7ed 4us!a6"a 4ond sar'as!i'ally# 9/ou3%e "ad no s'ien!i i' !raining) so you 'an3! <udge# 0 (as a 6re!!y good 6"ysi'is! in &y !i&e# Too good>good enoug" !o reali8e !"a! all our s'ien'e is <us! a 'oo7ery boo7) (i!" an or!"odox !"eory o 'oo7ing !"a! nobody3s allo(ed !o ;ues!ion) and a lis! o re'i6es !"a! &us!n3! be added !o ex'e6! by s6e'ial 6er&ission ro& !"e "ead 'oo7# 03& !"e "ead 'oo7 no(# 5u! 0 (as an in;uisi!i%e young s'ullion on'e# 0 s!ar!ed doing a bi! o 'oo7ing on &y o(n# Unor!"odox 'oo7ing) illi'i! 'oo7ing# A bi! o real s'ien'e) in a'!#9 He (as silen!# 92"a! "a66enedA9 as7ed Hel&"ol!8 2a!son# T"e *on!roller sig"ed# 9Kery nearly ("a!3s going !o "a66en !o you young &en# 0 (as on !"e 6oin! o being sen! !o an island#9 T"e (ords gal%ani8ed 5ernard in!o %iolen! and unsee&ly a'!i%i!y# 9Send me !o an islandA9 He <u&6ed u6) ran a'ross !"e roo&) and s!ood ges!i'ula!ing in ron! o !"e *on!roller# 9/ou 'an3! send me # 0 "a%en3! done any!"ing# l! (as !"e o!"ers# 0 s(ear i! (as !"e o!"ers#9 He 6oin!ed a''usingly !o Hel&"ol!8 and !"e Sa%age# 9$") 6lease don3! send &e !o 0'eland# 0 6ro&ise 03ll do ("a! 0 oug"! !o do# 1i%e &e ano!"er '"an'e# Dlease gi%e &e ano!"er '"an'e#9 T"e !ears began !o lo(# 90 !ell you) i!3s !"eir aul!)9 "e sobbed# 9And no! !o 0'eland# $" 6lease) your ords"i6) 6lease @9 And in a 6aroxys& o ab<e'!ion "e !"re( "i&sel on "is 7nees be ore !"e *on!roller# 4us!a6"a 4ond !ried !o &a7e "i& ge! u6? bu! 5ernard 6ersis!ed in "is gro%elling? !"e s!rea& o (ords 6oured ou! inex"aus!ibly# 0n !"e end !"e *on!roller "ad !o ring or "is our!" se're!ary# 95ring !"ree &en)9 "e ordered) 9and !a7e 4r# 4arx in!o a bedroo&# 1i%e "i& a good soma %a6ori8a!ion and !"en 6u! "i& !o bed and lea%e "i&#9 T"e our!" se're!ary (en! ou! and re!urned (i!" !"ree green-uni or&ed !(in oo!&en# S!ill s"ou!ing and sobbing# 5ernard (as 'arried ou!# 9$ne (ould !"in7 "e (as going !o "a%e "is !"roa! 'u!)9 said !"e *on!roller) as !"e door 'losed# 92"ereas) i "e "ad !"e s&alles! sense) "e3d unders!and !"a! "is 6unis"&en! is really a re(ard# He3s being sen! !o an island# T"a!3s !o say) "e3s being sen! !o a 6la'e ("ere "e3ll &ee! !"e &os! in!eres!ing se! o &en and (o&en !o be ound any("ere in !"e (orld# All !"e 6eo6le ("o) or one reason or ano!"er) "a%e go! !oo sel -'ons'iously indi%idual !o i! in!o 'o&&uni!y-li e# All !"e 6eo6le ("o


aren3! sa!is ied (i!" or!"odoxy) ("o3%e go! inde6enden! ideas o !"eir o(n# +%ery one) in a (ord) ("o3s any one# 0 al&os! en%y you) 4r# 2a!son#9 Hel&"ol!8 laug"ed# 9T"en ("y aren3! you on an island yoursel A9 95e'ause) inally) 0 6re erred !"is)9 !"e *on!roller ans(ered# 90 (as gi%en !"e '"oi'eC !o be sen! !o an island) ("ere 0 'ould "a%e go! on (i!" &y 6ure s'ien'e) or !o be !a7en on !o !"e *on!rollers3 *oun'il (i!" !"e 6ros6e'! o su''eeding in due 'ourse !o an a'!ual *on!rollers"i6# 0 '"ose !"is and le! !"e s'ien'e go#9 A !er a li!!le silen'e) 9So&e!i&es)9 "e added) 90 ra!"er regre! !"e s'ien'e# Ha66iness is a "ard &as!er>6ar!i'ularly o!"er 6eo6le3s "a66iness# A &u'" "arder &as!er) i one isn3! 'ondi!ioned !o a''e6! i! un;ues!ioningly) !"an !ru!"#9 He sig"ed) ell silen! again) !"en 'on!inued in a bris7er !one) 92ell) du!y3s du!y# $ne 'an3! 'onsul! one3s o(n 6re eren'e# 03& in!eres!ed in !ru!") 0 li7e s'ien'e# 5u! !ru!"3s a &ena'e) s'ien'e is a 6ubli' danger# As dangerous as i!3s been bene i'en!# 0! "as gi%en us !"e s!ables! e;uilibriu& in "is!ory# *"ina3s (as "o6elessly inse'ure by 'o&6arison? e%en !"e 6ri&i!i%e &a!riar'"ies (eren3! s!eadier !"an (e are# T"an7s) l re6ea!) !o s'ien'e# 5u! (e 'an3! allo( s'ien'e !o undo i!s o(n good (or7# T"a!3s ("y (e so 'are ully li&i! !"e s'o6e o i!s resear'"es>!"a!3s ("y 0 al&os! go! sen! !o an island# 2e don3! allo( i! !o deal (i!" any bu! !"e &os! i&&edia!e 6roble&s o !"e &o&en!# All o!"er en;uiries are &os! sedulously dis'ouraged# 0!3s 'urious)9 "e (en! on a !er a li!!le 6ause) 9!o read ("a! 6eo6le in !"e !i&e o $ur :ord used !o (ri!e abou! s'ien!i i' 6rogress# T"ey see&ed !o "a%e i&agined !"a! i! 'ould be allo(ed !o go on inde ini!ely) regardless o e%ery!"ing else# Mno(ledge (as !"e "ig"es! good) !ru!" !"e su6re&e %alue? all !"e res! (as se'ondary and subordina!e# True) ideas (ere beginning !o '"ange e%en !"en# $ur :ord "i&sel did a grea! deal !o s"i ! !"e e&6"asis ro& !ru!" and beau!y !o 'o& or! and "a66iness# 4ass 6rodu'!ion de&anded !"e s"i !# Uni%ersal "a66iness 7ee6s !"e ("eels s!eadily !urning? !ru!" and beau!y 'an3!# And) o 'ourse) ("ene%er !"e &asses sei8ed 6oli!i'al 6o(er) !"en i! (as "a66iness ra!"er !"an !ru!" and beau!y !"a! &a!!ered# S!ill) in s6i!e o e%ery!ung) unres!ri'!ed s'ien!i i' resear'" (as s!ill 6er&i!!ed# Deo6le s!ill (en! on !al7ing abou! !ru!" and beau!y as !"oug" !"ey (ere !"e so%ereign goods# -ig"! u6 !o !"e !i&e o !"e ,ine /ears3 2ar# %hat &ade !"e& '"ange !"eir !une all rig"!# 2"a!3s !"e 6oin! o !ru!" or beau!y or 7no(ledge ("en !"e an!"rax bo&bs are 6o66ing all around youA T"a! (as ("en s'ien'e irs! began !o be 'on!rolled>a !er !"e ,ine /ears3 2ar# Deo6le (ere ready !o "a%e e%en !"eir a66e!i!es 'on!rolled !"en# Any!"ing or a ;uie! li e# 2e3%e gone on 'on!rolling e%er sin'e# 0! "asn3! been %ery good or !ru!") o 'ourse# 5u! i!3s been %ery good or "a66iness# $ne 'an3! "a%e so&e!"ing or no!"ing# Ha66iness "as go! !o be 6aid or# /ou3re 6aying or i!) 4r# 2a!son>6aying be'ause you "a66en !o be !oo &u'" in!eres!ed in beau!y# 0 (as !oo &u'" in!eres!ed in !ru!"? 0 6aid !oo#9 95u! you didn3! go !o an island)9 said !"e Sa%age) brea7ing a long silen'e# T"e *on!roller s&iled# 9T"a!3s "o( 0 6aid# 5y '"oosing !o ser%e "a66iness# $!"er 6eo6le3s>no! &ine# 0!3s lu'7y)9 "e added) a !er a 6ause) 9!"a! !"ere are su'" a lo! o islands in !"e (orld# 0 don3! 7no( ("a! (e s"ould do (i!"ou! !"e&# Du! you all in !"e le!"al '"a&ber) 0 su66ose# 5y !"e (ay) 4r# 2a!son) (ould you li7e a !ro6i'al 'li&a!eA T"e 4ar;uesas) or exa&6le? or Sa&oaA $r so&e!"ing ra!"er &ore bra'ingA9


Hel&"ol!8 rose ro& "is 6neu&a!i' '"air# 90 s"ould li7e a !"oroug"ly bad 'li&a!e)9 "e ans(ered# 90 belie%e one (ould (ri!e be!!er i !"e 'li&a!e (ere bad# 0 !"ere (ere a lo! o (ind and s!or&s) or exa&6le @9 T"e *on!roller nodded "is a66roba!ion# 90 li7e your s6iri!) 4r# 2a!son# 0 li7e i! %ery &u'" indeed# As &u'" as 0 o i'ially disa66ro%e o i!#9 He s&iled# 92"a! abou! !"e :al7land 0slandsA9 9/es) 0 !"in7 !"a! (ill do)9 Hel&"ol!8 ans(ered# 9And no() i you don3! &ind) 03ll go and see "o( 6oor 5ernard3s ge!!ing on#9

