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Camp Philosophy Our camp is a one-day, non-contact camp that will stress fundamentals, form and technique with

our primary objective focusing on quality instruction for each and every player in a fun atmosphere. We not only hope to teach skills to make better football players, but just as importantly, we hope to stimulate the general interest in the game of football and promote the concept of teamwork. This will include emphasis on a good work ethic, motivation, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Only so much football can be taught in one day, so we take advantage of every minute we spend with the kids during our practice time. Our day will be intense and upbeat in tempo.

Camp Format
ollowing morning registration, a meeting will be held to introduce the staff, which will include ! " coaches and players as well as college and high school coaches, review camp rules, and e#plain to the athletes what we e#pect to accomplish during the camp. There will be three rotating periods that will last appro#imately $% minutes each. &ach participant will participate in periods for offense, defense, and strength ' conditioning. or e#ample (roup ) *+th and ,th graders- will work on offense for the first $% minutes, (roup . *)/th and ))th graders- will work on defense, and (roup $ *).th graders- will work on strength ' conditioning. 0t the end of each $% minute period, a horn will sound and the groups will rotate to a different segment. 0t the completion of the practice, every group will have worked in all three areas. We feel that this system is the best way to get the most out of the camp for two reasons. irst, it allows everyone to be coached in and e#posed to three distinct parts of the game. 1econdly, splitting up into groups allows us to cater the instruction based on age and development. or e#ample, quarterbacks in ).th grade, will be taught more advanced concepts than quarterbacks in +th grade. 0fter lunch, we will have our team period, which will consist of splitting up the groups into teams and having a 2-on-2 tournament.

There will be more than )./ camp team members, comprised of ! " coaches and players, college coaches and high school coaches that are scheduled to help teach the latest and most effective football techniques.

Camp Team


+3//-+3%%am 4egistration ,3//-,3./am 5ntroduction ,3.%-))36/am 7ractice ))36%-).3//pm ! " 7layers 7resentation ).3//-)3//pm "unch )3//-)3$/pm 2 on 2 4ules81tretching )3$/-$3$%pm 2 on 2 (ames $3$%-63//pm 0wards 9eremony

General Information
Date !"C#TI"$ Saturday June 4, 20 :ulkeley ;igh 1chool, $// Wethersfield 0venue, ;artford, 9T. 9lick here for directions 9ampers must be registered by +3%% a.m. and can be picked up by 63)% p.m. <6% *This includes lunch and a camp T-shirt&ach camper must bring a pair of sneakers and a pair of grass cleats.

P#%TICIP#TI"$ 9amp is open to students in +th to ).th grade TI&' C"ST %'()I%'&'$TS

Camper Information
* irst !ame * "ast !ame * 1treet * 9ity * 1tate * =ip &mail 0ddress 7lease email camp updates to me * ;igh 1chool * 9urrent (rade * ;eight *ft.* Weight *lbs.* Offense 7osition * ;eight *in.* T-shirt * >efense 7osition 1tate any medical conditions that may impede participation3 If you are taking the SAT, check the box below: Taking 10T *7? arrival-

Parent / Guar ian

* 7arent@s !ame * irst "ast* 7arent@s 7hone 7arent@s &mail 0ddress

!mergency Contact
* &mergency 9ontact * irst "ast* &mergency 9ontact 7hone * 5ndicates 4esponse 4equired
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