The GOPs civil-war continues to rage, as Cruz claimed Reagan Would Fit In Perfectly with Today's Conservative

Grassroots and Sarah Palin Warned Conservatives: ‘It’s Time to Stiffen Our Backs’ For The Fight Ahead; apparently, the GOP Establishment Conceded the Tea Party Will Not Retreat and No Longer Views Movement as 'Fad.' On the one hand, the NEW YORK TIMES equated CONSERVATIVES with JIHAD MASS MURDERERS; on the other hand, tom-brokaw-stood-up for the tea-party. Meanwhile, the NRSC claimed to want a “Conservative” Not “Republican” Senate, But Declared War on Conservatives, triggering a-question-for-mitch-mcconnell that attacked his attack on the “Senate Conservatives Fund.” The Chapter You Won't Likely Find in Scarborough's Hypocritical New Book relates to the observation that Scarborough mocked Romney during the POTUS-race last year, the “moderate ” he now touts. Levity dominated Coulter’s Jokes at USC Republican-Tea Party Event, and seriousness dominated an essay by Ben-Shapiro advising how to win debates-with-liberals (although many Dems are incorrigible). As 11/22/2013 approaches, rehashes of who-killed-kennedy [a-guide-to-the-conspiracy theories] and of Lee Harvey Oswald abound. On this Veterans Day, the University of Maryland Defended Calling 'Star Spangled Banner' a 'War Anthem' and Rush Limbaugh highlighted another Palin 'Tour de Force,' as she Took Matt Lauer 'to the Cleaners.' Regarding Benghazi-Gate, perhaps as a prelude to upcoming hearings, Brock and Media Matters allegedly Overplayed their Hand on Benghazi [the retraction of the “60 Minutes” report]; also, this same Media Matters will try to Save Hillary from Benghazi. And again trying to silence critics, the Columbia Journalism Review claimed CBS Shouldn't Cover Benghazi Because it Publishes Conservative Books. Regarding the failure to achieve an agreement with Iran [despite the fact that Iran's Rouhani Said Uranium Enrichment 'Red Line'], the french-foreign-minister was more hardline-on-iran-than-john-kerry; meanwhile, Kerry said 'You Have to Act in Some Good Faith' and that Iran Rejected Nuclear Deal. As the WH Pressured Congress to Ease Iran Sanctions, Kerry’s Remark on the “territories” Set-Back-U-S-Israel-Relations. [Lest we forget what faces us domestically, a Muslim Imam in Tennessee claimed that, because Christians & Jews are “Most Evil of All Evils,” Muslims May Take Their Property.] {Also, the ZOA claims Obama’s Not Serious About Stopping Iranian Nuclear Weapons.}

*** Under-reported is revelation of how BHO has tried to “doctor the data”: the bureau of labor-statistics admitted-data-were wrong, for the unemployment-rate-really is 7.7%. Throughout much of October, during the partial federal government shutdown, some 700,000 federal workers were furloughed. Yet, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even though they were not working, they were not unemployed, either. Sure enough, the government’s data shows that the amount of people working in October did decrease by 735,000. So, if the furloughed federal employees were not working, yet were not unemployed, where were they? Apparently, not even in the labor force. According to the Bureau’s data, the civilian labor force “shrank” by 720,000 in October.

Curious. Particularly, if one considers that had they been included in the survey, the unemployment would have j umped to a whopping 7.7 percent, instead of the reported 7.3 percent. And, according to the Bureau’s press release, they should have been counted as unemployed, but were not: “Workers who indicate that they were not working during the entire survey reference week and expected to be recalled to their jobs should be classified in the household survey as unemployed on temporary layoff. In October 2013, there was an increase in the number of federal workers who were classified as unemployed on temporary layoff. However, there also was an increase in the number of federal workers who were classified as employed but absent from work.” *** Regarding ObamaCare, Palin confronted Obama ['What Apology?'] as it was reported that there was only 3% ENROLLMENT IN OBAMACARE EXCHANGES; probed have been forces beyond the obamacare-website-fiasco. Under-reported, also is that the New ObamaCare Mental Health Regs are Tied To Gun Control; at this point, although the GOP is making noise as if it would accept “fixes,” True-Conservatives [RedState/Rush] argue that repeal-is-the-only-fix …harkening back to the forsaken Ted Cruz Gambit. The following was received [and reformatted] as further illustrations of how this debacle festers; commentators on “Fox All Stars” just universally predicted [including the lib, A.B. Stoddard] that matters will worsen before they improve, and that even Sen. Kay Hagan [N.C.-D.] now calls for an investigation. nObama Lies About Lying While Lying In a recent speech to his supporters, President nObama denied ever saying that “if you like the healthcare you have, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep them.”...It seems that the President is trying to blame his political opponents for his own broken promises. In fact, the President says that what he said wasn’t what he meant at all. Seniors Losing Medicare Advantage Plans, Doc under nObamacare Retired chemist Edward Schokowitz was incredulous when he received a letter from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey early last month saying his Medicare Advantage Plan, which had no premium, would be eliminated next year... “They took all the senior citizens and threw us out of the plan. They now want to give us the same plan for $153 per month,” he told the Daily Caller. “The President said you can’t be kicked out of your plan. He lies.” Schokowitz is one of many Medicare beneficiaries now

learning that — like Americans who buy insurance on the individual market — they are losing their insurance, and in some cases their doctors, under nObamacare. 72 Absurd Items nObamaCare Requires Your Insurance to Cover There is nothing about nObamaCare that’s working. It took a pack of lies to sell nObamaCare – which passed in the Senate by a single vote...But the ultimate problem that dooms nObamaCare is cost — the sticker shock of the monthly premiums people are experiencing right now who have been thrown into the nObamaCare exchanges. According to a 49-state study by the Manhattan Institute, nObamaCare is causing an average increase in premiums for individuals of 41 percent. nObamacare’s Moral Blindness The fatal conceit of the hard-core nObamacare defenders: their efforts started with the dangerous and uninformed decision to make deals with the insurance companies...What the nObamacare planners should have done was to find ways to knock down any and all barriers to entry that prevented low-cost competitors from entering the market. That means letting healthcare insurers cross state lines; it means letting for-profit businesses enter into businesses supplying walk-in care at affordable prices. None of that was done, so the current legislation piles outsized benefit packages on top an unworkable delivery care system. The broken websites are a sideshow. Mark these words: the breakdown in the individual insurance market is only a small foretaste of the total chaos from mass insurance cancellations that will come when and if the employer mandates go into effect. Health Policy Expert’s Insurance Gets Canceled by nObamacare As a health policy expert, Hadley Heath has warned about the problems with nObamacare for years. Now, like so many other Americans, she’s facing the real -life consequences of the law... Speaking to Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren, Heath said her current health care plan is no longer an option. The $113 per month she pays for that plan includes hospitalization, preventive care, immunization, X-rays, and “all the basic things that someone might want in a health insurance plan.” Her deductible was $2,700 per year. YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD

I love Christmas lights! They remind me of the people who voted for Obama. They all hang together, half of them don't work, and the ones that do, aren't all that bright!

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