Chapter Seventeen A -T) S*0+,*+>you see& !o "a%e 6aid a airly "ig" 6ri'e or your "a66iness)9 said
!"e Sa%age) ("en !"ey (ere alone# 9Any!"ing elseA9 92ell) religion) o 'ourse)9 re6lied !"e *on!roller# 9T"ere used !o be so&e!"ing 'alled 1od>be ore !"e ,ine /ears3 2ar# 5u! 0 (as orge!!ing? you 7no( all abou! 1od) 0 su66ose#9 92ell @9 T"e Sa%age "esi!a!ed# He (ould "a%e li7ed !o say so&e!"ing abou! soli!ude) abou! nig"!) abou! !"e &esa lying 6ale under !"e &oon) abou! !"e 6re'i6i'e) !"e 6lunge in!o s"ado(y dar7ness) abou! dea!"# He (ould "a%e li7ed !o s6ea7? bu! !"ere (ere no (ords# ,o! e%en in S"a7es6eare# T"e *on!roller) &ean("ile) "ad 'rossed !o !"e o!"er side o !"e roo& and (as unlo'7ing a large sa e se! in!o !"e (all be!(een !"e boo7s"el%es# T"e "ea%y door s(ung o6en# -u&&aging in !"e dar7ness (i!"in) 90!3s a sub<e'!)9 "e said) 9!"a! "as al(ays "ad a grea! in!eres! or &e#9 He 6ulled ou! a !"i'7 bla'7 %olu&e# 9/ou3%e ne%er read !"is) or exa&6le#9 T"e Sa%age !oo7 i!# *%he Holy Bible, containing the ;ld and +e& %estaments,* read aloud ro& !"e !i!le-6age# 9,or !"is#9 0! (as a s&all boo7 and "ad los! i!s 'o%er# *%he 3mitation of 4hrist.* 9,or !"is#9 He "anded ou! ano!"er %olu&e# 9 %he 8arieties of Religious 5Bperience # 5y 2illia& =a&es#9 9And 03%e go! 6len!y &ore)9 4us!a6"a 4ond 'on!inued) resu&ing "is sea!# 9A ("ole 'olle'!ion o 6ornogra6"i' old boo7s# 1od in !"e sa e and :ord on !"e s"el%es#9 He 6oin!ed (i!" a laug" !o "is a%o(ed library>!o !"e s"el%es o boo7s) !"e ra'7 ull o reading-&a'"ine bobbins and sound-!ra'7 rolls# 95u! i you 7no( abou! 1od) ("y don3! you !ell !"e&A9 as7ed !"e Sa%age indignan!ly# 92"y don3! you gi%e !"e& !"ese boo7s abou! 1odA9 9:or !"e sa&e reason as (e don3! gi%e !"e& ;thello C !"ey3re old? !"ey3re abou! 1od "undreds o years ago# ,o! abou! 1od no(#9 "e


95u! 1od doesn3! '"ange#9 94en do) !"oug"#9 92"a! di eren'e does !"a! &a7eA9 9All !"e di eren'e in !"e (orld)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond# He go! u6 again and (al7ed !o !"e sa e# 9T"ere (as a &an 'alled *ardinal ,e(&an)9 "e said# 9A 'ardinal)9 "e ex'lai&ed 6aren!"e!i'ally) 9(as a 7ind o Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er#9 930 Dandul6") o air 4ilan) 'ardinal#3 03%e read abou! !"e& in S"a7es6eare#9 9$ 'ourse you "a%e# 2ell) as 0 (as saying) !"ere (as a &an 'alled *ardinal ,e(&an# A") "ere3s !"e boo7#9 He 6ulled i! ou!# 9And ("ile 03& abou! i! 03ll !a7e !"is one !oo# 0!3s by a &an 'alled 4aine de 5iran# He (as a 6"iloso6"er) i you 7no( ("a! !"a! (as#9 9A &an ("o drea&s o e(er !"ings !"an !"ere are in "ea%en and ear!")9 said !"e Sa%age 6ro&6!ly# 9Qui!e so# 03ll read you one o !"e !"ings "e did drea& o in a &o&en!# 4ean("ile) lis!en !o ("a! !"is old Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er said#9 He o6ened !"e boo7 a! !"e 6la'e &ar7ed by a sli6 o 6a6er and began !o read# 932e are no! our o(n any &ore !"an ("a! (e 6ossess is our o(n# 2e did no! &a7e oursel%es) (e 'anno! be su6re&e o%er oursel%es# 2e are no! our o(n &as!ers# 2e are 1od3s 6ro6er!y# 0s i! no! our "a66iness !"us !o %ie( !"e &a!!erA 0s i! any "a66iness or any 'o& or!) !o 'onsider !"a! (e are our o(nA 0! &ay be !"oug"! so by !"e young and 6ros6erous# T"ese &ay !"in7 i! a grea! !"ing !o "a%e e%ery!"ing) as !"ey su66ose) !"eir o(n (ay>!o de6end on no one>!o "a%e !o !"in7 o no!"ing ou! o sig"!) !o be (i!"ou! !"e ir7so&eness o 'on!inual a'7no(ledg&en!) 'on!inual 6rayer) 'on!inual re eren'e o ("a! !"ey do !o !"e (ill o ano!"er# 5u! as !i&e goes on) !"ey) as all &en) (ill ind !"a! inde6enden'e (as no! &ade or &an>!"a! i! is an unna!ural s!a!e>(ill do or a ("ile) bu! (ill no! 'arry us on sa ely !o !"e end @39 4us!a6"a 4ond 6aused) 6u! do(n !"e irs! boo7 and) 6i'7ing u6 !"e o!"er) !urned o%er !"e 6ages# 9Ta7e !"is) or exa&6le)9 "e said) and in "is dee6 %oi'e on'e &ore began !o readC 93A &an gro(s old? "e eels in "i&sel !"a! radi'al sense o (ea7ness) o lis!lessness) o dis'o& or!) ("i'" a''o&6anies !"e ad%an'e o age? and) eeling !"us) i&agines "i&sel &erely si'7) lulling "is ears (i!" !"e no!ion !"a! !"is dis!ressing 'ondi!ion is due !o so&e 6ar!i'ular 'ause) ro& ("i'") as ro& an illness) "e "o6es !o re'o%er# Kain i&aginingsF T"a! si'7ness is old age? and a "orrible disease i! is# T"ey say !"a! i! is !"e ear o dea!" and o ("a! 'o&es a !er dea!" !"a! &a7es &en !urn !o religion as !"ey ad%an'e in years# 5u! &y o(n ex6erien'e "as gi%en &e !"e 'on%i'!ion !"a!) ;ui!e a6ar! ro& any su'" !errors or i&aginings) !"e religious sen!i&en! !ends !o de%elo6 as (e gro( older? !o de%elo6 be'ause) as !"e 6assions gro( 'al&) as !"e an'y and sensibili!ies are less ex'i!ed and less ex'i!able) our reason be'o&es less !roubled in i!s (or7ing) less obs'ured by !"e i&ages) desires and dis!ra'!ions) in ("i'" i! used !o be absorbed? ("ereu6on 1od e&erges as ro& be"ind a 'loud? our soul eels) sees) !urns !o(ards !"e sour'e o all lig"!? !urns na!urally and ine%i!ably? or no( !"a! all !"a! ga%e !o !"e (orld o sensa!ions i!s li e and '"ar&s "as begun !o lea7 a(ay ro& us) no( !"a! 6"eno&enal exis!en'e is no &ore bols!ered u6 by i&6ressions ro& (i!"in or ro& (i!"ou!) (e eel !"e need !o


lean on so&e!"ing !"a! abides) so&e!"ing !"a! (ill ne%er 6lay us alse>a reali!y) an absolu!e and e%erlas!ing !ru!"# /es) (e ine%i!ably !urn !o 1od? or !"is religious sen!i&en! is o i!s na!ure so 6ure) so delig"! ul !o !"e soul !"a! ex6erien'es i!) !"a! i! &a7es u6 !o us or all our o!"er losses#39 4us!a6"a 4ond s"u! !"e boo7 and leaned ba'7 in "is '"air# 9$ne o !"e nu&erous !"ings in "ea%en and ear!" !"a! !"ese 6"iloso6"ers didn3! drea& abou! (as !"is9 ("e (a%ed "is "and)) 9us) !"e &odern (orld# 3/ou 'an only be inde6enden! o 1od ("ile you3%e go! you!" and 6ros6eri!y? inde6enden'e (on3! !a7e you sa ely !o !"e end#3 2ell) (e3%e no( go! you!" and 6ros6eri!y rig"! u6 !o !"e end# 2"a! ollo(sA +%iden!ly) !"a! (e 'an be inde6enden! o 1od# 3T"e religious sen!i&en! (ill 'o&6ensa!e us or all our losses#3 5u! !"ere aren3! any losses or us !o 'o&6ensa!e? religious sen!i&en! is su6er luous# And ("y s"ould (e go "un!ing or a subs!i!u!e or you!" ul desires) ("en you!" ul desires ne%er ailA A subs!i!u!e or dis!ra'!ions) ("en (e go on en<oying all !"e old ooleries !o !"e %ery las!A 2"a! need "a%e (e o re6ose ("en our &inds and bodies 'on!inue !o delig"! in a'!i%i!yA o 'onsola!ion) ("en (e "a%e soma A o so&e!"ing i&&o%able) ("en !"ere is !"e so'ial orderA9 9T"en you !"in7 !"ere is no 1odA9 9,o) 0 !"in7 !"ere ;ui!e 6robably is one#9 9T"en ("yA @9 4us!a6"a 4ond '"e'7ed "i&# 95u! "e &ani es!s "i&sel in di eren! (ays !o di eren! &en# 0n 6re&odern !i&es "e &ani es!ed "i&sel as !"e being !"a!3s des'ribed in !"ese boo7s# ,o( @9 9Ho( does "e &ani es! "i&sel no(A9 as7ed !"e Sa%age# 92ell) "e &ani es!s "i&sel as an absen'e? as !"oug" "e (eren3! !"ere a! all#9 9T"a!3s your aul!#9 9*all i! !"e aul! o 'i%ili8a!ion# 1od isn3! 'o&6a!ible (i!" &a'"inery and s'ien!i i' &edi'ine and uni%ersal "a66iness# /ou &us! &a7e your '"oi'e# $ur 'i%ili8a!ion "as '"osen &a'"inery and &edi'ine and "a66iness# T"a!3s ("y 0 "a%e !o 7ee6 !"ese boo7s lo'7ed u6 in !"e sa e# T"ey3re s&u!# Deo6le (ould be s"o'7ed i! @9 T"e Sa%age in!erru6!ed "i&# 95u! isn3! i! natural !o eel !"ere3s a 1odA9 9/ou &ig"! as (ell as7 i i!3s na!ural !o do u6 one3s !rousers (i!" 8i66ers)9 said !"e *on!roller sar'as!i'ally# 9/ou re&ind &e o ano!"er o !"ose old ello(s 'alled 5radley# He de ined 6"iloso6"y as !"e inding o bad reason or ("a! one belie%es by ins!in'!# As i one belie%ed any!"ing by ins!in'!F $ne belie%es !"ings be'ause one "as been 'ondi!ioned !o belie%e !"e&# :inding bad reasons or ("a! one belie%es or o!"er bad reasons>!"a!3s 6"iloso6"y# Deo6le belie%e in 1od be'ause !"ey3%e been 'ondi!ioned !o# 95u! all !"e sa&e)9 insis!ed !"e Sa%age) 9i! is na!ural !o belie%e in 1od ("en you3re alone>;ui!e alone) in !"e nig"!) !"in7ing abou! dea!" @9 95u! 6eo6le ne%er are alone no()9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond# 92e &a7e !"e& "a!e soli!ude? and (e arrange !"eir li%es so !"a! i!3s al&os! i&6ossible or !"e& e%er !o


