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Obama is NOT an Article II Natural Born Citizen

and therefore is NOT Eligible to be President
The President and CINC of the USA Must be a “Natural Born” Citizen — U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5

No Person except a The Law of Nations, Per the British Nationality

Vattel, 1758. Act of 1948, Obama when
natural born Citizen, or
born in 1961 was a British
a Citizen of the United Used by Ben Franklin, John Jay,
Subject at birth.
States, at the time of George Washington, and others.
the Adoption of this Obama’s Father was NOT
Vol.1, Ch.19, Section 212:
a U.S. Citizen, nor was he
Constitution, shall be
“natural-born citizens, are an Immigrant to the USA,
eligible to the Office those born in the country, nor was he even a Permanent
of President of parents who are citizens” Resident of the USA.

Obama, the Putative U.S. President, was Born a British Subject Governed by the British Nationality
Act of 1948, and is Currently also a British Protected Person and/or a British Citizen to This Day.
Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the USA!

ssuming that Obama was The British Nationality Act of 1948 by descent from his father who was ther Kenya’s independence from
born in the United States, provides in pertinent part as follows: a British citizen under Section 4. Great Britain, nor the Kenyan Con-
he was not only born a stitution, nor the Kenyan Indepen-
dual national of the United States “4. Subject to the provisions of this Obama has deflected attention to dence Act of 1963, as amended,
and Great Britain, but at present section, every person born within his British citizenship by focusing caused Obama to lose his British
he continues to be such. Some the United Kingdom and Colonies the public’s attention on his for- citizenship with which he was born.
maintain that American law on after the commencement of this mer Kenyan citizenship. Notwith- Obama concedes that his citizenship
citizenship cannot be subjected to Act shall be a citizen of the United standing what Obama may lead converted from British to Kenyan
any foreign law. But such an ar- Kingdom and Colonies by birth: the public to believe, this British but he adds that he then lost this
gument does not resolve the ques- Provided that a person shall not citizenship is not a type of citizen- Kenyan citizenship when he did not
tion of Obama’s dual nationality, be such a citizen by virtue of this ship that he has since lost. More- confirm it upon reaching the age of
for each nation has the sovereign section if at the time of his birth— over, this citizenship did not expire 21. There are no known statements
right to make its own citizenship (a) his father possesses such immu- with Obama’s 21st birthday nor is it from either Obama or his campaign
laws and one nation cannot deny nity from suit and legal process as one that had to be registered in any contending that he eventually lost
another nation that right. This is accorded to an envoy of a foreign specified period of time. his British citizenship. Rather, the
point can be better understood sovereign power accredited to His statements have been that his Brit-
when we consider that McCain Majesty, and is not a citizen of the Chapter VI, Section 87 of the Ke- ish citizenship converted to Kenyan

