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SULIT 4531/1 Fizik Kertas 1 Set 1 2011





SPM 2011


Sat( )a* +i*a ,e+as *i-it








1. 2. 3. 4.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 50 soalan. Jawab semua soalan. Jawab dengan menghitamkan ruangan yang betul pada kertas jawapan. Bagi setiap soalan hitamkan satu ruangan sahaja.

5. ekiranya anda hendak menukarkan jawapan ! padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. ". #. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru atu senarai rumus disediakan di halaman 2

$. %enggunaan kalkulator sainti&ik yang tidak boleh diprogramkan adalah dibenarkan

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 26 halaman bercetak

'he &ollowing in&ormation may be use&ul. 'he symbols ha(e their usual meaning. 4531/1 3 SULIT

SULIT 4531/1 1 v −u a! t (2 ! u2 " 2as 1 2 at 2 15 pV = constant / pemalar T 2 16 n! sin i sin r 3 s ! ut " 1& 4 5 6 #omentum ! m( ) * ma n! real de.% ! energy time 21 Kuasa! % ! tenaga masa 22 λ! dalam nyata dalam ketara 1 1 1 = + f u v Linear magni/ication / %embesaran linear.!. 2 20 + )o.m = v u v= & λ ax D .t 23 $ ! 12 1.0 SULIT .arent Which measurement has the greatest value? 24 4531/1 4 / * .th n* Kinetic $nerg% / 'enaga Kinetik ! + m(2 1* & 'ra(itational )otential $nerg% / 'enaga keupayaan gra(iti* mgh 1+ * $lastic )otential $nerg% / 'enaga keupayaan kenyal ! 1 ).

Diagram 2 Which o! the !ollo ing %arts o! the gra%h sho s that the to' car is stationar'? 4531/1 5 SULIT .13 x 108 mm B 1. Diagram 2 is a "is%lacement&time gra%h sho ing the motion o! a to' car.13 x 108 μm D 1. Diagram 1 What is the rea"ing o! the micrometer? A #.$2 mm D #.$8 mm 3.13 x 108 cm C 1. The Diagram 1 sho s the scale o! a micrometer scre gauge.02 mm B #.13 x 108 nm 2.SULIT 4531/1 A 1.03 mm C #.

Diagram The /loc1 ill move ith A constant s%ee" B constant acceleration C gra"uall' "ecreasing acceleration D gra"uall' increasing acceleration 4531/1 6 SULIT .SULIT 4531/1 A () B )* C *+ D +. Diagram 3 sho s a s. -.ui" that executes an emergenc' esca%e /' e0ecting a /lac1 !lui" to ar"s its enem'.sho s a constant !orce2 F2 acts on a /loc1 %lace" on a smooth sur!ace. Diagram . Diagram 3 Which o! the !ollo ing %rinci%le ex%laine" the emergenc' esca%e o! the s.ui"? A )rinci%le o! su%er%osition B )rinci%le o! conservation o! momentum C )rinci%le o! conservation o! energ' $.

# m s&1 5 2$. Diagram $ sho s Car R o! mass 1000 1g moving at 20 m s&1 colli"es ith a car S o! mass 1200 1g moving at 10 m s&1 in o%%osite "irection. When a%%l' F 6 !orce on a $ 1g oo"en /loc12 it is halt as sho n in Diagram #.0 m s&1 D 20.# m s&1 C 1-.3 m s&1 B 3.SULIT 4531/1 3. 4531/1 & SULIT . 4! the' stic1 together on im%act2 hat is the com/ine velocit'? Diagram $ A 3.0 m s&1 #. Wh' is there an iron %late on the truc1 in Diagram 3? Diagram 3 A To %revent the oo" !rom hitting the /ac1 o! "river seat B To sa!e the truc1 not "amage hen acci"ent C To %revent the oo"s not !all "o n easil' D To give a ga% /et een loa" an" engine o! the truc1 8.

SULIT 4531/1 Diagram # What is the value o! F? A 0 B 2$ 6 C -3 6 D $0 6 7.0 m s&2 C 3.0 m s&2 5 10. Diagram 8 sho s .1g mass on a rough ta/le %ulle" /' 8 1g mass. 4! !rictional !orce /et een ta/le an" .1g are 8 62 hat is the acceleration o! the s'stem? Diagram 8 A 0 B 3. All o! the !ollo ing are a's to increase im%ulse exce%t 4531/1 * SULIT .0 m s&2 10.0 m s&2 D 8.