"a%e i!#9 T"e Sa%age nodded gloo&ily# A! 4al6ais "e "ad su ered be'ause !"ey "ad s"u! "i& ou! ro& !"e 'o&&unal a'!i%i!ies o !"e 6ueblo) in 'i%ili8ed London "e (as su ering be'ause "e 'ould ne%er es'a6e ro& !"ose 'o&&unal a'!i%i!ies) ne%er be ;uie!ly alone# 9.o you re&e&ber !"a! bi! in Cing Aear A9 said !"e Sa%age a! las!# 93T"e gods are <us! and o our 6leasan! %i'es &a7e ins!ru&en!s !o 6lague us? !"e dar7 and %i'ious 6la'e ("ere !"ee "e go! 'os! "i& "is eyes)3 and +d&und ans(ers>you re&e&ber) "e3s (ounded) "e3s dying>3T"ou "as! s6o7en rig"!? 3!is !rue# T"e ("eel "as 'o&e ull 'ir'le? 0 a& "ere#3 2"a! abou! !"a! no(A .oesn3! !"ere see& !o be a 1od &anaging !"ings) 6unis"ing) re(ardingA9 92ell) does !"ereA9 ;ues!ioned !"e *on!roller in "is !urn# 9/ou 'an indulge in any nu&ber o 6leasan! %i'es (i!" a ree&ar!in and run no ris7s o "a%ing your eyes 6u! ou! by your son3s &is!ress# 3T"e ("eel "as 'o&e ull 'ir'le? 0 a& "ere#3 5u! ("ere (ould +d&und be no(adaysA Si!!ing in a 6neu&a!i' '"air) (i!" "is ar& round a girl3s (ais!) su'7ing a(ay a! "is sex-"or&one '"e(ing-gu& and loo7ing a! !"e eelies# T"e gods are <us!# ,o doub!# 5u! !"eir 'ode o la( is di'!a!ed) in !"e las! resor!) by !"e 6eo6le ("o organi8e so'ie!y? Dro%iden'e !a7es i!s 'ue ro& &en#9 9Are you sureA9 as7ed !"e Sa%age# 9Are you ;ui!e sure !"a! !"e +d&und in !"a! 6neu&a!i' '"air "asn3! been <us! as "ea%ily 6unis"ed as !"e +d&und ("o3s (ounded and bleeding !o dea!"A T"e gods are <us!# Ha%en3! !"ey used "is 6leasan! %i'es as an ins!ru&en! !o degrade "i&A9 9.egrade "i& ro& ("a! 6osi!ionA As a "a66y) "ard-(or7ing) goods-'onsu&ing 'i!i8en "e3s 6er e'!# $ 'ourse) i you '"oose so&e o!"er s!andard !"an ours) !"en 6er"a6s you &ig"! say "e (as degraded# 5u! you3%e go! !o s!i'7 !o one se! o 6os!ula!es# /ou 'an3! 6lay +le'!ro-&agne!i' 1ol a''ording !o !"e rules o *en!ri ugal 5u&ble-6u66y#9 95u! %alue d(ells no! in 6ar!i'ular (ill)9 said !"e Sa%age# 90! "olds "is es!i&a!e and digni!y as (ell ("erein 3!is 6re'ious o i!sel as in !"e 6ri8er#9 9*o&e) 'o&e)9 6ro!es!ed 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9!"a!3s going ra!"er ar) isn3! i!A9 90 you allo(ed yoursel%es !o !"in7 o 1od) you (ouldn3! allo( yoursel%es !o be degraded by 6leasan! %i'es# /ou3d "a%e a reason or bearing !"ings 6a!ien!ly) or doing !"ings (i!" 'ourage# 03%e seen i! (i!" !"e 0ndians#9 9l3& sure you "a%e)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond# 95u! !"en (e aren3! 0ndians# T"ere isn3! any need or a 'i%ili8ed &an !o bear any!"ing !"a!3s seriously un6leasan!# And as or doing !"ings>:ord orbid !"a! "e s"ould ge! !"e idea in!o "is "ead# 0! (ould u6se! !"e ("ole so'ial order i &en s!ar!ed doing !"ings on !"eir o(n#9 92"a! abou! sel -denial) !"enA 0 you "ad a 1od) you3d "a%e a reason or sel -denial#9 95u! indus!rial 'i%ili8a!ion is only 6ossible ("en !"ere3s no sel -denial# Sel -indulgen'e u6 !o !"e %ery li&i!s i&6osed by "ygiene and e'ono&i's# $!"er(ise


!"e ("eels s!o6 !urning#9 9/ou3d "a%e a reason or '"as!i!yF9 said !"e Sa%age) blus"ing a li!!le as "e s6o7e !"e (ords# 95u! '"as!i!y &eans 6assion) '"as!i!y &eans neuras!"enia# And 6assion and neuras!"enia &ean ins!abili!y# And ins!abili!y &eans !"e end o 'i%ili8a!ion# /ou 'an3! "a%e a las!ing 'i%ili8a!ion (i!"ou! 6len!y o 6leasan! %i'es#9 95u! 1od3s !"e reason or e%ery!"ing noble and ine and "eroi'# 0 you "ad a 1od @9 94y dear young riend)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9'i%ili8a!ion "as absolu!ely no need o nobili!y or "erois&# T"ese !"ings are sy&6!o&s o 6oli!i'al ine i'ien'y# 0n a 6ro6erly organi8ed so'ie!y li7e ours) nobody "as any o66or!uni!ies or being noble or "eroi'# *ondi!ions "a%e go! !o be !"oroug"ly uns!able be ore !"e o''asion 'an arise# 2"ere !"ere are (ars) ("ere !"ere are di%ided allegian'es) ("ere !"ere are !e&6!a!ions !o be resis!ed) ob<e'!s o lo%e !o be oug"! or or de ended>!"ere) ob%iously) nobili!y and "erois& "a%e so&e sense# 5u! !"ere aren3! any (ars no(adays# T"e grea!es! 'are is !a7en !o 6re%en! you ro& lo%ing any one !oo &u'"# T"ere3s no su'" !"ing as a di%ided allegian'e? you3re so 'ondi!ioned !"a! you 'an3! "el6 doing ("a! you oug"! !o do# And ("a! you oug"! !o do is on !"e ("ole so 6leasan!) so &any o !"e na!ural i&6ulses are allo(ed ree 6lay) !"a! !"ere really aren3! any !e&6!a!ions !o resis!# And i e%er) by so&e unlu'7y '"an'e) any!"ing un6leasan! s"ould so&e"o( "a66en) ("y) !"ere3s al(ays soma !o gi%e you a "oliday ro& !"e a'!s# And !"ere3s al(ays soma !o 'al& your anger) !o re'on'ile you !o your ene&ies) !o &a7e you 6a!ien! and long-su ering# 0n !"e 6as! you 'ould only a''o&6lis" !"ese !"ings by &a7ing a grea! e or! and a !er years o "ard &oral !raining# ,o() you s(allo( !(o or !"ree "al -gra&&e !able!s) and !"ere you are# Anybody 'an be %ir!uous no(# /ou 'an 'arry a! leas! "al your &or!ali!y abou! in a bo!!le# *"ris!iani!y (i!"ou! !ears>!"a!3s ("a! soma is#9 95u! !"e !ears are ne'essary# .on3! you re&e&ber ("a! $!"ello saidA 30 a !er e%ery !e&6es! 'a&e su'" 'al&s) &ay !"e (inds blo( !ill !"ey "a%e (a7ened dea!"#3 T"ere3s a s!ory one o !"e old 0ndians used !o !ell us) abou! !"e 1irl o 4U!as7i# T"e young &en ("o (an!ed !o &arry "er "ad !o do a &orning3s "oeing in "er garden# 0! see&ed easy? bu! !"ere (ere lies and &os;ui!oes) &agi' ones# 4os! o !"e young &en si&6ly 'ouldn3! s!and !"e bi!ing and s!inging# 5u! !"e one !"a! 'ould>"e go! !"e girl#9 9*"ar&ingF 5u! in 'i%ili8ed 'oun!ries)9 said !"e *on!roller) 9you 'an "a%e girls (i!"ou! "oeing or !"e&) and !"ere aren3! any lies or &os;ui!oes !o s!ing you# 2e go! rid o !"e& all 'en!uries ago#9 T"e Sa%age nodded) ro(ning# 9/ou go! rid o !"e&# /es) !"a!3s <us! li7e you# 1e!!ing rid o e%ery! ung un6leasan! ins!ead o learning !o 6u! u6 (i!" i!# 2"e!"er 3!is be!!er in !"e &ind !o su er !"e slings and arro(s o ou!rageous or!une) or !o !a7e ar&s agains! a sea o !roubles and by o66osing end !"e& @ 5u! you don3! do ei!"er# ,ei!"er su er nor o66ose# /ou <us! abolis" !"e slings and arro(s# 0!3s !oo easy#9 He (as suddenly silen!) !"in7ing o "is &o!"er# 0n "er roo& on !"e !"ir!y-se%en!"


