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bulk handling

Troughing frames for belt conveyors with an angle ranging from 20, 30, 35 up to 45.

Pulleys sized to meet every demand.

Belt cleaners for belt widths up to 2.000 mm.

Belt covers made of steel or PVC.

motorized pulleys

M o t o r i z e d p u l l e y s a re d e s i g n e d and manufactured according to the Explosion ATEX directive. Group II category 3D (for dust), zone 22.

Features and Benefits of Motorized Pulleys

Purpose-built design The Motorized Pulley has been specifically designed for belt conveyors. Totally enclosed The motor, gearbox and bearings are totally enclosed and sealed inside a steel shell; therefore they are unlikely to fail due to harmful environmental conditions such as water, dust, grit chemicals, grease, oil, etc.

Space saving design Because the drive unit and the bearings are mounted inside the Motorized Pulley shell, it takes up much less room than a conventional drive. No need for costly extras like chains, v-belts, couplings, bearings, support structure and special guarding. Safety The Motorized Pulley is probably one of the safest drives available because the motor is completely enclosed and the external shafts are always stationary. The only moving external parts are the Motorized Pulley shell and bearing housings. Low purchasing and installation cost The Motorized Pulley is quite often less expensive than a conventional drive because it has fewer parts, which reduces conveyor design and purchasing costs. It is also much

quicker and easier to install certainly less than a quarter of the time needed to fit an exposed system. Low maintenance cost The end user also benefits from the Motorized Pulley, because it requires no maintenance other than the recommended oil change every 20.000 hours. In other words, there are almost 10 years between oil changes based on an 8-hour/day 5-day working week. In order to secure a long lifetime of the pulley, it is, however, recommendable after approx. 2.000 hours to clean the magnet fitted to the oil screw. Efficiency The Motorized Pulley usually has a much higher efficiency from electrical motor to shell (pulley face) than conventional drives, because it has fewer frictional losses, and therefore efficiencies of up to 97 % can be achieved.

Cleanliness Because the Motorized Pulley is totally enclosed, it cannot contaminate any conveying materials such as electrical components, plastics and other materials that must be kept perfectly clean during handling. Aesthetic appearance If installed correctly the Motorized Pulley always looks good. Due to its compact size and smooth lines, quite often the Motorized Pulley is out of sight, because it is hidden within the conveyor frame. Weight saving and distribution Often the Motorized Pulley is lighter than conventional drives and often it is possible to reduce the cost of the conveyor structure, because the weight is evenly distributed within the conveyor frame. Fewer parts A Motorized Pulley consists of the drive and two fixing brackets! Conventional

drives can require up to 8 or more separate components, most of which have to be purchased from different suppliers or manufactured specially. Low noise Thanks to the totally sealed enclosure and high quality gears the Motorized Pulley runs almost at a whisper a very important fact in todays modern factory environments.

The Bulk Handling Motorized Pulleys are produced by RULMECA GERMANY GmbH, in Ascherleben - Germany, a manufacturing Unit of RULMECA Group specialised in the production of motorized pulleys 216 - 1000 mm. diameter range. Contact: RULMECA GERMANY GmbH Wilslebener Chaussee 12 - 14 D-06449 Aschersleben Tel. +49 (0) 3473 956-0 Fax. +49 (0) 3473 956-210 e.mail: web:

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Rollers, motorized pulleys and components for belt conveyors in bulk handling applications

bulk handling
Rollers and components for belt conveyors in bulk handling applications With an experience of more than fifty years in belt conveyors applications, Rulmeca has been constantly increasing its product range and developing solutions to meet any specific application need; in other words, a constant evolution. The state-of-the-art techniques used in design and construction means that top performance levels are granted even in the heaviest operating conditions. Conforming to the UNI-DIN, ISO, AFNOR, CEMA and BS standards, Rulmeca products are used in countless different sectors, such as mining, cement, steel works, glass, chemicals and fertilisers industries.

Rollers for belts widths up to 3.000 mm. Available in diameters 63, 76, 89, 102, 108, 114, 127, 133, 140, 152, 159, 168, 194 and 219 mm. Spindle: 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 90 mm.

Garland shaped sets for belt widths up to 3.000 mm.

Rollers and components for belt conveyors in bulk handling applications

Carrying troughing sets
The arrangements of fixed carrying troughing sets can be with plain or impact rollers or suspended garlands.

carrying throughing set

Impact stations
Impact stations are used and positioned corresponding to the load points, where the lumps and the weight of material falling onto the belt could in fact cause damage to it.

garlands set

Self-aligning troughing sets

The self-aligning troughing set is designed as a series of rollers arranged in a trough positioned onto the supporting transom which itself is fixed to a slewing ring which permits rotation. The slewing ring (a large ball bearing) permits a rotation limited to 5-8 degrees and is sized in proportion to the vertical loading; a tapered roller bearing assembled to the shaft of the slewing ring, absorbs any side forces or overturning pressures.