Which shoe oul" exert the most %ressure on the groun" hen it is orn /' the same la"'? A C B D 4531/1 + SULIT .9.8 D 8.8 C :.9 12.:. Diagram 7 sho s a loa" W su%%orte" /' three i"entical s%rings hich have /een arrange" in three "i!!erent a's Diagram 7 Which o! the !ollo ing com%arisons is correct a/out the total extension o! 82 9 an" :? A 8.SULIT 4531/1 A increase in time B increase in mass C increase in !orce D increase in inertia 5 increase in velocit' 11.: B 9.:.9.

SULIT 4531/1 13. What is the "ensit' o! the mixture? A 0.73 g cm3 1-. Diagram 10 4! the vacuum s%ace in the tu/e is !ille" ith gas X2 hat is the %ressure o! gas X ? <The atmos%heric %ressure = #$ cm >g? A 0 cm >g B 20 cm >g C $$ cm >g D #$ cm >g 5 7$ cm >g 4531/1 10 SULIT . Diagram 10 sho s a mercur' /arometer. 130 g alcohol is mixe" ith $00 cm3 o! ater.#2 g cm3 D 0.23 g cm3 B 0. The volume o! the mixture /ecomes 370 cm3. The "ensit' o! ater is 1 g cm3.-7 g cm3 C 0.

SULIT 4531/1 1$. Diagram 12 Which %rinci%le ex%lains the "iagram? A Archime"es@ %rinci%le B Bernoulli@s %rinci%le C )ascal@s %rinci%le 4531/1 11 SULIT .ui"s. Diagram 12 sho s a h'"rometer hich is use" to "etermine the "ensit' o! li. >o much !orce is nee"e" to li!t a loa" o! $0 1g? Diagram 11 A $6 B $0 6 C $00 6 D $000 6 5 $0000 6 13. Diagram 11 sho s a h'"raulic %ress.

Diagram 13 Which %rinci%le ex%lains the "iagram? A )ascal@s %rinci%le B C Bernoulli@s %rinci%le Archime"es@ %rinci%le 17. The "iagram sho s a %ing %ong /all that "oes not !all hen the ater !lo . Diagram 1.sho s ice/ergs !loating on the sur!ace o! the sea.SULIT 4531/1 1#. 4531/1 12 SULIT . Which o! the !ollo ing %airs o! measuring instruments measuring gas %ressure is true? A Bour"on gauge an" manometer B Aanometer an" Bortin@s /arometer C Bour"on gauge an" Bortin@s /arometer D Bortin@s /arometer an" Aneroi" /arometer 18.

SULIT 4531/1 Diagram 1Which o! the !ollo ing statement is correct? A Weight o! ice/erg = Weight o! sea ater "is%lace" B Colume o! ice/erg = Colume o! sea ater "is%lace" C Densit' o! ice/erg = Densit' o! sea ater "is%lace" 20 Which o! the !ollo ing gra%hs sho s the relationshi% /et een %ressure2 )2 an" tem%erature2 T2 o! a gas at constant volume? 21 Which o! the !ollo ing is true a/out the argon gas insi"e a !ilament lam% hen the lam% is lighte"? 4531/1 13 SULIT .

uantit' o! heat is a%%lie" to !our "i!!erent /loc1s )2 *2 an" + ith the same mass. 4531/1 14 SULIT .T 2.Diagram 13 sho s a /o' stan"ing in !ront o! a %lane mirror. Diagram 1$ At hich stage is the s%eci!ic latent heat o! va%oriEation release"? A )* B C *+ +.SULIT 4531/1 A B C D )ressure Constant Constant 4ncreases 4ncreases 6um/er o! molecules Constant 4ncreases Constant Constant Densit' Constant Constant Constant Decreases 22 The same . D . Which /loc1 has the highest s%eci!ic heat ca%acit'? A Tem%erature rise in /loc1 ) is 3D C B Tem%erature rise in /loc1 * is 3D C C Tem%erature rise in /loc1 + is 7D C 23 Diagram 1$ sho s a cooling curve o! ater.

