AAF Nationals 2013 - Action List[1

PROJECT: EVENT MANAGER: DISTRIBUTION: DATE: ITEM GENERAL Bulk Nutrients Supps and Prizes Bulk Nutrients Banners QLD Mesh Banners Agenda preparation for AGM Registration and Waiver Forms Nationals Poster A2 Armwrestling table (Vic) and shirts Armwrestling table (Sydney) Entertainment/band Referee Shirts, straps, chalk, scales Catering AUDIO VISUAL 2 x Large video displays setup either side of stage allowing for live camera feed to be plugged in AND/OR laptop with scoring system. 10am-12pm setup of AV and connection of screens to laptops. 12pm-3.30pm running of web software for live results feed. 5pm video setup for live feed of video into screens. Separate channel for both Mic and Sound system so Mic can talk over the music but not cut the music Gleesons Stallone Video playback. Bulk Nutrients Video playback and sponsor logos. Organise music playlists for main event and prelims on both iPod and CD format Sent on a palette from Hobart direct to Venue Confirm Arrival AMY PHIL STEVE ANDREW ANDREW AMY JESSE NICK and MARCEL AMY PHIL & JASON AMY ASAP Tuesday post ASAP Tuesday Saturday 9am Wednesday Friday Saturday 9am NIL Saturday 9am AAF Nationals 2013 Amy Kauler, Phil Rasmussen Phil, Amy, Andrew, Nick, Jason, Brendan, Murray, Jamie, Steve, Rohan November 10, 2013 DESCRIPTION NEXT STEPS RESPONSIBILITY DUE BY

2 Bulk Nutrients Banners to be sent from Melbourne to Post Tuesday venue 4 Tension Banners + Volvo Banner & Brochures Finalise Agenda and send to all AAF paid members Create Reg/Waiver documents and print 80 of each Print onto A2 boards at Officeworks. Jesse to bring tables and shirts Marcel table and Nick's table Send to Sydney Send to members Print and bring to venue Take to OW on Wednesday Drive and arrive Friday Bring to venue

The performer, Victor will perform for a 15min set 5.30Confirm and pay 5.45 2 shirts with Phil. Sydney provide 2 shirts and Bring items on day chalk/straps. Jason to bring Scales, preferably 2 sets. Check over all information / content

Video Screen Setup

Confirm with Audio/Visual Guys

AMY 10am Saturday

Microphone and Audio setup Sponsor Videos Music Playlists RAFFLE

Confirm with Audio/Visual Guys Bring Video files up on USB or laptop Bring CDs and playlists


Organise Raffle Prizes Special Raffle Prize Organise Raffle Booklet MC PREPARATION Matt Pilios Ron Laura REFEREES Preliminary Stage Referees Finals Referees SCORING / ADJUDICATION Scoring System Laptops Windows laptops TROPHIES / AWARDS Medals & Delivery Neil Bell Award Committee Awards **ON THE DAY** Registrations and Weigh Ins Stage setup Prepare cash float

1) Sets of power bands from Iron Edge 2) Fat Gripz 3) Purchase items and bring to Sydney. UFF Bulk Nutrients Protein and Supps 4) UFF Prize for prize being delivered direct to venue. Bulk raffle Nutrients delivered direct to venue. Frame it in Sydney. AMY will provide to 1) Framed John Brzenk Shirt. Jason to go to get framed. Grab a raffle booklet from Officeworks


10am Saturday 5pm Friday.

Prepare list of possible finalists with small bio and achievements Prepare list of all known competitors small bio and achievements

Prepare and email to Amy to forwad to Matt NICK / JASON Prepare and email to Phil to forward to Ron NICK / JASON

Wednesday 3pm Wednesday 3pm

4 x Referees for Preliminaries. 2 main + 2 down refs 1 x Head Referee and 1 down referee

Organise who is refereeing which classes ahead of time and brief accordinly Brendan to be head referee for finals and nominate a down referee


Friday Friday

Macbook Pro with power adaptor and scoring software. Check on AV adaptor required for screen. Also need second laptop for the second screen. 2x Windows Laptops with scoring software

Confirm with AV company that there are 2 outputs available for separate feeds. Phil to PHIL & AMY confirm the cord required for the MAC. Duan and Steve to install software and bring DUAN & STEVE 1x laptop each

Medals arriving in VIC

Post Tuesday


Currently job is in progress with EngravingKing due for Delivery to venue pickup and payment this week. Post along with Medals to venue direct Post to Venue on Tuesday

Take competitor registrations and perform weighins on Finalise who will be doing which task the morning of the competition from 10am till 12:00pm. 2 x Tables on stage, Banners, Medals table with AAF tablecloth, seating for scorers. Put a cash float together for the registration fees


Saturday Saturday Saturday

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