Past Examination Papers IGC2 September 2009 IGC2 | Risk | Occupational Safety And Health




2 hours, 1400 to 1600

Answer both Section 1 and Section 2. Answer ALL questions.
The maximum marks for each question, or part of a question, are shown in brackets.
Start each answer on a new page.
Answers may be illustrated by sketches where appropriate.
This question paper must be returned to the invigilator after the examination.

You are advised to spend about half an hour on this section, which contains ONE question.

1 (a) Identify FOUR hazards associated with maintenance operations on
machinery in the workplace. (4)

(b) Give FOUR examples of how a worker could be injured when carrying out
maintenance operations on an item of machinery in the workplace. (4)

(c) Outline measures to be taken to minimise the risk of injury during the
maintenance of machinery. (12)

You are advised to spend about one and a half hours on this section, which contains TEN questions.

2 Outline factors to be considered when carrying out a manual handling
assessment of the work undertaken by baggage handlers at a large, busy airport. (8)

3 Identify factors that may indicate a need for health surveillance of workers in a
workplace. (8)

IGC2/S/0909 ©NEBOSH 2009 page 1 of 2 please turn over
This question paper MUST be returned to NEBOSH after the examination and must NOT be copied
IGC2/S/0909 ©NEBOSH 2009 page 2 of 2
This question paper MUST be returned to NEBOSH after the examination and must NOT be copied
4 A large office is open to the public for enquiries and the risk assessment has
shown a significant risk of violence to workers from visitors.

Outline measures that the employer could take to reduce the risk. (8)

5 A portable electric drill for use on a construction site needs periodic inspection
and testing to ensure it is safe to operate.

Identify the factors that would determine the frequency of the inspection and
testing. (8)

6 The manager of an industrial unit containing a number of offices and workshops
has just completed a risk assessment and is to develop a fire plan.

Identify the factors that should be addressed in the fire plan. (8)

7 Identify possible causes of a mobile crane overturning on a construction site. (8)

8 (a) Identify activities on a construction site that may expose workers to
cement or material containing cement. (3)

(b) Identify the harmful effects to workers which could result from contact with
cement. (5)

9 (a) Identify FOUR types of ionising radiation. (4)

(b) Outline the main control measures for ionising radiation. (4)

10 (a) Identify possible routes of entry of biological organisms into the body. (4)

(b) Outline control measures that could be used to reduce the risk of infection
from biological organisms. (4)

11 (a) Identify FOUR hazards that can cause trips or slips. (4)

(b) Identify control measures that can be used to reduce the risk of slips and
trips. (4)

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