loor) Linda "ad loa!ed in a sea o singing lig"!s and 6er u&ed 'aresses> loa!ed a(ay) ou! o s6a'e) ou! o !i&e) ou! o !"e 6rison o "er &e&ories) "er "abi!s) "er aged and bloa!ed body# And To&a7in) ex-.ire'!or o Ha!'"eries and *ondi!ioning) To&a7in (as s!ill on "oliday>on "oliday ro& "u&ilia!ion and 6ain) in a (orld ("ere "e 'ould no! "ear !"ose (ords) !"a! derisi%e laug"!er) 'ould no! see !"a! "ideous a'e) eel !"ose &ois! and labby ar&s round "is ne'7) in a beau!i ul (orld @ 92"a! you need)9 !"e Sa%age (en! on) 9is so&e!"ing ,o!"ing 'os!s enoug" "ere#9 &ith !ears or a '"ange#

(9T(el%e and a "al &illion dollars)9 Henry :os!er "ad 6ro!es!ed ("en !"e Sa%age !old "i& !"a!# 9T(el%e and a "al &illion>!"a!3s ("a! !"e ne( *ondi!ioning *en!re 'os!# ,o! a 'en! less#9) 9+x6osing ("a! is &or!al and unsure !o all !"a! or!une) dea!" and danger dare) e%en or an eggs"ell# 0sn3! !"ere so&e!"ing in !"a!A9 "e as7ed) loo7ing u6 a! 4us!a6"a 4ond# 9Qui!e a6ar! ro& 1od>!"oug" o 'ourse 1od (ould be a reason or i!# 0sn3! !"ere so&e!"ing in li%ing dangerouslyA9 9T"ere3s a grea! deal in i!)9 !"e *on!roller re6lied# 94en and (o&en &us! "a%e !"eir adrenals s!i&ula!ed ro& !i&e !o !i&e#9 92"a!A9 ;ues!ioned !"e Sa%age) un'o&6re"ending# 90!3s one o !"e 'ondi!ions o 6er e'! "eal!"# T"a!3s ("y (e3%e &ade !"e K#D#S# !rea!&en!s 'o&6ulsory#9 9K#D#S#A9 9Kiolen! Dassion Surroga!e# -egularly on'e a &on!"# 2e lood !"e ("ole sys!e& (i!" adrenin# 0!3s !"e 'o&6le!e 6"ysiologi'al e;ui%alen! o ear and rage# All !"e !oni' e e'!s o &urdering .esde&ona and being &urdered by $!"ello) (i!"ou! any o !"e in'on%enien'es#9 95u! 0 li7e !"e in'on%enien'es#9 92e don3!)9 said !"e *on!roller# 92e 6re er !o do !"ings 'o& or!ably#9 95u! 0 don3! (an! 'o& or!# 0 (an! 1od) 0 (an! 6oe!ry) 0 (an! real danger) 0 (an! reedo&) 0 (an! goodness# 0 (an! sin#9 90n a'!)9 said 4us!a6"a 4ond) 9you3re 'lai&ing !"e rig"! !o be un"a66y#9 9All rig"! !"en)9 said !"e Sa%age de ian!ly) 903& 'lai&ing !"e ng"! !o be un"a66y#9 9,o! !o &en!ion !"e rig"! !o gro( old and ugly and i&6o!en!? !"e rig"! !o "a%e sy6"ilis and 'an'er? !"e rig"! !o "a%e !oo li!!le !o ea!? !"e rig"! !o be lousy? !"e rig"! !o li%e in 'ons!an! a66re"ension o ("a! &ay "a66en !o-&orro(? !"e rig"! !o 'a!'" !y6"oid? !"e rig"! !o be !or!ured by uns6ea7able 6ains o e%ery 7ind#9 T"ere (as a long silen'e# 90 'lai& !"e& all)9 said !"e Sa%age a! las!# 4us!a6"a 4ond s"rugged "is s"oulders# 9/ou3re (el'o&e)9 "e said#


Chapter Eighteen T H+ .$$- (as a<ar? !"ey en!ered#

9=o"nF9 :ro& !"e ba!"roo& 'a&e an un6leasan! and '"ara'!eris!i' sound# 90s !"ere any!"ing !"e &a!!erA9 Hel&"ol!8 'alled# T"ere (as no ans(er# T"e un6leasan! sound (as re6ea!ed) !(i'e? !"ere (as silen'e# T"en) (i!" a 'li'7 !"e ba!"roo& door o6ened and) %ery 6ale) !"e Sa%age e&erged# 90 say)9 Hel&"ol!8 ex'lai&ed soli'i!ously) 9you do loo7 ill) =o"nF9 you ea! so&e!"ing !"a! didn3! agree (i!" youA9 as7ed 5ernard# T"e Sa%age nodded# 90 a!e 'i%ili8a!ion#9 92"a!A9 90! 6oisoned &e? 0 (as de iled# And !"en)9 "e added) in a lo(er !one) 90 a!e &y o(n (i'7edness#9 9/es) bu! ("a! exa'!lyA @ 0 &ean) <us! no( you (ere @9 9,o( 0 a& 6uri ied)9 said !"e Sa%age# 90 dran7 so&e &us!ard and (ar& (a!er#9 T"e o!"ers s!ared a! "i& in as!onis"&en!# 9.o you &ean !o say !"a! you (ere doing i! on 6ur6oseA9 as7ed 5ernard# 9T"a!3s "o( !"e 0ndians al(ays 6uri y !"e&sel%es#9 He sa! do(n and) sig"ing) 6assed "is "and a'ross "is ore"ead# 90 s"all res! or a e( &inu!es)9 "e said# 903& ra!"er !ired#9 92ell) 03& no! sur6rised)9 said Hel&"ol!8# A !er a silen'e) 92e3%e 'o&e !o say good-bye)9 "e (en! on in ano!"er !one# 92e3re o !o-&orro( &orning#9 9/es) (e3re o !o-&orro()9 said 5ernard on ("ose a'e !"e Sa%age re&ar7ed a ne( ex6ression o de!er&ined resigna!ion# 9And by !"e (ay) =o"n)9 "e 'on!inued) leaning or(ard in "is '"air and laying a "and on !"e Sa%age3s 7nee) 90 (an! !o say "o( sorry 0 a& abou! e%ery!"ing !"a! "a66ened yes!erday#9 He blus"ed# 9Ho( as"a&ed)9 "e (en! on) in s6i!e o !"e uns!eadiness o "is %oi'e) 9"o( really @9 T"e Sa%age 'u! "i& s"or! and) !a7ing "is "and) a e'!iona!ely 6ressed i!# 9Hel&"ol!8 (as (onder ul !o &e)9 5ernard resu&ed) a !er a li!!le 6ause# 90 i! "adn3! been or "i&) 0 s"ould @9 9,o() no()9 Hel&"ol!8 6ro!es!ed# T"ere (as a silen'e# 0n s6i!e o !"eir sadness>be'ause o i!) e%en? or !"eir sadness (as !"e sy&6!o& o !"eir lo%e or one ano!"er>!"e !"ree young &en (ere "a66y# 90 (en! !o see !"e *on!roller !"is &orning)9 said !"e Sa%age a! las!# 92"a! orA9