SULIT 4531/1 Diagram 13 The /o' moves 1 m !or ar"s to the mirror. A 2m B C 3m -m D 3m 2$ Diagram 1# sho s a converging lens %ro"ucing an u%right virtual image Diagram 1# Which o%tical instrument uses this arrangement? A B 4531/1 Camera )ro0ector 15 SULIT . Calculate the "istance /et een the /o' an" his image.

A 1.31 28 An o/0ect is %lace" at a "istance2 u is less than the !ocal length2 f o! the convex mirror as sho in "iagram 17. 16 SULIT 4531/1 .32 0.$1 B C 1.SULIT 4531/1 C Telesco%e D Aagni!'ing glass 23 An image is !orme" through a lens "ue to A "i!!raction o! light B C re!lection o! light inter!erence o! light D re!raction o! light 2# Diagram 18 sho s a light ra' travelling to ar"s a glass /loc1 Diagram 18 Calculate the re!ractive in"ex o! the glass /loc1.33 D 0.

Diagram 20 What is the s%ee" o! the aves? A 12 cm s F 1 B s F 1 C 30 cm s F 1 D -0 cm s F 1 4531/1 1& SULIT .SULIT 4531/1 Diagram 17 What are the characteristics o! the image !orme"? A Cirtual2 u%right2 "iminishe" B Cirtual2 u%right2 magni!ie" C Cirtual2 inverte"2 "iminishe" D +eal2 inverte"2 same siEe as o/0ect 27 Diagram 20 sho s a ave !ront %attern %ro"uce" /' a "i%%er vi/rating at a !re.uenc' o! 10 >E in a ri%%le tan1.

Diagram 21 The %henomenon seen in "iagram is A inter!erence B C re!lection "i!!raction D re!raction 31 Diagram 22 sho s an inter!erence %attern o! ater aves !rom t o coherent sources 8 an" 9.SULIT 4531/1 30 The "iagram 21 sho s ave !ronts that move to ar"s the /each !rom the sea. 4t is o/serve" that the sea is calmer at the /a' than at the ca%e. Diagram 22 Which o! the %oints2 "o constructive inter!erence occur? A B 4531/1 A2 B an" C A2 B an" D 1* SULIT .

uenc' Wavelength D Direction o! ave %ro%agation 33 Diagram 23 sho s a light s%here .2 hich is charge" an" sus%en"e" /' a light n'lon string /et een t o charge" %late" ) an" *.SULIT 4531/1 C D A2 C an" D B2 C an" D 32 Which %h'sical .uantit' o! a ave changes hen the ave is "i!!racte"? A .Which o! the !ollo ing statements is not true a/out soun" aves? 4531/1 1+ SULIT . Diagram 23 The s%ee" o! /all increases as A the mass o! the /all increases B C D the "istance /et een %lates increases the length o! the n'lon string increases the voltage o! the %o er su%%l' increases 3.%ee" B C Bre.

Which o! the !ollo ing "oes not ma1e use o! electromagnetic aves in its o%eration ? A Camera B A ra"io set C A micro%hone D A television set 3#. Diagram 2$ sho s three %airs o! %arallel ires ith currents in the "irection sho n. The interval /et een the !irst an" secon" echo is 2.sho s a stu"ent stan"s 330 m !rom a tall cli!! hich is 770 m !rom another cli!!. What is the s%ee" o! soun" in air ? A 300 ms&1 B 330 ms&1 C 330 ms&1 D 1320 ms&1 33.0 s. Diagram 2Diagram 2. 4531/1 20 SULIT .SULIT 4531/1 A The' are longitu"inal aves B The' are aves that re. The stu"ent !ires a starting %istol an" hears some echoes.uire a me"ium to travel C The s%ee" o! soun" is a!!ecte" /' the changes o! air %ressure D The' travel !aster through soli"s than through gases 3$.

SULIT 4531/1 8 9 : Diagram 2$ Which !orces "o the %airs o! ires ex%erience ? 8 A B C D Attraction Attraction 6one +e%ulsion 9 6one +e%ulsion Attraction Attraction : +e%ulsion Attraction 6one +e%ulsion 38. Diagram 23 sho s a circuit hich contains t o i"entical lam%s. Which one o! the !ollo ing gra%hs /est re%resent the voltage&current relationshi% !or a !ilament /ul/ ? 37. When the s itch is close"2 hich are these statements /est "escri/e hat ha%%ene" to lam% G1 an" G2 ? 4531/1 21 SULIT .

