an Sat" #a$ Name:_________________________ Se%ti&n A Answer all the question that follows. 1. ________ orang utan has _______ hairy body. A. A; the C. A; an B. An; a D. The; an 2. My sister ________the g ass tab e !ith a " oth #ust no!. A. !i$e C. !i$ed B. !i$es D. !i$ing %. Are there________ buns e&t in the basket' A. any C. a itt e B. mu"h D. se(era ). The rose $ ant is _______ the $andan $ ants and the hibis"us $ ants. A. o(er C. among B. under D. bet!een *. Na#!a and Danesh __________ ner(ous about the +nter,s"hoo -"ien"e .ui/ tomorro!. A. is C. !as B. are D. !ere 0. ________" assmates (isited her in the hos$ita ast !eek. A. Maria C. Marias B. Maria1s D. Marias1 2. 3a(e you seen __________ b ue $ai under the shed' A. a C. the B. an D. , 4. The thorns on the "a"tus $ ants are________. A. thin C. shar$ B. tight D. narro! 5. Munira ____________ her &a"e e(ery morning. A. !ash C. !ashed B. !ashes D. !ashing 16. The anima s tra(e _________ the and to rea"h the ri(er. A. o(er C. a"ross B. under D. bet!een Form:___________________ Marks:______________

Se%ti&n B Choose the word that has the SAME meaning as the underlined words. 11. The e7am !i begin right no!. A. arri(e B. "ome C. start

D. end

12. My aunt shut a the !indo!s a &e! minutes ago. A. &i7ed B. " osed C. o$ened D. rubbed Choose the word that has the OPPOSITE meaning as the underlined words.

o d B.1%. short D. $resent C. 8(eryone ikes Anuar be"ause he is a $o ite boy. seashe s B. $resant D. A. bis"uits D. ta 1*. "atre$i ar D. 10 . A. seese s D. "ater$i ar B. A. shese s C. " umsy C. Amy bought a birthday _____________ &or her sister. &ier engene B. broken '"e(ti&n 1)*20 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. seashe s 12 . 9ee a1s hair is ong and she a !ays ties it !ith a ribbon. &eir engine C. My sister and + en#oy eating ___________ and mu&&ins &or tea. $rasent Se%ti&n + '"e(ti&n 21*2. " e(er 1). dirty D. A. &unny D. A. 3e &ound some __________ on the seashore. There is a ___________ outside the burning bui ding. beskuits B. "atter$i ar 26 . rude B. A. "ater$i ar C. The ____________ is eating the ea&. ne! C. $rasant B. &ire engine 15 . biskuits C. straight C. &ire angine D. Based on the picture choose the !est answer to fill in the !lan"s in the passage that follow. ha$$y B. A. : ease $ut the " ean sau"ers in the sink. A. . bes"uits 14 .

$i"k B. My grandmother and mother are busy ___. !ere D. $i"king '"e(ti&n 2)*30 Based on the picture choose the !est answer to fill in the !lan"s in the passage that follow. and D. =ustin has read a ot about aero$ anes and ___. ner(ous . A. us A. =ustin and his $arents are about to board the $ ane. A. This is a (ery s$e"ia o""asion &or =ustin. !hen C.2)<___ ground. some D. $i"ked D. ha$$y C. 2% . but C. !here D. her C. angry B. 22 . =ustin1s $arents are ___. is B. his B. on C.22<___ &irst time tra(e ing on an aero$ ane. 2* . 24 . an B. ho! A. My grand&ather ___. My sister and + are $i"king some &ruits on ___. My brothers ___.24<___ they !ork. They are g ad that their son1s dream has &ina y "ome true. !hat B. !orried D.25<___ the $ ane. $i"ks C. to A. %6 .22<___ $i"king mangoes &rom a mango tree. There are ___. 25 . many B. am A. a A. (isit A. any A. the C.2*<___ some mangoes. 3e "annot !ait to get ___. (isits B. (isiting D. 2) . 20 . your D. mu"h C. a itt e D. +t !i be ___. 21 .2%<___ &ather are using $o es to $i"k rambutans &rom a rambutan tree. at B. are C. (isited C. u$ D.%6<__ too. 3e has a ist o& >uestions to ask the ste!ardess.20<___ their re ati(es.21<___ ty$es o& &ruit trees at my grand$arents1 garden. or A. 22 . They are going to :enang to ___. so B.+ am (isiting my grand$arents !ith my &ami y.