9To as7 i 0 &ig"!n3! go !o !"e islands (i!" you#9 9And ("a! did "e sayA9 as7ed Hel&"ol!8 eagerly# T"e Sa%age s"oo7 "is "ead# 9He (ouldn3! le! &e#9 92"y no!A9 9He said "e (an!ed !o go on (i!" !"e ex6eri&en!# 5u! 03& da&ned)9 !"e Sa%age added) (i!" sudden ury) 903& da&ned i 03ll go on being ex6eri&en!ed (i!"# ,o! or all !"e *on!rollers in !"e (orld# l s"all go a(ay !o-&orro( !oo#9 95u! ("ereA9 !"e o!"ers as7ed in unison# T"e Sa%age s"rugged "is s"oulders# 9Any("ere# 0 don3! 'are# So long as 0 'an be alone#9 :ro& 1uild ord !"e do(n-line ollo(ed !"e 2ey %alley !o 1odal&ing) !"en) o%er 4il ord and 2i!ley) 6ro'eeded !o Hasle&ere and on !"roug" De!ers ield !o(ards Dor!s&ou!"# -oug"ly 6arallel !o i!) !"e u6line 6assed o%er 2or6lesden) Tong"a&) Du!!en"a&) +ls!ead and 1rays"o!!# 5e!(een !"e Hog3s 5a'7 and Hind"ead !"ere (ere 6oin!s ("ere !"e !(o lines (ere no! &ore !"an six or se%en 7ilo&e!res a6ar!# T"e dis!an'e (as !oo s&all or 'areless lyers>6ar!i'ularly a! nig"! and ("en !"ey "ad !a7en "al a gra&&e !oo &u'"# T"ere "ad been a''iden!s# Serious ones# 0! "ad been de'ided !o de le'! !"e u6line a e( 7ilo&e!res !o !"e (es!# 5e!(een 1rays"o!! and Tong"a& our abandoned air-lig"!"ouses &ar7ed !"e 'ourse o !"e old Dor!s&ou!"-!o-London road# T"e s7ies abo%e !"e& (ere silen! and deser!ed# 0! (as o%er Selborne) 5ordon and :arn"a& !"a! !"e "eli'o6!ers no( 'easelessly "u&&ed and roared# T"e Sa%age "ad '"osen as "is "er&i!age !"e old lig"!-"ouse ("i'" s!ood on !"e 'res! o !"e "ill be!(een Du!!en"a& and +ls!ead# T"e building (as o erro-'on're!e and in ex'ellen! 'ondi!ion>al&os! !oo 'o& or!able !"e Sa%age "ad !"oug"! ("en "e irs! ex6lored !"e 6la'e) al&os! !oo 'i%ili8edly luxurious# He 6a'i ied "is 'ons'ien'e by 6ro&ising "i&sel a 'o&6ensa!ingly "arder sel -dis'i6line) 6uri i'a!ions !"e &ore 'o&6le!e and !"oroug"# His irs! nig"! in !"e "er&i!age (as) delibera!ely) a slee6less one# He s6en! !"e "ours on "is 7nees 6raying) no( !o !"a! Hea%en ro& ("i'" !"e guil!y *laudius "ad begged orgi%eness) no( in RuSi !o A(ona(ilona) no( !o =esus and Doo7ong) no( !o "is o(n guardian ani&al) !"e eagle# :ro& !i&e !o !i&e "e s!re!'"ed ou! "is ar&s as !"oug" "e (ere on !"e *ross) and "eld !"e& !"us !"roug" long &inu!es o an a'"e !"a! gradually in'reased !ill i! be'a&e a !re&ulous and ex'ru'ia!ing agony? "eld !"e&) in %olun!ary 'ru'i ixion) ("ile "e re6ea!ed) !"roug" 'len'"ed !ee!" (!"e s(ea!) &ean("ile) 6ouring do(n "is a'e)) 9$") orgi%e &eF $") &a7e &e 6ureF $") "el6 &e !o be goodF9 again and again) !ill "e (as on !"e 6oin! o ain!ing ro& !"e 6ain# 2"en &orning 'a&e) "e el! "e "ad earned !"e rig"! !o in"abi! !"e lig"!"ouse? ye!) e%en !"oug" !"ere s!ill (as glass in &os! o !"e (indo(s) e%en !"oug" !"e %ie( ro& !"e 6la! or& (as so ine# :or !"e %ery reason ("y "e "ad '"osen !"e lig"!"ouse "ad be'o&e al&os! ins!an!ly a reason or going so&e("ere else# He "ad de'ided !o li%e !"ere be'ause !"e %ie( (as so beau!i ul) be'ause) ro& "is %an!age 6oin!) "e


see&ed !o be loo7ing ou! on !o !"e in'arna!ion o a di%ine being# 5u! ("o (as "e !o be 6a&6ered (i!" !"e daily and "ourly sig"! o lo%elinessA 2"o (as "e !o be li%ing in !"e %isible 6resen'e o 1odA All "e deser%ed !o li%e in (as so&e il!"y s!y) so&e blind "ole in !"e ground# S!i and s!ill a'"ing a !er "is long nig"! o 6ain) bu! or !"a! %ery reason in(ardly reassured) "e 'li&bed u6 !o !"e 6la! or& o "is !o(er) "e loo7ed ou! o%er !"e brig"! sunrise (orld ("i'" "e "ad regained !"e rig"! !o in"abi!# $n !"e nor!" !"e %ie( (as bounded by !"e long '"al7 ridge o !"e Hog3s 5a'7) ro& be"ind ("ose eas!ern ex!re&i!y rose !"e !o(ers o !"e se%en s7ys'ra6ers ("i'" 'ons!i!u!ed 1uild ord# Seeing !"e&) !"e Sa%age &ade a gri&a'e? bu! "e (as !o be'o&e re'on'iled !o !"e& in 'ourse o !i&e? or a! nig"! !"ey !(inued gaily (i!" geo&e!ri'al 'ons!ella!ions) or else) lood-lig"!ed) 6oin!ed !"eir lu&inous ingers ((i!" a ges!ure ("ose signi i'an'e nobody in +ngland bu! !"e Sa%age no( unders!ood) sole&nly !o(ards !"e 6lu&bless &ys!eries o "ea%en# 0n !"e %alley ("i'" se6ara!ed !"e Hog3s 5a'7 ro& !"e sandy "ill on ("i'" !"e lig"!"ouse s!ood) Du!!en"a& (as a &odes! li!!le %illage nine s!ories "ig") (i!" silos) a 6oul!ry ar&) and a s&all %i!a&in-. a'!ory# $n !"e o!"er side o !"e lig"!"ouse) !o(ards !"e Sou!") !"e ground ell a(ay in long slo6es o "ea!"er !o a '"ain o 6onds# 5eyond !"e&) abo%e !"e in!er%ening (oods) rose !"e our!een-s!ory !o(er o +ls!ead# .i& in !"e "a8y +nglis" air) Hind"ead and Selborne in%i!ed !"e eye in!o a blue ro&an!i' dis!an'e# 5u! i! (as no! alone !"e dis!an'e !"a! "ad a!!ra'!ed !"e Sa%age !o "is lig"!"ouse? !"e near (as as sedu'!i%e as !"e ar# T"e (oods) !"e o6en s!re!'"es o "ea!"er and yello( gorse) !"e 'lu&6s o S'o!'" irs) !"e s"ining 6onds (i!" !"eir o%er"anging bir'" !rees) !"eir (a!er lilies) !"eir beds o rus"es>!"ese (ere beau!i ul and) !o an eye a''us!o&ed !o !"e aridi!ies o !"e A&eri'an deser!) as!onis"ing# And !"en !"e soli!udeF 2"ole days 6assed during ("i'" "e ne%er sa( a "u&an being# T"e lig"!"ouse (as only a ;uar!er o an "our3s lig"! ro& !"e *"aring-T To(er? bu! !"e "ills o 4al6ais (ere "ardly &ore deser!ed !"an !"is Surrey "ea!"# T"e 'ro(ds !"a! daily le ! London) le ! i! only !o 6lay +le'!ro-&agne!i' 1ol or Tennis# Du!!en"a& 6ossessed no lin7s? !"e neares! -ie&ann-sur a'es (ere a! 1uild ord# :lo(ers and a lands'a6e (ere !"e only a!!ra'!ions "ere# And so) as !"ere (as no good reason or 'o&ing) nobody 'a&e# .uring !"e irs! days !"e Sa%age li%ed alone and undis!urbed# $ !"e &oney ("i'") on "is irs! arri%al) =o"n "ad re'ei%ed or "is 6ersonal ex6enses) &os! "ad been s6en! on "is e;ui6&en!# 5e ore lea%ing London "e "ad boug"! our %is'ose-(oollen blan7e!s) ro6e and s!ring) nails) glue) a e( !ools) &a!'"es (!"oug" "e in!ended in due 'ourse !o &a7e a ire drill)) so&e 6o!s and 6ans) !(o do8en 6a'7e!s o seeds) and !en 7ilogra&&es o ("ea! lour# 9,o) not syn!"e!i' s!ar'" and 'o!!on-(as!e lour-subs!i!u!e)9 "e "ad insis!ed# 9+%en !"oug" i! is &ore nouris"ing#9 5u! ("en i! 'a&e !o 6an-glandular bis'ui!s and %i!a&ini8ed bee -surroga!e) "e "ad no! been able !o resis! !"e s"o6&an3s 6ersuasion# Loo7ing a! !"e !ins no() "e bi!!erly re6roa'"ed "i&sel or "is (ea7ness# Loa!"eso&e 'i%ili8ed s!u F He "ad &ade u6 "is &ind !"a! "e (ould ne%er ea! i!) e%en i "e (ere s!ar%ing# 9T"a!3ll !ea'" !"e&)9 "e !"oug"! %indi'!i%ely# 0! (ould also !ea'" "i&# He 'oun!ed "is &oney# T"e li!!le !"a! re&ained (ould be enoug") "e "o6ed) !o !ide "i& o%er !"e (in!er# 5y nex! s6ring) "is garden (ould be 6rodu'ing enoug" !o &a7e