was born in Panama to U.S. citi- United Kingdom and Colonies; or nyan Constitution specifies that: citizenship when Kenya obtained its
zen parents and U.S. citizenship (b) his father is an enemy alien and “1. Every person who, having been independence from Great Britain in
law declared him a U.S. citizen the birth occurs in a place then un- born in Kenya, is on 11th Decem- 1963 and that he then lost Kenyan
even though he was born in Pana- der occupation by the enemy. ber, 1963 a citizen of the United citizenship under the Kenyan con-
ma and Panamanian law may have Kingdom and Colonies or a British stitution and laws when he did not
declared him a citizen of Panama. 5.—(1) Subject to the provisions of protected person shall become a renounce U.S. citizenship at age 21.
Neither Panama nor any other na- this section, a person born after the citizen of Kenya on 12th December, But since Obama never lost his Brit-
tion questioned the United States’ commencement of this Act shall be 1963…2. Every person who, hav- ish citizenship, it does not matter
right to pass a law that gave Mc- a citizen of the United Kingdom and ing been born outside Kenya. [sic] that Obama may have lost his Ke-
Cain U.S. citizenship by descent Colonies by descent if his father is a is on 11th December, 1963 a citizen nyan citizenship as he contends.
from his parents even though he citizen of the United Kingdom and of the United Kingdom and Colo-
was born in Panama. Great Brit- Colonies at the time of the birth ....” nies or a British protected person Let us now see how Obama did not
ain, being a sovereign nation, has shall. [sic] if his father becomes. lose his British citizenship. The
the same right as does the United Under the British Nationality Act [sic] . . . a citizen of Kenya by vir- Kenyan Constitution which came
States to pass such citizenship of 1948, Obama’s father became a tue of subjection (1). [sic] become into effect in 1963 at Article 97
laws. Now let us examine the British citizen under Section 4 by a citizen of Kenya on 12th Decem- provides the following:
British law that applies to Obama being born on the soil of an English ber. [sic] 1963.”
and his father and which makes Colony, Kenya. Under Section 5, “97. Dual citizenship
Obama a British citizen not only when Obama was born in 1961 in Under the Kenyan Constitution of
at the time of his birth in 1961 but Hawaii or some other place, he au- 1963, Obama’s father and Obama 1. A person who, upon the attain-
still today. tomatically became a British citizen became citizens of Kenya. But nei- ment of the age of twenty-one years,
9 //

is a citizen of Kenya and also a “Under United Kingdom law as it was born in the U.S.). Obama is safety and survival of our Constitu-
citizen of some country other than has been since the British Nationality still however a British citizen not tional Republic.
Kenya shall, subject to subsection Act, 1948, the acquisition of another only under English common law
(7), cease to be a citizen of Kenya nationality by a citizen of the United (in the words of Coke and Black- Obama had dual-citizenship at birth
upon the specified date unless he Kingdom and Colonies, of whatever stone, a natural-born subject of the and is thus NOT an Article II natural
has renounced his citizenship of age, makes no difference whatever to United Kingdom) but also under born citizen of the USA. It is even
that other country, taken the oath his status as a citizen of the United British citizenship statutes. Neither more important today than in the
of allegiance and, in the case of a Kingdom and Colonies, and, there- Kenya’s 1963 constitution nor any days those words were written that
person who was born outside Ke- fore, he remains a British subject. statute erased the consequences of our President and Commander-in-
nya made and registered such dec- the British common law and nation- Chief of our vast military power is an
laration of his intentions concern- Moreover, it is not possible, under ality statutes that were in effect at Article II natural born citizen, have
ing residence as may be prescribed United Kingdom law, for the na- the time of Obama’s and his father’s sole allegiance at birth to the USA
by or under an Act of Parliament.” tionality of a child who is a citizen birth. Obama’s continuing British and no divided loyalties by birth.
of the United Kingdom and Colo- citizenship is further confirmed by That is what was intended by the
While the Kenyan Constitution pro- nies to be changed by the decision English law which provides that founders of our nation and the fram-
hibits dual citizenship for adults, it of his parents. Only the child, when persons born in countries which ers of our Constitution. It is vitally
allows dual citizenship for children. he reaches the age of 21, can re- were Colonies at the time when they essential to the survival and safety
Kenya’s Constitution does, how- nounce his citizenship of the Unit- were born are still British citizens. of our Constitutional Republic and
ever, specify that at age 21, Kenyan ed Kingdom and Colonies if he is Hence, Obama continues to be a for the protection of our liberty. We
citizens who possess citizenship in then in possession of another na- British citizen despite Kenya’s inde- cannot allow a citizen of the world
more than one country automati- tionality, but during the child’s mi- pendence and new constitution. as the President and Commander-
cally lose their Kenyan citizenship nority neither the child nor his par- in-Chief. Obama is NOT an Article
unless they formally renounce any ents can do anything to forfeit his This all leads to the question of how II natural born citizen of the USA.
non-Kenyan citizenship, swear an birthright of British nationality.” can Obama be an Article II “natural He is constitutionally not eligible
oath of allegiance to Kenya, and in Children Bill [Lords], HC Deb 27 born Citizen” if he was at birth both for the office he sits in. Congress
the case of a person who was born June 1958 vol 590 cc743-830. a U.S. citizen (assuming he was born needs to hold hearings to address
outside Kenya made and registered in the U.S.) and a British citizen this issue of Obama’s exact citi-
such declaration of his intentions “It is now the law that all persons which alone disqualifies him from zenship status and subpoena all of
concerning residence as may be pre- born in the United Kingdom or its having that status? But to make mat- Obama’s hidden and sealed records
scribed by or under an Act of Parlia- Colonies, or in countries which ters worse, Obama continues to be to learn the truth to “constitutional
ment. It may be true that Obama did were Colonies at the time when they a British citizen at a time that he is standards” his true legal identity.
not take any action to preserve his were born, have British nationality currently the President of the United The Senate held hearings about
Kenyan citizenship as was required whether they are legitimate or ille- States. Can we reasonably conclude McCain’s natural born citizenship
by the Kenyan constitution. But gitimate. . . . Also, it is part of our law that the Founding Fathers, who had status in April 2008 when questions
there is no evidence that Obama ever that children of a British male born just fought a war with Great Britain were raised about McCain’s exact
renounced his British citizenship abroad can have British nationality.” and who did not want a foreigner citizenship status. When questions
which he originally acquired at his British Nationality, HC Deb 16 July to occupy the Office of President, were raised about Obama’s exact
birth under Section 5 of the British 1963 vol 681 cc341-3. would have allowed a British citizen citizenship status in the spring of
Nationality Act of 1948 and which born after 1789, who carries that 2008, Congress did absolutely noth-
citizenship he did not lose under the Additionally, if one examines the status not only from birth but also ing. And the Congress to this day
Kenyan Independence Act of 1963, British Nationality Act of 1981, to the time he occupies the Office, still refuses to hold hearings on this
as amended. Whatever his father as amended, there is nothing there to be President of the United States grave matter. They must do it now
may have done regarding his Ke- which shows that Obama, once hav- and Commander in Chief of its for Obama. The integrity and funda-
nyan and/or British citizenship did ing the British citizenship that he ac- Military? Another question is how mental law of our Constitution, the


