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16 Steps For ISO 9001:2008 Certification

1. Top Management must take a firm decision to implement Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000 standard. 2.

Top Management must allocate proper resources to implement t e abo!e decision.

a. "uman #esources $Management #epresentati!e %ISO coordinator& ' (ore )eam to *prepare+ implement+ maintain ' impro!e, t e Quality Systemb. )ime $minimum t.o to t ree ours per day $of core team- for initial t ree mont s till ac ie!ing ISO (ertification ' after.ards at/least one to t.o ours per .eek $like e!ery Saturday / of core team-. c. 0inancial #esources. $0ees 1 c arges for )rainings+ documentation 1 consultancy $if outsourced- ' ISO (ertification 1 audit c arges. 3. Form a core team comprising minimum t.o employees $one senior ' one 2unior- from eac department and appoint one member of core team as a Management #epresentati!e $M# / ISO coordinator- to co/ordinate all ISO 9000 related acti!ities. $3 ic is mandatory as per ISO standard4.

Establis a )raining 4lan.

a. 5.areness )raining for all employees $as it is a team .ork and all employees are part of Quality Management System-. b. 6ocumentation training for core team ' c. Internal 5uditors training+ to at/least t ree to four members of core team. 70or training (ontact: *Quality Management Institute, 8/mail: 5. Implement training plan 1 (onduct in/ ouse $.it in your company- training seminars O# send your employees to attend open ouse training seminars $outside your company . ic are open to all- for abo!e mentioned training seminars. a. 5.areness )raining for all employees ' b. 6ocumentation training for core team. 6. Re!ie. t e 89isting :usiness Systems in your organisation in comparison .it ISO 9001 re;uirements. $<ap analysis e9ercise7. Formulate Quality 4olicy 7<uiding document= and Quality Ob2ecti!es 7functional 1 departmental targets 1 goals= 8.

Formulate Si9 Mandatory Quality 4rocedures re;uired by ISO 9001:200> standard.

9. Formulate ot er Quality 4rocedures $Q4-+ process flo. c arts $Q0(-+ departmental .ork instructions $3I- ' ot er documents 7i. e. forms 1 formats ' etc. $Q#+ 0M+ 0I?8+ #8<.+ etc.-= re;uired to conduct t e company operations and complete t e *Quality Manual,. 10. 11.

Implement t e establis ed *Quality Management System, from a planned 1 fi9ed date. Arrange for *Internal Quality 5uditors )raining, to at/least t ree to four members of (ore

)eam. $6e!elop Self 5ssessment (apability12. Conduct first Internal Quality 5udit. $5fter a gap of at/least A0 days from t e date of implementation of system-. 13. ake 5pplication for certification to (ertification :ody $Submit Manuals for 5ppro!al $6ocumentation re!ie. 1 audit. 4ay Initial (ertification c arges to (ertification :ody at/least one mont in ad!ance.- 70or certification contact : 8/mail: iso9001c!rti" = 14. Conduct first Management #e!ie. Meeting and t en call (ertification :ody for conducting on/site audit of your Quality System. 15. Initial 5udit 1 5ssessment by (ertification :ody and recei!ing *#ecommendation ?etter,+ $like a pro!isional certificate- at t e time of closing meeting. $if (: feels t at your organiBations QMS is conforming to ISO 9001 re;uirements16. Recei!e original (ertificate from (ertification :ody. $normal time frame / .it in 21 to A0 days from date of recommendation letter#ot!$ 5fter certification+ (ertification :ody carries out sur!eillance audits after e!ery nine mont s. 70/9/1>/2C/AD= and re/certification audit $after t ree years-.