"i& inde6enden! o !"e ou!side (orld# 4ean("ile) !"ere (ould al(ays be ga&e# He "ad seen 6len!y o rabbi!s) and !"ere (ere (a!er o(l on !"e 6onds# He se! !o (or7 a! on'e !o &a7e a bo( and arro(s# T"ere (ere as" !rees near !"e lig"!"ouse and) or arro( s"a !s) a ("ole 'o6se ull o beau!i ully s!raig"! "a8el sa6lings# He began by elling a young as") 'u! ou! six ee! o unbran'"ed s!e&) s!ri66ed o !"e bar7 and) 6aring by 6aring) s"a%ed a(ay !"e ("i!e (ood) as old 4i!si&a "ad !aug"! "i&) un!il "e "ad a s!a%e o "is o(n "eig"!) s!i a! !"e !"i'7ened 'en!re) li%ely and ;ui'7 a! !"e slender !i6s# T"e (or7 ga%e "i& an in!ense 6leasure# A !er !"ose (ee7s o idleness in London) (i!" no!"ing !o do) ("ene%er "e (an!ed any!"ing) bu! !o 6ress a s(i!'" or !urn a "andle) i! (as 6ure delig"! !o be doing so&e!"ing !"a! de&anded s7ill and 6a!ien'e# He "ad al&os! inis"ed ("i!!ling !"e s!a%e in!o s"a6e) ("en "e reali8ed (i!" a s!ar! !"a! "e (as singing- singing- 0! (as as !"oug") s!u&bling u6on "i&sel ro& !"e ou!side) "e "ad suddenly 'aug"! "i&sel ou!) !a7en "i&sel lagran!ly a! aul!# 1uil!ily "e blus"ed# A !er all) i! (as no! !o sing and en<oy "i&sel !"a! "e "ad 'o&e "ere# 0! (as !o es'a6e ur!"er 'on!a&ina!ion by !"e il!" o 'i%ili8ed li e? i! (as !o be 6uri ied and &ade good? i! (as a'!i%ely !o &a7e a&ends# He reali8ed !o "is dis&ay !"a!) absorbed in !"e ("i!!ling o "is bo() "e "ad orgo!!en ("a! "e "ad s(orn !o "i&sel "e (ould 'ons!an!ly re&e&ber>6oor Linda) and "is o(n &urderous un7indness !o "er) and !"ose loa!"so&e !(ins) s(ar&ing li7e li'e a'ross !"e &ys!ery o "er dea!") insul!ing) (i!" !"eir 6resen'e) no! &erely "is o(n grie and re6en!an'e) bu! !"e %ery gods !"e&sel%es# He "ad s(orn !o re&e&ber) "e "ad s(orn un'easingly !o &a7e a&ends# And !"ere (as "e) si!!ing "a66ily o%er "is bo(-s!a%e) singing) a'!ually singing# @ He (en! indoors) o6ened !"e box o &us!ard) and 6u! so&e (a!er !o boil on !"e ire# Hal an "our la!er) !"ree .el!a-4inus land(or7ers ro& one o !"e Du!!en"a& 5o7ano%s7y 1rou6s "a66ened !o be dri%ing !o +ls!ead and) a! !"e !o6 o !"e "ill) (ere as!onis"ed !o see a young &an s!anding Gu!side !"e abandoned lig"!"ouse s!ri66ed !o !"e (ais! and "i!!ing "i&sel (i!" a ("i6 o 7no!!ed 'ords# His ba'7 (as "ori8on!ally s!rea7ed (i!" 'ri&son) and ro& (eal !o (eal ran !"in !ri'7les o blood# T"e dri%er o !"e lorry 6ulled u6 a! !"e side o !"e road and) (i!" "is !(o 'o&6anions) s!ared o6en-&ou!"ed a! !"e ex!raordinary s6e'!a'le# $ne) !(o !"ree>!"ey 'oun!ed !"e s!ro7es# A !er !"e eig"!") !"e young &an in!erru6!ed "is sel -6unis"&en! !o run !o !"e (ood3s edge and !"ere be %iolen!ly si'7# 2"en "e "ad inis"ed) "e 6i'7ed u6 !"e ("i6 and began "i!!ing "i&sel again# ,ine) !en) ele%en) !(el%e @ 9:ordF9 ("is6ered !"e dri%er# And "is !(ins (ere o !"e sa&e o6inion# 9:ordeyF9 !"ey said# T"ree days la!er) li7e !ur7ey bu88ards se!!"ug on a 'or6se) !"e re6or!ers 'a&e# .ried and "ardened o%er a slo( ire o green (ood) !"e bo( (as ready# T"e Sa%age (as busy on "is arro(s# T"ir!y "a8el s!i'7s "ad been ("i!!led and dried) !i66ed (i!" s"ar6 nails) 'are ully no'7ed# He "ad &ade a raid one nig"! on !"e Du!!en"a& 6oul!ry ar&) and no( "ad ea!"ers enoug" !o e;ui6 a ("ole ar&oury# 0! (as a!


(or7 u6on !"e ea!"ering o "is s"a !s !"a! !"e irs! o !"e re6or!ers ound "i&# ,oiseless on "is 6neu&a!i' s"oes) !"e &an 'a&e u6 be"ind "i&# 91ood-&orning) 4r# Sa%age)9 "e said# 90 a& !"e re6resen!a!i%e o Radio #9 %he Hourly

S!ar!led as !"oug" by !"e bi!e o a sna7e) !"e Sa%age s6rang !o "is ee!) s'a!!ering arro(s) ea!"ers) glue-6o! and brus" in all dire'!ions# 90 beg your 6ardon)9 said !"e re6or!er) (i!" genuine 'o&6un'!ion# 90 "ad no in!en!ion @9 He !ou'"ed "is "a!>!"e alu&inu& s!o%e-6i6e "a! in ("i'" "e 'arried "is (ireless re'ei%er and !rans&i!!er# 9+x'use &y no! !a7ing i! o )9 "e said# 90!3s a bi! "ea%y# 2ell) as 0 (as saying) 0 a& !"e re6resen!a!i%e o %he Hourly @9 92"a! do you (an!A9 as7ed !"e Sa%age) s'o(ling# T"e re6or!er re!urned "is &os! ingra!ia!ing s&ile# 92ell) o 'ourse) our readers (ould be 6ro oundly in!eres!ed @9 He 6u! "is "ead on one side) "is s&ile be'a&e al&os! 'o;ue!!is"# 9=us! a e( (ords ro& you) 4r# Sa%age#9 And ra6idly) (i!" a series o ri!ual ges!ures) "e un'oiled !(o (ires 'onne'!ed !o !"e 6or!able ba!!ery bu'7led round "is (ais!? 6lugged !"e& si&ul!aneously in!o !"e sides o "is alu&inu& "a!? !ou'"ed a s6ring on !"e 'ro(n>and an!ennH s"o! u6 in!o !"e air? !ou'"ed ano!"er s6ring on !"e 6ea7 o !"e bri&>and) li7e a <a'7-in-!"e-box) ou! <u&6ed a &i'ro6"one and "ung !"ere) ;ui%ering) six in'"es in ron! o "is nose? 6ulled do(n a 6air o re'ei%ers o%er "is ears? 6ressed a s(i!'" on !"e le ! side o !"e "a!-and ro& (i!"in 'a&e a ain! (as6y bu88ing? !urned a 7nob on !"e rig"!>and !"e bu88ing (as in!erru6!ed by a s!e!"os'o6i' ("ee8e and 'a'7le) by "i''oug"s and sudden s;uea7s# 9Hullo)9 "e said !o !"e &i'ro6"one) 9"ullo) "ullo @9 A bell suddenly rang inside "is "a!# 90s !"a! you) +d8elA Dri&o 4ellon s6ea7ing# /es) 03%e go! "old o "i&# 4r# Sa%age (ill no( !a7e !"e &i'ro6"one and say a e( (ords# 2on3! you) 4r# Sa%ageA9 He loo7ed u6 a! !"e Sa%age (i!" ano!"er o !"ose (inning s&iles o "is# 9=us! !ell our readers ("y you 'a&e "ere# 2"a! &ade you lea%e London ("old on) +d8elF) so %ery suddenly# And) o 'ourse) !"a! ("i6#9 (T"e Sa%age s!ar!ed# Ho( did !"ey 7no( abou! !"e ("i6A) 92e3re all 'ra8y !o 7no( abou! !"e ("i6# And !"en so&e!"ing abou! *i%ili8a!ion# /ou 7no( !"e sor! o s!u # 32"a! 0 !"in7 o !"e *i%ili8ed 1irl#3 =us! a e( (ords) a %ery e( @9 T"e Sa%age obeyed (i!" a dis'on'er!ing li!eralness# :i%e (ords "e u!!ered and no &ore- i%e (ords) !"e sa&e as !"ose "e "ad said !o 5ernard abou! !"e Ar'"-*o&&uni!y-Songs!er o *an!erbury# *H<ni- 2ons =so tse7n<-* And sei8ing !"e re6or!er by !"e s"oulder) "e s6un "i& round (!"e young &an re%ealed "i&sel in%i!ingly (ell-'o%ered)) ai&ed and) (i!" all !"e or'e and a''ura'y o a '"a&6ion oo!-and-&ou!"-baller) deli%ered a &os! 6rodigious 7i'7# +ig"! &inu!es la!er) a ne( edi!ion o %he Hourly Radio (as on sale in !"e s!ree!s o London# 9H$U-L/ -A.0$ -+D$-T+- HAS *$**/E M0*M+. 5/ 4/ST+-/ SAKA1+)9 ran !"e "eadlines on !"e ron! 6age# 9S+,SAT0$, 0, SU--+/#9 9Sensa!ion e%en in London)9 !"oug"! !"e re6or!er ("en) on "is re!urn) "e read !"e