not affect Obama’s British citizen- quired by descent from his father at can a would-be President and Com- safety of our nation, and our liberty
ship with which Obama was born. the time of his birth, automatically mander in Chief of the Military with is at stake. It is their Constitutional
Hence, under the Kenyan Consti- lost it at age 21. On the other hand, current dual citizenship obtain a se- duty per their sworn oaths.
tution, Obama presumably lost his the act contains provisions concern- curity clearance which he should
Kenyan citizenship by not renounc- ing “declaration of renunciation” have to access classified U.S. gov- — Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.,
ing his U.S. (assuming he was born at Section 10, 12, and 13. Not that ernment information needed by him Lead Plaintiff
in the U.S.) and British citizenships, doing so would make Obama an Ar- to carry out the sensitive functions Commander USNR Retired
by not taking an oath of allegiance ticle II “natural born Citizen,” there of that Office?
to Kenya, and by not registering his is no evidence that Obama ever filed If you would like to help with
declaration to take up residence in any “declaration of renunciation” — Mario Apuzzo, Esq. this lawsuit, please contact
Kenya. But under British law, he of his British citizenship.
Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
did not lose his British citizenship 185 Gatzmer Avenue
because he never renounced that What does this mean? Under the That our President be a natural Jamesburg NJ 08831
citizenship. Kenyan Constitution, Obama is pre- born citizen per Article II of our Email:
sumably no longer a Kenyan citi- Constitution to “constitutional TEL: 732-521-1900
The fact that Obama still has British zen because he did not renounce at standards” was required by the FAX: 732-521-3906
citizenship is further supported by age 21 his British citizenship and nation’s founders and the Constitu- BLOG:
the following: his U.S. citizenship (assuming he tion’s framers and is essential to the

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