D G1 an" G2 /oth ill not light u%. -0.SULIT 4531/1 Diagram 23 A G1 is /righter /ut G2 "oes not light u%. B G1 "oes not light u% /ut G2 is /righter than /e!ore. C G1 an" G2 are /oth /righter than /e!ore. What is the e!!ective resistance /et een terminals ) an" * in the circuit sho n in "iagram 2# in H? Diagram 2# A 1$ B 20 C 30 D -0 4531/1 22 SULIT .

The magnetic !iel" at ) is greater in magnitu"e than at +. o! 1.0 H. Diagram 28 A 44 onl' B 4 an" 444 onl' C 44 an" 444 onl' D 42 44 an" 444 4531/1 23 SULIT . The magnetic !iel" at * an" + %oint into the %a%er. Diagram 28 sho s a long ire carr'ing a current !rom the le!t to the right.$ C -2.$ C an" internal resistance 1. What is the %otential "i!!erence across the external resistor ? A 1.. I) I* I+ Which o! the !ollo ing statement isJare true ? 4 44 444 The magnetic !iel" at ) %oints into the %a%er.2 A. When it is connecte" to an external resistor2 the current is 0.m.3 C C 1.!.SULIT 4531/1 -1. A cell has an e.C D 1.2 C B 1.

Which s'm/ols /elo sho s a %&n&% transistor ? A 3 4 $ $ 4 3 B 4 3 $ $ C D 4 3 -$.c. Which o! the !ollo ing trans!ormers can change 2-0 C a. to 12 C a. A current !lo s !rom * to ).c. ? 4531/1 24 SULIT . 4n hich "irection ill the ire move ? Diagram 27 --.SULIT 4531/1 -3. A !ree moving ire is %lace" in a magnetic !iel" as sho n in "iagram 27.

!. Diagram 30 sho s a ste%&"o n trans!ormer su%%lies electricit' to a house at 200 C through the transmission lines ith a total resistance o! 2. B The current in the secon"ar' coil is al a's large than the current in the %rimar' coil. -#.SULIT 4531/1 -3.m. 4! the house is consuming electricit' at -00 W2 hat is the %o er generate" !rom %o er station ? 4531/1 25 SULIT . Which statement a/out the action o! a trans!ormer is correct ? A An alternating current al a's !lo n in the secon"ar' coil hen an alternating voltage is a%%lie" to the %rimar' coil. C An e.0 H.!.m. is in"uce" in the secon"ar' coil hen an alternating voltage is a%%lie" to the %rimar' coil. D An e. is in"uce" in the secon"ar' coil hen a stea"' "irect current !lo s in the %rimar' coil.

8 hours C 3 hours D 8 hours 4531/1 26 SULIT .SULIT 4531/1 Diagram 30 A -00 W B -08 W C 800 W D 808 W -8. What is the hal!&li!e o! the ra"ioactive source ? A .hours B -. A ra"ioactive source gives a rea"ing o! #20 counts %er secon" hen measure" using a K&A tu/e. (ne "a' later2 the rea"ing "ro%s to -$ counts %er secon".

Which o! the !ollo ing is not true ? Com%onents A Boron control ro" B Mranium ro"s C Kra%hite core D 5lectric generator Bunction A/sor/ excess neutrons.02 8 101.L B -. )ro"uces electrical energ'. $0. A nuclear /om/ ex%lo"e" an" release" a huge amount o! energ'.$# 8 1013 L 4531/1 2& SULIT .SULIT 4531/1 -7.$ 8 10&3 1g o! mass as lost "uring the ex%losion. Buel to %ro"uce nuclear energ'.L C $. 4t is "iscovere" that -. >o much energ' as release" "uring the ex%losion ? < s%ee" o! light = 3.22 8 1013 L D $. To sto% the movement o! high& s%ee" neutrons.0 8 108 ms&1 ? A -.0$ 8 101.

SULIT 4531/1 4531/1 2* SULIT .