(ords# And a %ery 6ain ul sensa!ion) ("a! (as &ore# He sa! do(n gingerly !o "is lun'"eon# Unde!erred by !"a! 'au!ionary bruise on !"eir 'olleague3s 'o''yx) our o!"er re6or!ers) re6resen!ing !"e ,e( /or7 %imes ) !"e :ran7 ur! Four71imensional 4ontinuum ) %he Fordian 2cience Monitor ) and %he 1elta Mirror ) 'alled !"a! a !ernoon a! !"e lig"!"ouse and &e! (i!" re'e6!ions o 6rogressi%ely in'reasing %iolen'e# :ro& a sa e dis!an'e and s!ill rubbing "is bu!!o'7s) 95enig"!ed oolF9 s"ou!ed !"e &an ro& %he Fordian 2cience Monitor ) 9("y don3! you !a7e soma A9 91e! a(ayF9 T"e Sa%age s"oo7 "is is!# T"e o!"er re!rea!ed a e( s!e6s !"en !urned round again# 9+%il3s an unreali!y i you !a7e a 'ou6le o gra&&es#9 *Coha,&a iyathto,yai-* T"e !one (as &ena'ingly derisi%e# 9Dain3s a delusion#9 9$") is i!A9 said !"e Sa%age and) 6i'7ing u6 a !"i'7 "a8el s(i!'") s!rode or(ard# T"e &an ro& T"e :ordian S'ien'e 4oni!or &ade a das" or "is "eli'o6!er# A !er !"a! !"e Sa%age (as le ! or a !i&e in 6ea'e# A e( "eli'o6!ers 'a&e and "o%ered in;uisi!i%ely round !"e !o(er# He s"o! an arro( in!o !"e i&6or!una!ely neares! o !"e&# 0! 6ier'ed !"e alu&inu& loor o !"e 'abin? !"ere (as a s"rill yell) and !"e &a'"ine (en! ro'7e!ing u6 in!o !"e air (i!" all !"e a''elera!ion !"a! i!s su6er-'"arger 'ould gi%e i!# T"e o!"ers) in u!ure) 7e6! !"eir dis!an'e res6e'! ully# 0gnoring !"eir !ireso&e "u&&ing ("e li7ened "i&sel in "is i&agina!ion !o one o !"e sui!ors o !"e 4aiden o 4U!sa7i) un&o%ed and 6ersis!en! a&ong !"e (inged %er&in)) !"e Sa%age dug a! ("a! (as !o be "is garden# A !er a !i&e !"e %er&in e%iden!ly be'a&e bored and le( a(ay? or "ours a! a s!re!'" !"e s7y abo%e "is "ead (as e&6!y and) bu! or !"e lar7s) silen!# T"e (ea!"er (as brea!"lessly "o!) !"ere (as !"under in !"e air# He "ad dug all !"e &orning and (as res!ing) s!re!'"ed ou! along !"e loor# And suddenly !"e !"oug"! o Lenina (as a real 6resen'e) na7ed and !angible) saying 9S(ee!F9 and 9Du! your ar&s round &eF9>in s"oes and so'7s) 6er u&ed# 0&6uden! s!ru&6e!F 5u! o") o") "er ar&s round "is ne'7) !"e li !ing o "er breas!s) "er &ou!"F +!erni!y (as in our li6s and eyes# Lenina @ ,o) no) no) noF He s6rang !o "is ee! and) "al na7ed as "e (as) ran ou! o !"e "ouse# A! !"e edge o !"e "ea!" s!ood a 'lu&6 o "oary <uni6er bus"es# He lung "i&sel agains! !"e&) "e e&bra'ed) no! !"e s&oo!" body o "is desires) bu! an ar& ul o green s6i7es# S"ar6) (i!" a !"ousand 6oin!s) !"ey 6ri'7ed "i&# He !ried !o !"in7 o 6oor Linda) brea!"less and du&b) (i!" "er 'lu!'"ing "ands and !"e unu!!erable !error in "er eyes# Door Linda ("o& "e "ad s(orn !o re&e&ber# 5u! i! (as s!ill !"e 6resen'e o Lenina !"a! "aun!ed "i&# Lenina ("o& "e "ad 6ro&ised !o orge!# +%en !"roug" !"e s!ab and s!&g o !"e <uni6er needles) "is (in'ing ies" (as a(are o "er) unes'a6ably real# 9S(ee!) s(ee! @ And i you (an!ed &e !oo) ("y didn3! you @9


T"e ("i6 (as "anging on a nail by !"e door) ready !o "and agains! !"e arri%al o re6or!ers# 0n a ren8y !"e Sa%age ran ba'7 !o !"e "ouse) sei8ed i!) ("irled i!# T"e 7no!!ed 'ords bi! in!o "is les"# 9S!ru&6e!F S!ru&6e!F9 "e s"ou!ed a! e%ery blo( as !"oug" i! (ere Lenina (and "o( ran!i'ally) (i!"ou! 7no(ing i!) "e (is"ed i! (ere)) ("i!e) (ar&) s'en!ed) in a&ous Lenina !"a! "e (as dogging !"us# 9S!ru&6e!F9 And !"en) in a %oi'e o des6air) 9$") Linda) orgi%e &e# :orgi%e &e) 1od# 03& bad# 03& (i'7ed# 03& @ ,o) no) you s!ru&6e!) you s!ru&6e!F9 :ro& "is 'are ully 'ons!ru'!ed "ide in !"e (ood !"ree "undred &e!res a(ay) .ar(in 5ona6ar!e) !"e :eely *or6ora!ion3s &os! ex6er! big ga&e 6"o!ogra6"er "ad (a!'"ed !"e ("ole 6ro'eedings# Da!ien'e and s7ill "ad been re(arded# He "ad s6en! !"ree days si!!ing inside !"e bole o an ar!i i'ial oa7 !ree) !"ree nig"!s 'ra(ling on "is belly !"roug" !"e "ea!"er) "iding &i'ro6"ones in gorse bus"es) burying (ires in !"e so ! grey sand# Se%en!y-!(o "ours o 6ro ound dis'o& or!# 5u! no( &e grea! &o&en! "ad 'o&e>!"e grea!es!) .ar(in 5ona6ar!e "ad !i&e !o re le'!) as "e &o%ed a&ong "is ins!ru&en!s) !"e grea!es! sin'e "is !a7ing o !"e a&ous all-"o(ling s!ereos'o6i' eely o !"e gorillas3 (edding# 9S6lendid)9 "e said !o "i&sel ) as !"e Sa%age s!ar!ed "is as!onis"ing 6er or&an'e# 9S6lendidF9 He 7e6! "is !eles'o6i' 'a&eras 'are ully ai&ed>glued !o !"eir &o%ing ob<e'!i%e? 'la66ed on a "ig"er 6o(er !o ge! a 'lose-u6 o !"e ran!i' and dis!or!ed a'e (ad&irableF)? s(i!'"ed o%er) or "al a &inu!e) !o slo( &o!ion (an ex;uisi!ely 'o&i'al e e'!) "e 6ro&ised "i&sel )? lis!ened in) &ean("ile) !o !"e blo(s) !"e groans) !"e (ild and ra%ing (ords !"a! (ere being re'orded on !"e sound-!ra'7 a! !"e edge o "is il&) !ried !"e e e'! o a li!!le a&6li i'a!ion (yes) !"a! (as de'idedly be!!er)? (as delig"!ed !o "ear) in a &o&en!ary lull) !"e s"rill singing o a lar7? (is"ed !"e Sa%age (ould !urn round so !"a! "e 'ould ge! a good 'lose-u6 o !"e blood on "is ba'7>and al&os! ins!an!ly (("a! as!onis"ing lu'7F) !"e a''o&&oda!ing ello( did !urn round) and "e (as able !o !a7e a 6er e'! 'lose-u6# 92ell) !"a! (as grandF9 "e said !o "i&sel ("en i! (as all o%er# 9-eally grandF9 He &o66ed "is a'e# 2"en !"ey "ad 6u! in !"e eely e e'!s a! !"e s!udio) i! (ould be a (onder ul il&# Al&os! as good) !"oug"! .ar(in 5ona6ar!e) as !"e 2perm #hale's Ao.e7Aife >and !"a!) by :ord) (as saying a good dealF T(el%e days la!er T"e Sa%age o Surrey "ad been released and 'ould be seen) "eard and el! in e%ery irs!-'lass eely-6ala'e in 2es!ern +uro6e# T"e e e'! o .ar(in 5ona6ar!e3s il& (as i&&edia!e and enor&ous# $n !"e a !ernoon ("i'" ollo(ed !"e e%ening o i!s release =o"n3s rus!i' soli!ude (as suddenly bro7en by !"e arri%al o%er"ead o a grea! s(ar& o "eli'o6!ers# He (as digging in "is garden>digging) !oo) in "is o(n &ind) laboriously !urning u6 !"e subs!an'e o "is !"oug"!# .ea!">and "e dro%e in "is s6ade on'e) and again) and ye! again# And all our yes!erdays "a%e lig"!ed ools !"e (ay !o dus!y dea!"# A 'on%in'ing !"under ru&bled !"roug" !"e (ords# He li !ed ano!"er s6ade ul o ear!"# 2"y "ad Linda diedA 2"y "ad s"e been allo(ed !o be'o&e gradually less !"an "u&an and a! las! @ He s"uddered# A good 7issing 'arrion# He 6lan!ed "is oo! on "is s6ade and s!a&6ed i! ier'ely in!o !"e !oug" ground# As lies !o (an!on boys are (e !o !"e gods? !"ey 7ill us or !"eir s6or!# T"under again? (ords !"a! 6ro'lai&ed


!"e&sel%es !rue>!ruer so&e"o( !"an !ru!" i!sel # And ye! !"a! sa&e 1lou'es!er "ad 'alled !"e& e%er-gen!le gods# 5esides) !"y bes! o res! is slee6 and !"a! !"ou o ! 6ro%o73s!? ye! grossly ear3s! !"y dea!" ("i'" is no &ore# ,o &ore !"an slee6# Slee6# Der'"an'e !o drea&# His s6ade s!ru'7 agains! a s!one? "e s!oo6ed !o 6i'7 i! u6# :or in !"a! slee6 o dea!") ("a! drea&sA @ A "u&&ing o%er"ead "ad be'o&e a roar? and suddenly "e (as in s"ado() !"ere (as so&e!"ing be!(een !"e sun and "i&# He loo7ed u6) s!ar!led) ro& "is digging) ro& "is !"oug"!s? loo7ed u6 in a da88led be(ilder&en!) "is &ind s!ill (andering in !"a! o!"er (orld o !ruer-!"an-!ru!") s!ill o'used on !"e i&&ensi!ies o dea!" and dei!y? loo7ed u6 and sa() 'lose abo%e "i&) !"e s(ar& o "o%ering &a'"ines# Li7e lo'us!s !"ey 'a&e) "ung 6oised) des'ended all around "i& on !"e "ea!"er# And ro& ou! o !"e bellies o !"ese gian! grass"o66ers s!e66ed &en in ("i!e %is'ose- lannels) (o&en ( or !"e (ea!"er (as "o!) in a'e!a!e-s"an!ung 6y<a&as or %el%e!een s"or!s and slee%eless) "al -un8i66ered single!s>one 'ou6le ro& ea'"# 0n a e( &inu!es !"ere (ere do8ens o !"e&) s!anding in a (ide 'ir'le round !"e lig"!"ouse) s!aring) laug"ing) 'li'7ing !"eir 'a&eras) !"ro(ing (as !o an a6e) 6eanu!s) 6a'7e!s o sex-"or&one '"e(ing-gu&) 6an-glanduar petite beurres # And e%ery &o&en!> or a'ross !"e Hog3s 5a'7 !"e s!rea& o !ra i' no( lo(ed un'easingly>!"eir nu&bers in'reased# As in a nig"!&are) !"e do8ens be'a&e s'ores) !"e s'ores "undreds# T"e Sa%age "ad re!rea!ed !o(ards 'o%er) and no() in !"e 6os!ure o an ani&al a! bay) s!ood (i!" "is ba'7 !o !"e (all o !"e lig"!"ouse) s!aring ro& a'e !o a'e in s6ee'"less "orror) li7e a &an ou! o "is senses# :ro& !"is s!u6or "e (as aroused !o a &ore i&&edia!e sense o reali!y by !"e i&6a'! on "is '"ee7 o a (ell-ai&ed 6a'7e! o '"e(ing-gu&# A s"o'7 o s!ar!ling 6ain>and "e (as broad a(a7e) a(a7e and ier'ely angry# 91o a(ayF9 "e s"ou!ed# T"e a6e "ad s6o7en? !"ere (as a burs! o laug"!er and "and-'la66ing# 91ood old Sa%ageF Hurra") "urra"F9 And !"roug" !"e babel "e "eard 'ries o C 92"i6) ("i6) !"e ("i6F9 A'!ing on !"e (ord3s sugges!ion) "e sei8ed !"e bun'" o 7no!!ed 'ords ro& i!s nail be"ind !"e door and s"oo7 i! a! "is !or&en!ors# T"ere (as a yell o ironi'al a66lause# 4ena'ingly "e ad%an'ed !o(ards !"e&# A (o&an 'ried ou! in ear# T"e line (a%ered a! i!s &os! i&&edia!ely !"rea!ened 6oin!) !"en s!i ened again) s!ood ir&# T"e 'ons'iousness o being in o%er("el&ing or'e "ad gi%en !"ese sig"!seers a 'ourage ("i'" !"e Sa%age "ad no! ex6e'!ed o !"e&# Ta7en aba'7) "e "al!ed and loo7ed round# 92"y don3! you lea%e &e aloneA9 T"ere (as an al&os! 6lain!i%e no!e in "is anger# 9Ha%e a e( &agnesiu&-sal!ed al&ondsF9 said !"e &an ("o) i !"e Sa%age (ere !o ad%an'e) (ould be !"e irs! !o be a!!a'7ed# He "eld ou! a 6a'7e!# 9T"ey3re really %ery good) you 7no()9 "e added) (i!" a ra!"er ner%ous s&ile o 6ro6i!a!ion# 9And