Return stations
The lower or return sets may also be chosen from varying arrangements according to the requirement: fixed sets with plain steel roller or with spacer rings and suspended sets garland with plain rollers and with rings.

Suspended garland sets
The garland consists of a series of load carrying rollers, attached together by chain links. This arrangement gives to the troughing set the characteristics of mobility and flexibility resulting in a perfect central belt trough.

Motorized pulleys
These versatile and successful pulleys are easy to install, have low running costs and minimise maintenance. They are used on light conveyors (in supermarkets and airports), on heavier plants for the mining industries and agriculture, on permanent and mobile quarries installations and in the food industry. Their completely stainless steel executions are approved by the American Authority FDA. Motorized pulley are totally sealed, have a protection class IP 67 and a maximum power of 250 kW.

Rulmeca designs and manufactures pulleys, using materials of the highest quality in a production process employing advanced technology. This, together with the application of the Quality Assurance system certified to ISO 9001:2008, contributes to the production of high quality products offering dependable, long life performance in the field and appreciably reducing maintenance costs.

impact idler set

The necessity to protect belt conveyors may arise from the weather, from the volatile characteristics of the conveyed material, or from the type of works plant, and also from European norms that require the covering of the total length of a belt conveyor in the open. Rulmeca covers do not require maintenance and are very easy to install and move around. There are two styles of covers that are proposed: those in pre-formed PVC and those in corrugated galvanised sheet steel.

return self-aligning set plough cleaner

Belt cleaners
The use of cleaning equipment has become an indispensable requirement to assure general plant efficiency and to reduce the times of service needed for maintenance. There has been a notable development of this equipment in recent time for differing reasons: prolonging the life of the conveyor; limiting the deterioration of the belt, improving the energy efficiency of the installation, reducing loss of material thereby increasing the load capacity, eliminating a major cause of wear on the return rollers.

snub pulley

return/tail pulley

Note: not all the products shown can be sold in all countries. Please contact Rulmeca for more information about the organization network and product distribution.

cover transition through set

tangential scraper (pre-cleaner)

carrying self-aligning set Anti runback roller

It prevents the belt runback in the event of a belt break, failure of the hold-back or any other uncontrolled run-back of the belt.

snub pulley

motorized pulley (or head/drive pulley)

main cleaner

deviation pulley

belt tracking roller

tension pulley with counterweight return set

Rollers, stations and garlands certified according to ATEX 94/9/EC norms, Explosion Group I category M2 for Mines, Explosion Group II category 2G for gas and 2D for dust, Explosion Group II category 3G for gas and 3D for dust (Zones 1, 2 for gas, Zones 21, 22 for dust).

PSV series
For heavy duty belt conveyors at high speed and with lump size material shafts diameter from 20 to 40 - tube diameter from 63 to 194.
Return rollers
Return rollers with spaced rubbers rings used to sustain and support the belt during its return section, where the conveyed material tends to stick to the belt or wherever there is a wear problem or tracking problem of the belt itself. Return rollers with helical rubber rings for self cleaning used on the return transom to support the belt when the material being conveyed, even if only a little sticky, is very viscous..


Belt tracking roller

the Rulmeca belt tracking roller responds instantly to the misalignment of the belt and does so without special modifications to the structure. It accommodates belts ranging from 450 - 2300 mm.

PL PLF series
For belt conveyors handling corrosive materials shafts diameter from 20 - PVC tube or steel tube diameter from 89 to 140.

TOP new thermoplastic roller

A light, strong, eco-friendly solution from Rulmeca. Rulmeca is proud to introduce the new TOP roller, a totally thermoplastic roller with the exception of the steel in the ball bearing and the shaft. Shafts diameter: 20 and 25 mm Tube diameter: 89, 102, 108, 127, 133 mm

MPS series
For medium duty conveyors at high and medium speed shaft diameter 15 and 20 - tube diameter from 50 to 108.

Return rollers with helical steel cage for self cleaning used in the return section to support the belt when the conveyed material is very adhesive.

Melco Supreme roller

High density polyethylene (HDPE) roller for mining and aggressive applications Heavy Duty - Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant 127/133mm Diameter, 25mm shaft, 6205 bearing 152/159mm Diameter, 30mm shaft, 6306 bearing For more than 45 years Rulmeca, under the Precismeca brand, has been supplying rollers (DSK series 133219 bearing 6310-6312) and garlands with up to 90 mm. shaft diameter, installed worldwide mainly in the coal and brown-coal industry.

Guide rollers
Vertical rollers with cantilevered spindles to avoid the belt tracking off.

Impact rollers
Or shock absorbing rollers consist of a base steel roller design, on which are fitted rings, designed to resist and absorb the pressures given by the impact of materials onto the belt.