Se%ti&n '"e(ti&n 31*3. $ aying "om$uter games B. Beading C. !at"hing te e(ision $rogrammes %). A. Co e"ting stam$s D. Based on the pie chart !elow answer the questions that follow.. B."urri"u ar a"ti(ities o& the students o& -M? -ri Aman. C. the &a(ourite $astimes o& the students o& -M? -ri Aman. the "o. Beading C. Cutdoor a"ti(ities D. reading C. D. %2. the number o& students in -M? -ri Aman. 06 B. H&. +& there are 266 students in Form 1@ ho! many $u$i s ike !at"hing te e(ision $rogrammes' A. Aat"hing te e(ision $rogrammes '"e(ti&n 3)*20 . 46 %%. 26 C. Ahi"h hobby !i im$ro(e their (o"abu ary and anguage' A. To im$ro(e the hea th and intera"tion among the students@ !hi"h ty$e o& hobby shou d be en"ouraged' A. the &a(ourite $astimes o& the Form 1 students o& -M? -ri Aman. The $ie "hart sho!s___________ . A. Aat"hing te e(ision $rogrammes %*. : aying "om$uter games B. Based on the "hart@ the most $o$u ar hobby o& the students is_______________. outdoor a"ti(ities D. )6 D. : aying "om$uter games &/ t!e 0&r$ 1 St"1ent( &/ SMK Sri A$an %1.

:or$oises are mu"h arger in si/e than do $hins. They are grey and !hite. B. The head %5. D. :i ot Aha es and ?i er Aha es are mamma s. Aater $o ution "aused redu"tion in the number o& do $hins. %2. Ahi"h statement is n&t true about do $hins' A.#ead the passage !elow and answer the questions that follow. This di&&erentiates them &rom $or$oises@ their " ose re ati(es !hose heads are round. They ha(e shar$ teeth and $ointed #a!s. They are grey and !hite. Ahi"h $art o& the do $hin is di&&erent &rom the $or$oise' A. e7"essi(e hunting B. C. o(er&ishing C. Do $hins and $or$oises i(e in grou$s "a ed $ods. D B . D. C B 21. B C %1. A. The #a!s D. 22. 12. an inse"t. Do $hins are !arm. Fish are their main &ood but they a so eat she &ish. The :i ot Aha es and the ?i er Aha es are a so do $hins@ a though they are mu"h arger than the true do $hins. They &eed on arge $rey. )6. Most o& them are ess than ten metres ong. Ahat kind o& anima is the do $hin' +t is ___________ . Ahi"h o& the &o o!ing is not tr"e' A. The si/e C. -ome do $hins i(e in the ri(ers o& Asia and -outh Ameri"a@ but the best kno!n are &ound in the sea. Their heads seem to ha(e arge beaks. "ontaminated !ater Ans!er s"heme: 1. an am$hibian.b ooded mamma s !hi"h be ong to the !ha e &ami y. A o& them are ten metres ong. a mamma . A. a re$ti e. B. D. Do $hins i(e in grou$. %4. The $o$u ation o& do $hins is redu"ing be"ause o& ____________. 2. C. %0. Their teeth are shar$. C. its natura enemy D. %2. The $o$u ation o& do $hins has redu"ed shar$ y be"ause o& the "ontamination o& the seas@ ri(ers and o"eans. The teeth B. Aaste $rodu"ts &rom the &a"tories and e7"essi(e use o& &erti i/ers and $esti"ides are the main "auses o& the $o ution. Their #a!s are $ointed. -te$s shou d be taken to rehabi itate them be&ore it is too ate. B C 11. B.

25. *. D A B C D D C D . %2. A C C C B D C A 2%. %6. 1*. 1). D C D A B A C B %%. A C B B C C B C 1%. 12. 20. %0. 2*. %). 24. %5. 0. 10. 2). 16. 5. 14. 15. 2. 26. ).%. )6. 22. 4. %*. %4.

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