!"e &agnesiu& sal!s (ill "el6 !o 7ee6 you young#9 T"e Sa%age ignored "is o er# 92"a! do you (an! (i!" &eA9 "e as7ed) !urning ro& one grinning a'e !o ano!"er# 92"a! do you (an! (i!" &eA9 9T"e ("i6)9 ans(ered a "undred %oi'es 'on usedly# 9.o !"e ("i66ing s!un!# Le!3s see !"e ("i66ing s!un!#9 T"en) in unison and on a slo() "ea%y r"y!"&) 92e-(an!-!"e ("i6)9 s"ou!ed a grou6 a! !"e end o !"e line# 92e>(an!>!"e ("i6#9 $!"ers a! on'e !oo7 u6 !"e 'ry) and !"e 6"rase (as re6ea!ed) 6arro!- as"ion) again and again) (i!" an e%er-gro(ing %olu&e o sound) un!il) by !"e se%en!" or eig"!" rei!era!ion) no o!"er (ord (as being s6o7en# 92e>(an!>!"e ("i6#9 T"ey (ere all 'rying !oge!"er? and) in!oxi'a!ed by !"e noise) !"e unani&i!y) !"e sense o r"y!"&i'al a!one&en!) !"ey &ig"!) i! see&ed) "a%e gone on or "ours-al&os! inde ini!ely# 5u! a! abou! !"e !(en!y- i !" re6e!i!ion !"e 6ro'eedings (ere s!ar!lingly in!erru6!ed# /e! ano!"er "eli'o6!er "ad arri%ed ro& a'ross !"e Hog3s 5a'7) "ung 6oised abo%e !"e 'ro(d) !"en dro66ed (i!"in a e( yards o ("ere !"e Sa%age (as s!anding) in !"e o6en s6a'e be!(een !"e line o sig"!seers and !"e lig"!"ouse# T"e roar o !"e air s're(s &o&en!arily dro(ned !"e s"ou!ing? !"en) as !"e &a'"ine !ou'"ed !"e ground and !"e engines (ere !urned o C 92e>(an!>!"e ("i6? (e>(an!>!"e ("i6)9 bro7e ou! again in !"e sa&e loud) insis!en! &ono!one# T"e door o !"e "eli'o6!er o6ened) and ou! s!e66ed) irs! a air and ruddy- a'ed young &an) !"en) in green %el%e!een s"or!s) ("i!e s"ir!) and <o'7ey 'a6) a young (o&an# A! !"e sig"! o !"e young (o&an) !"e Sa%age s!ar!ed) re'oiled) !urned 6ale# T"e young (o&an s!ood) s&iling a! "i&>an un'er!ain) i&6loring) al&os! ab<e'! s&ile# T"e se'onds 6assed# Her li6s &o%ed) s"e (as saying so&e!"ing? bu! !"e sound o "er %oi'e (as 'o%ered by !"e loud rei!era!ed re rain o !"e sig"!seers# 92e>(an!>!"e ("i6F 2e>(an!>!"e ("i6F9 T"e young (o&an 6ressed bo!" "ands !o "er le ! side) and on !"a! 6ea'"-brig"!) doll-beau!i ul a'e o "ers a66eared a s!rangely in'ongrous ex6ression o yearning dis!ress# Her blue eyes see&ed !o gro( larger) brig"!er? and suddenly !(o !ears rolled do(n "er '"ee7s# 0naudibly) s"e s6o7e again? !"en) (i!" a ;ui'7) i&6assioned ges!ure s!re!'"ed ou! "er ar&s !o(ards !"e Sa%age) s!e66ed or(ard# 92e>(an!>!"e ("i6F 2e>(an! @9 And all o a sudden !"ey "ad ("a! !"ey (an!ed# 9S!ru&6e!F9 T"e Sa%age "ad rus"ed a! "er li7e a &ad&an# 9:i!'"e(F9 Li7e a &ad&an) "e (as slas"ing a! "er (i!" "is ("i6 o s&all 'ords# Terri ied) s"e "ad !urned !o lee) "ad !ri66ed and allen in !"e "ea!"er# 9Henry) HenryF9 s"e s"ou!ed# 5u! "er ruddy- a'ed 'o&6anion "ad bol!ed ou! o "ar&3s (ay be"ind !"e "eli'o6!er# 2i!" a ("oo6 o delig"!ed ex'i!e&en! !"e line bro7e? !"ere (as a 'on%ergen!


s!a&6ede !o(ards !"a! &agne!i' 'en!re o a!!ra'!ion# Dain (as a as'ina!ing "orror# 9:ry) le'"ery) ryF9 :ren8ied) !"e Sa%age slas"ed again# Hungrily !"ey ga!"ered round) 6us"ing and s'ra&bling li7e s(ine abou! !"e !roug"# 9$") !"e les"F9 T"e Sa%age ground "is !ee!"# T"is !i&e i! (as on "is s"oulders !"a! !"e ("i6 des'ended# 9Mill i!) 7ill i!F9 .ra(n by !"e as'ina!ion o !"e "orror o 6ain and) ro& (i!"in) i&6elled by !"a! "abi! o 'oo6era!ion) !"a! desire or unani&i!y and a!one&en!) ("i'" !"eir 'ondi!ioning "ad so ineradi'ably i&6lan!ed in !"e&) !"ey began !o &i&e !"e ren8y o "is ges!ures) s!ri7ing a! one ano!"er as !"e Sa%age s!ru'7 a! "is o(n rebellious les") or a! !"a! 6lu&6 in'arna!ion o !ur6i!ude (ri!"ing in !"e "ea!"er a! "is ee!# 9Mill i!) 7ill i!) 7ill i! @9 T"e Sa%age (en! on s"ou!ing# T"en suddenly so&ebody s!ar!ed singing 9$rgy-6orgy9 and) in a &o&en!) !"ey "ad all 'aug"! u6 !"e re rain and) singing) "ad begun !o dan'e# $rgy-6orgy) round and round and round) bea!ing one ano!"er in six-eig"! !i&e# $rgy-6orgy @ 0! (as a !er &idnig"! ("en !"e las! o !"e "eli'o6!ers !oo7 i!s lig"!# S!u6e ied by so&a) and ex"aus!ed by a long-dra(n ren8y o sensuali!y) !"e Sa%age lay slee6ing in !"e "ea!"er# T"e sun (as already "ig" ("en "e a(o7e# He lay or a &o&en!) blin7ing in o(lis" in'o&6re"ension a! !"e lig"!? !"en suddenly re&e&bered>e%ery!"ing# 9$") &y 1od) &y 1odF9 He 'o%ered "is eyes (i!" "is "and# T"a! e%ening !"e s(ar& o "eli'o6!ers !"a! 'a&e bu88ing a'ross !"e Hog3s 5a'7 (as a dar7 'loud !en 7ilo&e!res long# T"e des'ri6!ion o las! nig"!3s orgy o a!one&en! "ad been in all !"e 6a6ers# 9Sa%ageF9 'alled !"e irs! arri%als) as !"ey alig"!ed ro& !"eir &a'"ine# 94r# Sa%ageF9 T"ere (as no ans(er# T"e door o !"e lig"!"ouse (as a<ar# T"ey 6us"ed i! o6en and (al7ed in!o a s"u!!ered !(ilig"!# T"roug" an ar'"(ay on !"e ur!"er side o !"e roo& !"ey 'ould see !"e bo!!o& o !"e s!air'ase !"a! led u6 !o !"e "ig"er loors# =us! under !"e 'ro(n o !"e ar'" dangled a 6air o ee!# 94r# Sa%ageF9 Slo(ly) %ery slo(ly) li7e !(o un"urried 'o&6ass needles) !"e ee! !urned !o(ards !"e rig"!? nor!") nor!"-eas!) eas!) sou!"-eas!) sou!") sou!"-sou!"-(es!? !"en 6aused) and) a !er a e( se'onds) !urned as un"urriedly ba'7 !o(ards !"e le !# Sou!"-sou!"-(es!) sou!") sou!"-eas!) eas!# @ 1 32